Scott Clark Honda in Charlotte, NC

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Scott Clark Honda is the premier Honda dealer of Charlotte NC. Scott Clark Honda of Charlotte is honored by its faithful clientele and dedicated to top quality customer service.

This Charlotte Honda dealer is full of Honda experts with a committed Honda sales staff with many years of experience satisfying our customers' inquiries and automotive needs. Browse our thorough Scott Clark Honda's inventory online, request more information about vehicles, set up a test drive or inquire about financing!


Established in 2011.

Scott Clark has been in the Toyota business in Charlotte since 1972. Scott Clark Toyota is the largest volume automotive dealer in the Carolina's. We brought that same level of great customer service to the Honda market and look forward to serving you.

Scott Clark Honda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(704) 535-4444
Address:7001 E Independence Blvd, Charlotte, NC, 28227
  • Monday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 12:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Scott Clark Honda

Ram K. | 2015-03-22

Extraordinary customer service is all I can say.
Just got a crv from them today and let me tell you, right from Sales guy J.R to the General Manager J.B,  they take personal care and work with you based on your financial situation. I had some unpleasant experiences in the past with dealerships and these guys made just the opposite. ...a  very pleasant experience.

I like to write short and crisp here it goes..

Honda is a great car brand. These guys make it better.

Melody O. | 2015-03-18

Rudest Staff Ever

Ashlyn answers the phone like she is doing you a favor.  Return phone calls non existent.  Looking to pay CASH for a car and they just aren't interested.

Kim H. | 2015-03-02

After months of searching for a car,  my boyfriend and I became very interested in purchasing a used Honda from a private seller. However, since we are novice car buyers, we knew we needed to get a Pre-Purchase Inspection done to ensure that we are aware of all potential issues. What better place to get it done than a Honda dealership, we reasoned, since surely the mechanics there would have thorough and expert knowledge of Hondas.

So we called Scott Clark Honda. The employee who answered said that we could get a free Multi-Point Inspection, but then he realized that we needed a Pre-Purchase Inspection (which is supposed to be far more thorough so that there are no surprises after purchasing the vehicle). We set up an appointment with Service Advisor Scott Hall, who told us that during the inspection, the car would be examined with a "fine-tooth comb" to find flaws (meant metaphorically). Even though the Multi-Point Inspection was free, we felt that $95 for the Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) would be well worth the peace of mind it would provide. He told us to "ask for Scott" when we arrived.

We set off to the dealership this morning. Scott said he recognized us from the phone call and checked us in. He said that the inspection would be able to tell us whether the car was worth buying. So my boyfriend and I waited in the waiting room and joked about the technician somehow missing the very obvious problems about the car that we had already noticed (such as the windshield wiper fluid not spraying at all, the missing rear wiper arm, the two missing rear headrests, the water in the trunk, & the interior light not turning on). We laughed because we knew that would be impossible--Scott had promised that the car was going to be inspected with a "fine tooth comb"!

But we shouldn't have been so sure. After an hour, Scott told us that the inspection was complete. He gave us a piece of paper titled "Multi-Point Vehicle Health Check," said that the car looked good overall and pointed out that the car needed an oil change, new filters, and the tires might need replacing at some point. We waited for him to continue...but he stopped there. So we pointed out all the blatant problems with the car that we had noticed previously. Scott said, "Okay, let me ask the technician to check out those problems and give you a price on the missing headrests and the wiper." He talked to technician for a minute and came back, telling us that it wouldn't take long.

So we went back to the waiting room, feeling incredulous. How could a Pre-Purchase Inspection cost $95 when it was exactly the same thing as the free Multi-check inspection, plus a test drive? Where was the super thorough "fine tooth comb" inspection we were promised? How could we have confidence in the car, knowing that the technician had overlooked so many issues? Maybe Scott forgot to tell us about all of the other things that the technician had checked.

When Scott  returned, I asked him if I could see a checklist of what was completed. I pointed out that on their site, it said that all of their used cars had been given a 150-Point Inspection (clearly, the vehicle I was buying wasn't from them, but the Pre-Purchase Inspection service must be at least a little similar to the 150-Point Inspection, right?), and I requested to see a checklist of everything that was examined during the PPI.

