Benzel-Busch in Englewood, NJ

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We specialize in Mercedes-Benz vehicles, and smart car,  premium brands.  Define the Way You Drive.
-Free car wash offered to customers
-Free Mercedes-Benz loaner transportation offered for customers with the exception of collision repair.
-Courtesy pick-up/delivery service with a scheduled maintenance appointment from certain locations
-Express Services offered for minor services/repairs while you wait within 30 minutes.  
-Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance offered for eligible vehicles covered under any Mercedes-Benz warranty: Replace a flat tire with a spare, jump start, small amount of fuel, should the vehicle run out, towing to the nearest authorized Mercedes-Benz dealership.
-Complimentary 36-point safety inspections offered by appointment.
-Refreshments with beverages, WIFI and state-of-the-art customer waiting areas provided including a brand new playroom for the kids.
-Mercedes-Benz boutique on premises.


Established in 1963.

Come visit Benzel-Busch's completely renovated, expanded, and family-owned facility designed for a truly exceptional experience.  We have one of the largest inventories in the country and for nearly half a century pride ourselves in offering a range of services that delivers an unparalleled personalized ownership experience centered on transparency,
honesty, integrity, and trust.  Define the Way You Drive at Benzel-Busch.  Five minutes from the GWB, the Palisades, Routes 4 and 80 on Grand Avenue in Englewood.


Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 320-2469
Address:28 Grand Ave, Englewood, NJ, 07631
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 5:30 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Benzel-Busch

Majid A. | 2015-04-17

I don't usually write a review but I got so bad experience with this company. I wanted to buy used car and they required to deposit $1000 to hold the vehicle.
I paid upfront $1000 and when I wanted to make the deal they informed me that the vehicle is sold!!!
I request to refund the advance payment and they were careless and rude. I keep chasing them to get my money back. Till writing this review I already waited for 7 days but my money not refund.

Walter R. | 2015-04-07

STAY AWAY,,from this dealer  extremely rude from sales rep to service manager   Bought a certified e class and it's been nothing but a nightmare.  Turns out 3/4 of the car was repainted and paint started chipping off. Going on three weeks everytime I'm told it will be ready something comes up.  Color doesn't match damaged in transport. Isn't 100% there running out of excuses.   Not to mention the rotors were warped and wheels were bent.   I thought I bought a certified car.!   I bought a pos!   they have no communication skills I have to call them to get updated everytime it's someone different I speak to.  So jus waiting to see what excuse they give me next week.  Do not buy from this dealer or bring in for service.   Horrible place to deal with not worth the aggravation .

Mark J. | 2015-04-02

Review is for service only. I easily made an appointment to take in my C300 for a service. Took it in they would either give me a loaner or I could wait an hour while it was being serviced. I decided to wait. Mike was very helpful and informative. He did not try to upsell me on what I needed he actually told me that my last service should have had a transmission flush which was not done by previous Benz dealer where it was taken.

After an hour all was good to go! I am happy with the service and the way I was treated. The car was also cleaned inside and out which I liked very much.

For the first time in there my experience was extremely decent.

Abe S. | 2015-03-19

This branch is a disappointment.
If u looks at my profile u would see I don't do a lot of reviews and if I do it's for a good complainant. I have been there 3-4 times (I live very close by)  for services and flat tires and every time they acted very unprofessional. Defiantly not form a dealer ship who  
represent Mercedes.
in short:
1.  4 hours for change tire (with an appointment).
2.  They Lost my car key while had the car in to a
3. Two and a half  times  overpriced the price of my    
    A1 service luckily a new guy who works there    
    mistakenly told me the real price. ( Just so they  
    could sell me a service plan!!)
4. They Always tries to make me pay for things i  
    bought - like charge me for a  tire replacement  
    even though I bought the warranty plan for it. And
    only after a long back and forth it suddenly    
*Just where in the sales department- it's no batter.
  I hope this review of mine provide you some help .

