Subaru Garcia in Albuquerque, NM

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Subaru Garcia in Albuquerque, NM.

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Subaru Garcia

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(505) 260-5155
Address:8100 Lomas Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM, 87110

Reviews on Subaru Garcia

Jonathan B. | 2014-09-30

I went to Garcia Subaru to look at vehicles for my wife. We were greeted immediately by a sales associate named Bill. He was friendly and personable and seemed to genuinely like his job. He was happy to show us the vehicles on their lot and we soon were able to narrow down our search for an all wheel drive Impreza that was a new 2014 that we knew the dealership wanted to move off of the lot to make way for 2015 models coming in. We took a quick test drive while he explained the workings of the power train while comparing it to other makes of the same class. We began to understand that Bill knew his stuff about Subarus and he could provide us with quick and knowledgable answers to every one of our questions. Once back at the dealership Bill was able to quickly determine a generous trade in estimate for my wife's KIA Optima Turbo. This made choosing the Impreza easy for us as we saw the value of the vehicle and how low our payments would be. Bill did not try to up sell us anything and made getting this car a breeze. My wife saw that I was eyeing the Outbacks which I have wanted one for years and hinted that with her new job that we would be able to afford one if I wanted to get one. Well Yeah!!!  Bill was notified and he quickly went to finding the Outback I was dreaming of. They had another 2014 model that was a Limited and had just about everything you could want. Turns out that this vehicle met the specs of an Outback I had "built" online precisely, even down to the paint color and black leather interior. They had it priced at 35,000 which I had already presumed based on the price quoted online. I asked him what they would take to get this vehicle off of their lot to make room for the 2015 models coming in this time of year. His answer was "You tell me what you want to pay for it." I quoted a price $3,000 cheaper than the MSRP thinking that they would never go for it.  After speaking with his supervisor he told me that it could be done! Bill was very patient and by the next day both vehicles were in our possession. He took time to explain all of the maintenance needs and workaround as well as give us a platinum tour of every single gadget and facet of each car we bought. He helped me link my phone and Bluetooth to the radio in seconds. He threw in a roof rack basket, extreme weather floor mats and a retractable trunk cover for my Outback which was not included in the VIN listing. He took $400 off my wife's car for tiny barely noticeable hail damage that HE pointed out, and gave me an extra $500 on my trade in when I told him the Kelly blue book value of my 2006 BMW without even checking for himself! His last words to us were "Call me anytime you have questions or problems, I am not just here to sell Subarus but to support my customers after they have bought them. My service to you will never end at the sale." I have never had such amazing service from a salesman. Thank you so much from the both of us!

Tory M. | 2013-09-27

Pretty good. Biggest complaint.... the service techs never leave my settings alone. I always get the car back and have to re-adjust the seat or the air conditioning/heat and mirrors.

Agustin D. | 2013-08-13

Customer Service:
At first I thought it was great. They were calling me, keeping me informed. I had wanted to order a Subaru BRZ in December, they told me they had someone back out on a preorder. I figured I'm in luck! Seriously, sales guy was keeping me in the loop, I was ecstatic. I made the hour and a half drive to come see them. I sent them pictures of my car, copies of the maintenance records, and a CarMax appraisal from 2 weeks ago. They said they would match the CarMax price for my trade in on the BRZ. Things were looking up. Until I realized they were just pulling a fast one on me. Once I arrived there, they looked my car over in person, and agreed they could still match the CarMax offer on my car. I figured great, I'll pay sticker on the BRZ (since it was such a new car) and they will give me what I was going to get at CarMax for my car, simple! I told them I had to get all my stuff from my car out (just went to Costco). Since the BRZ was significantly smaller than my car, I told them I would go home and we'd come back the next day after work and swap cars and finalize the paperwork. I then come back the next night and Ryan Newhall wasn't there anymore, and James Curvin took over. He had told me that according to Ryan, they could now only offer me $4750 LESS than what we had agreed to in the emails and the night before for my trade in. They were dead set on it stating that they wouldn't honor the Carmax offer anymore because it had expired a week ago. (Car values don't plummet $5k in a week...). I was in love with this BRZ however, it was with the exact options I wanted, color, you name it. So I said fine, you can steal my car, as long as I can own this car I've been dreaming about. All was well until we started doing the paperwork and it turns out they wanted $1250 OVER sticker, as if they weren't already stealing my car basically. So I had come up originally told one price for both the BRZ and my car over email and phone, and then swindled and almost signed paperwork showing them trying to STEAL just over $6000 from me. I can't do business with a dealer like that. I promptly notified Subaru of America and they arranged for me to get another BRZ delivered from a different dealer, at invoice pricing and they gave me my promised trade in value for my car. That's the only reason I even got a BRZ and would even consider a Subaru ever again.

Overall they began as friendly. But as the night went on and the second night came around, it was clear that they had no intention of sticking to the prices they had emailed and talked to me about. They originally were very friendly and hospitable, but towards the end they seemed like they would rather get me out of there because I realized how dishonest they were and started complaining.

