Sunset Ford in Saint Louis, MO

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Sunset Ford is one of the oldest family operated dealerships in the country. We provide exceptional offers on New & Used Ford vehicles - taking care of our customers is priority #1!


Established in 1912.

Peter S. Heutel founded the Sunset Auto Repair Company on Gravois, which at that time was no more than a country gravel road. It was a popular stopping point where motorists could purchase gasoline, have repair work done, etc.. In 1916, Peter Heutel, along with son Joseph, became a franchised Ford dealer. Following World War I, another son, John joined the growing firm. Known today as Sunset Ford, fourth and fifth generation Heutels are still behind the wheel of the long time family operated business. Sunset Ford is one of the oldest family run dealerships in the country.December of 1991, Sunset Ford moved to a new 65,000 square foot facility located at Gravois and Lindbergh, two blocks east of the original location of 1912. The current owners, Jim, Tom and John, believe that the commitment made by their great grandfather in 1912 to customer quality care is still the driving force to making the company successful today.

Sunset Ford

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(314) 843-4431
Address:11700 Gravois Rd, Saint Louis, MO, 63127
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 8:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 8:30 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 8:30 pm
  • Saturday: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Sunset Ford

Ben S. | 2015-02-10

Props to these guys for taking just a single day to un-f**k the mess that Elco made of my company car.  Big props to Debbie in the body shop for accommodating my schedule and then beating Elco out of a rental for me so that they could pour several more hours (billable to Elco) into finding and fixing a problem with an idiot-proof electrical coupling that apparently was not Elco proof.

Very nice service waiting area.  Decent speed on the free wifi.  Carrels for people who need to get some work done while waiting, Starbucks coffee machine, etc.  Keeping someone in service to facilitate pick ups until 7pm is an idea that more dealers need to implement.

Next time I need to take my Ford (company car) to a body shop I will tell our fleet services group that this is the place I want to take the beast.  I'm not going to let them convince me to take it to Elco again.

Aaron B. | 2014-12-12

I needed to get some recalls done on my car and Sunset Ford had an opening. Plus, I have a friend who lives near this location so they offered to drive me. Scheduling was a breeze. I filled out all the info online then they called me to see what day worked best. I wanted it ASAP but had to wait about a week unfortunately. That's what I get fro being so last minute...

I dropped my car off overnight and left my key and info in their sneaky little box. I had to get something else done beside the recalls and my total bill was only around $13. The 3 recalls were handled by the next afternoon with no problem! They even drove my car around to make me feel special. Way too fancy for me but I went with it.

You ain't too shabby, Sunset Ford.

Mike P. | 2014-07-27

I bought a vehicle here  a few years ago and only had it serviced at Sunset Ford. Ia few months ago I brought the vehicle in with an oil light and was they said there may be a leak - ok'd them to do due diligence to check on it.  Try said everything looked good and they'll check it on the next oil change. Before my next oil change...the car ran out of oil with no warning while my pregnant wife was driving and the engine seized up.  

Sunset Ford denied missing the problem even though they clearly missed it. I checked with techs at other dealerships as well as other independent auto service centers. Every other professional that I spoke with agrees that they should have caught the problem.

I had to have my car towed to an independent tech because when I called them up they said they couldn't get my vehicle in for a week!!!  After the problem was diagnosed (no oil) I was frustrated because Sunset was supposed to have checked for an oil problem last time I was there.

When I reached out to Sunset - they were very defensive and were deceitful first saying that there was no oil issue and that they found something worth checking during a multi-point inspection. They also said that the oil indicator light just meant that the car was due for an oil change. This was a flat out lie. The owners manual clearly states that it is severely low oil pressure. They also did not find this on a multi-point. I brought it in for one sole purpose - oil indicator was on. Find the problem and fix it (which they said there was no problem). Finally - when they realized that I was going to call them out on their inaccuracies, they started saying that there was something wrong but it was not a leak like they looked for.  I said - I didn't pay you to find a leak, I paid you to diagnose the problem to which they said there must have been a miscommunication? What's the miscommunication, they don't know how to service the vehicles they sell and put rookie techs in charge of diagnosing engine problems?

Basically - their incompetence caused me to buy a new engine and I'm out a $4,000 engine for a car with under 80k miles on it.  I also have all documentation showing how they should have caught this from my service records.  

I took my car here for all the service because I figured that Ford techs knew what was going on. They said the tech that initially diagnosed the problem was a 'lube tech', another tech checked for a leak and the service advisor didn't let the second tech know the severity of the situation. Mindy - the service advisor, didn't inform us or the second tech of how bad the leak was and they let the car go saying it was ok for my pregnant wife to drive when the engine seized up. To say that their service department is bad is an understatement - I think the appropriate term would be to say that their lack of attention to detail is a liability - go someplace else to buy a Ford and definitely take your vehicle elsewhere to get it serviced!

