Englewood Auto Group in Englewood, NJ

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Welcome to Englewood Auto Group, your Buick GMC Chevrolet dealer in Englewood! We are proud to be the only GM Superstore in North Jersey. With a great selection of new cars, used cars, and quality customer service. Our customers from Bergen County have come to rely on us for all their automotive needs. We invite you to visit us and see for yourself why our customers keep coming back. Why waste time looking for other car dealerships when we have everything you need? Located at 386 Grand Ave, we're only 10 minutes away from New York City. Please view our hours and map page to get directions to our showroom. We're here to make your shopping experience hassle-free. Feel free to call us or send us an email if you have any questions.


Established in 1998.

Reasons to be an Englewood Auto Group Customer

- Englewood Auto Group offers the best possible sales and service experience with competitive prices and special incentives.
- Englewood Auto Group is big enough to compete, but small enough to care.
- Continually one of the highest ranked customer satisfaction index in our area.
- Award winning and technologically trained service department, with valet drive up and drop off service.
- Managers in Sales, Service, and Parts are all highly experienced and long term employee's of Englewood Auto Group.
- Largest provider of GM Brands in Bergen and Passaic counties. 3 BRANDS, 1 STORE, 1 STOP (Chevrolet/Buick/GMC/GM Certified Pre-Owned).
- Most of our business is repeat and referrals in both sales and service.
- We offer our "Preferred Owners Plus" program on any car you purchase from us for as long as you own your car.
- Englewood Auto Group's facilities are modern, comfortable, and clean.

Englewood Auto Group

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(201) 871-0606
Address:386 Grand Ave, Englewood, NJ, 07631
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:30 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:30 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Englewood Auto Group

Jay K. | 2015-03-18

Don't even want to give a star! Totally shady! Bait and switch for sure! Went in to look at a car we liked, the guy who we had made an appointment with wasn't even there. The other guy gives us a totally inflated price then suddenly adjusts it to the price we said we saw online. He wasn't interested in giving us any specs for the car, all he could talk about was how great leasing is when we were clearly there to buy. Then he insulted us and walked out. Totally shitty customer service! Do not go here!

Julie T. | 2015-03-09

The car I usually bring here for servicing is no longer owned by me. I traded it in for a Nissan, so I won't be using this service department anymore. My last experience with servicing my car wasn't the best, but it was still a million times better than what I've experienced at Sears and Pep Boys. One day on my way to my Friday appointment, I was called and informed that four mechanics called off. I had to reschedule; no big deal, but it was irritating. I suspect the mechanics took off because Monday was a holiday, but obviously I can't prove that.

I had to bring my car in twice for a repair that wasn't fixed the first time. I understand that sometimes you fix one thing and the real problem that was hidden shows, but still, I'm shelling out hundreds of dollars for your expertise. First repair was $350. A couple weeks later the next repair for the same problem was $900. A couple weeks later the problem surfaced again, so I just traded the car in for a newer used car.

I enjoyed working with Kimberly. She follows up quickly and is always pleasant to deal with. I wish they had a service department website like Toyota of Hackensack. I always have to call Englewood Auto Group to make my appointment. I'd rather schedule online. I tried using their website once to do it, but I was sent an email a day later asking me to call to make my appointment.

I appreciate this place's shuttle service. They'll drop you off and pick you up, but they won't pick you up when it's an hour or so near closing, so keep that in mind. The drivers of the shuttle are friendly and professional.

Alison C. | 2015-03-02

My husband and I just purchased our new car from this dealership. My husband is loyal to this dealership  having bought a few cars from them. I completely understand his loyalty now having had my first experience with this dealership. They are warm and welcoming and gave us a reasonable deal. Will definitely be a long time customer with them.

Andrew H. | 2015-02-08

I can't say enough about my experience at Englewood Auto Group. From the minute I stepped in I felt comfortable. A no pressure environment made me want to stay and look around. When the salesman did come over it was casual and just asked if we had questions. He was so knowledgeable. I would recommend Jeff Shell to anyone looking for a new car. I have been to over 15 car dealerships in the last month. I have test driven over 5 vehicles. This experience was by far the best. I walked out of there with a beautiful new Encore. I felt the negotiation was honest and fair. Have not had that experience in a car dealership in years.

Terry A. | 2015-01-19

Just got back from taking my car in for a recall service.

It took over a month to get the appointment in the first place, and after they had my car for two hours this morning, I was informed that the recall service could not be performed because they didn't have the parts.  This was a scheduled appointment, how could you not have the parts?  If you knew you did not have the parts, why was I not told ahead of time to not come in, and be rescheduled?  Why wasn't I at least told in the morning when I got there?  You really need to work on your processes.  

Total fail on making a good first impression, this was my first and last time coming here.

If I had known about reviews being recommended or not automatically by Yelp!, I would have been sure to look for them first and wouldn't have brought my car here.

