Tischer Acura Nissan in Laurel, MD

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Tischer Acura Nissan

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(301) 498-3322
Address:3510 Fort Meade Rd, Laurel, MD, 20707
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Tischer Acura Nissan

Cassian O. | 2015-04-17

I purchased a 2015 ACURA MDX in Dec 2014.  At the time, I knew I wanted to have the heavy duty (5000#) trailer hitch installed, but I also knew that I wouldn't be using it until the Spring so I elected to wait.  Well, yesterday (4/16/15) I stopped by Tischer's service department, initally just to get the car washed - but I asked about the trailer hitch installation and Jason checked and said that they had all the parts in stock and that they could do it that day.  They arranged for a loaner (a brand new 2016 MDX as a matter of fact) and I was on my way.  Jason called me about 2:00PM to say that the car should be ready a little after 3:00, so I used the time to take care of some errands and then went back to Tischer.  I turned in the loaner and after about  a 30 minute wait, Jason tracked me down and we checked out the installation.  It was very neat and everything was back in place including the new tow hitch ball with locking pin - which had been stowed in the tray in back.  Jason found the 20% discount coupon for accessories in my owners booklet and deducted that from the costs and I was quickly on my way.  And, the car had been washed as well!!  
   The point of this story is that the Tischer Service Department staff, starting with Jason Karlin are outstanding.  They make the whole service process as painless as they can and then go the extra mile to minimize the impact on both your time and your wallet!!!  You can't ask for anything better than that.  


Cash O'Rourke

Minna W. | 2015-03-23

Who just got a brand-new 2015 Acura TLX?? This girl!!
My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting the great employees of Tischer Acura over the weekend. My husband had been doing some price juggling with Riley, the sales manager, and we really commend Riley's flexibility and willingness to work with us, even after we told him we might not be able to make it in that day. We never got that ¨pushy¨ vibe from him or pressure to come in and purchase. Once I arrived at the dealership, the experience got even better. I was greeted immediately by an associate (which I know is typical at car dealerships, but still, he was very friendly and helpful) who helped me identify Riley. As soon as I walked in, he knew me by name and sent me over to Dave, a great sales associate at Tischer. He was patient and helpful as we waited a few minutes for my husband arrived. He willingly showed us the car in the two colors we were interested in and shared his personal thoughts without ever seeming pushy or rushed. Our decision was made quickly, and the paperwork process we all love ensued. As I got ready to sign my life away, Dave made sure we were comfortable by offering us drinks and asking if he could help answer any questions. The whole process was incredibly smooth and as easygoing as it could be as we made a grand life decision! During downtime while we waited for papers, estimates, etc. Dave was very friendly and make small-talk; at times it felt like we were talking to a friend and not just a car dealer!
We did meet some minor snafus along the way, but Tischer's employees worked hard to resolve them. For instance, at the end of the whole process, we found out that the wrong car was taken for cleaning and that we wouldn't be able to take the car by the time we needed to head out to dinner. Dave quickly made arrangements out of his own personal schedule to make sure we get the car and key returned. The service department was closed so our wheel locks couldn't be installed, but once again, Dave made sure we would get them installed this week with no issues. We will definitely be referring our friends and family to Tischer, especially to Dave and Riley! We are looking forward to our complimentary first oil change and lifetime free car washes. Thanks, Acura!

Sabrina H. | 2015-03-02

Had a really excellent experience at Tischer Acura on Saturday.  My sales person, Dave was terrific, really knowledgeable about the cars and features, friendly and professional personality.  Tim also helped to get me in the car at a rate I could afford. Finance department was probably the fastest experience I ever had with financing for a car.  Would recommend anyone looking for an Acura, or Nissan to check them out. Thanks everyone!

Key J. | 2015-02-02

I had my car serviced today for a dead battery (twice in one week) and a recall.  Rob Coates was my service rep.  He was very helpful and gave me service with a smile.  I left Tischer pretty pleased despite having to deal with these car issues on a yucky Monday morning.

