Dean Team Volkswagen of Kirkwood in Saint Louis, MO

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Dean Team Volkswagen of Kirkwood in Saint Louis, MO.

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Dean Team Volkswagen of Kirkwood

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(314) 966-0303
Address:10205 Manchester Rd, Saint Louis, MO, 63122
  • Monday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Dean Team Volkswagen of Kirkwood

Mark S. | 2015-02-11

I would give them a NEGATIVE 5 STAR review if I could!!! We purchased one vehicle and leased two from them. The first two deals were done at the ballwin location and went "ok" until we were lied to by the service dept. after an issue with the leased vehicle after an incident that involved me hitting a hard bump in the road that caused me to worry although nothing was leaking, I thought I would feel better knowing for sure that everything was ok. When the service man claimed he inspected it by just putting it up on the rack (he NEVER took the transmission pan off but said I need both a new transmission pan AND filter) stating there was a hole in the pan. This guy must have had x-ray vision eyes to know that, as he only visually inspected the car. This quick visual look that took no longer than 10 min. costing $125!!! I was shocked at the price since they never informed me of the price for a blink of an eye inspection. They WOULD NOT release my car back to me as I fought with them over the fraudulent charge as they said they were only going to perform a courtesy check. The manager said that there was nothing he could do( which right there tells me they do not give a DAMN about customer service)! I told them I did not have my debit card on me, which was the truth,  they in turn said that they would drive me to my bank as I no longer had means of transportation. So here I am, stuck at this HELL HOLE with a bunch of ASSHOLES! Unfortunately I had no alternative as they had me right where they wanted me. I literally had no money, no car and no choice so therefore I was forced to go to be taken to my bank. After they were paid, I called Mickey's Auto Repair (where my husband takes his work vehicles to for honest/ dependable work ). Their trustworthy mechanic (Norm) checked out the car completely to find nothing wrong like Dick Dean's incompetent mechanic. The only thing Norm noticed was a slight nik in the transmission pan but no leak and said NOTHING needed to be replaced! I don't know how the idiot mechanic at Dick Dean could say there was a need to replace both the pan and filter as I had never seen even a drop of an oil leak in the first place. Sad way for Dick Dean to earn a dishonest days pay lying to a customer who is NO LONGER THEIR CUSTOMER. All in all, it paid to have a second opinion as I should have went to Mickey's to begin with as they DID NOT CHARGE ME A CENT (perhaps they had a heart knowing how much I was already scammed for). Run from "THE DICK" dean team as fast as you can before they "DICK" you!

Angela W. | 2015-01-20

GOOD: I have purchased 3 cars from Dean Team, this was my first experience at the Kirkwood location. My interaction with Dave Schultz, sales manager, began with an online inquiry. We only communicated via email or text which is how I like to buy cars, no showroom pressure. He was very prompt in returning communication and worked to find us the perfect car from another dealer.

NOT GOOD: The car immediately had to be returned to the dealer 150 miles round trip for a recall that should have already been addressed before sale, they didn't have the parts and I'll have to make another 150 mile round trip to get it fixed. I had to get the dealer installed window tint removed and replaced locally because it was defective. They will not reimburse me for this because I didn't have it replaced at the dealer. You can understand why I wouldn't if it wasn't done correctly the first time. I am hoping to update when this situation has been rectified.

Jericho R. | 2014-10-17

*KISS MY A$$** is what we were told by AJ.  

The only reason I'm giving one star is because there is no zero or negative stars.

We were interested in leasing a VW Jetta so we did our research and called them. Spoke with AJ over the phone and explained to him what we were looking for.

We told him how much we wanted to spend and what we going to put down as a down payment. During the conversation we caught AJ lying a couple of times when confronted; he stated he misheard us.

So we continued to tell him what we were looking for etc. so we agreed on a price once we told him to confirm everything before we came out (because we live 1:30mins away) he again did the sleazy salesman move and again said he misheard us. At the point we told him that we no longer wanted to buy it from them because of all the games and ended the conversation. He called twice when we told him we were no longer interested he said "what's your problem? Our response we don't like to deal with liars he then said KISS MY A$$** and hung up.

Wiki - Dean Team family owns a bank and backs up most of their sales it is a family run business to they think they can say whatever they want and get away with it because they don't have a boss to answer to.


