Suntrup Hyundai in Saint Louis, MO

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There's a reason why we can back our vehicles with America's best warranty. Every Hyundai is tested in the world's most extreme driving conditions. Before they go to the dealership, we make sure everything from the paint job to the powertrain will stand the test of time.

Suntrup Hyundai

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(314) 892-2552
Address:5926 S Lindbergh Blvd, Saint Louis, MO, 63123

Reviews on Suntrup Hyundai

Alicia S. | 2014-03-15

Excellent service last night!  I recently purchased a used car from a different dealership and simply put, the car was not "ready".  The alignment was off and the windshield wipers were in very poor condition.  It's not at all what I would expect from a certified pre-owned vehicle from an established dealership.  Suntrup South made everything right at no charge to me, and I will most definitely be back for all of my service appointments!  I could not be happier with the customer service I received!

Denice C. | 2014-03-05

I bought a Hyundai Elantra from Suntrup in October of 2013. I love the car. No regrets there. It gets great gas mileage, it's sporty, it's fun to drive, and it's pretty.

Anyway, that doesn't reflect on the dealership. What does is the sales staff, the finance department that handled my financing, and the service department. I'll address them one by one.

First, my sales person. He was nice enough. Wasn't overly aggressive, but wasn't exactly the type to back down and throw in the towel on a sale easily though, either. He worked with me on my trade in, and reluctantly agreed to let me go home and sleep on the proposed deal on the Elantra overnight. I always like to sleep on things, and explained it was a deal breaker if he wouldn't give on that front.

So I slept on it, returned to the dealership the following day, did some more dealing and number crunching with the salesman, and started to walk away when the numbers didn't mesh with my financial needs, only to have him come back with a last minute plea. I hate the wheeling and dealing, I really do. I realize this is sales and they're trying to make a commission, but why waste so much of my time back and forthing, only to grab me as I have one foot out the door? This is what makes buying a car stressful, versus enjoyable, which to me is what is should be. You're spending a lot of money. The experience should be a good one.

Once a price was agreed upon, I went to financing. The finance lady was pleasant and professional, and she took care of my paperwork quickly. No complaints there.

As for the service department, they washed and prepped my new car quickly. However, I don't like that the "free car washes for life" mantra is thrown around as a selling point at this dealership, when 9 times out of 10, unless you're buying a new car, it's closed due to weather. Other car washes remain open in the winter/cold weather, so why Suntrup can't was well, I'm not sure. I have contacted them twice about this issue, once in an email, and once as a follow up after an oil change, both times without response of any kind.

At other dealerships (Chevy, Lexus, Mazda) they've always washed my car after service. At Hyundai though, that's not the case. This wouldn't bother me so much if it weren't for the "free car wash for life" mantra being thrown about continually while initially buying a new Hyundai from Suntrup. But, because it is used as a selling point, this seems like a bait and switch. If they can wash a new car buyer's car in the cold (which I've seen them do every time I've tried to get my car washed this winter), they can wash the cars of those who've already signed on the dotted line with Hyundai, as well. It's only fair. This, on the part of Suntrup, makes me, as a consumer feel like once they have my business, they are done with outstanding service.

Overall, the dealership is clean. The sales staff is decent, and the service department is friendly, even if they will seldom to never wash your car as promised. They offer free bottled water in the service waiting area, and a television. No frills, really, but I've seen worse. The car selection is broad, and they will work with you on financing, though it will take some bartering. I give them 3 out of 5 stars, and would give them 4 if they'd make good on the car wash issue.

Sue M. | 2014-02-27

I was pretty adamant with my husband that I would not buy a car from these guys given the terrible BBB ratings, but alas, they had the best prices.

Dave T. took good care of us. The car we wanted needed to be transferred to another dealership, and we got a loaner car for free. Dave did everything in his power to get us the best deal.

The reason I am giving them 4 stars is because we negotiated a price on the phone. We drove down to Suntrup (which is a long way from our house) and as we were signing the paperwork, we were told that deal was only available if we financed the car. We basically had to walk-out before they gave us the quoted price, but didn't make us finance.

Aamir B. | 2013-07-16

I just bought a vehicle from this Dealership. I got excellent service from the management and my Sales guy, Chip.

I don't know why anyone would not go to Suntrup.

Stan G. | 2013-02-19

This visit to the dealership was short and quick but it did warrant a review because even the little bit of customer service required to take care of my reason for visiting the dealership, was done with a courteous, and friendly attitude, and it left me with a very pleasant overall experience in just a few minutes.

When you can get that kind of a nice feeling in such a short simple visit, that should tell you that something is being done right, at least with my experience and getting it taken care of.

 take the bad reviews with a grain of salt, there are some bad reviews,  but I still have yet to have a bad experience, and I have been dealing with them since 2005, I don't know about you, but in my book that's a pretty good reference point if you ask me.