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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Garcia Honda in Albuquerque, NM.

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Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(866) 213-5247
Address:8301 Lomas Blvd Ne, Albuquerque, NM, 87110

Reviews on Garcia Honda

Diane M. | 2015-04-15

I bought a prepaid service plan.  The coupon booklet was erroneously placed in the name of my late husband.  They refused to change it into my name citing "corporate policy."

Randeen H. | 2015-04-14

I have an older CRV and came here for a standard oil change. I normally wouldn't write a review, but I thought it was worth mentioning that I really appreciated the way I was treated by Bryan Oystler, one of the guys in the repair department. I'm a female, and I used to work as a carpenter and a mechanic, in other words, I know a thing or two about my car. In general I find that males in the service and repair industry tend to talk to me as if I'm incapable of comprehending much about my vehicle... especially when I ask questions about it. It was refreshing to be spoken to as another human being by Bryan; he was polite, took his time explaining things and spoke to me like I have a brain. I didn't feel like he was trying to scam me, or oversell me on parts and service, which I also appreciated. I hope Garcia Honda takes note of this and his work.
Overall I'm happy with the service, but still the dealership doesn't get 5 stars because I didn't really like the way some of the other dudes in the service department spoke with me. It was nothing overtly rude... but being made to feel like a pest, and getting a vague answer tossed to me when I had a legit question about my car and the service I was paying for, was annoying.

Roberto F. | 2015-02-04

Went to Garcia Honda to purchase a Honda Accord Hybrid Touring. Had a very bad experience dealing with the store manager Monica. After finally agreeing on the price and signing the deal, when I was driving home to get the car tittle from my trade in, she called me backing out on the deal alleging that she felt under pressure by me. When I went back to the dealership to get my down payment back, I was treated with such "indifference"... I was a returning customer since I bought my previous Honda with them.
Anyway, I did a search on dealerships out of state and drove to El Paso to buy my touring. I got SUCH A BETTER DEAL. I ended up saving U$2,000 dollars and for driving to El Paso, Hudolf Honda gave me 3 years of FREE oil changes and road side assistance anywhere in the States.
Part of my savings, U$1,000 was an incentive discount that Honda is giving to us BUYERS and it was NEVER offered to me at Garcia Honda. I'll never buy a car from Garcia Honda ever again!!

Vincent L. | 2015-01-20

I had my timing belt done here. A week later, I'm popping an engine light on. Took it in and they ran a 200 bill, took it home the next day, same engine light pops back on. Took it back in and they say $130, did a little online homework, apparently there is a censor near the timing belt that can break when there's a removal of the timing belt pan. So, these guys broke it, then charged me 330 to fix it. Lessons learned. Should have stuck with Jay Walton.

Caveman X. | 2014-10-26


I bought a new 2014 Honda Civic SI at Garcia Honda. I love the car, Honda builds a great car.
However there were some issues with the dealership.  My sales guy, Manny was good. He made me feel like he cared. The Manager Arait, played the hard ass and didn't give an inch.
The Si version of the Civic is a special run. I started the ordering process in March of 2014. I was told that the first batch of 3 would be in late April or early May. As this was the car I wanted, i agreed. I told both the sale guy and the manager that the only thing I would like to option on the car was the color, Steel Gray.  They said they would try.  When the 3 cars showed up they said I could pick from black, orange, and white. or I could wait until September and maybe get gray. I wanted the car, so I picked the black one. the next day I noticed that the passengers side door handle had a chip in the paint. I took it back to the dealer and they said they would replace the handle.  I told them that I was going on vacation for a week and that I could leave the car for that week. I let them know two weeks before the trip so they could order the replacement handle. I dropped the car off, they said the handle would be in in a day or so, but plenty of time to replace it while I was gone. When I returned they told me that they ordered the wrong handle. None of this would be a problem except I live 200 miles from the dealership and don't often get to Albuquerque. so I have to try this process again when I plan to be in Abq.

Another issue is that when I purchased the car I was talked into buying the oil change service plan. It was a good deal, 10 $100 oil changes  and some other miner services for $700. The car runs synthetic oil. I told the finance guy that I lived in Roswell and asked if these coupons would work at the Roswell Honda dealer. He assured me that they were good at all Honda dealerships. I recently went to the Roswell Honda dealership for my first oil change and they said they wouldn't take the coupons.  I called Garcia, and was told that I could write a check to Roswell Honda , get a receipt, and then send the coupon and receipt to Honda for a reimbursement.  This is a hassle, and ties up money I already spent. I asked to speak to a manager. I was told that one would call me back. That was 4 days ago.

I am starting to get the feeling, like other reviewers, that this dealership doesn't really care about their customers. They just want the initial sale. Then FU.

DO NOT buy a car from this dealership.  They won't make you a happy customer.