Scott said that the Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection was the only checklist of things the technician had examined. I pointed out that this was the exact same checklist that they used for the free Multi-Point Inspection, and asked what the difference was between that and the PPI. He said that the technician had test-driven the car. My boyfriend pointed out that the technician had missed many, many problems with the car. "What do you want me to do?" asked Scott. I noted that the PPI provided no reassurance to us at all, and we honestly felt no better off than before the inspection. "I can take off the charge," offered Scott reluctantly.

Since one of our major concerns about the car was the engine, we asked for a compression test to be completed (with great doubts, considering the quality of service provided thus far). We were quoted $50. Then we waited again. Scott came back early to ask for the receipt he had given me earlier, so he could take off the charge. He returned again later when the car was ready. He said that the PPI and the compression test would be free. Though we did appreciate this, it felt like we would've been far better off going ANYWHERE else to get the PPI done, and we shouldn't really have been charged anyways.

TL;DR If you're looking for a used car, do NOT get a Pre-Purchase Inspection done here. They will NOT do a thorough job (at all). And perhaps you could extrapolate my experience and not get any services done here at all, if you can help it.

Kweku U. | 2015-02-27

I have had decent experiences in the past with my car servicing. Nothing to really write a review about, but I've felt positive about them maintaining my car.

They've lost my business as a direct result of their sales department. I received a call that they were trying to get newer models off of the lot and were willing to consider buying back my 09 Accord EX-L to get me in a 2012 EX Model. At the end of the day, the numbers didn't really work out for both sides, which is fine. The first salesman, George, was very polite and engaging, working as hard as he could to get me the best deal possible.

Then they brought out the closer. Genetically this guy was an asshole, so I can't put too much blame on him. At this point they may have been very desperate to get the car off the lot and started selling ideas that seemed like snake-oil. I decided I would need to take some time to make a decision if these new factors they brought in were real. I wanted to confirm feasibility and really analyze the long-term effects on my finances since this wasn't anything I'd planned out (they called me the day before to come in). It looked like this "closer" wasn't reaching his number and decided to take it out on me. He ended by offering an out-of-this-world price for my old model, saying I wasn't driving the car off the lot that day anyway and slamming the pen down. This was after I'd made my intentions and current situation clear for about an hour. I have a car, it's paid off, it runs fine, and I'm not desperate to start paying for a new one.

I've been giving my business to this company since I moved to Charlotte and don't need to come back after getting treated like this. They maintain Hondas everywhere, guys. I hope you hire better humans in the future. As for George, keep doing you, you were great.

Asma A. | 2015-02-13

Bought a brand new car from here---- 1st time Honda owner--- (Yes, even I, myself, was shocked about ending up with this, but if I honestly felt like I could get a better deal, even at the luxury car dealerships where I have been going for years, I would not have signed the deal!)

I worked with Demario and Kevin and I truly feel that I got the best deal I could possibly get---
Simply put:
I did plenty of research, spoke to many dealerships, and this one by far gave me the best deal..

Actually, I told them I wanted this car over the phone, two days later, I drove 3.5 hours, and they kept my car in the back where no one could find it! Literally, no joke it took them 15 minutes to find the car!
:-) *how awesome is that??* if you are in the sales business or know anything about salesmen, you know that all they care about is making sales and getting in their numbers! This place, they care about customers, they care about being honest and making sure you are 100% satisfied! Which come to think of it, is beyond awesome-- how many times do you go to a dealership saying you want this particular car and you will come see it and how many times do you actually go in and sign the deal at that dealership--- they did take a big risk on holding the car for me until I showed up!

Moreover, they were patient with me when it came to signing all the documents as I kept on going back and fourth with which option I wanted. Even after I signed my deal, I was like umm wait can we do this instead--- and behold, they did it! They really did want me to pleased with my purchase and I was!

My advise: Don't bother with other dealerships-- Scott Clark Honda KEPT THEIR WORD and their end of the deal... they did not sell the car I wanted (it was the ONLY and LAST one on the lot)... they were just amazing...

If you want a Honda, come here-- work with Demario and tell him ASMA A. SENT YOU! he will cut to the chase with the best deal he possibly he (there is nothing in it for me --- I am not affiliated with them and I have already bought my car-- but they did tell me that if someone comes in saying I sent them, they would give them a great deal!

Shannon R. | 2015-02-03

I wish I could give them a -100.  DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO WITH THIS BUSINESS!!!!

