JMK BMW in Springfield, NJ

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Service Hours:
Mon-Thurs 7AM - 7PM (last car pickup 7PM)
Friday        7AM - 4:30PM (last car pickup 7PM)
Saturday      8AM - 4PM (last car pickup 5PM)


Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(973) 379-7744
Address:391 US Hwy 22 E, Springfield, NJ, 07081
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on JMK BMW

Sui B. | 2015-03-22

Your eyes do not deceive you. I'm really giving a 5 star to a car dealership, specifically my experience with the saleswoman (Agata). If you do your homework, shopping for a car really isn't that painful.
Step 1- Decide on color, function, specs, model
Step 2 - Finalize said above decision
Step 3 - Shop around a few dealerships in the area
Step 4 - Decide on max price (whether monthly or total) that you are willing to pay
Step 5 - Allow the salespeople to do their jobs, whose ever price comes closest to your number wins
Step 6 - Text, E-mail, maybe a phone call (not even necessary in today's tech world) some paper works over (i.e., license picture)
Step 7 - Pick up the car at the dealership with the winning bid
Step 8 - Embrace that new car smell

This is exactly what hubby and I did when we picked up our new baby with JMK. While JMK is a smaller family owned dealership that only sells Fiat and BMW (two dealerships down the road from each other), I found the space and service to be quite efficient (and more down to earth- nice sweaters vs. full suits type of thing). Finding customer parking was a little bit tricky because the lot isn't as big as say Prestige, but that really isn't a big deal. Free breakfast lineup every morning (sweet). We were greeted by a a concierge with GREAT hair (I had meant to compliment but didn't want to come off creepy). Agata showed up within a minute. She brought us to her desk, walked us through some administrative procedures, brought us upstairs to the garage where our new baby awaited. We checked out the car, LOVE, and off to finance we go. The finance process with Chris took about 30 minutes (partially because I always have lots of questions), signed some state law required documents as well as the final contractual agreement, was brought downstairs to the cashier to pay, then Agata took us back upstairs to the garage to play with our new toy. She took about an hour walking us through all the tech specs, iDrive was especially fun. She was patient with me and we even had some great laughs.

Bottom-line: I had a great experience at JMK and highly recommend it to anyone shopping for a BMW or Fiat.

B L. | 2015-02-04

One of the best bmw service dealerships I have ever been to u until Michael lopes no longer works but thank god they still a decent good record on customer service I still recommend it.

Rachel J. | 2014-08-11

Need to wait for a long time for fast lane service. Service is okay. Relatively expensive. But it is the same for all bmw dealers.  Didn't mess up my car so that I'm thankful. There was a problem with my daytime running light. Labor costs me $139, part is $41.

AA g. | 2014-06-29

Went there to buy a new BMW X-5.    There were only, perhaps, 1-2  other customers in the showroom, at least that I could see.  Walking around the showroom, I saw at a dozen, or so, people in BMW Polo shirts all playing on the their smartphone, computers, talking with each other or doing personal business.  I asked the receptionist if I could see the X-5, she told me the SUV's were upstairs and she would get someone to meet me up there.  

15 minutes later, no none was arrived so I walked into an office where two guys were sitting (wearing BMW polo shirts) and asked if I could see the X-5.  One said, we'll find you someone and got on the phone.  After another 15 minutes, or so someone in a BMW polo walks by and asks if I am being helped.  I told him I'd like to see the X-5.  He says I'll find you someone.  It seems that no one can actually deal with a car or a customer.  Perhaps they were all there just to model BMW polo shirts.

So, here is my question -  How can I get a job there?  

All it seems that anyone does in the showroom is sit around and do nothing.  If a customer comes in, all they have to do is say someone will be right with you, kind of like hold music that never ends.  Besides, I look good in a polo shirt and I'm good at smartphone games.  There must be a heck of a profit on the sale of a BMW to support so many people doing nothing. I left there wondering, where is that one salesman everyone was looking for?

After this experience, I am definitely reconsidering whether to buy the X-5, but if I do, I hope other dealers take a stronger in selling me a car.

Maria V. | 2014-05-23

This entry is for the parts department. I have been going to JMK since 2009 and Ben- the parts guy is A1. Very helpful, professional  and always a nice guy.

John M. | 2014-05-02

I didn't buy my car here but based on my experience just now with the service department I wish I did.

The tires on my BMW go nuclear on the smallest potholes - when coming out of the holland tunnel luck would have it I nailed one. Front left. Third time.  The run flats get me to the golf course and to my dismay road side will not tow back to Manhattan. The closest place is jmk.

I call and let the service department know my car is coming in can they get it back to me today?  "Very busy but if it gets here before 3 might have a shot."  It's 2. Fingers crossed.

30 minutes later I get a call my car had arrived. Doing their best. (I'm needy and love the update). A hour later I get the call car is washed and ready for pick up.

The experience when I got there was just as pleasant. She walked me to the cashier and brought me right out to my car.