Joe J. | 2015-01-20

Called to see how much a dealer engine service cost.  Very unprofessional, probably young, lady as the receptionist, answered by call.  Could not transfer me to the right department.  Called for the second time hoping to get the nissan service, put me on hold for a while and then asked me if she could help.  I asked how much for a dealer engine tune up, she tells me 595 or something.  I ask her what it includes and she just tells me "I DONT KNOW"  and I say OOOKay, and end the call.  Call for the third time, just hoping to connect to somebody who actually works in service, and she give me a voice mail to some rep.  Horrible.  Use to take my nissan there, not too many time but the big repairs.  but never again!!! Service like this does not exist in near by cities like columbia, rockville, silver spring...Only in PG county, BOO!!!  

dont't even know why i went back, last time they fix my PF for 700dollars because my PF was over heating.  replaced according to what their computer said, and filled the coolant and i am cool for about a month.  then it over heats like crazy again.  so i go back and they give me all these other possible things that are wrong and also calls it electronic problem and nissans are known for it.  out of the dealers mouth.  So I say no and they fill up with coolant and send me on my way.  Googled it, and that is what i should i done first, but 05 pathfinder and models alike have a coolant tube that runs along the bottom of the car, and it controls the rear climate control or something, anyways Nissan pathfinder owners find the tube rots where the rubber holds the tube to the body.  just sand and rust, causes a hole.  mine was bc somebody bumped into my rear passenger bumper bending the tube.  got 16mm rubber hose and cut the tube where it was leaking and and just put the hose over the cut.   Could not believe te mechanic missed that.  probably didnt need the 700 dollar service.  Stay away from ticsher nissan.  but the acura is nice.  I bought a 02 tls from them 12+ years ago, and was very pleased, with dealing with them and they even replaced my tran twice on that car, and they called me to come in, and I will probably buy my 2015 rdx from them in a few weeks, but NISSAN STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!

I feel better now.  thanks yelp

Wendy T. | 2015-01-14

I already had my reservation about going to the dealership to have any maintenance work done because they are very expensive, but I needed a battery as my indicator light had been on for a week.  I called the weekend before to get an estimate of cost to replace the battery and was told roughly $170.  I was ok with that.  I took it to the dealer and told them my issues (battery indicator, tire pressure for one of my tires and side mirrors weren't automatically adjusting).  I thought the mirrors might be linked to the low battery.  I explained my issues and was told that it would be a diagnostic fee of $130, however if the work is done the fee would go towards the cost.  So, I sat and waited.  The Service Mgr came and told me that the battery was low and recommended replacing.  She also said that the mirrors weren't a result of the battery but the actuators were going bad and lastly, there was a nail in my tire for a total cost of approx $700+.  I wasn't prepared to pay as the amount quoted when I called was $170.  I told her I would I would just do the battery and she cautioned me that the actuators drain the battery, so get it done ASAP.  Then I was told that the diagnostic fee will go towards the battery.  I wait a little longer and the car is ready, I go to the cashier and the total is $312.  I asked why so much and was told the battery plus the diagnostic fee.  I was confused as I was told that the diagnostic fee would go towards my battery.  I didn't have time to dispute as I had a conference call.  I called today and spoke to the Manager over Service told him what happened and he put me on hold them came back and said I'm transferring you to the Service Mgr that assisted me and I assumed the overall Manager had briefed her, but not.  I found myself repeating the issue to her which she didn't resolve the 1st time around.  She offered to give me 100 in rewards but no refund.  I won't get to use these rewards as I don't plan to go back.  I found service much cheaper at Honda of Bowie, so I will be going there.

William L. | 2014-12-24

Best place for Acura service.  The service team always strives to provide great service at a fair price.  I wouldn't take my car anywhere else.

Lakaiya D. | 2014-12-22

I been going to this dealership for the past two years and they have always taken care of my car. Speak with Rome Williams, he will take care of you every time.

Owner of a Nissan Altima S 2012

John H. | 2014-12-21

My wife & I purchased a new Acura RDX. Our sales person was Noah Black. Noah was excellent to deal with. He is very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend asking for Noah if you want to deal with a professional. I had some interaction with Danny S, the owner of the dealership. Danny was very pleasant to deal with. My entire experience with Tischer Acura was excellent.

Kalilah C. | 2014-12-06

Had a great experience getting my oil change. Before I went I was hearing a pulling sound coming from the hood of my car. Thankfully, my service rep Rome was able to explain the sound was coming from a belt that needed to be replaced. It was replaced and my car runs more smoothly. The service here is amazing and I will continue to take my car here for future services.

Victor M. | 2014-12-01

The part services is very good  all employees is nice  5 start  thanks guys  for you help ........