UPDATE (After owner's comments)- It's easy to say that the concerns follow the guidelines of the Ford Motor Company - but in this (and it looks like from other reviews) situation - they didn't.  One tech didn't express the issue to a more senior tech and the service advisor didn't tie the pieces together.  Clearly - this lack of attention to detail led to 'unforseen events that led to engine failure'.  They weren't unforseen by us as owners - we brought the car in per manufacturer recommendations from the owner's manual sensing that there was a potential problem.  The problem was not diagnosed properly and led to a catastrophic failure.  The owner comment says that everything was done in their power to resolve the issue and make things right, but the bottom line is that I had to pay the same people that missed the issue to fix it because our back was against the wall when it was an error on the service department's part.  My expectation is that they pay for this repair and we were told that they would not do that.

Nick N. | 2014-07-14

Ok first off i dropped my truck off almost a month ago and still haven't received it back. The truck was having some problems and long story short it needed a new engine. It took them almost 2 weeks to even look at it. I ok the process to start and about a week later I check in and they tell me the engine is pulled and they are getting ready to put the new one in which is fine but then he tells me that if the tech doesn't get it done today (which was a Friday) it would just be sitting for a week. The tech that was working on it was going on vacation for the week. I almost blew on the person on the phone at this point but instead I hung up and called the manager of the service dep. and he said he would get another tech on it. LONG STORY SHORT DONT TAKE YOUR VEHICLE HERE IF YOU NEED IT ANYTIME SOON!!!

Pete W. | 2014-04-16

I purchased a 2013 ford f150 6 months ago this is my 5th ford truck have been pretty pleased with them till now about a week ago I tryed to us my ac and it just blew out hot air so I made a appointment and took it in to get serviced the repair center called me back and said they think a rock or something hit the condenser not positive butt that is what they think so thier for it is not a warranty item so it will be 850 dollars to fix I just purchased this truck for 35000 dollars with the 1000000 mile warranty and the 2600 extended warranty which are both apperntly useless I explains to them my family has done a ton of buisness with them my parents have bought 9 vehicles from them my sister 2 and me 3 and could they help me out a little I was given 50 dollars off of something I feel should be warrantyed and also when I got the vehicle back the engine compartment had ac dye all over the front and was missing 2 of the trim clips they remove to work on it I guess for 800 dollars they could not clean it up or putt the clips back in I guess that would have been another few hundred dollars me and my family have also always had all our vehicle service here butt never will agin horrible services And do not honner the ford warrantys they way they should unless they could prove to me a rock hit it then they should cover it and also every time I wanted to talk to the manager he was mystericly in a meeting sunset u have lost a large family of ford buyers and owners

Sarah T. | 2013-12-27

Service experience today: called Sunset Ford (make sure you write that down) to order a part. Had the part number etc. Salesman asked me to double check that it was right, I did, called back in under 5 minutes. Suddenly he was at lunch and could not talk. When I faked timeline to get order placed today, the response was "Honey, you have till 3:30." I'm sorry, what? I called him on it, got horrible attitude, he would not tell me his name, was denied a request to speak to a manager, and was then hung up on. Called back, spoke to some other manager, and don't really expect the actual parts manager to return my call. News flash! Women earn money, make purchasing decisions, and deserve respectful service.

Hernando W. | 2012-09-14

My wife "Biff" and I noticed that our car "Carmella" was not operating to the high performance automobile we once knew.  Being a 1993 Ford Fiesta, we consider it to be a classic as well as a breakthrough in the automobile industry.  

We have not found another fuel efficient economy hatchback that a person can remove the back seat and haul two mountain bikes along with some camping gear.  

As a side note, I must not forget to mention that once the back seat is removed and cleared out, this "diva" of a car is great for star gazing.  A fine romantic past time of "Biff" and mine.  We've spent many moons under the stars together admiring the night sky out of our 1993 Ford Fiesta's hatchback.  

I've gone as far as to map out a constellation in honor of my wife's 52B's.  Being that the constellation "52B's" is only visible during The Winter Solstice, this annual date is very special to us and we would in no other way enjoy it without the comfort of "Carmella's" hatchback.  

After a quick and convenient stop to our local Ford dealership "Carmella" is back on the road again bending turns as though she was being driven by Greg Biffle, our favorite Nascar driver.  

Thank you Ford Motor Company for providing this gem of an automobile along with your superb maintenance department.  It has been a strength in our marriage as my wife and I sometimes like to tie empty aluminum soda cans to the back fender, pretending we are newlyweds.  


Tony D. | 2010-12-06

These guys are the BEST!
I have lease a dozen cars from them and couldn't be happier. This is the first review I have given on-line because they deserve it. Was the easiest lease/purchase I have made - even better service than from the high end import guys including the Acura's I have purchased from Munganast and much better service than the BMW purchased from Suntrup West County.
Always felt the guys at Sunset Ford had my best interest at heart when I felt the other dealers were trying to get deeper into my pocket. Go Ask for Randy - you will really enjoy buying a new car.

Jennifer B. | 2008-05-31

We got my husband's car here from Jack, and couldn't be happier.  Jack was so cool and honest, and basically held our hand through our first car purchase.  We've always heard horror stories about unscrupulous car salesmen or 'dirty' car salesmen.  This was not the case here.  Everyone was polite and respectful.  We told Jack how much we could spend, and he found us exactly what we wanted without trying to push us to spend more [$12k].  He made car buying easy. Anyone looking to purchase a car should stop by here and ask for Jack.  Not only is he a great salesman, he also has great stories to tell while your waiting on finishing up the sale.