We came in with TWO cars to trade for one new one. We arrived about 3pm, and when we were close to buying, we did not like the terms offered. We asked for our keys back so we could leave, over and over- they would not give us our keys!! Can you say illegal action and false imprisionment? They kept negotiating! Finally at 11 pm, they offered us better terms and a maintenance package.

A few weeks later, they "refinanced" at a higher interest rate.....

We came in for our first service.... Guess what? No maintenance plan either!!!!

It has now been 2 + years and the maintenance plan has never materialized- costing us huge $$$$$ whenever we go to service the car!!!!

This dealership lies and cheats-run away!!!!! Do not service or buy a car from this business!!! I'm filing a BBB complaint as well- sick of this garbage!

Olivian F. | 2015-02-01

DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM THIS HONDA DEALERSHIP LOCATION if you are a loyal Honda client!!! Here's why... 1st of all, they have a 2013 Honda CR-V advertised on online  special that "apparently" sold before I arrived to the dealership. The sales consultant quickly guided me and test drove other CR-V's on the lot. ( Keep in mind..I worked all day and stopped by Honda straight after work) . After test driving 2 cars we finally went inside to talk deals. At first, I was willing to pay flat out cash for a Honda CR-V until I was quickly awaken on what 13,000 would buy me. ( 2007 Honda CR-V w/ over 100,000 miles!) I was coached into investing more money in order to get a Honda CR-V /less miles. (We're talking 7,000 more!) Anyways long story shorten... At this location, there is no meet me half way on a deal! It's all about every car I looked at is OVER PRICED. I thought, I was a valued customer. I brought a car from them 10 years ago and referred 2 clients who purchased cars. Ooo yeah, the sales consultants do this tag team sales thingy. Instead of dealing with one sales consultant, you may have up to 3 sales reps hounding you to buy! ( I felt bad for the client who had 3 sales reps persuing them to buy a car) while other reps walked by with a smirky grin on their faces. I will be taking my business to another dealership. I'm glad I read this reviews, it confirmed what I had suspected all alone. # BS

Will R. | 2014-12-23

Leased a '14 Pilot from Scott Clark in Nov of 2013.  At the one year mark of the lease, decided I was way over my mileage limit, so decided to stop by the dealer and discuss my options.  Received the typical grossly overpriced new pilot offer, and what's worse, tried to tell me that I HAD to go through them if I wanted to buy out the lease on my current Pilot.  I wasn't so sure about this, so I called Honda Leasing direct and they informed me that was not true, as I just needed to get a loan and make the payoff amount that was shown on my monthly statement.  Not only did Scott Clark lie to me about this, but they also tried to tack on excessive charges/fees if I was to buy the lease through them.  NOT an honest dealership!

A L. | 2014-08-16

My bf and I went here to look bc our cars are getting pretty old and need some work.  I made sure to reiterate I was just looking and not in a rush to buy anything.  I also made it a point that I had to be somewhere by a certain time (which was a good 2.5 hours from then).  They were extremely pushy and evasive, ie wouldn't tell us trade in value, wouldn't tell us the actual price of the cars we were looking at..  We tried to get info on financing and they couldn't tell us jack, but kept pushing us to fill out paperwork and test drive cars.  We finally had to leave  or risk being Late for our event.  Even though we had already told them about our prior engagement, they completely changed their demeanor and became extremely rude.  We still both each need cars, but sure as heck aren't coming back here ever again

Jonathan Y. | 2014-08-14

Traded my 2012 Honda CRV, for a brand new 2014 Honda Pilot Touring. Arrived at Scott Clark Honda on July 26th at 10am. To view a car from online but when we arrived the car was supposedly have been sold the night before. We did find another pilot we were interested in. The wife and I decided to get this other pilot. Paperwork and all was a breeze and the sales associates were nice. The wife and I Did not get off there lots until 6 pm that evening. We were too excited about the new car.

Today August 14th we got a call from Jay Kumar the finance guy telling us that the finance loan did not go through and for us to return the car we bought from them. I could understand if it was 2-3 days but after 3 weeks? Considering that the payment for our trade in CRV is now past due. And after pulling my wife and my credit score so many times and submitting it to banks, it has drastically lowered our credit score. They even called us to come in to finalize paper work 3 days before this incident and was basically tossed around because the finance guys were on vacation or out that day. Why schedule to come in that day if they were not going to be there. Right?  Let alone we made the 4 hour round trip that day and also even called off work to get this resolved but still nothing.

