Mungenast St. Louis Honda in Saint Louis, MO

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Mungenast St. Louis Honda sells and services Honda cars, trucks and SUVs. We have over 700 new cars to choose from. We also offer a large selection of used vehicles, including Honda pre-owned certified. We are the number one St. Louis Honda dealership (as verfied by American Honda) and a thirteen time winner of the prestigious Honda President's Award.


Established in 1974.

Mungenast St. Louis Honda opened in 1974, under the leadership of Dave Mungenast, Sr. Humble, modest, without pretension described Dave, Sr. Superior customer service has always been the foundation of the Mungenast Automotive Family. Each customer is treated in the way in which she or he wants to be treated. When you walk onto the showroom floor at Honda, you are not made to feel intimidated. You are made to feel welcome. Dave Mungenast, Sr. knew that honest business, excellent customer service, and a solid product sold itself. Profits were a by-product of treating people the right way. This is still true today.  St. Louis Honda has won the prestigious Honda President's Award thirteen consecutive times. The President's Award is based on customer satisfaction.

Mungenast St. Louis Honda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(314) 894-1330
Address:5939 S Lindbergh Blvd, Saint Louis, MO, 63123
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:30 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:30 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Mungenast St. Louis Honda

Nick A. | 2015-04-18

What a huge selection of cars and SUVs! If you can't find what you want, then you are not at Mungenast Hyundai! They also have top notch sales, service and body shop.

Our salesperson is truly a kind, caring and knowledgeable person. His name is Earl Byrd! We really enjoyed our visit with him! We call it a visit because he makes you feel right at home, as if you're not only a part of his family, but a part of the Mungenast Family.

Thanks Earl for being our salesperson!

Kifah H. | 2015-03-15

I've had really bad experiences before with car dealers, therefore I've always viewed car salesmen as money hungry sharks just waiting for you to slip and eat your bank account whole. This dealership completely changed my perspective on car sales... I was being a hard customer and just stubborn and dense throughout the whole deal and to be honest that was completely unnecessary of me since I got a great deal, or the best deal I should say, right from the get go.

The sales person was not pushy at all in what I wanted and was very helpful throughout my visit, she was extremely patient and helpful even though I was giving her a hard time (completely unnecessary from my part!), trust me you don't have to give them a hard time in order for them to give you a great deal, this dealership is not like the others!

Towards the end I've felt like they genuinely wanted to help me pick the best car and get the best deal I could, even the manager came out to reassure me that I was not getting screwed over and explained everything in detail to me. I am definitely recommending this dealership to all my friends and family. If you are military or first responder definitely give these guys a visit! I am a soldier myself and they gave me a $500 discount offer on top of the great deal I got for being in the military.

If you pay them a visit speak with Beth! She was very helpful and extremely patient! Please don't be like me though, she will give you her best deal from the start and won't screw you over!

Paul P. | 2015-03-09

Thus far, this has been our worst experience ever.

We arrived to pick up our car a couple weeks ago, and two of the three aftermarket items we purchase were not installed, and instead, two other aftermarkets. This necessitated another visit for us to bring the minivan back, leave it for half a day, and get the correct one's installed.

5 after we picked up the car, the front passenger door began to run on the fender when you opened the door. This required another visit to leave the car for a day, and have it adjusted. When I picked up the car, I noticed that the paint had been rubbed off where the door was rubbing in the fender. I pointed this out, and my concern that this would be an issue for rusting if t were not repaired. THIS REQUIRED BRINGING THE VAN BACK AND LEAVING IT AGAIN!

Do we scheduled the appointment, and before we could even bring the van back, the door started rubbing on the fender again.

Besides the issues with the door, a week after we picked up the car, the driver seat leather already had a small 1" crack in it...not a cut or a slice, it actually cracked!

Besides all of these issues, the day we took delivery of the car, we completed the paperwork, only to get a call the next day saying they had filled all of the paperwork out for the wrong VIN number car. Rather than mailing or couriering the new paperwork to us to sign, they requested we come back to correct it. Not only did the business manager not apologize on the phone, he also didn't apologize when we came back to fill out new paperwork, he still did not apologize, and just blamed a new person, and that they didn't do something right. YOU'RE THE MANAGER...TAKE FREAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR SCREW UP!

