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Hendrick Honda is a premier full-service car dealer for new Hondas, used Hondas and certified pre-owned Hondas. At Hendrick Honda, we believe in integrity, value, and a world-class purchase experience that lasts long after our customers drive off our lot in a brand new Honda.  We warmly invite you to visit us today and experience the Hendrick Honda difference!


Established in 1991.

In 1991 John Hendrick had a lofty goal; to establish a Honda dealership in Charlotte that excelled in salesmanship, vehicle service, and above all, customer satisfaction.  In July of that year, Mr. Hendrick purchased McDougall Honda and began putting a team and philosophy in place to make his goal a reality.

Three short years later, Hendrick Honda was well-established and had become the flagship store of the JL Hendrick Management Corporation.  We had outgrown the original McDougall store, and the hunt was on for a location that would offer better customer access and state-of-the art facilities.  In 1996 construction was underway on a 60,000 square foot dealership on 19 acres of land; the current location of Hendrick Honda on South Boulevard.

While John Hendrick's life was claimed in a tragic accident on October 24, 2004, his vision and legacy thrives today through the management and staff of his Hendrick Honda store.

Hendrick Honda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(704) 552-2090
Address:8901 South Boulevard, Charlotte, NC, 28273

Reviews on Hendrick Honda

Catherine L. | 2015-04-21

I bought a Honda Accord from Hendrick in 2013. The car barely lasted 3 years and has had many problems this past year with the CV axles popping out while driving. I got some opinions on it and was told that the car was likely involved in an accident, but this was not disclosed to me. They sold me an inherently dangerous vehicle and this is just dishonest business practice. I do not recommend Hendrick Honda to anybody.

Kellie K. | 2015-03-03

I bought my first Honda Fit at Hendrick in 2009, and I had such a great experience that I bought my second Honda Fit from them last weekend.

Two separate friends mentioned buying their Hondas from Andrew Patteson and how easy he was to work with, low pressure, etc., so I got his email from the Hendrick website and emailed him. I had done my research online, so I emailed him exactly what I was looking for and what price I wanted to pay; two emails later, we had a deal. There were no tricks, no sales tactics, no pressure - it was all just easy peasy... which meant I bought a new car over email while I was at dinner. Holy moly!

The fella and I went in a few days later to actually meet Andrew and get the car. Andrew had been promoted since my friends bought their cars from him, so he asked if he could have Brad Thompson work with us on the actual deal. Brad was professional and helpful, and he took the time to answer all my questions about the car and show me all the bells and whistles.

I'll stick with Hendrick Honda for all my future cars!

Lea R. | 2014-12-22

My Honda CRV was part of a recall on the A/C. The repair work was done in May 2014 at no charge, and with no initial problems. Last week, on a warm day, I turned the A/C on, only to experience the same problems that I had in May. Since the recall work is under warranty, I made an appointment to have the A/C checked again. I arrived at 10:30 am for the appointment and after checking in and speaking to the service person, I went to the waiting room inside to wait. One hour passes, then two, then three. While all the the other people are given updates, and come and go, I start to worry. As I head back to the service area, my phone rings. It's Hendrick Honda Service, wanting to know when I will be coming back to pick up my vehicle. I told him, that I had been sitting in the waiting area the entire time. He acted like he did'nt know that, even though he saw me walk in there and I only moved from my chair once to get a soda. He then quickly says that the A/C problem has nothing to do with the recall work and it will be $287 to fix it. I decline. Then he starts saying how my brakes are not going to pass inspection. One, I did not bring the car in for the brakes. Two, I did not plan on wasting three hours sitting so that you could "find"  other problems with my car. Three, It should have not taken more than an hour for the A/C to be looked at. This is the second vehicle I have purchased from this dealership, and the experience just keeps getting worse. At this point, I would not buy another Honda vehicle, and definitely not from this dealership. I had no problems with them when I purchased my Honda Fit. Great car, great service. No problems with the car. With this CRV, it has just been one thing after another, and Hendrick Honda has done a complete 180 on customer service. Very disappointing.

Ari O. | 2014-11-19

Update: 2 days ago I took my Mercedes Benz to have it washed and appraised at South Charlotte Mercedes. They examined my vehicle from top to bottom and never mentioned anything negative about the "exterior" of my automobile.

