Luther Westside Volkswagen in Minneapolis, MN

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Luther Westside Volkswagen

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(952) 377-4100
Address:2370 Hwy 100 S, Minneapolis, MN, 55416
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Luther Westside Volkswagen

Lincoln P. | 2015-03-20

Jim Southwell is the sales guy to see. I was selling my 3 Series 2 door sports car BMW that wasn't gonna fit my marriage lifestyle ;) . Needed a 4 door practical fun car. Jim helped me try out a fully loaded CPO GTI he had and I almost immediately fell in love. We spent a lot of the time talking cars, and exchanged hobbies etc. All around good guy. When my wife showed up later to see it, he then washed her car for her as well! Small thing, but really nice. I have visited multiple times, one for service, another to test drive newer GTI with performance package and once just to say hi and show him the current upgrades I had done. I have texted and called Jim several times for advise, questions etc all of which he is not required by VW to do. Jim understands that this is the people business and if your people aren't happy, you won't get far. I plan to buy my next car from him for my wife. Also, my recent service appointment was nice as well. No complaints.

T M. | 2015-02-17

Purchased 2 vehicles from them my first was a tdi sportwagon which i sadly totaled and my second is my current golf tsi. The service has been great each time.

Dodi A. | 2015-02-03

I purchased two preowned certified cars from here along with extended coverage for both cars. The people here are super nice and respectfull in the eight years that I've been a customer. From fixing the cars to customer service and loaners. I could not be more thankfull that I had 8 years free of worries fron having to constantly pay for repairs. My ideea is to start with certified preowned, pay extra for coverage and treat the car with maintenance on time and togheter with luther service everything will be smoother with car ownership.

Rachael D. | 2015-01-15

I purchased a "certified pre-owned" Passat here about a month ago, and I really adore this car! So far I haven't found any issues with it, and it seems to live up to all the hype our sales guy put on it. The Sales Guy, Jim McCarty, was a fast talker but overall really looked out for us and helped me decide on a great vehicle (Even though I spent an hour of his time musing over whether or not I should get a white or gray Passat).

We took the vehicle in to the Service Department yesterday as I've been having a lot of issues with squeaky brakes. The Service Guy, Thao, seemed very helpful but kind of wrote the problem off as "something a lot of Passat owners experience." Since it was within 30-days of my purchasing the vehicle they took it in to get checked out at no cost, and provided me a loaner car. I am hoping for some sort of resolution to the issue as I take a lot of work-related calls in my vehicle and I can't have it sounding like I'm beating puppies during conference calls.

My overall take on this dealership is that the sales guys, or at least the one I worked with, are pretty cool and really help you through your decision. The Service Department has left a little to be desired but I am hoping they pull through for me!

Eitan F. | 2014-11-06

This is the second time I've taken my car in for warranty work. I am always greeted in a friendly manner, and my car taken into service promptly.

There are two main reasons why I am not giving them five stars, first, after I brought my car home, I realized that there was a piece missing from the engine compartment that was there originally. I called to inquire and was not given a satisfactory response.

Second, I came into the sales trailer area and wanted to talk to one of the salespeople about upgrading my vehicle. I stood right in front of a salesperson's desk for 5 minutes while he spoke to an older man. The salesperson did not even say hello to me so I walked right out, determined not to buy a car there. I guess they don't want my business.

Joe C. | 2014-08-21

I have purchased three used cars here over the past nine years (an Audi A6, A VW Tiguan, and a Mercedes-Benz E350), and had a VERY GOOD experience each time.  I did a lot of research on the make, year, and model that I wanted before shopping, and I found that their prices were extremely low.  I shopped around heavily, but no one offered a better price.  This is one of the largest volume dealers in the state and for good reason.

Each time, I received a fully reconditioned vehicle, certified in some cases, with free Carfax and service records, which is extremely important when buying used cars.  The level of service I received could not have been higher.  The service department is also totally full-service, and they really went out of their way to make sure I was 100% satisfied.  I don't know why anyone would buy a car from a place that will charge the same price but not follow up with this level of customer service.  

