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Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(301) 604-8560
Address:8800 Freestate Dr, Laurel, MD, 20723
  • Monday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on CarMax

Adiyba A. | 2015-04-11

They never called us! Completely forgot about us! After waiting an hour when they initially said 15mins. The only good thing from this visit what that my son got to play in the Childrens area with some nice kids. What poor customer service. My husband and I walked around the lot ourselves and were frustrated at the expensive options. I'm pretty sure we can find a better deal somewhere else especially with a trade in. So annoying when you drag your kids someplace and don't make any progress. Smh.

Gary G. | 2015-03-21

I bought a Scion here and was pretty impressed with the overall process. Even my wife was impressed with the ease of purchase and expeditious manner of processing the paperwork. It wasn't your typical back-and-forth, hey let me go check with my manager type activity. Sang did a great job with the sale, keeping us informed and managing the process to streamline activities. They had the specific car I was looking for and at a cheaper, Carmax price, than the sticker which was quite surprising and hard to pass up.

Carmax is known for not hovering over customers as they search for a car which threw me off and deterred me initially due to my lack of awareness, and it wasn't until I took my wife back to look at a specific car that I learned this from her.

On an earlier visit, another salesman took me for a test drive and I was not impressed with his knowledge of the vehicle, which to some extent was even incorrect at times given my research online. I also learned they had three of the vehicles in stock, two of which had dead batteries and led me to believe they don't take care of their vehicles and made me apprehensive about purchasing from this dealership. I opened the trunk of one and it had leaves in the crevices. Again, I'm buying a new car and it should look new not inoperable and dirty.

I had heated leather seats put in after purchase and the service department made it an easy process of dropping off and giving us a temporary car.

I typically find something to complain about with every new car deal but can't think of anything negative to say about Carmax other than the cleanliness and maintenance issue above which you can take it for its worth. Im happy with my new car so far.

Solomon D. | 2015-03-16

I accompanied my daughter for her first car purchasing experience and I can honestly say that CarMax did a good job.  They qualified her at a reasonable interest rate with what I considered no nonsense numbers.  They had good competitive prices for their cars.  Huge lot with many quality cars to choose from.  Lastly, the employees were friendly and professional.  

The only negative was that they gave a low appraisal for her trade-in.  However it was not crazy low and it was not enough to give them a lower 3 star rating instead of 4 stars.

Mark R. | 2015-02-24

Be careful here.  This Carmax offered the least of any of the four placed I shopped my car.  For some reason, this location is more focused on maximum profit per car rather than quickly moving units.  

The manager accidentally let me see their master form which stated the following based on their appraisal:
Retail: $14000
High offer: $9500
Low offer: $8000

Their offer:  $7500.  After I informed the manager that I could see the form, he still did not move.  Shame, because I was going to buy one of his cars too.

The other three offers I received: $8400, $9300, and $10,030k

Jenn J. | 2015-01-25

Continued from review by KARA M.

I was drving 4.5 miles in a snow storm away from home when I hit a chunk of rock in the middle of the road and took out my passenger side front tire, which wouldn't be a big deal except when I went to go swap out the tire there was no jack in my car. At this point I was completely done with CARMAX so on a Friday I called into them and requested to speak with the GM. in which I got in contact with and explained everything that has happened so far. This is where my experience with carmax turned around. They went above and beyond to help me out. I was now passed the 5 day return policy and out of my 30 day they "fix" it all warranty. Eric Washington and Levin Lee both agreed to swap out my car for the same exact year make and model with less millage. They even brought the vehicle in from another state and waived the transfer fee. I must say I am more satisfied that they were willing to work with me and be hassle free at the end. Even though my first experience with Carmax was terrible and I will NEVER use the service department I would definitely recommend purchasing a vehicle from here and buying my next used vehicle from them.