If I could give less than 1 star, I would certainly have give St. Louis Honda zero stars. This has been a terrible experience, both on the product side, and especially the customer service side. And to think, we live 5 min from Frontenac Honda, and chose this dealership, 25 min from our home, because they are supposed to have such great customer service.

Austin R. | 2015-02-18

I had my first new car buying experience with St. Louis Honda, and I am writing my review based not only on this experience, but on my experience with other Honda dealerships in the area. I had my choice of vehicles narrowed down to the Fit and Civic when I started contacting dealerships by email. Rebecca, from Mungenast St. Louis Honda replied quickly and provided some general information on the cost of the fit.

A week or two later, when I decided I wanted to lease a Civic, I emailed all of the Honda dealerships in the area requesting the terms of a lease for a new Civic. I wanted more than just the monthly cost, which dealerships often hide behind on lease deals. Not only was St. Louis Honda's price the lowest (by a considerable amount), Rebecca provided me with all of the information I needed, and did not resort to pushy tactics to get me into the dealership. Some of the other dealerships I contacted wanted me to call them to get their quotes, and then immediately jumped into setting up an appointment with a salesman. Additionally, when I called some of these dealerships to clarify, the price they quoted me included accessories and other useless crap that I did not ask for. St. Louis Honda was upfront, direct, and easy to work with.

I did my due diligence of actually going to another dealership to see what would happen, and the process was a stark contrast to my experience with Rebecca at St. Louis Honda. Since I contacted both dealerships over the internet, and established a relationship with that person, I expected to have the process handled by that same person throughout the car-buying process. This was the case at St. Louis Honda, and it made an INCREDIBLE difference. The other dealership handed me off to the typical salesman, who proceeded to go through the car dealership charade of hiding behind the monthly cost, going back and forth to negotiate with the sales manager, etc, etc. I honestly don't understand why some dealerships think this works with internet car sales, but obviously they are still able to make their money by conning people in this manner, as they keep doing it.  

When I went into St. Louis Honda, Rebecca was there to greet me, she had the exact car I was looking for out front, and had all of the initial paperwork ready, with the same prices I had been given by email. Instead of trying to sneak in accessories that I don't want, or expensive maintenance packages (hello people, barely any maintenance is required on new cars for the first 3 years), she mentioned some accessories that were popular, and gave me the cost upfront. She guided me through the credit application process, which was a bit more complicated as I had a co-signer, and was their every step of the way, including following up with me after I had made the purchase.

If you know what car you want, email all the dealerships in the area, ask for all of the costs, not just the monthly cost. Ask if it includes accessories or other "packages" that you did not ask for. Don't go into the dealership until they give you this information. If you're looking for a Honda, Mungenast St Louis Honda will have the lowest price, and give you the best experience.

Steve B. | 2015-02-16

I know the old stereotype about visiting a car dealer and I've lived that many times, but I have to this time was different.  My salesman was very pleasant, not pushy at all and guided me every step of the way in purchasing my new vehicle.  I very much appreciated his understanding and patience during the decision process and it's actually part of the reason why I ended up buying my car at this dealership...I like a hands off approach, just allow me to make my own decision and don't push too hard.  I'm happy with my car and everyone at the dealership was very nice and the whole process was extremely organized.

Lindsey S. | 2014-07-01

I recently went to the used car lot at Mungenast as my friend's sidekick while she shopped for a new car.  Our experience is very recent so I cannot comment on the details after the transaction, quality of the vehicle or service.  But I did think it was worth mentioning that we had a great experience while shopping.  

We went to Bommarito Chevy before going to Mungenast and it was a night and day difference.  (I'll be writing a review of Bommarito as well if you are curious. ) Mungenast was great!  They didn't swarm us when we arrived, the salesmen was not pressuring her whatsoever, he just took the time to wonder around the lot with us, asking questions, etc.  His name is Jerry.  I highly recommend asking for him if you visit this location.  He was low pressure to the max.  He was advising us to keep looking and doing research even when we were ready to purchase - which was nice!  He also had a wealth of knowledge, tricks of the trade for car shopping, which was much appreciated.  It was nice having a salesmen who made you feel like you were on the same team - this could be a really great sales tactic but nonetheless, it was nice!  In my opinion, she did end up getting a great deal.  We did online research and checked KBB, Jerry also printed out the KBB report for us, and she got the vehicle for over $2,000 less than the KBB value.  Note - someone below mentions they do not use KBB and that was not our experience.  They checked it, printed it, and discussed it with us, along with the Carfax.

