Open Road BMW in Edison, NJ

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Open Road BMW

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(732) 985-4575
Address:731 US Hwy 1, Edison, NJ, 08817
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Open Road BMW

Vio L. | 2015-03-25

I love the BMW brand but the Open Road service center is one of the reasons I no longer own a BMW car. In between the rude and irresponsible valet service manager, employees taking my car to pick-up lunch or performing A/C cleaning and leaving loose bolts in the engine compartment, I just don't recall a single positive thing about my service experience with Open Road. Tony Martinez tried to be helpful over the years and John Landany was also fine but the service and customer service they provide is awful. One time I was on the phone at 4:55pm, the receptionist placed me on hold and at 5:00 got disconnected; I called back right away and got the "we're closed message" #funny but outrageous considering that the service should be proportional with the perceived brand value and reputation . Absolutely terrible company and service center, I will never give them any business in the future.

Liz R. | 2015-03-09

Worst place ever!!! I can't believe this a bmw dealership. My service adviser is Jin yun do not trust him he is a lier and also tried to bribe me. I had my 2008 bmw m3 serviced they told me it needed a new engine and Jim sent me a text message telling me that I have to give him a nice present because he got my engine cover under the warranty. Wow it's not my fault the engine failed after 70k miles. The engine shouldn't fail that early. I had brought my car there 4 times to get an engine noise fixed when under warranty but they said it's not a big deal these engines make this noise, but as soon as my warranty goes out they tell me I need a new engine and that it's going to cost me $23,000 plus labor Wow I talk to the manager and told them that I had documentation of me showing up for this issue manny times when under warranty so bmw North America decided to take care of it as they should because it has happened so many times. Jin tells me that the engine will be fully covered and won't cost me a thing but I have to give him a nice present for doing this. Then when they call me to tell me that my car is done after 3 weeks Jin says I have to pay a 1000$, but I thought you said it was gonna be cover?. He told me to speak to the manager still waiting to speak to him. Jin yun is a scammer he just wants bribes from customers do not trust these people take your business else where.

Abe Z. | 2015-01-28

Just Bought a Preowned Car for Edison BMW, the sales person wasnt returning my calls when they screw up the paper work. I will never go back their again.

Worst Experience ever.

On the other Hand, the New Car dealership seem to be in better order.

Alexa A. | 2014-12-25

This place doesn't deserve any stars from me, why ? because my car had to be fixed and i saw that someone went between one of my compartments and was all mixed up and noticed all my money was gone which was over $150 and possibly a christmas gift. I WILL NEVER DO business with them ever again after being a good client

Dipesh P. | 2014-12-03

Santiago (front desk receptionist) did a great job assisting me when I was traveling from DC to the Jersey area.  We had a car issue on the drive up and we were worried we would be unable to get help since it was Thanksgiving break.  I called another dealer before calling open road and they told me they could not see me for several days.  Santiago said not only could they see me but they would be able to help with a loaner if they needed to keep the car for an extended duration.

My service tech was Billy and he was very pleasant as well.  The service room was nice and while I waited I grabbed some water and a muffin.  After about 25 minutes of waiting, Billy quickly took my information and got me in a loaner.  A few hours later Billy called and said the car was ready.  

There was some snow starting to fall and I asked Billy if I could come in after Thanksgiving as I did not feel safe driving in the snow conditions.  He said that was fine and I had no issues picking up the car later in the week.

A P. | 2014-11-19

I can't speak to the service department, but I had a wonderful sales experience. I heard about Eugene through a family friend and he did a wonderful job walking me through a seamless sale. It was my first new BMW and I could not have asked for a better team than Jamal (manager) and Eugene. I'll be referring all my family and friends there for any sales.

Food C. | 2014-11-18

Longest wait ever. If you have a lot of time to waste go there. I been to a lot of BMW dealers and this one will take you the longest just to drop your car off.

I spent 35 mins waiting just to speak with a service specialist and the total time to fill out all paper work and finally done talking about what needs to be fix was another 20-30 mins.

Over all took an hour just to drop the car off.

