Town and Country Toyota in Charlotte, NC

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As a Sonic Automotive® store, Town and Country Toyota guarantees your time spent with us will be a top-tier experience. We do our best to go above and beyond by offering exceptional, one-on-one guidance and transparent pricing. We invite you to visit the Town and Country Toyota website for more information.

Town and Country Toyota

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(704) 288-0258
Address:9101 South Blvd, Charlotte, NC, 28273
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Town and Country Toyota

Susan B. | 2015-04-16

Great service department
Brett is very good, explains what I need, feel like they are very honest with me.
Started going there in 2014 after purchasing my Solara.

Bruce M. | 2015-04-02

The bottom line no negotiation dealing is beyond maddening . Don't waste your time making a valid  counter based on internet data from Kelley Blue Book or Edmunds pricing . You will not even get acknowledged. Just lip service on J D Powers and data blah blah. This has been scratched off my list

Jane M. | 2015-03-31

This is a competitive market just like any other business, but I'm always taken care of here in timely matter. I've been servicing my vehicle here since 12/13, no issues yet. After being in an accident, my repairs were all golden. Everything from what I need changed or not, honestly is their best policy. Yes, they will try to upsell some things but I mean, this is nature of the business. Staff is always friendly! Sean Williams is one awesome dude!

Roxanne D. | 2014-10-07

Went looking for a 2015 vehicle and they can't find it! Waited what felt like forever might have been 45mins. Vehicle in the system but missing lol Finally told some ceo has it.
Unorganized. Don't you have a system of checking out vehicles? What if I wanted to buy today?!

Erik P. | 2014-08-20

Even after complaining here on Yelp, hitting the unsubscribe button months ago (see previous review), this dealership continues to spam me.

Don't give them your email for the love of all that is good!

M. R. | 2014-08-17

Bait and switch in full gear yesterday. Test drive two cars, price options discussed and then manager came back with lower pricing...also on lower model car without pointing the out to us. Used same paperwork just changed out model

Charlotte V. | 2014-07-09

Been coming to their service department since purchasing my new 2013 Prius. Outstanding customer service and Ricardo in sales made my buying experience great.

Adriana Y. | 2014-07-01

I must say this has been our go to dealership for all of our car purchases/services! We have always had the best service. Nice friendly and efficient staff! We have always been 100% satisfied. We have always been helped by Jose in Sales and Alex for financing. You won't go wrong.

Steve M. | 2014-06-26

They did not honor the "Tires for Life of Vehicle" program I had paid for. Told me I did not have my oil changed enough so they don't have to honor the agreement...really??

Leigh S. | 2014-04-12

Online shows the service center is open. Arrived to get an oil change, and the service center rep said they were not taking any more cars. Extremely rude... They sell car care packages so you return to the dealership, but they are a waste if money, cause they always try to up sell me on something I don't need, or they are not open! I wish there was a closer Toyota dealership to me... I have never been impressed the service here.

Eric C. | 2014-01-20

Bought a new car from Town and Country Toyota recently. I do recommend this dealer and suggest working with Louis Opharrow.

We did have some challenges with the negotiation and didn't feel we had transparency between all the options. Just make sure you are presented with all finance and car price options upfront when you start negotiations. We did get a very good price for our car and a cool feature the dealer has - they show you on the sticker the avg. fair price from KBB and Edmunds. They don't hide from it because they know the buyer is prepared which makes it a lot easier to get started.

Louis is a great guy and will work with you so you can learn about the car(s) your interested in and he will not pressure you in any way.

You can read a more detailed review on Google.

Don P. | 2013-12-14

Wife bought 4runner this past Saturday. Great car, nice salesman (a bit inexperienced, tho)... Terrible communication and wait times.  The story:
130 Saturday arrive, start talking with salesman.  Decide to buy car.  Start negotiation on trade in and car price.  Once a deal is agreed on we waited ALMOST TWO HOURS TO SEE FINANCE GUY!  We almost left.  There was no communication as to why wait, and it was not very busy.  We arrive at 130 and don't leave in new car until 6!  Is this normal?  Detail guy spotted a spot on fender (thanks), and we're told to bring it back Monday for a quick fix.  After a 15 minute quick touch up my wife could still see the flaw, so she was given a loaner and told it would be ready Tuesday. I called Tuesday morning... My wife called midday, and again Tuesday afternoon, wondering what was happening.  Finally it was explained that the entire fender had to be repainted and it would now be WEDNESDAY!  Poor communication all around.  
Of course our friends wanted to see her new car but Monday, Tuesday and most of Wednesday, it was at the dealership and we didn't know why for most of the time.  This coupled with the AGONIZING wait time during purchase..... Well, we can't recommend our friends and coworkers go thru that.  Also, we'll probably look for other options for service and followup.  
Great car, but overall POOR buying experience.  
I run my own business and would want to know .... So here you go.   So.... Great car, friendly salesman, poor communication.

