Ourisman Honda and Volkswagen - Laurel in Laurel, MD

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Ourisman Automotive of Laurel located in Laurel, Maryland is proud to be one of the premier dealerships in the area. From the moment you walk into our showrooms, you'll know our commitment to Customer Service is second to none. We strive to make your experience with Ourisman Honda and VW a good one - for the life of your vehicle. Whether you need to Purchase, Finance, or Service a New or Pre-Owned Honda, you've come to the right place.

Ourisman Honda and Volkswagen - Laurel

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(855) 733-0200
Address:3371 Fort Meade Rd, Laurel, MD, 20724
  • Monday: 6:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 6:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 6:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 6:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 6:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Ourisman Honda and Volkswagen - Laurel

Genevieve B. | 2015-04-14

Best service I've had at a dealership to date.  I've owned about 6 Hondas in my lifetime and all have had dealership service.

Ana K. | 2015-03-03

It all started with the phone call to service...frist impressions are everything ...I work in a service business if I treat my guest the way I was spoken to about questions on my brand new car that I bought there ...you lost me. Sale process was great and a great sales person ..I felt belittled and because of being  a women I was treat with little respect and  talking to me as though I was an idiot and he was above me. I asked a question and it was all about what I did with my warranty by and it was about the hourly that u would have to pay . It wasn't about... let's help you and don't  worry. Will worry about that later bring it in. And we can talk about it. My car is 7 months old . I just wanted him to  say it's going to be OK .we got your back.

Tracy E. | 2015-01-02

If i could have given 0 stars, I would.
Terrible customer service.  Stay clear of the salesman Michael Morris. THE WORST. He was high intensity, yelling and clearly irritated by asking any questions about the vehicles. If the dealership is smart, they will let him go immediately. He spent the entire test drives telling me who much his and with wife's car cost. And reading the rest of the reviews- glad we dodged the bullet with this group.

An T. | 2014-11-29

Not impressed. Walked into Volkswagen with my fiancé, and everyone greeted him and shook his hand. Just his. I said hi to a few folks and didn't even get a half smile back.

Our salesperson couldn't seem to answer any of our questions with factual information. Every thing was, "To me, this car feels like..." Or "well, it looks like...". He spent more time trying to push the sale than actually answering our questions.

On to the next one!

Tiffany H. | 2014-11-16

This will be part one of my review. After I go in tomorrow, I'll see if they can right their wrongs....

This dealership is a typical sit, laugh, joke, and do anything to get a sale dealership. He dealer called me right after I left a different dealership without a car so I thought it was meant to be. Silly me. I set an appointment for 1 pm on a Saturday and went it. I searched their online inventory so I could have an idea of what they had. I saw they had a 2013 sonic with no pictures so I thought it would be at the dealership. When I arrived I looked at other cars the salesman thought were a good fit and I politely declined because of the prices I was quoted. I asked about the sonic and was told if I wanted the sonic; because it was at a different location I would need to sign all the paperwork before they brought it to me. I called up a friend to ask what they thought about what seemed fishy to me but she said go ahead. I said okay and began the wait.

While waiting on the "finances", my salesman was going back and forth with what seems to be the big boss about pricing. He kept coming back to me with numbers and figures without any physical paperwork. So finally I asked to see it written down. I ask about the bank fees and sales fees and why the car wasn't even the price I saw online? He takes the message back and come back with who I think is the boss. She asks if I can do the online pricing and I said bring back a new print out with the numbers and I'll know. But why did you try to have me pay a price different from what I say to begin with.


He comes back out with the papers and it's the online price so I ask can it be any lowers because I just came from a different dealership looking into the same came for less money off the lot. She's says no and I need to put money down. Then....my salesperson comes back out with this idea of a loaner check to keep my monthly payment down. I said sure and went on to financing. At his desk I tried to look at pictures of the vehicle because who wants to buy a car without knowing what it looks like. Who does that. He reassured me that when it's done this way without looking and test driving that when the vehicle arrives, if you don't like it for any reason you can return it. So I said okay. Finished the paperwork and was told the vehicle would be ready at 8pm when the dealership is closed. When I arrived I did not like anything about the car and expressed it to my salesman.

