Webster Groves Subaru in Saint Louis, MO

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Webster Groves Subaru in Saint Louis, MO.

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Webster Groves Subaru

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(314) 968-5167
Address:7982 Big Bend Blvd, Saint Louis, MO, 63119
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Webster Groves Subaru

Margaret M. | 2015-04-02

CAVEAT EMPTOR! Sean Sullivan in concert with his boss initially offered a much higher price for my trade in and over the course of the next 2-3 hours LOWERED it MULTIPLE TIMES after discovering a head gasket issue.
Had I known at the outset what my trade in price would be I could have used my vacation time to get an offer elsewhere but that time was used up with this very unethical practice of moving through the purchasing procedures and waiting until everything was nearly completed to give the final and lowest offer for my used Subaru.

Crista B. | 2015-01-21

This is one of the BEST dealerships I have ever had interactions with.  The service department could not be more helpful, and accomodating. I have been driving Subaru's for the past 20 years & have not found a better dealership in the USA.
They don't have Saturday service hours, No big deal.  They are very friendly and will bend over backwards to make sure you are happy.  Thanks Webster Groves Subaru for the Great Service!

Don W. | 2014-11-26

The service department went above an beyond trying to find a solution to a seat issue.  They did everything they could to try and make me happy with the car(I did not purchase there). I can say that at the dealership I bought the car at(Dean Team) would not do anything to fix the problem I had.  The service manager even called up the Subaru rep to discuss the problem I was having with my seat.  They did all they could with the issue I was having, listened to what I was talking about and tried to help as much as they could.  Thanks!

Mike A. | 2014-06-28

A few months ago, I had my '10 WRX into the Webster Groves Subaru service dept.  for a simple oil change. The apprentice (I can only assume he was an apprentice) assigned to the task cross-threaded my oil pan bolt necessitating replacement of the oil pan.

They're the only St. Louis area Subaru dealership that's closed on Saturday. Despite my having purchased an expensive extended warranty, the salesperson I talked to professed to have no idea how to arrange a loaner, and seemingly did everything in his power to avoid being helpful.

Thus I was without the car for 3 days and out $500 for an oil pan replacement, performed by Autotire.

I'd love for this shop to make this right, but I'm not expecting it.

UPDATE: Nope, they never even returned my calls.

Diane P. | 2014-01-09

Service Department is AWFUL!  I have no qualms with purchassing a car at this dealership. I bought my Subaru 2008 Forster there several years ago and it's been a great vehicle at a good price. However, the service department is the absolute pits. It seems like every time I went there something didn't get fixed right and I would have to go back.  The last straw came with the defrost repair.  I took the car in two or three times telling them that the air does not blow out of the defrost vents on the top of the dashboard. Repeatedly I was told there was no problem, Subarus are just made that way so that air continues to blow out of the other events even when the defrost was on. I stated that there was barely any air coming out of the defrost vents and still I was told it was fine.  Finally on about the third visit I convinced him that there was a problem. They investigated it and told me they had to order a part. I waited until the part came in and I took my vehicle in for the repair. I was told it was a type of flap or door inside the air system that directs the air to flow towards the defrost vents.  I sat there for well over an hour and a half waiting for the repair. Finally someone came out and told me that they broke the part while trying to put it in.  It would have to be reordered and I would have to come back yet again !!!!  No apology!  No offer of discounted service for all my lost time and hassle. I walked out and swore never to go back.  I haven't.  It's been a few years and I've just been so fed up with the whole issue that I've just dealt with the terrible defrost. Today my car is in another shop for a different issue and I asked for a quote at the new shop for the defrost repair.  I then phoned WG Subaru for an estimate just for comparison.  In speaking with the service rep, it came to light that their records do not show that their own staff broke the part that they had ordered.  Their records simply state that they attempted to replace one part and found a different part broken.  Unbelievable!!!!!  Someone was simply covering their butt.  Not only incompetent but also dishonest. I will never return to this shop.

Emily M. | 2013-09-04

I found a pre-owned Lexus RX 330 on this dealers website. Setting up a test drive with a salesperson was easy and once I decided the car must be mine, we started the buying process. It took a couple days to sort out the interest rates mainly due to my bank but  the finance department at Webster Groves Subaru was amazing!! They found a lower interest rate than my bank was offering and ultimately saved me thousands of dollars. I feel good about my purchase and appreciate their thoroughness with the loan process.

Erich M. | 2013-07-09

Traveling through STL with my new Subaru and needed my first oil change. The crew squeezed me in, got me out quickly and with no hassles. They made things simple and pleasant. A very laid back bunch. Thanks for helping my family stay safe on our road trip.

Matt C. | 2013-01-12

I just bought a 2013 Subaru BRZ. The whole experience was great. Carl, the sales manager, handled me from the very beginning. I had to order the car and it took about 5 months to get in but it was well worth the wait. The atmosphere was very laid back and although I knew what I wanted when I walked in the door, I never felt pressured to do anything I wasn't comfortable with.