Ur W. | 2014-10-26

My friend purchased a preowned BMW from one of the NJ BMW dealership in April 2014. The car has had so many issues since the day of purchase, and so he's been bringing the car to Open Road BMW Edison NJ for services because of it's closer to his office. Basically, he has brought the car to them every month till now for the same old and new issues. Every time he dropped off the car with hope, and yet he picked up the car with disappointment. They never really focused to find solutions to fix the car,instead, they've been pushing him to give up the car and purchase a new one by offering him a special deal. If they can't fix the current car, how can anyone trust and purchase a car from them? My friend spent so much time dropping off and picking up the car, and he has lost productivity at work, and he was completely exhausted with  stress and depression that this dealer had created. You  may ask why I write the comment on behalf of my friend; it's because he's too emotional and extremely disturbed by this whole experience.

D B. | 2014-10-08

BMW of Edison is Awesome
I have an older BMW 2005
However does not matter
I have been here twice for parts and the service I have received has been exemplary ....yes I will continue to visit for service
My new BMW purchase will  definitely be here....thanks BMWfor kind and considerate service

John L. | 2014-09-16

I moved from California to New Jersey and I had to get my BMW 335d serviced.  I was appointed Brittney to help me determine what was needed.  I told her some of the items that needed to get fixed and also mentioned that my remote key was not working.  She said she would look in to it.  After my car was serviced, I asked about the key and she said she needed to call BMW to see if it was under warranty.  I waited 2 weeks and no call -so I called and she said I would need to purchase a new key.  This did not make sense so I called my BMW dealer in California and he said just bring in the key.  It is most likely the battery.  He said he would even pop it in free.  Instead of a $600 key with programming it was only $8.  Where is MCKenna BMW in NJ?  I wish there was one.  

I am very surprise BMW would continue to give Open Road this franchise.  Leaves a bad taste and makes me not want to buy another BMW again.  

In California, if you get work done  on your vehicle the inspection is waived and used for the repairs.  Here they charge you for inspection and even plugging in the computer to find out what is wrong.  I will never come here again.  I rather go to an independent repair facility.  No one called to see how the service went either.  Stay away from here.

Ahson M. | 2014-09-06

Mistake #1 I made : calling this dealership and talking to CORNELIUS....spoke to him on phone seemed nice was looking to test drive the 535xi m sport and he stated he had three on lot to test drive drove all the way from Brooklyn and CORNELIUS (sales agent) is not there nor do they have a single 535xi available for a test drive ...thinking shud I stop here and keep going
Mistake #2 I made : going to this dealership and having sales rep NORBERT take care of me and friend. Long story short he had only on lot a used 2014 bmw 535i m sport sticker price around 64k it had 5000 miles on it scratches here and there was looking to lease a car and he quoted me $839 a month with $2500 down. I cudnt help but laugh in front of him what an absurd and ridiculous price. He stated he worked for FORD IN STATEN ISLAND I wud advize him to go back to Ford bc u ain't gonna sell any cars this way at all. My advice : STAY AWAY FROM OPEN ROAD BMW AND GO TO WESCHESTER BMW.
I mean they getting sooooo many bad reviews why aren't they doing anything to change the workers or manager or whatever. It sucks to get negative feedback online for everyone to see. Waste of my time and energy

Lisa M. | 2014-08-18

By far the WORST customer service ever. Never can get through to them on the phone. Whenever you go there, there is always an issue or problem. Never get your car back when told and they always try to blame someone else. I love my car but will never never buy another from this dealership nor would I recommend them to anyone.

Igor V. | 2014-07-30

Seriously?  This is a BMW dealership?... I've had my car serviced here a few times.  To keep it simple:

1. They are quite busy, and RUSH through servicing your car, which means they make mistakes, miss things and pay little attention to detail.  The workers could care less about your car, they are just hurrying to move onto the next one.  e.g. They bent my left tweeter grill when putting it back in.  Didn't bother to put car up on alignment machine to check for alignment issues, and instead, relied on the "tire tread wear inspection" test, which only shows wear over time, and not an alignment issue that is recent.