Stewart P. | 2014-05-31

So far so good.   I bought my Civic last June and have been in for 3 oil changes since then.  Besides getting an excellent deal on my car and great service from my sales guy, the service department has been right on the ball.   This last visit I said I had a limit of 2 hours (a question about warranty work on my wheels would have taken longer) but I had brought to their attention a consistent low tire notice that didn't get resolved last time but this time a nail was discovered and they had the oil changed and tire replaced (new tire at no charge) right within 2 hours even though they got swamped as I came in (which, I always schedule my visits).

It's hard to expect much out of a car dealership but from start to finish, I have no real complaints.  I will keep going back for service, even though they are in South County and I am in West County.

Julie L. | 2013-08-30

Because of my location, STL Honda was the place to take my Civic when a recall suddenly popped up not too long ago.

Because of my work schedule, I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to find a time that worked for both of us when it came time to drop it off.  I know other dealerships offer a loaner program, which would have been great, but this location does not so it ultimately had to be fixed on a Saturday as they asked to have the car for several hours.  I dropped it off the night before, I called to make sure it was going at its time and they called me when it was finished.  They were quick to inform me of another problem that they wanted me to pay for but I declined, knowing already what the issue was.

Their staff was friendly when I got there and very friendly in their follow up call a day later to make sure the car was working well.  If anything I wish they'd look at the loaner program because for working adults, it would be best if given that option - however it just means other dealerships are more desirable in terms of that.

Tracey W. | 2013-04-16

I would like to preface this review by saying that it is overall pointless to review a car dealership. Most dealerships have low Yelp ratings because car buying sucks, and bitter people get on here and bitch about it. I wasn't planning on writing this review, but the disrespect with which I was treated prompted me to share my experience.

Also prefacing this with the fact that I am a young, single female tasked with purchasing a car on my own. So yeah, I was automatically a little defensive heading in. Not my first time buying a car by any means, but I wasn't the sweet version of myself. I was probably the bitch version of myself.

The salesman was great at first. Low pressure. I made an appointment. Told him 3 things up front: 1. I had to stay under $X.  2. I cared about the out-the-door cost, not monthly payments.  3. The specifics of the car I wanted. I knew exactly what I wanted. They had eight cars which fit my criteria. I also mentioned I needed the car that day if possible.

I test drove two. Before I drove the second one, even though the sticker price was significantly above my budget limit, the salesman assured me he would get me under my X dollar amount. Otherwise I wouldn't have wasted his or my time driving it.  I decided I liked it and wanted to make an offer. We get inside the dealership and now suddenly it's a whole new story. He can't go down on the price AT ALL because the car has new tires and is certified. Somehow he didn't know this when he first showed it to me.  I said absolutely no way, so he went to talk to the sales manager, who came out and made it seem like they were doing me a giant favor to knock a few hundred bucks off the price. Whatever, I appreciate they tried. I wasn't sure, so decided to leave and call my brother. They gave me SUCH SHIT about it. I know they wanted me to buy it then and there without consulting someone with an IQ over 100, but if they truly cared about customer loyalty and believed in the fairness and value of the car, they wouldn't have been cared as much that I left. I told the sales guy I would call him back in an hour.

I called him back after doing more research. I made him a lower offer. He told me he would have to talk to the sales manager in the morning and would call me first thing. I told him what times I was available the next day.

He did not call me the next day. I moved on.

The day after that, he TEXT MESSAGED ME. Honestly, I am appalled by the unprofessionalism of that. I cannot fathom why he would text me. Are you that busy on a Tuesday morning that you can't pick up the phone? I did not even respond. He texted me a few more times throughout the day. I called him and he said he could not come down on the price. He told me to come back in and talk to the sales manager.