I have also had a very positive experience with their service department.  This is an area that has improved noticeably over the past few years, and as of now (summer 2014) I would rank it as high as any luxury-car dealership service department.  Of course you may be able to find a service for a few bucks less elsewhere, but you have to take into consideration the level of service you are getting (the facility, the ride or loaner, the expertise of the mechanics, the longevity / warranty of the parts being used, etc) before you jump for the lowest price.

Finn K. | 2014-08-04

Replaced engine cover free of charge. They made good. They will do right by you, albeit reluctantly.

Bill C. | 2014-08-04

We have bought one Audi TT, two Jeeps, and two Mercedes-Benz' from this shop. All a few years old. If you want a low mileage used car for a fair price, you can't beat Westside.

Stephanie B. | 2014-01-25

I tried to lease a Jetta from this dealership. I got the royal run-around. After a visit to
Luther Westside and countless phone calls, I did not lease a car. The salesperson
was difficult to communicate with and kept changing her story. Money down,
the cost of the monthly lease, features of the car, kept changing with every
conversation. Not to mention that she had to "talk to her manager" every time.
Is this a method they use, "try and confuse the customer into signing a lease"?
It was unprofessional and less than honest.
I know Maura is an experienced salesperson at Westside, but i'd never know it.
It seemed like she was a novice. I will either go to a different Volkswagen dealership
or lease a Toyota or Scion.

Meow M. | 2014-01-01

AVOID LUTHER AT ALL COSTS! I've had ongoing problems with my 2011 Jetta, insofar as it sporadically fails to start in temperatures below 5 degrees. I leased a new car so that I wouldn't have to deal with reliability and safety concerns as a woman alone. I was in this dealership a year ago, and after spending 2 days with the car, they couldn't figure the problem out and sent me home with the car, issue unresolved. They had no sympathy. Now, another year and another winter later, the same issues are recurring and I'm back.

The problem is how the people dealt with me at Luther. One salesman was incredibly dismissive of my concerns, going so far as to say: "Machines break," and, later, "If you're frustrated to the point that you no longer want to do business with VW in the future, then that is what it is, just conclude this lease, and pay your fees to terminate at the end," and commenting after I explained that I have been stranded downtown as a woman alone at night, "You know you have VW Roadside, right?" Really? Realllllllyyyyy? You wait around for VW Roadside on a regular basis because your made in Mexico car is a piece of crap, a$$hole. The manager then suggested I lease another car so that I could get out of this lemon jalopy, but the rates and terms they offered me would essentially amount to fraud, not to mention a worse deal than I had previously negotiated on my current car. How stupid do they think I am? After seven VWs, I'm no longer a loyal customer. This one dealership alienated me for-ev-errrrrrr.

Nicholas M. | 2013-08-09

Do not, I repeat do not go here.
They like to tout "competitive rates" for garage service... 130/hour, the other dealers I've spoken who charge between 95 and 110/hour... service rates not competitive.

Now onto the actual experience I've been twice and both times where complete hassles on the non mechanic side of things.

I had made and appointment IN person to drop off my car for an oil change to to replace the T shaped handle on VWs that releases the hood.  First I wanted to wait for my car to be done, was told this was not an option for the services I needed, what the heck?! Oil change and put in a plastic handle, why can't I wait for such a simple and non time consuming repair?  Ok fine, arranged rides to and from and to pick up my car.

I get there to drop off my car, my appointment isn't listed in the appointment books.  What?  I wasted 30 minutes my first visit filling out all their shit and getting the details down, and NOW that I'm dropping it off I have to do it all AGAIN!  

On to the service, 148 dollars for an oil change and the T plastic handle.  WTF...  I dropped my car off at 8:30am... and it wasn't ready until 4:30 PM.  8 hours... 8 hours to do a simple repair that I should have been able to wait for and have done in under 1.5hours.  They didn't apologize for the delay, didn't apologize for the inconvenience of having to make another appointment the day of because they didn't enter it right the first time a week earlier.
So while they had my car, I get a call, your something is leaking oil and needs the rings replaced, also you're close to 105k miles and will need a water pump and timing belt, that will all be around 1200+taxes.  Ok I'll schedule that later.