2. Employees who work here are not properly screened, may steal things (just take a look at google reviews of this dealership) and many have a disrespectful attitude and  poor and disingenuous customer service ethics.  One guy who came to pick up my car and leave a loaner, actually started insulting me because he judged and didn't like me.

3. The management is weak, poor judgment of the people they hire and manage, and makes excuses for their errors and mistakes.

4. Money was stolen from my cup holders of the car when my car was returned to me.

I will Never again return to this dealership, and don't recommend it to anyone anymore.

Poochie H. | 2014-07-23

Let me first tell all of you how HAPPY and SATISFIED I am with the purchase of my first BMW at the Certified Pre-Owned Showroom.  This was a big step and a big deal for me and my girlfriend, and we can't be anymore happier.  Right after I left the dealership, I was already raving about how great of a car buying experience I had and I will continue to refer my friends and family to OPEN ROAD and CAMEO ROLLINS.  In fact, we are already in the market to trade-in another vehicle and you already know where I am going.  It goes without saying that buying a car is always stressful and OF COURSE you should do your homework, research, and if it's your first time buying or leasing, get some tips from websites or even friends and family before you even step on the showroom floor.  

I just wanted to take a moment to thank Alex (the manager), Michael, and of course Cameo!  I am very happy with the Pre-Owned BMW X5!  And you can bet I'd go to you guys again.  For those that think you just aren't ready for a BMW or think you can't afford a luxury car like a BMW, like myself, think again and check out this showroom.  The BMWs on the floor are constantly selling so they are doing something right.

Iris F. | 2014-07-21

This was my first experience at this dealership and all I can say is that it will be my last.  Unfortunately I found my perfect car at a far from perfect dealership. And let's not even talk about the set up here. It looks like something from a chop shop showroom. Seriously! Hey maybe that's why they let me drive a car home with a nail in the tire during torrential rains. With that said just do your homework and watch out for the reptilian sales people like Cameo Rollins whom pretended to make a counter offer or Michael Mayfield the puppy-eyed financier. They work in concert together and can spot a desperate soul a mile away. Say no to any extras they're selling and make certain the bottom line is spelled out implicitly before leaving with anything.  I'm just glad I'm in love with my car or I would lose sleep tonight.

Mike C. | 2014-07-21

I just leased a 2015 428xi Gran Coupe from Open Road BMW. I had a very pleasurable experience. The facilities are quite impressive, and the deal they gave me was better than any other dealer around. I dealt with 3-4 people while ordering and eventually picking up my car and found everyone of them to be pleasant and professional. I highly recommend Open Road BMW if you are in the market for a new BMW. Special thanks to Kosta Pappas (General Manager), Alison Wirth (Sales Manager) and my sales person: John Byrnes. I don't remember the Finance Manager's name, but he was quick and professional and no BS or pressure which I appreciated. This is my 4th BMW lease and first from this dealership and this was the best experience I have had.

Ana M. | 2014-07-07

It was my first experience  at this dealership, I had stopped by Bell Audi in 1&9 and left due to the lack of their customer service, they did not make me feel they wanted my business.  Therefore I came to Open Road BMW, I was approached by Eugene Poznyak a wonderful sales representative who followed up with exactly as he promised, I'm not an easy person to deal with  and he was professional and extremely helpful throuout the entire sale. I'll definitely recommend him to all people I know who want to change their cars. I just wish the financial department delivered the same level of customer satisfaction Eugene had more knowledge than the manager who didi the paperwork at the end of the sale.
I love my new 328i
Gracias Eugene

Zen K. | 2014-06-27

I have used this dealership a couple of times as they are closest to where I live hoping they might have changed over time. But, believe me they are the worst dealership (and I have experience with a few over the years of BMW ownership in several geographical locations). They are neither honest nor they care for customers. Without exaggeration, their estimates for repair work was about 50% higher compared to other BMW dealerships around NJ area. I could live with paying a little more for convenience but the repairs they suggested weren't even needed as per another BMW dealership.  

Stay away from them, if possible. As I learnt growing up, never do business with crooks.

