Corley’s Albuquerque Lincoln Volvo in Albuquerque, NM

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Corley’s Albuquerque Lincoln Volvo in Albuquerque, NM.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Corley’s Albuquerque Lincoln Volvo, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Corley’s Albuquerque Lincoln Volvo in other cities in the New Mexico.

Corley’s Albuquerque Lincoln Volvo

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 479-2360
Address:9000 Pan American Fwy NE, Albuquerque, NM, 87113

Reviews on Corley’s Albuquerque Lincoln Volvo

Lauren S. | 2015-03-10

DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM HERE!!!!!! They lie and used under handed tactics to try a swindle you.  We bought our 2014 XC60 in November 2014. We were assured by 3 people that Volvo would make our first payment (the current promotion). When we received our first statement it showed they did not make our first payment.  When we contacted them they were rude and condescending stating it was not in our contract.  After we mentioned that we had not completed the survey they changed their tune.  They then bribed us for a 100% survey stating that they would give us a check for our payment if we have them a 100%. Little to our knowledge the survey expired.  When we returned to the dealer to try and work something out Rick Patel told us "tough shit" and that he has had tons of complaints and has never gotten fired so go ahead and call corporate.  Corporate was less than helpful but they did make us aware that the "new" car they sold us was actually used. Furthermore the manager text my husband lying saying they sent the check but never did.  This is our 3rd and last Volvo!  Check out Subaru they had much better service and prices. We are now having to contact a lawyer to try and "resolve" this matter.

Robert U. | 2015-03-01

Beware this place! Sleazy, dishonest owner and sales manager both behaved in an unethical manner that ended up being a VERY expensive for our family.  I think the cars are probably decent products - but BUY SOMEWHERE ELSE!  Assume anything they tell you is a lie - particularly if you deal with Ed Corley.  Yuck.  I really thought car sales behavior like this existed only in old movies!  I mean it- these guys are bad people.  Go somewhere else.  I wish I had called the Attorney general's office BEFORE I walked into the place, not after.

Laura W. | 2015-01-02

I waited around for ever when they told me to come in at 2. I came in 5 minutes early just to find out they had no idea what was going on. Very unprofessional very rude. If you have a choice go anywhere else.

John P. | 2014-10-15

Great service, Great people and great cars. Thank you an enjoyable experience. We were happy to buy our new car there.

We will be back soon.

Jo S. | 2014-04-23

Jeff knew overseas order and delivery on 2015 Volvo's.  He did not tell us about ordering a temporary tire for the car.  He did not show us all the features on the car when it was delivered.  Rick the new car sales manager seemed to know a lot about the  2015 Volvo.  Have not used the service department yet.

Liam M. | 2013-08-18

Be forewarned this place is the worst Rick the sales manager is a complete liar and can not be trusted. Do not go here they will rip u off at ever turn

John S. | 2012-03-24

I got a great deal on a used Cadillac cts.  Linda Spathelf, the Internet Manager did a great job finding me this car. They gave me a great price and Dave Dennyson gave me a free bottle of champagne!  They also threw in tthree free oil changes and car washes for life!!  Great people to deal with an I love the car.