Pick up my car drive home, pop the hood to make sure that they handle works to open my hood, low and behold... THEY LEFT THE OIL CAP OFF! Called, informed, nothing said to apologize, just oh, it must have wiggled loose while you drove home... what? wiggled loose I drove from Seattle to Minneapolis through the freaking Rocky Mountains and my oil cap didn't wiggle loose over 1800 miles of continuous driving in 3 days.. and somehow it wiggles loose after you change the oil?  Whatever, don't say I'm sorry we must have over looked that.

So I decided to give them another go, as a different quote for the repairs Luther recommended came in about 200 higher.
Call to make the appointment on my lunch break at work, can you hold on for about 15minutes while I go back to the service area to look at THEIR computers to see what repairs we recommended?  Uh... no I'm on lunch and why isn't that information tied to my account information?  I'll call back after work when I have more time.
Call back after work, different guy, I don't have access to that information and I don't know how to look it up.  I'm pissed, really pissed at this point, ask to get transferred to service manager.
Get transferred low and behold he has the information in under 30seconds.. quotes me 1426 after taxes to fix the sealant rings, timing belt, and water pump.  Ok great..... making headway.

Show up to Luther to drop off my car... My appointment is set... I'm in the system, ok we're making GOOD headway here...  Go to the desk... so they forgot to add parts for the timing belt into your quote and you where quoted about 300 dollars short... which she was going to try and ad onto the quote that I got FROM THE SERVICE manager, I told her hell no this is the quote I got and if they can't honor that I will go somewhere else.  She calls a manager and alters the 130/hour labor rate to make up for it (which is severely over priced to begin with) to come in at the quote price.

After my car being gone for another 8 hours, I get a call that it's ready to be picked up and they came in 200 dollars under the quote.. oh wow.. great!!!
Go to pick up my car and the total is 1406... she said it was 200 under the quote I inquire... I don't see any notes about it coming in under (it was 20 under) or anything like that so I have to charge you the 1406 and you can call Monday to speak to a manager.
I pay.. I leave.. I'm pissed.

The miscommunications between all of their departments, the misquotes of pricing, the length of service needed for a freaking oil change...
Their inability of taking responsible action for mistakes..

Do not go here, find a smaller more dependable mechanic to help you.

E T. | 2013-05-26

I bought my VW beetle from a semi-shady parking lot dealership about 2 years ago.  Needless to say, it needed some work done on it.  I have brought it to Luther a few times and have always been impressed with their customer service.  

They will let me know what is wrong with my car and help me prioritize the services.  I like this because at other car places, they will just give you a long list of things you should have done and tell you that you need to do all of it right away.  

I only give them a 4 star because of the prices.  I have brought my car to non-VW places and it winds up being cheaper.  The problem is that not everyone knows how to work on a VW.  So, it is a gamble.  Overall, I have used Luther for about 80% of my cars work.  It is spendy, but I knew that when I bought it.

I think there are only 2-3 VW dealerships in the Twin Cities.  I live in the NW suburbs, so this is the closest.  I would recommend that if you ever need work done here to just drop your car off and give them the day to work on it.  

The waiting area is nice too, they have snacks and coffee if you want to wait.

Rod T. | 2013-05-11

Like other people say, service advisor Jacob Puffer is a nice guy and tries to make up for this place's generally terribly slow and expensive service. This place has tried to charge me for towing a car under warranty and sell me new tires on a car I bought certified pre owned less than 3k miles earlier. Shady stuff that Puffer has worked hard to overcome every time. The last time I was at Luther Westside (and it truly will be the last time) I sat there for THREE HOURS for an oil change and tire rotation.  Had to patch a nail puncture in one of the tires.  Those minor events took THREE HOURS.  Total $140.  First and last VW I will ever own.

James J. | 2013-02-24

Service depends on your service advisor. I've had outstanding service here, and I've had service that nearly brought me to tears with frustration. I recommend Jacob Puffer as service advisor. He's incredibly hands-on and knowledgeable and goes the extra mile to make sure things get done and get done right.

I also need to point out that, like most European auto shops, Luther Westside VW is really expensive. I've dropped an entire paycheck in one visit there on routine maintenance and a few repairs.