Laukik G. | 2014-06-26

You pay dealership prices but the work is top notch. I went in for a check engine light and oil change. Also my rmp's we're going up and down when I started the car. Billy the service rep explained the situation thoroughly and the issue is resolved. At the end the oil cap that was replaced was put in free of charge.
Also they washed and vacuumed the car. Gave me coupons and all the computer system service indicators were set to original factory standards.

Sumit J. | 2014-03-14

It was a great experience to lease BMW X5 2014, Sales Manager Nitin Kalamdani was apsolutely amazing in arranging everything for me right from my tradein to getting me the lease.
I am super impressed with his wonderful and cheerful nature and always ready to help with any questions.

Vatsal P. | 2014-03-07

Very disappointed. Keep getting the "We are helpless" response from the team here. The Tire Pressure Monitor keeps going off for the same single tire (thrice in last 3 months)... Everytime i go & sit there at the dealership & 2 hours later go home with these guys filling air & resetting the TPM saying "they are helpless, couldnt find anything wrong". I mean seriously guys??? It is very clear something is amiss that you are not able to root-cause...  And you dont want to take the right step for the customer to make sure he does not have to go through this inconvenience especially after the third time in a row !!  Advisor1 says "next time it happens come directly to me & i will take care of it". When that happens, Advisor2 then says the same thing next time. Advisor1, Advisor2 & I stand together & both just say well if it happens once again then call directly.

So So So So So So disappointed :( After getting such an expensive car with all valid warranty & paying for protection packages one has to go through this :( :( :(... I hope BMW reads these reviews & recongizes how disappointed their car owners could get with this sort of dealers selling & servicing their cars.

Bobby B. | 2014-02-09

The worst customer service ever! We purchase a BMW pre-owned car from another dealer. 1st  - The service rep made a comment that he would not pay that much money for a second had car. Very unprofessional. 2nd - They scratch the car and we literally had to fight it for them to fix it. 3rd - They fixed the scratch but the work was something you would see in the junk yard they spray painted the skirts and you can totally see the paint. (They eventually fixed this issue after countless hours on the phone with them) 4th - Looking for a new or another pre-owned to trade in the BMW and nobody took us seriously and didn't even call us back for the information we were asking. The next day we called AUDI and they helped us out, Called us back, bought us lunch while looking for a car. We ended up buying a new AUDI A6 because of their customer service. Our 2nd Audi brand new AUDI in two years. I would have gotten a new BMW 5 series but with my experience with their customer I didn't wan to take the chance again.

Dietrich C. | 2013-12-30

This has been resolved. The GM Kosta Pappas has been incredibly responsive and has honored the original deal. We took delivery of our car already and George Serrano the account advisor has been super helpful too.

It took me a while to update this post because I have been traveling nonstop but wanted to make sure to update this rating.

We are looking forward to many more BMWs in our future.



Marty D. | 2013-11-21

my friend got a loaner from open road bmw he came by my house on Saturday night parked his car in my garage and we took a cab to NYC from staten island... after parting till 3 am he went straight home to Brooklyn from the city and I went home to staten island, I woke up on sunday and my friend kept calling so I can bring him his car back to Brooklyn, me and my girlfriend got in the car round 4pm driving to Brooklyn I was still on the island on a red light when I got hit in the back.... called the police got a police report the driver that hit me in the back is 100% at fault I was told by the officers....    OPEN ROAD BMW OF EDISON NJ is giving me and my friend a problem because I was driving his loaner....  The bottom line is I had the keys and I had permission from the person that signed for the loner to drive the car and I didn't crash into anyone I got hit in the back so what is the problem OPEN ROAD BMW???  Its not like youre paying  for the car or my hospital bills the guy that hit me in the back his insurance is paying for everything he was 100% at fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa P. | 2013-11-09

I have been in this area for about a year now and I am thrilled to have found my new BMW center. The service team is very accommodating. I have also met the sales team and so far I am very impressed. They treat me as if I have been with them for years. As a result I will be!

Bennett S. | 2013-08-09

Worse service department of any BMW dealership I have ever been at.  You have an appointment but they take 40 minutes to see you for a routine service (e.g. oil change).  Not sure why they have the worse processing time and most unfriendly staff of any dealership associated with a luxury brand.

