Town & Country Ford in Charlotte, NC

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Town & Country Ford invites you to experience a new way to buy and service your vehicle. As a Sonic Automotive Premier Dealership, our entire inventory comes with our True Price.  By regularly comparing our prices with the local market, True Price eliminates the time consuming negotiation process and delivers you an exceptional deal.

Town & Country Ford

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(704) 536-5600
Address:5401 East Independence Blvd, Charlotte, NC, 28212
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Town & Country Ford

Shawn G. | 2015-04-17

I had good Friday off....but as it developed, it wasn't a good Friday after all.

I took my truck in for the differential surface rust most of us have on our new trucks, across town, to the sister dealership from which I purchased the truck. The dealership I purchased from has no body shop.

Appointment was set up by a Ford regional rep on Wednesday at the body shop. I called the body shop Wednesday and left a message to confirm my appointment, no return call. I called the body shop again Thursday to confirm my appointment. At that time, she wrote down the info that she should have written down from the Ford rep's call on Wednesday, like the warranty claim number. I set my appointment for first thing Friday morning, 8am, to get me in and out as quickly as possible.

I show up 15 min early Friday morning. The lady I had been talking to, arranging this entire process, called in sick. She failed to fill out any paperwork, and was told that she was the only one that could fill out the no one could work on my truck. At this point, I was pretty frustrated, having driven a hour to get to that dealership for my appointment.

The body shop sent me to the dealership since they had a undercoating bay. Great, seems like things are working out now.....

It takes them around two and a half hours to do the job, including a hour of dry time. I get in my new truck, happy the rust is taken care of and drive a hour back home.

I get home, and what do I see? Black undercoating all over the sides of my new truck!

So, for the next hour, I am frantically cleaning all this crap off and detail my vehicle (that had just been detailed) to get all this crap off my paint. It was ever where! All down the rear sides of the truck and even some on the tailgate!

Turns out, they undercoated the entire rear of the vehicle, including the rear wheel wells! I didn't ask for this...they were only supposed to fix the rust issue.

They also got undercoating on my wheels and chrome exhaust tip...that I can not get clean now. A monkey could have applied the coating a more professional way.…

Mike T. | 2015-02-04

Ive purchased a few cars from town and country ford over the years and i am very happy with the entire process from sales to parts and service. Go in and ask for tre, he will help you with your new car or truck purchase!

Riana G. | 2015-01-12

First off, from what I gathered, this  business is undergoing a facelift, so what I experienced may not be the same as what existed a year..or more ago!
Second, I've learned from car shopping it is often the luck of the draw with sales reps, they're either understanding and helpful, or they're not.

That being said I had an amazing experience here. After being disregarded and insulted at the Performance Ford Lincoln on South Blvd (DO NOT GO) I came to Town and Country unmotivated and discouraged. After explaining my previous experience to the salesmen, the staff went above and beyond to not only make a sale, but to ENSURE that I walked out with a vehicle I absolutely loved. I was able to compare prices at their location and others (while in-store) and even got a quote and walked out the door (promising I would return). And I did return! And the same salesman that I started the process with, stayed  2 HOURS after he should have been home, to get all of the paperwork done. They made the entire process transparent and proved to me that good customer service still exists in the car industry.

Aside from the detailing on the car, which was done fairly quickly, I cannot speak to their service department, but I will likely return to this location for the 1st oil change on my new ford!

F P. | 2014-12-15

Our initial visit was very informative, we didn't have an appointment but was greeted right away by Sales guide Chris Williams. Chris let us test drive a SUV, he asked when would be a good time to contact us for follow up and wasn't like your normal car sales agent asking immediately how much you wanted to put down. I will advise anyone going here to not get frustrusted if the sales agent doesn't follow up immediately, town and country have went through extensive changes with new ownership and are working out the kinks in their new systems and plans.  I love that the prices are right on when it comes to value of the car you are looking for and if you are looking for quality then this is the place.

I personally would ask for Chris Williams, he will work with to get you what you desire, not what they feel you would like.

We purchased our new SUV Saturday and had a  personable, inviting, and informative experience.

Timothy C. | 2014-12-15

Everybody here is very rude,  especially Bill. I stood and waited and asked if someone could help me.  One employee actually WALKED AWAY FROM ME! Bill spent 20 minutes on his cell phone talking about everything but what's related to the dealership. I asked Bill what it would cost to service my car and I got a figure that was completely different than what I was quoted on the phone.  I told him about the quote and he said he would check on it. I wait, and wait, and wait.  It took 30 minutes for him to get back to me and said that nobody here gave me that quote  (I got the impression that he thought I was lying by his tone) and it has always been a certain price and always will be a certain price. I think I will look for another place to have my car serviced next time because of the rudeness and because of the customer service.

Broderick C. | 2014-11-18

not happy with this dealership because you cant reach anyone in service and it goes straight to the answering machine and then they never return your calls.