Five minutes after arriving I was back on the road.

Kudos and thank you.

Jose R. | 2014-04-21

One star is one to many.   These people are just not honest.   I made a long trip to see a "showroom condition/like new condition" (their words) but when I got there the car had numerous dings and scratches.  Before I came in the sales person looked at the car for me before I made the long distance trip and ASSURED me it was "just like new".  I was extremely upset and I spoke to two levels of managers and they were just as unprofessional and incompetent. With all due respect to the owners of JMK, I felt I was dealing with "Snooky and the Situation" from Jersey Shores.  It was trully surreal.

F W. | 2014-03-11

Had a lot of work done on my 3 series coupe at JMK's body shop. They were polite and professional and handled my insurance for me. My car was returned looking brand new = ).  I would recommend them.

King L. | 2013-10-13

Service was superb. On time, they drove me to my office and the car was ready when they said it would. The only issue I have found is - they have no loaners for service like other dealers. JMK dropped me off at my office and picked me up when the car was done so no issues there. They were very professional.  I would recommend their service.

Dina C. | 2013-08-15

I went to JMK years ago and had a pleasant experience.  They make you feel welcome, although I did not purchase on that day.
Years later, I had purchased my BMW elsewhere and needed service.  The warranty is nation wide.   I needed breaks, my dealer had a wait list and ultimately I felt did not want to do it...They waitlisted me and would not give me a loaner.
JMK picked up my car from my other dealer in another state,  installed new breaks, and delivered my car to my home.
These are the nicest people in service.  O  & get this...I was under warranty and did not lay out a dime.

Rodriguez R. | 2013-03-30

Good price for a used car, great selection, no push for warranties

I just spent $50k on a about some service!  My sales rep know nothing about the tech features of my 5 series.  In fact he made several mistakes that I had to correct.  I almost get the feeling none of them really care.  'If you don't buy it someone else will' and then once you drive away...Forgetaboutit...  When I got home I realized one of the features I thought  the car came with was not there.   When I called they said 'I never said that particular feature was included in Tech Package' bad for me.


Brian L. | 2013-03-28

My car needed its brake fluid flushed, so I went back to JMK for the second time this year. I arrived at the dealership around 7:20am--20 minutes late (my appt was at 7am)--and STILL got my car back at 8:40am. This means the flush took only about an hour after you account for the quick complementary car wash. THAT'S GREAT SERVICE.

Back at home, my Cali dealership took forever to do simple jobs. 2 hours for an oil change that costs like 130$? Are you f'real? It should take like 30 minutes at most... and cost HALF that!

JMK has very fair pricing for the replacements and services I've needed thus far... and they've done all the work in a timely manner.

Side Note: SA is Rob Felizardo

Alex C. | 2012-11-24

Brought in my E60 M5 to have the bumper repainted. The folks at JMK Collision were friendly and professional. Lauren, the body shop estimator, explained the process of repainting my bumper and helped with the paperwork. Ken, the manager, a stand up guy by the way, worked with me until the job was completed and made sure I walked out satisfied (Thanks again Ken!). The paint job on the bumper turned out great!

I would recommend JMK Collision and the dealership without hesitation to others interested in fixing/servicing/purchasing a BMW. By the way, If you're looking for an advisor at JMK BMW, ask for Jacob K.; he's nice and helpful.

Uneka H. | 2012-04-15

I was very excited to purchase my first BMW, and so I went to JMK. The first time I went without making an appointment and could not find any sales person to help me AT ALL. I then went to the receptionist to ask for assistance, she then walked around for about ten minutes trying to get someone to help me but everyone was "busy"- which was interesting because before then it appeared everyone was on a coffee break. I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and went back a 2nd time-this time WITH an appointment and still could not find anyone to help. Maybe it was because I didn't pull up in a 100,000 Rolls Royce in the front. So needless to say, I did in fact purchase my first BMW but it was defiantly not with JMK. I did however go to the service department to get my car serviced and the service department was EXCELLANT! Beautiful waiting room, nice amenities, comfortable seats. Everyone was great very friendly and personable. I went to the front desk to purchase new mats for my car and the front desk gentleman was EXCELLANT! When I got my car back-they walked me through the service that was completed and things I need to do in the near future.

Like every dealership JMK has it's advantages and dis-advantages, but my experience and opinion of JMK sales department (only) is that unless u actually look like money ( based on there guidelines) they don't wanna waste there time with trying to help you or win your buisness over. JMK sales department in my opinion, could defiantly use a few tips in customer service and until that happens...I would not recommend anyone purchasing a car there.

Greg T. | 2012-02-20

I bought a 528xi from JMK about a year ago and had a nice experience with the sales staff.  They gave me a good deal on the car and on my trade.  Made the whole process painless and quick.  