I have also filed a compliant with the State of MO and Volkswagen Corporate advising them of their franchisee' behavior.

Reigna Y. | 2014-10-01

Update: The manager sent me a text letting me know that the GM has authorized the return of my first payment (since I didn't get the car) and he said "sorry again for the trouble. have a great day." If that's an apology for threatening to call the car in as stolen, then here's my reciprocated apology: Sorry for doubting that you'd give me my money back.

L A. | 2014-08-28

Liars. I'd write a full review, but based on my experiences (plural, being that I actually purchased my new car there in 2012), there are now several incidents; each of which is blatantly criminal. I now use Glendale across the street, on Manchester Road, for any "dealership required" issues. Feel free to contact this account if you have ANY DOUBT that you should NOT PURCHASE A CAR FROM THE LIARS WHO WORK HERE.

Amanda W. | 2014-08-20

Dean Team gave me the hook up.... I told them what my price range was, and what I needed. they got me into the car of my dreams at a price I could afford.  Go team, go dean team!

Larry H. | 2014-01-28

This dealership is still the worse dealership in the big time, I will have to relatively pay over 30000 dollars for a used car (2010 jetta) after leasing and financing the car. They did not lease me the new car but a car that has already 3000 miles on it and the price is as same is the brand new car. It was my fault to trust them too much in the beginning and I am deeply regretful for getting a car from them. However, after I financed the car, I paid 1800 dollars for extending the warranty. Therefore, they did 40000 mile maintenance plus some replacement last May, which costed me over 600 dollars before they switch from lease to finance for me. So it is certified car now.  I have driven 4000 miles since then, however, the car recently had some burning smells and noise coming out of the engine. I went over the service and asked for helps. It took a whole day for them to figure out if my car is covered by the warranty or not.  Anthony Sayer asked me to pay 260 dollars (120 check out fee plus some replacement and add some oil in my engine).I said it should be covered by the warranty.  I was waiting the whole day to get his response and see if I need to pay the checkout fee and other parts. He said the reason that causes the engine problem is because the oil is too low (but I did pay over 600 dollars for them to maintain my car, including oil change last may). The oil is getting too dirty, too low and not running well because of the recent cold weather, they said. They did not even want to do the oil change for me but only add some oil in it. I am not sure how long my car will be working fine because of this terrible service. By the way, thanks to John Staab's help, I paid 50 dollars for( the checkout fee, adding oil, and some bulb replacement) after the warranty.

Simone N. | 2013-11-18

It makes me so sad to see all the 1 star reviews for Dean Team Kirkwood

I had the opportunity to brows and test drive a Jetta while I was debating on getting a new car.

The salesman that helped us was very nice and friendly. Personable and NOT pushy at all. He understood that we were looking to getting a new car but were not 100% if we were or not. He went through the lot with us. Showed us what we could afford and  what he could do if we fell in love with a particular car.

Although I did not get a new car that day I wanted to make note that not all Salesmen are horrible to work with. I had a really good experience coming here and in the future when I am ready for a new car, I will be coming back to Dean Team Kirkwood.

Mohammad N. | 2013-08-27

Just purchased my car and Jamie Novara was fantastic with his job. Gave me an excellent discount for my 135i if anyone is in the market for a vehicle, Dean Team Kirkwood is the place shop.

Courtney R. | 2013-08-26

I bought a 2013 Passat TDI on Saturday and I am very glad I chose The Dean Team in Kirkwood. We bought our new car from Michael and he worked very hard to get us a deal within our price range and was able to answer all of our questions about our Passat before we made the purchase.  I highly suggest buying from The Dean Team if you are looking for a car.

Kevin D. | 2013-07-10

I've visited here to test drive cars a few times over the last few years and it's just awful. The management here must train their salespeople to do a hard pitch.

In the last week I've been to a bunch of other dealerships and the salespeople have all been really nice. At Dean Team my salesperson today was obnoxious, pushy and condescending. I suffered through that only to find out that she was required to go on the test drive with me. "We can't let the customers control this process," she said, "we're trying to run a business here.".

Whatever. You keep control and I'll shop somewhere else.

This is just one example from one visit - in general the salespeople unfortunately fit the stereotype of manipulative, slimy salespeople. Couldn't wait to get out.