All he said was you have to bring it back on Monday. Why couldn't he take the time to take it back then. Why couldn't o just view the vehicle before I purchased it so I would have to write this long evil review and go back to the dealership to try to get a different car. It seemed sketchy and ridiculous to be doing things backwards.  

Now I am determined to get a car that I like for the price that I name. You will receive your update tomorrow Yelpers! Hopefully they can turn my views of greedy salespersons trying to make quick money off first time buyers into a pleasant ending.

Jay Y. | 2014-10-27

I had another dealer in another state checked my Accord and it was fine.  I went there for an oil change and they told me my strut leaked.  I didn't believe them and while driving back home, some serious smoke started coming out of hood.  I went back and they told me it was a spilled oil in the engine bay.  The strut was smudged with oil and judging from the fact that there is only 8 ounces of oil in the strut, this is a man made disaster.  When I finally replaced the struts with a friend (both front) and lifted the troubled strut there was two tiny holes side by side.  This is defnitely a punctured hole because it is under the top half of the strut covering it most of the time.  There is no way a two tiny holes can, all of a suden, appear under the cover like this.  Forget about this dealer.  Amazing that a dealer can do this to you.  When they sent me an email that some review email will come my way, I explained the details.  Guess what?  The review questionaire never came.  I've tried to report to Honda online, but I can only write a letter to them.  Guess they don't want to get their hands dirty to fix their dealer problems.

A P. | 2014-09-15

The customer service is terrible here from the employees to the General Manager. No one is held accountable. Their work is terrible. They were not able to identify a problem with my car and their method of fixing it was we'll replace everything until the problem is solved. I've notice the reviews are either 5 star or one star. Read between the lines.

S W. | 2014-09-12

NO STARS OR MINUS 5 STARS! One of the WORST car buying experiences I've ever had. Frank Jackson is rude and dishonest I would never recommend him or this place to anyone. I purchased a previously owned vehicle and it ended up in the shop the same week. I was told when I purchased it was "Gold Check Certified" I called the company they had no knowledge of my vehicle. Everyone I spoke to has basically passed the buck without any resolution. Definitely not a reputable dealership.

Nancy M. | 2014-08-15

Bait and switch..... I called Ourisman on a Saturday and asked about availability of a particular model (there were very few around at this point).  I was told they had it on any color I wanted.  I asked, how can you when no one else can get them and never really know when they are coming in.  HE SAID WE HAVE WAYS....
So I told him I would be down, but it was a long drive so please can I really get the car today.  He said, it will be here and ready by the time your paperwork is done.  Ok..so I tentatively drive there with a friend, the whole time being sure that there is no car.
We arrive, sit with the salesman, and I mentioned that he said the car was basic with no ad ons.  That is when the manager stopped by and said the guy was new and the car might have ad ons, but nothing major, maybe striping, mud flaps, and wheel locks (pretty hefty nothing major at 1600).  So the bill was over a thousand more than I expected to pay.  Then all of a sudden the car had no ad ons.  How that price came down.  Did the finance paperwork, even though I already had financing lined up, I wanted to see if they could do better (they couldn't).  Price settled on, most paperwork written, the salesman says to me (and I kid you not), OK, your car will be here in 3 or 4 days...  Wah???!
Get the message?  Liars.

Stephanie M. | 2014-07-31

I've been a customer for a number of years and have bought a CRV and Accord here.  The salespeople are typical sales people - they do what they need to do to make the sale. I really like the services department though. I've had really great experiences here.

Anthony C. | 2014-07-31

Got my car serviced here today.  Got car at time they said and less than the estimate.