Greg S. | 2014-08-15

I started new position in March which include a company car.  The organization buys the cars and the other company cars came from other dealers.  I phoned and visited over 10 local dealerships and it was if no one listened to my budget, or desires.  I called Town and Country Ford where I had bought my personal vehicle, a 2002 Ford Sport Trac (which I still have and love with over 175,212,000 miles on it) off the show room floor and right away I knew I should had started here.  I was lucky enough to get Holly Kimmel on the phone and WOW, she is awesome.  She listened, and found me exactly what I was looking for at the budget I was allowed to work with from my company. It was so easy and I am a proud owner of a 2014 Ford Taurus with all the bells and whistles and the color, Dark Side is pimpy if I do say so myself.  Also Skipper one of the Sales Mangers brought the paperwork to my boss here at the office. Who does that??? I can's say enough about the sales, the services, the attitude of each person there, they made me  me feel very important.  I highly suggest you call Holly if you want the best service in town!

Greg Smithj

Megan J. | 2014-01-03

I am very happy with the service department here. My mom came from Maryland and her Mountaineer was acting up again. These guys were able to get her in on the same day. The supervisor was very nice. They easily found out what the problem was. My mom had been trying to figure out where a noise was coming from for over a year and three other shops couldn't figure it out! They even got all of the work done by that night. The cost was reasonable. I give these guys an A+

Marcella F. | 2013-09-08

I would NEVER suggest that anyone shop for a used vehicle at this Ford dealership.  The used car Sales Manager is lacking character and integrity.  They had a vehicle priced online right at the price we were looking for so we went in to see the vehicle.  It was a very basic, no feature vehicle for a college student.  Once we agreed to purchase it, they came out with a price $1000 higher than what was listed.  The Sales Manager came out and tried to make excuses for a 3rd party company that posts their sales ads and that it was their mistake...we told him it wasn't our issue.  He then proceeded to LIE to us about the costs they put into the vehicle...since they would never put into it more than what it's worth.  This man should not be in the position he's in, as they could have easily made up for their $1K mistake just in the day and should have honored the price they advertised...and to sit and lie to our face?  Get some integrity loser!

Steve G. | 2013-06-25

I had an appointment to see a vehicle on Saturday at 10:15 am, this was confirmed Friday evening also by them. On Saturday morning I drove the hour and forty five minutes to see the vehicle that they had advertised. To my very surprise, it happened to had been sold that morning and, no one bothered to call me. They stated in their ad that you make a VIP appointment and they will have the vehicle available. I believe that the vehicle did not even exist and they just wanted me in there to sell me something else. This is the worst experience with a dealership I have ever had. The manager could care less and the Internet person lied that she tried to call me 30 minutes prior to my arrival which is absolutely absurd!! Does anyone care what happened, NO. I would warn everyone to watch doing business with this dealership , something shady going on here.

Diane D. | 2013-01-28

I'm still getting mailers from this place. Nope. I won't go. Keep your stinky coupons. Boo.

Rod O. | 2012-12-25

Body Shop did a Great Job!!!

Most of the time I Hate Car Dealerships!  Car Salesmen get infuriated with me (I have stories to tell, though not here)!

Body Shop!  This review is for the Body Shop!  After the body Shop worked on The Hogasaurus Chimped-out Limo (2000 Honda Civic)  it was in better condition than before the Accident!

What impressed me most was that they also cleaned (detailed the interior of my car)!  That was not expected!  

This is the Third time someone has hit the Hogasaurus Chimpmobile not counting being shot three times and four windows being knocked out (one was shot out)... Not too bad a record for a 13 year old car!

Michael B. | 2012-12-22

I recently came here for a safety recall having to do with the cruise control of my 2002 Ford Explorer. I had sent an online request for an appointment Tuesday for the recall service (free) and to get "THE WORKS? FUEL SAVER PACKAGE $39.95 OR LESS" which includes free tire rotation. Two days later, I called them after receiving no response. They said that they were having trouble with their e-mail system and to come in on Friday, which I did, arriving around 7:15 in the morning. That, along with tire rotation and oil change, had me ready about 8:45 or so. Unfortunately, the first time, they had charged me for the recall service, which I had to have them correct since per Ford, this should be no charge to me. Because I was in a hurry, I failed to get them to also remove the charge for the tire rotation which was supposed to have been included for free as part of my package. I feel this service department is dishonest and intentionally attempts to avoid honoring their advertised discounts. Very sorry I came here and will not purchase a new car from them in the future.

Patrick D. | 2011-12-07

Unfortunately, I can not say I would recommend going to Town and Country Ford to purchase a vehicle. After spending time with a salesman I was told that the deal I was trying to get was impossible. Because I would not allow them to run my credit to run general numbers, I was told by the salesman I was making his job difficult. I have purchased dozens of cars over the years and have never given my social before all the numbers were given. The salesman told me either I let them run my social or they wouldn't do business. At no time did a manager come over and help out. I basically was told either I do it their way or I needed to walk. He told me to leave and that there is no way I could get the deal I wanted. Needless to say I purchased the same vehicle from Keith Hawthorne Ford a couple hours later for less than what I was trying to buy the car for at Town and Country. Some could say that the dealership does not deserve a bad review based on this rather, the salesman didn't do their job. I thought this at first, I just have been asking myself why wouldn't the manager come over and try to stop me from leaving or help work on the deal. Specially, as it was obvious they had a newer salesman.