Gabriela C. | 2013-06-11

The people who work hear really are scam artists! I told the sales guy that I was not ready to buy a car but I that I would be soon. He wanted me to come in to find out what my car was worth and said that he needed me to fill out an app but that it would not show up on my credit as they would not apply for a loan. I went in to get my car appraised and instead of looking at my car, they applied for loans I did not want in the first place and NEVER told me what my car is worth, except that is I owe over $5000.00. They lied through their teeth to a single mother. Their adds are misleading as well as their sales people... I suggest doing business with honest people, not these guys...

Prime L. | 2013-06-05

In lieu of a review let me offer this gem from the guy who was trying to sell us a used car: "I have a degree in finance, and I've worked in corporations - I even qualified to be a firefighter, but I got into this business because when you help a family choose a car they will share for years, you touch people's lives." We pretty much legged it after this. They wanted to offload any old car onto us right there and then and weren't that interested in what we wanted. Shady snake-oil salesman feel. We found a much better experience and deal at another of the big name STL area dealers.

Mika M. | 2013-03-30


I bought a brand new Tiguan in October 2012 from Kyle Steinberg.

First of all, the person who did my "paperwork" didn't technically work for the dealership. She confessed that she was "helping them out" and picking up some hours. She actually refused to touch the check I handed her for my down payment. all paperwork ended up being incorrect, which resulted in me having to run back and forth all around town to get the registration figured out. They apologized a LOT and helped me get things straightened out after the fact. They even admitted to the person who helped me and messed things up as "really crazy and not surprised this happened."  I let it slide.

I should have taken that as the biggest red flag ever and gotten out, but I didn't. I was strapped for time and knew I needed to buy a new car that day because I had to get to Michigan because my mom had recently suffered a stroke. The Tiguan had 60 miles on it and was a 2012. I've put close to 13,000 miles on my car since November.

Word of advice: know the bottom line number versus payments. I probably paid more than I should have, but you know how car salesman are... always talking about "payments" versus sticker price. Within weeks, I am in the service shop.

My car literally dies on me while I am driving it. This has happened numerous times over the past few months that I have owned the car. When I'm slowly making my way through a parking lot, drive through, or between traffic lights, the car engine will die and my warning lights will flash. I have to take my car from Drive into Park to re-start the engine. This doesn't happen a lot, but it definitely happens! My car also has issues when it shifts gears. When I accelerate, it sometimes "jerks around" and you can tell that the car is struggling to make the transition.

So in the 8 times that I have taken my car in for servicing, the mechanics have only gotten my car to act up a few times. When this stuff happens, the computer doesn't register that any codes have been tripped. Therefore, most of the time the dealership calls me and says they can't find anything wrong with the car. They did end up replacing my fuel pump and a few valves on the turbo - nothing has actually "fixed" the Tiguan though. It is still doing what it does and is completely random when it does this.  

Get this: THE DEALERSHIP KEPT INFORMATION FROM ME WHEN I BOUGHT THE CAR. Apparently the Tiguan was "serviced" at 12 miles because "car starts and dies. Car was towed to the shop and started up - has started ever since." I bought the car at 60 miles. Someone had this experience before me and they disregarded it! And they pretty much lied to me and have played "dumb" to the fact that my car dies on me while driving it!

The service people are very hard-working and I feel so bad that they have to deal with me. The frustration is building for them and I can tell. They accused me of putting unleaded regular fuel in my car when it requires premium. I told them I had never put anything besides premium and they actually told me they wanted to take a sample of my gas. I was really stunned that they would think that I didn't tell the truth - and of course they did and found nothing but premium gas.... but still, what horrible customer service.

So extremely long story short and where we're at now: the dealership said they would trade me out and "pretend there is nothing wrong with my car" because they "haven't been able to duplicate my problem." So if I were to let this happen, I guarantee they would put this crap car back on the lot for one of you to buy.

I won't let this happen and all I am asking for is my money back. I put $3,000 down and have made 4 payments. Get rid of the loan and give me my money back and we'll be done with it. Apparently this is too much to ask for. They won't budge. They  insist on "trading me out," which means that I lose money overall. Why is this ok when the reason I don't want the car is because it is BROKEN! They sold me a broken car and knew about it!

As you can imagine, I'm a little stressed. At this moment in time I am most likely escalating this situation. Really too bad that the dealership can't own up to the fact that they sold me a Tiguan that shouldn't have been on the lot in the first place.

