Honda of Tiffany Springs in Kansas City, MO

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Visit Honda of Tiffany Springs at our state of the art Sales and Service facility in the Tiffany Springs Auto Mall and see our commitment to providing our customers with the best car buying experience possible. We have one of the largest inventories in a 6-state region, with over 200 cars in stock from New Honda's to Pre-owned cars, trucks and SUV's, we are confident that you will find what you're looking for at Honda of Tiffany Springs.  Let our finance team help you find the right loan or lease that suits you and your budge.  Check out our service department for all your service and maintenance needs.  From oil changes and tire rotation, to transmission service and engine repair, our expert technicians can get you back on the road fast.

Honda of Tiffany Springs

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(816) 452-7000
Address:9200 NW Prairie View Road, Kansas City, MO, 64153
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Honda of Tiffany Springs

Chris J. | 2014-11-04

This dealership is awful to work with there finance dept takes forever ( 3 days ) to get an approval even with a perfect credit score . I had to call constantly to  check on the approval status and they acted rude and annoyed.  Not only that they are way over priced and not willing to negotiate at all ridiculous. We went elsewhere I wouldn't recommend them to any one. Don't waste your time.

Neutron B. | 2014-11-03

Bought 2 cars from this place Will NEVER buy here again. They do not honor what they sell. I brought my newly purchased certified van in with brake issue. Was told the service dept fixed it.  NOT. Had to get it fixed while traveling because it became a safety issue. They would reimburse me for my out of pocket expense.  Oh, and they only wanted to give me a$100 credit for being a repeat customer. Now that's what I call a thank you. Gave it 1 star cause 0 was not an option.

Angela H. | 2014-09-11

EXHORBITANT PRICING in the service department.  They used to be quite competitive in their pricing and made it worth going there.  Not any more.  The service man that 'sold' the repairs I needed, lied to me about when the next 'numbered' services would be needing to be done. The service pricing is at least 2x what it would cost at a qualified independent.  I know many years ago it was like that, however this location had been very competitive for about a decade.  NOT ANY MORE.  Expect to break the bank, but you'll get pictures!  Sheesh.....ridiculous.  We won't be back.  And everybody I know, will get to choose whether they want to drop a year's salary or go someplace else for service!

J J. | 2014-08-28

I would recommend this dealership to anyone!  I have purchased two cars here and also use the service department.  I have always enjoyed the process.  Is easy, fast,  and I never feel like I have been pressured or pushed to buy things I didn't need.  Great place that really appreciates my business.

Pat D. | 2014-08-05

I visited every Honda Dealership in Kansas City and buying from Honda of Tiffany Springs was by far the best.  Brandon Walls is the most accommodating salesperson I have ever dealt with and they by far gave me the lowest price and the most money for my trade.  Do not bother going anywhere else to buy a Honda.

Karen C. | 2014-04-09

Everything about my visit it was good. The staff was very friendly, polite, and helpful. The prices were reasonable and the repair time was fast. Free, fast Wi-Fi while I waited. I got the customary free car wash after service and I was on my way!

Brenda M. | 2013-08-06

Came in to this dealership last Thursday to purchase a car, for reasons outside of my salesman and financing manager's control, it took a long time to get my financing approved but they didn't give up on getting me the loan I wanted at an amazing rate! Ray, Jesse, or Tim will take care of you and there is no pressure pitch or trying to aggressively up sell you. The guys came through with the loan that I needed to make it happen and they were very gracious and professional through out the whole ordeal. I can say that I would gladly give my business to this dealership again and look forward to a long business relationship with this dealership and it's staff!

Courtney L. | 2013-02-11

This review is for the service department:

And I know, I know: You don't go to the dealership to get service. HOWEVER, I don't know cars. I can drive one. I can add gas to it.. but a big accomplishment for me was figuring out how to refill the wiper fluid (and I am still proud of that). Car repair and oil changes are just not my thing.

I always take my car to service at Tiffany Springs Honda. It is a bit more expensive than maybe Jiffy Lube or who knows, but I don't feel upsold when I come here and they always to a through job AND they know my car and how it should be serviced. They don't ask to throw in air filters, they don't ask if I need my tires aligned. I go online and make an appointment (I don't even have to use the phone!) and then I show up, they do the work and I am on my way. It never takes all that long, but I always bring a book.