I will keep you updated once I get the swapped vehicle

Wilma D. | 2015-01-04

We visited other Carmax stores in the area, and even though we looked, and test drove cars, we found exactly what we were looking for at this location.
  We have been looking for a while and obviously knew what we wanted/ needed.  We were greeted in a friendly manner and asked if we needed a salesperson to help us. We declined at time because we only wanted to see what they had. Off we went to walk the lot.
This location is the largest, I believe. All cars looked clean and well taken care of. They had a great selection on the make that we were looking and interested in.
We went inside to check the cars we wanted  more info on. The computers are a great help and we not only read, but were able to print the info for each car.  An appointment was made right then to test drive one particular car.
We went ahead to the customer service desk for our appointment and were greeted by Kaelan.
He was attentive, communicative, friendly and knowledgeable. We drove the car, while he answered our questions. We were satisfied with all we needed to know about this vehicle.
We decided on that car and Kaelan was excellent all the way. He was calmed, relaxed, yet confident in what he was doing. We follow along with him and after all, our experience couldn't been any better.
Kaelan, Marion-finance and Althea at the signing desk, were all excellent at their jobs and we are very happy, satisfied customers.
We highly recommend and will continue to shop for our car needs here. Thank you.

Johnetta G. | 2014-12-02

I am thankful for the Jeep that I purchased but the process was hell. I bought my truck on Friday. Saturday an oil changed required light came on. Spoke to my salesman and he instructed me to bring it in on Monday since the service center was closed on the weekend. Monday comes and I'm there on time. Spoke to a service consultant and they stated they couldn't see me until December 11. wtf!!!! I just bought the truck for heavens sake. Went home with the appointment which was a week and half away. Thought about it and said hell to the no. Went back this morning with all the hell being raised and was placed in a loaner car which is still not acceptable. I had to cancel plans to see my family in the south because of it. Being that this is the exact vehicle I desired.. I WOULD NEVER EVER EVER COME BACK.

U-hsen L. | 2014-11-18

Negotiated a corolla a year ago for $14000 (negotiated down From Toyota). Had carmax appraised it, they offered $14000 being 1 year old and what not.

pretty good for 1 year and 5000 miles

Cheryl J. | 2014-11-01

A good friend recommended Car Max of Laurel to me after purchasing 5 cars from this location himself in the past. I saw a vehicle online , called and talked to a rep named Jim K. and he secured my vehicle chosen for test drive until I arrived.When I arrived Jim arranged my test drive and explained everything to me about the vehicle itself and I felt very comfortable with the overall experience of the test drive as well as the knowledge given to me about the vehicle itself. I ended up purchasing that vehicle the very same day and as a  first time Car Max customer I was pleased with the quality of service given by Jim K overall. After being discouraged by the other Car Max in Brandywine I was at my wits end with car dealerships in general. Even though the Brandywine location is closer I WILL NOT be taking my vehicle there for service at all since my experience there was HORRIBLE.I will take a drive out to the Laurel location instead.It just goes to show that all establishments are NOT the same.Car Max of Laurel, I am very very happy with my purchase and with the overall experience.Thanks again Jim ..If I ever buy another vehicle again I will return to this particular Car Max of Laurel Md location from now on..

C B. | 2014-10-09

Carmax has a very good service department that saves you serious money on car repairs. The service department has a large screen television and free WiFi for customers.  They provide a loaner vehicle when repairs are more than one day. Only a few times I bought more repairs than necessary such as a timing belt.  Ladies be careful.  This happens everywhere to women. Otherwise good service personnel.

Courtney R. | 2014-09-18

Carmax is awesome to come see the car you are interested in, in person. However, the person that helped me seemed to enjoy chewing tobacco so much that he even asked me to hand him the trash can so that he could continue spitting. I found it to be repulsive and highly unprofessional. Otherwise...I think it's a good option to purchase a car from there.

Amber P. | 2014-09-16

Rip off after rip off I was pleasantly surprised!  We went to see what they would offer us for one of our cars. Which we expected another low ball offer for us to laugh about while we drove home. But this time was completely different! We sat down with a very nice associate which has been the case every time we've gone. But this time they actually gave us a great deal!! So we took it!! An the process to finish the deal was amazingly fast and simple. I keep the 3 stars because of past experiences and I base my ratings off of my total experiences but this particular time was a 5 star moment.