Mark P. | 2012-10-23

I really don't like writing 1 star reviews, but the Dean Team Volkswagen of Kirkwood has earned it.  My review is based on my experience of shopping for a car there.  I actually visited 7 different dealerships, but my visit to the "Dean Team" was downright bizarre.  We arrived at the dealership, and found the layout kind of confusing and couldn't locate the model of car we were looking for.   We walked inside to what looked like a receptionist desk and ask someone if they could point us in the right direction.  The following is a basic summary of what happened next:

Me: "Hi, can you tell us where the new GTI's are located?"

Dean Team Employee:  "Sure, no problem, but can I get some information from you first?"

Me: "Well....we just want to look at the cars."

DTE: "Great, I'll just pull up a chair."

Me: "Sorry, we just want to look at cars, we don't have much time."

DTE: "No problem, this will just take a few minutes" he continues to pull up a chair and motions for us to all sit down.  He gets my name and phone number and starts asking what kind of car I'm looking for, what features I want, and then he starts talking about financing and trading in my car.  

Me: "Can I just see the cars? I don't have much time! "

DTE: "Well, I need at least 20 minutes of your time to show you the cars, so maybe you should make an appointment and come back. "


DTE: Sorry man, I'm new and have only been here for three weeks.  Let me just go check with the manager on where the GTI's are and what we've got."  

So then we wait as he walks into the glass enclosed office and closes the door behind him. We continued to wait and walk around the showroom looking at cars.  After several minutes, we continued to wait and looked at brochures and car options.  We notices 3 or 4 guys inside the glass enclosed office and could hear loud talking and some laughing noises coming from inside the room. Finally we said "to hell with this" and walked out after knocking on the glass and waving goodbye.  By the time we got to my car, the DTE came running out with another salesperson yelling "Hey guys, what's wrong? Don't leave!  I'm new here! Sorry, I was just trying to..."  The other salesperson with him says to him: "Shut up, I got this".  He then tries to persuade us to get out of the car:  "Sorry for the confusion guys, we've got plenty of cars.  What can I help you find?"  

Our reply: "THE EXIT!" as we drive away.  

The above experience was abbreviated and actually lasted for 15 to 20 minutes.  I should have walked out earlier, but at some point it became comical that they wouldn't point me in the direction of the car I was looking for.  The problem was not that the guy was new.  He had clearly been trained on what to do with a potential customer to hook them in and get their information first.  I will never consider doing business with the Dean Team after this experience and after hearing from two other friends who had bad experiences buying a car from them.  By the way, after leaving the Dean Team, I went to Bommarito VW and found a very helpful salesperson without all the bullshit.  I bought my car from them the same day.

Kara M. | 2012-07-20

In short, we were promised the car was a "certified used car" and that it had a bumper to bumper "new car type"2-year warranty.   In the final stages of signing the financial paperwork, suddenly the warranty was NOT included.  WE SHOULD HAVE LEFT AT THIS POINT.  But given we had spent 8+ hours on this ordeal, we agreed to pay for the warranty.    

Then we learned the 3 of the tires had 3/32nd tread. (one needed to be replaced immediately).  To be a "certified used car" tires had to be 4/32nd.   The car was certified in January, so the tread may have been certified then; but either way a car should not be excessively driven after being certified.    Therefore, BEING A CERTIFIED USED CAR IS  MEANINGLESS if when your buy the car it may not meet the same criteria as when it was certified.  

I tried to resolve the issue with the dealership manager.  3 times I called him, each time he said he needed to do some research and he would get back to me.   He never called me.  I continued to call him back each time with same (lack of) response.  

The Dean Team touts a "Project 100" "our commitment to provide 100% customer satisfaction to 100% of our customers - 100% of the time!"  Not only have they not lived up to this commitment, but they are dishonest.   Their style of negotiation is really manipulation - and that doesn't make you feel good about the process.  If you buy from the Deant Team, you are at a VERY HIGH RISK OF BEING DECEIVED AND DISAPPOINTED.

Update Apr2013:  
We have recently received 2 letters from the Dean Team requesting I "correct the posting (this review) to include what the dealership did as you requested and beyond or remove it in its entirety."  I am therefore, adding additional information.  To the best of my recollection, this is what I believed happened after posting the review....  