Laura W. | 2014-11-22

I've been at this dealer since 2001 where I bought my Acura. I come here for both minor and major service. My car has been a dream to drive in large part due to the excellent customer service that I get from the entire Acura service team, particularly Jason and Robert. I have lived in Wheaton, Beltsville and now Potomac Maryland. Wherever I live I'm going to be going to Tischer Acura. Doesn't matter how far. The team is always cordial and knowledgeable and helping me maintain my pricey investment. I've referred numerous friends and family to them over the years and have never regretted doing so.  Thanks for the opportunity to talk about good work when it's well earned.

T R. | 2014-11-20

Great service as always! Tischer Acura will always be my place to go to get my vehicle serviced.

M 3. | 2014-11-09

after shopping around for a new TL for many days, i stumbled upon this dealership; met Tony S; awesome sales guy; laid back no fuss; had our deal done in 2 hours with financing included; this is an awesome dealership with competitive pricing; highly recommend; been to a ton of acura dealers in the DC area and this one is the one to go to; Robert V with finance was also very good; super funny and friendly guy!

Todd C. | 2014-11-07

Blown away.. Finally a dealer who cares about their customer.. Thanks Rob in service you are the man.. My MDX needed a ton of work.. Rob introduced me to Riley the Sales manager and he treated me like I was at the Ritz.. Next thing you know I am driving a brand new MDX for the same I was paying for my 2011 MDX.. Thanks Riley and Mr. Rob Coates you guys went above and beyond for me... If you are going anywhere else for an Acura check with Riley first...- Satisfied Customer :-)

Kristen B. | 2014-10-29

Came to get my Acura serviced and waited 5 minutes in the lane before someone acknowledged me. After several service associates walked past my car (I was the only car in the shop) the lady helping me said that my diagnostic test would cost when what I was coming in for was under warranty. I left after our brief conversation . I could understand how I was being charged for something under warranty. Horrible customer service. I'll spend my money and time at other dealerships in the area that willing to acknowledge customers when they arrive to get service !

Keisha F. | 2014-10-22

If you are looking for EXCELLENT customer service, ask for Rob Coates.  He is very knowledgeable, nice and he makes sure you get the best service possible for you vehicle.  He cares about his customers.

Robert D. | 2014-10-16

I have always had my Acura serviced at Tischer Acura. The service managers have been thorough, helpful, and expert. Over the years I have dealt with Jason Karlin, Robert Coates, and a few others. I can highly recommend Tischer for anyone owning an Acura. I might mention that I bought my car there as well. Every transaction with them has been very professional and pleasant.

Ali K. | 2014-10-09

Yesterday, i had a not so pleasant experience over the phone with the sales team. I wrote a review on Yelp, and received a prompt response from the owner of the dealership, Mr. Danny Sauro. He was genuinely upset for me, apologized for his team members' actions, and promised that he'll do everything he could to win my business back.
This morning, he called me back with a very interesting offer, which i accepted. I am planning to purchase my new 2015 TLX from Tischer Acura on Saturday.
I like that thank Mr. Sauro for his professionalism, gratitude, and prompt response. In my opinion, other business owners and leaders should take a page out of Mr. Sauro's playbook. He did everything he could to get the lead back, and more importantly, restore his company's name and repetition in the social media community. I admire his leadership and tactics, and look forward to our business transaction this weekend.

Katherine F. | 2014-09-13

I spoke with a rep. yesterday 9/12/14 in regards to an A1 (oil change) appt. at Tisher Acura/Nissan) in Laurel, md.  I believe her name was Nessah.  I asked for an 12:30pm appointment but she stated the mechanics will be at lunch until 1pm.  It was a bit of an inconvenience because I had a ton of errands to run that day!  Then all of a sudden I get a call from Rob one of the managers stating that if it will be longer than an hour he will for sure PROVIDE ME A LOANER CAR.  I didn't even ask for one so I was very appreciative of his offer!  After revisiting my errands for the day it still posed as an inconvenience the 1pm appointment.  I called back and reschedule for today 9/13/14 for 12pm.  I was late 10 minutes.  There was two representatives busy assisting other customers.  I was acknowledged by Jason Karlin who was very professional.  I wasn't even asked about my appointment time but I apologized for being late!  Bare in mind I waited for about 10 but it was cool since I was late.  Jason then informed me oppose to the wait time time being an hour it will be an hour and a half.  I asked Jason for a loaner car being that I was just told YESTERDAY if it will take longer than an hour I will be provided a loaner.  I asked for the manager.  His name is Phil Day.  He was politely NOT helpful.  He didn't care what Rob told me the day before and was rudely cutting me off while I was speaking.

