Volvo of Charlotte in Charlotte, NC

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Sales and Service of New and Pre-Owned Volvo and Saab Cars


Established in 1971.

Long standing history as one of Charlotte's high line automotive retailers

Volvo of Charlotte

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(704) 563-1000
Address:7040 E Independence Blvd, Charlotte, NC, 28227
  • Monday: 7:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Volvo of Charlotte

Jennifer M. | 2015-04-01

We recently purchased a 2012 certified used Volvo S80 from Volvo of Charlotte.  We have purchased both new and certified used through our sales person Sam Rothberg. His knowledge of the product he sells is exceptional.  They new exactly what we were looking for and when it was on the lot, made the car available quickly.  We are a Volvo for life family and we will continue going back to Volvo of Charlotte and to work with Sam as we make our future Volvo purchases.

Rick D. | 2015-03-30

Well it is a car dealership what can you say. They did assign us a contact person that is awesome but of course when we called to pick up the car, he was off so that setup although nice is only as good as working hours.

The coffe machine dispenses several varieties of coffee, which was decent but as you will catch on when you read my reviews are are plastic, and I do not like what plastic is doing to our environment.

The parking lot like all on Independence are used as cut throughs around lights and I had more of a wait to get to the light because of this than I did at the actual light.

I researched tire prices online and what they charged the wife was median range for her type tire. Kudos for being fair on pricing.

Will wait and see, now that we live in Charlotte and first time here if they have any follow through or perks to drive business back to them (Like Volvo Free Car Wash Days, Volvo Appreciation Days, etc)

Until Niether good Nor Bad but just another car dealership.

Rob C. | 2015-03-26

Last week I was either going to buy a Subaru or a Volvo. Now I've never bought a car straight from a car lot before. I was expecting it to be like the movies. Fortunately for me Sam our sales dude made this decision super simple for me. Friendly service, a great deal, all hassle free. F#ck a Subaru.

Jeffrey O. | 2015-02-26

The Service department is excellent, specially the adviser Tom, he is very professional and very helpful every time I needed to have my car serviced. Volvo of Charlotte at Independence road  is very lucky to have Tom working for them. I will definitely recommend Volvo of Charlotte because of the service department as well as Jenny who is always very helpful and greets everybody warmly. Thanks volvo of Charlotte.

Katie L. | 2014-12-23

I recently had the pleasure of working with Gary Shaw to get my new S60.  Genuinely  nice guy that took the time to answer all of our questions and we never felt any pressure to buy on the spot.  In fact, everyone we came in contact with at the dearlership was very helpful and friendly.  We will go there again!

Lee S. | 2014-11-24

I had a wonderful experience purchasing a used 2013 Mercedes Benz 250 from Sam Rothberg.  Sam was very honest and upfront about the pricing and made the decision very easy.  He quoted me a price on my trade in based on my VIN number and worked with me on the price of the Mercedes.  I will definitely be a customer of Sam's and Volvo of Charlotte again!

Chele N. | 2014-11-04

I moved to the QC in the spring of 2012, driving a 2004 S60 T it's at 120K I tried a couple of places closer to my home. And prefer the dealer for genuine parts and service. I agree the waiting area is not very inviting for the most part, So I usually reserve a loaner and am in and out. Now that they have the concierge and online scheduler there's less interaction with the service dpartment. Being from the north I am not looking for anyone to be especially pleasant, they are professional and I'm not looking at a mechanics uniform (as some reviewers have) The work as far as I know is as directed I've spent a pretty penny maintaining my vehicle this year alone but she is a decade so I do not have unrealistic expectations. Every car I've ever owned always made it to 10+ life span its rule not just an expectation and I've driven a fair share.

Shai L. | 2014-10-07

after reading the response of the owner i had to make sure i write another review to warn potential customers from this low end dealership. be warned.

Merle T. | 2014-08-30

Had a couple of items to get corrected on myXC90. I received excellent service. Staff extremely courteous and helpful. Car was completed when promised.

