Hendrick MINI in Charlotte, NC

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To be the benchmark MINI Motoring Cup facility in customer service, employee development and financial integrity

Hendrick MINI is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our MINI dealership has a great selection of new and used MINI cars. If you're searching for a new car, browse our inventory for the Cooper Hardtop, Cooper Coupe, Cooper Convertible, Cooper Clubman ,Cooper Countryman and many other MINI models. If you would like to test drive any of these models, come down to 6800 East Independence Blvd


Established in 2004.

We take pride in giving our customers a premium, memorable MINI Motoring experience. Our staff is fun, knowledgeable, professional and well trained.  When you do business with us, you will not only get the best pricing but the peace of mind that you are purchasing from an establishment founded on Respect, Integrity, Great teamwork, Honesty, and Trust. Not only is that the RIGHT way, its Mr. Hendrick's way.

Hendrick MINI

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(980) 365-8841
Address:7036 E Independence Blvd, Charlotte, NC, 28227
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Hendrick MINI

Wendy L. | 2015-04-25

I contacted Hendrick Mini through email and Lizzy contacted me with in 10 minutes. She ask me all the right questions and I decided to drive 2.5 hours to the dealership to look at a Mini All4. I was greeted by the Sales Manger Todd that was super nice. I told him who I was and what I wanted and he put me with Naomi and Patrick. They are both very professional and very helpful. We went on a test drive and I was ready to buy the car. They gave me an offer which wasn't exactly where I wanted my payments at. I told Patrick and he went and spoke to Todd and Todd made if happen. I would highly recommend this dealership to anyone in the market for a Mini. Ask for Patrick or Naomi if  you want a super sales experience

Rae M. | 2015-04-20

I recently purchased my second Mini Cooper from Hendrick Mini and my experience was exemplary! From the moment I entered the dealership to all my follow-ups Cody Martyna made me feel as if I was his number one priority. We had customized stripes added to our new Mini and Cody took his time to make sure our issues were handled and we were satisfied. Hendrick Mini has provided us with the best car buying, service and atmosphere that we could hope for. We will and have since recommend Hendrick Mini and Cody to everyone admiring our new ride!!

Wayne T. | 2015-04-14

I recently bought a new Mini Cooper from the Hendrick dealership in Charlotte.  It was a wonderful experience.  Having spent over 40 years in the automobile industry, I recognize quality service at its highest level.  Dustin Johnson and Cody Martyna exhibited the pinnacle of professional courtesy in handling my purchase.

James V. | 2015-03-27

These people have treated me so well I feel compelled to write this. The deal was done over the phone and through email (very convenient). I live out of town so the paid for a rental car for me to drive to Charlotte to pick up the car.

I was in and out in less than 90 minutes. They honored the letter of the deal and beyond.

Once I had the car home I had a very, VERY small issue. Nit picky really. But they did not see it that way. They were amazing. They drive me a loaner (three hours) took mine back to Charlotte then brought it back two days later.

They washed it. They vacuumed it. And left me with a full tank of gas!

That is Service.

Thank you Patrick and Christy!

Cheryl K. | 2015-01-30

I just purchased a Mini from Hendricks Mini.  It was by far the most pleasant car buying experience that I have ever had.

I knew from the moment the I entered the dealership, there was a difference.  I have the same feeling when I go into Trader Joes, The Fresh Market or Whole Foods.  I believe this feeling is that the employees are genuinely happy to be there.

I recommend that you purchase your next vehicle from Hendricks and make sure you ask for Logan.  Logan was very attentive during the transaction, and remains just a text or call away if I have any questions. Logan  Britt is awesome!!!

Sean D. | 2014-11-30

My wife and I recently went car shopping when our 2006 Mini Cooper required an expensive repair (cracked catalytic converter).  My wife loves Mini Coopers but was hesitant to buy another one given some of the repair issues we'd encountered since she bought her 2006 one.  Car shopping can be either very enjoyable or very stressful depending on the circumstances - in this case, it was extremely stressful because we weren't ready to purchase another car.  We had several choices: repair the 2006 Mini, buy a used Mini with less miles, buy a new Mini, or go with another car altogether.  None of these options was very appealing.

We started our car shopping at Hendrick Mini in Charlotte, NC.  In the past we've had excellent service from them whenever we need to take our 2006 Mini in for repairs or service, so as we were thinking of buying another Mini this was a logical choice.  Our salesperson was Cody Martyna, and this review is mainly focused on our interaction with him.  Perhaps most important to other Mini buyers, Cody owns an older-model Mini with easily over 200,000 miles; in other words, you're talking to another enthusiast who wants to hang on to his car.  He immediately understood our dilemma on whether to repair or get another Mini.

Cody easily spent 4 or 5 hours talking to us the first day and giving us test drives.  He is extremely pleasant to deal with (which I'll get more into later.) We didn't feel pressured, although I know he was trying to make a sale. By the end of the day, we hadn't reached a decision and left the dealership without deciding what we needed to do.