Cee B. | 2014-07-09

I have a recall service that needs to be completed. I made my appointment online and called the day before to confirm and also inquire about how long the service would take. The receptionist forwarded me to someone who forwarded me to someone else who forwarded me to another person who forwarded me back to the front desk who forwarded me to someone who hung up on me. I canceled my appointment online and will be receiving service elsewhere.

Jessica J. | 2014-03-24

This review is for the Acura Service center at Tischer. I was a bit reluctant to use this dealership after reading other reviews of the service center, but it's much closer than other dealers and I just needed routine service. I was able to get an appointment quickly at the time most convenient to me. When I dropped off my car for service, Tony Skelton was very professional and helpful. There was recall work done on some trim at another dealer in another state, but I asked them to look at it since it appeared to be loose. Tony called me quickly to ask where the prior work was completed so he could get more information. After I told him, it wasn't very long before he called again to let me know he had a call into the regional person who would have to approve the work (since my car is no longer under warranty), but that I could pick up my car since my service was done. He called back before I could even get to my car to let me know the work was approved and he had ordered the parts.

I had the other work done today, and it went just as smoothly. Very prompt and professional service, and Tony was very friendly and addressed me by name when I pulled in, even though we'd only met the one previous time and I was quite early for my appointment. The only negative I can think of from my two recent experiences was the cashier desk. The girls working there didn't seem overly organized or knowledgeable, but they did fine. Don't be afraid of getting your car serviced here. It's by far the best customer service I've received at any business in Laurel.

Brett M. | 2013-12-31

This review is about a new car purchase from Tischer Nissan. I purchased a 2014 Maxima SV from Angela Lester. I was emailed by the sales manager after going through the military affiliation USAA car buying service.

I was always skeptical of the USAA car buying service because the prices seem very low to me and I feel like when I get to the dealership they will flip the script and I will end up being bamboozled into paying more. Unbelievably, the sales manager emailed me with a counter-offer further reducing the sales price of the car underneath what the USAA price was.

I must say they kept their word. Their offer for my trade was fair, the price of the car was as they promised in the email, the interest rate was great, and I was able to keep the lender that I had on my trade-in.

It was the most pleasurable experience I have ever had buying a car. Shopping with Angela really felt like she was one of my friends helping me find a car and not a salesperson. I like that the price was already negotiated via email and I was able to just pick the color combination I wanted as long as the options remained the same and test drive the car. That way all of my focus was on whether or not I really liked the car and not the financials because all the horrible negotiating was already over with.

I highly recommend Tischer Nissan and Angela Lester.

Marlena C. | 2013-12-23

If you want to buy an Acura or a Nissan I would definitely come to this dealership. Not only do they have the biggest selection and the best customer service, but they truly have the best prices. I walked in thinking it was going to be a long process and I would end up paying more than I originally wanted to. We were in and out quicker than I could imagine and it was actually lower than my original expectations. The sales guy and team that we dealt with were very polite, courteous and great.  When I went to yelp this place while I was at the dealership I also received a $500 gift certificate to use on accessories for the vehicle. They were more than helpful in honoring that coupon and set everything up for me. I will definitely be coming back to buy my next car from here and I would send anybody else I knew here also. Did I mention that this place was great. Lol

Sergio P. T. | 2013-12-17

Isaac handled my parts phone call and order with great care, and when I arrived to pick it up I was promptly greeted by another parts person. Great way to handle my first visit. I may have to start bringing my car here all the way from Montgomery county ! Thanks Isaac

Stacy P. | 2013-10-10

This is based on my experience with applying for credit and the stalkerish behavior from their salesperson, Angela and the Sales manager, Brian who apparently promotes it.

I mixed up my phone number on my credit application so Angela emailed me and said to call her at my earliest convenience (this was like 20 mins after filling it out). On the credit application, it asks you to give your work's phone number.

I get into work at 2PM and there's a note from my boss that someone called looking for me, named Angela. I work at a coffee shop - we don't take person calls and furthermore, the application does not state that of they can't get ahold of you they will harass your boss.