Kenneth W. | 2014-01-10

This is a follow up review from my first one on 10/27/13. I was frustrated with the other Volvo dealership across town and I had called Volvo of Charlotte, for information on parts and I was put on hold and no one every came to the phone, finally I hung up. That review led to the Service Manager of Volvo of Charlotte to leave me a message to call him personally and give Volvo of Charlotte a try. Well, being a man of my word, I promised Rick Pinto (Service Manager), when it was time to service my 2012 Volvo XC R-Design, I would call him. I did call Rick on 1/9/14 for a service appointment for 1/10 or 1/11. He gladly set me up for a 11:00 appointment for 1/10 and even offer me a loaner. Since this was the first time at Volvo of Charlotte, I elected to wait and just walk around the dealership. I pulled up to the Service Bay @ 10:45 and very shortly Rick walked up to my car and asked if I was Mr. Warren. Keep in mind that Rick is the Service Manager. He greeted me with a smile and took all my information and put it in the computer (for future visits). I was impressed with not only Rick, but everyone that worked there spoke and asked if I needed anything. The lady at the receptionist desk asked if she could get me a cup of coffee? I think I have found my dealership for servicing my Volvo in the Charlotte area. I would advise anyone, if for some reason you weren't satisfied with Volvo of Charlotte, let them know and I understand not all can be satisfied, but if it within reason, I believe Volvo of Charlotte would try to make it happen. I want to personally thank Rick Pinto for reaching out to me (#1) and secondly treating me with value. My sister-in-law just purchase a 2014 XC 90 and I have given her Rick's business card for her service needs.

Thank you Volvo of Charlotte and Rick Pinto for restoring my faith in Volvo again!!!

Kenneth W. | 2013-10-27

I am looking for a Volvo dealership, locally, to service my new XC 60. I purchased the vehicle when I was out of town and I'm just finding out that a lot of people have been having trouble with Charlotte's Volvo dealerships. The dealership where I purchased the car was outstanding from the sales staff, to the service department. I never had an issue with getting a loaner and they've given me some pretty nice loaners. I am really afraid of what I will run into when I really need some work perform. I am in pretty good shape for now, but eventually, I can't drive 180 miles for service, unless I just want a mini-vacation. I have only called Volvo of Charlotte parts department and was put on hold until I finally hung up. I was needing a part installed, but I just waited until I went to my home dealership and they took care of me. I am really concern about what I have been reading about the Volvo dealerships here!!

I would like to think Rick Pinto from Volvo of Charlotte, for reaching out to me and even though I have never used Volvo of Charlotte service department, for my 2012 XC 60 R Design, I will, whenever I need service. I appreciate him taking ownership and I will call him directly, for my next service!

Tighty J. | 2013-10-12

I had a Volvo for several years and had good experiences with the service department at the dealership in Atlanta where I lived when I bought my Volvo. Then, five years ago, I moved to Charlotte and had to start taking my Volvo to Volvo of Charlotte for services. Let me tell you, this place is so bad that when it came time to replace my Volvo last year, even though I love Volvos, I bought another brand instead, just so I wouldn't have to deal with Volvo of Charlotte's service department. Seriously: the only reason I didn't buy another Volvo is that I hate this service dept and there weren't any other Volvo dealership service options nearby. What's so bad about this service dept?

1. Staff are RUDE. I mean, always rude. I never once had an even ok experience with them. I don't think they wanted to be there.

2. Prices are THROUGH THE ROOF for service, even compared with other luxury/ foreign cars. And it's not just the price, it's that the staff seem to take pleasure in telling you that they are charging you an arm and a leg. On two occasions, they laughed when they told me the repair costs.

3. Mechanics don't know what they are doing. As everyone knows, at about 100,000 miles, Volvos made within the past decade start to fall apart and become money pits. I think the mechanics here simply try stopgap measures to temporary resolve problems, charge a lot for it, then just charge you again next time for another temporary measure. I think the attitude is, "if it works, great; if not, he'll be back to pay us again next time."