AJ D. | 2014-09-03

I recently purchased a car at the Carmax in Laurel.  Honestly just came in to see how much they will take for my car as a trade in. I was surprised that it was 900 more than any other dealerships I've been in so that deserves a star.  Another star deserving moment was when my sales guy, Azeem.  He was extremely nice and polite and even found me a car in California that I asked to get shipped right away.  The other star is for the car getting here super fast.  They estimated a month but it was literally here in 2 weeks.  The "minus star" was for the car NOT being ready for pick up when they told me to come in. It looks like it wasn't buffed or let alone washed.  There were scratches in the inside leather, a huge scrape on the lower front fender, and the 2 front tires were CLEARLY worn and not safe to drive.  It dry rotted and the manager is claiming that it passes MD inspection.  These are among the few issues I had.  So back to the shop it goes.  I come back a little over a week later and MOST of the issues were addressed so NOW i scheduled another appointment to get the leather fixed.  The managers and the sales guys were great about it but it's still a lot of hassle on my end.  That's where the other "star" went.  All in all, it was a decent experience (since they fixed most of my concerns).

Adam G. | 2014-08-22

This is my first and LAST ever time to do business with this company - I am very much a fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me type of guy.

I would like to start off giving Dimitri my sales rep kudos for being so kind and helpful with me and my initial indecision with what car to buy.

With that said I have serious concerns about their (dis)service department.
-Not open on weekends - WHAT? so I have to take off work and or get someone to drop me off and pick me up to get anything done to my vehicle?
-No loaner service.


The following takes place between the first day and almost 3 months after my ownership experience and 3 visits to Car-Max service department -

When I first test drove the car it had a mechanical grinding noise on the cold start - I alerted the service department and they agreed to fix it "whatever it was" and I got that in writing - having been scammed before. I went ahead and bought the car. I made an appointment and took the day off work and when I got a call they said that they discovered my transmission fluid was almost empty, and what was in there was "filthy". So they replaced it for me "on the house". "That should clear up the noise". I was told. I get my car and the next morning on a cold start - there is the noise again. Irritated, I called back to the service department and I am told to make another appointment (aka another day off work). So I did this and drop the car off again. This time after making a HUGE stink at the dealership they agreed to give me a loaner. Happy, I leave my car and go to work, I am called later and told they cant figure out what that noise is and that it is normal. NORMAL!!!!!!! I pick up my car - furious and go to Sport Honda in Silver Spring  they take a look and tell me that it is a Variable Timing Control Actuator (VTC) that was bad and needed to be replaced - AND that there was a Honda Service Bulletin regarding this issue that ALL MECHANICS WOULD KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THE PROBLEM WAS - it was a known issue to HONDA! This would be a $690.00 job and would have been covered under Honda's Factory warranty if I had gotten it fixed before 60K miles. I was at 60164. I had bought the car at 55600 and Carmax had seen it twice prior to 60K. Now I'm really pissed. I call the service manager and they tell me that he cant authorize paying another dealership to fix this problem. I ask who can he says the store GM. He would have them call me back. 2 days later I am called by the GM and he asked why I dont want to get the work done at CarMax. REALLY? They had two chances to fix it. So after explaining my issue, what I had been through so far and a few more back and fourths he said he would reimburse me for the repair at another dealership. I asked him to put in writing this offer so they couldn't go back on it later. He says Carmax policy prevents me from doing this. After a few more calls back and fourth conversations with Corporate he agreed to email me a scanned copy of our agreement. With this in hand I went to sport Honda and they fixed the issue to the tune of $647.90. I was reimbursed but still had to fork over the initial cost when this should have been fixed from the get-go.

This brings me to month 7 of ownership. 5,800 miles have been put on the car since my purchase in late December 2013. I no longer trust the service department to do anything to my vehicle, so I bring it to Sport Honda and get an oil change. With this oil change the rotate my tires and inspect the brakes. When I picked up my vehicle the the service manager informs me that my front brakes are almost to the "squealer" - a safety measure put into brakes that alert you that you are in serious need of replacing your brakes. I have about 3-500 miles by his estimate. I'm at a loss for words. This is now 3 MAJOR issues I have had with a vehicle in less than 7 months. I call Carmax and inform them what I was just told and said they need to make this right. I am basically told the runaround and that it is normal wear and tear and that they would not cover this repair.

Look, I was not born yesterday, I know car parts wear out, but when I buy a car from what I thought was a reputable dealership I expect that when I am told the brakes are in good condition that they would last longer than 6K miles. They are so meticulous to note every flaw in a vehicle you try to sell them I can only assume that they would not sell me something that was so close to needing yet ANOTHER repair.