Michael C. | 2014-07-25

First of all, I strongly encourage anyone looking to buy a car to look elsewhere and here's why. I went to this dealership yesterday with my girlfriend to find her a 2014 Honda Accord Sport in a black color with an automatic CVT engine. We've been to many dealerships trying to find the best reasonable price with a trade in. My trade in car is a 2004 Infiniti G35x in excellent condition and very low miles for a car that's 10 years old. We had this car appraised at 2 other dealerships, one dealer that works off the same pricing methods as Carmax offered us an appraisal of $5200, while another place offered us $6000. Based off of prior knowledge and research, we know Carmax gives fairly low trade in and selling offers so we weren't that offended by the appraisals they gave us. KBB prices the car at a low of $8000 and a high of $11000. Also both other places were able to offer us $21000 for the price of the car, when the MSRP is around $25000 which is fairly good. When we were about to be shown the appraisal, we were told that "[he] knew we've been to a lot of places, so [he's] not going to lowball us like other places." Immediately following this statement, he showed us the appraisal of around $23000 for the car and an astounding $2500 for the trade in. When we saw the pricing sheet with all numbers and prices listed, my girlfriend looked at me and laughed because she thought it was a joke. The total for the car was well over the MSRP, and when we asked if that's the best they could do, they said that that was the best they could offer. All I was thinking at the time was, "I thought you said you weren't going to lowball us," I was actually scared to know what a highball price to them was. What our sales rep told us a lot was that all dealers around buy the cars for the same price so what they sell the car for doesn't fluctuate that much, but how is it that the other dealerships are able to offer $21000 while the lowest this one could go was around $23000. To me it sounded like they were looking for maximum profit. On top of that, the car they showed us came with a trunk tray, splash guards, and wheel locks, and tried to add them in for over $1500 even though they aren't worth nearly that much, and when we asked to have them excluded, they said they have to be included. When we finally asked if they could even match the prices that other places offered us, they tried to have us sign an agreement stating that we would buy the car if they agree to the price so we couldn't keep searching around. All in all, the only really good thing I can about this place is that the bathrooms and decor is nice, but you should check out other dealerships before even considering to stop by this one, I'd give this place 1 star for sales methods, 4 stars for having a nice decor, and 2 stars for my overall experience here which was not good.

R R. | 2014-07-03

Not even 1 star service in their collision center.  Did a horrible job on the vehicle worst than a local body shop.  And when complaint about it they said its within norms.  Very poor customer service.  Will not recommend any one.

Matthew M. | 2014-05-29

This place is a joke, why anyone would buy a vehicle from them is beyond me.  Thousands more than other area Honda dealers.  Their $1600 appearance package is laughable; splash guards, pin striping, floor mats and tire locks... Maybe $250 worth of 'accessories' and they're trying to gouge $1600 from their customers...insane.  I told them a price I was offered from another dealer and was essentially laughed at, 'we can't sell it for that, we'd lose money on it'. How so?  If the dealer down the road can do a deal, so can you.  They're only concerned with making huge profits, not getting you a deal.  Do yourself a favor and go elsewhere, you and your wallet will be glad you did!

Dave S. | 2014-04-06

Prepare for the runaround

Spoke on the phone and was told they felt they could help me.  Drove out there to fill out an app only to be told it would take all day to get an answer.  So I went home and waited for a call they said I would get.     Then I needed a consigner.   The. I needed money down.   Then they wanted a trade.    Then I was told the finance manager would call me back in a few minutes.   That was over a week ago.     Can we say unprofessional?     Lack of respect for customers is not how you run a business of any kind.    I'll be sure to share my experience

You just lost at least 1 customer

Chris B. | 2014-03-28

Have been getting my car serviced here ever since it was purchased from here. They offer a military discount to all service members and that gets you 20% off service fees. For small routine maintenance you are usually in and out quick. I cannot complain about my 2007 Civic Si, nothing other than scheduled maintenance. The biggest repair was the clutch at 130,000 miles. Also purchased a 2011 Honda Pilot Touring from this dealership as well. Laurel Honda beats the others local Hondas in the area.