I very happy with the car and the dealership as a whole and I would highly recommend them.

Chris Z. | 2012-06-03

The dude helping me was ok, I guess.  He seemed unethusiastic... I believe his name was William.  They didn't have ANY of the model I wanted here.

Jason G. | 2012-03-10

I actually have 3 bad experiences with this dealership but they are the only Subaru dealer close to me so I kept going back thinking it would change.
I saw a used Forester on their website and went by after work to look at it and most likely purchase.
When I pulled up the salesman was already in his car pulling out of the lot. It was nearly a half hour before closing time.
He rolled his window down and asked if he could help.
I told him I was interested in buying a car.
He parked and reluctantly went back in the dealership to retrieve the keys.
We took an extremely short test drive since it was late.
we got back and I was interested in at least holding the car until the next day.
He brought out the sales folder and told me the car had been bought at that dealership and maintained there. It was single owner vehicle owned by a woman. I asked him if the timing belt had been changed specifically knowing the boxer motors need that done around 90k, this one had 120k.
He said i am sure of it.
The car was priced on the high end of blue book so I asked for any type of reduction based on it being used and had some slight body damage, mostly scratches in the paint, a cat scratch on the hood, scuffs on both bumpers and scratches in the rear hatch.
They barely came down at all claiming the forester was in high demand and they had other people interested in it.
Keep in mind this is the 4th vehicle I had shopped at this dealer ship for and 2 others were my mother and my friend at work who I brought to the dealership previously to buy their Subarus. Oh Yeah They never gave me my referral bonus, even for my moms new 09 Forester purchase... more shadiness.
Anyhow, i reluctantly bought the car I came to see and immediately had some mechanical issues. the brakes were pulsating and there were rubbing noise coming from the rear suspension when turning and the rear struts or upper strut bushings were squeaking over every bump. They said the brakes were a wear part and not covered on used vehicles, the claimed the rubbing and squeaking was a heat shield rubbing on the rear drive shaft and claimed they reattached it. I pulled out of the dealer and the same strut squeak was there one left and one right onto the highway and it was still making the rubbing noise. I step on the brakes getting off at my exit and the wheel is shimmying like crazy.
I am disgusted in my new subaru purchase. but hey its a used car and they rope doped me.
I fixed the brakes myself, never could find any rub marks on the heat shield they claimed they fixed and I bought an entire new set up struts and springs for the car to be installed at a later date.
Well i never got around to it because the timing belt they claimed was serviced broke and the valves hit the pistons and now it needs a new motor.
the great thing is 5 months in I still owe 3 more years and the car is barely blue booking at what the motor will cost to fix.
I feel sick to my stomach that I ever even bought this car from Webster Groves Subaru.

Based on my other very bad experiences with sales, lack of follow through with new car sales, disrespect and lack of help from the service dept and now a catastrophic failure within my first 6 months of ownership... PLEASE SHOOT ME NOW!


Kate B. | 2012-02-07

This place was originally 4 stars in my book now it's definitely a 2. Or maybe a 1. Mostly just due to the attitudes of the people who work here, namely this one balding dude in the service dept.
He is SO effing rude it's unreal. I am surprised this place gets any service at all. I'd tell all the soccer moms to go to Lou Fusz on Olive but even that place is kinda sketchy. I mean, at least the service is better than this Subu dealership, but they tend to get you with sketchy "mail in rebates."

Either way, the bottom line is don't take your car here. Please, find somewhere else. If only to avoid the cranky asshole who works in service who will basically tell you you're a jerk for bringing your car a few hours before they close despite you obviously having an appointment for that time and their willingness to book it.  Double standard much?!

Ryan S. | 2011-12-24

I just got a new Impreza from this dealership yesterday. Couldn't have been happier with the whole process. Over the past couple of months (before the new models came in), I'd been emailing them with questions and also getting details on the general workings of a deal. When the specific car I wanted did arrive, they let me know. I came in the next night with my girlfriend and went on a test drive with her. We drove around the area on our own (without the salesperson), getting on the highway and taking it through a residential area, too. The car was awesome. All the great reviews I had been reading were backed up.

I didn't have time to buy it that night, but they held it for me the next day. I came back and worked through all of the details with Jay. He was great. He gave me a fair deal on the car and on my trade-in, all without the pressure or stress that I told him ahead of time that I wanted to avoid. They seem super reasonable and friendly. The whole process took a couple of hours with financing and everything. When I was done, Jay spent time going over the car with me, teaching me some things about the traction control and the all wheel drive that I didn't know (e.g., don't let a tow truck pull it from behind; instead, it needs to be towed on a flat bed).

The whole buying process was respectful and friendly. Looking forward to getting my next car at this dealership. Carl and Jay were great, especially for me as this was my first real car purchase.

Rocco D. | 2011-11-11

Took my car in for body/mechanical repair at service center,  After six weeks of excuses, rude service, no progress phone calls and failed promises/deadlines I got my car back to find it covered in bird excrement.  I recommend this repair shop to people who have all the time in the world, like to be treated badly and like to be continuously disappointed.