I have bought two cars from this dealership and won't ever again because I don't want to deal with their service department.  I know I can go to any BMW service department but don't want to reward their poor service by giving them my business.

Sreenivasan G. | 2013-06-21

I have never seen a dealership like this. I recently moved to this place and called these guys numerous times for an appointment. The call goes to an operator who inturn transfers the call to service dept or to another person who apparantly is no at desk and had to leave VM. I probably left at least 10 if not more messages but I nver received a call back. At this point it is almost impossible for me to get an appointment for service to this dealership. I did not expect this from a luxury car dealership.

Na P. | 2013-04-11

If you can choose other location of BMW, please try to. Their technicians were assisting me to refill the engine with oil. As soon as I drove away from Open Road on route 1, my car literary stopped  in the middle of the road, I had to called the police to helped me towing the car back to Open Road. Do you know what had happened? The technician carelessly forgot to close the cap. Which was the reason made my car stopped on the road.

This time, I had to called the service for a tire check. Waited on the phone for 20 minutes, and the lady on the phone hung up on me. I did not appreciate their service since the beginning. Had given them many chances, but I am very disappointed.

Please be careful.

Alex K. | 2013-02-09

I purchased my 1st car here. Had a really nice experience. Ask for Andrew! He's really patient and good with follow-up. Downside was I had to return my brand new car which I only drove for 2 weeks to get an alignment done. They didn't fix it the 1st time and had to bring it back. Luckily I met George!!!!!! He's soooo knowledgeable!!  I only met George because the person who was managing my account was not available that day at the service center. He told me whomever tried to fix my issue the 1st time needed to take care of my car but he offered to fix it himself. yey! Thank You.

John V. | 2012-08-14

Throughout the years that we have been doing business with Open Road, we have always been very impressed with the level of service and personal care that we have received from Open Road. It's hard to believe that it has already been over eleven years that we have been doing business with the Open Road and that we are on our twelfth BMW from Open Road.
       As you are well aware the marketplace is ripe with car companies vying for that luxury car customer and the vehicles that they are offering are certainly competitive in every way, sometimes even surpassing BMW in their features or content versus price point. Often my wife and I find ourselves ogling at that latest model from another manufacturer in one of our neighbors driveways and for a moment we entertain the thought of trying something different the next time we need a car, but just for a moment.
      Some of the rarest commodities in business today are loyalty and trust, whether it's loyalty to a business or trust in that same business, It seems like the long term customer/business relationship has taken a back seat to short term profits. This is why for over a decade our family has continued to return to visit Open Road when we need a vehicle. The process is always simple, we tell you what type of vehicle we are looking for, what we can afford and you do the rest. Not once have we had to haggle price, the process is always straight forward and based on mutual trust.
    More recently we have begun dealing with Bryan Villamil in sales. I like to believe I do my research before i step into the dealership, that is why it is so comforting to speak with someone who has a wealth of knowledge on not only the pricing and incentives but the product as well. As has always been the case, I get the feeling that my interests and needs are the primary focus of the transaction.
   Thank you for eleven great years, we look forward to many more!

Zachary H. | 2012-07-31

My car's alternator failed on the turnpike and I had it towed to Open Road BMW. Overall, I had a very negative experience. I should say that the work was done promptly and I haven't had mechanical trouble since. However, it was clear that these guys were ripping me off. They charged $100+ over MSRP for the part and charged an excessive amount of labor at the highest rate (2.6 hours at $150+/hr, for a simple part swap that could be done in an hour). I could have easily done this at home myself, but since I was travelling from out of town, these guys knew they could screw me over and there was nothing I could do. On top of it all, they charged me for diagnostics ($160+), which no respectable shop will do if you have the repair work done there. I even told them I needed a new alternator when I walked in the door. They live up to every slimy, untrustworthy mechanic stereotype there is and you should not take your BMW here unless you want to be lied to and ripped off.

Calvin A. | 2012-07-07

Let me start out by saying that I know the world revolves around money and 'making a buck'.  With that being said, when spending $35k +, I would expect some civility and honest business practices.  Unfortunately, Open Road BMW does not display any redeemable traits, and I can not in good conscious recommend them to family, friends, or a stranger.

