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Established in 1976.

Bell Audi earns top Magna Society Elite honors from Audi for top performance in record breaking 2011.  Established in 1976 Bell Audi is an Audi Flagship store and a winner of the Magna Society Award in 2009, 2010 & 2011 (Elite in 2011). Bell Audi is home to a knowledgeable and well trained staff that provides the highest level of customer service from the purchasing experience to routine maintenance.

Bell Audi

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 704-4428
Address:782 US 1, Edison, NJ, 08817
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Bell Audi

Vit F. | 2015-03-27

Beware Buyers, These people are not working in good faith. I was trying to get an out the door price for a $6295.00 vehicle they are selling online stock # CL9695KW. They responded with $9940.00 out the door and refuse to email an itemized invoice of the sale contract...Sales Taxes in the state I resided are 6.25% ($394.00) Lic and Reg. etc..Maybe ($200) That should put this vehicle drive out some where below $7k actually right at $6889.00.......These folks are charging over $3000 doc fees?

A H. | 2015-03-15

To the crooks at Bell Audi on Route 1 in Edison... your shiesty mechanical work and dishonesty nearly cost me my engine. A simple oil change does not take over 2 hours to complete and the fact that somehow my powersteering fluid is empty tells me you really suck at your job. Thank god there are honest hard working people left to clean up after your mess. DO NOT TAKE YOUR VEHICLE TO BELL AUDI THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE SAFETY OF THEIR CUSTOMERS!!

Sushma T. | 2015-02-06

I'm not sure why there are so many negative reviews for this place. Bell audi has been awarded for years for their customer service (Magna Society Award) and are ranked as one of the top dealerships in the country. My parents have bought cars from here and so have I. The negotiating part of buying is always a hassle but I did get done faster than expected. Of course like everyone else, I'm always looking online after the car purchase to make sure I got a good deal, and I could not find a better price for the car package I bought. My salesman was Kiki who has worked there a long time it seems. He was nice and informed, altho I did feel like he was in a rush to get things done and move on to the next customer. I love that I get yearly "anniversary" cards from my car thru them! If you are buying a car, definately get the tire and wheel warranty. The one I got was approximately around $1000 for 5 years, and it covers all tire and wheel damage from road hazards. It has more than paid for itself since most of these cars have tires that can't be patched and are pricey. With NJ roads, you can't go wrong.

As for the service, I have always had a phenomenal experience, which is hard to believe coming from what should be known as a "stealership". My previous car was a BMW purchased from Open Road BMW, and there my wallet always felt violated after dealing with their service. Granted I was young and 18 when I first went there and I didn't realize an oil change shouldn't cost $380 (they even checked to make sure seat belts were still working on a car that had less than 2000 miles)! Needless to say, painful lessons learned, and I have always been wary of dealer prices. This location has changed that. I have found their communication and pricing upfront and they send out coupons for specials like $70 oil changes regularly (by mail, email and also on their website), which is hard to beat for a synthetic oils change on an Audi. If you go here without a coupon or just unprepared, yeah I could see you paying a lot more. Loaners are easy to get, which is also a huge relief. Due to their service and reasonable prices tho, the service dept is busy despite how big it is and the tons of people that work there. It takes a few days to get an appointment, but I have had a situation where during my phone call they thought my car might be unsafe to drive and they told me to come in right away and squeezed me in! When you come in, you drive right into a garage and there is always someone watching and they let you right in. From there, you have an assigned customer service rep who takes care of everything and tells you to go relax in the lounge. They come find you there if anything unexpected comes up. I have come here at 8am when a lot of people are dropping cars off, and found that they get more agitated than I do if I am standing around and waiting. In the short 5 minutes I waited, I had three people make sure I was being helped and the manager took care of me while my rep was busy with another customer - I had not even been standing long enough to get the Yelp pics I wanted!

Now the very best thing they have is VALET SERVICE. After your car is done, they can come to your home or work and will drop off you car (clean too - you get a car wash after every service!) and they take your loaner. I have found that this works great and just makes life easier.

Overall, I have had a great experience across multiple visits and I will definately buy my next Audi from here as well.