Ressie W. | 2014-09-13

I had a good experience with Garcia Honda.  Lawren Harrison was my salesperson.  She was knowledgeable (and when she didn't know something, she said so); picked me up from the body shop and saw to my every need or question.  Monica O'Malley, the sales manager was equally attentive; Nick in finance was fast and efficient.  Considering a month ago, I was not planning to lease a car, much less walk into a dealership, I thought I made a good decision to go to Garcia.

Desiree P. | 2014-08-13

This dealership is only getting two stars, and that's because I actually like my vehicle and they were also friendly the day I was in there to purchase/lease. Once the car was mine and I had questions, I was pretty much ignored.

I had several questions a few weeks later, as I had not received my license plate or a welcome letter/first statement in the mail. This was very concerning to me because my  temp license plate was about to expire and I didn't want to get pulled over. I was also concerned about getting a late fee or missing my first payment. I emailed asking about this and I got a response saying that those things would be mailed to me.

Another couple of weeks passed by and I called and emailed again multiple times with no response. I left multiple (kind) voicemails stating that it was an urgent matter and still no response. I finally went into the dealership to get another temp license plate. While I was there I asked again if there was someone who I could speak to regarding my license plate and my first bill. I got the same response - "It will be mailed to you." It's like they were trying to get me out of there as quickly as possible. It was like a "We already have you locked in, who cares?" kind of attitude. The worst part is I saw my financial advisor walk by and I smiled and waived because I thought I'd be able to speak with him. NOPE. He looked away and started walking faster and completely ignored me.

Today, I got a call from Financial Honda regarding a late payment. Let's just say that I had the late fee waived. Turns out, they didn't have a correct address for me. This could have easily been prevented if someone was willing to take five minutes out of their day and check my paper work to see why I hadn't received anything yet. I love my new Honda, but I totally regret leasing from Garcia Honda. Never again, as their customer service is not professional. Keep in mind that I also work with people and some would call me a pushover because I am so nice. It takes A LOT to make me upset, and this definitely pushed me over my threshold of what I can handle.

Foxx C. | 2014-06-13

I just recently purchased a Honda Accord from Garcia Honda... Hands down the BEST customer service and buying experience I have EVER had...our salesman Manuel Lopez was very professional and made the entire process fun and easy... He went above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction.... THANK YOU GARCIA HONDA!

S. E. | 2014-05-23

no other words  to explain to this place .p.o.s ..never buy to this people  ..liar  n scammer ...

Darren S. | 2014-03-20

I wanted to write a review about a little thing that I think is an indication of a big thing. I went in to the Service Department because my key fob keyless entry wasn't working. Daniel Leahy looked up the price of a new fob. Over $100. Then he said, "You know, you might just need a new battery." He grabbed a screwdriver, popped open my fob, and inserted a new disc battery. Voila! Works like a charm now. And for only $4.95.

Like I say, maybe it's a little thing, but I think this kind of quick service and honesty is worthy of mention and praise.

Dominic S. | 2013-10-27

I was interested in purchasing a car from Garcia Honda.  Staff was friendly and personable.  I dealt with Ron Lentkowski and to a lesser extent a female sales manager who was very nice to me.  When I visited my intent was to look at some hondas on the lot and get an idea of their features etc.  I was shown a civic and test drove the car but not before foolishly giving my email address and phone number(I know... dumb).  I went on a thursday and before I could drive home not ten minutes away I had a phone call, voicemail, and email.  This pattern continued every single day for the next 10 days.  I politely asked on the phone and via email three times to stop calling or emailing that I would go buy a car when I had my next paycheck.  Ron called and emailed incessantly anyway.  It got to the point where, not only did I not want to purchase a car from garcia... but i didn't want to purchase a car any more in general.  I'd also visited three other dealerships and test drove cars.  Not one salesman aside from Ron pestered me that way.  Overall a really uncomfortable experience.  Again, the staff is nice but pestering was completely out of hand.  I ended up purchasing a car elsewhere.

Erin K. | 2013-10-13

I went here for service and was treated like a second-rate citizen. When I brought my husband I was treated better, typical. Everyone I dealt with was a man. Very sexist place, I don't recommend going here, especially if you are a woman. Now we go to Perfection Honda on Academy, or even out to Rio Rancho if we have to, to avoid this place.

Walt L. | 2013-09-09

This review is regarding Garcia Honda's Service Department, I love and appreciate the personal customer service I receive from my Service Writer Dave, no one has topped him to date. If you read my earlier reviews posted regarding Front Range Honda located in Colorado Springs you'll see what I mean, Garcia Honda Service represents the other end of the spectrum.  I have had nothing but excellant service from Garcia Honda; they have served me since Feb 2011.  Garica Honda has serviced my 2006 Honda CR-V for it's past 105K miles, I currently have 178K miles on this vehicle. Garcia did the major service at 110K miles, new spark plugs and valve adjustment; nothing broken and nothing leaks from the engine. They have given me nothing but first rate service for my vehicle since my first visit.  Both my service writer Dave and mechanic Art are first rate!!  I highly recommend the Garcia Honda Service Department.

