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Welcome to Suntrup Nissan of South County, a top-rated Nissan dealer in St. Louis, where there is no comparison to our new or used selection! If you reside in South County, Suntrup Nissan is your dealership. We feature an array of specials, great trade-in deals and financing options. Best of all, we work hard to make you happy. So if you're looking for a Nissan dealer in St. Louis, make Suntrup Nissan your first stop.

Suntrup Nissan

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(800) 275-5649
Address:6000 S Lindbergh Blvd, Saint Louis, MO, 63123
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Suntrup Nissan

Ani B. | 2015-03-25

If I had the option to give no stars, I wouldn't even give one star to this place. The absolute worse customer service I have ever had in my life. They don't care about customers' time, money or experience. They just want to close the deal and take as much of your money as they can. Even the managers don't value you as customer. Avoid this dealer at all costs.

Rachel D. | 2015-03-07

Just purchased a car from here.  My sales guy was Bobby Webber, and he has been outstanding!  He's been very helpful and accommodating.  He was a no pressure kind of sales guy, which I love, but he was absolutely the most helpful of all the dealerships I've been to.

I did notice that a lot of the other sales staff seemed to just stand around and chat with one another.  People would walk in and have to get their attention.  That wasn't the case with Bobby.  When the manager and finance guy got involved, things continued to go very well.  I'm very satisfied with the deal and look forward to the free car washes.

Jessica H. | 2015-02-08

I would never buy another car from suntrup nissan on south lindbergh and would not recommend anyone to.
The salesmen here are terrible and deceitful. If you're looking for a new car and want a good sales experience and a nice deal, go to west county nissan.

Carol R. | 2014-12-22

I had two bad experiences here, one with their Service dept., and one with their Used Car Sales.

When I went in for service, I was kept waiting for hours, and given a horribly inflated price for a repair.

When I went in for an appraisal, I was responding to an ad telling me they'd pay $5500 for my specific car (the ad referred to me by name, and referred to my car by the year). I started by making a phone call to verify the ad. The person I spoke to told me the ad was legit, and to bring the car in for an appraisal. So, I went in carrying the ad with me. First, they told me the ad wouldn't apply because of high mileage (couldn't they have told me that on the phone?). I argued, asking why I received the ad that referred to me by name, and named the year of my vehicle (obviously, the ad was a red herring). I had to practically beg them to give me an appraisal. They treated me dismissively, kept me waiting, then reluctantly, said they would do an appraisal. They left me waiting without knowing how long I would be there, and what the process was. When they came back with a price, it was $2000 less than the ad advertised.

Two strikes with me, and they're out. I value my time and money,  and I appreciate respect. I was disappointed on all counts. Today was my final visit to Suntrup Nissan.

Tessa J. | 2014-07-16

Bought a used car from here, and less than a year later the transmission went out. Called my sales person, and even the manager to see if a deal could be worked out. Noone returned my call and made me wonder if they knew the transmission was a fail before they sold it to me. I will never again go here.

Robert B. | 2014-06-11

Unbelievable experience. I was overcharged $1,500 and the salesman tried to assure me that I was adding things up wrong. After multiple calls to his supervisor I finally got reimbursed. The next day the salesman called me and asked if I would just return the car and forget the whole thing because now he "didn't make any money".  In addition, the dealership refused to cancel my GAP insurance and extended warranty plan even though it was completely within my right to do so. I had to call Nissan and send out certified letters requesting cancellation.

I ended up getting a good car at a decent price but no thanks to the untruthful salesman or sketchy finance manager.

I had to fight to keep from being cheated.

I do not trust Suntrup Nissan in STL.

Heather L. | 2014-06-04

I bought my vehicle back in 2012 & have had nothing but wonderful things to say about the staff that worked with me. I absolutely love my Nissan Sentra! I have found the service department to be extremely friendly & helpful. I drove in to get my tire pressure looked at since it kept coming on & off. I had many people tell me it was due to having nitrogen in my tires & the weather changing, so I shouldn't worry about it. The young man in the service department said it sounded like I had a screw in my tire. He took the time to hunt it down & patch it up.  