Lolo H. | 2013-01-05

In 2009 I purchased a new VW Rabbit from this dealership.  My sales experience with Brian T was absolutely fabulous! So much so that I wrote letters to VW and the dealership complementing the great service I had received.  Over the last three years I have had my auto serviced at this dealership. Two years into loving my Rabbit  I started hearing random  noises in the front end of my car. Initially I was told the mechanics could not find anything wrong. Finally on the third trip for the same problem I insisted a service manager go for a ride with me.  He gets in the car diagnoses the issue even before going for the ride.  He says its bushings.  Great right...the problem is going to be fixed.  A few weeks later I hear the noise again so I return. Again I am told (after several hours) nothing is wrong.  I go a few more weeks still hearing the noise off and on and since at this point I am a few months from my warranty expiring I want this problem repaired so AGAIN I go to the dealership! This time I'm told its a bearing on the struts. Finally I am pleased that they have found the problem.  I go 2 days without my car only to get it back with a shimmy in the steering ( that was not there before) and still making the intermittent noise!!!  Back to the dealership I go.... They keep my car an entire day only to tell me my tires are worn (at 30,0000 really???)  and nothing is wrong with my car. I requested this to be thoroughly documented as my warranty was about to expire.  Two months past my expired warranty the noise occurs all the time!  Back to the dealer...for what is suppose to be a one hour appointment. Four and a half hours later the service tech tells me I have a problem with my " internal steering gear"  that he wouldn't bother getting fixed as its not really a problem although it sounds as though it is but if I wanted to get it repaired its $1700 and won't be covered by warranty!   When I pointed out I had been there numerous times for the repair I was told it must be a new problem because they made repairs the other times!  Obviously not repairing the problem!   Needless to say as much as I love my VW I will not be making any further purchases of product or services from Luther Westside Volkswagon!!!

Michael C. | 2012-07-11

Maura and Steve Broucek helped me and were both great to work with - in fact, the whole staff seemed to be very professional and easy-going. How refreshing!!

Went in to look at a used VW but it had sold the previous day. Decided to look at a few new models and deliberate about the 0% financing deals.

Maura was very helpful and patient, explaining the subtle differences in the vehicles and options packages - highlighting key things I told her were important: stereo, transmission, mileage, performance.

We drove several models that would have worked out very well. They made a strong offer on my trade-in to get the deal going.

I ended up with a '12 GTI 4dr with the DSG transmission and am VERY happy with the car.

Throughout the process, I didn't feel pressured, annoyed or ignored. It did take a long time to drive/decide - but most of that time was due to my own indecisiveness about model/options. Maura even had two different cars pulled from storage lots into the main lot so I could evaluate them.

This is exactly the way a customer wants to be treated! Thanks Maura and Westside for keeping it classy.

Chris W. | 2012-06-22

I had a great experience shopping for a new Passat, and Maura made it all happen. She was very easy to talk to, not pushy, and fully informed.

I specifically appreciated how professional and attentive she was after I left the dealership. She followed-up regularly and got my questions and needs addressed on the spot (much more than I can say for other dealerships)

If you're in the market for a new car, let Maura take care of you.

Adam W. | 2012-02-14

This review relates to the used car purchase experience.

I was directed to this dealership via Affinity Plus credit union's preferred dealer network.  Use of the network will result in a reduced interest rate.  Be aware that this dealership uses a "no-haggle" pricing policy, so the listed price is the selling price.  This works out well if the vehicle is priced right.  You still need to do your homework, obviously.

My salesman was Joe Freund.  He was professional, straightforward and respectful.  Joe is an asset to the dealership.  It was also good to see that the other sales people were very much "on the ball."  Every time I have walked onto the show floor at this dealership, I was promptly greeted by a salesperson that wanted to be of assistance.  I commend the sales manager here for creating this kind of positive environment.

I found a 2004 Passat that I liked.  I wanted it inspected by Good Carma prior to purchase.  The pre-purchase inspection revealed about $1500 of work that, if performed, would make the car a good purchase at the advertised price.  I returned to the dealership and was initially met with skepticism that their own pre-sale inspection failed to disclose the required repairs.  At my insistence, Westside re-inspected the car and identified the same problems called out by Good Carma.  After Westside agreed to fix these items, I agreed to purchase the car.  

