Town Audi in Englewood, NJ

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Sales and repair of Audi vehicles


Established in 1946.

Family owned and operated since 1946

Town Audi

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 553-4314
Address:400 S Dean St, Englewood, NJ, 07631
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Town Audi

Nelson K. | 2015-03-27

Waited for over two hours for just an oil change and they charge a substantial amount.  Do not bring your audi vehicle here.

Jessica S. | 2014-12-16

I've been in search for a vehicle for quite sometime. I decided to test drive the Audi A4 at Town Audi. I walked into the dealership and felt no pressure to purchase. My salesman George was very professional, knowledgeable and tried his best to find a vehicle that fits my needs. In a few words I described what I was looking for. He presented me with different options without being pushy. I'm very happy with my purchase and experience at Town Audi.

Alex M. | 2014-11-26

I used this dealership previously to service my A7 and they have always gone above and beyond. I recently went back to them to purchase a 2016 S6 and was once again very impressed. I wound up working with Eric Rothbaum for a few months while figuring out what car to get and he was always very patient and never pushy. Jim McAlevey, the Sales Manager, was also very helpful and very responsive. I also want to give another thanks for Marc from their sister dealership (Town Motors Porsche) who helped with the trade-in.

All-in-all everyone went above and beyond to help me out. The management staff of this dealership has shuffled around a little bit since my last interactions earlier in the year, but the new folks I've been dealing with are just as good (if not better) than before. It's really been a night-and-day difference between some of the other local Audi dealerships.

My S6 doesn't arrive for a few months, but I have no doubt that my experience will continue to be very positive. I've now used this dealership for both service (2012 A7) and sales (2016 S6) and they have been phenomenal on both fronts.

Alex H. | 2014-11-20

I live about about 50 miles from the dealership and have other dealers in the area.  I rather pay the toll and gas to visit Town Audi.  Town Audi always goes above and beyond.  Truly exceptional customer service.  Thank you Jason and the rest of the service team!

Nancy S. | 2014-11-13

Service is very poor.  I only gave two stars because our salesperson Mr. McGlone was excellent or it would have a 1.   This was the only Lincoln dealer in the area and I have told corporate Lincoln its an embarrassment how they stick Lincoln next to Subaru and only answered Audi phone board.  There is no one dedicated to Lincoln service- for a plus $60K luxury car this isn't acceptable.  We will probably trade in Lincoln at end of lease and go to different dealer.

Susan M. | 2014-08-24

Brought in my audi a-4.  They said the problem was it needed a hydraulic pump.  $1750.00 for the part and $690.00 for labor.  Seemed excessive so I told them not to do the work and picked it up.  Got home called Paul Miller Audi in Parsippany told them the part I needed.  Took it over the next day.  Drum roll please...$550.00 for parts $310.00 labor.  I've been bringing my car to Englewood for 5 years.  Can't imagine how i've been ripped off.  Oh did I mention they charged and did not refund a diagnostic fee!  Keep away.  Hope it's obvious they got 1 star because you have to!

Three weeks later they finally have issued  a refund for the diagnostic fee which I assured the customer service person I would mention when they did. They never gave an adequate explanation as to why their prices are 3 times the price of where we had the work done except to say that they probably gave us inferior parts.....really!

Roy M. | 2014-08-11

First off, I am giving only 1 star because i am forced to do so...otherwise this place gets zero ratings or negative ratings.

I dropped my car off for a regular oil change and service. Part of that included convertible top and roll over bar inspection. When i took the car back home my convertible roof stopped working and it was stuck in the open position with roof down.

I went in the next day to ask what went wrong especially since I never had any issues with it before and the fact that everything checked out during inspection.
They blamed it on me and quoted $2550 for repair with vague diagnosis and limited info. I find it hard to believe that all of a sudden the hydraulic motor would stop working without any prior problem. They also blamed it on faulty motor during the arguments.
Moreover, from the body language of their service consultant it seemed as though he knew i would be back.

Got in to couple of heated arguments with Service Manager and Service consultant and they kept denying any liability.
I also tried to explain to the General Manager Franklin Scott. The guy refused to believe me and offered some discount as though he was doing a favor when in fact his dealership is liable for damaging my convertible roof. It seemed very circumstantial that i switched for Jack Daniels to this dearlership with no warranty for a damaged roof.  They were being suspicious of me when in fact i am the victim and who is suspicious on what went down in their workshop that got my perfectly ok car so screwed..

I tried to explain that its very coincidental that a perfectly working convertible would suddenly malfunction esp after a day of service.
Further when i went to Jack Daniels their diagnosis was completely different and they never mentioned anything about the hydraulic motor but only shorted electric motor and other issue. their quote was way less than what these cheaters gave me.