Nyron K. | 2015-02-06

This review is for their SERVICE DEPT.  I'll give them two star because I did get a new, clean fully loaded loaner Q5 and the employees have been  very courteous thus far. I decided to use Bell Audi because I moved and their location is convenient. I've used Jack Daniels Upper Saddle River prior and have gotten nothing but exceptional service and pricing.  Yesterday I dropped off my S6 for an oil and car battery change. I called prior to making the appointment (giving them my VIN) to get pricing and was quoted $140 for oil change and $345 for the battery(installed/programmed) of $485 (plus tax). I get a call today from a service advisor stating the oil change is compete and is about $175 and the battery will be replaced but will run $445 (i think) = $620.  I negotiated the oil change back down to $140 (which is still $10 more than Jack Daniels)  but cancelled the Battery replacement. Can't believe the bait and switch that takes place here.  They also mentioned yesterday they may not wash my car if its cold outside because they have an "outdoor carwash" in other words if you buy a car from here in won't get it clean because its too cold outside? Jack Daniels washes it regardless if weather conditions so I find this odd. I have to pick it up today and will edit my review accordingly....wish me luck...and I guess it's back to Jack Daniels Upper Saddle River from now on, regardless of how out-of-the-way it is for me.
- Picked it was not washed and Service Reminder was not reset. Do not waste your time or money at this dealer.

Ben S. | 2015-01-29

Bad customers service , you can fell the arrogance . I purchased a used car from them ,it toke a month to get the title ,i had to call almost every day to get it resolve .

Yianni C. | 2015-01-24

So far so good.

Bought a '10 Audi S5 from here May 2014. My salesman was Steve Stoop and he was great. I had been looking for a car for months but when I totaled my BMW I had to get a car so I was looking online every day then the car pops up and it mustve just been returned from the lease so I bought it and never looked back.

Keith L. | 2015-01-04

Not sure I understand all the negative reviews. My experience so far with this dealership is nothing short of 5 stars. I will update my review after my first service.

I just purchased a '15 Q5 from Bell Audi on New Years Eve 2014. Not only did I get a exceptional deal, the entire car buying experience was fantastic. Daniella and Bill Mills were 2 of the best salespeople I have worked with and I've been buying cars for 20 years. No pressure at all. Audi's sell themselves. Ryan in F&I was also a pleasure to work with. Everyone was professional, personable, friendly and made sure that I was being treated like a part of the Audi family.

I highly recommend giving Bell Audi an opportunity to win your business.

S S. | 2014-11-03

I contacted Bell Audi and got a respond back right away from Adnan. I'm not from the NJ area and let Adnan know exactly what I was looking for. He was very helpful with the whole process and I was able to get exactly what I wanted at an incredible price. Adnan kept us updated on the delivery date of the car, so we could make proper arrangements to pick up. Adnan told us everything up front there were no hidden charges or any surprises when we picked up the car. Adnan is a great salesman he took the time out to go through all the features. Through out the whole process Adnan made him self available even on his off days to help us. I highly recommend working with Adnan on your next purchase. He'll work with you to get exactly what you want. He made our car buying experience excellent!!

Tara V. | 2014-10-17

Was driving through NJ and the oil light came on in my RS4. Stopped by Bell's parts counter. The guy asked if I bought the car there (no), asked if I've done service there (no). He seemed disappointed, or like he didn't want to put all my info into the system just for a quart of oil. I said I was driving through and will probably never be back... the guy hooked me up quickly and courteously.

Melvin W. | 2014-09-15

I saw a vehicle online and contacted requested a call back. I actually went to their website, in hopes of receiving a quicker response. I received a call within a few days, then no response to my emails or calls. This was the salesman Derek. Then, after a few days I called back and spoke to Kiki. He began nice and took the vehicle to a repair shop for an inspection as I was out of state. Then the experience went down hill. He actually yelled on the phone at me! Lol, and used many capital letters in an email.

I was proposing a cash deal on a used vehicle. Maybe if I financed a new vehicle I would have seen more respect? This left a horrid taste in my mouth, but I believe everything works out for the reason it should!

Alex R. | 2014-09-05

I was in the market for an mid size luxury sedan,  I was considering the A6, the BMW 535,  the Hyndai genesis and I have to say,  reading all these negative reviews really made me avoid this dealership,  however I did stop there just to give it a try,  apparently I was lucky enough to get Nirav Patel as my sales person.  He was thoroughly professional answering  all my questions and taking the time to test drive a couple of different A6,  a 3.0 and a TDI.  Unfortunately we couldn't track the right color combos and options I wanted,  I can be very particular,  so I drove to a couple of different Audi dealers for second and third opinions and they still couldn't get me the right car,  they all told me they would call me if they could find a match.  Meanwhile I visited other dealers and was most set to buy the 535i with Xdrive when Nirav called stating that he found the perfect match.  It was all smooth sailing from there,  Nariv was extremely available,  I had his personal cell and colled him a couple of times for follow up questions,  he answered every time and was extremely patient. Four days later I had the exact car I was promised and the negotiations were smooth,  they even gave me a further discount (aside from 7% off MSRP) so that I could replace the summer performance 20" tires for a set of all weather ones,  because that was important to my wife.

