Folger Subaru in Charlotte, NC

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Folger Subaru of Charlotte is part of the Folger Automotive Group, which has been family owned and locally operated in NC since 1937. Complete customer satisfaction is our top priority! We offer one of the largest new Subaru inventories in North Carolina and South Carolina, including the new 2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek crossover vehicle, Subaru BRZ sports car, Subaru Outback wagon, Subaru Forester SUV, Subaru Legacy sedan, Subaru Impreza sedan, Subaru Impreza WRX, and Subaru Tribeca SUV plus a wide selection of Subaru Certified Pre-Owned vehicles and used car. Our experienced Subaru Certified Sales Representatives are eager to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with you. We encourage you to browse our online inventory, check out our daily specials, schedule a test drive, and investigate financing options. Also, take a look at all the great offerings from our Service Center, Parts Center, and in our full line Collision Center & Body Shop in Charlotte. We look forward to serving you!


Established in 1994.

Folger Subaru of Charlotte has been proudly serving the Carolinas since 1994. Folger Subaru is part of the Folger Automotive Group, which has been family owned and locally operated in Charlotte, NC since 1937 when it was founded by Mr. Lee Folger. The total amount paid that he paid in capital was $30,000. In 1994, Folger Automotive added the first Subaru franchise in Charlotte, North Carolina which is located to this day at 5701 E. Independence Blvd.  We look forward to serving our customers and meeting all of their needs for many years to come!

Folger Subaru

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(704) 536-9635
Address:5701 E. Independence Blvd, Charlotte, NC, 28212
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Folger Subaru

Don D. | 2015-01-22

I attempted to obtain pricing via the internet.  I sent an email with the exact specifications including manufacturer codes for options for a car I know I'll need to order.  I requested a firm drive it out quote via email.  A woman called me and pretty much said I would need to come in and discuss this with them.  I was also sent two emails with an invite to come visit them.  Don't know why they have internet sales if you have to come talk with them.  My case is pretty cut and dry - I know exactly what I want and I don't want anything else. I'm not in a hurry, I'm not trading in, and I'm paying cash.  Pretty simple - give me your best price and I'll tell you if I want to buy from you, make a deposit, your order it, it comes in, I come pay the balance and drive out.  I certainly don't need to come in and be put in "the grind" ( ). Still no email quote. Not getting my business when other dealers have learned how to deal over the internet.

Ray S. | 2014-11-26

I purchased a 2014 XV Crosstrek from Folger Subaru on October 31st, 2014 and I must say hands down, it was the best car buying experience I've ever had. I am a car enthusiast and this was my 6th vehicle purchased through a dealer. I have personally dealt with Hendrick Lexus, Scott Clark Toyota (on numerous occasions), and Keffer Hyundai and none of them compete with the experience I've had at Folger Subaru. Troy, Shawn, and Kevin were extremely friendly and made me feel like part of their family. They didn't jerk me around, pressure me or beat around the bush. They knew what my expectations were as the consumer and they exceeded them in all aspects!!! Keep doing what you guys do best!!!

- Ray S.

Melissa B. | 2014-08-12

Came here to service my 2011 Subaru Forester, the brakes were making noise and after getting a ridiculous quote from Goodyear I came to Folder Subaru.  They replaced my rear brake pads and machined the rotors, along with treating my car brakes and replacing the middle seatbelt both due to recalls.  They did this all in one day and my technician Larry was very helpful and called to check up after a couple of days that everything was fine.  You have to  expect to pay more at a dealership, but they charged me a reasonable fee and I would definitely come back for future service.

Rha W. | 2013-09-25

I wish I could review the Folger Subaru Service Center separate from the Sales Team / Dealership, but unfortunately they go hand in hand.

Per my previous review, the purchase and financing process is fantastic here. Easily five stars - the staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with.

But... having had the car for a few months now and having dealt with the Service department, I have to drop my rating. Service is a 1/1.5... Sigh.

- When we purchased the car, it was mentioned that the first year/two oil changes would be free. In my naiviete, I didn't think to check for something in writing to confirm that. We took the car in for the first change and explained to the attendant that we'd just purchased it and this was the first oil change, which should be free. The attendant asked if we had any paperwork on that (which we didn't, so tough to argue it) and that it was no problem and he'd look it up for us. Naturally, there was nothing in their system for it so we ended up paying 70 bucks for an oil change I could have done myself at my house for 30 bucks. Oh, false promises...
- Moreover, it took the service center more than TWO HOURS to change the oil. I'm a not a patient person; I understand that. But really? Two hours? A job that takes, at most, 10 minutes? Urrrgg.
- More false promises: my girlfriend bought a car; I then bought a car. We were told that she would get a $100 check for the "referral", since technically she brought me in. Hey, I don't really care about the hundred bucks, but that was really cool of them. Except that we never actually received any check. I'm not sure why they even mentioned that if they weren't going to follow through with it? Odd.
- Last Straw: It took forever to get my license plate from the purchase. Two and a half months went by during which time I contacted the dealership multiple times (only of half of which they actually replied to). So, finally I decided to just show up and say, "Hey, what's the deal?" I was told I had to bring the car in and get it inspected (why I would need to do this, I can't fathom. Should the brand-new car I just bought not have already been inspected? And why would it only be on the fifth time I asked about it that they would mention this? Hrrrm...) Anyways, I consented. I made an appointment to bring the car in at 8am on a Saturday. I got there at 7:55. Around 8:10 I was greeted by an admittedly friendly chap named Larry. I then milled around for 90 MINUTES... An hour and a half for an inspection (that should have been done before they sold me the car...)? Unhappy, that made me. Combined with the two-hour oil changes from a couple weeks prior, I was pretty well done with this place by then. Then when I went to "check out", they tried to charge me for it. I explained the situation and they asked if I had a coupon? Why would I have/need a coupon? Fortunately, my seething rage was enough to convince them to relent and just let me leave in peace. A few days later I got a call that my plate was in and I could "come pick it up". I was like, "Um... no. Mail that thing to me." Long story short, I'm pretty sure they just forgot to file it.

So, in the end, my recommendation is to confidently buy a car from Folger Subaru, but make sure to follow up on your title/tag/registration, get any "promises" they make in writing (which is really just car-buying 101, my bad), and then never go back there again.

Alan A. | 2013-08-24

I have purchased three Subarus from Folger's in the past 7 years and each time the experience was top notch. Friendly, informative sales people, helpful finance people, excellent service people. Never had any problems with Folger's. They go out of their way to make customers happy.

Karen N. | 2013-05-06

Purchased an Outback through Elizabeth Z at the Independence location. Overall, it was a positive experience. We had to schedule a tow hitch to be installed several days after the purchase and it was done in a very timely manner. They offered me a loaner without me even having to ask.