The following day, I took my Mercedes to Hendrick Honda and what happened there is documented below. Not once did they mention anything about the exterior of my Mercedes because it was in mint condition. When I came home, I parked it in my drive way. I didn't drive it until the following morning when I had an appointment at Volkswagen.

When I arrived at the Volkswagen dealership for my appraisal this morning, I was informed by the sales manager Matt that the driver side of my Mercedes was keyed pretty bad and if I knew anything about it. I was as dumb founded as he was. When the general manager came to check the scratches, he noticed a metallic shiny substance on his finger. His explanation was that it had to have been done pretty recently because the car wash I had at S.C.M. would have washed that stuff right off.

The last time I drove my Mercedes was at Hendrick when I called the police to report the initial incident. What a coincidence that my SL500 all of a sudden got vandalized pretty bad on the drivers side, in three sections?

There was nothing mentioned about my car being keyed at the Mercedes dealership and nothing at the Hendrick dealership and when I got to the VW dealership, I was told that my car had been keyed to pieces. Very classy wouldn't you agree?  

A second phone call was made to the police and to Honda North America to note the vandalism to my vehicle and the fact that I no longer felt safe in my own home since they had all of my information on the application.


Sam Reynolds is a psychopathic liar along with that disgrace of a General Manager. They will lie to you over the phone and tell you that they will honor True Car and to bring with you the Pure Car quote you get from their website; if you have a trade. After calling him the night before and disclosing every pertinent information about your vehicle including the minor fender bender that caused your bumper to be replaced, he will tell you that he agrees with you and that it's a non issue and not to worry about it. When you get there, he will tell your sales rep to tell you that the bumper you had replaced because of a 16 year old kid backing into it at the parking lot is considered a full blown accident and that he can no longer honor the Pure Car quote you brought with you.

He will stop at nothing to get you in the door in hopes of intimidating you into signing your car away for pennies on the dollar. He also told me that I would be getting a great deal on a black 2014 Honda Accord that the manager drove and put 4000 miles on. What was this great deal you ask? $1500 dollars above the True Car quote for a "New" Honda!

After you come back from the test drive and ask him what's taking so long, he will yell at you and say that he never said he would honor the Pure Car quote and tell you that he said he would only honor the True Car quote. That's a bold faced LIE and when you call him out on it, he will get in your personal space/face and proceed to yell at you some more and hover over you like you're the one doing the lying. When you politely tap him with a piece of paper to back up and give you some space, he will cause a scene and accuse you of assaulting him and tell you that he's calling the police to have you arrested.

All this will happen under the watchful eye of the General Manager. Instead of coming out and apologizing for his assistant trying to pull a fast one on you, he will tell you to hold on and ask you where you're going and to wait a minute, lets make a deal. When you politely decline his generous offer, he will come to your car window and proceed to call you racist names and tell you to stick around so he can watch you get arrested and that who the hell you think you're talking to, point to his name tag and remind you that he's the General Manager and what hell are you going to do about it?  

Bottom line: I left feeling dirty, tricked and intimidated because of these low lives. I have a 750 credit score and I was willing and able to buy a $30,000 dollar Honda today! Do yourself a favor and go anywhere else where they will at least appreciate your business. I ended up buying my Honda from Scott Clark. They didn't seem to have any issues with my aggressive behavior lol nor did they have any problems selling me the same Honda for $3000 less. They also gave me $500 more for my trade that had been vandalized by some lovely classy folks the day before.

Matthew Z. | 2014-10-01

Had a good experience here getting my oil changed on a 2013 Honda CRV.  Made an appointment for 07:30, showed up on time, and was out by 08:30.  Service person (Jesus) was friendly and informative.  Oil change cost $38.  Would go again, as they had free WIFI, coffee, and workstation desks available while I waited.

Tom H. | 2014-06-29

Purchased my Honda at Hendrick 4 + years ago and have been taking the car for service since.  All experiences have been good, or at least as expected, until this week.  I had a very simple service need, of which on two earlier calls to the service dept I was told they could handle, and even made an appointment for me, but once I arrived, the service dept told me they could not help and sent me to their collision bays.  They too could not help me and upon returning to the service department they exhibited such a lack of concern that I left, and do not plan on returning.

