Power Ford in Albuquerque, NM

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As a leading Albuquerque Ford dealership, Power Ford helps you with everything automotive. You can rely on us for the latest Ford models to be in stock as soon as possible, and to help you fully understand every feature of your new car.


Established in 2012.

Power Ford opened in Albuquerque and is operated and owned by Darin K. Wade. The location has been in place for around 22 years with the previous ownership of Bob Turner who has retired. Power Ford's purpose is to satisfy its customers. In New Mexico, we are Ford.

Power Ford

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(866) 640-5531
Address:1101 Montano Road NE, Albuquerque, NM, 87107
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Power Ford

Chad P. | 2015-04-07

Worthless as a repair facility and great at questionable sales practices.   Stay away from this one unless you want your car in the shop for 3 days for a regular battery or like to settle on your car purchase (for the higher priced model of course)

Tara J. | 2015-02-07

Great used vehicle purchase dealing with James Frey. You're always gonna see bad reviews for places largely dependent on sales associates but when you find a good one, that's it. Highly recommend asking for James when you go to Power Ford. He was straight-forward, helpful and knowledgable. We walked away with the vehicle we went there to see and could not be happier with the experience.

Do your research online as the online price and lot price differ a bit and you can get the vehicle for the online price (and even a little lower with negotiating)!

D C. | 2015-01-30

Yeah...so let me tell you a little about Power Ford.  It has been the most awful experience I've ever had with purchasing a vehicle.  I should have known from the moment I walked into the dealership that I should have gone somewhere else.

So my wife and I are expecting our first child, and I needed a bigger vehicle because my Tacoma extended cab wasn't going to do.  I wanted a bigger truck.  I  found a really nice Nissan Titan on their used car site.  I go to check it out, it's still in the garage being looked over and fixed up.  I talk to the sales guy, and he says let's do some numbers.  Okay, we do some numbers.  After he realized I wasn't going to pay $500 a month for a payment, all of a sudden that truck was no longer available and someone else had already offered $9k towards it.  Hmm...

He talks to his manager to see what kinds of trucks are available within my price range.  He shows us a few, but only one really is within the range we needed to be in.  Then he comes back and says something about $480 a month...no.  My wife and I stuck to our guns and walked out that night because they wouldn't come down low enough.  Next morning I get a call to come back in to see if they can work something out.  Sure, why not?

I get there and the salesman tries to put me in an SUV or a 4x2 truck, after I was already extrememly firm about wanting/needing a 4 door 4x4 truck.  He finally gives up and talks to the manager, comes back with an offer of $380 a month for the truck shown to us the previous night.  We say no, because we had a specific price range.  Finally he talks to his manager and says that they can do $360, so we finally say yes.  We get the paperwork done, and he shakes our hands and we go to leave....salesman never gave us the keys to the truck.  After I go back inside to get the keys, my wife notices a bunch of cracks and pops in the windshield we didn't see the previous night because it was dark, also the passenger side window switch is messed up.  We go back inside and get the salesman and the manager, they say no problem, we'll fix it.  I had to take the truck back later that week and get the windshield replaced, but the window switch would have to be ordered.  Yay.

Another week goes by and I get a call from the finance department, after being told I was getting a specific interest rate and my monthly payments would be $XXX, they said they couldn't actually do that and I would have to finfnace the truck through my own bank or I'd have to return it and get my Tacoma back.  WTF? Really?  So they lied to me to my face about my payments and interest rate and the bank that was going to finance me.

After getting all that sorted out I was out of town for a total of about 4 weeks since mid Dec.  It is now Jan 30th, and I had to take the truck in to the service department this morning because there is a loud knocking noise coming from under the hood.  I have had this truck for just under 2 months, havent even drove it more than 900 miles, and it is already starting to mess up on me.  As it sets now, we were told that the warranty hadn't been put in the computer yet to see if whatever is wrong with it will be covered.  2 months and the warranty information hasn't made it into the system.  And now my wife gives me an update saying that it is possibly something they missed during their initial "bumper to bumper" inspection when they received the truck and the approximate cost is somehwere around $2800.  I'm less than pleased to put it nicely.  We haven't had anything but problems with Power Ford since day one.  I suggest going somewhere else.