Kelly O. | 2015-03-09

I did not have the best experience at Benzel.  And I would never purchase or lease a car here again. I was completely mislead. And unhappy

Joe V. | 2014-12-19

I towed a 1999 ml 430 SUV there because it was kept in a garage for a few years and wasn't running.  They did a one hour diagnostic at  $143 an hour and said I needed at least a new battery. Fine. A new battery and another diagnostic cost an extra $600+. After that they said it was most likely a fuel pump that would cost $2000. It took  about four days to get this far. I told them no and I was going to tow it out of there. I told the service person I would be there the next day between 2-230p. Fine he said. But when I get there the next day he is at lunch. No one else can help me I'm told and I wait at least a half hour. Meanwhile the tow truck I called has just arrived and waiting while I'm being charged.  I get into a scene with the service director about the wait. Finally the service person comes from lunch, I pay my bill and as I see the suv being towed out I notice a big dent in the back that wasn't there when I brought it in. I show the service person the picture I took and he looks at the pictures they took when it first came in and admit it happened while it was there.  It gets towed back, they will fix it they say and I wait another week. So far my calls go unanswered so I make a visit, I'm told it will be ready the next day. The next day comes and still no SUV. The worst part of this is the lack of communication from them. It's like pulling teeth in trying to get a phone call returned.  Worst service from any kind of car dealer/mechanic I ever experienced, no less a Mercedes dealership.

Abby Z. | 2014-09-15

Here's another vote for negative stars for their service technicians!  After reading the experiences of some of these other Yelpers, I consider myself very lucky to have gotten a $975 refund from Benzel-Busch after I paid for a "repair" that not only did not fix my problem, but was diagnosed and repaired by my local mechanic for under $150!

When my Mercedes started acting up, I brought it to the experts, because I wanted it done right and I was willing to pay more for this service.  I was given an estimate of $1,000 for the repair, and I authorized the work.  The work took over a week to diagnose and repair.  When I picked up my car, I hadn't gone 1 mile from the dealership when problem started up again.  Back to Benzel-Busch I go.  Now they tell me that each one of my cylinders is going bad, one by one, and the repair cost will be around $1k per cylinder (so it would have been about $8k total).  At this point, I was trying to figure out what I was going to do.  I actually started shopping for another car!  In a last ditch effort, I brought the car to my local mechanic, and they fixed the problem in less than a day for less than $150.  I contacted the service manager at Benzel-Busch to tell him about this disgrace, and he told me to bring in my car so they could test what I was telling them. They kept my car for over a week while they tested it.  When they determined that my local mechanic's diagnosis was accurate, they removed the new part they had sold to me, replaced the old (working) part they had removed, then refunded the cost of the part, and refunded the labor.

Although I did get a free loaner car throughout this entire process, the experience left a very bad impression.

Jairus M. | 2014-08-20

Expect to be treated very well if you're having your Mercedes serviced.  Otherwise, anticipate being treated as an annoyance at best.  I took my Smart Car for an oil change, a process that I was told would take about an hour. I sat in their lounge and watched as Mercedes owners with much more complex and time consuming issues came and went. After 2 hours of waiting I went back outside to find my car hadn't even made it in to the bay yet.  When I brought it to the Service Advisor's attention he was nonplussed and advised me to continue waiting.  It took me 2 and a half hours and $102 to get an oil change.  Never again.

andrew c. | 2014-04-03

Worst sales rep and manager I have ever met at a Benz dealership. They sell like used car dealers. There was a Korean guy that was suppose to get back to me with trade in info but Never got back to me because he didn't think I could afford the car which is really funny seeing how I make 300k a year and the manager wouldn't give me a trade in value for my car unless I test drove a car.  Thats the first time a dealership wouldn't give me a trade in value unless I drove one of their cars. What sleaze balls.  WARNING do not go here they will waste your time.  I bought a loaded full size land rover range rover instead and their service was impeccable. Glad I made the correct choice