I came in. Drove an hour out of my way. The manager was beyond rude. It felt like an argument instead of the standard negotiation that it was.  I said if you can't come down on the price, fine, you have to do what you have to do, but I'm not paying it. I even agreed to go over my budget and meet him half way. He wouldn't budge, and in the meantime disrespected me, my brother, and was just totally disgusting. He didn't listen to me AT ALL. I was also livid that they made me come in when they knew they weren't going to come down on price. If you want to get me in the door because you want to sell me on it, fine, but he wasn't trying to sell me on it. I thought he was really rude. I never would have purchased a car from him.  Instead of trying to help me, and instead of trying to find a car within my budget, which was very clearly stated from the get-go, they just argued with me and told me that NADA is bullshit, and that putting new tires on the car cost them 800 dollars, and acted like I was an idiot, and as if negotiating is not a normal part of the car-buying process.

No hard feelings at that point.  We both went our separate ways. I am not writing this review because I didn't get the deal I wanted. It was business, not personal. Who cares. I knew they would sell the car. I knew I would find a better deal.

What prompted me to write this review is the fact that yesterday the sales guy TEXTED ME to gloat that he had sold the car for more than what they were going to sell it to me for. Honestly, I am totally speechless. The most unprofessional, rude, ridiculous, absurd thing I can ever imagine. I didn't feel the need to text him and let him know I bought the EXACT SAME CAR for 1400 dollars LESS than what they were going to sell it to me for. Why did he feel the need to text me? Seriously? It was his asshole way of saying fuck you, you don't know shit, you're an idiot.

Well I'm laughing all the way to the bank, I'm never buying a car from Mungenast, and though I wouldn't tell other people not to buy from them, I certainly hope you have a better experience there than I did. Hopefully you have a penis.

Picha M. | 2013-01-29

I have purchased a few cars from St. Louis Honda and their service department is always top notch.  They provide service with a smile and meet you almost right away as you step out of your car.  Their waiting room is a little small but they provide complimentary food, coffe and water.  There is also a small kids play room that is "separate" from the regular waiting area.  St. Louis Honda does provide a free car wash whenever you like as long as you have the "St. Louis Honda" plates on your car.  I have never had a problem with their work thus far (knock on wood).  

That being said we did not purchase our last honda from them as their selection on Honda Odysseys were a little slim.  In addition the salesman that we had worked with had left for medical reasons.  They also stated at the time they don't do deals on Honda odysseys thus we purchased ours from Frank Leta Honda who was more than happy to give us a nice deal!  

Overall St. Louis Honda is a very nice dealership that provides great service and reasonable pricing on new Hondas.

Steven B. | 2013-01-14

I am a loyal customer of St. Louis Honda and have recommended them to friends who have also become loyal customers.

I will also confess that I am one of those car owners who gets everything done at my car dealer. Is it more expensive? Not really, by the time you go to those drive in and quick oil change joints and by the time you pay for the upgrades that you want or need the price is the same. Also, I like having all my car records in one place. I consider them cars doctor. All my medical records are with my doctor, so why should my ride not have the same convenience that I do.

The service advisers are friendly, personable and are not high pressure add on sales professionals like a quick oil change place. Also, they know my car and its history so I do not need to worry about them pushing unnecessary repairs. My CRV rides smooth and easy thanks to STL Honda.

As stated in my previous review, I always wait while my car is being serviced. They offer a comfortable waiting room with free Wi-Fi, coffee, bottled juice or water and Krispy Kreme donuts. They also have a playroom for customers who are waiting with toddlers, making the other customers very happy.

When I'm ready for a new car, it will be another Honda and it will be from Mungenast St. Louis Honda again.

Rob M. | 2012-02-20

There are three reasons why you should ever visit a car dealership:

1. You are there to test drive a vehicle
2. You are there to pick up a vehicle you bought off of their website
3. You are there for warranty work

If you are at a dealership for any other reason, you are spending far too much money and time being there.

In my case, it was reason number two, as to why I was here. They came in with the best price for a Honda Accord when I solicited pricing online, so they won my business.

However, I arrived there to pick up my purchase, but then it took five hours to complete the transaction? Why? Because they had two people working to complete the transactions of 10 other people who bought online, while the other 10 regular salespersons stood around, acting like regular creepy car salesmen act.