With these turn of events, I am getting the sense that, there has been a faulty service and inspection at this dealerships. Something went wrong during the service and inspection and it was covered up to avoid the liability.

They also try to dupe by misleading you. Gave me 3/4 tank of gas in the loaner and told me it was full. Second time around they gave me half tank of gas when actually it was less than quarter tank. When I pointed out they blamed it on the computer...How convenient!
Very shady business and I highly doubt the integrity of work they perform.

Very very very disappointed and I hope they make it up to me and not by a measely 20% discount.

Tom S. | 2014-07-30

This has the worst service I have ever experienced, spoke to Howard sales rep , appt for 4pm , and the car wasn't ready , paperwork not processed , I asked several times how much longer and did not get a response , another "manager" asked how is everything , I expressed my displeasure thinking he was going to help , instead he just went back in his office , well 5:15 finally got paperwork , asked salesperson if car was ready still getting detailed he obviously forgot to have this done prior to 4, the salesperson (Howard ) said he would mail me a audi shirt (hoodie) for my troubles needless to say 3 weeks no shirt
I recommend buying elsewhere  
This place has no professionalism , go to ny you will get treated the way should for buying scar especially of this price tag

Iam S. | 2014-07-25

Working with the team at Town Audi has been an absolute pleasure.  They are responsive to any issues, easy and stress free to work with and best of all, provided us with a great deal.  The team is professional and it was a refreshing car buying experience.  They go the extra mile to make sure that customers are well taken care of from delivering loaner cars right to your front door to remembering even the smallest of details such as taking the initiative to delete your phone address book out of your old car (thanks Howard!).  Few dealers provide such top notch quality customer service.  I highly recommend Town Audi and definitely will do business with them in the future.

Tim B. | 2014-05-09

I was shocked to have a positive experience at any dealership, but was impressed with Town Audi.  I haven't bought a car from them (yet), but they have been easy and honest to work with, without any of the unnecessary aggressive tactics you are likely used to from other car dealerships.  Their certified pre-owned vehicles are priced competitively and they provided a fair (not great) trade-in value for my '06 Audi. I didn't feel any pressure to buy something on the spot, and they spent more than ample time educating me on the different cars and discussing my options.  They did not have the ideal car for me, so we just agreed to keep in touch as their inventory is regularly refreshed.  I received a nice email from my sales rep as a follow-up but haven't been hounded like some of my previous experiences with other local Audi dealerships.  I would recommend stopping by Town Audi when you go looking for your next used or new car.

Joyce P. | 2014-03-25

I can't speak for the salespersons working in the showroom, but I can confidently say that the service department at Town Audi is by far the best Audi that I have come across in Northern NJ!

I originally purchased my A5 at DCH Audi of Millburn, NJ. When purchasing the car, the salesperson was helpful and so kind. As soon as those papers were signed and there was no turning back, the salesperson that had been dealing with our purchase was a complete jerk. So rude and careless. He made it clear that he got his sale and that was as far as his customer service went. However, I still decided that I wanted to use their service department, since the sales and service departments are separate anyway. Their service department is not anything special either though. They are good about appointments and getting the job done within the promised time, but that's about it. I wasn't greeted with a smile, nor was I even greeted at all to be honest, even when I was standing in front of their check-in desk with a person working behind the computer...I also had an ongoing issue from the beginning. There was some noise coming from the back of my car or trunk area. DCH could not figure it out and did not even acknowledge that there was a problem at all. It was a fairly faint and dismissive sound so I let it go for the time being.

I decided to try our Paul Miller Audi in Parsippany to see if they could locate the sound issue. They were fairly cordial. Nothing to rave about. I brought it in, they couldn't locate the issue as well, so that was that. I thought maybe it was just me...

Next time around, I had just moved closer to NYC for work, so the Secaucus Benzel Busch Audi location seemed like a good option to bring my car to for servicing. I made an appointment and brought in my car to their servicing location, which is NOT the same as the dealership location. I found this out, not when I was making my appointment over the phone, but once I got the dealership and they directed me to a different location where the servicing is, which is probably a 10 minute drive from the dealership. This was already such a turn off. Most Audi dealerships have their service centers at the same location, so for the lady that I made the appointment with not to tell me this minor but obviously important detail, it wasted my time. Once I finally got to the correct location, I was rudely informed that I would not be allowed a loaner car, which I have ALWAYS gotten no problem and no questions asked from DCH or Paul Miller Audi several times. This was because of their age limit. I was under 23 at the time. Granted, I understand that most of their customers are likely over the age of 23, but it would've been nice if she confirmed over the phone before I went through all this hassle to make an appointment with a new service center, not be told the right location to go to, and drive all around Secaucus when I am just not familiar with that busy area, especially during rush hour. When the lady working there told me I can't have a loaner, I just grabbed my things and left without a word. I'd like to reiterate that she was R-U-D-E. I understand that is their own policy, which is fine. I would never yell at an employee for just informing me of their rules. But when someone gives me attitude right off the bat and speaks to me like I don't understand English, that's when I can't allow myself to be further disrespected. Yeah, thanks for absolutely nothing.