I enjoy my vehicle, the staff & the service. Love this dealership!

Angela S. | 2014-06-01

Finally, after driving more than 20 cars, I found a dealership that was helpful with outstanding customer service.  There is a reason they have won the Women's Choice award.…

Everyone I worked with was nothing but friendly and helpful.  Ask for Nate, he is extremely knowledgeable about the vehicles.  He had me sit in several cars and even helped me decide I didn't really need leather seats to get the comfort and heated seats I wanted without sacrificing a few layers of skin on black leather in the STL summer!  No other dealership mentioned heated cloth seats to me in my entire 6 month shopping extravaganza.  Their sales manager, Linzie was also extremely nice and personable and had no problem going out of his way to bring me my perfect car.  

They had to order my car from another dealership and Nate kept me updated every step of the way, he even texted me pictures of the car when it arrived.  

On the night I picked up my car, they were busy (a good sign) but the finance guy, Frank was speedy and efficient, all while getting me the warranty and monthly payments I was expecting.  Once my car was gassed up and cleaned up Nate walked me through all the bells and whistles.  I love my Sentra and I am so happy with my buying experience.  I highly recommend working with Nate and the folks at Suntrup Nissan in South County.

Rich M. | 2014-04-06

While looking for a used car for our daughter we came across Suntrup. They took the anxiety out of the whole thing and helped us throughout the whole experience. The salesman Lewis was great and we settled on a used suv that she thinks is the greatest car in the world. Thanks Lewis and Suntrup for working with us.

Rob B. | 2014-03-22

I'll give you a customer rating. Woke up this morning to my wife saying the check engine light was on. When I opened my hood I found three house next connected back to my engine. My vehicle has been in the shop I believe five times now, almost $3500 later, and I haven't even put 5000 miles on it yet. You'll be seeing me Monday. Oh yea, I have had my car in now four times for a coolant leak. Thought we had the problem figured out. My check coolant light comes on again this morning, and after seeing that I had three hoses not connected to my engine, I thought I should check my coolant reservoir, to which I found that the hoses had NOT been clamped and were leaking coolant everywhere.

Casey B. | 2013-12-06

Joe Dawidouski and the other staff members at  Suntrup Nissan/VW are excellent.
They went above and beyond to make sure I got the car I was looking  for at a great price.  I will definitely use them in the future and highly recommend them.

P L. | 2013-09-22

I understand the culture of car salesmen, but these guys take it to a whole 'nother level.

Michael T. | 2013-02-06

well unfortunately, after my 5-star review I have to rate this separate experience with Suntrup Nissan a 1-star. I called last week and couldn't get anyone at the service department so I left my number for them to call back. - No Call. I called back today and was transferred at least 10 times, cycling through 3 receptionists. I left my number again. If they call back then I'll probably change it to 2 or 3 stars. Looks like the service is pretty hit or miss here.

Stan G. | 2013-01-13

I was shocked to read the review of Suntrup here, we have been dealing with them for years, and haven't had any problems, with either the sales, the car, or the service. and this recent dealing with Suntrup wasn't any different.

We were in need of a new car and Suntrup was actually the first place I decided to look. we arrived on the lot and were greeted by a salesman within a few minutes of arrival. He did his talk then asked what we were looking for, he was honest with his answer, and then proceeded to work with us to hopefully get us to leave with a car.

We didn't spend an entire afternoon and evening in the dealership like I have at other places although we did have to spend a few hours. we finally were released from waiting, and we drove off the lot with the new car.

The customer service we received from both the dealer, and the finance consultant, were very pleasant, they were helpful when needed and patient when asked to be.

I will review the service portion of the dealership when that time approaches, but as far as I am concerned now, I am most definitely a happy Suntrup customer, and a repeat one, for good reasons..