Emily E. | 2014-05-30

Had a great experience having my van serviced there. Scotty Wendell was very thorough in diagnosing issues with my vehicle and helping me to decide what repairs were necessary right now. My van is running better than it has since we bought it.

T. D. | 2014-04-05

Positive used car buying experience.  Worked with Joe (Greg) Thomas.  He was assertive but not too aggressive in pressuring to buy.  Able to work with me to bring down the cost of the car but was up front that couldn't go too low because the type of car didn't have a high margin.  He let me take the car home overnight to get the feel of it which was huge.  Tried to get me in and out without wasting too much of my time.  Only challenge was he talks very fast and with a Southern accent so a slow Northerner like me had a difficulty with that at times.  But overall I was happy with the experience.

Steve S. | 2014-01-09

This is a model dealership.  When I purchased my 2013 Crosstour, the sales guy was very cooperative, didn't feed me cheesy car-sales lines, and they made the transaction work for both parties.  I left happy and satisfied.  I absolutely love my car, too.  
I needed an oil change / tire rotation this week.  I was going to go to the Firestone that is 1 mile from my house, but they are a pain to deal with, and they always shrug their shoulders when I come in without an appointment, as if they can't squeeze me in for a 20-minute procedure.  
I went to Hendrick this morning, because they send me coupons regularly.  I drove the extra 8 miles to get there, and it was SO worth it.  When I presented the coupon, the service specialist informed me that he can give me a much better discount, which amounted to over $15.00 off the oil change - much better than the 10% off coupon I had!
I didn't make an appointment, and he didn't say a word about that.  He told me that it would be 1 - 1.5 hours for them to take care of it.  They were done in less than an hour, and I was on the road again.  Plus, they now cash you out right at the service drive; you don't have to walk to that cashier's cage anymore.  Very smooth, organized, clean, neat, and friendly.  
Hendrick is really doing something right.  I bash a lot of businesses on Yelp, so I feel it's only right to give credit where due.  These guys are really a pleasure to work with.

Lauren M. | 2013-08-01

Horrible service department & customer service

I took my Honda into Hendrick's Service Department after the car displayed alarming and serious issues with the automatic transmission.  Basically, I could feel the car jerk violently when shifting gears and then when I went to parallel park it wouldn't shift into reverse at all. I described the issue in clear and competent detail and left the car with Hendrick's for it to run diagnostic testing.

The service department called me later that day and told me they drove the car and it was fine.  I was told the car did not need any repairs. Upon questioning the service manager, he has refused to confirm the number of times the car was driven nor the distance driven.   However, I was positive something was wrong and that the car was dangerous.  So, we left the car with them from Saturday morning until Monday night, which gave them an entire weekend to physically examine the vehicle. Apparently, during  this time they could not "recreate the symptoms."

Honda has not indiated that they actually opened the hood and physically examined the car, which seems to be a pretty necessary component to determining whether my car had any mechanically issues. Nor did they call me to ask me additional diagnostic questions about the symptoms. This seems to be more than a bit ridiculous.  I understand that cars are extremely technological in this day and age, but is an auto mechanic not capable of diagnosing a very obvious and well described transmission problem?

So, Hendricks sent us home and I told myself it was a fluke.  I believe that I rationally assumed a mechanic wouldn't send me away with a dangerous car.  I mean, wouldn't a mechanic at an allegedly established dealership do his or her due diligence in determining whether there was a problem?

Four days later, I had to drive 6 hours to help a friend who had recently undergone surgery.  Barely three hours into my trip, my car started displaying the exact same violent jerking when shifting gears.  It would also not shift into a higher gear.  This all occurred while traveling on a major interstate. To more accurately invoke an image of this terrifying experience, I would like to share that I was nearly rear-ended by a semi truck and then had to stand on the side of the interstate by myself for a hour before having my car towed 45 minutes to the nearest dealership. I also had to drive a rental car for a week and a half - all at my own expense.