I FINALLY decided to try out Town Audi in Englewood, which turned out to be much closer to my then-home than the Secaucus Audi. I have been going there for the last two years ever since! As I mentioned in the beginning of this review, I cannot review the sales team since I have not had the pleasure of speaking with any of them, but their service department is by far THE BEST--the sweetest, the kindest, the most enthusiastic, the most motivated service team that I have experienced. I moved AN HOUR away from that area, but I STILL make the effort to bring my car there because they're simply SO ACCOMODATING to my schedule and needs!

That sound problem that I had two other dealerships try to locate? Yep, Town Audi was the team that found the problem! Granted, it took a few tries, but they were determined to get to the bottom of it and they didn't make me feel like I was crazy or nagging to find such a small issue. It just turned out that my speaker was a little loose in the back and they efficiently fixed that right up for me!

As a customer, I have to admit I am a bit needy and nitpick at details. I think any luxury car owner should get their money's worth! And Town Audi's service team definitely exemplifies this for all their customers! At least from what I've seen every time I bring my car in. They all greet me right away and I have built a friendly relationship with them as well. Not only are they all so great and eager to help me, I have grown to really trust them with my car. That's a really big deal! :)

Charles K. | 2013-12-13

Go elsewhere!  I've been to numerous Audi dealerships in the Tri-State area, and this by far is the worst dealership!  Very unprofessional. 

I understand people make mistakes, but the dealership should do the right thing if they made a mistake.  Long story short, I scheduled an appointment w/ a loner, and when i get to the dealership they tell me, Oh i'm sorry no loner for an oil change.  I inform them when I called to make the appointment they knew about the oil change and few other things i wanted checked out.  They state again, i'm sorry we do not give out loners for an oil change.  I state i need a car for work, and that is why i requested a longer.  They just apologies, that's it.  I was stunned by there lack of professionalism.  They could have easily, make an exception due to there error, but nothing.  I politely stated, I have never had an issue getting a loner at  Bell Audi or Jack Daniels, so I was surprised by the lack of service at Town Audi.  I just took my car and left.  If this is they way they treat their customers, good riddance.  Far better dealerships elsewhere.

Topp C. | 2013-12-07

Worst dealership I have ever been to in my life. I would give them 0 stars if I could. The customer service was horrible and the used car manager was unprofessional and rude to me. The team at the dealership did not even look like they wanted to be there. I got body work done through the dealership WHICH They made be pay $900 for prior to purchasing a used car. They messed up the body work 3 times and I was left without my car for weeks. Then they FORGOT to pass my car through a safety inspection before picking it up. The manager said it "slipped through and they forgot, if you have anymore small problems let me know." Is that how you treat a client!? This is after I called because I hydroplaned on the highway in the rain and couldn't drive over 40 MPH. I live locally and heard many bad things about this dealership I highly recommend using Jack Daniels Audi which is nearby, or another dealership. Personally, I will never buy from any Town dealership because of my horrible experiences here. STAY FAR AWAY.

B K. | 2013-09-28

Town Audi is one of the worst dealerships I have ever dealt with. If you are looking to buy a CPO Audi please STAY AWAY. Town Audi picks up terrible cars that no other dealer wants at small auctions and sells them as CPO vehicles, these vehicles have usually been in some sort of accident and have many mechanical issues. The CPO checklist here is a joke and is downright ignored.

Bought a CPO A4 that was advertised as never being in an accident, but later found out the car had been in a FEW and was terribly repainted. Town Audi could not fix the car back, ended up getting Audi of America involved (also VERY rude people) after months of arguing and time wasted Town Audi finally bought the POS car back.

I was very disappointed with the way I was treated at Town Audi and it seems Audi of America does not care about a loyal repeat customer that has multiple Audis. I will never again be buying another Audi and took my business back to BMW.

PS- Audi you have already lost two sales (from me) because of this experience. I used to proudly tell people about my Audi buying experience but the last one was so terrible and the way I was treated was just so wrong that I now tell everyone to stay away.

ALSO make sure you get EVERYTHING you were promised in writing, the Town Audi CPO manager Anthony Riccardi is a liar.