After much effort on our part, the dealership refunded the cost of the warranty (after accessing our car loan account - making a credit, then rescinding the credit, then eventually issuing us a check for the cost of the warranty) and paid for the cost of the inadequate tires.    

I have also removed the first line in my original review as I believe this is what the GM refers to in his letter as "your posting maybe interpreted as malicious." If removing that line will alleviate any further contact with the Dean Team, then it is worth it.

Jillian L. | 2011-08-30

As someone else said,  I wish "0 stars" was an option. It's been years since I bought my car(s) here, and I still hate them. 60,000 miles later and the problems persist. I was snaked into overpaying for a used 2003 Jetta (I was 19 at the time), which, after 2 weeks, started pouring out black smoke. I turned it into the service department, and didn't hear anything for a month, until I called in, and a loose-lipped mechanic informed me it had been shipped to Ballwin for an engine replacement without my consent. 3 months later,  approximately 2 days after the warranty was up, the transmission went out, and they tried to stick me with a $4,000 bill.

They were kind enough to "take it off of my hands" for about $8,000 less than I paid for it (after putting $4,000 down), and sold me my car I have now...and tacked an extra 12 months of financing onto my contract at the last minute without telling me (yes, I read it, and that's when I discovered it...they then gave me the option to walk away, $12,000 in the hole, and with no car). 5 years, 4 electrical circuit boards, 4 engine coils, and a new transmission later, and I'm still stuck with this money pit. Please save yourself the hassle and $30,000 before you buy a car here.

P.S. I should probably say that there are about 2 nice and helpful guys in the service department-but how helpful is a place that wants to charge you $107 to replace a headlight bulb?

Colin F. | 2011-07-20

I bought a Audi from Dean Team and I regret it a lot. They were the only dealer within 200 miles that had the vehicle I was looking for. They seemed very nice, although somewhat pushy. They repeatedly told me that they stand behindt heir vehicles 100% and that my warranty would take care of anything that went wrong. ASeveral days after buying the car I smelled burning oil coming from the hood. I had several seals leaking oil, which they said they would fix at a "discounted" rate OF $1200!!! And ofcourse it wasn't covered under warranty. Since I bought it I have put over $2,000 in the car and things keep happening. They are very unwilling to do anything in way of making the deal right. They do not stand behind their vehicles mechanical quality at all.  The salesmen, Rich Weisner, told me everything I wanted to hear in order for me to purchase the car, only to find out it has lots of problems.

I am very disappointed with Dean Team, and it sounds like I am not the only one. I would avoid them at all cost, even though they have nice LOOKING cars. My girlfriend purchased a used VW at Bommarito and had an amazing experience, I would point you towards them or Parktown Imports if your looking for an Audi or Audi service.

Brian B. | 2011-05-12

If I can give a lower score I would.  The lone positive review of this place is clearly a fake profile... it should be removed.

Matt C. | 2011-04-06

Do Not Buy A Car From These Guys! I purchased a car on a Saturday from these jokers, shook hands on a price for the new car and I traded my old car in. As it was later in the day, the financing companies were closed. So the following Monday I go to the Dean Team to sign the paper work. Apparently the financing they provided me was no where near the price we shook hands on 2 days earlier. When I requested my old car back, they informed me that it had already been taken to auction. Because I didn't have in writing the price we shook on, I was outta luck....but I learned a valuable lesson and I'll never buy a car from these guys and I'll make sure I'll tell everyone I can how pathetic this place is. This is only 1 of 2 incredibly shading experiences I had with them. My wife had the other as she wouldn't listen to me when I told her not to go to them.

Dan'l M. | 2010-12-06

My visit to Dean Team VW was very disturbing.  

It was more important that they sell me a car than find out what I needed.

It felt like I was shaking hands with a lovesick octopus.  They were trying to get into bed with me before they would show me what they had on their lot.

I was finally able to sneak out when the salesman had his back turned.

Needless to say, they didn't get my phone number, email address, birthdate, mother's maiden name, signature, or money.  I bought my VW elsewhere.

Ken E. | 2010-02-13

As far as car dealers go, Dean Team Kirkwood collectively have perfected smiling and lying through their teeth. If you need a car, go somewhere else. Unless you use other dealers' prices to back Dean Team  into a corner you will not get the best deal, not even a good one.

My Advice:
VW- Bommarito
Subaru- Lou Fusz