Gina G. | 2012-09-17

This is a terrible service center. Do not under any circumstance bring your car to Get service here. I had a recall on my 2000 Nissan PAthfinder. First of all they treated me like trash because I have an old car. The service department never calls you back and they left a huge hole in my car where they fixed the steering shaft. You can see the engine from inside the car above the peddles and they are saying that it's because it is an old car. I didn't have a hole there before this recall and I'm going back and forth with these thieves about this. Next step is an attorney! Also, because there is a hole in my car, any fumes from the engine come in by my feet so I can't drive with the widows up. Ive never had any problems with
My car until  now. So they fixed one safety issue and caused another. Big jerks, trust me do not bring your car here.

Chris M. | 2011-11-09

Their service department uses a magic 8 ball to diagnose problems.  Not surprisingly, they aren't very good at fixing cars.  They are very good at trying to sell things, however.

I took my car there for a diagnosis because my check engine light was on, and the trouble code it was giving was very vague (random misfires).  I am a pretty decent mechanic, have been working on cars since i was a kid, and I was stumped.  I had taken the car to other mechanics, and they couldn't figure it out either.  I figured since Suntrup were Nissan specialists and had a garage full of diagnostic equipment for Nissans they would be able to figure it out. I would have happily paid them just about any figure for a correct diagnosis.  I was desperate!  I dealt with Dave (the service dept manager).  He was very nice at first.

Then he called me.  He said before they can do a diagnosis, they would need to do a carbon flush, which was like $140.  Hmm, this sounded fishy.  What does carbon buildup have to do with diagnosing the fuel/electrical system?  I think Dave sensed my hesitation and started hard-selling me, implying this was the only way they would be able to diagnose the car.  I was desperate so against my better judgement, I agreed.  I figured if I needed to pay them for unnecessary services, it would be worth it IF I could get a correct diagnosis.

Then I got a call from Dave and he told me the distributor was at fault, but that they weren't quite sure, just they kinda thought this was the problem.  A room full of equipment and experience mechanics and "not quite sure" the best you can do?  I call shenanigans!  I had several follow up questions about what kinds of tests they did and why they thought that was the problem.  Instead, Dave got VERY defensive and practically yelled at me that I should believe whatever they tell me, since the mechanic who looked at the car had 18 years of experience and knew what he was talking about.  Now Dave, why get defensive?  Do you have something to hide, Dave?

I told Dave I was not at all pleased with them, and to his credit, he took some money off the bill.  I paid him and took the car home.  A few weeks later, I figured out the problem and fixed my car and it has been running perfectly.  A simple test of the fuel system (which I lacked the tools to perform) would have given them a correct diagnosis.  At which point I would have happily paid them, thanked them, and would be writing a glowing review right now.  

Instead of actually checking the car they just threw out an expensive repair which would NOT have even fixed my car!  I would be OK with Dave's overconfidence and defensiveness and all the upselling if they could have at least gotten the diagnosis right.  But they didn't.  All told I spent $300 for something I could have gotten from a magic 8 ball:  What's wrong with my car? "Results are hazy; try again"

Oh, and while they didn't have time to correctly diagnose the problem, they did have time to do an "inspection" on my car so they could try to sell me new tired and brakes.

Terri K. | 2011-05-30

Our overall experience at Suntrup Nissan was ok.

We were happy that the dealership was open on Memorial Day. As much as we hate asking anyone to work on a national holiday, with my husband & I both having full-time jobs ourselves, it's been difficult for us to find time to go car shopping.

As soon as we stepped out of our car on the parking lot, we were greeted by a friendly salesperson named Jeff. When he asked if we knew generally what we were looking for, & we told him the Nissan Altima & Rogue, he explained that he was a Volkswagon expert (Suntrup Nissan shares a lot with Suntrup Volkswagon), ushered us over to the Nissan building, & set us up with an available salesperson named John.