Jennifer K. | 2013-09-18

I went to order a replacement part for my car and the very helpful man at the parts dept fixed the part I brought in saving me from ordering/comming back to pick up the part. I was impressed. I saw they sold batteries for the clickers and ended up buying one which he also changed out for me. Very happy girl when I left.

Debbie M. | 2013-09-16

Terrible experience buying my daughters new car from Town and Country Toyota on South Blvd. the salesmen where dishonest throughout the entire transactions. They gave us 2 keys without the keyless entry stating that we didn't ask for this and it would cost us another $360 for a keyless entry key. I had presented them with a certified check for the entire amount of car and was treated dishonestly throughout the entire transaction. I will NEVER go to them again.

Doug L. | 2013-07-04

Be aware of high priced solutions the service department insists are required.  Multiple times 2nd opinions saved me 100's and in one case, 1000's of dollars.

Last time was an oil leak Town and Country insisted was a $3000 fix, "have to pull the engine to fix this leak".  Problem was solved by another certified mechanic shop for $200.  

Over the years, I have had to take my car back 50% of the time after a service appointment, because of poor quality results that they admit should not have happened.  

The list is long, beginning when I bought a new car from them and the radio did not have reasonable reception...they told me everything was fine...I insisted it was not, and had to have a friend demonstrate the reception on his radio, before they figured the antenna had never been plugged into the system at the factory.  It took two visits and arguing with the service agents before they paid enough attention to fix the obvious new car issue.

I hope to never be in a position where I have to return to T&C service department.  Very poor results after 6 years of trying.

Mike M. | 2013-03-25

I hope I'm not jinxing myself since I'm drafting my review as I wait for my car to get finished being service.

But anyways...let's face it. Getting your car serviced is typically a pain. It can be, and  usually is, expensive. you spend hours of your day in a waiting room, and you always wonder if you're getting ripped off.

And I'm not going to suggest that if you come here you won't spend a lot of time Or money on your service. I dont have the background to tell you if its a better deal for this type of service or another and so on.

But from my experience bringing my car here and scheduling appointments, their customer service has been top notch. There is incentive to scheduling your appointments, since I was told that they give you priority over walk-ins. Which is always good. All of the people that I've interacted with have been friendly and informative. And even overhearing their interactions with other customers, they seem to try their best to be friendly and thorough when explaining things to customers.

The waiting area is comfortable. Lots of chairs, tables, a couple LCD TCs on the walls on CNN and sportscenter. A little area with vending machines and complimentary popcorn, hot chocolate, cappuccino and coffee. (I'm having my 2nd cup of cap as I type). Free wifi.

So all in all, I happily bring my car here. They do a great job here making a usually painful experience, considerably less painful. Definitely recommend!

Sam P. | 2012-11-05

Bought my car here like 4 years back, which was a pretty decent car buying experience. No complaints, would shop there again, but i still like my car. i still use the service department for my check-ups and oil changes. i always enjoy waiting around for my car since they have wi-fi, popcorn, and  butterfinger coffee on draft. They have a nice waiting area with comfy chairs and friendly staff. Most recently, i had a light on that i didn't know what it was so i took it in. Turns out it was just the tire pressure light. They fixed it in a few minutes and nobody treated me like a re-re for coming to the dealer just to put air in my tires.

Russell M. | 2012-09-13

This service department uses mobile brand lubricants where they should be using genuine Toyota brand.  Don't take my word for it, ask any reputable service MANAGER at another Toyota / Lexus shop.  If you can't trust the parts and lube they use, can you trust the service???