What prompted me to write this review was my experience 2 weekends ago. When I was in last November for a full 30,000 mile checkup they recommended I get new tires and brakes in the near future. Come February I decided it was time. I ordered my new tires from Sam's Club and took my car to Honda to get the brakes, oil change and MO state inspection. Turns out my tires were bad and one was so bad that I failed the inspection. I was nervous about the tire, but didn't replace it because I was waiting for my cheaper Sam's Club tires to come in. I took my car home, but couldn't stop worrying about the tire. I called back to ask if they thought I could last another couple days and Mike was the absolute nicest to me. He knew I had already ordered tires from elsewhere and said I could bring my car back in and they would put the full size spare on my car. I wasn't charged anything additional for this.

I really appreciate them answering my questions, I feel like they are honest with me and I don't feel like they upsell me in any way. They were helpful when I was worried about my car and didn't just try to sell me their own tires. They even helped me out for free when they knew I was going somewhere else.

Shelley Y. | 2012-01-04

As far as buying a used car goes, our experience was good. You know, like getting a filling at the dentist good. You don't want to do it, but you know you need to.
I do love my new-to-me '06 Honda Odyssey. The receptionists are not created equal, however. The first time I went in I was dropping off the van for bodywork and picking up a loaner.  The woman at the desk acted like she was expecting me. I barely finished my sentence before she was nodding and handing me my keys. That was nice. She was friendly and knowledgable.
Then when I came to pick up my van and had the opposite experience. The salesman stopped by to say hello but quickly said, "I have to go. I have another sale to do." That was quite unnecessary and I'd rather he'd stopped at "I have to go." so I didn't feel like I was of no use to him anymore (even if I was).
The young girl at the desk fielded several personal phone calls and sent me to the service department when I had no business there. She was clueless, but she looked as if she was working by putting one relative on hold to take a call from a friend. How professional.
They filled my van with gas but didn't do another detailing like I thought. Oh well, at least I have the car I've been wanting. I'd do business there again.

Celeste L. | 2011-12-13

I was every sales person's dream on Saturday. Was selling my car person-to-person in four hours, and needed something NOW. Despite the situation, I still left feeling I received good service. My sales person was Vickie Basham and she did a great job. She tried for a hot second to upsell me, but in the end she recognized that I knew what I wanted and she respected that. The process was speedy and pleasant.

The place is new, so it's nice. I did have some creeper trying to force a relationship upon me, pushing his business card into my hand; but I pushed it right back into his. I have instant feelings about people in these situations, and he was not the sales person for me. I was at the dearlership when it opened on a Saturday and there were a lot of people there for service, so I take that to mean good things about Honda of Tiffany Springs.

Nick L. | 2011-12-05

Very simple review - no high pressure sales job, a polite salesman who (two years later) I know had my best interests in mind, a General Manager who actually was walking by and asked me to pause for a moment before I signed any paperwork and asked me if I felt pressured into any part of my purchase and that I knew I was happy with the deal I was getting (to this day, I am floored by that), and a great deal on my trade in with awesome financing.

This is buying a car the way it should be, and 2 years out it was still the best big-ticket purchase I've made.

Christie R. | 2011-08-20

My rating is for the service department only.  We have never purchased a car here.  Aaron in the service department is FABULOUS.  He is helpful and patient.  We have our Acura worked on here because the nearest Acura dealer is down near Shawnee and the people there aren't nearly as nice.  We can drop off the Acura the night before or the morning of our appointment and everyvtime we've done that, the car has been completed on time, as promised and washed nicely.  They can do some work on the Acuras, but often they have to send out for parts.  They have been most accommodating and offered a loaner car at no charge, which is another part of why they get five stars.  (Keep in mind, we did not buy a car AND the one we are taking in, isn't a HONDA....although truth be told, Acuras are just fancier, more expensive Hondas, right??!!)  So, Honda of Tiffany Springs, keep up the great help us avoid the stuffy, snobby attitudes of the Elitist Acura dealer down south!

Doug A. | 2009-06-25

I bought my car from John Chezik Honda back in December 2002 as a new vehicle. The sales process was really nothing different than any other new car purchase I had made.  This was back when they were on North Oak, now they are near I-29 and Tiffany Springs.

Anyway, my review is really of the service department. One of the best dealer service departments I've ever dealt with and their prices are competitive.  One thing I like, is you pre-schedule everything, including oil changes. So no arriving at 5am to be first in line like I had to do at a Ford dealership for oil changes. I've had all my routine maintenance (oil changes, tire rotations, etc) done there.  The cost of the oil change is about the same as the quick lube joints. I bought replacement tires there after pricing three other outfits and found they were all basically the same cost for the tires and labor.

Whenever I have my car in for an oil change I always wait, they tell me it will take about an hour and almost every time they are done in 30 minutes.  Again, the whole scheduling thing comes into play here.

The service consultants have basically been the same four or five guys since I've been going there back to 2003.

So, I'm giving them 5 stars for their service department.