Autoland Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in Springfield, NJ

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Autoland Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram is a Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram dealership located on Route 22 in Springfield New Jersey, carrying a full line of new cars, trucks and SUVs as well as a large selection of certified pre-owned vehicles and other quality used cars for automotive sales and service.


Established in 1980.

Autoland is steeped in history and a pioneering force in the automobile industry, having been one of the world's first automalls. As always, Autoland looks towards the future and how they can further improve the automobile purchasing experience. The number one priority is the satisfaction of their customers. Come see how Autoland can use its years of automotive knowledge and expertise to provide you with an experience you won't forget.

Autoland Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(800) 288-6526
Address:170 Rt 22 E, Springfield, NJ, 07081
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Autoland Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram

Nazesh Y. | 2014-08-27

TERRIBLE!!!! This was the most awful experience I have ever had. I would NEVER go back. The sales person was so disrespectful and wasted my time when I was ready to buy a car today! They were inconsiderate and their facility was not customer friendly. To top it all off, my friend who was with me was diabetic and had a low sugar attack and the staff did not care. They didn't even offer a snack or ask if he was ok. No wonder why the entire location was empty of customers. DO NOT GO THERE!

Lisa T. | 2014-08-13

Shame on me for not reading reviews for this  place!! I needed a vehicle quick and didn't do my homework. I leased a 2014 jeep grand Cherokee and had questions to be answered after about 6 months or so of having the vehicle. Nobody in this place answered any of my questions, they just want your money and they don't give a damn if you are a happy customer. The people in the showroom are shady and the "manager " in the showroom has a filthy mouth. I was there last week waiting for my jeep to be serviced and this supposed "manager" was on the phone cursing his head off right in front of all of the customers.  What trash!!

Phil R. | 2014-08-04


After a few days, I also had an interesting encounter.  I started receiving severals strange phone calls on my personal cell phone from various "buy your home" websites indicating that they were following up with me on buying my home now that my spouse had passed away.  I assured each and every caller that they had the wrong guy.  The 3rd caller was so kind as to email me the form that was filled out, as well as the IP address.  Anyone care to guess who the IP address belonged to?  You guessed it, these clowns!

So because I flipped out on them after they tried to steal $7,000 of my money, hold my title and keys ransom, to boot, they thought it would be funny to falsely take my personal information and fill out information on line, with my personal information, and to also put down on the forms that the reason I am selling my home was because my spouse died.

I complained to the owner himself, was promised a full investigation, and never heard from these pieces of garbage ever again.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I implore you.  There are what 100 dealers on route 22 alone.  Go to any of them except this place.  

I am in the midst of filing a complaint with consumer affairs, and this dealership has not heard the last of me - STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Margaret S. | 2014-07-25

Do not trust this place. We brought our car in to get keys and they talked us into an alignment. The process that should have taken only an hour took over three. Not only that, but we have no idea if the alignment worked because suddenly the balance is messed up. There are marks on the wheel that look as though they removed a weight from it. This has happened to us here before with our previous Toyota. Every time we would take it in, they would intentionally break something else so that it would need repairs again. In the end we had enough proof that they had to do over $2000 of work free of charge. Shame on them for taking advantage of people. Shame on us for taking a car to them again.

Cheryl J. | 2014-07-24

High priced, not the best service.  The dealers spend more time avoiding your questions than answering them.

Kyle W. | 2014-07-09

My issue extends to the entire Autoland organization in Springfield as they are equally culpable and idiotic hence the extension of this from Chrysler to here........

This is far and away the worst dealership I have ever been to. Incompetent, rude and unresponsive.  I will not get into how bad Chrysler is considering I have been in 9 times for the same issue on a $55k 14' Jeep Overland but a story for another day.

Autoland lies and tells you they don't do loaners when in fact they do.  You need to beg after the 8th time in to get one.  I piece of crap Scion no less.  Then, they say there is a dent on the car which I am now responsible for paying $250 minimum to fix!! That car is not worth that much.

Shame on me for not coming on here to look at reviews before I went here and I have learned my lesson.  Everyone else here echoes my feelings and I will bash this dealership until they are out of business.  The power of word of mouth is greater than they expect.  

I am trying to enact the lemon law now but as you can imagine this bunch of complete idiots is giving me the run around.  I will lawyer up before I let them win.

NEVER GO HERE!!! Save yourself time and many headaches

Alex H. | 2014-07-06

We came in with the family today to see if we could make a deal on buying a new Toyota car.