John H. | 2012-04-30

After thinking I was going to eventually drive my current car into the ground, I got a new car from Town and Country.  The experience could not have been any easier, better..... there was a little back and forth, but I did get what I expected for my trade in and ended up with a definite upgrade (gas mileage wise).  The staff was super friendly and accommodating.  I didn't feel any pressure except to make up my mind to what I really wanted to do with my car situation.

I will update this review as soon as I start taking my car to the service center to get regular maintenance, but I did meet some of the guys and they seem very knowledgeable and helpful.

Nck S. | 2012-03-15

I know that service technicians get paid by the job. If they finish it faster then they make more money. I had a 2004 Tacoma I was bringing here every time my scheduled maintenance was due. I started hearing a loud noise coming from under my truck. I had to take it back several times before the service manager stepped in an said he had this issue before on another truck. Come to find out they were not greasing the grease fitting for the drive shaft.

jim m. | 2011-07-18

I have purchased 4 cars from Town and Country over the years.  Sales People are great and really know the product.  I have never had a problem with the service people.  I had a minor problem once with the service manager, he addmitted he was wrong and gave me an 80 dollar credit, which I used at a later date an he honored.  People complain alot.  I don't understand sometimes.  If you have a 400 credit score and no money you are not going to get a good deal on a car, it is that simple.  They are a company trying to make money, not Social Services.  If you speak loud and clear and tell the service people what you need , they will understand and than help you correctly.  If you speak like you have a golf ball in your mouth, they will not understand you and you will not be helped properly.  I like Town and Country , I would reccommend them and use them again.

Tiffany N. | 2011-06-16

Thanks to Cash for Clunkers, I got my new ride here at Town & Country. Being a chick and all, I wasn't too crazy about buying a car. I don't know anything about them except they are supposed to have four wheels and I would like a cd player in it with A/C but that's about it. But they made it an easy and smooth process and couldn't have been more pleased.

Then the recall happened.

They took of everything right away, I dropped off my car in the morning and they gave me a ride to work and picked me up at the end of the day.

I thought that would be the end of our affair but T&C kept me coming back for more. How you ask? Coupons, baby, coupons. I get a set of coupons from them quarterly including cheap oil changes and other services that I have no clue about but should probably get done on my car. Their waiting area is pimped out with over sized leather chairs, lots of reading material and free wifi (holla!) But it doesn't stop there-they have coffee coming out the ying yang and they even have a Butterfinger flavored coffee-say what? Oh yeah. And free popcorn! But the freebies doesn't blind me from the work they are doing. For being a dealership, the prices aren't horrible for oil changes and pretty cheap if you have a coupon. All the service advisors I've dealt with have been friendly and helpful, all in all, a super experience from buying to servicing!

Faith D. | 2010-12-31

Friendly. Good location. Lots of cars. BUT in the end didn't give me the best Toyota deal in town, so I purchased elsewhere.

On another note, I took my previous car to their repair shop. I was able to drop it off and they offered to take me back to work and pick me up when my car was ready. Great and convenient! The only drawback was when I got a call stating that my car was ready and they were picking me up...they called 3 times after that to let me know the driver was running late. I ended up wasting over an hour waiting for them and interrupting my work.

Ray B. | 2010-09-04

First I love my Toyota, but I have much concern about the quality of this dealership's service department.

I took my 4runner in for a minor maintenance service. The kind where they claim to also do a complimentary 30 point inspection. And here is the problem: I had my truck at the Toyota of Lake Norman about 3 months prior and they did the same 30 point inspection as well and noted my battery was bad (red status), replace very soon & the service manager told me the same; that I should not wait long before replacing.

Well Toyota of Town & Country is closer for me so I decided to take it in there. I did not tell them about the battery, I thought I'd let them find it on their own. Well when the service manager called me to let me know what the costs would be for the service I primarily took it there for (brakes), I asked if they found anything else. He told me no - and I suggested they recheck the battery; he raved that he had his best Tech on the job, but would ask him to check again just the same.

The service manage called me back and sure enough my battery needed replacing. Here is why I am writing this negative review: the battery check is on the 30 point inspection, there are 3 status scores to the inspection - initially Town & Country listed my battery as green status (good), but when I challenged them, they rechecked (??????!!!!!) the battery and then gave it a red status. The battery status is not a visual check, how do you get that wrong??? My thought is that they didn't even bother to check the first go-round - which makes me very concerned about the quality of the additional work they did!!!!! I would suggest you call around for prices first because Town & Country is expensive, and you don't even know if they are doing quality work.

