Steve Moore Chevrolet in Charlotte, NC

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Located just outside of the Queen City. Steve Moore has been the preferred Charlotte Chevy dealer for years. As a family owned business, we want to ensure that your experience with our dealership will make you feel like a member of our family. Not only do we provide our customers with an unparalleled sales and service experience, but we also serve our communities through involvement with local charities and non profit organizations. You'll find us south of uptown, just north of I-485 on South Boulevard. One visit and you'll know why you can expect to "Get Moore, Save Moore and Expect Moore" at Steve Moore Chevrolet!

Steve Moore Chevrolet

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(704) 551-6400
Address:9325 South Blvd, Charlotte, NC, 28273
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Steve Moore Chevrolet

James G. | 2015-03-04

Very professional!  I had an issue with my car and Steve Moore Chevrolet did an excellent job repairing it.  They provided me with a rental too!  Thank you!

Charlene H. | 2015-02-28

Great sales experience, went smoothly. Had to do a service call and customer service is spectacular. Would recommend to all

Brenden G. | 2015-02-21

UPDATE: I'm happy to say that I was promptly contacted by someone from customer service who helped make things right.  She talked with Steve Moore and they decided that they would refund me my deductible of $500.  They said they wanted to make things right by apologizing for the mishap in the first place, and then refunding me my money in order to keep me as a customer.  I am happy to say that I will now be bringing my car in for service and potential future purchases.  Most companies would have told me to go fly a kite.  But Steve Moore cares enough about their customer service and company image, that they contacted me just based on my online review.  A company that's willing to refund me my money and make things right, truly does care about their customers.  I appreciate their efforts to keep my business, and I will be reciprocating by giving it to them.  Thanks for making things right Steve Moore Chevrolet!

Original Review: During the infamous GM ignition switch recall, in which 13 people were killed as a result of GM refusing to initially address the issue, I had to take my wife's Saturn Ion in to be fixed.  Steve Moore Chevrolet took over 3 months to repair the car as a result of an insufficient supply of parts, but that's not even my main issue of contention.  When I dropped the car off for it's 3 month stay, the dealer/GM were giving out loaner cars, but only if you asked.  They offered this if you felt that it could be dangerous to drive your car, which they indicated it wasn't......really?  Well, I wasn't going to allow my wife and newborn daughter to drive around in an extremely unsafe vehicle.  So I took them up on their "hidden" offer of getting a rental car from Enterprise.  When I picked up the vehicle I was told that the vehicle would be completely covered and insured by GM.  Well, needless to say we got a terrible hailstorm and the car received around $3,000 in damage.  But fear not, no need to worry, the car is covered, right......????  WRONG!!!!  A few weeks after I returned the car to Enterprise I received a surprise call from their claims department saying that I needed to file with my insurance company for the damage.  They informed me that the dealer/GM should refund me the deductible, but that it had to be processed through my insurance first.  Ok I guess, so I filed the claim and put out the money for the $500 comprehensive deductible.  So I call GM about the issue, and they tell me that everything is handled through the dealer (Steve Moore Chevrolet).  So I call the dealer and they say that everything should have been handled between Enterprise and GM.  So I call Enterprise and they tell me that I had to talk with the dealer.  So both GM and Enterprise are telling me that I need to speak with the dealer.  So I call the dealer and speak with the service manager, he informs me that Enterprise should have applied the coverage and everything should have been taken care of on their end.  He told me that he'd call GM and Enterprise and get it sorted out and be back in touch with me next week.  Two weeks later I call back and he still hadn't called about it.  He'd call back in a week.  Two weeks later again I call, and he stated that everything should have been taken care of by Enterprise, but he'd talk to GM about refunding me my $500 deductible.  Again, he never returned my call, so I called three more times over the course of a month or two, and each time he said that he hadn't figured it out yet.  Well, eventually I grew tired of the runaround and months went by and I never heard a thing about it.  So GM and Steve Moore both got their $500 out of me, as well as taking over three months to fix my car.  Fool me once......I will never take my car here for service or ever think about buying another vehicle here again.  In fact, I would suggest to anyone to stay away from here, and not even bother with buying a GM vehicle from such a reckless company (GM) and dealer (Steve Moore).  You can't do business with a company/dealer that you can't trust and gives such terrible customer service.