When we walked in, we were greeted by a salesman, and then proceeded to discuss about the kind of car that we wanted. He took us to his inventory area (be prepared to go outside, like what we did) to show us what he had available in regards to our preference. We looked into a model that was CLOSE to what we really wanted. Once that was all set and done, we proceeded to go back inside.

After that, we sat in a desk with him to discuss about the pricing of the vehicle. We did some negotiating so we could make a good deal, and following that gentle process, the car was SOLD to us! A sales manager was involved to make sure we could get a deal that ALL of us can agree on.

The sales manager was nice. He didn't pressure us into buying anything that was unnecessary or buying a vehicle at a "sticker" price. The salesman was, I can't believe I'm saying this, AWESOME! He had a lot of energy, and was patient with us during the negotiating process. There were even times when he joked around, which was a nice touch. He was also patient when he explained all of the features of the car, prior to us driving away. When he demonstrated the satellite radio, he put on his favorite station. Because it was an old school hip-hop station, he started rocking out to Run DMC, just to show how enjoyable the satellite radio programming can be. WOO! :D Even though I listen to a different station (BPM), that was a cool moment! Two thumbs up to both the salesman and manager.

In regards to the facility, it was very nice and clean. New and used cars were scattered about in the showroom. The restrooms were clean. They also had a nice waiting area with comfortable chairs, and an area to grab complimentary coffee and water (both via machines), popcorn (which was good), and at lunchtime, Domino's Pizza (didn't eat that - lol). They showed sports programming on the TV consoles.

Prior to coming to Autoland, we checked out some other 3rd party dealerships. One thing we noticed from the other dealerships that we visited was that they weren't willing to negotiate with us at all. They told us the price, and THAT WAS IT. Yeah, well, that was us WALKING OUT THE DOOR. But for Autoland, THEY were willing to negotiate reasonably. That was a HUGE plus. :) The negotiating and the other positivity mentioned above warrants the full rating.

A pleasurable experience overall!

Elizabeth S. | 2014-06-03

The Service Department is good.  Ed was the representative who helped me. I wish Toyota would offer a loyalty program for their existing clients and special deals, etc.
Pricing needs to be watched.  Customer beware.
Overall, a good experience.

Terrie E. | 2014-04-09

FRAUD!!!!!    Sold me a "certified" used 2010 Grand Caravan that is a piece of crap.   Main computer went after 7 days due to water damage.   There are other problems with this so called certified used van I'm being told I now have to pay to have repaired.  It never should have left the lot in the condition it is in.  They will be so kind as to take it in as a trade.  Gee nice as I'll be out a few grand.   Certified is nothing but a scam.   Even Chrysler told me they have nothing to do with the process as the deanship likes to claim they do.  It's nothing more than some pencil pusher with a pen and clipboard checking off boxes.   BEWARE!!!!!

Rafael F. | 2014-02-02

As is with almost all dealerships, this dealership is pressuring you to buy a vehicle. I could never fault the salesperson who I really can't remember the exact 1st name, but it's close to Santigul (or whatever it is). He's been very helpful and was really friendly in determining what I want. He was so accomodating with the test drive and he even asked me if I wanted to drive the car more. Although it's not the exact car I want, I was pretty sure I'll make a deal with them as my 1st impression was pretty good. I even went on to give them my credit application, and my credit card for a deposit for a car they can do a dealer trade with.

But the problem started when his Manager, Jerome, came to see me. He was telling me that the option I wanted is impossible and was arguing with me even though, the feature (2nd-row bench seat) is standard with the Durango RT. I'm not sure if they just don't want to help me with what I really want, or just flat-out lying to me. In the end, he doesn't want to budge and kept arguing with me that option is not available, I just fumed and told him I can't deal with them. I quickly deicided I don't want to do business with them as that's not how you deal with your customer. I work in a customer service and sales environment and I understand a Salesperson's desire in closing a sale, but that's not how a person should treat a customer. I was asking to give them my keys but obviously they still want to make a sale with me and kept on delaying in giving me my keys and credit card.

In the end, when I insisted Anthony, to give me my keys and credit card, he shouted at me and told me to "Get the hell out, you're rude", when in the 1st place, I wasn't the one who was trying to argue and just want to, per his words, get the hell out of there, because of the way they treated me.

Now, even though I already told them I don't want to do business with them, I received an alert from my LifeLock Subscription that they still ran a credit check. In which I will file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

The regular Salespeople there are friendly, but if you get past them and speak to the "higher-ups", good luck in having a respectful conversation. Either they just don't know the features of the car they're selling... Or just flatly lying to you and forcing you to buy a car from their lot.

Ken M. | 2014-01-23

Stay away from this place if you are getting car serviced here.