Apparently Angela demanded to know my schedule etc - this is personal information. And our policy is NOT to give that out because what if this Angela is a creep?

I called and spoke to the Nissan Sales manager - Brian about my concerns. He defended her and said "Hun, she was just trying to see when she could contact you". Really? Don't call me "Hun", I don't know you and second that is not okay.

He offered no amends to this situation and as such, I will be taking my business elsewhere.

Barbara P. | 2013-06-27

Dear Savvy Car-Buyers of Metro DC Area,

I'm so glad that you've found this review! Hopefully my previous review has deterred you from going to Chevy Chase for a crappy purchasing experience.

I spoke to Tim (internet sales manager) the day before I visited, and he was able to offer me an out-the-door price over the phone. Due to my very unpleasant experience earlier in the day in Chevy Chase, I was skeptical and hated all car dealerships out there. I called Tim, not once but TWICE (poor guy), to confirm that he would keep his word on the price he gave me since my parents and I were driving 35 miles each way to see him. Tony, the sales who was available at the time that we arrived, got straight to work and made the entire process a very easy-going experience. The exact car that I had asked for was cleaned and ready to go, with only 5 miles on the odometer. I could not have been happier to have started the bonding process with my new baby.

After we got back from the test drive, Tim dropped in from time to time to make sure everything was going smoothly, and worked out some kinks in our negotiation. Chad, the guy who takes care of finances, is new but was very detail-oriented in explaining and completing all the paperwork. They kept in mind that I still had to go back to Bethesda for a wedding dinner, and got everything done as quickly and efficiently as possible. I hope they continue to do transparent and honest business like this for as long as I remain an Acura lover.

Yes, the aesthetics of the dealership is a bit outdated, BUT WHO CARES?! The sales people are great and so is their inventory. Thanks, Tischer Acura!

Nick C. | 2013-06-23

I had a very pleasant experience at this dealership when I was shopping for a new car last year. I was helped through the whole process by a fella named Todd who couldn't have been any more kind, caring and knowledgeable.

I told him my needs, budget and wants and he put me in a great new car and did not try to up-sell, pressure or hassle me in any way. I was in and out very fast and am still very happy near a year later with the schedule reminders and personal touches they offer. He fought very hard to get me a great rate and he also gave me top dollar for my trade in.

The dealership is very nice and clean and from the first step of the process to driving off the lot was fast and hassle free. I have recommend this dealership to a couple friends and would return when the time is needed.

Nicole Y. | 2013-04-06

I had a great experience today at Tisher Acura Nissan. I was still reeling from the less than stellar customer service I had just received at the Laurel CarMax when I came onto the lot. My goal was to research, test drive not "drive home today" a Z70 and Mr. Coleman allowed me to do just that without any pressure. He was incredibly knowledgeable about vehicle so much so I honestly had very few questions left to ask after he gave me a 360 of the car. He popped the hood, the trunk and took the time to explain the cars features. I also was offered a test drive without having to ask. In the dealership prior to visiting this one all I was offered were print out sheets and to sit in the drivers seat while the car sat in park so this was a welcome change.  

*On a not so important note the bathroom was immaculate. I was recently in an Audi dealership and that was not the case so five stars for  cleanliness.

Monica B. | 2013-03-20

Pressure, pressure, and more pressure. Agressive sales tactics at it's best. FYI...Salespeople please learn how to treat a potential customer that walks into your dealership with cash in hand and know that some people like to do their research before spending 30-40 thousand dollars on a car.......to include coming into the dealership without being hasseled, questioned, or pressured into making a purchase right away!!! I had the worst experience from being bombarded with personal questions when I said I had my own $$$ to being hassled while trying to return a car that they insisted that I take for an overnight test drive.I knew my budget and was just beginning the process of searching for the best deal/perfect car that fit my needs and Simeon was just a pressure cooker waiting to explode. Most of what I said to Simeon went in one ear and out of the other. I mean how many ways do you say "No I don't want the car and I am going to keep looking!!" Not to mention after I said it he asked me if I wanted dinner, and to stay for an Owner's Appreciation Night Event, and kept wanting to know what was wrong and why I didn't want to buy the car????........ummmm excuse me I am not yet an owner of an Acura purchased from Tischer and at this point don't think I ever will be.Learn to listen first...remember my budget????Why take me to test drive a 40+ thousand dollar car????......and save the repetitive questions, sales person jargon for some inexperienced idiot who believes at least half of what you say!!!!! When I give you a budget......find the car that works for me based on what you've listened to me say. That is if your listening!!!!??? I will travel a million miles to purchase an Acura before I am ever subjected to the aggressive sales tactics used at this dealership. Even if I have to pay more.......it's about the customer service and overall experience for me!!!!