Daniel C. | 2014-12-20

Love these guys! I wasn't bombarded with pushy sales people. I saw a gentleman in his office and asked a question. I told him I had a vehicle full with family, that I was in a hurry, and that they wanted to sit in two different vehicles to see what felt best. Michael (Mike), a family man, understood, asked a couple questions and then pulled the first vehicle up to them...yes, you read that properly, he took it to them! We tried them both on for comfort and I sent them home for a previously scheduled engagement and I stayed behind. We worked a deal to my comfort with a sight unseen trade. I was asked what numbers I was looking for and what will it take to make the deal happen today...semi-standard questions, but the approach is what made me want to continue moving forward. We had one number that I couldn't find comfort with, so the sales manager (forgot his name, sorry) said he would call the finance company and see what he could do and he did well. It took more of a down payment, but the interest rate was where I needed it to be.

The Sales Manager thanked me for the opportunity and said he hoped he could earn my business just after I arrived and he did!!! They all did! Finance guy (Jerry?) and the rest of the crew were great as well. I mustn't forget to mention what brought me in...Shannon. Persistence paid off for her. I received a few phone calls from her Thursday, Friday and Saturday, before I finally went in to meet them as I had promised. Great job Shannon and team.

Interested in a vehicle? Stop and see this team of great people! I know we will be back!

Michael G. | 2014-10-25

I've been coming to Steve Moore Chevrolet for a few years now for several different service repairs and parts, but after today I will probably never return!  City Chevrolet can now get all my business even if they are on the other side of town!  Don't let your service consultant promise something that is not true and then slap them in the face when they come to collect

Derrick H. | 2014-08-10

This last visit was for an oil change, inspection, and static issue I was having with my radio during IPOD playback.  I initially went in on Monday Aug. 4th.  Kenny, my normal service person was not available so I was helped by another service person (Latino guy I think but not sure of his name).  I told him what I needed to get done and the issue I was having with my radio.  He proceeded to let me know about a car show he was just in and how he was trying to get sponsorship for his G8 and was almost completely oblivious to what I was telling him about my car.  He then told me that service was very backed up and it would take a while to get to my car so I made an appointment for the next day since I didn't have the time to wait.  I brought my car in the next day and went to Kenny, my normal service person.  He looked up my appointment and all it said in it that needed to be done was the oil change and inspection.  Nothing about my radio.  I proceeded to tell him about the problem with my radio.  How after listening to my IPOD for a while, I would get static and there was nothing I could do to get it to stop except not play my radio.  I told him that it doesn't always do it and it usually only does it when I've been on the road for a few hours straight.  He told me that they would check into it.  I also gave him a service bulletin that I found from GM that talked about the issue and how to fix it.  Kenny called me later on in the day telling me that my car was done and that they couldn't find anything wrong with my radio.  I proceeded to ask him about what all they checked out and he tried to rush me off the phone and told me that he could talk to me when I came to pick up the car.  I told him that I was available to talk now and proceeded to ask him about what they did.  He told me that they tried to reprogram my radio and the program said that it was up to date.  I proceeded to ask him if they did the step before the reprogramming step which was to check the software version # to see if the radio actually needed reprograming or if the multimedia player interface module needed replacing and he just kept telling me that the software was up to date and they couldn't reprogram the radio.  After some going back and fourth with Kenny, he told me that they would look at it again and give me a call back.  Kenny called me back after about 3 hours telling me that my car was finished and that they couldn't find anything with my radio.  I came to pick up my car, and proceeded to ask him if they checked the Step 5 in the document I provided to him about the issue with my radio (GM Document ID#2661395).  He went around and around with me telling me the same thing he told me over the phone and seemed to not understand what I was asking him.  He then got one of the service managers involved and I had to go around and around with him as well.  Being in a service industry of equipment, I stated to the service manager that I understand that issues arise that usually can't be duplicated when it's time to fix the issue and that I wouldn't be wasting my time discussing and trying to explain this to him if it wasn't actually a problem. All in all, my issue with my radio is still not resolved and this was another very aggravating experience I've had with Steve Moore Chevrolet's service department.  I don't think this situation or my last situation dealing with my alignment is a good example of good customer service and I will no longer be bringing my car or doing any other business with Steve Moore Chevrolet.