A G. | 2014-03-15

I am giving them a 2 since my truck has been running for a month now but I am really disappointed in the service I received from them. My car broke down during the first snow storm in January...truck wouldn't go into park, saying its inoperable...craziness when it's snowing. Call Mercedes roadside because of the storm no tow trucks could pick up my car...luckily I was a town over from my house and off the next day car gets took Benzel a week and half to "fix" the problem...they said it was the electronic ignition switch. So over 900 dollars later I get my truck back and guess what happens...if you guessed my car started acting up again....ding ding you're right! So get the car back Friday, radio and dashboard lights go out and inoperable message pops up Saturday night,  don't drive it Sunday not chancing it, snows not chancing it....Tuesday truck gets towed back to Benzel. Almost 2 weeks later I got my car was the battery and alternator the entire time. Now if you hire TRAINED TECHNICIANS why are you playing a guessing game...if I wanted to play that game I would have brought it to any old mechanic not some one who is suppose to know Mercedes like it's their job.....oh wait it is. Now the kicker, I am also embarrassed to say how much they charged me, I legit won't even tell my father, but they were so generous to give me a 100 dollar discount....really you couldn't even lie to me and make up a price to make it seem like you were "helping" me out. My advisor was smart he had someone else handle checking me out, probably couldn't even look at me in the face. They probably realized I had nothing nice to say since they stopped hounding me to find out if I was happy...

also shout out to the car washers that returned my truck with tape still stuck to my door...really on top of that detailing.

I left Prestige because of terrible customer service...running out of dealers in the area.

Tj G. | 2014-02-16

Picked up 2 cars from here at the same time. An SL63 AMG as well as the 2014 new S class (one for myself and one for the new family car). Have been very impressed with the service as we keep both cars down in Virginia and have had a few issues with one.

Keith P. | 2014-02-09

It could've been 4 stars instead of 1 just because technicians here really wasted so much of my time making me drop off my car  20times within a year instead of 5times. I drove their loaner car more than my s550. What really upset me to leave one star was my last visit. It was a disaster. Not only did they not repair what they were supposed to and been fixing for 2-3months!! They tell me at the last minute mbusa wont cover as of 4days prior to picking up my car. Are you kidding me? They hold my car for two weeks and nothing? All these times i spent personal and bussiness times to bring my car in THREE times(trust me this was one of MANY!) for this same problem and now they decides to quit on me. Well, in the end i am a dissatisfied customer and i well expressed my concern but seems like they don't mind. Efficiency at its worst, i would sum up.

M. Robert L. | 2013-09-21

I didn't think I could afford to lease a Mercedes - any Mercedes. Benzel Busch didn't just get me into one: they got me into the Mercedes I wanted.

I feel that Mercedes is not like other premium brands. Take BMW: I don't like how BMWs drive, but I've got to admit - BMW is a very cool car. I know people who honestly like how a BMW drives, but I also know people who drive BMWs first and foremost because they want to be cool and their car gives them that.

Then there's Lexus. All the little things: leather comes standard, seats are heated AND cooled, MSRP is a little below German models in the same category - that's Lexus making it for you impossible not to like it. Their slogan: passionate pursuit of perfection. It pursues.

Mercedes doesn't pursue, because it doesn't need to. When you are driving a Mercedes it just feels right. You feel that it's how it should be. You feel that you are driving a car that is the right car for you.

What I appreciated most about the process of leasing a car from Benzel Busch was that the price they gave me did not have a catch. There was another dealership that actually came up with a competitive offer and I almost signed with them, but that's when surprises began. "Oh, you can only get this price if you buy it with prepaid maintenance". "Oh, this rate is only with direct automatic debits from your checking account". "Yes, we'll give you a discount on tire insurance, but only if you include it into your lease payment". Nothing like this went down with Benzel Busch - the numbers they gave me over the phone were on the lease; I paid with a credit card and tire insurance only became a topic of conversation with a delivery specialist - not the salesperson - when I brought it up myself.