In my opinion this place needs to be shut down or some of the people there needs to be let go. I see this as a spot delivery scam and a switch and bait scheme. People please don't buy from them. Good thing they haven't sold my CRV and was able to retrieve it. Wasted my time! Most of it was my GAS. I even got my CRV back with an empty tank. BBB has already been notified. Will not recommend them to anyone.

PS. Would have been nice of them to compensate me for my time but not even an offer or an apology.

Mad Upset Customer

Dru T. | 2014-07-30

I called them in order to sell my quality car to them. They said they were interested in my car and took the time to get all the details about my car including my phone number and my email and they promised to give me a purchase quote within an hour on the same day. On the next day I received an email from the president with mention of what I car I would like to buy from them. I emailed him saying I wanted to SELL my car as I was moving out of the country and did not need to buy any cars. Then I received a phone call from their dealership and the person who called me did not speak at all, just kept silent even after repeated hellos. Whe I called them back they said they understood I wanted a quote to SELL MY CAR yet they kept asking what kind of car I wanted. What a ridiculous company! AVOID AT ALL COSTS! This is what is SERIOUSLY wrong with the USA and this is one of the reasons (in addition to chemtrailing and the 9/11 inside job, the staged events etc.) that I am moving out, SOON and FAST! Therefore SCOTT CLARK HONDA gets - NO stars and is NOT RECOMMENDED!

Jeff H. | 2014-06-17

I expected more from a established high volume dealership.

Previously purchased pre-owned certified Honda accord 2011' from Scott Clark Honda. Regularly had it serviced only at this dealership. Manufacturer recommends oil change in 5k intervals. I had it done every 3k, had transmission fluid flushed, not exchanged, etc. One of my  hobbies is auto detailing, so the car was cleaner than when I bought it from them....Immaculate inside and out!!! Even the swirls & scratches on the paint that I received the car with had been polished out.
Car was still under warranty.
Went shopping for a newer 14' model accord V6.
This dealership offers a trade up vehicle exchange program advertising
                  "Above Market Value For Your Vehicle".
I am not naive. I only expected market (trade) value for my car. Even in fair condition price range, I would have accepted a reasonable offer....NOT HERE!

Drove about a mile down Independence Blvd to Carmax. Was offered (+) $1,300.00 more than Scott Clark Honda offered. Didn't buy anything there but wound up at Hendrick BMW where I received (+) $1,500.00 more than Scott Clark Honda offered. Although I have always owned and love Honda,
I am now the proud owner of 2013 BMW 328i.

The devil is in the details...

The price quote that I originally received (online) from Scott Clark Honda was their so called "e-Price". I came in with my own financing (that's a no,no for them).

Hmmm...I wonder if I was paying straight up cash, would they have honored their own "e-Price".

Stu S. | 2014-06-16

Several months ago, one of their key sales personnel convinced me that it would be worth my while to check out a recent model preowned car that I was interested in. I would even get the advertised $25 gift card in return, to make it even more worth the trip. So, my wife and I decided to add the stop to a Charlotte trip. And it was not a good experience. I took a test drive, and was very pleased with the car and sales person. After an hour's worth of negotiation, I was told that I had a deal.......but, a short time later, I was told that I needed to add another $300 to the pot. Actually, this would still have been a good deal. But I now felt that the final decision maker (manager?) was not being as loyal as the staff I had been spending time with and respected. So, I decided not to buy and left in very friendly spirits. I was not angry, because I had other cars I could buy at a good price elsewhere,
      However, before I left, I asked for the $25 gift card. The manager seemed surprised, but in a cold manner, told the sales person to take down my address. It would be in the mail. 4 months later, I am still waiting. Apparently, a sincere effort---but no buy----loses you the gift card (as opposed to the internet statement). I just thought that I would add this experience to the other "less than glowing" ones on YELP.

Knows F. | 2014-05-28

What can I say about this place... I had some service on just replacing  2 O-Rings for the power steering pump.  You would have thought the service tech was getting a percentage on the diagnosis as I specifically said I don't want it don't need it.  The guy was so annoyed I declined the diagnosis and didn't agree to what he wanted to do.   I was very confident what I needed to be done.   This place sucks but what can you do when it's your only service station close by.  Just really left annoyed that the service tech was trying to have a disagreement with me.  What happened to the customer is always right motto.  Not to mention I had the labor cost prior to going but apparently they had to make the money elsewhere to compensate the decline for the diagnosis.  Service tech you SUCK BIG DUNKIN DONUTS!