They have consistently caused more damage to my car over time while continuing to find ways to get you to pay more.

I would highly recommend going somewhere else for your car service needs.

Shuri A. | 2013-11-30

This review is on the service department ONLY. This is the second and maybe the last time I come to this place to have my Jeep worked on. I appreciate that I was squeezed in to have ONE tire changed but if they would I told me I would have been here well OVER TWO HOURS in the middle of my Saturday, I probably would have chosen a different day and time. Also, the previous time I was here I waited over 3 hours to get a second key for my Jeep. I don't discredit that the service department seems to be legit and not rip you off, but peoples time is valuable and I think they should be a little more honest about their scheduling and waiting times!!

Sascha K. | 2013-08-17

OMG... listen to this review and the other reviews and stay away from this place!!! They were the rudest people I ever talked to on the phone! I talked to them to get some more information on a car they had on their website. The car had a scratch on the front left, but I was told the car is in perfect shape. Next, I wanted to know if they can tell me the best price on that car, since the it was quite overpriced and it has been sitting on the lot for 3 months. They told me they won't negotiate on the phone, and when I told him that I won't drive an hour to look at something if they at least can guarantee the condition of the car or give me a better price. Then the sales manager served up quite a nasty tone so I finally hung up the phone. Overall, he was very disrespectful, he even intentionally mispronounced my name to make fun of me.

Don't buy from these people, the whole operation seems rather shady. They give you some very inflated prices and then tell you what a great sale they are making. They seem to combine all the worst attributes you can think of in a used car salesman. They are very rude to their customers.

Dave B. | 2013-06-25

I have to comment about my sales women (Kathy) extremely helpful, I felt really comfortable and was waiting for a fight about the price  on the 2010 Toyota Highlander, I ended up getting the car at a price I wanted....
Thanks Kathy

Gregg R. | 2013-06-14

If it were possible to give no stars, that's what they'd deserve. This dealership is horrible. Floor sales staff don't know anything about the products they are selling and are poorly trained. As far as parts dept goes, I ordered and paid for a part when my car was serviced. When I came back to get it installed, they told me it been returned. When I asked for a refund, they would not give it to me. Bad, bad business people running this place. They should take some if their advertising budget dollars and put it towards customer service training.

Clysus S. | 2013-01-19

Autoland in Springfield NJ, specifically the jeep service department.
First time customer....  And last time customer.
Visited in December 2012.

Reason:  Winter check in, recommendation from former jeep owner friend who stopped going in 2011 because he moved to bmw.  

Upon entering:

The first thing they will do is position your car in front of a newly installed alignment camera with a red laser and warn you that your car needs alignment and show you a print out illustration of wheels pointing in towards each other, without ever road testing it first, and without a customer mention of any symptoms of front or rear misalignment. This struck me as being rushed and premature, and did not leave me a good first impression.  

Beyond that the entire service ordering process seemed rushed and out of sync, like the guy was trying to hit a quota and smiling behind my back.  A very big turnoff for anyone especially someone who is new and testing out a couple of places to determine their "go to" mechanic for all future needs.  

Well, they made that easy for me at a minimum.  

My opinion:

Go somewhere else where the person you are trusting in a fiduciary capacity doesn't make the customer feel like a uniformed buffoon.   They overcharge for even the most basic service including oil and transmission fluid changes in my opinion.  As a salesperson myself, my opinion is that they employ questionable sales practices and take advantage of their less informed customers, especially by offering alignment services which i have confirmed with 2 other companies probably did not need to be done in the first place at a whopping $140 (including tax).  This did not even include tire rotation.

Speed:  Was relatively quick for the services being performed, but then again so is mcdonalds.

On being expensive:

Fact:  Take a look at service advertisements from other jeep dealers and you will see the prices are pretty outrageous at this dealer in comparison.

Thanks for reading:

Since then I have found a new place, salerno in summit which was a huge upgrade in my opinion.  But I still felt compelled to warn others as a fellow jeep owner.

Jacob C. | 2012-07-09

This dealership was an awful experience. I just wanted to test drive a Yaris to see how I liked it as I was interested in leasing a car. The representative helping me forgot the keys inside, couldn't get the car to start, and then we had to sit for 20 minutes waiting for security to give us a temporary plate.