I called corporate and explained my story to Michelle, a customer relations representative. She was very nice and said she would contact the GM of that store and explain to him my frustrations.

8/22/14 Update: They have declined to take any responsibility in selling me a vehicle needing brakes so soon after purchase so I will get them done elsewhere on my own dime.

Final feeling: AVOID CARMAX IN LAUREL, MD LIKE THE PLAGUE. Good Riddance!!!

Tomasa R. | 2014-07-31

I've purchased 6 cars from here. I don't see why anyone would buy a new car when you have places like this around!

My most recent experience here was when I bought my most recent car. Wasn't the best experience.    

Tip: I would always recommend browsing the lot. I found a car that wasn't even listed and had been there for awhile with a great price.

Bad: The rep I had apparently didn't believe in showers or bathing.  He reaked!! Also, near the end while I was signing the papers he all of a sudden went into rush mode and became beyond rude! If I didn't really like the car I would have bailed the 1st sign of his attitude!!

I dont like the new MD Plates and knew I was getting bay plates on my next car. This clown skipped through everything and caught an attitude when I had questions about the process.  Not to mention sent my plates over without telling me. When I told him I wanted bay plates he replied "I already sent the oder and your plates are ready and it would be a huge problem to change it." I scoffed and told him that wasn't my problem and he shouldn't have assumed I wanted standard plates! Not to mention by this time I'm super tired. I've spend all day at the dealership now at the end he wants to be a douchebag, not going to happen!

Already thrown off by his mood swing, I left the room and hunted down the manager and expressed my frustration. I couldn't tell you if they did anything about it or not. The guy apparently has worked there for years, so I'm guessing not!

However,  I'm a loyal customer and have spent hundreds of thousands with this company, someone was going to hear about this! Don't judge a book by its cover, this young lady has contributed greatly to the nice pay check you receive! So mind your manners! Don't worry the corporate buisness office will enjoy my lengthy letter, on customer service.  =)

Ginger W. | 2014-07-22

Do NOT trust this service department. I bought my new toyota from them and had it serviced there for the first 8 years (65,000) miles. CRAZY expensive oil changes ... and then... the repairs.
54,389 I was told my water pump was leaking and needed replacement, along with the timing belt (normally replaced around 90K b/c you have to remove the belt to get to the pump ... this is true).
at 65,000 I was told the steering rack had a leak and needed replacing. I was skeptical ... I'd had NO issues. I refused the repair - took it to a local mechanic with a fantastic reputation for honesty i should have used years ago - and he verified my power steering rack was FINE. 18,000 miles later I still haven't had the "alleged" leak replaced and guess what ... NO power steering issues.
This department cannot be trusted!

Jess L. | 2014-07-01

Emile was professional, matter of fact, and was fine showing us cars even though we stated early on that we were looking to test drive different models and would likely not buy. He moved swiftly and answered all of our questions. He seemed to have a good handle of the current inventory, as well.

Sierra S. | 2014-06-25

This was my first visit to CarMax. I wanted to get an appraisal for a car I was thinking of selling. I found myself in Brandywine, MD and got an appraisal from Gary. He was awesome and offered more than the dealership. I was sold!

Naturally, I would have like to trade-in/purchase from the dealership but sadly, CarMax doesn't sell new Subaru's. Promila (sp?) was my consultant and she was super quick and had me out of there in about an hour.

Leanna H. | 2014-06-25

Obviously, there's a lot of variability at CarMax.  But for us, this really was as good as it could get, on all fronts!  We took our 2003 Honda Pilot, which had 230k miles, no working AC, and a number of other repairs needed  to CarMax, knowing we were hoping to leave with a new vehicle.  We hoped for a decent amount to put toward the car, but weren't banking on it.  We were met by Emmanuel who was very friendly and honest (refreshing in a used car salesperson!).  We told him our needs, interests, and he took our info and told us how long it would take for the appraisal (there were 4 cars ahead of us) - about half an hour.  Then we looked over cars we might want to see and test drive, and went out to the lot!  Very quick, and painless.  I had already previewed their website so had some ideas of what was in our range.  Again, as we talked about the cars, we found he wasn't really trying to "sell" us on anything in particular, just pointed out pros and cons of different models with options.  We drove a few cars and when we got back, found out they were offering us 2k for our old car!  So, with that, and given we had found a perfect SUV for our purposes (which was also right in the appropriate range for the KBB value) we went through the rest of the process.  From start to finish, the whole process was clean and easy, right down to the paperwork "signing" process.  Everyone was clear and nice, and even Monique at the signing station was great - it was pretty late at this point, but she was still pleasant!