Kenny B. | 2014-06-11

Went in for a recall, and came out with my car washed as well.  I didn't even notice until later that day that the outside of my car had apparently been cleaned.

Melissa D. | 2014-04-26

The customer service at Steve Moore was amazing! I came to Steve Moore after a disappointing experience with another Chevy dealership. I felt like the staff at Steve Moore were simply good people, from Ray or sales guy to the finance manager. I shopped around and we got a good deal from Steve Moore as well. They were great at answering my questions and we're very patient with me and took a lot of time with me. They were never pushy. They even charged my phone for me and drove the vehicle to my home for me. I will be a customer for life.

Krista W. | 2014-02-18

This is the BEST dealership!  I  will never use any other salesperson than Doug Franks.  He takes the time to understand all of your needs and recommend the perfect vehicle to solve them.  He is knowledgeable and is able to answer any and all questions.

Russ L. | 2013-09-03

Got a direct call from the dealership and spoke to a nice guy. I appreciate the customer focus - they are back on my good list now :) thanks!

Josha R. | 2013-07-20

These guys are the BEST - so helpful and not pushy at all. It was the easiest car buying decision in my life. The Chevy Volt is really an easy sell anyway. Ask for Ralph. Say Josha sent ya.

Chris D. | 2013-06-11

(6/11/13) Well my Passat GLX threw the dreaded Alternator Workshop code about a week ago. I ordered a new alternator from & made an appointment with Jim Guido to have the car serviced.
I drove over to Steve Moore wondering if the car was going to die on the way over. According to posts made about this trouble code that were posted to VW forums, the amount of time where the car actually functioned seemed very minimal. Anyhow the car made it just fine. The repair job was estimated at half a day so I left the car with them. Keith, the shuttle driver, gave me a ride back to the house. I had briefly seen Ken but again he deigned to notice me. I asked after his leg & he said he was fine. Whatever...

So Jim texted me that the car would be ready around 4pm. My wife went up there with a friend around 5pm and they were just finishing up. To be fair they also had to replace a belt. THe car is fine & my wife is happy, truly a winning combination.

Alicia D. | 2013-05-10

After my most recent experience, I thought it was necessary to rewrite my review. My 2007 Chevy Equinox LT overheated last week as I was on my way to New York to visit family. As soon as the engine light came on, I pulled the vehicle over and turned it off. My dad was with me, thankfully, and looked under the hood to see if he could figure it out (he had checked the fluids before we left and every thing was fine before we left). What we realized was is that the fans that cool the engine were not turning on, leading to the vehicle overheating. We were able to get the vehicle home after letting it cool and then not turning on the AC and the temperature seemed to be okay enough. The next day, we dropped it off at Steve Moore Chevrolet to have them take a look. They called the next day to let me know that it was a blown head gasket that would cost $1,900 to fix (yikes!!). They asked if we would be interested in trading the vehicle in, and we said we would entertain a quote for trade in. They then told me that the vehicle was only worth $3,500 because they would not be able to sell it and would have to auction it off. Another reason for the low quote was that if they fixed the vehicle, with a blown head gasket, it would be more likely that something else would go wrong. Might I just say, this is a 6 year old vehicle. So, my husband and i had to make a decision. After discussing the $1,900 quote, we decided to call around to some other shops to get a quote on replacing the head gasket for my vehicle. The Shop at 160 (Fort Mill) quoted us $900 ($1,000 savings), we decided to take it there, after paying SMC another $98.50 for their diagnostic test. We told the Shop at 160 what had happened, and what Steve Moore Chevrolet told us was wrong and needed fixing. They said they would do a compression test to be sure, and would give us a call. A few hours later, they called to tell us that the compression test came back normal - no head gasket issues. NO HEAD GASKET ISSUES! Instead, the issue was the fuse box needed to be fixed (a $500 problem). We had them replace the fuse box, and now my car works great. I am so disappointed in Steve Moore Chevrolet, they misdiagnosed the issue and they are supposed to be the Chevy experts, were going to charge me a astronomical amount to "fix" the problem, and they offered me a terrible quote on my vehicle. Oh, I forgot to mention. We test drove a 2012 Equinox that we saw online for ~$24k and the sales guy told me the vehicle price was $29k, but they were going to reduce it to $24k just for me... yet the internet price already said $24k. Needless to say, we will not be buying another vehicle or getting any vehicles fixed at Steve Moore Chevrolet any more.