The final paperwork for the purchase was handled by a finance manager, even though my financing was already set up through Affinity.  I ended up working with two people from this department.  The first was unprofessional and snotty (slagging the credit union and describing my newly purchased car as "inexpensive."  The car didn't cost $20k, but it wasn't cheap and that kind of remark is just weak.)  The second person was more squared away and pleasant.  

Overall, this was a positive experience.  The sales staff in general, and Joe Freund in particular, are a plus.  Westside also has an extensive inventory of good used cars (all makes).   I'd buy another used car from these guys (after it was inspected by Good Carma, of course).

Rob W. | 2012-01-06

I brought my Passat here to have the 80,000 mile major maintenance check done this week.  I was very very pleased with the level of service that I received.  Scheduling my appointment was easy, and the customer service advisor who attended to me throughout the process was pretty awesome!  

I'm always a little apprehensive when I need to have work done on my car, and I'm pretty sure I look like an idiot when talking to a service advisor/tech at the counter.  But, Jacob, my representative, was pretty sweet!  He explained everything to me, and kept me up to date on their progress throughout the day.  

Pricing:  Not the cheapest place in town.  But since this was a major maintenance check, I would rather pay a little extra to have an official Volkswagen dealership do it, so they can check for any recalls/warranty work that needs to be done.   In addition, they are fluent in Volkswagen speak, and know the ins and outs of these cars, so I wasn't worried about them 'missing something', not having a part, or accidentally F'ing something up.  

Overall, I'd say the experience was pretty good- GREAT customer service! And as I said, with a major maintenance check, I'd rather have them do it, than another place who doesn't work on VW's as much.

Bottom Line: Smooth process, fast! (They have a ton of car bays) great costumer service, price is a couple notches too high for me to go to them on a regular basis, but for any major VW maintenance, I would recommend. The peace of mind is worth the small additional cost.

Gregg M. | 2011-09-14

I've been going here for three years and this was the first time I could actually tell they cared about me. They have a new host who will greet you when you pull in and there's a water stand at the door. During the checkin process, the agents are personable and seem to process things a bit quicker.

I also noticed a change in the P.A. system. Now they say, "guest waiting" at the end of every announcement. Hopefully these changes stick!

Rachael A. | 2011-08-02

I guess I'm a little biased because I have never bought a car from a dealership until yesterday, so take that how you will.

I have been test driving small SUV/crossovers for the past couple weeks looking for something good for work since I do a LOT of driving.  I visited Luther Westside VW yesterday to test drive a Ford Escape and (for fun, wasn't really thinking seriously about it) an Audi A4 2.0T.  

My salesman, Jim, was the nicest guy.  My boyfriend who would normally haggle for HOURS because he thinks it is the most fun ever didn't even try because he was so genuine and nice (and also partly because it was a great deal already).  He was super understanding even though the process took nearly 6 hours for me to make a decision between the two cars.  He was very helpful throughout the process and the purchasing manager was also just as helpful.  She even reduced my 3.25% APR that I got from my credit union down to 2.44%!!! I was very happy with that one.  They also moved 3 cars off the showroom floor for me to test drive the car I wanted, which was pretty sweet.  

They also did all the work for me in every way they could and made the process much less stressful than I anticipated.  Overall very happy with the entire dealership and the salespeople I interacted with.  I would be happy to do business with them again in a few years.

Brandon B. | 2011-01-31

This place is absolute garbage!  It's pretty plain and simple, they tried to scam me.  They tried to sell me a 2003 Ford Escape.  We had the purchase agreement filled out and everything.  I brought it to my mechanic and surprise surpise, it's riddled with problems.  There was oil leaking from one of the gaskets, and my mechanic told me it looked like someone had tried to cover it up; and the transmission fluid showed signs of a tranny that was on it's way out the door.

I brought it back to Luther VW and they were total dicks about it.  They gave me my money back but then started telling me my mechanic didn't know what he was talking about.  Then they went and talked to one of their mechanics and he did in fact admit the vehicle was leaking oil and they couldn't figure out why but thought they had solved the problem.  Did i get an apology, of course not.  These idiots almost cost me thousands upong thousands of dollars and had the cojones to treat ME like the POS.