Same goes for the process of servicing the car - as easy and painless as it can get. I usually drop off my car first thing in the morning, take a loaner and return it in the evening. The loaner is usually a brand new C class with a premium package and navigation. It's no big deal to keep the loaner overnight - in fact I needed to go out of town for a few days while my car was in service, and they were OK with it. When it comes to charges: they have never found anything in the car that needed to be fixed right away unexpectedly. They didn't try to convince me to change windshield wipers, when I thought those were perfectly good. They didn't try to grab me as I was bringing my car in, point to tiny scratches or dings that would reoccur all over again nonetheless and try to talk me into getting them fixed.

All people I dealt with were nice, friendly, courteous and professional. My salesman is Frank Lauro; and by now I met pretty much everyone of the service consultants: Frank, David, Anthony, Chris - they were all very good. Consistently very good.

I should also remark on the appearance of the dealership. They have recently done pretty big renovations, and the place looks great. I am not much of an interior styling expert, but it seems like it's got an upscale contemporary thing going - which I think is very cool!

In summary, if you are into cars like me - and I really like cars - then you should definitely give Mercedes a try. And if you conclude that it's a Mercedes that you want - Benzel Busch will make it happen for you.

Mark M. | 2013-09-17

We will never bring our car here again. We've used them twice and have had bad experiences.. twice!

Back in March, our 2008 C300 was vandalized (keyed the door, thermometer wires disconnected from someone kicking the grill in, etc.). We took it to Benzel Busch in Englewood and worked with Chris Morgan as our account representative. We also got our non-working AC blower fixed for $500 (this will be relevant for our second visit).

After about a week, we got a call saying our car was done. We headed in and paid $1700 for the repairs and then went outside to wait for our car. Thirty minutes later, we went back inside to ask where our car was. Chris then told us, "Oh, we actually don't know where your car is right now. We took it to the body shop in Hackensack but it's not there and it's not here. If you give us a $500 deposit, we will give you a loaner until we find your car." My wife, who can be pretty scary when she's upset, got him to give us the rental car without the deposit. It then took them TWO WEEKS to locate our car. So, a four or five day job ended up taking three weeks. Keep in mind, this was the better of the two experience we've had with them.

Now, onto our most recent three month ordeal. In June, I hit a pot hole and was unlucky enough to pop both passenger side tires. We got our car towed to Benzel Busch, again working with Chris Morgan. We were getting the tires and related damage fixed, having our AC recharged, having one headlight replaced and getting a new car key battery.

After four weeks had passed without hearing from them, we started calling Chris to see what was going on. He ignored our calls for two weeks straight. Finally, he called and said the car was ready. When I asked for the bill, he said the bill wasn't ready so we couldn't pick up the car, yet. Another week went by and we didn't hear from him. He, again, ignored our calls.

On the eighth week, he offered us a loaner for a $500 deposit. We refused and he said the bill would be ready soon. Two more weeks went by with Chris failing to return our calls and messages left with other people.

On the tenth week, he said that Geico was not getting back to him on the bill. When I asked if the bill was ready, he said, "No." Does that make sense? How can Geico respond to a bill that wasn't prepared? On top of that, I checked with Geico and they had paid the bill several weeks prior. Finally, he called and offered us a loaner for free.

A few days later, he said we could pick up our car. We went in, paid the $1500 we owed and then got our car back. To be fair, they gave us a very light discount on some of the work because of the length of time they had our car. However, they failed to change the headlight or the car key battery but we were frustrated so we just got in our car and prepared to leave.

I went to turn on the AC and low and behold, the brand new blower had stopped working. We told Chris and he, obviously forgetting that we had JUST had them install a new blower motor, said, "Sometimes blower motors just burn out." My wife did some more yelling and they kept the car to replace the blower motor, under warranty. He also said they would change the headlight.

On the 12th week, we went back to finally pick up our car. Guess what wasn't changed? That's right, the headlight! According to Chris, "We didn't have time to run diagnostics on why the headlight is out." Really? Twelve weeks wasn't enough time?