After this ordeal, which could have been avoided had Honda taken the time to actually inspect my transmission (turns our pieces of the gear had broken and caused the transmission problem) I took the car back in to tell them what had happened and for an additional minor repair. The customer service was TERRIBLE.  They merely stated that they did "everything possible to find the problem."  Oddly enough, I have received absolutely not follow up or any semblance of "customer service" in response to my email asking for further details as to what diagnostic steps were taken to determine whether my car was in safe, driveable condition (and obviously, it was not).  My personal favorite anecdote from the initial response I received from Hendricks is the service manager stating that "we also can not steal or guess at a repair." Ummm, who asked you to guess or steal?! I thought you were skilled professionals who could actually figure out a transmission problem....

The best part is that my exact model of car had a recall on the transmission, because of a very similar problem - pieces of one of the gears were breaking off and causing transmissions lock up. Thanks for the diligent research Honda!

Basically, do not expect Hendrick Honda's service department to go the extra (or frankly any) mile to fix your car. If the check engine light isn't on, don't even bother. I thought a dealership was the most trustworthy place to have repairs done, but I'm never setting foot in that place again.  I probably would not recommend this overpriced, underqualified service department to my worst enemy. Steer clear.

Lee Ann D. | 2013-07-17

Jess Johnson at Hendrick is the BEST!! She helped me with my purchase a week ago and she really made my experience Awesome!! My sister has worked with Jess in the past and insisted i also use her because shes that good, so I of course listened and was not let down! From the minute we walked in we were offered water and popcorn umm perfect!! Then while we were waiting for things to finalize we went outside and grabbed ourselves some lunch - they had a gentlemen grilling up hotdogs and hamburgers!! Well anybody that wants to give me hotdogs for free well I'm sold for both a new car and a hotdog!! No but seriously she really made my whole experience great and I'm so happy with my brand new Honda Civic EXL with tints :) - I will also say that everyone we worked with was really great and very helpful and really just went out of there way to make my purchase happen so thanks to Jess (of course), Gus, Stewart, and Derrick I will send everybody I know looking for a new car to see you guys!!

Tracy D. | 2013-04-17

I just leased my 3rd Honda, 2nd from Hendrick last week.  I worked with Jess Johnson both times and she really is great!  She has the patience of a saint to deal with me and my hemming and hawing and indecisiveness.  It was my 3rd trip in over the last year to see if I could trade in from my lease early, and she really does everything in her power to get you in the car that you want.

This time around I knew I wanted to switch to the CR-V and so she started running numbers for me right away and really worked with the finance department when I basically laughed at the down payment they were asking for that there was no way I could put down.  She got them and me to a price I felt comfortable with and I could not be happier with my new ride!  I just like Hendrick overall, everyone you deal with is so friendly from the women at reception to the finance people to other sales people.  Everyone congratulates you on your new car and makes you feel like you made the best choice.  

I also bring my car here for oil changes and inspections.  I know some people scoff at going to the dealer, but honestly I get the 1st one free and in 3 years I maybe have to pay for three more.  They don't try and scam you into getting work done that isn't necessary and I find the price to be reasonable.  I think the only true downside to Hendrick is its location is not that convenient to home, but if I come from work then its just a straight shot down South Blvd and I can handle doing that once every year or so.  But if you are a fan of Honda's definitely go to Hendrick and definitely try and work with Jess, she is the best!!

Ian W. | 2013-02-26

Because I accidentally erased everything I had just written, the review has now gone from 2 stars to 1. Yes, I'm taking it out on them, but they deserve it. And let's bring back the typewriter already so I don't lose my work.

Basically, they wanted to do $3000 worth of work on my car when I came in for an oil change. Naturally suspicious since the car has 65K miles on it and it is a freakin Honda....Which last time I checked, one of the big reasons people bought freakin Hondas so they didn't have to get $3000 worth of repair work done all at once when the car has 65K miles on it. After all, these cars have a reputation for going more that 200K.

Naturally suspicious (like I said), I decided I wanted a second opinion. After taking my Civic to H&H on South Blvd, they gave my car a pretty clean bill of health and told me there was no immediate work needed. And only one of the possible repairs mentioned at the shyster dealership will be needed in the next 5-10K miles.

They may do good work, and maybe this one person I talked to at Hendrick is a bad apple. But don't take your car there if you want honesty; you'll leave wearing nothing but a barrel with shoulder straps.