Could we have shaved off a few hundred somewhere else?  Maybe.  But the ease of this process was well worth it to me!  I love the "no haggle" - and the honesty.  Go to a dealer, and they will tell you why THEIR car is the best, but there is no bias here:  nice that they have a range of cars at CarMax for that reason alone!  We've experienced car buying 4 times in the past, and this was by far the best.  

I hope to go 10+ years without buying another car, but if I do, I'll definitely return here!

Colleen L. | 2014-06-22

Carmax in Laurel was great thanks to my salesperson Vivek.  He was professional, friendly, patient and supportive.  I left there with a new car that I paid a fair price for.  I ended up not selling my old car to them because the offer was low but with such a big operation I wasn't surprised.  Where I really have to thank Vivek is after I bought the car I had some problems with it.  There was no hesitation on Vivek's part.  He wanted me happy and satisfied so I was able to return it smoothly and with no hassle.  This was appreciated so much.  So go to Carmax Laurel and ask for Vivek, you will have a great experience.

Lindsay M. | 2014-06-20

BEWARE of CarMax Laurel Maryland. I sold them my car and they called me 90 days later telling me that I owed them additional funds that they "Estimated" my payoff incorrectly. My issue is that I received a letter in the mail a couple weeks after selling it to them stating that my car had been paid off in full. Then 90 days later I get a call asking for additional funds within 10 days. After talking to CarMax Corporate in Richmond VA they told me there was nothing they could do (and were quite rude). They informed me that they tried to reach me three times within the 14 day agreed upon payoff window however refused to provide me with days and times. I checked my persona and work lines and received no such calls or voicemails from CarMax. They interesting thing here is when they call my work number 90 days later they told me they were sending a letter in the mail to me to officially inform me. One day later a certified letter shows up in the mail informing me I had 10 days to give them the additional funds. So why was a letter never sent within the initial 14 days when they supposedly tried to reach me? That would have been the courteous thing to do. Why didn't I get any phone calls or voicemails? This is bad business CarMax, BAD business.

Kyle C. | 2014-05-24

This places bites. I waited over an hour to test drive a car and learned when it was my turn that the sales person didn't know how to drive a stick so we couldn't go. After telling him we wanted to drive other cars (automatics) he said they had one of them and later learned they didn't have it available to drive. He then suggested I come back and schedule and appt to test drive the car cars with him. he still didn't know how to drive a stick so how would we be able to go?  And through all of that I suffered through his terrible breath!  Never again. He had an opportunity to sell two cars and didn't try to sell one.

Afternoon wasted.

Glory W. | 2014-04-17

Went to Carmax last week to look for a new car. The person who helped me through the process was Jamile Johnson. He gave really great service. It was my first time looking for a car without my parents and he was really helpful and personal. I was worried of being scammed into cars, like I had been at a couple other places I looked at. If you ever go to this Carmax, I would recommend asking for him personally. Even my mom who has had a problem with Carmax in the past said he swayed her differently. The only reason I'm giving them 4 stars in because, they didn't have a great range of vehicles for my price range. However, they do have a free transfer program. I saw a car that I liked in Virginia, and in 3 days it was ready for me to test drive in Laurel.

Albert H. | 2014-04-04

Went to this CarMax based on their advertisement.... "start here". I figured I could test drive a couple of cars and experience different brands to narrow my search for a vehicle.  Well, I walked into CarMax in Laurel and got a completely different experience.  

We were greeted and walked out onto the lot to check out a Lexus, we looked at it a bit and I noticed the guy didn't even offer to turn the car on or a test drive, I found it odd but we kept chatting. I didn't really like the color of that particular Lexus IS anyway, so we walked over to some VW GTIs they had on the lot. I had never driven a GTI so asked if I could take a test drive, without any hesitation... he said "why do you want to drive it, they all drive the same... just pick one you like". I was dumb founded by that reply.  So I asked bluntly, "you're not going to let me drive it?" and he replied- no. So with that... I walked away.