Nirav took as long as I needed to make sure I was comfortable with my new Audi A6.  Needless to say,  I can't speak for Bell Audi's sales force,  but the team I got Nirav and the finance agent I got (I lost his card,  sorry I don't recall his name,  but he was very patient and professional not pushing me for any options but rather educating me on every option available and very respectful with my decisions) ,  were both awesome.

If you're in the market for an Audi,  give Bell Audi a chance,  just ask for Nirav Patel,  he'll do the rest for you.

B K. | 2014-08-15

Bought my Audi here two years ago. Experience with the sales was good but that was primarily because of our salesman who left for another dealership (I wonder why). Service department here sucks and I am done with this terrible dealership.

Went here 4 times to fix a issue they simple did not fix even though assuring me they fixed it. They managed to damage my car instead and not fix anything. They gave me crap for having a loaner car for an extra day when they made me come 3 times for an issue they did not even fix. This service department is subpar and awful, I have had better service at Jiffy Lube for my beater cars.

Tejas Trivedi (TJ) is a terrible SA that should be washing cars in the back instead of dealing with customers and customers vehicle concerns. I have Lexus, BMW, Porsche cars and the SA is the key to having a good service experience. You will not get that with TJ, TJ will just call you at 9 in the morning saying your car is ready when in fact its not ready. He will waste your time, gas, tolls, etc only to vanish once you arrive at the dealership. Then when you get in your car you will discover the issues are still there and you came here for no reason. The service manager will then blame it on a "miss communication" and attempt to solve the issues but in reality won't do anything.

FYI Bell Audi you lost a sale on a 2015 Q7 (WA1DGAFE8FD001771) ($70k) you can thank Tejas Trivedi and the service manager for that.

It seems Audi Dealers in the tristate area are all awful in one way or another. I have not experienced a single good Audi dealer around here. No problem with BMW, Lexus, Porsche dealers. Thought I would give Audi one last chance after my terrible experience with a CPO purchase at Town Audi last year but thanks to this equally terrible service experience at Bell Audi...... I think I am going back to Porsche or BMW.

Bobby B. | 2014-07-14

I have two AUDI cars and one of them was recently purchased in this location. My first AUDI I didn't purchase there because I felt that they were pushing me to buy somthing off their lot rather than listening to what I wanted for the Q7. We eneded up buying it in Parssipany NJ. The other one that I have an issue with was I got a 10% on parts and when I purchased new tires they wont honor it I forgot the bias they told me but it clearly said it's for parts and services so I will assume any parts they sell in AUDI will be covered. Everytime I go to this location and get a loaner car, they don't clean the car they told me last winter that the reason it was dirty was because the car wash was frozen?? Last week I got my A6 maintenance and the loaner was still dirty. You know it's dirty when you see all the chips, candy wrappers and sticky seats. When I got my car back, they don't take the time to really clean the car also.

Sabrina S. | 2014-04-23

I didnt know anything about car at all, but I wanted the specific model, Mazda Rx8.

Even though I finally bought car from them, I dont think I had a good experience with them. I did business with this dealership only because they are the only one had galaxy silver Rx8.

They were not honest, nor customer friendly, and I would give two examples.

Not honest: There was vapor inside one of my rear lamps. My salesman told me it s because of the hot summer weather and it would be dried automatically.
I was totally a newbie when I bought the car, so I believed him.
(I know I was stupid =.=)
My car also have other small issues they didnt tell me. Because I didnt realize and point out when I looked the car, I just dont mention them here.

Not customer friendly: Because my resident address and address on the driver's license are not the same, I asked them to mail the title to my current address.
They rejected in the first place, and asked me to drive 80 miles back to pick it up.  
I called again on the second day and talked with the manager. They agreed to send to the address I asked, but I was shocked they were hard to talk with in the first place.

To summarize...dont go..
If they do own a specific model you want, bring a friend who knows everything!!!

lucas p. | 2014-04-17

car  broke down on highway so I was forced to bring it here.  1.8t engine has design flaw that should be known to dealer.  repair took over 2 weeks.  w/in 45 seconds of leaving the dealer, check engine light back on, right back to dealership.  2 more weeks of repair.  3k in repairs later, car broke down with same problem w/in 3 months.  

truth in engineering? not at this clowncar dealer.