Megs T. | 2013-02-13

I had a good experience with a salesman named Mfon. Informative, patient and no pressure.

Very smooth, hassle-free, refreshing car-buying experience.
The actual space--dealership/lobby area/waiting area do leave a lot to be desired...
Especially for people with kids. Maybe I'm being "extra" but I feel like businesses where adults have to wait for service usually put at least some thought into keeping kids occupied. Oh well.

Are my expectations too great?

Perhaps I just need to just come to terms with the fact that I'm not driving my Lexus anymore and deal with the downgrade that has occurred across the board.

No more play rooms, fresh fruit, donuts and workstations:-(

Lola S. | 2013-01-30

Dropped of my 2009 MDX for service. This was my first time using this dealership. They fixed my issue at zero cost as my vehicle was still under warranty. I liked the shuttle service as well as the complimentary wash/vacuum service. Great customer service from Jason in the Acura Service dept.

Timothy D. | 2013-01-28

Don't go here. They are not here to help you!

Jong L. | 2013-01-24

My experience here was HORRIBLE.  I made an appointment after speaking with an individual on the phone for about 10-15 minutes but ended up waiting 10 minutes to be seen by someone else.  I ended up seeing the original person I made the appointment with for 2 minutes.  As soon as I walked in they took my keys (which i did not ask them to do) and went in my car.  They came back 5 minutes later and said the following : "no offense, but you're car is in rough shape. we can't give you anything for it"...I already knew that given my car is over 12+ years old and there are major problems with it.  (they didn't return my keys until i finally asked for it before leaving.)  I asked for a specific model, year, and color.  They spent an hour going back and forth running numbers on a car that I clearly did not have interest in.  My entire stay there ran about 2 hours and out of those 2 hours, i found myself sitting at a desk by myself half the time while they went back and forth.  I stated clearly that I was looking for a black car or something close to it, but they insisted that color does not matter because you spend 90% of your time inside the car and not out.  Pretty much I felt like I came here to get lectured and laughed at about my car.  I spent way too much time in there because I did not want to be rude and walk out.  I will never return to this place and also tell everyone I know about my experience there.

Laura K. | 2012-12-05

I have owned 2 Acura's for the past ten years and for the first time I am contemplating jumping ship just because of the poor customer service I received at Tischer Acura.  I took my car to Tischer Acura couple of weeks ago for a B2,4 service.  They informed me it would take all day and as such gave me a loaner car.  As I was about to sign for the loaner car, the lady informs me that if I bring the car back again smelling of smoke, they will charge me to clean it.  I proceeded to kindly explain to her that I am not a smoker nor do I have anyone in my life who smokes so clearly there is a misunderstanding regarding the smoking issue.  She then tells me, that is what the note says in the system so that must be the case.  I responded by informing her again, that someone has confused me because i don't tolerate smoking in my car let alone anyone in my immediate space smoking so could she please fix it.  She told me I would have to speak to a manager.  The manager was unavailable so i figured I would call later.  

Tischer Acura calls me later to inform me I need 2 new tires.  I asked about tires for life program I had bought the previous year.  This is when my already bad day went to horrible.  Apparently the fine print says i must take my car back to Tischer Acura for every service it needs.  Now perhaps its partially my fault for not reading the fine print but the sales rep did not mention that fact to me either.  I'm in the military and we travel and move around quite a bit, had I known this fact, I would never have spent $1253 on tires because due to my job, I would have never been able to take my car in for every service it needs at this particular Acura location.  18 months later my car needs 2 new tires and imagine my frustration to find out my contract was no longer valid.  I attempted to explain to the service representative and the manager but basically I was out of luck.  I additonally brought up the smoking issue but I was basically not making any progress.  After going back and forth for a while, the manager agrees to take the smoking note off my account but there was nothing he could do about the tires issue.  