Chris did not apologize without being prompted and did not seem to care that we had made THREE car payments without having use of our car and, as a two car family, we only had one car for 10 of the 12 weeks our car was in the shop. On top of that, he didn't even remember that he had lost our car for three weeks just a few months before. We could have paid the $500 for the rental when we were first offered it in week eight but we felt that we should not be responsible for any additional charges because of their complete incompetence.

We will not be returning to Benzel Busch after that mess!

Jinha P. | 2013-07-19

I will never recommend this place at all!!!
people and service sucks!!

I was looking to get C300 to see which dealer will give me the best price.

I told them what other dealers are offering and they told me that it was impossible. They asked me if I am going to buy it today (that was monday) and I told them that whoever gives me the best price I will go and sign on Sat.
They didn't even say yes or no or gave me a number....
and they asked me what I was riding right now... I told them Honda Civic and they just laughed at me...

So I just went to a different dealer and got my new car!
(it's their lost...they could have sold me a car...)

If you are looking for Benz I would go to prestige...the one in paramus
so much better service and people are so much nicer there.

Jay L. | 2013-07-06

I made an appointment to go and replace one of my headlights on my car. When i arrived they took my car in and someone who is considered a specialist took me to his desk. After some paperwork, i proceeded to ask him how much would this cost. He said it will cost $133 unless it takes longer than an hour to complete the work. I went on to wait for about 50 minutes and he called me over and said my car was done. I was excited to pick it up and get going. Just when i thought we were done, he hands me the paperwork which shows that i owe $345. As you can imagine i was shocked because he told me it would cost $133 unless it goes over an hour which it didn't. When i asked him to explain the charges, he said, well the labor to install the light is $172 and we checked your electrical system to make sure its all working properly and that cost $39.99. i was in a rush to get to work and had no time to argue with him but i will obviously never go back to this dealership and never recommend anyone to go there. This is the most dishonest dealership I've ever been to. Stay away from this place.

Dalia E. | 2013-03-27

If I could give this dealer negative stars, I would. I am appalled that 2 of these reviews are excellent and OK, so I am leaving one that says: STAY AWAY...go to any other dealer, I would recommend Globe, certainly a drive if you're from Bergen County like me, but definitely worth it. I do not have experience with Prestige, so I am not able to comment one way or the other.
So if you want to hear my story, here it is, it starts in 2006, when we bought a certified pre-owned ML320. I am not going to get into the fact that they sold a car that they KNEW had problems with a "certified" sticker of approval, (serious interior/electrical problems just 4 months after sale, and extremely serious check engine light just 2 years after sale) I just will mention that the car HAD a navigation system installed in it already, but since we refused to pay an additional $3,000 they actually went ahead and REMOVED it. Anyway, the real reasons why I hate hate hate this place:
1. Over the next couple of years whenever the car was brought in for service, the reception was beyond RUDE, and the service dept. will nickel and dime you for everything you're worth.
2. Prices are ridiculous. & you WILL be ripped off, especially if you're a young woman.
3. Your car will never be ready on time. NEVER. & be prepared for possible scratches there were not there before. Good luck disputing those.
Finally, to recap on reason 1, and what ultimately caused me to write this review in the first place: My car had a serious problem (not starting) so I had to get it serviced ASAP. I called Benzel to make an appt. While waiting to be transferred by the RUDE receptionist to the service dept., I WAS HUNG UP ON. No call back, nothing. Keep in mind, I was as polite as can be, and the fact that I had poured thousands of dollars into this establishment over 7 years, as well as the car being paid in FULL at the time of purchase, I should be given some tiny bit of respect and loyalty. (tip: buy a new car, the amount of money you spend on maintaining a "certified" pre-owned will cancel out your savings, at least at this sorry excuse for a dealership). Anyway, I called Globe Motors in Fairfield, got an appt. right away, got a loaner no questions asked, and the amount was SIGNIFICANTLY less than what I'm used to at Benzel. Moral: Stay away, stay away, and most importantly, stay away.