I wound up not liking the car, but he insisted we sit down. We proceeded to assure me that "All the teens love the Yaris" (I'm 22 and they had a copy of my license) and when I told him I didn't find it comfortable insisted I stay. They asked me what I didn't like, and I told them, and they told me that it was still a great car. He then tried to get me to buy a Matrix saying it was "only" $5,000 more, then demanded I come over to see the Corolla. I began making it very clear that I was not interested in anything but the Yaris and wanted to leave, but he promptly ignored what I was saying (including my extended hand) and just kept on walking and suggesting cars. I finally insisted on leaving, and the manager came out to bribe me into staying, apparently ignoring everything I've said. I had been to other dealers that day, so I know they are aggressive, but this was on a whole other level - they were blatantly ignoring everything I was saying.

When we left the representative actually followed us out the door into the parking lot trying to convince us to come back inside and proceeded to stand at the edge of the parking lot trying to call us back inside and staring at us as we stood near our cars. Since then they have called my phone on number occasions from a blocked number and left voicemails (one of which was just silence and shuffling). I finally answered and told them I had leased a different car and to never call me again. 15 minutes later, who calls but the manager, looking to "follow up" on if I was still looking for a vehicle. I guess I wasn't clear enough the first 2 times...

Chris C. | 2012-06-23

The sales person Jamal, his manager and their finance department helped us out of a bad car deal that we fell into when we bought a car from Crystal Automall back in 2009 not realizing that it was in an accident that affected its resale price but not the car's driving ability.

That said they met us halfway on the fair trade in price of our car, pricing it  halfway in between as if it was never in an accident and if it were in an accident. Kudos for them.

Alexandra S. | 2012-01-25

Do NOT buy a car here.  They are liars!  I was promised that a broken part in my car would be replaced and that the interior of the car would be detailed when I bought it.  Stupidly, I did not get this in writing, so when I went in to have it done, I had to fight with several people to get the broken part replaced for free (they did replace it reluctantly eventually).  The car was never detailed because my sales person lied through his teeth and said that he never promised that.

Finally, I bought an extended "bumper to bumper" warranty on the car at the suggestion of the specialist.  I asked this question word-for-word: "If I hit a tree with my car, you guys will fix the car FOR FREE with this warranty."  He said YES OF COURSE.  Obviously anyone who understands warranties knows that this is a lie - they do not cover body damage.  I did not know this; it was my first time buying a car on my own.  He also told me that if I wanted to get rid of the warranty I had a year to do so, and I would get the FULL amount back as long as I cancelled within the year.  Again, an obvious lie - but I knew nothing about warranties at the time.

About two weeks after getting the car, I backed up into a shopping cart at the grocery store and put a tiny dent in my back bumper.  I went to Autoland to have it repaired "for free" with my warranty.  This is when I found out that I had been fed lies to get me to buy the warranty.  Thank goodness this happened, or I would have wasted all my money on that warranty.  I quickly cancelled the warranty, but instead of getting all of my money back, I lost part of my money.  Again, a seasoned car buyer would have known that it was a scam, but I was completely in the dark.

TL;DR - Liars, scammers, stereotypical used car salesmen.  Stay far away!

Rebecca N. | 2011-10-21

Stay away. I came here two years ago to buy my first car.  I had just relocated from Manhattan, where a car wasn't needed.  

The team of people running the place are the worst in the industry.  I left the showroom crying.  They made mistakes on their end, didn't honor the original terms, and then flipped the story to blame me, as I wasn't someone they wanted to do business with.  

The entire place is a scam and I believe you should stay away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrew W. | 2011-08-20

Went there with my friend to get a truck. Paid in full by bank check and trade-in of old car. Everything seemed fine. Short slip up when they said the price they quoted was with NJ tax and not NY, which added $400, but I guess that's okay. We live in NY, so we got the 20 day temporary nonresident plates. They said the plates, registration, etc would be mailed to him.

1 month later (over a week after the registration was expired), there's no plates, no registration, nothing, so technically the truck was being driven illegally, and if stopped it could be impounded and considered stolen.

Called a few times to find out and they said "it's coming in the mail just keep waiting." Went there and they still said, "it's in the mail." Checked with the NYS DMV and there was no registration filed. Asked for the title so we can do it ourselves, and they apologized saying, IT'S IN FLORIDA!! So what happened to "it's in the mail"??? Couldn't give us another temporary resident, so the truck can be driven legally, which was PAID IN FULL OVER A MONTH AGO, so got a no frills Corolla and said it will be fixed in a week.

2 weeks later . . . no title, no registration, no returning phone calls, still have no frills Corolla, instead of a truck. Over 2 months after the truck was completely paid for and we were told "it's in the mail." Decide to send the guy an email mentioning certain consequences since it's been 2 months. And then by complete consequence, the very next day, not only were the plates and registration were on the car, but they were going to drive the truck directly to where ever we wanted to pick it up.

J W. | 2011-06-13

Stay away!!!  