This place is no different than any other car dealership, except they will likely beat any other offer made by an online request than any other Honda dealership will make in the St. Louis area. If you come here and deal with a regular salesperson in person, you will be subjected to the usual shenanigans that car salespersons put you through.

They would have likely earned three or four stars if it did not require me spending five hours here to pick up and buy my car, but alas, they did not. As a result, they lowballed me on my trade in, and I was too tired to fight. Don't be too tired to fight them on their lowball offer on your trade in!

I've never returned to their dealership for service, because I can visit my neighborhood Dobbs, Midas or independent service shop for regular maintenance, and pay less than half what they want for the exact same thing.

So do as I did and recommend and you will be much better off. If you don't learn from this, you only have yourself to blame.

Douglas S. | 2012-02-05

BEWARE - the salesman told us that Mungenast St. Louis Honda does not use Kelley Blue Book values because they are "bad".  Instead, they use another website which is "good".  Good?  The website Mungenast uses produces lower numbers than Kelley Blue Book.

So, by walking through the doors of this dealership, you automatically lose $1000.

S C. | 2011-09-07

I purchased a used Accord from Rick Brennan at St. Louis Honda.  The experience was a pleasant one.  Rick made sure I got the car I wanted for a fair price.  He was helpful and knowledgeable without being pushy.  I was grateful to get a fair deal on a good car.  Tom Barr in finance made sure I got a very good rate on my financing and helped make the financing process a smooth one for me.  These gentleman were genuinely concerned about making my experience with St. Louis Honda a fair and pleasant one.  I would highly recommend using Rick and Tom at St. Louis Honda for your next car purchase.

lauren s. | 2011-08-31

Great place to buy a car. It did take 4 house for the paper work but bottom line these guys know what they r doing. Buy from team players  Joe Basler and Gina bom they work wonderful together.

Hulya K. | 2011-08-25

I had a flat tire so I went to this Honda dealer to get it fixed and had my 70.000 miles service done. I had the 70.000 service completed, however since the tire prices were so much higher than NTB, I decided to go to NTB for my tire change. At Mungenast, they patched up my flat tire (rotated it so that it was not at the front) and I drove to NTB. After getting new tires, then my car started pulling to the right. I called Mungenast to figure out why my car may be pulling to the right because in the end they did the rotation. And they told me in order to figure this out I need to go in and pay $160 in diagnostic tests! Are you kidding me? And they started blaming it on the NTB guys because they did something wrong... In any case, I got the problem fixed by the great help of NTB, it may be a discount tire store, but in terms of customer service they were way better than Munganest, they tasted the alignment and everything for free and put the tires in a way to reduce the pulling to the right. In the meantime, I complained to the Mungenast customer service department, they said a supervisor was to call me, but no surprise, no-one called me back. Horrible customer service in my opinion...

Sarah H. | 2011-07-11

I purchased a 2009 Honda Civic last fall from Mungenast and had a pleasant experience. The salesman was nice and moderately knowledgeable of the features of the car. Free car washes for life, as long as you keep the Mungenast license plate frame on your whip.

1) My salesman has since friend requested me on facebook and yahoo messenger, as well as repeatedly emailed me. Um...overkill. I had to request that he stop contacting me.

2) Service has already been a tad lacking-for example, I had to remind them multiple times of the free oil changes they promised me when signing on the dotted line. Additionally, the had no idea about my tire protection plan, despite spending at least 1/2 hour discussing it when I purchased my new ride.

Overall, good response to complaint #2 though, so maybe I'll change that 4 star to a 5 the longer I am a customer.

Trisha P. | 2010-11-12

Not impressed. At all.

I bought a car a few months ago - a Honda Fit.  I did my research and knew exactly what I wanted (car and accessories) and what I was willing to/should pay for it. There would be no talking me into getting something else or upgrading.  Guess I am a salesperson's worst nightmare because I'm pretty damn hardheaded.

I had been to another Honda dealer in the area and had a great experience, but I wanted to check out some other places to compare prices.  