David S. | 2014-05-17

Took my brother's car here for warranty tire repair.  I was never told the problem or any communication.  I was just told that it was done and a tire had been patched.  A little more communication from the staff would be helpful.

William F. | 2014-04-17

Here has been my experience buying  with Scott Clark Honda so far.

I asked the salesman (who was less than friendly) about seeing some cars in the 8-9,000 dollar range. They showed me some junk; I mean junk with over 150,000 miles on it. So, I test drove a car that I liked and didn't worry about the price. I ended up paying $16,000 for it. That's not their fault, but I think this dealership is over-priced.

Then, it came time for the paperwork. This was agonizing. I wanted to punch the sales manager in the face. I felt rushed the whole time. Nothing was explained to me, and he demanded that I call my insurance company immediately while he continued to talk at me.  I couldn't hear anything with him talking and had to call back a few times. It was painful.

Here is the worst part. The finance person was a nice, friendly guy. He got me a loan for 2.93 percent interest. I think it should have been 0 percent since many dealerships advertise that, but I guess anything under 3 percent is good. The agreed-upon price for the car was $16,000. However, my final contract came in at over a whopping $21,000! How could this have happened, I asked myself. Over $5,000 more than the car price?

So, once I got home, I reviewed the sales agreement. $800 for a maintenance plan I didn't ask for, $2,000 dollars for an extended warranty I did not ask for, and over $1,600 dollars in taxes!? Hell no.

So, once the required documentation was received to register my car (which was two days late making me drive illegally), I went to the tag and registration office with that big $1,600 dollars for the taxes (they told me that I would not have to do this and my tag and registration would be mailed to me).  It turns out they over charged me over $600 for the taxes.

Anyway, I canceled my maintenance contract, canceled my extended warranty (since it is supposed to already have one as a certified pre-owned), and await for these and the tax over payment to be applied to my lienholder. All of these cancellation monies go to the dealership directly, and they are supposed to send it to my lienholder, which I pray happens. It has been over a month and nothing has been credited to my account. Every time I call, no one answers or I am routed around to people who either don't answer or can't figure out what I am talking about. I am still trying to get in contact with them to see if my over $3,000 will be credited back to my account.

Find another place to buy a car. Buyer beware big time.

Paul C. | 2014-03-21

No . . . just no. My sister takes her vehicles here and just raves about their service. So when I bought her Pilot and there was a little rattle in the lift gate I took it here to have it fixed before I brought it back to Florida. I made and appointment for 9:30 and dropped it off on time. I was told they would call me in a couple of hours and let me know what was going on. 4 hours later no call so I call them, they take my number and tell me they'll call me right back. An hour later still no call back so I call them again . . the girl tries to get my number again but given their record (or lack thereof) on calling me back I tell her I'll wait for her to find someone. A few minutes later someone comes on to tell me that they still haven't gotten around to even looking at it. I lose it a little bit and thank them for confirming everything I ever thought about dealership service centers I make it very clear that I am not happy and for them to just never mind and I'll come and get my vehicle. Her response to my unhappiness was to say . . . 'ok'. When my sister learns  what has happened she calls them up and begins the conversation with 'I've bought cars from you I've been a customer for 12 years and I am not happy.' This sets off a flurry of activity, the Pilot gets fixed in the time it takes to drive to the dealership for free and my sister gets a free oil change. I understand taking care of regular customers but dang. Call me crazy but I don't think you should have to be a long term customer to get your vehicle fixed. So the service guy mutters something about sorry about the miss-communication about needing the vehicle back (what, he thought I was giving it to them??) shakes my sisters hand and gives my sister a free oil change. Apparently the guy who couldn't get his vehicle fixed is still just a potted plant in the room. Funny thing is, I visit my sister a LOT I could have used them for my service when I was there. I could have been one of those regular customers that they, apparently, take such good care of but after this I won't set foot in the place.

