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Lexus of Englewood Named #1 Dealership in Eastern Region for 2013 (Englewood, NJ, January, 2014) - Lexus of Englewood is proud to be honored as the #1 Volume Retail Sales Leader in the Eastern Region for 2013. With the huge success of the December to Remember Sales Event culminating in a triumphant year, Lexus of Englewood has sold more vehicles than any other Lexus dealer in their defined market.

"Our team at Lexus of Englewood takes pride in having achieved this important milestone. We have grown from being ranked 23rd in our market to number one in a little over ten years," said Carmine DeMaio, President of Lexus of Englewood. "When it comes to the pursuit of perfection, Lexus of Englewood gives 100% undivided attention. We sell and service no other brand. All we are and all we do is Lexus and that has helped us earn this number one ranking for Lexus Sales for all of 2013."


Established in 1989.

Lexus of Englewood, established by Donald Toresco, was one of the first Lexus dealerships in the nation. Today, we are one of the fastest growing Lexus dealers in the East.

The Toresco family entered into the automobile business in the mid 1940's. Now the third generation, under the leadership of Dominick Toresco, has taken the reins of the Lexus of Englewood Sales and Service Complex. Together with President and General Manager Carmine DeMaio, Lexus of Englewood continues to join the ranks of the Elite of Lexus, an exclusive honor reserved by Lexus for dealerships that exhibit outstanding client care in both sales and service. Lexus of Englewood is a multi-time winner of this coveted distinction.

Lexus of Englewood

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(201) 568-3900
Address:53-59 Engle St, Englewood, NJ, 07631
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(201) 541-1663
Address:136 Engle St, Englewood, NJ, 07631

Reviews on Lexus of Englewood

Ralph E. | 2015-03-12

I wish I could rate them 0 stars. I've had the most unpleasant experience dealing with Michael Stella (Salesman) and Michael Maxx (Pre-Owned Sales Manager.) I felt they were misleading and deceitful when presenting me with a price for both the vehicle I was interested in and my trade in, as well answering the simple question of what the annual percentage rate they used to come up with the monthly amount they quoted me.

In addition, too much time was spent waiting for paperwork.

Jeanne D. | 2015-03-10

I have never in my life seen such sales practice as I saw in pre owned lLexus  of Englewood. They sold me a car to only come pick if up after 3 weeks telling  me they couldn't get financing. They knew what my credit score was when they picked me up brought me there assuring me that they had the car had for me.   I would never have taken a car if I thought for one moment they were yo yoing  me. Why lie or deceive soneone. It's bad business and it's hurtful.  I would never recommend anyone to buy from them even though they can get away with it it's morally wrong.  
They knew all along they couldn't get me approve why bullshit

E P. | 2015-01-26

WARNING!!! Stay away from the service department, they have great coffee and snacks, the waiting area is comfortable but you will be told you need to replace more parts than necessary, the price is very high and they exaggerate. I went for a second opinion and saved a ton of money. They told me I need to replace calipers, brake pads and rotor, but it was not true the calipers were 100% working I ended up replacing pads and rotors with OEM parts for much less. If you are out of warranty do not use this service.

E P. | 2015-01-26

WARNING!!! Stay away from the service department, they have great coffee and snacks, the waiting area is comfortable but you will be told you need to replace more parts than necessary, the price is very high and they exaggerate. I went for a second opinion and saved a ton of money. They told me I need to replace calipers, brake pads and rotor, but it was not true the calipers were 100% working I ended up replacing pads and rotors with OEM parts for much less. If you are out of warranty do not use this service.

Sherwin S. | 2014-10-14

This place is basically all business and not very personal.  I bought a sedan with cash and traded in my old car, and while prompt, the whole process was far from smooth.  The sales people, customer relations, and service shop don't really work together and despite paying cash up front, I didn't find them very accommodating -- in fact they were at times downright rude.  The service department is in a separate area and was pretty slow (90-120 mins for a flat tire), although it is routine for them to clean the car.  They are also closed on Sundays, so you can't pick up your car then.

Overall, while a busy dealership with full service, they at times had attitude and I would recommend any other place from a service standpoint.  My car is otherwise doing great -- just would not recommend this buying experience.

Grace S. | 2014-09-02

Worst sales staff ever!!!! They're service sucks too. You would expect high quality service from a luxury car brand, but nope. Take your business elsewhere.