Ericka S. | 2014-11-21

I booked an appointment for my 2011 Chevy Traverse who's engine service light was on.  I called immediately when the light went on only to be told i had to wait a week for an appointment.  That, I was told, was because of all the "recall" appointments they are handling.  Hmm, my car engine could explode, but you can't take me.  Thanks!  Right then and there I should have moved on to another auto mechanic.
Today I called them in the car on the way to the appointment to say I was late so clearly things were starting off badly, but an accident impeded my ability to get to the shop.  Upon arrival I was told it would be a minimum of 3-5 hours to diagnose what caused my engine light to go on.  From there I was told, "do you want to reschedule?"  Are you serious?  I waited a week, it's 5 days till Thanksgiving and i spent an hour getting here......NO i don't want to reschedule.  Then I'm told there's no "loaner" car.  Now I live in Hoboken which is approximately 25 minutes by car, I have three kids which means car seats and one child needs to be picked up within 2 hours of me standing at this place.  I'm exasperated to say the least.  Then the receptionist suggests I call the rental car company.  Not, let me call them for you, or I can look into helping you with this...nothing!
Maybe I could take some blame in not asking ahead of time if there would be a "loaner" car available if my appointment was going to take all day or how long the appointment might take.  I felt so overwhelmed and angry at the entire situation.  I wasn't phoned about what was wrong with my vehicle until 3:40pm  I left there around 9:40AM.  That's 6 hours and the work hadn't even been completed when i received that phone call!

Needless to say I will never go back.  The place is doing a booming business so they won't miss me, but I felt like I was spoken to rudely, treated like garbage for almost $600 PLUS a $75 rental car fee and not once received even a "hey this was a tough situation, thanks for your business" or "thanks for sticking it out with us", "have a nice night", "can we help you get the three car seats back in your vehicle or the baseball bats, soccer balls, book bags"? etc. etc. etc.  NOTHING!

Terrible customer service and pretty terrible people period.  I can't imagine watching the scene of me with 2 small children in the freezing cold re-loading my entire car and not even hearing a company representative say "thank you".

Lori R. | 2014-11-12

I bought my car here in April 2013 from Ace. He was a great salesman and made me feel comfortable buying my first car. Ace and his team in Englewood Auto group answered all my questions and I mean ALL of them. The female who did the financial part of the loan also was very helpful and answered all my questions and concerns. I actually read everything that I signed and was not rushed to hurry up

I would definitely recommend this place to other and to go see ACE!! He is the best!!!

Ranjan D. | 2014-11-03

I am very pissed with their lack of responsibility and professionalism. I contacted GM about some issues with my Chevy Equinox. GM told me that they contacted the Customer Experience Manager (John) in Englewood Auto Group (being my closest dealership) and briefed him about the problems and possible fixes my car requires. I was also told that John would be contacting me to discuss my options and arrange appointments in 2-3 days. No one contacted me for a week. When I called up the dealership and narrated the story, the operator could not locate John and noted my contact details. She also assured that my message would reach John and he should contact me the same day. Well that did not happen for another week. Finally I wrote to GM, and they said they spoke with John again and that someone from the dealership would contact me the same day. Guess what! That never happened. It's about ~20 days now and at this point, I have decided not to leave my car with such a team of unprofessional's.

Andrew G. | 2013-05-25

Bought a Pontiac G8 here back in 2008 (before GM folded).  Sales people aren't too bad, not too pushy.

But it's the service dept that really sucks.  I lived in Englewood for a while, so it was very convenient.  But the service reps are old codgers who need to retire.  They aren't terribly friendly and don't know much about cars.  And the waiting area is outdated, dark and dirty.

Even worse are the technicians!  Twice they serviced the car incorrectly, I had the local garage fix their mistakes.  It's very hard to find a good service dept i'm afraid.  I was a lot happier with Chevy Hackensack until they got shutdown for sales fraud!  (doh!)

I suggest Paramus Chevy -  sales people and techs are friendly and knowledgeable.

Walt L. | 2013-03-26

Total bait and switch!  Buyer beware!  These guys had the exact car I wanted.  I negotiated many times with "Ace" and Craig.  Price was completely negotiated and agreed upon.  12 hours before the purchase I get a call from "Ace" telling me the boss won't let them do that price - sorry.  But they had another similar one, if I would just come on down.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!  Why did I waste hours of my life with these guys for?  

No way can these guys have 5 stars from anyone.  They MUST be fake reviews from the salesman who are sitting around with nothing to do.  Looking back, I should have seen the warning signs.  Exactly what you dread a car buying experience to be.

Update: Two weeks later I get a call from "Ace" (the same guy I told never to call me again two weeks before).  The boss said he would do my price now, if I just come on down.  No way would I ever, ever, ever trust these guys!!!!!!!

Chris J. | 2012-12-04

The folks at Englewood Chevy were a pleasure to deal with!  My wife and I made the leap into the world of EV's...  we are proud to say, "We got a Chevy Volt!"  No more sending our money to the Middle East!  I digress...   the dealership made our transition to electric fun and exciting.  Negotiations were fair and hassle free!  Our salesman Eric was a seasoned salesperson thereby making the paperwork and trade in process a breeze.  During the purchase process, we interacted with 5 staff members...  all of which were extremely polite and helpful!

Angel B. | 2012-10-17

The guys here are all so helpful and kind. I bring my truck here for everything. I drop off in the morning, they drive me to work and pick me up at the end of the day. The service has always been outstanding. I won't go any where else or trust any one else to take care of my vehicle.

Pat R. | 2012-10-13

Typical bait and switch stuff.

I use Costco auto referral. The day manager calls me and said they will give me the lowest possible price, or the gmc preferred employee price. He can't share over the pone but can share in person.  He recommends a sales guy for me to meet and test drive a car as he won't be there when I get there.

The guy has me test drive a 4 cyclinder terrain.  I find the power exceptional and ask if it might be a 6 cyclinder. He said no.  We get back and he then realizes it was a V6.  They give me a lease quote that is ridiculous and insulting....it reflected a 40k SUV...c'mon!