I bought my vehicle from Vince a few years ago and it has been a fairly good experience whenever I need my car serviced. I had some issues with them in regards to my warranty each time I came in, but besides that it has been great. Kenny is one of my favorite shop guys to work with, he really makes me feel like he has got my back. They get me in quick, provide me with a complimentary vehicle while they work on my car, and touch base with me each day to give me an update. Most recently, they were able to get my issue covered fully under warranty, saving me $1,200 AND gave me a car to use for 2.5 days while they worked on my car. It was awesome and they really put me at ease for a situation that could have been really stressful. Thanks Steve Moore Chevrolet!

Michelle S. | 2013-03-20

I had a wonderful experience with Steve Moore Chevrolet. William Villamil was great; very knowledgeable and also very receptive to what I was looking for. The entire process went very smoothly and quickly, something I definitely value when looking for a new car!

Steve S. | 2012-11-03

*UPDATE* - The service manager at Steve Moore saw my review below, and he called me to discuss my experience.
I found out that the moron that I used to deal with there is no longer employed by them.  Plus, the manager ordered my dashboard  compartment door and told me that if I come in to have it installed, they'll do it at no charge.
I went back to Steve Moore this week, and I was happy to see quite a few new faces in the service dept.  The guy (Mark) that helped me did a great job, and I was relieved that I didn't have to explain the situation.  I signed a zero-dollar invoice and was on my way after the work was done.
My faith in this dealership has been renewed, as it appears they are trying to improve their service dept.  I'll give them another chance.

I purchased a 2011 Chevy Equinox from Steve Moore in June 2011.  In one year, a door seal malfunctioned, forcing me to bring it in with water leaks when it rained, and the dashboard compartment (cheap plastic) broke.  This review isn't about the vehicle, though.
I brought it in to have the wiper blades replaced and the dashboard compartment door replaced.  They use a new type of wiper that is a dealer part, so I had no choice.  The service rep told me my car was ready, and took me to the cashier, who charged me over $100 for the wiper blades (2 front + one rear).  I asked why there was nothing on the paperwork about the compartment door; I was informed that the part must be ordered, and it will cost almost $300.  This is a piece of plastic that is worth about $1.75.  Again, not their issue.  The service rep never said anything to me about ordering the door prior to me asking her while at the cashier.  Then, she said it will take 3-5 days.
Two weeks later I called her to find out why I have heard nothing about my $300 piece of plastic; they completely forgot to order it.

Richard Z. | 2012-08-17

Just leased a Chevy Volt from Steve Moore Chevrolet and it was one of the best sales experience ever. It was so easy, no haggling, no hidden fees, no lies (unlike Randy Marion Chevrolet where they lie and try and rip you off). My sales rep was Alan Heidenreich who was just a nice honest man. Alan was so easy to deal with and all my iteractions with this dealer have been professional and personal. My sales inquiry came through the e-commerce (email) and Alan responded and he just happened to be the Volt expert at the dealer. I can't say enough about how professional and personal the experience was. I HIGHLY recommend this dealership and Alan Heidenreich