4. Facility itself is kind of run down.

5. Loaners a hassle to arrange.

6. Location on independence is a hassle.

Overall, if you already have a Volvo, I would find an independent garage rather than patronize these chuckleheads. If you're trying to decide what to buy and would have to get it serviced in Charlotte, this service group is bad enough to avoid Volvo.

Sara K. | 2013-09-25

Went for an oil change today on my Volvo c30. I thought the service was great and people were more than friendly. The waiting area could be a little nicer for a high end car company, but it wasn't terrible. Service took a little over an hour and they wash / vacuum the car. I appreciated not trying to be up sold or over sold on extra un-needed services and parts. I will definately go back.

Debbie E. | 2013-01-29

This review is strictly for the service department - when we bought our S60 through the overseas delivery program Steve Atkinson was AWESOME - would totally buy from him again...HOWEVER -  I will NEVER take my car to be serviced by Volvo of Charlotte again.  I booked an appointment for regular maintenance for 9 a.m. on a Saturday morning.  On Friday we had about 2 hours of freezing rain.  Saturday I got up, checked my email, checked my phone, checked my text messages and checked both the website and number of Volvo - No where was there any mention of a delay or closing because of the weather (which was not at all inclement at that time).  

I left my house at 8 a.m. (on Saturday morning mind you) and drove down to VOC and arrived at 8:30 for a 9 a.m. appointment.  The gates were closed and locked - no sign, no note, nothing.  I called and got a recording (no mention of the service dept. being closed), I checked the website again - nothing.  I emailed the person who scheduled the appointment.  Not only did I get no response while I sat there on Saturday morning, but as of now (noon on Tuesday) no one from VOC has bothered to (1) apologize for wasting my time; (2) apologize for not alerting the people with scheduled appointments that the service dept. would be closed; or (3) called to reschedule my appointment.  Every time my car "reminds" me that I'm due for my regular service it annoys me all over again.  From now on I'll be calling University Volvo (or someone else) to service my car.   Buy all means buy from Steve and the ODP, but do NOT get your car serviced here - totally unprofessional and have absolutely no regard for their customers time.

Lima Beans D. | 2012-10-08

Family has driven Volvos since the 70's.  At around 90k miles, my 2004 S60 started breaking down all the time.  I paid thousands to Volvo of Charlotte's service dept. over a long period of time, but their expensive "repairs" never quite solved the problem.  While I was driving back from the mountains in April, the car finally gave up -- could not get over 40 mph, shuddered badly, etc.  I called Volvo of Charlotte from the road to confirm I could bring it in directly.  Response: we can fit you in next week and don't count on a loaner.  I have at least ten stories like that with this service dept.  Totally indifferent service.  I drove my lemon Volvo to Lexus across the street, spent less for a better car than I would have at Volvo, and would never go back.  Volvos are not the cars they used to be, and the women in the Volvo of Charlotte service department are some of the rudest I have ever encountered.  Recommend you avoid at all costs.

Melanie E. | 2011-11-30

I loved it when I bought my C30 there in 2009 but now I'm only dealing with the service department.  It's just run down in the waiting area & the staff should wear uniforms because there are times I'm in there they just look a mess.  Most of the time they are pleasant, but again, there are times they are just short with you and almost unpleasant.  My husband came in with me one time & he said just based on the unfriendly service that day & the sloppiness of the staff & the waiting area, he wouldn't buy a car there (I've been trying to get him to get the C-60 for his next car)

Daniel C. | 2007-07-25

Just purchased a 2007 XC90 from them. They were easy to work with. No high pressure sales. They have a no haggle pricing system which offers reasonable prices. We did negotiate down from that price to compete with other Volvo dealership offers. Overall I was happy with the sales process and price. I haven't had a chance to be in for service yet.