Johnny G. | 2015-01-13

Great dealership great service!!!
They go above and beyond!!!
They work on all types of vehicles

Cyndi-Marie M. | 2014-09-25

2 year warranty on work. Fast service very informative and courteous.
Shuttle driver friendly and on time.

Orion A. | 2014-09-25

Great selection of vehicles, poor selection of salesman and managers.  Spent 60k on a truck, took 3 hours to get it washed and gassed up in the middle of the day on a Tuesday.  Mind you, that's 3 hours from the time I sat down in finance!  Went through a total hassle getting a replacement temp tag, seems like everybody is incompetent in this place.  I'll buy my next toy somewhere else.

Frances V. | 2014-08-31

Was not intending to buy a car but when I showed up at one of the tent sale events on the fair grounds, I just fell in LOVE with a truck I saw there. Power ford was the company who was selling the truck. First off we ALL know dealing with salesmen is a pain in the rear, but to add to it I had my kids with me. Of course they tried to steer me away from dealing with my own Credit Union because they tried low balling me for a trade in and plus a HIGH down payment just to make their money! I understand they have to feed their families and make money too but I'm not an idiot! Well when we returned after talking to our credit union, and were approved, the finance manager or assistant manager was very rude and unhappy! Wouldn't budge (of course) and almost lost a sale on a truck until we actually spoke to a SALES manager who worked with us (kinda)! But you would think if someone buys $40+ thousand dollars on a vehicle they could at the least throw in a car wash and fill up, but no! And then to begin with, the cover over the bed was leaking and the sliding rear window wasn't opening. You would think they would fix this BEFORE they would try and sell it! Especially after how much someone pays for the truck!! So we took it BACK in (who really loves going back and forth?) to fix both issues and first the window opens but now makes this HORRIBLE screeching noise (What they don't check their work before sending it home?) and second,  the cover on the bed WOULDNT open and noticed a new scratch on the truck which they acknowledged.then we relieved a follow up call from the lady in customer service relations to check up on the service. She then attempted to make it seem like it was our fault the window wasn't checked and when we took it back a second time no one wanted to deal with us and they didn't even fix the window just the cover over the bed!!! Not happy with sales or service so we sent my step daughter to Rich Ford to buy her NEW car and she got a free wash and fill up (the car was worth less than half our truck was)!'  We get 2 free future oil changes with power ford...They can KEEP THEM!!!  I don't want any more scratches on my truck.

Craig B. | 2014-08-24

.Nice peeps and competitive. We went yo four dealerships, all good, but power Ford worked hard yo earn our business.

Geraldo M. | 2014-07-31

I've been searching for a 2014 Mustang GT Premium now for months and I called these guys over the phone. I told them I had a trade in that has equity and I've had it praised for $31,000-32,000. Over the phone, my salesman said he don't see why I shouldn't get what I was asking and to travel the 3.5hr drive wouldn't be a waste of time. So I finally get there and I spoke the the used car sales manager and he was excited about my trade, he said he wouldn't have any trouble selling my trade. Now my salesman comes over and offers $26k for my trade....I told them that I could get $30k back home at my local dealer. Then the new car salesman came over and pretty much said they wouldn't go any further, I just wasted 7 hours of driving and gas to get there! I would pass this place and go to Rich Ford or Don Chalmers.

Brenda L. | 2014-06-19

Do not bring your vehicle here! We had 2 electrical issues and needed an oil change.  We were told to have the truck here by 7:30am.  We arrived at 7:20am
It is now 11:10am and no one has touched the truck!  PLUS the electrical specialist (they only have one) is not in this week so we will have to bring it in another time.  They ALL have this "oh well" attitude.  The WORST customer service I have ever seen at a Ford Dealership. This is our 2nd Ford truck and we travel all around the country.  Unfortunately we've been to a lot of Ford Dealerships.  Again, this is by far the worst!

