H&H Chevrolet in Omaha, NE

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H&H Chevrolet in Omaha, NE, also serving near Bellevue, NE and Elkhorn, NE is proud to be an automotive leader in our community. Since opening our doors, H&H Chevrolet has maintained our solid commitment to our customers, offering a wide selection of cars and trucks and ease of purchase.


Established in 1930.

Oldest Chevrolet Dealership in Nebraska!

H&H Chevrolet

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(402) 339-2222
Address:4645 S 84th St, Omaha, NE, 68127
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on H&H Chevrolet

Mike S. | 2015-02-22

Be prepared to have someone on you in about 2 minutes after arrival.  It is kind of like trying to make it to the back wall of 'The Buckle' before you are greeted. Not going to happen.
We bought our first nice used car here in 2004. The customer service after we had an issue was so good (after the resolution) that I applied for and got a job.  I like it. I was into cars and the people I met along the way were pretty cool.  The Fannie Mae financial issues made their way to the car dealers. Less people had even less money and nobody was buying trucks. Good job, bad economy, no job.

Fast forward 10 years and I find myself just wanting to look at some cars and get a general feel of pricing. Not looking at a $10k vehicle. Just something from point A to B.
Mike (cool name, BTW) was on us so fast that I nearly got whiplash.  I know they have to sell cars to keep their jobs and it can be daunting when you have somebodyelse's business cards with the old name crossed out and yours scribbled in.
I was put off immediately so I asked him to find the old used sales manager that I worked with. I knew it was his day off and used that as a reason to GTFO.
Later H&H. No longer interested.

Lorrie W. | 2014-09-24

Great service! Took time with explanations. Matt was very professional and had great follow up

Mikki M. | 2014-09-14

Told them to stay in by budget of $300-$350.00 I would never imagine a Kia to be $675.00 a month unbelievable! They obviously did not respect my budget. Because that's not even close. Then they said I only had one other option.. That's a 2014 chevy cruz without cruz control. Are they just joking? What's the deal here I mean they have tons of cars.. And I only have two options! Steer clear of these bozos

Jamie F. | 2014-06-26

So, 1.5 years later, I'm still dealing with this problem. After my first review, the service dept. calls me and says they changed the policy and they could help me now. 1st step baffle in the valve cover. No good, still burning oil. 2nd step oil consumption test, not real exact, just kind of an eyeball of the service rep. fail. 3rd step pistons and rings. No good, still burning. 4th step oil consumption test, same result, borderline according to the rep.

So he says the next step is engine swap. Let's get it scheduled tues when you come in. Go in Tues, he changes the dipstick and says we need to do another oil consumption test. What a JOKE!

So here I am still jumping through the hoops hoping for a truck that doesn't burn oil.

Tom R. | 2014-04-30

We had to wait awhile to get help but they were nice and helpful.  The only reason we went elsewhere is they have the ugliest eyesore of a dealer decal.

Matt P. | 2013-04-02

I bought a certified 2009 Chevrolet Impala LT. The car rides well, but like most Chevy cars built during this time frame, I've run into a plethora of problems. The H&H service department is kind, friendly, and always willing to make sure my needs are met. I appreciate the smiles and candid attitude. It makes me feel welcome.

Mary F. | 2012-12-09

I've been to a lot of car places in the Omaha area. I have to say that this one is one of the better ones out there.

My partner and I bought a Grand Am from them in 2006. However, later that night we did some research and found out that Grand Am's are much crappier cars than we thought. We decided to return the car the next day. We felt bad that we wasted our sales person time and didn't keep the car. They were extremely nice and even drove my partner to our home after he returned it.  

This past summer after our positive experience with them we decided to go back to look for a vehicle. Unfortunately no one seemed interested in helping us. We are pretty young so maybe they didn't bother because they didn't think we could afford a car? After we walking around aimlessly and peeking into cars like creeps, I finally waltzed inside and demand that someone help us. As it turns out the car we had come here to look at was at HH Kia. I was annoyed because I had went to HH Chevy website not the HH Kia one and it doesn't specify what dealership cars are at. Yes, I realize that HH Kia is literally 3 blocks away but we had been wandering around for like 30 minutes looking for the car and creeping into others while we waited for someone to acknowledge we existed.

Now my partner and I are in a situation where we need to purchase a car within the next few weeks. I will try out HH Chevy again and update after that happens.

Nick C. | 2012-07-06

Disappointing customer service. Transferred a vehicle from another dealership to this one, never got a call or email until the day it was supposed to come in that the transfer never went through... A little heads up would have been nice! Also no follow up on the second transfer attempt when a callback was promised.

After being a little more proactive with the communication, the experience got better.  They did try hard to get a transfer for the vehicle I wanted, but sadly noone played ball with them so in the end there wasn't a deal made but not the fault of the dealer.  They were very forthcoming with my options after that as well as how to get my money back from the deposit.