I dropped my car off for routine maintenance and it was also a painless experience.  Drop off area is enclosed, someone greeted me, took my car, brought me right to a service adviser who then brought me to where I got my loaner which was a brand new BMW warmed up with the heat on, heated seats and steering wheel on and a full tank of gas.  I point that out because I always got frustrated at another dealer who would give me a loaner with a fraction of a full tank and say return it with the same amount or we will charge you for gas.  It's a hassle trying to buy just a fraction of a tank.  

They called when the car was ready, we're pleasant and when I went to pick it up the process was just as smooth as drop off.  Plus my car was nice and clean inside and out.

Pusa S. | 2011-05-28

It took more than a year to address a minor issue the car had when I purchased it (as a certified, pre-owned)!  The only friendly people around there are the valets who greet you once you arrive. The receptionist at the service counter are uptight, and unfriendly and the wait to finally speak to an adviser is unreasonably long ... defeats having to make an appointment, if you are waiting for another 30 mins to be seen.  Besides, getting an appointment takes you at least 4 days ...

The crowded "welcome" service area is also very unwelcoming... maybe 4 chairs, people walk around trying not to make any eye contact with you, afraid that you may ask a question....
They also offer you loaners, but no cars available... And when I  asked if I could be driven home, I barely got an "ok", with no offer for a drive back...This is basic customer service Nissan, Toyota, and ?lexus offer ...
So, back to my problem, it was an air vent that would not work as soon as the A/C was turned on ...  I have described the issue to the advisor, and they would come back saying there was no such problem... if only the valets would not take your car away, so you could bring the advisor out to the car and show them the problem.  Finally, they  order the part, never to receive a phone call the it  had arrived - this, to me, would be basic customer service, wouldn't it?

I am told on the phone to make another service appointment to have the part installed, I show up, and I am told that I would be charged, because my warranty had expired. I argue, and the advisor accepts. Half an hour later, I swing by his desk to check on the status of the car, only to be told they did not have the part, that it had to be ordered, and to just come back in a couple of days, no appointment needed. I request a phone call when the part arrives, I do not get one. I stop in again a couple of weeks later, and my advisor is not in. The new advisor confirms the part is there, but he wants to charge me parts and labor, because ... because my advisor is not there, so he recommends I come back when he's in, "next week". I do that, I get the part installed, and this is the last they see of me. Unfortunately, they are just 10 mins away, but going forward I will go to a newly renovated dealership that is 20 miles away, and a world apart!

David L. | 2010-11-30

I brought my mother's 2005 325xi in for a check engine light and oil change while my parents were on vacation. My father told me he made an appointment (btw, it took ~3 business days to get the appointment). I thought it was nice that the car drop location was garaged and heated, but that's where the "luxury" ended.

I had to check in at the front desk then quickly make a dash for one of the hand full of chairs available to wait to get my keys back from the valet. I was then told that I had to wait in crowded area for some variant of service writer. About a half hour later I was seen and had the opportunity to describe the problems I noticed with the car. He said it could take a couple hours to diagnose so he was going to give me loaner. The only problem was there were none available, but it should take about a half hour to get one ready.

I was prepared to wait. I had my notebook and work papers in tow. The domain squatter esque website with flashing animations and video all over the place told me that the waiting lounge would be "comfortably equipped with Wi-Fi, TV, magazines and hot coffee". While that is far from a lie, it would say it's only moderately more luxurious than a Jiffy Lube.

I own a Toyota that I purchased from Team Toyota in Langhorne, PA. While it's not perfect, I love the service center amenities. There's a large TV watching area, theater, kid's room, cafeteria, and my favorite, a quiet room with real tables and chairs. As I write this I'm sitting on a hard stool fixed at an uncomfortable distance from a metal counter top facing a white wall that's technically in the show room; not the customer waiting area.

A simple change like having the service writer come to me in the customer waiting area instead of having to wait in a cramped area for the opportunity to come to his large, L-shaped desk would be a massive improvement and save a ton of space that could be allocated to customers (this is what Team Toyota does). To be fair, their service model might be more centered around loaner cars than making the wait enjoyable.

I will not say that I was treated poorly or without respect, but I had much higher expectations for customer service from a luxury car dealership that requires an appointment, and recently underwent a larger renovation and expansion.

This is my experience from the "lounge" at least an hour after seeing the service writer. I did my research on the code from the ECU and other problems. I hope the actual car service is better than the customer service.

Christopher S. | 2009-11-18

We purchased a BMW from JMK early 2009. The sales department is very good and gave us a great deal on a car.
In October 2009, we needed some minor collision repair for the car we purchased through JMK. We utilized JMK Collision and had a complete nightmare of an experience. After being told to schedule an appt in advance to make sure the parts were available, we did. It was minor work that totalled $1500 in damage. We were originally advised that it would take no more than 3 days, when in fact, it took JMK over ten days (business days) to get the job done. The collision dept is disorganized and completely overwhelmed with work. We had to make all the calls to the JMK body shop because they never called us.
I would possibly buy a car from JMK, but would NEVER utilize their collision department again. If you're looking to buy/lease a car, they were worth the trip. But do not bring your car in after an accident.