Desbah B. | 2014-04-25

Power Ford has two yelp review sites.  I'm posting my review on both since I am not sure which site they acknowledge.  Here you go:  

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Do not bother coming here unless you would like to waste your time offering solutions that the manager should have thought of last year, for I am sure that I am not the only customer that visits Power Ford with complaints.  When you have to be the person who offers the solutions and alternatives to the manager, you show that you are proactive; however, I didn't visit Power Ford to have a conversation.  I didn't even want to go there.  Who does?  The only reason I went to this business is because the check engine light turned on.  

We all work, so as good standing employees you understand that calling into work is never an option, and if in the event that we have to, it is for a real emergency.  Well, yesterday I called in [I hate calling in.] with an excuse of car problems.  I knew I was driving to Power Ford in the morning.  When I walked into the service department I was greeted with Larry.  He ought to have told me to leave right away; that would have saved his time of trying to say in so many words, "Leave woman! We don't serve your kind here."

Then I left to find Curtis.  He is the man that sold the vehicle to me.  Curtis told me that if I ever needed anything...  So, I walked into the sales area to be greeted with the receptionist.  I asked for him.  She clarifies with Curtis' last name.  I asked if there was more than one Curtis that works at Power Ford, and she replied, "No."  Another moron at Power Ford?  What is this junk?  She states that everyone is gone today because of the big sale they are having at the fair grounds.  Lady -- I do not care.  Write that down.

The lady was kind enough to walk me to the manager, Dan.  Yes, he listened to my complaints, yet he did not offer any solutions until I told him that I've been to AutoZone before where they have checked my vehicle right away without me ever going to a manager.  I drove by two AutoZone locations before I arrived at Power Ford.  I told Dan that I should have gone to one of those locations for a diagnosis since that would have saved US ALL time and money.  Finally after poor excuses for his employees, he says he'll call another manager.  That person is named Matt.  

Please note that at this point the business needs to be renamed to Poorer Ford.

Matt comes in; he is nice; he is helpful; he says that he'll diagnose the problem himself and that it will take no time at all.  What?  That is not what Larry said.  Larry said to come back this afternoon to drop off my vehicle, and Larry said that there was no guarantee that it would even be looked at today.  Larry said that at best it would be looked at tomorrow -- so just come back tomorrow morning at 8:00 am.  Anyway, I took Matt to my automobile.

Did you know that I am nice even when I am upset?  This is proof: I lowered my driver's seat to accommodate Matt's size.  If the thought counted, Power Ford ought to have paid me for that.  I'll charge them a hundred dollar customer fee for being proactive and fixing the seat for Matt.

I went back into the sales area to find coffee.  Dan told me that there is a café that sells coffee.  This café is next to the service department, and I waited there until my car was diagnosed and fixed.  Yes, fixed.  It was done probably as long as it took me to type this review.

Doesn't that bother you?  When an employee cannot get anything done, but as soon as you deal with a manager, all of a sudden rainbows appear.  And, this morning a double rainbow appeared when Ben S. had my vehicle repaired before anyone could pick me up for an early lunch.  In fact, I called one of my friends at 10:05 am to see if he was free for an early lunch since Ben said my car would be ready before noon.  Lo and behold my automobile was repaired by 10:30 am!  I was back on the road by 10:35 am.  

Before I left I told Ben that I was going to write a review.  Ben actually earns five stars.  When I receive his evaluation, I told him that I would give him an excellent mark, but I told him overall this experience was not good.  He is the only reason it was, and he is the reason why there is even a star on this yelp review.  If I were just to review Ben, he would have earned all the stars because he is attentive, intelligent, and caring.  Great job, Ben!  You pack the "POW" back in the name of Power Ford.  