That was rude, I can't believe a sales person would bluntly turn down a reasonable customer request like that. Take your business elsewhere, not worth it.

Toya D. | 2014-01-17

I've been a SATISFIED customer for five years. Keep up the good work, guys! Matthew, Chuck, Bob (former employee) and Rockford (former employee) and company are my go-to guys whenever there's an issue or I just need sage car wisdom. In fact, anyone that I've dealt with at the counter has been on-point and reliable. I refuse to take my car anywhere else.

BTW, the Lobby has tons of snacks, hot beverages and FREE Wi-Fi.

Erica L. | 2013-12-30

We've done business with car max for almost a decade now and they continue to exceed our expectations! The employees are friendly and go above and beyond to ensure their customers are taken care of. Of you have a car to buy OR sell this is the place to go!

Fred S. | 2013-09-26

I was greeted in a friendly and prompt manor. Environment was clean and nice and my car selling helper was friendly and enthusiastic. In all, I liked doing business with them, but where carmax lacks is their inability to negotiate. They market their "non-negotiating" tactic as a positive thing, which really grinds my gears because it's almost like they are screwing you over, but with a smile. In the end, they offered me less than half of what I wanted for my car. I will not do business with them in the future.

Anthony H. | 2013-09-07

I got a Acura tsx which is a nice and should be as clean as the price tag. so heres what happen when i was test driving the car I noticed that everything that is black had a brown film on it. I told the sales guy Kriag that ill take the car but this film has to be cleaned. He said it would be (lied) . So after all the paper work the car was not cleaned to my satisfaction and when I spoke with the manger he was indignant and unhelpful and I had to go else where to get it cleaned. Also when financing the car carmax was charging me $2700 as a finance fee at 4.98% interest which is highway robbery which I very quickly refinanced at my credit union with no fee and 2.2%. My mom was going to get her car from carmax but we will shop elsewhere.

Asa B. | 2013-08-20

I went to Carmax on Monday evening to sell my car They lookedat my car and priced it at $200 (are you kidding me?!!) Due to some minor issues and high miles (133K) on car well the salesman Mr Jim explained me they don't purchase cars base on KBB suggestions (of course not because KBB price on my car was over $1200 but i hate it when they try to sell all their cars in the lot only at KBB prices with no bargain because they believe it is priced right! KBB price estimates are roughly suggestions to get a roundball ideas not taking it too serious!  because KBB prices are higher I hate this game of carmax! I am wondering why people still going to this place to get ripped off KBB prices!!! I recommend Carmax not to open their doors to public they just need to contract with KBB and sell their cars directly at right prices KBB likes so much!!! I bet KBB will not buy a single car from them ever! Be aware of this dealership this one is just another one like other ones out there with more sneaky tricks people may wanna believe easier! I will not trust them at all do not give your business to these people! I have heard people got rip off at Carmax a lot!!!

Laura T. | 2013-08-03

We just had a fantastic car buying experience at CarMax with Brian Palmer as our sales associate. He was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I got a beautiful car for a great price with no hassle whatsoever. I highly recommend buying through him at CarMax.

Jessica P. | 2013-07-22

Maybe some people really enjoy going to a dealership, spending tons of time there, and haggling their way to a decent price. That's not me, and that's a huge reason why I love Carmax, specifically the new car Toyota/Scion side. The ease of selling your car hassle-free, no haggling (pleading?) to get a better price for it, and it's independent of what you'll pay for whatever car you buy. Ameka was awesome, as was the woman in the document signing area (Yolynda, I think?). The process was quick and easy, and they were both really helpful, very friendly, and a pleasure to deal with (even late on a Sunday, when I'm sure they'd rather be at home).

Kristal B. | 2013-07-05

Great pricing with pleasant salespeople as well as office people. They were to the point and gave a fair deal for the trade in car. They sell new and used toyotas which was great considering the toyota dealerships in the area are terrible!! Jean was wonderful and pleasant to work with. He let my husband and I talk thing over when needed without being in our face. Would definitely recommend.