Beth S. | 2014-03-22

AWFUL customer service. TERRIBLE.

We found a car online that we wanted to test-drive, and would most likely purchase if we liked it. I contacted the dealership and emailed back and forth with a salesman. I told him we would like to come in on Sunday, and he confirmed that would be great. Then I emailed on Saturday afternoon to confirm that the car was still there, and he wrote back that they were closed on Sunday...but asked if we could come in immediately.  

So we raced over there, 3-year old in tow, ONLY to find out they already sold the car we were coming to see. NO MENTION of this over the phone or email. I was LIVID.

There was no concern for customer satisfaction, or the fact that our time was completely wasted. All we got was an "Oh, oops. Yeah, sorry about that..."

Don't waste your time or your money.

Rob P. | 2014-01-25

I won't be coming back and will be informing honda corp

Fighting, disagreeable service counter staff

Recommending urgent service on problems that other reputable honda dealerships can't seem to find.

Also recommending urgent service that I already had within weeks at your very garage.

Poor record keeping. Supposedly received courtesy alignment but no record of it on paper. I doubt it happened.

Made a big deal about warranty work as if you were doing me a favor or somehow saving me money.

Provided wet internal detailing in sub freezing temps without advising customer of freezing consequences before hand.

Mo F. | 2014-01-14

The plus:  was relatively responsive throughout a week of email negotiations.  Offered a low enough out-the-door price for a 2013 Jetta TDI to prompt another dealer to insist to me that the price was a lie or that the cars were not actually present on the lot.  (Possible -- I never went in to look at the cars -- but seemingly unlikely.)

The cons:  

*  They send out a lot of annoying automated emails during the sales process.  You might be in the middle of an email communication with a sales person and get an automated email following up with you asking why you lost touch after your initial contact.  Plus, if you don't provide your phone number or make a typo when providing your phone number, you get an extremely condescending automated email describing why it's important that the dealership be able to contact you over the phone. :-\

*  Another dealership offered me a low price on a 2014 VW I was looking at, which I forwarded to Ourisman to see if they could beat.  I was assured they could beat the price if I came in.  When pressed on the exact amount by which they could beat the price, they told me:  by $60, which was quickly followed by, "Grab your checkbook and I will see you in a little while."  Um, no.  They get one point for telling me the discount (upon being pressed) before I walked in the door, but lose two points for trying to pass off a $60 discount as worth my time (and worth not rewarding the initial dealer who took the risk on the initial low price).  Note that in a previous email communication, I had been promised that the manager would not "run you out here for $200."

I ended up getting a pretty great deal from Pohanka VW in Capitol Heights that came in $700, not $60, under the offer Ourisman was attempting to beat.

Priscila B. | 2014-01-08

I've purchased two vehicles from Ourisman Honda of Laurel. Both experiences have been nothing short of excellent. My first experience, in 2010, was an 8 hour long ordeal, requiring lots of test driving, salesman patience, and finally, a simple and easy process with financing. I think I test drove three different vehicles before I finally settled on my Odyssey. I was by myself (husband was overseas), with an at-times fussy 11 month old, and the staff at Ourisman Honda did everything they possibly could to make my time there easy, even going as far as playing my daughter and making her smile and laugh. I received a good trade-in value on my 2007 Pilot EX-L and drove away happy with my decision and overall experience. My second vehicle was purchased July 3rd. Doug Killian helped me out and never pressured me into a specific vehicle or anything like that. I was able to trade in my Odyssey, which at that point had already seen two destructive children and lots of road trips, and I was able to get an incredible deal on my trade-in value. From start to finish, I was at the dealership for four hours and Doug was one of the best salesmen I've dealt with. The finance department was amazing, once again. I drove away, happy and extremely pleased at the ease of this transaction. My first Pilot and my Odyssey had all their major service done at Ourisman, and Mike, the service manager, is awesome and while dealerships can be a tad bit more expensive when it comes to service, I've never had any surprises from the service department and I'm always updated on the status of my vehicles. Perhaps others have had bad experiences, and that really is a shame, but as for me, I can't say anything bad about Ourisman Honda of Laurel. They have a customer for life. :) Thanks, guys. :)

Eng P. | 2013-11-13

Customer service is horrible.  Period.  I'm going to find another service center in the area.  It started out good, but went downhill after that.