John was great. We found him to be very friendly and informative & thought that he managed to avoid the overly pushy demeanor of a lot of car salespeople we've encountered. When we told him we were interested in 2 cars, he was happy to help us look at both of them. We appreciated this, because our desire to look at 2 different models had not received as warm a welcome at another local dealership we had visited.

We did run in to a bit of frustration with the sticker price on the Altima we drove - & wound up purchasing. It was a Special Edition, &, when we came across it in the lot, John said, "Wow. I wonder if this price is right." At a little over $25,000, he thought that sticker price sounded low for the features on the car. He even stopped a fellow salesman & asked him if he thought the price of the car was correct. The other salesman acted like, "Of course the price is correct." Well, as we later learned, John was correct - the price on the car was incorrect. It was actually approx. $1,500 more.

Despite our initial shock that the dealership would not honor the price on the car - even if it was incorrect, as they claimed - & our frustration over the dealership's under-valuing of our trade-in & refusal to honor an advertised $8,000 in addition to trade-in value, we were able to make a good deal for the Altima we purchased.

Although we thoroughly enjoyed our test drive of the Rogue, we decided not to pursue purchasing 2 cars in 1 day. We wanted to look in to a few other small SUV/crossover options as well, so we decided to focus solely on the Altima for today.

So, despite the frustration we initially encountered with the pricing of the car, we eventually walked away from Suntrup Nissan as satisfied customers. Everyone we interacted with there was helpful and friendly - especially John - & we got a great deal on a car we really like. Thus, our overall rating of Suntrup Nissan of OK.

Keith M. | 2011-04-09

The only positive experience with this dealership was the friendly saleman Mel.  However, when it came time to make a deal the finance guy was a complete liar and idiot.  It was almost as if he did not want to sell a car.  We were looking at buying two automibiles on the same day.  First of all he offered us an insulting deal on our trades and flat out lied about the kelley blue book value.  When we handed him the bluebook values we printed off, mind you the fair condition even though the cars are in excellent condition, he had nothing to say.   Then, the Versa we looked at on the lot was listed for 16XXX but when it came time to make the deal he all of a sudden said the car was worth 20XXX.  The Rogue we were looking at buying was at 23XXX.  So there is a 3000 dollar difference between the Rogue and the Versa now...interseting.  No, what he did was jack the price up on the spot and then tell us that he was going to give use 4500 off the versa putting the price back down at where it was listed on the lot.  This guy is an idiot, and I would not waste your time there.  Also, when we asked about the incentive of 4000 over Kelly Blue Book, that they handed us when we came in the door, he acted like he did not know what we were talking about.  Like I said, go somewhere else as these guys are doing a bait and switch with the prices and incentives to try and screw you.  The only sad thing abouth this whole day was that our salesman Mel was superior in customer service.  I am sorry he works for a totally ridiculous place that pretty much wasted our time and his.

Stan S. | 2011-01-08

One of the worst Nissan dealers in the STL area. The sales staff are pushy and use high pressure sales tactics. Stay away from these guys, there are plenty of better choices in the area.

Jamie M. | 2010-06-08

I was shocked to read the review before mine. Not because I disagreed but because my experience with them was the exact same.

We bought a car from Suntrup that had the ABS light on with the understanding that it would be fixed. When we picked up the car, the car was disgustingly dirty. There were fast food receipts, coffee spills, food crumbs and pet hairs all over. We had the car for five days before taking it to the appointment to get the ABS light fixed.

After the light was 'fixed' we left the lot and the light came back on immediately. Still, the car had never been cleaned. We immediately returned the car. After weeks, we find out that the car has a bent axle and Suntrup has had the car for about sixty days now and refuses to fix it. We never heard anything from them about our car unless we called and asked the mechanics they had contracted to get estimates from. One of the contractors has even told us that Suntrup was going to try to get us to claim the damage on our insurance. We called to complain to Craig Suntrup after being dissatisfied from a lack of answers from the customer service manager and was told Craig Suntrup doesn't talk to customers.

Sixty days later we have no resolution and a bill for preexisting damage to the vehicle we purchased for $2700.