I was highly upset and went to pick up my car.  The car did not get the complementary car wash they said they would do.  Additionally, my passenger airbag cover fell off as I was driving away.  It appeared to me, good customer service was not on their priority list.  Needless to say, I am not going back there!  I'd rather take my business elsewhere where it is valued.

Jessica S. | 2012-08-24

I walked into this dealership with an open mind wanting to purchase a vehicle even after they tried to overcharge my fiance for expences on his vehicle that weren't necesasary. Upon entering, we were approached immediately by Temmy. I told him what I was looking for and gave him a budget to stay within. He invited us inside and asked us to have a seat while he checked the inventory to see what he had in stock. A few minutes later he drives to the front with a vehicle that was WAY over my budget trying to convince me to buy it. This really made me mad. Then he sends his manager over trying to smooth things over with us but still pushing the vehicle. I told them flat out that I was very dissatisfied with the fact that I gave him a budget and that he still insisted on pushing that vehicle on me disregarding everything we had spoken about. We ended up leaving with nothing but a sour taste in our mouths about this dealership as a whole and will NEVER do business here again. To top it off about five minutes after we left Temmy called my cell phone trying (yet again) to push that same vehicle that was out of my budget. Then he calls me AGAIN today (four days later) trying AGAIN to push the vehicle. I can tell that these people are not customer service oriented at all. There has been a total disregard for anything that has come out of my mouth throughout this whole ordeal. My budget couldn't be honored nor could he handle the words NOT INTERESTED and move on.

Chris D. | 2012-05-01

I called about 17 dealerships, five of which were Nissan dealerships before I went with this one.  

I chose to give this one a shot for two reasons:
* They gave me a good deal on a vehicle that they needed to get off their lot.
* The salesperson was professional and accommodating to work with.

After pricing around and visiting another dealership in person, I ended up buying the car from them.  This is the fifth time that I've gone through the process of buying a car  from a dealership and it was the best experience that I've had so far.

* After purchasing the car, the salesperson took the time to go over the handbook for the car with me.  He also took me outside and went over a few things on the car with me including how to connect my phone to the Bluetooth for hands free calling. This is the kind of service that I would expect when purchasing a complex machine for many thousands of dollars.  But of all 5 cars that I've bought, this is the only time they went over the car with me like that.
* Nissan has you fill out a survey with respect to your experience at the dealership when the process is over.  I think this quality control step helps discourage the unethical behavior that is rampant in the car sales industry.
* They gave me a free oil change on my other car even after I told them that I was going to buy their car either way.
* They were able to work out really good financing terms for me.

* They did not give me the price that was advertised on the car because it included the "recent college grad" Nissan rebate which I was not eligible for.  This is not to say that the price they gave me wasn't a very good one.  I did an exhaustive comparison of other options in the area and this was the best deal, but I don't think that it is ethical to advertise prices that are not realistic for the majority of buyers.

Coming from someone who did their homework and has a fair amount of experience working with car dealerships, I suggest this dealership if you are in the market for a Nissan.

Nina U. | 2011-11-13

I have had top notch service at several Nissan dealerships throughout the life of my car and this one is no different. Matt was friendly but not over the top. He called me whenever the technicians had updates or wanted to double check before they went ahead with the service and made sure my car was ready close to when I needed it. I always request an hour or two before I really need it to give cushion for unexpected delays. I love having all of my maintenance tracked with the dealership and because I move every so often, it would be great if they could transfer records from out of state to another dealership. The good maintenance has paid off and my car is in great shape. There have been a couple of times when I went to a local mechanic who was not totally familiar with all the ins and outs of my car and and it was more of a headache in the long run. I'm a dealership sucker.

Farida A. | 2010-11-15

The folks at Tischer are very nice.  I've gotten serviced here twice and my service attendants have been very professional.  

The lounge is kind of lame and the car wash is pretty pathetic.  I'll still come back though, since it's pretty convenient for me.

Nathan C. | 2008-07-07

I bought my RDX here in 2007 and have had excellent experience with the dealer since.  Service is always top notch and the staff is friendly.  If you need a ride, it's not too hard to score a loaner, or they'll take you by shuttle to your destination.  If you choose to hang out, they've got Wi-Fi, free coffee & snacks, and cable TV.

Waiting area is not good for kids, though -- but they are building a new facility that may have better amenities.