Parktown Imports Inc in Saint Louis, MO

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Only Audi StaSIS dealership in St. Louis Area.


Established in 1973.

Parktown Imports, Inc. (Parktown Porsche Audi, Parktown Audi and Parktown Porsche) has been in business and at the same location for over 35 years!  In fact, Parktown was the first Porsche and Audi Franchised Dealer in the St. Louis area.  We have continued to be the industry leader for Porsche and Audi in the St. Louis, Missouri Region by maintaining the highest level of integrity and customer service that one can find in the automotive industry.  

Parktown Imports has always strived to bring our customers the best Sales and Service in the St. Louis area.

Parktown Imports Inc

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(314) 965-7711
Address:10230 Manchester Rd, Saint Louis, MO, 63122
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Parktown Imports Inc

Richard G. | 2015-03-05

I have included my old review for comparison, but I will have to delete it next week.

The dealership is being sold, and over half the service department is being "let go."  And frankly the service department was what kept me coming back since 1996!

The new owners will take possession next week, but from what I am being told, they want to strip the maintenance crew of their union, which I'm sure will mean lower pay and fewer benefits-- which seems odd for a dealer representing German cars, since Germany has much stronger unions, and typically a stronger economy than our own.

I am extremely displeased by the reported decision to get rid of unionized maintenance workers-- over half of them, anyway-- at this Kirkwood dealership, which has served me so well for so many years.  Invariably I have found the maintenance department to be highly professional, courteous and welcoming (as my review below will indicate), under the outgoing ownership.

Please be advised that the glowing remarks below do not pertain to the new owners in Kirkwood, who are set to re-open the dealership in May, after a week's planned closing for the change-over.

It would be reasonable to assume that things will go fairly well at first, but by the end of the year, the friendly mood will dissipate into something phony, and the calm sense of reassurance and reason will give way to a weary dismissiveness and demands to ring-up more maintenance billings from the new owners, who already seem to be very clever businessmen-- but not necessarily good stewards of the Audi/Porsche legacy.

I urge the new owners to retain 100% of the service department, for the stability of the Audi brand in the "Golden Corridor" of St. Louis.

Here is my review of Parktown Audi, under the old ownership:

This is one I actually know a great deal about.  I'm on my third Audi from Parktown, and obviously I love the place.

Parktown is very pleasant and down-to-earth, and you can actually see into the service area through a nice big window, unlike some other dealerships.  (The showroom and waiting area were both redesigned six or eight years ago.)

Once I was sitting in Parktown's waiting room, and a very nice black lady was there with me, but she expressed some nervousness about potentially being taken advantage of.  "I wouldn't worry," I said, "they once talked me OUT of a brake job here."  

How many places can you say that about?

It's fun, if you wait, to sit in the amazing Porsches, if you want.  They also have a very nice new coffee/hot chocolate maker in the waiting room.  And if you watch them working on the Porsches, it's amazing to see one of those GIANT engines being disgorged from that little car body.

There's a new Bread Company right across Manchester Rd., in the Schnucks parking lot, which is convenient.

I shouldn't be surprised, but they know my name at Parktown, even the guys whom I almost never interact with!  I got a leased Audi there at the very end of 1996, and my 2000 car was sadly totaled in an accident a year ago.

One time, some "clever" guy pulled up behind me (outside the building) right before the service department opened one morning-- and he got out and tried to get up to the service attendant before me.  But the service advisor looked right past him and started helping me, having seen my car was first in line.  

These guys are fair and square.  But funny, nice, and very thorough and professional.

Simone N. | 2014-07-15

Car dealerships are very hit or miss on service. It depends on who you work with, what car you want and what you want it for. No one is going to have the same experience every time. I have heard that Paktown Imports can have some pretty snooty service but in all honesty they sell snooty cars so cut them some slack.

We worked with Matt on getting my fiancé's car traded in for an Audi that he really wanted. Matt was so down to earth and friendly and easy to work with. He was not pushy, he was not snooty and was bluntly honest about what they can, and cannot do for us. He made the whole process easy for us and quick.

We worked with Paul when it came to financing everything and that to was a quick and painless process. It took less than 10 min to get all the financing taken care of.

Both Matt and Paul went above and beyond what I normally have experienced in a dealership. Again it really depends on who you work with and luckily this time we worked with a great team to get my fiancé the car he wanted!!

Ann Y. | 2014-04-02

DO NOT BUY HERE!  Sales manager, Jake Naughton, needs to work on his customer service skills as he is extremely unpleasant to deal with.  If he treats all prospective clients the way he did me, he will quickly run Parktown Imports out of business.  I bought my beautiful new import at Plaza Motors and highly recommend their excellent customer service and fair treatment of all clients.

Debbie R. | 2014-02-01

Buy your car someplace else. And don't get anything serviced here either. I bought a brand new Audi here at the end of November but it came with some scratches on the driver door inside. I pointed this out to the sales manager and my sales person and they assured me that they would order the part and call me when it was in.

2 weeks later I had still not received a call so I called to check. I was told flat out that they dropped the ball and didn't order the part. They said they would order it and I should bring in my car the next week. I took two hours off work to take it in only to find out they still hadn't ordered the stupid part.  They told me again they would order it and call me when it was ready.

Again the car went in to replace the part and it was returned to me with only one section of the scratched area replaced. Unbelievable. Another call, another part ordered and again the wrong part. I sit here two months after I purchased my car and still the scratched area is not repaired. The sales manager Jake is rude and incompetent and refuses to take responsibility for this utter failure. And who the heck in the parts department keeps messing this up. Stay far away from this place. I truly wish I had bought my car some place else.

Nick D. | 2013-01-13

This review is for the Audi sales department. I dropped by on a weekday when I was the only customer in the place.  Although, I received attention immediately, the salesman was not very interested in doing a lot of legwork for me. I was interested in an new S4, and although I specifically stated which color/options I was looking for he refused to check with other dealers for a trade.  He was only interested in selling me their car on the lot that day.  I went to another dealer in town, and the staff there found me a car in Kansas City and had it shipped and sold to me in 2 days.  Great job losing out on a $60K sale, Parktown.

Jill L. | 2012-02-03

This is a review for the service department.  I bought my Audi at Bommarito (see review), and usually gotten it serviced there.  But, when the check engine light came on, I decided to try Parktown.  It is closer to me, among other reasons.  When I called, the service guy told me I could bring it in that day.  Awesome!  They were all super nice, and my car was fixed, and seems to be running like a dream by the next day!  The only loaner car was a Kia, which is fine...except at the other place I usually got a newer Audi.  Also, I saw there was a 100 mile a day limit on the loaner, with ridiculous fees if you went over.  I actually had to go out of town the next day, and had to drive my husband's car, so I didn't go over the miles.  Slightly inconvenient.

Oh, another plus, when my husband picked it up, I think he said he had a 15% off coupon from Bommarito, so they gave us 15% off!

Chris Z. | 2011-05-25

Some vent thingamajig was hanging down under my car. I dropped by an they had a service technician bring it in and epoxy it for FREE. The car was turned around in under 5 minutes. Who does anything for free anymore?

I was grateful and promptly made a service appointment to get my yearly maintenance done.