Gretchen P. | 2012-09-28

Hendrick Honda has consistently surpassed my expectations for service on my 2005 Honda S2000. Today I went for an oil change and mentioned that I was looking for tires and had found a pretty good price at a discount membership warehouse store on Tyvola Rd. The service representive was able to beat the membership warehouse price, and the quality of the tires-I got Toyo Proxes! far exceeds what I would have gotten at the membership warehouse. I really appreciate the excellent service to keep me and the sportster running! Thank you Hendrick Honda

Josh H. | 2012-08-23

If you asked me a week ago, my rating would have been a 3 or 4, but I'm over that now.

About a month ago I was due for my intermediate service on my vehicle. I've been going to the same shop for the past 5 years with no issues, but for whatever reason I decided to call around and get prices at other shops. Hendrick Honda gave me the lowest price quote and was quick to reply. Their Customer Service? Great. I brought it in and got it done while waiting and left happy.

A few weeks later, I was due for 4 new tires, of which I ordered online to save a few hundred bucks. Again, I scheduled an appointment with Hendrick since they are open on Saturdays while my normal shop is Monday through Friday. I figured, "Hey, maybe I'll switch shops since this one is more convenient!"

Upon arrival, I was given an estimate of 1-2 hours, which was the same as I was given over the phone. After 4 hours of waiting, and numerous trips to the service desk to find out why it was taking so long, I spoke with a manager, Tom. He went in the shop and got them to finish the job and 45 minutes later, I was driving off...

...With terrible alignment. My car, which was perfectly aligned prior to coming in, now pulled hard to the right and the steering wheel was 1-2 centimeters off. In other words, on a flat surface if I rotated the steering wheel to be straight, I'd go off the road.

I emailed Tom and received a very apologetic email. He invited me back to have it fixed with priority status and such. Again, I have to say that Hendrick Honda has great customer service. About 2 weeks later, I came in and got my alignment fixed. It took about 45 minutes and drove like a dream afterward. The shop foreman rode with me to confirm that the alignment was satisfactory before I left.

Now, this weekend. Over the weekend someone bumped into my car in a parking lot and didn't stick around to leave me their info. The only visible damage to the vehicle was a clear coat scuff that was about 2-3 feet wide on my front bumper. There was no dent, and there was only a penny sized scuff that went deeper than the clear coat. If I could post a photo here, I would.

I wound up at Hendrick Collision Center as it's a State Farm approved shop. Upon arrival, I was given a handful of papers and asked to sign them without any real explanation. One of these forms, apparently, was the right for Hendrick to fix my car without me ever seeing an estimate. I was asked if I was leaving the car, and I said yes, believing I would be hearing in 1-2 days about an estimate. I remember asking about the estimate and mentioning that this will be coming out of my pocket, because I have a $500 deductible. 2 days later, today, I call them because I haven't heard an estimate yet. I find out that the work is done, and I'm asked, "Do you want to hear the price?" as if it even matters now because I have to pay it no matter what.

The price? $575. For a scuff.

I called State Farm, pissed. They called the shop to get the info and then came back on the line with me. They explained that I came in "yesterday, according to the shop", which isn't true, and that I told the shop to just "get it done", which again isn't true. Basically, it doesn't matter what the story is though, because I signed a form that I didn't understand and wasn't explained the full implications of.

State Farm broke down the costs for me of the parts and labor. According to Hendrick, in addition to the bumper scuff, I needed some energy absorbers replaced. That's fine, however I would have liked a second opinion from a shop I actually trust. The costs broke down to around $100 for clear coat, $100 for other paint costs (?), $50 for energy absorbers, and around $300 for labor. For fun, I called my normal shop with the information provided by State Farm and received a quote that came in at around half of that, even with the energy absorbers included.

1 star. Never again will I give this shop my work.

Matthew G. | 2011-10-18

Was just looking and made that clear but ended up speaking with another great car dealer, Ellis (sorry if I spell your name wrong man).  Was very knowledgeable and friendly and not pushy.  Went back with the wife just to see if she liked something I was looking at and again friendly service from Ellis.  Did not purchase a car but if I was in the market for one at the time I would have.

Faith D. | 2011-09-16

When I was looking for a hybrid car, I stopped by Hendrick Honda to check out the Honda Insight. The service was friendly and it didn't take me too long to get behind the seat for a test drive...hand over your driver's license and they'll hand you the keys!