I was really thinking my St. Louis Honda experience would beat that of the dealer I went to before because:
-My boyfriend's family has bought 4 Hondas from St. Louis Honda in the past few years
-I was there with my boyfriend, not by myself (man power - check)
-We talked to the sales man who helped my boyfriend & fam with their cars, so he knew there was a good chance he could make another sale
-It was toward the end of the month

My expectations were severely trampled.  From step one, I was talked down to like I didn't know what I wanted and didn't know the first thing about buying a car. Quite the opposite, sir. I knew exactly what I wanted & I'm not an idiot.  Do you know how many hours I've spent researching this shiznit?!
Much salesman sleeze all around. UGH. I just wanted to get out of there.

I wanted floor mats & a remote starter as my accessories.  When I requested pricing for these items, the salesman hesitantly gave me the pricing sheet.  Turns out, their prices were at least 1/3 higher than those of the first dealer I went to (and that's a lot of $$ when you're talking about a remote start).

The first quote I was given for the car was the highest sticker price I had seen.  No bueno.  Of course, I was told they can "work with me."  

Overall, I just felt very hassled.  All I wanted were some starting prices. But I ended up with MUCH more than that:
-At least 3 follow-up calls per week. They only called (& left messages) when I was at work, so I could never answer to tell them to stop calling.
-At least 5 letters in the mail to follow-up

After a few weeks, I finally got to answer one of the calls - it was the salesman himself.  Oh goody.
Me: "I've already bought a Fit somewhere else because the prices were much better."
Salesman: "You should have come in and we could have worked with you."
Me: "The dealer I bought it from offered me much better prices to begin with...there's no reason I should have gone back to your dealership."

Ka pow.  
He didn't sound happy.
But I wasn't happy that I got hassled so much, so I guess we're even.

Bashar E. | 2010-06-02

I was there only once for service on my accord. They were nice, fast and I thought pretty decent in price, relativley. There waiting room is not impressive and small but they do have wifi. I won't use them for oil changes cause they use penzoil (same oil they use in jiffy lube!!).

Gregory P. | 2010-01-19

I'll keep it short.

Sales Department: Very good service.  I've bought two cars here and left feeling good both times.

Service Department: Starts off great when you drive the car into the bay.  Everything in clean, neat and efficient.  My problems began with them using really weak reasoning for problems they couldn't identify, then laying blame on me when it continued, and then finally having to fix the source without any thought to an apology for all the headaches it caused...not too mention the grief they we're happy to pile on during the whole event.

Mike T. | 2010-01-12

My family has purchased 4 Hondas from St. Louis Honda in the last 5 years. They have a great selection, knowledgeable staff and have typically been able to work out a fair price for us. The Mungenast Family of dealerships also offers a free car wash service, which is one of those perks I truly wished I used more. They also do not employ Union mechanics which in the end costs you a little more but it means that you can still get your car fixed when there are strikes.

That said, we have had numerous run-ins with the service department that were definitely less than savory. Initially, back when my brother and I both owned Accords, they could not seem to get the two of us straight and would mix up our service records completely. This may not seem like a big deal but when you are trying to maintain an extended warranty and your services records show incorrect mileage for your maintenance, it is not a fun thing to deal with. My brother also had an issue with them trying to sell him the same service twice, which I can fully speak to without having been there but I would venture to guess that you don't need two full brake overhauls within a year under slightly above average driving conditions.

With my new Insight, I had a recent issue with a simple tire patch being considered "out-of-scope' of my warranty. While I completely understand that the tire warranty is separate from that of the vehicle but still, even my used Ford Econoline had a tire warranty with the dealer that I purchased it from. The service clerk did go to bat for me and he comped the patch since I was getting other service at the same time. I wrote the dealer after that commending their clerk for doing the right thing and standing up for the principle of the issue. Unfortunately I received no response from their Service Manager or my Sales Rep.

All in all though, service issues aside, we have enjoyed purchasing our vehicles from St. Louis Honda and will most likely go there again in the future.

Joan B. | 2008-11-30

Outstanding dealership!  "Service" is the word here---great service, that is!  Our family has bought more a than a few Honda vehicles from this fine company, and we have been very pleased with every one of them.  Case in point---2004 Honda Pilot has received regularly scheduled maintenance service at St. Louis Honda since it was new.  Performance of the Honda service personnel has been superior!  The Honda quality is second to none---no major repairs in 4 years---just a cargo net replacement!

Many thanks to Dave Mungenast and the St. Louis Honda Team!