Briana H. | 2014-02-22

Not very knowledgable on cars other then new Audi. Went  to look at a used car and spent almost 5 minutes trying to open the hood. after two guys looked at the car we finally got it open.

They also are not very honest, the car was making a very funny noise when driving and the dealer said that it is normal for this type of car. I'm sorry I'm no grease monkey but this sounds was not normal on any car.  If the car has a bad carfax, they say there is no carfax for this car. Deceptive

Brandon A. | 2013-11-16

These guys are crooks. Their service department blows. Tech scratched my car and when the issue is brought up to the manager, they denied it. in addition, they blacklisted me by adding an item to state the car is scratched on the service report. These guys are cheap and could care less about customer satisfaction. The quality of work is just not there. Removed my floor mats for cleaning and did not bother placing them back properly by securing the locking mechanism. Avoid! I'd rather travel to a different dealership that cares about their customers.

Matt H. | 2013-10-18

If I were able to put ZERO stars I would have.  Sales 'manager' Bob DeAngelo IS a ZERO...he simply sucks...and couldn't manage allowing me to pay full price in cash for an off-brand car sitting on their lot for the past two months.  He wouldn't return calls, even once he hardnosed me into finally agreeing to pay list for a car I clearly wanted.  My only request was to have the car checked out at a local Acura dealership because they didn't know the car at all.  The car was beaten up and they took pictures AROUND all its cosmetic issues - never mentioning them at all...even calling it GREAT condition.  They asked a ridiculous price given these issues but unfortunately we needed a car.  It didn't matter though because Jinal Patel, his star salesman, "didn't have time" to bring it over to the Acura dealership for me.  I would NEVER want to buy a car from these people - and FORTUNATELY I got a sweeter deal from a neighboring Acura dealership on the same year with less mileage.  It didn't have the DVD player but it also doesn't have the nightmares I could be having had I actually plunked down my hard earned money.

Yeah that's right Bob.  You're a crook in a suit who happens to work at a dealership.  Jinal - liked you from the beginning but you need to learn how to service your customers or you won't get far in the car business.

Advice - stay FAR FAR AWAY from this dealership.

Art K. | 2013-09-12

Worst practices ever! I was looking for a new car and submitted an email for a quote, by email only. Somehow, Gil, who is a sales manager, calls me on my cell phone the next day. I was upset that someone would have the audacity to get my phone #, by whatever underhanded means, and then when I asked the second time how he got it, he told me my address and hung up on me. Is he kidding me? Is that how you treat customers? No wonder car dealers have such shady reputations.

Dee M. | 2013-09-01

I usually post reviews on extreme cases - this was an extremely disappointing experience.

Jason Skolnick had promised that he will match the deal as long as we have a buyer's order.  I requested to him multiple times that he atleast send us his buyer's order so that we both are on the same page and that I don't waste my time going there, but he insisted on us visiting and doing everything in person.  My husband and I are both working and I told him quite in advance that I would be visiting on a Saturday.  He responded saying that might be busy and I might have to wait.  Then on Saturday, I dropped him a note again saying we are visiting with the time.  He was not polite in communicating with my husband and said that he might be busy all day.  Isn't he a salesperson and his job to sell a car?  Not only that, but when we finally got to speaking with a friendly salesperson who finally went to his manager to get the numbers, the manager declined to match the offer for us.  They blatantly lied to us and wasted our time.  And the manager did not have the courtesy, yet, to respond to my email on my displeasure about what was communicated to us vs. what actually happened.

Sal N. | 2013-05-21

This is a great Audi dealership! They have an extensive inventory of cars and an extremely courteous and friendly staff. I appreciate the great service I received from Rami A. Thanks!

James A. | 2013-03-10

So after all of the hardships I had from the Audi-Lemon that I purchased back in 2009, I couldn't take it anymore and I just had to have another Audi.  I really tried to stay away from Bell, because of my last experience with them, but after months of research and dealing with other Audi dealerships across the country in pursuit of the right car for me, Bell happened to have the exact car that I was looking for and it was priced right.  I made an appointment to see the car and met Albert.  As it turns out, Albert is the exact type of sales person that you want to deal with when buying a car, especially an Audi.  The man not only knows what he is talking about when it comes to Audi, but he is bluntly honest.  Not only did I buy the car that day, but I came back 2 weeks later and bought another car off of Albert, after I went to another Audi dealership in Nyack and realized how much better Albert and Bell Audi are for my needs.  Albert also told me plenty of other things about the Audi Experience, which were never mentioned by the previous sales person, named Marc Levine.  I highly recommend that you avoid Marc and every other sales person here and go directly to Albert.  Lastly, I can honestly say that Bell Audi has stepped their game up.  I hope this continues to stay true, because I really have enjoyed my experiences over the past couple of weeks.