Rochelle C. | 2013-10-27

I came here for the first time a month ago. I didn't buy my Jetta here but came here for my first service. Unfortunately I don't remember the name of the gentleman who assisted me. When I called about brining my car in the man who answered was friendly and helpful. I had good customer service the entire time. Because it was my first time I was even escorted to the cashier upon picking up my car. Everyone was very professional and helpful. I can only hope this level of service continues as I do plan on going back for any future work my car needs. I do like the fact that they offer complimentary shuttle service within the immediate laurel area. I didn't need it for this visit but will most likely take advantage of it in the future.

Patrick E. | 2013-08-03

I've been taking my 2004 VW Passat here for years among other places, and Ourisman always does a great job.  They are always friendly and helpful.  I used to just pop in for oil changes, but now it seems I need an appointment as they tend to be busy.  Oil changes have been under an hour recently which is nice.  They let me know what's going on otherwise with my car, but never try to sell my things I don't need - in fact they tell me my car is in great condition, so I'm happy about that.  Also, they send coupons in the mail, there are often rebates, and there is (or was?) a buy 4 get one free oil change punch card - all which bring prices down.  The few times I've needed to do something extra and don't have a coupon, they just apply one anyway for some small percentage off, but every bit helps.  I've seen a lot of the same faces working there over the years and they are always happy to chat.  The waiting room is comfortable and has Wifi which is all I need.  I never feel like I'm getting ripped off - for a dealership I think this is saying a lot - and I trust them to tell me what I need, not what they need to make more money.  Yeah for major repairs I may go to another place - a small VW specialty mechanic in Catonsville, but for the convenience and hours, I'll come here.  This is for the VW side only - our experience with Honda service was not as great.

Ryan G. | 2013-07-30

Service department offers complimentary local dropoff, which is a huge benefit for folks like me without someone to pick them up!  Prices were a bit higher, typical for a dealership.  They were able to solve some more difficult problems for my Honda (2003 Civic) that other places repeatedly failed on, including a nagging break squeal issue that bugged me for half a decade.  You could do far worse, and I've experienced none better yet.

Elizabeth H. | 2013-07-24

Have always taken our Hondas here for service - very easy to schedule an appointment, work is done in the timeframe promised, and there are never any surprises.  Staff is friendly and helpful.  So frankly, this is why we BUY our cars here as well.

J.K. Y. | 2013-06-22

Took my Accord in for an alignment and other work. In the middle of the day I get a call from someone in their service department telling me that the price I was quoted at check in was wrong and they needed to charge me hundreds of dollars more. Not only this but my car still had alignment issues when I took the car back! I found their staff to be rude and extremely dishonest. Would not go back here again.

Tim A. | 2013-03-14

Been to the service department a few times since inheriting my VW Passat. Mixed emotions on this one.

Place: Right off of 295 and 198 this is an easy place to get in to. You can pull right up to the front door. It really is a good looking place.

People: The service people are super nice. Almost like they're aliens or something. The one complaint I have is that they always underestimate how long its going to take to get work done. You also have to make an appointment for just about anything.

Product: The car is great. The service is pretty good. Although one time they couldn't figure out why my tire was going flat, which surprised me. They also offer free car washes, but you have to wait even longer for that.

Price: Very expensive. Everything costs most than you think it would. Although to replace a light bulb or plug a flat tire it's only about $20. Regular maintenance or oil changes are ridiculous, but you are paying for the cleanliness and great attitude of the staff here.

Overall: VW smiles while they pick your pocket. Although I'm sure its nothing personal, they don't set the prices and they've even been willing to hook me up with discounts when I've had to wait longer than expected. I would gladly pay extra to know that they took care of the car and aren't just trying to take advantage of me because I know very little about cars. I'll be back here again.