P F. | 2014-09-01

We still shuddered at the thought of our experience at Lexus of Englewood in NJ....

We knew our salesman was rather new in his job and we were very patient with him. Things turned ugly when we were led into their finance director's office. He demanded us write him a check immediately for $600 for the towing hitch we had asked to be included in the sale price. Our agreement, in writing, with our sales guy and the sales manager was to include four all-weathered mats and Lexus towing hitch installed, as I had pointed out the pictures of the parts with price shown on their Lexus website. The sales guy had said to us that the hitch might need "another part" to attach it to the car, per his sales manager, and that "particular" part can cost another $600 max. But they're not sure since their parts department was closed that day being the Labor Day. Even though we were suspicious of the existence of this particular part in question, we agreed we would then pay for this part in question, if really there's such a part. Needless to say, we stood firm on our ground not to fork over more money. He got annoyed with us and said," In English, ......" how condescending that son of the gun was. We could've walked out but held our cool as we did not want our sales guy lose his commission because of this jerk. Then he proceeded to say since we need the hitch just for our bicycles, we could just go to U-Haul and get one attached ourselves, as our bicycles do not need a Lexus hitch. How shameless and laughable was that? They must as well have told us to scourge the Craigslist or the fleas markets for the hitch. Yes, we should've walked out at that time but I wanted to make the deal work for my husband, especially after spending over 7 hours there.

The next day, I called their service and parts department to enquire about the price of the mats and the hitch installed in writing. I then called my sales guy up to relay the message. Before I could say anything, our sales guy, under orders from his sales manger, told us the hitch with installation would cost $1200, even if there's no other part needed to attach the hitch! When I told him about the quote from their service department, he froze and said he would call me back. Before long, Itheir retention manager called and  demanded $600 from us, and now claimed that the price set by the parts and service department is different from their sales department. I reminded her to look at our signed document which stated they're to include the four mats and the towing hitch installed, at no further cost. She ignored what I had to say and still demanded a check from us if we wanted to have the hitch installed. I hung up.

My husband then called and left several messages for the general sales manager to honor our written agreement. No words at all. Figured they must've thought there was nothing we could do to them if they don't honor the terms. Two days later, their general sales manager finally called my husband and "apologized", only after they' realized that I had put a stop payment on our credit card.  The GM said he'd set up an appointment for us with their parts and service department, and that he'd "throw in" a surprise gift for us for their gaffe when we bring our car in to their shop. The service rep was very professional and we left with the Lexus hitch installed and the all-weathered mats. I called my credit card company to release the fund promptly. Case closed, we thought. What happened next resulted from the incompetency of their accounting stuff to retrieve the fund, I'd spare you the details here.

One can so easily be impressed by the  volume of their sales on their Facebook, with an assembly of sales reps of different ethnicities. How Lexus of Englewood handled us speaks how much integrity they have. The mysterious "gift" their general sales manager promised us? We can't help but to question his sincerity. The service rep was bit speechless and embarrassed when we told him we already had it in our car.  We didn't ask for substitution.

We reported our experience to Lexus Corporate. Never ever will we trust any dealership again. All their promises mean nothing, even in writing. You can lose leverage once you sign and money pads their pockets comfortably.

Wendy C. | 2014-08-11

My family and I've been a Lexus car holder for the past 6 years. We've had about 4 different models and I cannot be happier with a different dealer. We always come back to Lexus of Englewood for their A+ services. They have many different reps who speak various languages, including Korean.
Today I'll be reviewing the service shop/building instead of the car dealership(located down the street). I went in to get my first checkup for my car at 5K miles. I made an appointment but went in earlier because I knew that they had a resting/waiting area. The moment I dropped my car off and went into the building, it felt so nice. Especially in this 90 degree weather. The room wasn't too cold but definitely cool enough.
For their customers, they have everything from cold bottled water, espresso machines, Kurig for coffee, tea, hot coco, sandwiches, pastries, to a popcorn stand.

While I waited for my car, the agent constantly came up to check up on me and let me know how much longer of a wait till the car was ready. Because the wait is about 30mins-1hr, I brought my laptop to do a little work. They have free wifi available for the guests. Usually I see others on tablets or etc, but today everyone seemed to be watching the television or reading the magazines/newspapers.