Todd R. | 2013-02-19

My family and I have purchased multiple vehicles from "Bell Audi". Let's start with the good. They have a decent inventory of vehicles, and the facility is beautiful. That's about it. You can and you will find better pricing at other dealerships. Their is an arrogance that the salesman and finance managers have that is unacceptable. I'm surprised that the Bell family lets their son-in-laws conduct business operations like that. If you don't get the top tier rate, don't bother financing a vehicle from them. It was very revealing to find out that I was approved for a better rate then I received. Is that illegal? Won't make that mistake again. Also, don't bother buying a certified or preowned vehicle from them if you can avoid it. I can't believe that the believe that the Bell Family continues to employ the used car manager, Jim Todd. If you ever have the unfortunate chance to speak with him, you will see why. Important note, avoid the salesman Mark Levine at all costs. He will not provide you with real numbers regarding quotes on vehicles. If you want to lease a vehicle and want some clarity regarding the payment and pricing, call a lease broker in Brooklyn and ask for a complete breakdown. They have the best pricing bar none. The service department is a ripoff. They will find things wrong with your vehicle. Buy the warranty if you can, and refuse to pay for anything not covered besides tires and brakes. If that doesn't work, have your attorney write a letter. Also, do not send your damaged vehicle to them for repairs, go directly to another body shop and save yourself thousands. I was quoted ~$5,600 for repairs to my vehicles right side and mirror. I paid $1,800 for the repairs including the new mirror and the work was beautiful. If you have time, get two quotes and see for yourself. It saved me thousands. Also, if you need to get new tires and don't need to have the car realigned, take it to a tire shop or buy them online. You will save yourself hundreds. There is no comparison between the quality and service of Bell Audi to that of Ray Catena. You don't have to worry about getting ripped off there. What you see is what you get. It's too bad that Ray Catena doesn't have an Audi dealership. Oh wait, they are in the process of building one as we speak. My recommendation to Bell Audi is that they work to change their customer service and business practices or Ray Catena will put them out of business, or at least take a significant percentage of their market share.

Craig D. | 2012-09-13

Excellent salesmanship.  No sales pressure and no BS.  I visited Bell Audi to evaluate their certified pre-owned  inventory,  while looking for a very specific model Audi A4.   I worked with a salesman named Kiki, and his sales manager.  Both were very professional, straight-talking and knowledgeable.  Although their selection of used vehicles at the time was very limited w/ regards to the specific model I was looking for, I would gladly visit Bell Audi and work with Kiki again.

M K. | 2011-11-17

Could not be happier with dealership as a whole.  Contacted them from out of state and purchased a car through Ramzi.   Dealt with Ramzi & Jack and was a pleasure with both.  Followed through with everything till the end.  Wold not hesitate to purchase from again!

Sara U. | 2011-06-05

I think I really just wanted to make this review so I could brag that I bought an Audi.... which I no longer have in my possession due to moving to nyc (I could barely afford the car, what you think I could afford garage payments on top of that?).

I don't need to review the product - the Audi vehicle is a definite 5star car. Germans know how to make a car (and as a Jew, it takes a lot for me to admit that Germans are good at anything.. still a little bitter.). If you can spend a little more for what is basically a perfect version of a Volvo or VW, do it.

I'm surprised this particular dealership has a 2 star rating... I had a great experience here. They had a big selection of pre-owned vehicles, and their showroom was very nice. Who doesn't love looking at shiny new A5s? I could do it all day.

I wasn't pressured into buying a car, and when the one I initially came to look for wasn't there, they  showed me another 5 cars that were just as good. I brought the car in February of 2009 - I got a 2008 A4 quattro for much less than I saw at any other dealerships, and it was a former courtesy car with less than 12k miles. It was love at first sight.

To be honest, I forgot my sales guy's name, but he doesn't work there anymore if I'm not mistaken. However, I thought the customer service here was great - he emailed me a few times to check in and see how I was doing months after I bought the car. They seem to appreciate their customers much more than you will find at, say, a Hyundai dealership.

I brought my car to Flemington Audi to get serviced, so I can't say much for the service here (I like to avoid Route 1 at all costs). I have to say though, about Audi in general, that their warranties are the best ones I've had by far.

Wade S. | 2010-09-12

Nice deal on the car, but tons of B.S. from the sales person. I would not work with Ramzi Amawi. Another sales person, Paul Cheng was extremely helpful and really sold me on the car.


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