Ourisman Mazda in Laurel, MD

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Ourisman Mazda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(301) 725-4400
Address:3518 Laurel Fort Meade Rd, Laurel, MD, 20724

Reviews on Ourisman Mazda

Chick P. | 2015-03-28

Just took my car in for maintenance and noticed they slightly dinged/chipped the paint off my trunk

However I went in and told them and they are fixing it for me for free. Mr. James in service department is really helpful.

Minus 1 star for the incessant talk about warranty when I bought the car.

Marty M. | 2015-03-03

My experience with Ourisman Mazda Service Department was so bad it inspired me to actually get a yelp account. I bought my brand new Mazda 3 2014 last year from Ourisman. Ourisman offered me a free first oil change when I bought the car, so I brought it into Ourisman for its first oil change cause I'm thrifty like that.

A few weeks later and after driving the car over 1500 miles, I see a huge puddle of oil underneath my car. I took it to the closest Mazda dealership (I was in Georgia at the time). It turns out that Ourisman did not install the drain plug properly. WHAT?!

The man at the Georgia dealership called it a "rookie mistake" and a "serious personnel problem" that should be reported to Ourisman. He said that I may have ruined my brand new car by driving it 1500 miles on next to no oil.

So, if you want a rookie servicing your brand new car who is so incompetent they can't manage a simple oil change, definitely give Ourisman Mazda your business!!!

I will also add that I reported this issue and the comments from the Georgia dealership to Ourisman. They told me I would get a response within a day. I have been waiting for a response for a month and I'm still waiting!

Thanks for that AWESOME free oil change, Ourisman! You guy are terrible.

Scott G. | 2015-02-18

In full disclosure, I tend to be hard on car dealers.  Most seem to think it's normal to either lie or at least stretch the truth.  Ourisman was the ONLY dealer to actually list a real or realistic price on their web site then honor it.  Every other one listed a price that included every possible special discount that they almost never end up giving.  The whole experience was, IMHO, the way it should be.  I would absolutely go back any time and refer friends and family.  If you hate the usual car dealer tricks, buy from one that doesn't play them.  Ourisman is to be commended for actually treating their customers like human beings.

Sam M. | 2014-08-20

The sales guy nick was really cool but once we went into the office to fill out the final paperwork we were practically brow beaten into submission in their attempt to sell us a warranty. We told the lady no, repeatedly for nearly an hour and she only gave up after she saw that we were seriously considering calling off the sale. Not worth the headache. Totally ruined what could have been a good experience.

Louie B. | 2013-09-07

The car buying experience with them was one hassle after another.  Customer loyalty may mean something to some dealers, but not this one.  Not to mention that anything service related is a hassle.  A few weeks after an $50 oil change.  I went to use the windshield washer.  No fluid.  At least jiffy lube will let you know about low fluid.  This place is a joke.

Rita C. | 2012-10-31

The following story outlines a course of events that illustrates how the management at this dealership has no interest in recognizing that his personnel may have inadvertently or purposefully dropped the ball.  Therefore, there is no compromise afforded the consumer when there is a difference in perception of reality during the sales process.  

But, what should a consumer expect from a Dealership but the usual bait, switch+ screw.  Attitudes have gotten even more recalcitrant than years ago when I had the mistaken notion to visit a dealership for a solution just to get overcharged and mangled.

I followed a recommendation of a friend that I get an electronic key and remote  duplicated at Ourisman Mazda, Laurel MD for my 2005 Mazda Tribute.

I should have left the building when the contact person said he did not know my friend; but, I forged ahead and got a price @ $89 for the remote and $25 for each of two keys. Seemed reasonable.  

But, my final bill came to $316. In a state of shock, I paid it.  The rep never said that the service department charges $106/hr regardless of the fact that it took the tech 10 minutes to accomplish the programming task.

I called Andrew Cohen, the mgr, two times but, though he promised to call me back, he never did.  More indication that Management is not forthcoming when consumer issues arise.

In light of the misunderstanding, I  went in to negotiate a fair settlement.  He said that, though the remote is re-programmable, he cannot take back any parts that are 'out of the box' and he has a right to charge the full 'per hour' Labor Rate even though the actual service time was a fraction of the hour.   Another instance of Cohen's inability to repair a relationship with a customer to re-establish balance for future sales potential.

As well, the quote I heard from the sales associate, Teemnah, included both parts+labor; but, she and her colleague colluded to say that she gave me the full quote at $316.  She did not utter those words.

In the final receipt, there was also an increase by $3 for each of the key quotes. I called over 6 times and have spoken to Teemnah Flournoy, James Brisbon/ the Service Dept Mgr and Andrew Cohen/ Dealership Mgr and not one was willing to reconcile my unhappy encounter with any fair accommodation.

I also witnessed, Amy, another Ourisman colleague,  chastise Teemnah in passing for her inability to call her back after repeated agreements to do so. This was just another indication of the missing link in Teemnah's
character. She cannot treat others as she'd want to be treated. Shes smiles in your face then bald face lies. Moreover, Teemnah's written account of our encounter was a twisted and incorrect manipulation of the truth to serve her interests and to further the dealership culture of deception.

Do yourself a favor....Beware!

Michael L. | 2011-06-01

I just leased a new Mazda from Ourisman.   This is my second car through them and likely the last.  While I did get a good deal, I left feeling angry and "taken".  I hated the aftersell warranty BS that I had to sit through in finance, the inexperienced salesman who had very little skill in making the sale, doing follow-ups (I had to do a lot of business over the phone as I was traveling) and in delivering an insulting, lowball appraisal on my potential trade in.  All in all, it was typical car buying BS.  Considering the size of the expenditure, you'd think dealers could do better but as the GM explained to me, there's always a home run deal out there and I guess its better to assume that eveyone's a potential home run (i.e. dumbass) rather than giving respect to an informed buyer.  Like I said, I received a good deal - I might have done a bit better, but it met my target going in and this dealer, like any other, is better at wearing you down than you are at getting what you want.  

The finance lady gave me the lecture on making sure I give all 10's on the followup survey for the salesman's benefit.  Normally, I do that.  This time they'll get an honest evaluation.  The same way they gave me an "honest" appraisal on my trade.  After all, its just business isn't it?

R L. | 2011-01-24

**UPDATE**: Recently changed the oil in my Mazda and found that the drain plug was rounded off, the washer was deformed and the dealer had used some sort of putty to seal the plug.  None of this was ever mentioned to me when I picked the car up.  Buyer beware!

Bought my Mazda here and I've brought it in periodically for recalls and some oil changes.  They did an insurance repair last November and also replaced the power steering pump and lines per another recall.  All of that went OK.  Upon picking up my car they told me that my front and rear brake pads needed to be replaced, with the rear brakes apparently having even less of their lining left.  Estimate is for $1300 for front and back pads.  Wow.

Fast forward a month later and I'm replacing the front pads on my own (parts ~ $50 plus an hour of my time) and I would agree that they were worn and needed to be replaced.  I get to the rear and take of the wheel and WOW, the brakes had 40% to 60% of their lining left on them.  Needless to say I did not replace those yet.  

Be careful in your dealings with Ourisman Service.