God help the poor souls who have already bought vehicles and been scammed by these con artists.  You know the real problem here?  I was blatently lied to.  When i asked the dealer whether they had the service records for the vehicle, they pretended to look for some and told me they didn't have any.  This is complete BS, because they even admitted they unsucessfully serviced the vehicle themselves!!!  These people are dishonest scumbags!!  


Chris H. | 2011-01-06

It is hard to believe fraud is part of the package. I want a wheel sensor changed and they tried to charge me 110 for looking at it and would only change sensor if I did all 4 at 869.00 plus tax and 110 charge. Wow Thanks for nothing but a waste of time because you did nothing and charge me to leave. Very unsatisfied customer going else where. Try not using professional closer like Gene to ruin your business.

David F. | 2011-01-02

I purchased a Jetta in 1997 from this dealership and an 04 Tauereg in 2006. The Tauereg gave us so many issues. I found myself several times not getting real answers to questions I had at the dealership. I had to go online and ask other Tauereg owners to get the truth. I was quite well known at the dealership because my car was always there! One time, a mechanic dropped something inside the engine causing additional damage and they had my vehicle the whole summer of 2009. Our relationship ended with my wife and I not feeling very important. Keeping in mind I've purchased my last two VW's from Westside and had all of my maintenance done there, in the end, when they told us to fix the Taureg it was going to cost $5900 (on top of the $2300 we just spent on repairing it a month ago). We showed up to pick up the vehicle and speak to someone in charge. They knew when we would be showing up. We waited for over a half hour in the lobby before we finally gave up and left the dealership never to return again. Westside nor VW of America stands behind their work or parts. In the four years I owned the Taureg, the horn went out 3 times! The first couple times were covered by my extended warranty, but the last time the extended warranty company refused as they stated the horn issue was a known issue with that model. It's a known issue which costs $700 to fix each time, but VW doesn't stand behind it. They just put the burden on the consumer. I've never had a horn go out in any of my other vehicles, let alone 3 times in the same "luxury SUV". They know it's a design flaw, but won't do anything about it except offer to fix it for $700 just for it to go out again in 9 or so months (my Taureg horns lasted on average about 9 months). It's not safe to drive around without a horn people! In the four years I owned it, I think we "stumped" the service department with our Taureg problems like 4 o 5 times. Thank God they loaner cars othewise I would have made a lot of car payments for a car I wasn't able to drive. They had a chance to keep us as customers but the sales people/managers can be a little cocky at times and obviously didn't take into account how much time and money we've spent in their dealership trying to fix the lemon they sold us. (in other states besides MN, the 04 Taureg is classified as a lemon). It's a nice dealership otherwise. They have a great loaner car program and a comfortable waiting area with free wifi. That unfortunately doesn't make up for selling us a lemon and then not taking any responsibility whatsoever for it. In fact, the only reason I'm writing this review, is because after our terrible experience, they sent a form email thanking me for my new purchase "consideration" & stating they want some online reviews written. They asked a pissed off customer to write a review! (although this is much abbreviated as there's only so much room to type)... One thing I can recommend to everyone, is don't trust what your dealer tells you without seeing what others online are saying. Every car model has online communities where other owners share info. Google the name of your car and find those communities. You don't even have to sign up generally because whatever you're looking for has usually already been addressed. There were things in the Taureg owners' manual that were simply incorrect. The only way for me to learn the real answer was to go online. I honestly learned more about my car from the web than I did from the dealership and the owners' manual combined!

Mandy J. | 2010-02-25

BOOOOOO!  I am so sick of this dealership.  I bought my volkswagen from Luther and hence want so badly to be loyal and keep going there.  BUT, I just can't.  I get my oil changed there from time to time and every time there is no personal service.  Even the $14.99 at Jiffy Lube the mechanic pulls you aside and gives you the low-down on your car, not at Luther.  They just hand you the keys.  For all I know they could have just kept my car in the garage for an hour and not worked on it.

Also, every price quote that I have gotten for work has been hundreds of dollars more than your everyday Midas or Tires Plus.  

Avoid the dealership for service work.  It just isn't worth the stress and CASH.