Danyell K. | 2010-11-03

From the start, the salesperson (I LATER found out his name was Bill) was hard to deal with. We told him what we were looking for (a Subaru under $8k) and he went inside to get his sheets. He came out and told us he only had three cars (strange, because there were a LOT of cars on the lot...) and then quickly rattled off what they were. We had heavy interest in a '99 Subaru Outback, so we stated that we wanted to give it a test drive. No problem, he said, but he needed to make a copy of the driver's ID and then we all piled into the car for the drive. I have NEVER taken such an awkward test drive, before. "Bill" sat in the back, spouting out every turn we were to take. It seemed a bit "control freak" to us, but we went with it. We got back, looked at the car some more and decided to follow through with the sale and try for a car loan. I was to be the buyer, as I have impeccable credit. (Seriously, I don't know anyone else with credit as good as mine, so I thought this would be a no-brainer.) We had some special concerns regarding our out-of-state residency and how long we would have with a temp tag from Missouri, etc etc. "Bill" wasn't too sure about a few questions and had to actually leave us at one point to check with someone else about something. As I filled out the loan application, I stated that I had never done this before (I've always just bought my cars with cash.) and I had a few questions that were met with eye rolls and a lack of helpfulness. I was basically on my own through the entire process, as "Bill" was simply a middle man offering up no help. (At this point, I wanted to walk out, but my current car is dying a quick death and I need a car NOW to drive back to California.)

After the necessary paperwork was filled out, "Bill" said that it could take anywhere from 45 minutes to tomorrow for the loan paperwork to get a response. I had opted to put a 25% down payment on the car, so the loan wasn't for too terribly much - about $4,595. We put down a $200 deposit on the car and left for home. "Bill" said he would be in touch tonight to let me know the status of things. I NEVER HEARD FROM BILL, AGAIN.

When we got home, we looked up the car's VIN. We were met with a shocking Carfax report that stated somewhere around 25 reports (but you had to pay to see them individually with explanation). On edge a bit, we called the dealership to see if they had a Carfax report we could view. They said they did, yet this was never offered up to me at any point while we were there in-person.

And so, I waited. I waited until business hours were over and figured out that I wouldn't be hearing back from Bill that day. Irked a bit that this man was making any sort of money off of me, I went to bed.

The next day, I waited some more. I waited until about 2 p.m., when I contacted my fiance and expressed concern over having not heard from the dealership, yet. He called them and they said they needed to speak to ME, not HIM, and that they would call me in 5-10 minutes. About twenty minutes later, I received a call from a woman in their financial department. She informed me that my credit was great, but I would need a co-signer for the car. (So, when were they going to inform me of this?) As I had no one to co-sign with, I asked if there is any way we could lower the price of the car and I could just pay with a credit card. She asked me what the price we had agreed on the day before was, which was curious as Bill had never negotiated a price, nor given me opportunity to (my bad, I know - this is a car dealership we're working with...what I'm saying is there was never a moment when price structure was really mentioned AND I've said I'm new to this). I told her what I wanted to pay and she said she'd need to call me back as the head sales guy was busy with a customer at the moment.

In my gut, I knew this was a bad idea, but we NEED a car, and we NEED a reliable car. Subarus are awesome vehicles and they're hard to find in Missouri at a decent price. Eventually, she called back and said the lowered price would work. I told her I'd be in later and we'd work out a deal. They wanted to charge me $99 for administration, AND a percent of my credit card transaction. A $6,000 car (originally priced at $6,595) became a $6,225 car BEFORE TAXES.

I came home and checked my mail and already had my denial from the credit institution - BEFORE the dealer ever got back to me. They were running it for $5,070...but the loan was supposed to be for $4,595.

I decided to check out another Subaru I saw on Craigslist, through another dealer. This other car was four years newer, in better condition, and cost me $1k less. The feeling was better, so I jumped and bought the other car.

When we came back to Webster, we waited for a while to even see her. When we told her we didn't want the car anymore, she was visibly angry.

I also want to note that I never saw "Bill" again, nor was I ever offered his business card.

Fred M. | 2010-02-21

I've had great experiences at this dealership.

First of all, I purchased my vehicle here during the 'Cash for Clunkers' program last summer.  (If you're a Tax Payer - Thank You!)

Carl, the sales manager was easy to deal with, as was the closing with the business manager, Michelle.  (These two parts of the purchasing process should have been Yelped when they occurred.)

Last week I thought I had a battery, or battery related problem.  I called, came in, and my car was seen by a mechanic within 20 minutes.  For over two hours they tried to find something wrong, even double testing several things.

Nothing was found wrong, and four days later, everything is working well.  

Lisa, the service advisor, was great to deal with, keeping me informed of the different tests they were running.

It may have been operator error.  Perhaps a door was left ajar or ?

In any case, they did all I could possibly ask to find a problem.  Finding none, there was No Charge.

I appreciated the great response and service and am happy to recommend this dealership!