Jaclyn B. | 2010-07-26

Bought my car here in 2009 over the Internet! The Internet sales specialist got us exactly what we wanted for the price we wanted all while offering a few perks for being an active military family! The day I picked up my car it was hassle free and I was taken over to the service department to meet my service manager, she was FABULOUS! I left with my car, drove it back to our military station and didn't see them again until today.... It's been over a year and when I called my service manager to make the appointment she remembered everything about me an was so welcoming! The car has been great, the service has been superior and I even got my sister to buy her car here! Now that I have moved closer than I was I still won't go to any other Toyota dealer to touch my car even though I am living 2 hours away, it's totally worth it to me!

Sarah A. | 2010-04-27

Dropped our Camry off for the recent recall work.  I scheduled the appointment through the website, which was easy enough.  Upon arrival I was asked who my service manager was, didn't know, someone checked and then directed me to Fredericks desk.  He was not in the area so we had to wait while he was paged, several other unoccupied service managers were available.  When we returned to pick the car up we were told we could not just go to the cashier for the keys we had to see our service manager first (why?).  He was with another customer so we had to wait, while other unoccupied people stood around.  Finally one of the younger employees who fetches cars from the lot offered to help, located our paperwork and got us on our way.  A note here that my friend took her Camry to Hendrick who washed her car, shampooed her carpets, gave her coupons and made her recall experience very pleasant.  No recall extras here.  

Several days later while driving a huge blast of steam came from under the hood and the check engine light came on.  When we opened the hood the radiator cap was missing.  We assumed it had blown off when the car overheated.  We noticed though that a red extension pipe appeared to be sticking out.  Knowing nothing about cars we left it alone and I called the dealer first thing in the morning.  They immediately arranged to have it towed.  The red extension pipe told them all they needed to know, it is placed there by the mechanic when they top off fluids.  Their mechanic left our radiator cap off and the extension pipe in.  Luckily adults were driving, not the 16 year old who typically drives this car.  Of course the car was repaired at no charge to us, but it was a serious inconvenience.  Rides had to be arranged for school and sports,waiting for the tow truck and I had to come home at lunch (60 miles round trip) to help pick it up.  When we picked it up, big surprise, our service manager had another customer at his desk.  And once again, all the other service managers stood around unoccupied.  We waited for over ten minutes, then the service manager took the other customer into another room for a rental car.  During this whole time, no one even acknowledged our presence (including our service manager).  Our increasingly obvious impatience finally got someone to help us and they got our paperwork and sent us to the cashier for our keys.  The cashier had the gall to say "must be nice to not be working on a nice day like this".  I told him that we were on our lunch hour, had wasted half the day because of a mistake their mechanic made and just wanted to be on our way.  He had nothing to say to that and handed over the keys.    

This system where you have to see your service manager does not work.  Our service manager seemed to be the only one with customers each time we came in, and he should have acknowledged us and gotten someone else to immediately assist.  We should have gotten an apology and more for the dangerous mistake, but it was just a shrug and "we'll take care of it".  Their mechanic should never have touched the radiator in the first place, the car was there for the acceleration recall, not maintenance.  I will drive the extra distance to Hendrick from now on.

Megan V. | 2008-07-16

I scheduled my appointment through their website a few days before, so I could take my car in on my day off.   It was very easy, and their website was navigable.  I met with Wesley when I walked in, and he was very friendly. I did not wait for the car here, so I didn't see their facilities.  Instead I walked down the street to do some shopping, which made the time fly by.  

It took about 2 1/2 hours for them to do my 27,000 mile (or approximately) check-up on my 2007 Toyota Matrix.  Something minor was wrong with my car (I don't remember quite what it was now), and they fixed that too.  

I finished up shopping, so I headed back, and literally, as I was walking in, I saw Wesley put down the phone, and say, "I just finished dialing your number--the car is done!"  What perfect timing!  He was very friendly, and we chatted about moving and what to do in Charlotte, since we were pretty new to the area at that time.

The only bad part of the trip was the bill--it cost $500 for my car.  Yikes!!  Everything, when broken down on the sheet, seemed reasonable, and he did explain everything line by line, but WOW! That's expensive!

This is definitely where I will continue to take my car, though.  The staff was very nice, and good service can be hard to find!