For the rest of the morons -- you all make this business the Poorer Ford.  Step up your level of employment.  Learn some new ideas.  Read more books.  Lead more customer service trainings.  Take vacations to educate yourself on how to be a better you.  Until then, hold Ben's hand while he shows you how it's done.

Gerard C. | 2014-03-16

Been shopping at this dealership for the last six months. Just got a fantastic deal on a Focus ST. Ralph went the extra mile as a salesman to make my buying experience enjoyable. He even climbed over a fence to the other lot to make sure I could test drive the car. If you ever stop by this place, be sure to ask for him.

Zoe L. | 2014-01-02

OK, so I have no illusions about buying a used car from a dealer- I already know the price will be jacked up from KBB/edmunds/NADA. I know they'll resist bargaining down; i know they'll give me the routine about "we barely make any money off of used cars so we can't lower the price", blah blah blah. I was not looking forward to playing this game.

As I expected, all of the above happened, but other things also happened that made the experience even less fun. Communication was kind of awful. My first point of contact was with a "customer service rep" who's different than the salesman. He made follow-up calls to me later in the process, but didn't seem to know what was going on with the car, though he helped me track down info from other employees when I couldn't reach them on their direct lines. The first time I went to look at the car, it wasn't even on the lot even though I'd been told it was. We had to wait for someone to go get the car from another location and bring it back. The car was different than how it was described on the website- it was automatic, not manual; leather seats, not cloth interior. The salesman initially told us we could put a deposit on the car (preventing others from buying it); later, he came back and said they would not take a deposit on the car after all. No apologies for any of these errors.

I ended up buying the car because of the price, even though the shopping experience was awful. After I paid for the car, I left it with them because it needed a couple fixes. When I called on the day it was supposed to be ready, I was told that the repair guy hadn't had time to fix it that week. No one had contacted me to tell me this. Later I was told the repair guy was on vacation and/or needed to order the "part", which was "double-sided tape"- I kid you not. There was more back + forth. The car was not ready to be picked up until after a week after I paid for it. It *even* had a half tank of gas in it. Woo hoo. Now, a month later, the part that had been "fixed" is coming loose again; so much for double sided tape.

Kiki T. | 2013-12-27

Unhappy with sales. finance and now service department.  If Power Ford would like a 5 start rating, they need to make me feel like a valued customer, not act like children and play chicken.  I have taken the car in for service twice, over some insignificant issues, and they won't fix it because I called them on being liars.   I can go and watch TV in their lounge from 7 AM to 9:30 AM for all eternity, or until they decide to fix my car.
Thank you!
PS:  there is a sign that offers $100.00 discount on parts for anyone that gives them a 5 star review on Yelp!, I will take a picture and post it here for all to see, so you can make you own conclusions.

Cody R. | 2013-11-01

Bought a new Focus, and had an issue with the battery. Brought the car in and they had it replaced under warranty no questions asked. Great service, extremely nice people, I'd highly recommend them!

James B. | 2013-08-23

finally decided to pull the trigger as old car was just that, Old..............

did my research , got pre-approved and was able to walk-in , select vehicle and start paperwork............

was given price, X-plan discount ( thru work ) applicable rebates and incentives and a good percentage rate ( not 0 % but not bad, lol )

Sales people were great and had me rolling out quickly...........