The next day we decided to car shop for a Honda Accord. (We've had very good experiences with Honda and Hendrick Honda. Yes, I guess we like Hendrick.) Um, we didn't quite have the experience we had with Cody.  Our salesperson was somewhat annoying. (At one point he told me I needed to drive faster in the test drive of the Accord.) We liked the Accord, but not necessarily the interaction with the salesperson.  After we left Hendrick Honda, my wife and I went back to Hendrick Mini to get some prices.

We told Cody we were only going to spend 15 minutes with him, which turned into another 6 hours. (I hope it is apparent how difficult the decision was in whether to get a new car or not.)  Cody was fantastic during the entire process.  He is low-key, doesn't pressure you, and has a great sense of humor.  Car buying is awful - AWFUL - because so often you get really poor salespeople.  This is not the case at Hendrick Mini at the time of this writing.  I observed the interactions of several other sales people with customers, and they all seemed great to work with. Cody, though, we were especially impressed with.

To conclude, we ended up buying a 2015 Mini Cooper S and could not be happier with our choice.  Everybody was wonderful to deal with at Hendrick Mini - we're fans of this dealership and the service department.  As far as sales, I highly recommend using Cody to choose your Mini.  (By the way, I plan to post this on several sites, so if you see this same review it is because I'm too lazy to write original reviews for each site.)expect duplication.)

Rob C. | 2014-07-30

Update: Hendrick Mini has resolved the issues! Christie, the Service Manager, took charge of the situation, listened to our concerns and took the necessary steps to address all of our concerns.

She had Mini step up and cover the majority of the expenses, but most importantly explained, in detail, what is happening with the Mini, based upon my wife's driving habits. She has saved this relationship, due to her quick response.

Barbara L. | 2014-07-29

I live in Thomasville, NC and drove to Charlotte for my Mini Convertible in March.  My Mini is my "drug of choice"!  I love driving her, when I sit in the seat it's almost like she wraps around me and prepares me for the open road.  After a stressful day at work, my Mini takes all my days worries away!  I had shopped the Internet for 12 months before I found my perfect Mini, went to a couple of Dealerships, but when I walked into Hendrick Mini in Charlotte I knew this is where I would buy my first Mini.  The Showroom is Beautiful?  The Inventory is great!  And you will be treated like you are the only customer they have!  Patrick & Jhoda took care of all my needs!

Julian W. | 2014-05-05

Working with Chris Land was by far the most exceptional sales experience I have had at a car dealership.  From the first day when I wandered in not knowing anything about MINIs, to the time I picked up my brand new car, he was attentive, helpful, kind, understanding, and most of all he treated me like a good friend.  He was not condescending or pushy, and did not seem like the kind of person who was just in it to make a sale - he really wanted to make the customer happy.  You could really tell he loved MINIs, and had a passion for the fun of driving these cool cars.  He was well informed with all the stats, features, and history of the car, and did a lot of educating me on all things MINI.  He was patient, and we test drove several cars to see what I liked the best.  He did a great job listening to what I was looking for, and helped guide me into the perfect car.  He also did a phenomenal job following-up, and has added a personal touch throughout the experience.  I cannot say enough great things about Chris!  MINI Hendrick's goal should be to have lots of "Chris's" with that same passion, friendliness, and general enthusiasm for the brand and the culture of MINI so that all their customers will get this kind of top-notch experience.  He should definitely get a big bonus or promotion or something -- and if you ever need any customers to vouch for him, I will volunteer!

To reiterate, working with Chris and the great staff at MINI Hendrick was a phenomenal experience.  It is very much breaking the mold of the awful experience that I thought buying a car had to be.  Over the course of my several visits, everyone was nice, enthusiastic, and it is just a cool place to spend some time!  Loved the snacks, cool atmosphere, gift shop, and fun attitude.  I love the car, and I enjoyed my experience, and I am already looking forward to my next MINI somewhere down the road!

Kim F. | 2014-01-21

I literally didn't have a yelp until I came to Hendrick MINI.

1 word, awesome. Every aspect. From the moment I walked in I felt safe, and genuinely cared about. My experience started easily on the phone making an appointment for a check engine light. When I came in Eric, my service advisor made me feel right at home.  They checked out what was wrong with my MINI and then went the extra step to bring me out to Justin (I think that was his name- also very very nice) and physically show me what was wrong with the car.

Most times you hear horror stories about nothing actually being wrong and being charged thousands to "fix" nothing. Being a female you always feel like they're out to get you because some of us (I know me at least) have not a clue how engines work. This was not the case at all at Hendrick MINI.