And so my story begins... I recently went to Open Road BMW with serious intention to buy a 2011 3-series (like check in hand serious).  When I arrived I eventually found a salesman (Alan W.), who seemed pleasant enough.  It turned out I was told that the car I was interested was out "...getting the bumpers re-painted", as sometimes we all get little scuffs, etc. on the bumpers of our cars.  We then discussed some pricing aspects of the car - being extremely familiar with the 3-series, even more so than the sales staff themselves, I didn't mind getting down to business site unseen.  We seemed to work out all the numbers and have a verbal commitment to the car, and then I inquired as to when the vehicle would be back from the shop so I can physically see the car, before leaving my check at the dealership.  The salesman (in what took nearly 45 minutes) investigated and asked around for the anticipated return date for the car.  Eventually the manager (Alex) mentioned that the bumpers never needed to be re-painted, but that the area above the rear wheel well need to be repaired because there were a significant number of scratches in that area.  Both the salesman and manager indicated the car would be back on either Monday (July 2nd) or Tuesday (July 3rd) - I was there on Saturday June 30th, and that they would call me to finalize the transaction.  

I received no call on Monday, no call on Tuesday, no call on Wednesday, no call on Thursday, no call on Friday, and having not received a phone call all week decided to stop in since I was passing by the dealership (which was my local dealership).

When I arrived, I asked for the salesman I worked with initially, and he said that the car was not back, and it could be that perhaps a car or two slid in before 'my' car.  Ok, an inconvenience, but nothing to get annoyed about.  He then goes on to say 10 minutes later that the car was actually sold.  I guess that is the point where "making a buck" intersected with ethical business practices and Open Road BMW chose "making a buck" over "making the customer happy".  The salesman then wanted to check to see if there were additional cars available with that package, at which point I said I know the cars on this lot better than you do, and there is not a car on the lot with that set of features (most notably navigation).  The salesman said sorry, and that was all.  I felt disposable, with no recourse other than a negative Yelp! review.  My car search is now back at step zero (I let another opportunity slip by because I liked the color of this particular 3-series better).

And here we are ladies and gentleman.  I am fortunate enough in life to have the means of buying a BMW, but wanted to go to the local dealer that I grew up with (I lived in the same town as the dealer for nearly 35 years).  Unfortunately, ethics and customer service are just platitudes used by Open Road BMW to get you to show up at their dealership, but when it suits them best, they will sell you out for a   dollar.

For all those people consider buying a BMW at Open Road BMW of Edison, I would highly encourage you to shop either at Bridgewater BMW of Prestige BMW in Ramsey.  Having purchased cars from the other dealers in the past, I can recommend them. They may not always have the lowest price, but what they lack in pricing they make up in terms of the quality of staff and ethics.

If anyone has specific questions about my experience, feel free to reach out to me via email.

Jason D. | 2012-06-11

One of the best dealership experiences you could ask for.  Over the past two weeks I have visited at least a dozen dealerships.  Most of the time, I was appalled: inept salespeople, opaque financing terms, shoddy service, etc.  None of that at Open Road:

I was approached by Deepak Thawani in the CPO department, who was eager to jump from car to car and weigh the pros and cons.   If he didn't know something, he admitted it and tried to look it up.  After a test drive, Deepak sat us down and explained the rates available for financing.  He didn't just give us a monthly payment to negotiate .. he showed us the sale price, relevant taxes, dmv fees, etc.   He turned his computer and showed us how the interest payment would change depending on the term/down payment we chose.  I couldn't believe that he was so straight-forward and honest.

One poster complained that the stuff online wasn't available at the dealership.  From what I can tell, Open Road moves a lot of cars, so call ahead and be prepared to go home and wait for something you lik to come in.