Amanda E. | 2013-09-26

I could not believe the way we were treated at Scott Clark Honda!! We are new in the area and decided to go there based on good reviews. My husband and I are pretty educated salespeople and we know to how spot the "games". The people we worked with here played games, completely WASTED our time and LIED to us!
We came in a few weeks ago looking for a inexpensive used vehicle as a commuter car. On our way out to the used car lot, the sales guy pointed to a Brand New Honda for lease. We told him that it wouldn't be in our price range. (We were not going to get ripped off and leave paying more than what we planned on). He was very new and persistent that it could work so he asked his manager. We never showed much interest in it but he did it anyway. He came back and said that with our requested monthly payment + down payment that it would work. We just need to test drive it first before we talk numbers. (That was the 2nd dealership that day and we had our 2 yr old in tot with us.) We made it very clear that our time is valuable and that we didn't want to waste time on a car we couldn't get. They insisted again that it would be right in our price range per month to do a lease on the new car. So we took a test drive and after patiently waiting (already been there almost 2 hrs+) they came back saying it would be $200+ OUT OF OUR RANGE! It wasn't even close to what we stated previously! We were SO frustrated that they had lied to us to initially get us to take the test drive in hopes that we would form an emotional attachment with this new vehicle to scratch our original plan and leave paying WAY more than we could afford. Let alone the sales guy was dissing on our first car that we own with out even knowing we owned it. Nice one dude. It's one thing to try to sale new or expensive cars to people (it's a dealership we get it) but to ignore the customers and then LIE to us is NOT ok.
Another sales guy (assuming the new guys' boss) came out and tried to stop us from leaving. He played dumb wondering what had gone wrong. Yet we know he was really the puppet master behind the new guys tactics. We had watched the new guy go the his managers several times to figure out how to handle such "difficult" people like ourselves. Let me tell you coming in friendly but knowing what we want and sticking to it must have been so hard to handle. We don't blame the new guy. Selling is hard. It's the guys above him that pulled the strings is what concerns me about the business as a whole.
The manager then stated he could do the monthly payment with the agreed $7k down. We told them $2k max from the very start. Never had $7k come up in the conversation. We left immediately and will never set foot there again.

Buyer beware! I would NOT go there unless you want to waste time, play games and then probably get screwed over in the process.

Lee Ann D. | 2013-07-17

Absolutely the WORST!!! I wasted over 3 1/2 hours of my time here a few weeks ago - i was looking to get into a new car and all they seemed to want to do was talk and play games- I was trading in my older vehicle and they kept going back and forth on what they would give me it was amazing how they went from $3200 to $4700 this was all after they sat there and essentially told me my car was worthless and not of any value and that they would have to auction the car off because it was not worthy of re-sale - in the time we were there never once did they offer a glass of water or show us where the restrooms are they just didn't care or value the future partnership the actual dealership is so run down and gross they really need to do a remodel of the place - I purchased my New car at Hendrick Honda the next day and had a much better experience!! If i could give this place a zero i would. Never Ever will i send anybody here and if anyone ever says they are thinking of going there i will make sure they don't.

Elaine M. | 2013-06-25

I was not impressed with their email etiquette/ web experience which ultimately made me not want to do business with them. I had visited this dealership several months before I was ready to buy to check out the Honda CRV.  When I was ready to buy  I requested quotes online through and received emails from a few different salesmen of the same dealership.  A  generic email was sent with headings that started with "Dear (Your Name ). " I received an email like this from the general manager. Someone hadn't taken the time to fill in my name correctly into the generic email. I would also get emails that would just say "When are you coming in?"  The email wasn't addressed to me and there was no greeting. This coming from a salesman trying to "earn" my business.

I've also tried using the chat function on the Scott Clark website. I had a simple question. The person I chatted with said they couldn't answer my question. She instead took my number/email and said a salesman would get back to me. Instead of answering my question, I got the generic email saying they wanted to earn my business. I tried this twice, with two different people on chat and got the same result and no answer.

Web experience wise, it would be helpful to be able to look at information on your site without having to close the chat or coupon pop-ups  every 30 sec.

Rod O. | 2012-12-15

When this Honda Dealership switched Owners (to Scott Clark) I was ready to find a new place to get my Honda (Hogasaurus Chimpedout Limo) Serviced!  Each time I was here I was more impressed and they have kept so many of the employees that I like and got rid of the few that I did not like as much!

Twice I have needed a repair and the part was under warantee so they fixed it at NO cost!!!  I bought this Honda (new 2000 year) in October1999 and it has 220,000 plus miles!  It has been:  shot twice, hit by other cars three times, and booed off stage four times and is still crazy after all these years, I would know!

Having your Car Serviced at a Dealership seems like a Conflict of Interest... yet they seem to like their reputation for KEEPING their Cars on the road for a long time!!!