Ralph P. | 2012-12-12

As anyone who reads my reviews knows, I am a car guy and use many different dealerships for various services, parts, accessories, as well as new and used vehicles... You could say i have a car problem! Anyways, my old friend Darin Wade from Rich Ford is now the Dealer Principal and General Manager of the new Power Ford.  This location was previously DBA Bob Turner's Ford Country and was known for the motto "No Bull". Because I lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico for 5 years I had done business with the previous management team.  Going into this dealership and using their service department under the new Power Ford leadership team was a great experience. The new owners took over on November 1, 2012 so everybody is on their best behavior and I felt like their level of service and catering to my needs was almost a little over the top. I was greeted uber promptly in the service drive and the service adviser asked me all the requisite questions, then quickly brought up my 2002 Ford Expedition on his workstation... I was impressed that he could see my previous service and maintenance records from San Tan Ford and Five Star Ford in Arizona. Nice system... While waiting for my service, I decided to go check out some of the new 2013 Fords. I ended up in a conversation with Joe Watts, one of the sales managers and he was friendly, helpful, knew what he was talking about and all that before he found out the new owner is a friend of mine. Before I could escape with my Expedition properly serviced, washed at no extra charge and a nice new service reminder cling decal in the windshield, Darin Wade found out I was there and took me to lunch with a couple of friend. Lunch was great, but that will be another review! All in all, I have to say that the people in Albuquerque would be hard pressed to find a better Ford dealer to do business with than Power Ford.  And, if you do go there, be sure to say hello to Joe Watts, John Fachko or Darin Wade (owner). These people are salt of the earth lifelong NM residents and their competence and friendly demeanor is refreshing compared to far too many other dealerships.

Rico I. | 2012-07-05

Had an issue with my F350 hyrdraulic break controller - they replaced it after running full diagnostics. Took care of us as we were driving thru from Dallas to PHX. Service director is top notch professional.

Aron J. | 2012-04-16

I went with my brother to talk to them about a trade in on his 2010 F-150. A guy named Buford helped us out. Now my brother had already been to Rich Ford before going to Bob Turner's. He told them both the same thing. I don't NEED a new truck, I just want to see if you can help me out and get me into a newer model. I need the payments to be around X amount also.

The odds of him walking away with a new truck were slim. Buford knew that and he still gave us his full attention. Apparently that was not that case at Rich Ford earlier. They got mad and refused to help out my brother after a while.

My family has always had good experiences with Bob Turner. They gave him their absolute lowest offer and actually signed it saying they would honor it if he changed his mind this week. Good service, but in the end still be mindful that they are still car salesmen. That's why I will never go higher than 3 stars on a dealership haha.

K N. | 2012-03-10

Recently my wife bought a use minivan from Bob Turner. Talk about a lemon.  One month after the transmission is going out.  The passenger side window broke ($ 750.00 dollars).  They told us that it needs new shocks.  It needs an alignment.  The tires are all bad.  All this happened after one month.  She told them the problems and they didn't care.  I would never buy a car from them again!!!!!!!!!

Sara P. | 2010-09-22

My buying experience was great. I didn't find a car I liked, so I special ordered one. It came in 3 weeks early, I was elated. My salesperson, Danice, worked hard to get me all the discounts and rebates she could. She called me often to update me on the car before it was there, when it got there, and then to see how I liked it afterward. My only gripe was the finance guy, who treated me like I was a dumb girl who didn't know anything about repair cost, insurance, how an engine worked, etc. I found that demeaning. I am 23 and know my way around a car pretty well, so I knew he was playing to what he thought was ignorance. He even said multiple times, "do you want to call and ask your parents and get back to me?" I complained about him to Ford and to the dealer. Danice called me and told me he was fired shortly after for behaving like that. That was really gratifying to know that they took my experience so seriously and didn't approve of his tactics.

I had to take my new car in to be checked if it was in a recall about 3 months later. The service center guys were very quick and friendly. They offered me a ride to and from where ever I needed to go.

When I got my oil changed at Quick Lane, I was in and out fast, and got to watch everything through huge glass windows.

When I wanted accessories, they gave me a 10% discount just because. There was an error and the accessory I ordered got shipped to another dealer, delaying my pick up for another day. They gave me another 10% off for that. They were good about calling and following up.

When the salesperson I'd bought the car from found out I'd been in for service, she called me to make sure that I had a great experience and encouraged me to drop in and visit her. Its such a friendly place and they really care about their customers.

My family has been Bob Turner customers since the late 80's and thats where we buy all our vehicles now for the great service and the good deals.