Tony K. | 2011-12-25

Went looking for a used car recently and discovered this dealer engages in the unfortunate practice of baiting you into the show room with deals that look good and then attempting to switch you to something not so good after revealing those advertised deals don't really exist.  I are shocked that a car dealer would do this but sadly, it appears true.  I went looking for a used 3 series.  Found several (about six) on this dealers web site that looked good.  I drove down one Saturday to have a look.  The salesman informed me that these cars were no longer there.  They were sent to auction right away. So I called up their web site on my iPhone and asked why even now these cars  still showed "in stock" on their web site?  He tells me the web site's not really accurate. And then he adds I don't want those cars anyway but he does have something [more expensive of course] that I might like.  He finished his sentence as I walked out the door.  The dealer I eventually bought from (see my review for life quality) had no problem keeping their web site up to date and didn't play any games.  Thankfully, I have a way to share this info with others.  Open Road BMW in thanks.

A P. | 2011-10-31

My fiance and I went here last weekend. When we first walked in, the showroom was empty except for 1 couple sitting in negotiations with a salesman. We asked the receptionist if we can meet a sales associate. She paged for one and told us someone would see us right away. After waiting for 10 minutes without anyone coming to see us, we walked to the sales manager and asked if he could help us. He told us to hang on, and he'll send someone right away. So we waited for another 20 minutes for a sales associate, nothing. We finally decided we should leave when a salesman approaches us to help. He starts of by asking us what we're looking for and then goes ahead and tells us how expensive of a car it is, and what to expect in pricing. We then go for a test drive and he was explaining all the different options. By the time we arrive back at the dealership, it's 7:30PM and he says to us "we close at 8pm, so take my card, give me your information, and come back during the week to negotiate". We leave.

A week goes by and we never hear from this salesman. In the meantime, other dealers which we requested online quotes from have left multiple voice mails for us to contact them. We couldn't believe that in this down economy Open Road BMW would rather have us leave than discuss selling us the car. They made us feel that our business wasn't valuable to them.

In the end we did buy a BMW, just from another dealer. I'll never go back to Open Road again simply because they don't act like they care about their customers.

H S. | 2011-07-13

Honestly these guys are good. I have had an experience as someone trying to purchase a car from them and also having my car servised by them a number of times during the warrently period.

Firstly if you are looking for price just find the largest BMW dealer in the NE with is Park Avenue BMW as they can always give you the best value below/about invoice price. Non of these smaller guys were able to come close to about 1200$ on Park Ave best offer whihc i squeezed out after 6 months of online search revire etc on new car that I placed a custom order on. So James, Jack or Jerry cannot match the price. I even showed him the quote and he was not able to match it, the guys tried to BS me sayid they would give me a loaner car if I bought there etc, etc. Dude beat the price don't try zone defense.

On the service front I had a leak in the wind shield wiper tank and repeteadly asked them to check it out, come winter it would leak. They never fixed it always claimed it was fine.

Finally after the warrently expired I took it to the Locak German car Shop mechanice who explained to me as to what was going on and fixed it right away.

So I do not recomment these guys, they get business because of the local convenience and the those who don't do the hard work of internet price comparison.

Chris U. | 2010-12-15

People tend to have a love/hate relationship with car dealers and, by the sounds of these Yelp reviews, Open Road is no different.  It is possible to negatively judge (one star) a dealer for one bad incident, but you have to remember that the you have a long-term relationship with that dealer - especially given BMW's generous Ultimate Service plan - and their overall performance should be judged over time.

That being said, I recently purchased my third BMW from Open Road - X3 to X5 to this new X6 - and my overall experience has been excellent.  I originally purchased my X3 from Deepak Thawani, who has since moved to their Pre-owned building.  His service throughout the buying process was excellent.  For my X5 and X6, my client advisor was Jerry Cohen, who is nothing short of stellar when it comes to servicing his clients (as a previous reviewer as also mentioned).   He is always two steps ahead of you.   Need your production number so you can track it's build progress?   It's already in your Inbox.  Need your VIN for your insurance?  He's sent it to you the moment it was available.  Don't want to deal with your insurance company?  No worries, Jerry has already called them for your.   Need to chat with him or send him an email?  He'll always have an answer back to you in couple of hours.  