They are in a good location and have a wide selection of various models. However, I didn't end up buying a Honda (nothing to do with this dealership). I'm sure we could get into a pretty good debate about why the Prius is far more superior....but I'll leave that for another day. *smile*

All in all, I had a pleasant experience at Hendrick Honda.

Kristi C. | 2011-07-31

We had a wonderful car shopping experience here yesterday.  Steve Bagwell listened to our needs (which vary a bit bewteen my boyfriend and myself) and did his best to make sure we test-drove the car that was the best fit for us.  He took the time to understand that this was my car and my choice and didn't talk over me to my boyfriend  (which has happened other places and I find very annoying). Sean McClain helped us understand more details about the Civic I currently lease (better even than the guy who leased it to me up in Boston) and what my options are for financing a new car.  We did happen to go in at the end of the month and of course there was some "what can we do to get you in this car today", but they understood that we weren't yet in love with the car and that I needed to go evaluate other options.  They certainly didn't pressure us and I will definately do business there if I decide on a Honda.  My boyfriend and I both agreed it was the best dealership experience we'd ever had.
I also use them for service on my Civic and have nothing but great service when I call and come in, plus I get free exterior washes after my oil changes which keeps my car happy!

Bruce M. | 2011-05-14

Took my vehicle in for service ( Oil Change ) 5/13/11 . Was told there was a problem with the strut. Total was going to be over $ 800 with parts of $396. I went to a auto zone same parts $139.00 I called Hendrick Service back and they would not even discuss a price change.Gave me the after market garbage that my vehicle wouldn't ride right blah blah. My wife and I were up untl yesterday both loyal Honda and Hendrick supporters. No more . My eyes are fully opened on the real rip off of a car dealerships service department..

Brian W. | 2011-03-19

I just had $2000 worth of work done my 03 Honda Element. Dennis in the service department was very helpful and provided excellent customer service.

However after picking up my car this morning, I inspected the engine before driving off ... low and behold there was a rag still wedged in the engine near my manifold.

This could have started a fire in my engine or other damage could have occurred.

Their Service Manager Bill inspected it and had their mechanic re-inspect the car.

This experience does not provide me with very much confidence especially after paying them $2000.

Also, I did tell them not to do an oil change. The entire life of the car used  Castrol Synthetic .... they put Quaker State in it. This will not cause any harm, but I do not like that they did this to my car.

Lea P. | 2011-01-21

I purchased a Civic Hybrid here. It was a bad experience - first I practically had to talk them into selling me the car, then I got screwed over in the finance department. And the finance rep informed me with an air of disdain that HE drives a Lexus - implying that driving a Honda was beneath him. Unbelievable. At that point I should have walked out, but I figured I was too far along in the process... and it was my first time buying a new car, so I was a nit timid. I'll probably always drive a Honda, but I will definitely *never* buy another car from Hendrick.

Patrick D. | 2010-12-27

If you are in need of a new car I strongly recommend you go to Hendrick Honda and ask for Manny daSilva. He will devote anything to get you into the right car for you. Truly a great person to deal with I promise you that!

Nicole W. | 2010-06-03

This review is for the service & parts departments, only - as I took my Honda in for minor repair.

First of all, it's really annoying for anyone to get the runaround about the price and time constraints surrounding auto repair. In comes Hendrick Honda - the service and parts staff at Hendrick Honda were just as nice and professional on the phone as they were in person. They quoted my mirror replacement part (and labor) under another local Honda dealership and took care of it in less than an hour. (They had quoted it would take roughly 1.5 hours) I'm all about managing expectations and they did that very well - they even call you to remind you of your appointment and send an e-mail reminder.

The service area waiting lounge is pretty massive and there are a variety of nice flat screens and a plethora of magazines to keep you busy if you need to wait. I was very impressed with my whole experience, because, let's be real - no one is super excited to empty their pockets to pay for car repair. The peeps at Hendrick Honda made the whole experience manageable and extremely professional. I only wish they would have included a free car wash with my service appointment!