Sandy L. | 2014-08-03

Worst salesperson ever dealt with. Didn't take my husband and me seriously. We ended up leaving very quickly and went to other dealerships because he didn't answer any of our questions. When we wanted to talk numbers, he basically just read the numbers right from the brochure to us...
It seems as if the salespeople there judge you right away to see if they can make a profit that day. If not, they don't even want to try selling the car. I wonder why they even work as a salesman.

Nadia B. | 2014-05-30

We had a pretty decent experience with the dealership. They gave us the deal we needed in a pretty strict budget that we wanted to stay with. Dick was our salesman, and while the deal somewhat delayed with a trade-in and the manager devaluing our trade-in car , Dick himself was a great salesperson- and the manager was actually not rude at all when we were discussing the car's value. I appreciated that although my husband was annoyed. We did the trade-in elsewhere and went from 9 k (what they offered) to 12k.

As for Dick, while many NJ salespeople at dealerships get ammo from being talkers, and sometimes hard-knock jerks who talk the talk, give attitude, don't get back if you're busy and can't come in and won't give them the deal, he was pretty great with dealing with almost entirely over the phone. He was great to talk to, responsive and just  overall not a typical "talker" seemed like a genuine person who loves what he does. He is not pushy at all and I definitely recommend seeing him.

Service was pretty good. Marco was very friendly. I definitely had more questions about functions in the car that I thought about later and won't hesitate to call and ask him.

I wish we did have a longer overview of the car and featured around the wheel but I think (a) it's pretty standard and (b) my baby got antsy so I won't blame that on Marco at all.

The espresso in the service was great.

The dealers were pretty friendly towards a 1-year-old. Although my husband (the cynic) said maybe it was a slow day for them and they had nothing else to do (but we did definitely appreciate some friendly smiles).

They had a pretty good line of pre-owned cars as well towards the back of the dealership in a room.

One surprise was that oil changes and service would not be included in the lease. That's somewhat off-putting but maybe this will prompt the dealer to reconsider- especially if they want long-time lexus purchasers.

Simon M. | 2014-05-28

I went to this service center for tire repair.
The tire only had 7700 miles on it (came in with a new lexus vehicle)
The nail was in the tire for over two days without any air leaks after driving for over 250miles on a highway and parked for a day but as soon as they finished checking the tire, it started to leak pretty bad.(Nail was still in the tire when they demonstrated the problem)
They said it was not repairable because the nail was near the edge of the tire.
They tried to sell a new tire for the retail price +++ at 350++ which was sold on line for treaddepot for less then 2/3 of the price.
I walked out of the service center and went to a local shop for the same issue.
They fixed the tire at $20. They said it was not unrepairable but just needed some time and effort to fix it.
Obviously this dealer service didn't want to put any time or effort and wanted to make easy money by selling expensive new tire.
I won't go back to them for sure for anything.

A H. | 2014-05-25

Extremely high pressure by people intent on wasting your time!

Peter P. | 2014-02-10

Garbage high pressure sales tactics. Thrust down $1000 for a routine 25K service through brake pads.

Steven P. | 2014-01-03

Recent experience was classic high pressure car sales. Salesperson did not answer questions, did not give requested price quotes, and tried to get out of accepting buying service price. Much better choices for Lexus dealers abound.

David B. | 2013-12-06

Not sure if the current sales staff know what a actual automobile is. And the service is just a joke in so many ways..My lexus will be going somewhere else.

eric o. | 2013-10-11

Worst sales staff ever. When I told them I got a cheaper offer at other dealership, sales manager told me I was a liar. Never going back to this place. Prestige lexus has much better inventory and better staff

Stanley W. | 2013-03-09

I would give ZERO star if I could,
service of the parts department was horrible.

Please, please find someone who can actually do customer service.

I do not expect to receive such customer service from a luxury car dealership,
the only reasonable statement I have gotten today was "There's no shop manager in the store because it's Saturday, come back on Monday."

Thank you, I wouldn't step in on a Saturday if I don't have to work.

Someone refer me to a real dealership where I can service my Lexus, please.

Keri S. | 2011-03-22

My car was serviced last week at Lexus of Englewood Service center. From the second I pulled my car in to when I picked it up, the service was nothing short of outstanding. Every representative I encountered throughout the process made me feel as if I was the most important person there. They were extremely friendly, attentive and most importantly did an excellent job with my car.  No detail was overlooked, from the mints on my seat when I got my car back, to the coloring book and crayons given to my son while we waited for the car to be brought up.  Thank you Lexus of Englewood for knowing and showing what amazing customer service is all about!