M B. | 2013-02-16

We were referred to Benzel through my mother in law. I leased a 2013 GLK this week. We actually worked with Nancy and Steven during the process. It was so so easy and they were so nice/trustworthy. Everyone that works there is a class act, and made us feel so comfortable. We found out during our time there that a lot of their staff has been there for over 20 years. In the automotive industry that's unbelievable. We live in Hoboken and work in NY, so we really only need 1 car, but, I will tell you that once we start a family we will be going back for another car. And btw-- their service facility is amazing!!

Yor A. | 2012-12-04

My one year old leased C 300 was flooded in the storm.
Thinking I can save some money by looking for a car that is not Mercedes I spent 2 weeks looking.
I have to tell you that the car sale world is a world fool of bad service and scam artists and thinking about it gives me goosebumps.
so after 2 weeks of looking at cars that are not Mercedes I gave up and went back to my old dealership and salesmen Tommy that treated me as a king the first time.

Going back to Benzel Busch and dealing with Tommy Tzimoulis was amazing.
He should teach all car salesman how to treat a customer. he gave me an amazing deal on a new GLK 350.
belive it or not but my lease payment for a $48,000 car is the same as a Kia Sportage with a $32,000 sale price.

I recommend Benzel-Busch  with all my hart.
when you get there ask for Tommy Tzimoulis he is AMAZING.

Paul K. | 2012-10-04

Bought my pre-certified Mercedes C300 2009 here.  I went to Open Road and several other dealerships that were selling the same model but NONE compared in terms of pricing and service.

My sales contact was Tommy and he was extremely helpful and pleasant.  Other dealerships seem to highball you and play the haggling game which some people may enjoy but I do not.  It is a waste of time for me and stressful.  My car I got at a very good price, lower than what the other places quoted me and it was in better condition also!  So it was a win/win for me.  I read the other reviews which seemed to be for the servicing department.  I have not  yet come in for servicing but my sales experience was one of the best I have had.  Painless and easy.

After you sign the deal they made sure I knew how to use all of the car features/functions.  I could continue about what a great experience/place this was but actions will speak louder than words.  I will definitely be coming back again for my next vehicle and telling my friends/family about this place.

*update couple weeks later 10/16/12
Found out that my cigarette lighter does not work.  Also my navigation thinks I'm in some different town constantly and cannot properly get a good fix on my location.  I will have to bring in the car for servicing.  Mercedes Benz pre-certified used is suppose to check for at least the cigarette lighter (I looked it up on their website), so if this wasn't properly done it makes me think twice what else they skipped doing before selling me this car.

I removed a star as a result and depending it may lower/higher in the future.

*update 12/20/2012 - 3 months later
Car needed servicing and I finally got around to sending the car in.  (check above for problems on the car).

I called in to make an appointment and they promptly emailed me with all the servicing information which was really nice.  I could confirm or change appointment time as well through their online service.  I received my loaner car and several hours later I received a call from them (I brought in my car @ 3pm).  They told me what was wrong and what needed to be fixed with an estimated time  frame, all under warranty of course.  I will get a call tomorrow to confirm everything is on time.  Great service department!  My point of contact was Shawn.

Kim B. | 2012-09-30

I just purchased a pre-certified used Mercedes Benz yesterday and I am thoroughly satisfied with the car and car purchasing experience here.  I went to several other places that had sales that were very pushy and overwhelming.  If I get a quote for a decent price I am more than willing to go with it rather than have to fight against their overpriced sticker prices.  It makes purchasing a car such a stressful experience.

My salesman contact was Tommy.  My car was a C class 2009 with very low mileage.  I got a very good deal with 1.74% Apr.  I cannot even tell that this is a used car!!!  Anyway I saw two negative reviews and I cant say for other peoples experience but for myself, it was as painless as possible.  I love my car and I am definitely planning to come back as a repeated customer.

Damien S. | 2011-11-04

I am thoroughly disappointed with Benzel Busch and my service manager, Tom Henry.  I brought my car in for an estimate and they never responded with a quote.  When I called them to follow up, they told me I would have to bring my car in again -- a major inconvenience.  Furthermore, they had no explanation why they couldn't be bothered to tell me there was a problem determining the estimate.