The service department is a well-run machine.  Drop your car off and take your loaner car (which is always a late-model BMW).   They have always completed their work on time and they don't look at you crazy when you come in for little annoying things that may be a time waster to them, but a big bother to you.   Most of the service advisers and sales guys have been there since I bought my first car - much of their staff  have been there long term.

Overall, an excellent dealer, particularly when it comes to servicing repeat customers.

Jefri W. | 2010-12-13

I did not receive my License plate onetime or before my temporary registration expired. I received it a couple days later after it is expired. They seems don't care at all after you had signed all the paper work. They don't care if you had received your License plate or not.
First, I called Lauren Sanchez and left the voice mail and I asked about my plate. The next day, I did not received a call back from her. Then I called again and still no one answer the phone. So I called the front desk and asked about the same thing and she promised me that they will received the plate by Friday and I will have it by Saturday. Guess what? it did not happen. Finally, I received the plate a couple days later.
I don't think that I am going to have a business with them in the near future. I will choose BMW dealer that value their customer better.

Catherine Z. | 2010-04-08

Below is what I am dealing right now, My bf brought a BMW 3 series in 2006. Even it's brand new, he already started to have all kind of issue within 2006. First the sports tires kept making noises, then passenger airbag lights kept having problem (showing off when there is passengers seated). Every time when he dropped off the car to fix these problem, new problem would come up, such as the auto lock door will not lock when car started to move. Then couple years back when he had a flat tire after ran over the pothole, he need to replaced his tire at the dealership. And recently he had a flat tire again and needed to replace it, they started to charge large amount of money for a tire so my bf went to somewhere else to replace it. After replacing the tire, the were noise came out again, when he dropped off at the place where he got the new tire, the technician double checked again and found serious crack on one of the rims and the alignment of the car had been having problem for a long time, the prove is because all tire had one particular spot that had been heavily wore off and the rest of the tire will be like brand new. And for that many times my bf dropped off the car for maintenance work at the dealership, the technicians there never  mentioned anything about this. I am very upset because now they are telling us that we have to pay more than 1000 to fix this problem and it's not under warranty and no reimbursement will be offered. So this is my experience with the service that me and my bf received from open road BMW, I am writing here because now you will get a better idea what you may be get into if you decide to get a car from them.

Spock N. | 2010-03-05

KYC - Know your Customer/Car better.

I recently purchased a pre-owned car from this dealership. The experience IMHO could have been better, as you don't buy cars everyday, and also BMW prides in the total experience package.

Here are the pros: better prices compared to neighborhood BMW dealers. Convenient location.
Here are the cons (as experienced by me): You wait, and wait and wait and wait. The coffee is good and free, and there is free internet and TV. Then you wait again. You make an appointment, show up on time, and wait. More waiting. At first I was quoted an incorrect APR, even though the ad mentioned low promo APR from BMW. It was fixed when pointed out (KYC). There were some damage to the car, which was not disclosed before the sale, but only during signing of the papers(KYC). It was repaired, but took almost a month of constant emails/phone calls to get it done. There was no inspection sticker on the car, and I had to spend my personal time to get it done. When you buy a car from a dealer, you should not be doing this stuff.

Was all that trouble worth the $$ you saved? You decide...

Jeff M. | 2010-02-13

Service department is great!  Very helpful and takes great care of your car.  
Look for Allan Gin for your service advisor!  Nice guy and explains everything.  Parts department is very good as well.  Fast service.  They have a great waiting area with internet & different kinds of coffee.

Sunny M. | 2009-07-14

Great dealership, for new and CPO vehicles. Happy with my purchase experience.

Fantastic service center.  Technicians are brilliant, and service reps are courteous, respectful, and attentative (all of them)!

5/5 stars!

Matt G. | 2009-03-24

If your looking to get a car from this dealership, GO SEE JERRY.  He will take care of you and give you the best deal possible.  I got my car here, two years ago and have had no problem with it, and if I did I take it in to the service department and I get a loaner.  

You don't get any loaner, you get a 335i, 535i, 328xi, X3.  you name it they will give it to you.  

I cannot say more good things about this dealership, if you want to get the best experience, getting a car and then taking care of it, please do yourself a favor and go see Jerry at Open Road BMW