Had a nice salesman, new the product and was very helpful... right up until we started talking price.  

Wanted a Prius IV with leather, navigation and sunroof.  Had priced this car on the site for $31,900.  Salesman said they had one for $35,000.  When I balked, he said it had LoJack, micro bonded paint protection (or something like that), and decals, and that this stuff was already installed.

When I said thanks, but we're leaving, all of a sudden it could all come off.  These people are unscrupulous - they pad the sale with options you don't want, just to inflate the price.  This is unethical, and should be illegal.  

Stay away and go find a smaller dealership.

Asa N. | 2011-05-24

I wish I could give negative 5 stars to this dealership. I went there with my husband and daughter on 5/5/2011. I'm 8 months pregnant and we need a minivan ASAP. I drove my Lexus GS 350 (lease car with one payment left) to the dealership on that day. We test drove a 2007 Sienna Limited AWD and our sales person was Steve Souh. We went there at 3pm. Test Drove and negotiate the price with him. He gave us the final deal ($24000 with tax and DMV fees) around 4:30pm. My husband and I agree with the price and  we also agree to make the last Lexus payment to them so they can resell the car. We left the Lexus there on that day and we drove the Sienna home. (We are from New York.)

Steve let us to sign a paper with the amount of $24,000 on it. We waited for another 2 hours to see the finance manager Billy Negron. It was past 7pm when we get a chance to see him (It wasn't a busy day at all. There was a family in front of us). We went into his room. He explained all types of extended warranty to us and we decided not to buy it since we are planning to buy another brand new car in few years. He gave me about 20 pieces of paper and told me to sign here and there WITHOUT explanation. I was exhausted and I didn't go thru each single paper (that was my fault! And I was about to pass out cuz I was starving and exhausted). We finally left the dealership at 7:30pm. We spent 4 hours there!!! Before we leave, Billy told me to send him my lease car title for him and I said I have to try to find it at home.

I finally got a chance to go over the papers that Billy gave me the next day (5/6/2011). It was about 6:30pm. I looked at the contract. It was $1000+ more on the contract. This contract is different from the one that Steve (salesman) gave us. I called the sales. Left him message. My husband called him again at 7:30pm. He also left message in his answering machine. He didn't get back to us AT ALL. We didn't call Billy cuz we forgot his name.

My husband and I went back on 5/7/2011 (Sat). Steve saw us at the door and he said he DIDN'T get our MESSAGES. FINE.....when we told him about the price was different. He said that's not his FAULT. We asked him to tell the finance manager to come out and we also ask Steve to tell Billy what the price included. Billy said that he has to see the contact cuz the account office was closed. Billy kept telling us "I have been working for this job for 25 years". He told me I have to send him the title from my lease car for many times. Besides him, Steve and someone who works there said the same thing.

I went back to see Billy on Monday (5/9/2011)with a friend who used to be a finance manager at other car dealership. Billy asked me for the papers that he gave me. Took out one of them and teared it off BUT he didn't tell me what that was. Of course my friend knew what that is. The reason why my contract was $1000+ more cuz Billy added the extended warranty to the contract. My friend didn't say it in front of HIM. I guess the procedure is 1. They add extra money on your contract. 2. Ask you if you would like to add extended warranty. 3. Let you sign the contract after they abuse you for hours in the dealership cuz you just can't wait to get the hell out. 4. If you find out the price EARLY then you MIGHT still have a chance to fix it.

Billy never apologized to me. The first thing he said to me was "there was a mistake". Teared off the paper and think I don't know what he did. He also said that my husband and I screamed when we went back on 5/7/2011 which is never happened. We were angry but we weren't loud. "Do you tell your customer that you shouldn't screamed cuz you can't rip you off????" This guy is really "something" He also told Steve to check with Lexus financial and see who own the Lexus lease car dealership. Steve came back to the room and said "Lexus has the title" If you have been working for your job for 25 years and you still argue with your customers that something you don't know. I'll never get any car from this dealership and I do not recommend it to anyone.

Sara J. | 2010-08-21

Schlubs and liars. Kept us waiting on a simple fact-check about a pre-owned car while salespeople juggled customers. Wholly unimpressed.

Daniel S. | 2009-01-12

Came to Autoland with my best friend Freddy to check out the Toyotas, even when we cant really afford anything (Freddy just bought a 74 Camaro for 400 bucks) Great selection of used cars and parts, made me wonder if what it could be to ride something like this to work instead of taking the PATH into manhattan island. The dealer ignored us maybe because we were not dressed up, but thats okay we just came here to watch. I got to sit on the hummer too. Five stars