Frank R. | 2012-12-27


Our 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid had a check engine light on; it failed DC inspection. We took it to Oursman and worked with Mike and Gerry in service. According to Honda, it needed a $4,000 battery but they will not help at all b/c it was just barely out of warranty. I declined the repair. Regardless, I was told the check engine light would be turned off after paying $130 for diagnosis.

However, when we picked it up, the check engine light was still on. It was getting close to 7PM so I insisted the technician sign on my paperwork that the light was still on, which he did to his credit. We paid the bill and left.

The following business day I called to ask for my money back. The check engine light was still on and they didn't deliver as promised. I was told "it wasn't Honda's fault that I don't have enough money" and they refused to offer any of my $130 back.

If you take your car here, you can expect to be treated like a 3rd class citizen, put-down, and put-out.

Natalie Z. | 2012-07-03

We tried this dealership and even though the owner/manager bragged about how he was #1 and that his inventory was the "best," he did not have the any of the VW Tiguans that we wanted on the lot.  He also wanted to charge us more than the VW dealer in Owings Mills and Gaithersburg. The manager talked down to us and wasted our time. He also talked down to his salesperson! Very rude. And a shame--the salesman was actually fairly nice and very knowledgable about the car.

If you want to keep extra $$$$ in your pocket, but get the fully loaded VW you want in the color you want...might want to look beyond this dealership. We went with King Volkswagen in Gaithersburg for a better deal and a straightforward salesman (we worked with Francesco at King--Not sure if I spelled that right).

Paul D. | 2012-03-08

Ourisman Honda/VW of Laurel has massive service problems from top to bottom. There is no accountability among the staff and no one seems to be in charge.

We attempted to have a simple repair of a mirror taken care of but it took multiple visits and they couldn't complete the repair in the space of a ten hour day.  There appeared to be regular staff turn over and we were put in the hands of a new employee at each turn. To say nothing of the impenetrable phone answering system.  It is hard to imagine how they stay in business when service is the heart and soul of such an operation and they offer little to their customers.

Jay H. | 2011-11-02

This dealership is all about squeezing every penny out of their customers!!!  The service department looks for every opportunity to rip off their customers.  Ladies, please be careful.  If they know that you don't know about cars, they will definitely rip you off.  Look out for Brandy and Keith!!!

Christopher M. | 2011-04-05

Just bought my second car from Ourisman VW, and I don't know that I'll buy from any other dealer. From the salesman Vincent, to Isaac the sales manager, everyone was friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate about VDubs. They accommodated every option I could think of as far as vehicles and financing, and made sure the process was as painless and transparent as possible.

Lot selection was great, and I never felt rushed or pressured to make a decision. Another thing I loved was the lengthy test drives, and the fact that since this place is right on 198, you can really push the car on roundabouts and the entrance to 32.

My wife and I had a great experience, and are very happy with our latest VW.

A S. | 2010-01-21

I took my car to this dealership to have a free service inspection done just to make sure that there were no issues with my car.  The maintenance required light was on and I didn't want to just reset it and not get it checked out.  I was told that my battery level was low, I needed an oil change and that my transmission and power steering fluids need to be flushed.  I only had them do the oil change.

The next day, as I shifted my car into drive, it jerked. Next thing you know the drive indicator light is flashing and the engine light came on.  As I'm accelerating it is stalling and making this humming noise (basically it wasn't shifting into first gear).  I took it back to the dealership and of course they tell me that they didn't mess up my car and that it was a coincidence.   I checked my transmission fluid and it was extremely low.  Now if they did a service inspection, how come they didn't tell me that my transmission fluid was low...unless they drained it themselves.

I have never had any issues with my 2005 Accord with only 58,000 miles on it before.  So I took my car to an AAMCO (that has great customer service) and found out that I needed to have my transmission rebuilt.  Ughhhh!!!!!