Steve S. | 2012-10-14

We decided to get a Honda accord or an Altima. I go into Scott Clarks on 10-13-12 to see if the Honda is really what we want. We just wanted to look at the Honda accord. A nice salesperson came to assist, he asked us to fill out a form wanted all my info with my phone number.  I told him first I wanted to see an Accord and if that's what we want I'll be happy to give all the info. He went and got his manager Kris, his tag said finance manager. He was really pressuring us to give him all of out info, I tld him the same thing I told the sales guy. He was so persistent and highly pressuring, I decided to leave and come back when he was gone, I asked the first salesperson for a card, Kris the manager said " No, not until we get his info first!"

We left, I have been in sales for 25 years, I have not and will never treat a potential customer that way. We went to the Volkswagon dealer and the Acura dealer after that and it was a non pressure enviroment and a very pleasant experience.

I really want to buy the Accord Scott Clark is the closest to my house, but I'm being forced to go to South Blvd to buy the car.

STAY AWAY from this place at all cost, It is a miserable experience.

Chad E. | 2012-03-19

I know I'm getting old when I know not what Scott Clark Honda used to be (Crown Honda), but what they used to be before that (La Pointe). Whatever the case, they are now Scott Clark Honda, and while they are significantly smaller than their larger brother (Scott Clark Toyota), they do seem to be breathing a bit of life back into the place - Crown had beaten them down a bit, and they are now hopping a bit.

While shopping for cars is rarely pleasant, the staff here at Scott Clark does a reasonable job of making it a decent process. They do put on a bit of a press while you are looking, and it can be tough to avoid them since they do not have a large lot like say CarMax, but they are friendly. The finance staff is reasonably friendly as well, and worked to get our tag transferred from the old vehicle via emailing of registration receipts.

The only real downfall is that it takes so long - we stopped in, knowing what we wanted, negotiated a price, paid in cash (well, with a check) and it still took over 3 hours from start to finish. I get that there are hoops to jump through and that not all of them are their fault. I understand that they want to get everything done so that the vehicle looks right as you drive it off the lot. I even get that they are getting things going in a new location. But there is no way that it should take that long.

Unfortunately, the service department is really, really lacking. It's great that you can make an appointment online. Love it, in fact. However, when we arrived, we pulled into the service bay, and promptly wandered around - no one seemed particularly interested in helping. Finally we dropped off the car and were assured it would be ready by lunchtime. Nice, and faster than expected (other than no one actually stepping up to help us).

The problem is that I made an appointment two weeks in advance for servicing a recall issue: Two, in fact. You'd think that two weeks would be plenty of time to figure out if the parts were in stock (or not). Apparently it's not. Nearly an hour after we left, we received a call to tell us that there was a mechanical issue that they could take care of while the car was there - but the recall couldn't be taken care of. Really? After I told them we could pick it up shortly, they miraculously found the parts after all.

When we did pick up the car, again no one was around to help in the service bay. And while we aren't sticklers about washing our car, most places that provide service will wash it - it even says so on the junk mail they send "free car wash with service". Ours wasn't washed. If they're going to send junk mail, would be nice if they at least told the truth.

Sharif M. | 2011-11-30

First I hate to give them one star. Over all Scott Clark dealerships are awesome.

Second, I love to haggle.

I Was at the dealership today 11/30/2011. 10 pm. Deal was finalized. Sales manager  was Philip Stroup. He did give me a good deal but later must have got frustated with my haggling and getting mis informed from an accessory sales manager, who probably misunderstood me. He came up to me and I was  asked  to leave and said he did not want to sell me the car. Then he went to his station and had the nerve to yell to his guys " Get him out of here". What an unprofesional dealership staff. I feel there was some misunderstanding or cross cultural communication gap.Also I am sure Mr. Philip must had a long day with last day of the month. Still I did not deserved to be treated so badly by the Sales Manager. This was all done after the deal was finalized.

The salesmen are awesome and take care of the customer, The manager Philip also seemed nice and must have got frustated due to my haggling. Hey  this is car business,  Overall Scott Clark dealerships are awesome, I was looking forward to get my new car from them, as I always had good experience with their Toyota dealship. Maybe next time I will have better luck. Would like to add the salesman later called me to honour the deal and give me some freebie. I did not take it as I plan to talk to Mr. Scott Clark and will suggest him to train his managers in dealing with cross cultural customers with more patience and understanding.