Jason L. | 2008-12-31

Sadly, I was reminded that anywhere you buy a used car, there will be used car salespeople.  If you've never bought a used car, be prepared to be hoodwinked no matter where you go.  I asked for a set price and was willing to go with a Civic when I started.  I was talked up to my max price, which was expected.  We were shown an Accord which I was assured was in my price range so I  said yes because who wouldn't want six cylinders and a sunroof?  

They said it was a trade-in that week and hadn't gone through inspection yet but the paperwork was as good as done.  This is completely my opinion, but when we got in the car for a test drive the salesperson realized the car was worth more than they quoted.  He even said out loud, "Oh I thought this was 4 cylinders".  I said I'll take it.  I signed the papers and paid and they said it would go through emissions testing and get detailed (cleaned) within two days and I can come pick it up.

A day or two later they call and tell me the car is on hold because "the bank didn't approve the loan on the new car for the person who traded my car in".  So I'm waiting a week and a half "for the paperwork to get approved by the bank".  They even go so far as to give me a loaner car to keep me interested which I had for another week and a half.  After which I called and said it's too long to wait and they need to show me another vehicle of same or equal value.  They showed me a car worth two or three grand less and I got irked finally and put my foot down.  I looked on Craigslist and found several Accords clearly in the same price range and I called and said I want an Accord from you guys or I want to cancel the deal so I can go elsewhere.  They call me back same day announcing "the paperwork for the first car I looked was approved today" and I can come pick it up now!"  

It's a miracle, right?  Wrong, of course!  I'm sorry but that puts my b.s. meter way over the top and I think it would for anybody else too.  They were doing their best to blow a snowstorm in my face but anyone taking five minutes to read between the lines knows what's going on.  

Would I buy from them again?  Of course!  But they taught me a valuable lesson.  If they say it's still in paperwork from a trade-in, don't sign or pay anything!  Only sign and pay if they say it's a done deal and you can drive it off the lot that minute.  It doesn't matter if there's no warranty and the engine may fall out the second you drive it off the lot.  It's yours and you're not hung up in a mire of baloney paperwork they can use to sell you an inferior vehicle.  I'm not suggesting a bait and switch.  I'm saying the sales rep made a mistake and they weren't willing to admit it and eat the cost of the error.  They made me suffer for a few weeks until I got p.o.'d enough to put the onus back on them.  It's just really unfortunate because I love Honda's.  

So the lesson learned is: Love your favorite car maker.  But always go into a used car dealership prepared to defend yourself.  Even if it's attached to a dealership for Honda, Lexus, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Toyota, Pinto, Volkswagen, Rolls Royce...

Chad E. | 2008-08-14

I'll have to agree with Mindy on this one - the whole car-buying experience just blows at Hendrick on South Boulevard.  We went in, having a pretty good idea of what we wanted, and were promptly directed... elsewhere.  That's not uncommon in the auto industry, but giving direction and being taken somewhere else just isn't my style.

So we wandered a while (they had a helicopter and a half a plane in the lot, which was interesting, but had very little to do with the reason we were there), determined that we had no interest in staying to buy a car from them, helped further refine what we wanted, and went to Carmax on Independence to buy our next vehicle.  Sorry, Rick.

Megan V. | 2008-07-16

I don't know about the car buying experience, but I took our car here to the service department for a 145,000 mile check-up on our 2001 Honda CR-V.  I met with Jim who was our service representative, and he explained the process, what would be done to the car, and where I would sit and what accommodations they had for me, since I would be waiting on the car.  

He took me to the waiting room, which I have to say, was very nice.  The seats were pretty comfy, they had a Keurig coffee maker (which someone had messed up, but I was still able to get a decent cup of joe from it), big TV, and a separate kids room, so you don't have to be bothered by them.  

My only complaint was the amount of time I waited for the car.  He explained that because it was the weekend before a holiday, it would take a little longer, but it took almost 4 hours, which is just too long, I think.  

When Jim came out to update me on the status of my car (almost 2 1/2 hours into my wait), he told me that two things should be fixed, but that he only recommended one of them as an immediate need.  The rest of the tune-up went well, and nothing enormous came up.  

Another 1 1/2 hours later, and I was ready to leave.  It cost us about $300, which was expected.  Overall, I was pleased with the experience.  Next time, however, I will either arrange a ride to pick me up, or walk down South Blvd to DSW and World Market.