I had quite a bit of work to be done but the waiting room was comfortable, there were free beverages and snacks and I literally played Mario Cart while I waited. It doesn't get much better then this. All of the other staff I came in contact with was extremely sweet and warm. Although I hope my current MINI lasts forever this would be the first place I'd come to when buying another.

Thank you to all of the staff to making my experience wonderful!

Donnie H. | 2013-08-31

Very impressed with the Total experience! Cody was great, hearing about his personal Mini and that he had over 240k miles on it with a goal of reaching a million was the thing that won me over.  Once again very impressed with the relaxed purchasing atmosphere and great personal service.

Jeff G. | 2013-07-26

If you're done with the old experience of buying a car, it's time to visit Hendrick MINI. Salespeople wear jeans and t-shirts, are relaxed and inviting - heck, there's even a full-sized car hanging on the wall sideways! It was such a pleasant and cool experience. I had to wait a few weeks on just the car I wanted - and Hunter, my motoring assistant made sure I didn't settle for what was on the lot. Thanks Hunter! While I was waiting, I even went by the store a couple times to "test drive," since waiting was driving me crazy! From front door to the finance guy, it was all such a great experience. Between the awesomeness of the car itself and the buying experience, I have a new home!

Yi Z. | 2013-07-08

Good experience with Hendrick Mini for my sweet ICE BLUE.

Michelle S. | 2013-07-05

When I first purchased my car I would have given them one star. I actually use to tell people when they asked about my car that I would recommend a Mini to anyone except people who lived in the Charlotte Area because I hated Hendrick Mini. At one point they had a company event and forgot about my car and kept it for 2 days just because I needed a light bulb changed.

I am telling you all of this because they have really turned things around in my mind because of their service department. I get basically everything done there. The last 2 years the service has been impecable.

- The speed for which they complete my work is in half. I can now schedule an apt basically when ever I need to as opposed to waiting 2 weeks like before.

- They offer great service discounts via their newsletter (email) and on their website. With this coupons I'm paying the same as anywhere else for people who actually know and understand my car.

- They always tell me up front what the computer says needs to be done, and what they costs are. Even if somethign comes up they always inform me of the costs and how long things should take.

- As an added bonus the waiting room is comfortable. Wi-fi is now password protected and always works perfectly. They have a firdge with drinks and coffee always available.

I'm happy to say I can now recommend everyone in Charlotte to not only purchase a Mini but to get your car serviced at Hendrick Mini.

Richard W. | 2013-06-21

I've just purchased my first Mini, and my wife is awaiting the arrival of her 2nd.  Our advisor was Bryan, and we test drove almost every Mini model availble.  He helped us customize our vehicles to our liking, and made appropriate recommendations that we wouldn't have even considered had it not been for his knowledge of the product and promotions.  

We have experienced only the BEST from the Hendrick Mini dealer, and I will gladly refer any friend or family member to them for outstanding customer service, a top-notch product, and a highly qualified service department.

Joe M. | 2013-06-20

My wife and I both have Mini's from Hendrick...actually, we're both on our second each. The service is outstanding and top notch!

Leanne C. | 2011-09-14

After another troublesome time with my old 2007 MINI, her engine died. So, Hendrick MINI was there to help me. They really went over the top this time.

I got a temporary Cooper S for the couple of days my car was in the shop and then, three days later, when they found out the engine was busted, they helped me in trying to decide what to do. After punching the numbers, it wasn't going to be worth replacing the engine so Bryan A (one of the Motoring Advisors) helped appraise my MINI and put together numbers so I could afford to purchase a new one.

Everyone at MINI was incredibly helpful. The manager was so helpful and did everything he could to keep my payment in the affordable range and guide me to making the right choice on down payments/insurances. I truly felt like they cared more about me than securing a sale or shoving me out the door.

And on top of EXCELLENT service at an EXCELLENT location, my 2011 MINI Cooper S is such a fantastic car. Zippy, easy to park, stylish and gas efficient. I highly recommend them ;)

Flavio D. | 2010-04-24

I bought my Mini Cooper S from Hendrickson Mini in December/07.  t was one of the best car-purchasig experiences I had, and the service team at Hendrickson has been nothing but fantastic for me so far.

They are attentive, friendly and do justice to the spirit of the brand.  Every service visit was done on-time, and on point.

I would certainly buy another Mini from them!

Jared Y. | 2010-04-24

Back in aught six before everybody and their brother drove one of the BMW restyled MINI Coopers, I decided to trade in the my gas guzzling Xterra for a sporty Cooper S.

Sidenote:  There are seriously three Coopers in my neighborhood with the exact same color scheme as mine.  So much for individuality.

But Dana Fredrickson (then a sales rep, now service manager) and the rest of the sales staff did what they had to do to get me into my Coop.

Since then, their service group has been very helpful and great at keeping me apprised of what is going on under the bonnet.
 Maintenance has been a breeze and I have willingly sent several of my friends over to them to start their own happy motoring experience.