Matthew P. | 2013-07-12

Took a test drive here and didn't buy the car because I thought I may be doing a military move soon. I came back about two months later ready to buy and they refused to allow me a test drive! They said they didn't think I was serious so they expected me to purchase the car to "prove I was serious". The sales staff was rude and handed me off several times. Toby Garcia actually said to me that he is not convinced I know what I want. This after having bought 2 new cars from them in the past. I will never return to this dealer.

Raquel A. | 2013-03-13

Attempted to negotiate a deal over the Internet with Toby Garcia, the brother of the owner. Here is the copied email response I received at the beginning of our conversation:  

"being that you work for wells fargo im assuming that you have done the math and you are aware that you  trying to purchase the vehicle well below dealer cost and that is why you have not found a dealer willing to "let you take  a civic off their hands" at your terms.

the pheonix area is extremely competitive and im sure that you will find a vehicle in your area without having to travel to NM."

Pretty disgusting that the owner's brother speaks this way to a prospective buyer. I guess they don't want my business!

Jazmine V. | 2013-03-01

Wow! I'm super surprised by all the one and two stars. We bought our car from here and got a great deal, thanks to my savings-savvy husband. He loves buying cars and does a great job negotiating. We got an awesome warranty on the car, too. I've gone in for several oil changes and haven't had any issues. Everyone has always been friendly and helpful. The waiting area is comfortable. I like the fact that you can see the mechanics working on your car and the strong coffee they have is a nice plus!

Jamie B. | 2012-07-19

First things first, I love my new (to me ) car and the salesman I dealt with, Brent, was very helpful.  My only complaint and it's a big one has to do with the cleaning of the car.  When I test drove my vehicle, it had just been traded in and had not yet been cleaned out or detailed in the slightest. I was told that if I left it there over the weekend they would do the oil change, detail the car, and clean it up for me!  Well, the oil was changed and they vacuumed, but other than a mess. There was trash left in all of the compartments which included three razor blades. Yes, people, razor blades!!!  I have two little kids who were exploring the new car who found them!  Seriously?!  They offered to give me a full tank of gas or clean it properly for me, but I've already cleaned it out and it would take me a tank of gas to get there. I would rather just move on.

Steph C. | 2012-05-19

Stay away from this dealership!!!

Okay so we don't buy new cars too often and we keep our cars a long time so I wanted a Honda since they are reliable.  We had the worst experience ever received by Garcia (manager, finance director and 2 sales people).

Two months before we could actually buy the Honda they told us the lowest they could go on the vehicle, great!  Anyway we went back to make our purchase and they had some outrageous price on the vehicle.  They really mess with you there, you talk to about 4 different people (it was a circus side show).  I don't think I ever have given a business 1 star and I am pretty nice about things but the way they behaved (unprofessional) and they are not trustworthy; they deserve no stars.  

Anyway, here is a TIP on Car shopping!!!  Do your research!!!  We used Consumer Reports and then entered in our email to receive Online Pricing for dealers within 500 miles and they give you a Price on the vehicle and you know what model you will be getting and the options!  That way there is no dealer showing you their Circus Side Show Act (unprofessional, unethical behavior) and you just sign the paper work and get the vehicle you want.  That is the way to do it; I highly recommend the online method (I think yahoo offers that method too but Consumer reports lets you know what the dealerships pay for the vehicles so you know you are getting the best price)!  We bought our Honda through Perfection.

Kara S. | 2012-01-06

I bought my Honda Ridgeline on eBay with only 22,000 miles five years ago. I have only taken it to Garcia Honda for all the maintance from the beginning. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the service department. All my life I've been programed, you NEVER take your car to the dealership. Wow, talk about a paradim shift - they go above and beyond. Dave or Brian are straight shooters - and bend over backwards to give 100% every time! Now I have 116,000 miles, and it's still in top condition.

Dianne W. | 2011-07-22

Unfortunately, I leased a new Honda CR-V from Garcia Honda yesterday. The experience with the finance department was a nightmare and I deeply regret that I didn't just walk out. They repeatedly tried to sneak in extra charges and tried to include fees in the financing that I was paying upfront.

I called today to complain and asked that the finance department call me to go over the paperwork again. Of course, I haven't heard a word from them.

My recommendation is to stay far far away from this dealership. I have a very serious case of buyer's remorse.

A M. | 2010-10-05

Terrible, terrible service. First they told us that $800 off the sticker price was the"best" they could do. The next few days they kept calling us back slowly reducing the price. We walked away because they were still going to charge us several thousand more than what others paid for the same vehicle in the same neighborhood.

By the way, we went across town to the other Honda dealership, and they were quite upfront with us. Right off the bat they showed us what they paid for it and showed us the lowest price we could buy it for without all the hassle.

Long story short, don't bother going here unless you want to spend thousands more than necessary. Go to the Honda dealership across town.