Frank Leta Acura in Saint Louis, MO

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If you want selection, Frank Leta Acura is the place to look first. We have a huge inventory as well as the ability to acquire hard to find new Acura vehicles throughout the country using our in-house


Established in 1986.

Written by Frank Leta

I have had the pleasure to sell Honda products in the St. Louis area since the 1960's.  I started selling Honda motorcycles in St. Louis in 1965. In 1971, I became the first Honda automobile dealer in the Midwestern United States. In 1986, I became one of the original Acura dealers when I opened Frank Leta Acura on Tesson Ferry Road in South Saint Louis County.  Today, Frank Leta Acura remains in the same location in South County, but has undergone major rennovations recently  to better provide a luxury client experience worthy of the Acura name.

Frank Leta Acura

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(314) 849-4444
Address:11777 Tesson Ferry Rd, Saint Louis, MO, 63128
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Frank Leta Acura

Connie F. | 2014-09-15

I HATE the whole car buying experience - going in, sitting for 4-5 hours while the salesman runs back and forth to the GM to get any "offers" approved.  So I decided to go the internet route this time with Frank Leta Acura and get a quote over the phone instead of wasting an afternoon trying to buy a car.  But first I did my research on .  I then filled out the specs regarding the car I wanted (color, make, model, engine, etc.) and submitted it via email.  Received an email back within the next hour, thanking me for my interest and saying a salesman would be calling me with a quote.  That's when things went downhill.  I did get a call back but it wasn't to give me a quote.  Instead, the salesman asked me what kind of car I I wanted and how much I wanted to pay.  I told him I submitted an email to his dealership telling them EXACTLY what I wanted and had asked that they call me with their best price.  He didn't bother to read my email before he called so I asked if he wanted to review it and call me back.  Instead he asked if I could come in for a test drive (yes I plan to if I'm interested in your price).    He again asked what I wanted to pay.  I said if he couldn't give me a ballpark figure I was hanging up.  He again asked what I wanted to pay so I hung up.  12 days pass - no more communication from the dealership.  In the meantime I'm emailing the same specs to other dealers (and I don't care if I have to drive 3 hours to get a decent price) and getting immediate fair quotes via email and phone.  Figuring I'd give Frank Leta one last chance to make a deal I call again and tell them what I want.  Three days later I get a call back with an offer that is less than $400 below sticker price.  No thanks.  Keep your car.  Not interested in dealing with you.  And you might want to fine tune your entire "internet quote" procedures.

Mandy B. | 2014-08-04

My visit to this dealership was not a good experience. I went to look at a couple of used Toyota Prius's, which were ok cars. They were horrendously overpriced for having 80,000+ miles. They also claimed that they couldn't give me the value of my trade in because they 'don't see a lot of these cars'. I took my business elsewhere.

Joe R. | 2012-10-01

So since I bought a used TL back in June it was time to get it serviced.  Since the CarFax showed it had been serviced by an Acura Dealer I decided to continue to have it serviced.  My friend has a TSX and she would take it to Frank Leta so I figured why not?

The really neat thing was that I could schedule an appointment online via their website and select the maintenance I needed by the mileage I had on the car which makes it a bit more convenient to budget and plan and see what kind of maintenance I can expect.  Another cool thing was that they send you a calendar invite as well so you can import the appointment on your calendar.  

Day of Service I went in and was helped by Lisa.  All I was doing was getting the tires rotated and the oil change.  Lisa confirmed everything and then I went and had breakfast and came back to sit in the waiting area.  Lisa came out and went over what the inspection had found, some corrosion on the battery terminal and the cabin filter needed to get replaced.  After all of that was said and done my car was cleaned and vacuumed and I did the rest of the days errands.  

Come to find out not all was well with the car because by dinner time it wouldn't start. Got a jump and drove it home.  Brought the car back in Monday and was helped by Ashely.  She tested the battery and found that it was bad (!!!) even though Saturday's inspection reported no issues with it.  Ashely noted that the battery was only 2 years old and it could probably be covered by the warranty (100 months) if I had the paperwork to show when it was actually installed. Since I bought the car from a local used car place, I didn't get all of the maintenance records but Ashely decided to help and go the extra mile and call the other dearlship to see if my car had previously been serviced by them.  Even though it had been serviced elsewhere before I bought the car they didn't have a record of a battery replacement so I still had to pay for that. At least she tried for me though so I was happy with that.

Only downside to all of this was the price.  It is expensive having your car serviced but I plan on having this car for a long time and it has been dealer serviced a lot so I thought I might as well keep up with it.  A special Kudos to Lisa, Ashely and Pam who all helped me out throughout both visits. I'm sure I'll be back for my next maintenance appointment.

Tony D. | 2010-12-11

I am very impressed. Every time I visit this dealership for service they treat me like I am their best customer...and I didn't even buy the car there! They remember your name, tell you the status of everything in terms you understand - and best of all, they don't charge you for anything you don't need. Example - I learned a cabin filter is an air filter that filters the air you breath in the car. When I went to Autotire they said I needed on based on the year of the car - ant it would cost over $100 due to where it was located...they said the time involved to drop the dashboard to check the filter would be the same charge whether I need it or not - didn't trust them. Went to Frank Leta Acura for my next oil change and they said we need to check the cabin filter...Ohh no here it comes...but no - they checked it, said I didn't need one and No charge! Plus they give you a free car wash every time you visit that's the best wash in town. My car smells brand new and looks great every time I leave. Highly recommend Frank Leta Acura. Like they say in the commercial - "You cant beat a leta"