Laura V. | 2013-07-29

The sales and finance staff exhibited no sense of urgency in conducting my business and couldn't be inconvenienced to submit my 3rd party loan documents in a timely fashion. So much so that they asked me to submit a loan application through them, more than 4 days after I provided my documents. Basically they sat on the documents for those days. They also promised that I would get the same great rate and that it would help expedite the process. Their loan offer came in 1.5% more than my rate. The 3rd party loan company also played a big part in my dissatisfaction but it's concerning that the Town Audi staff took no responsibility for their actions, they only blamed the loan company. After 2 weeks of waiting and not seeing much traction, I decided that neither company deserved my business so I cancelled the deal and loan. I understand that my case is unique but I get the sense that this indifference is common practice at Town Audi.

Steven C. | 2013-06-06

If I could give 0 stars, I would. Remember that issue I mentioned about not getting my plates in time? So they give me a call and say "please come to pick up your plates". I reply "I will stop in tomorrow". Robert Soriano says "Sure no problem".

I drive up to the dealership the next day to get my plates...and they cannot be found ANYWHERE. After much extensive searching and phone calls, the floor manager finally discovers my plates in a "locked" office that he cannot access. So I go home fuming but luckily they agreed to overnight my plates to me. Thanks again Town Audi!! I never want to go back to your dealership EVER!

Gene O. | 2013-05-06

After visiting  Audi Meadowlands, I lost all faith in Audi. But I decided to try Town Audi in Englewwood, and WOW,, I could believe the level of professionalism. We walking in and right away we were offered coffee or some beverage. We meet with one of the salesman and he was great. We were so impressed by him, we decided to both get Audi's. Robert Sorento has restored my faith in Audi..

Interrupting P. | 2011-12-21

I bought a low mileage WRX from Town Motors a few years back. I just brought my car into the body shop for minor repairs to the front bumper and the guy at the body shop said "wow you had a bad accident in this before huh?". With a flash light he showed me a huge crushed rusty split in the front frame behind the bumper. I said "no never", and then I realized I'd been sold a car that was in a very serious accident, had been repaired and sold to me by Town Motors.

I have 2 young girls, one 2 and one 4, the thought that all these years I've been driving a car that could seriously compromise the health of my family just absolutely burns me. I can't imagine a dealership that is willing to risk the safety of its customers to make a buck. I guess to be frank I'm not surprised.

My purchase process felt slimy all the way from start to finish, so much that when I bought my wife a legacy GT I went to another dealership, and they've treated me quite well.

Thank god for the Internet, because Town Motors' only positive review I found was one clearly written by them, and it's littered with misspellings. Steer clear, it's not just about getting ripped off, it's about the safety of your family, which they are clearly not concerned about.

Sean L. | 2009-10-19

I have a 2009 A4 B9 2.0T Quattro and have several problems that Audi is not addressing very well.  First of all, the sunroof does not close consistently.  When I try to close it, it will often get to about 1-2 inches closed and then open up again.  Took it to Audi Town Motors in Englewood, NJ and they wouldn't acknowledge that it's a problem b/c they couldn't replicate it consistently.  This is even after taking a technician out with me.  The technician admitted that this is a problem, but since it happens with a lot of these new A4's, the service manager and him deemed it "normal".  In other words, since lots of cars have the problem, it's "normal" to them.  Secondly, my transmission doesn't engage properly when I'm on a hill.  I have to negotiate a steep hill every day to go to my office and when I step on the gas after waiting at the hill top signal, the transmission does not engage immediately.  The engine revs slightly and then it abruptly catches making a pop.  Again, Town Motors wouldn't acknowledge it and had the call to call it "normal".  Lastly, my key gets stuck in the ignition.  Apparently removing the key is a 2 step process where you must press it to turn off the engine and then press it again to remove the key.  You can not press it which turns off the engine and remove the key in a single in/out motion.  You must press once and press it again.  Again, the Audi service manager denied that it is a problem and basically said it was user error.  He even had the gall to say that it's designed to be this difficult.  I WILL NEVER BUY AN AUDI AGAIN AND NOR SHOULD ANYONE WHO READS THIS.  Ed Parker was my service manager who was argumentative and Gil was the technician who didn't have the balls to have what he really thought documented.  Very frustrating b/c I told him about a few other problems during the test drive which he detailed in some depth.  For example, if you turn the steering wheel when stationary, the steering wheel will shudder slightly.  Apparently the bushings in the steering mechanism are too soft and Audi is planning a recall.  Also, he said the A4's controller is located under one of the front seats instead of in the transmission.  Therefore there is sometimes a lag in the transmission.  Apparently A6/A8 models use better fiber optic technology to prevent that sort of lag.