Overall Experience:
I'd have to put this as my overall WORST experience I've had with a dealer by far. I've dealt with many dealers in buying new and used cars, but this one takes the cake. Garcia Subaru is honestly the worst dealership I've encountered. They don't have great inventory, they will give you one price on paper and lie about it the next day and refuse the acknowledge it. You don't want to deal with a dealer being that shady. According to Subaru of America, that was the third time that's happened that year. And that's just people who complained. I know half the people would just walk right on out of there like I should of once they found out what they were trying to pull.

Honestly their prices are below average. They are terrible for the region. You can have the exact same car delivered within 2 days for thousands less than they charge. They rarely go below sticker, and in this day and age, that's rare. They feel that because they are almost the only show in the state they can do what they want. I'm surprised they've even stayed open this long.

TLDR: Ryan Newhall lied about the pricing. Subaru of America agrees with me on that. And James Curvin will try to swindle you out of thousands even after you show them how this isn't the deal you agreed to. Beware of Garcia Subaru, don't deal with them even if you have to.

Chris H. | 2013-07-10

I've dealt with Subaru Garcia several times and they are always very easy to deal with and friendly.

D S. | 2012-09-10

We dealt with the GM, Ryan Newhall, via email for an internet quote on a new Impreza. I can't say enough good things about the customer service: extremely prompt replies to email, thorough answers (not that hidden, "why don't you come in and we'll discuss" stuff you get from other dealers), and a great willingness to make us a great deal.
We ended up going with a different dealer for reasons which don't apply here, but I wouldn't hesitate to go back to this dealership because of this excellent customer service. Highly recommended.

Darryl S. | 2012-05-27

I had to help my mother in law purchase a new Subaru Forester as my father in law just recently passed away.  She was very dependent on him.  She had never bought a car herself before in her life.  

From California I worked with Ryan Newhall the GM and completed a very nice deal for her within 24 hours over email.  Ryan was super responsive to all of my emails and clearly communicated everything to me at all times.  

We were able to negotiate the price over email very congenially and Ryan held true to his word on the out the door price that we agreed to when my mother in law arrived to pick up her new Forester.

I could not be more pleased with the experience.  I wholeheartedly recommend purchasing your Subaru from Ryan and the nice folks at Garcia Subaru.  One of the smoothest & easiest car buying experiences I've ever had.

Mark W. | 2012-05-02

If you get in a twist, like me, over the process of buying a car and its financing then you'll do yourself a great favor to do three things:

1) Plan ahead -- don't wait until your beater is beat.
2) Read all 7 chapters on the FREE website
3) Buy from the friendly, straight-shooting folks (I dealt with Ryan Newhall (GM), Curtis Jones (sales), & James Curvin (finance)) at Garcia Subaru.

I generally follow's suggestion and get financing through a non-dealer entity (I had back-up financing from ). But the folks at Garcia Subaru offered a better rate and a nonchalant, decidedly non-pushy attitude that won me over. (And I'm always ready for a tussle when it comes to car dealer financing having been hosed at Right Toyota in Scottsdale AZ many years ago.)

The key to success? Get a lot of quotes online from dealers in your area (and that could mean within several hundred miles -- for example, I got a quote from Colorado Springs below invoice). Then present the offer locally. (Premier Subaru didn't seem to want to deal with us.) I ended up walking out with good financing and a price about $1k below invoice for our (all right, my wife's) 2012 Subaru Forester.

Now we'll just have to get over the fact of being one of the legion of Forester owners here in Santa Fe. What's so funny about peace, love, and understanding?

Joshua H. | 2011-07-18

Ive purchased 3 subarus here. Great dealership with a no pressure attitude

David M. | 2011-03-03

Traveling from the California area to visit some friends in ABQ, we hit our first oil change on our new 2011 Outback. We had one day left in ABQ and so I thought I would take a chance and see if we could do a same day appointment. Sure enough, we had the chance for one open spot. We took it.

We dropped our car off 15 minuts early and they went to work on the car. Within 40 minutes, our car came back with it's oil changed, and all of the dust and dirt from the trip washed off. We didn't ask for a rinse or wash, they just did it for us.

Very happy we can drive home now knowing our car's oil has been changed, and our car was rinsed off.

Very friendly staff!

Jessi B. | 2011-02-03

Since moving here a few years ago with my two Subarus, I've had nothing but great service at Garcia Subaru. They are professional, great to deal with and, most important, trustworthy. I had a brake problem and decided to try another repair shop that I thought was highly rated (and cost less than Garcia). The repairs were done poorly and the same problem recurred. I returned to Garcia, where they diagnosed and fixed the problem for good. Nothing is more important in keeping my cars going than having reliable, trusted service and I'm so glad to have found Garcia Subaru. Thanks, Tom and John, for your consistently friendly and helpful service!