Nicole Y. | 2013-04-06

I stopped by in hopes of test driving a car that I had been eying online for the past few weeks, however, I left with nothing but two print outs, several cautions from several sales reps that the car I was looking at would be gone tomorrow and basically instructions to come back when I am ready to drive home with a  new car (but in a nice non-aggressive I literally said audibly "this is awkward". I was permitted to sit in a few cars of my choosing but my initial request to test drive a vehicle was never addressed or granted. My goal was to see if the make and model was something I really wanted or just something that I liked on "paper". Test driving it would have help to answer that question but as I heard more than once during my visit indirectly "time is money". Who buys a car before testing driving it?!?

I was disappointed because so many have given CarMax glowing customer service reviews, however, that just was not the case at this location. Also the sales person did not seem at all knowledgeable about the vehicle I was interested in, which I understand since their inventory is so massive but it really wasn't a good experience. The first thing we did prior to looking at vehicles was sit down at his desk where he asked to rate my credit. I wanted to say "DUDE why are we talking payments and I have YET to see the car I requested to view and test drive?" I have looked at two other cars elsewhere and had a much better customer care experience. I did, however, go down the street to a dealership and it was the complete opposite. I made it clear I wasn't buying today and as soon as I showed interest in a car they offered a test drive and gave me the complete run down of the vehicle and all of it's features.

Carmax may be great as a whole, but I advise that you skip this one and check out the others in the DC/Baltimore/NVa area.

Maggie S. | 2013-03-29

I recently bought my first car ever from Carmax Toyota (my current car was a present).  I bought a brand new Corolla.  I don't know a lot about cars, and often feel like I get taken advantage of by mechanics...or at least my dad and fiancé tell me that is what is going on, I always bring one of them with me when I take my car in.  Carmax never made me feel this way.  They spend 24 hours trying to get me the best financing option possible even though I had little to no credit.  For example, they asked what would be a good time to call me back, I said they would need to leave a voice mail because I would be working  and then in class.  Ten minutes later they called me back to ask about what I had meant by "class."  They asked if I was a student and then volunteered that I may qualify for a recent grad program Toyota does.  If they had not told me this I would have gotten approved for a lousier finance option and they would have made more money.  Instead, I got approved for 0% financing over 5 years with none of those crazy loopholes and restrictions.

After I got approved I was able to go and pick out the exact car I wanted.  They helped me set up my new car insurance policy and got me in and out in about 1.5 hours.  The sales people were incredibly nice and helpful.  I expected the car buying experience to be painful but it wasn't at all.

I worked with Steve and Gary.  So if you are considering buying a car, I would recommend talking to those two.

Cathy B. | 2013-03-18

WARNING - DO NOT purchase any type of car from this place.  Do not buy a used car.  Do not buy a new car.

They sold me a lemon a couple of years ago and I'm in the process now of trading it in.  I'm going to dump this junk in early April because it has been a money trap from Day #1.

They start off pretending to be kind. But the second....literally the second they get your signature on the dotted line, they turn coat and start making excuses for the hunks of junk they peddle and push off on people.

Never again.

Calvin R. | 2012-12-17

I went in to have my rear light assembly replaced and had no problems.  I didn't have an appointment, but I was still greeted with a smile when i drove into the garage area.  The gentleman that waited on me could have been a little more friendly (no smile) but, did take care of my request.  The gentleman told me that the part was at the warehouse and wouldn't arrive until after lunch, so I asked if I could come back once it was there.  He initially told me that my car HAD to be there the entire time (which didn't make much sense to me), so I politely asked it was remotely possible I could come back (it was 10am and the part was due around 3.. 5 hours in a lobby was not my idea of a productive day). I was happy that he let me run a few errands and not sit and wait.  I got back around 2 and waited for the service. As I sat there, I watched the interaction of the staff with customers and was extremely pleased with the friendliness.  The job I had done was a little pricey, but overall a good experience.

Nina U. | 2012-08-27

I hate the car salesman game. I drove my last car for 10 years and 170K+ miles because I don't like a car payment and I don't like sleazy sales games even more. It's like slime on my soul. Grosses me out. The salespeople usually aren't that bad but the financing guys make me angry. And I don't want to waste an entire Saturday trying to negotiate a decent price.

So I walked into Carmax to see what they would pay for my used car. My plan was to take that quote to another dealership and get a better trade-in value and negotiate the price down (on top of the internet price and USAA price quote). Well I never went back to that dealership. I got my trade-in value at Carmax, found a pre-owned one year old car online and the next day I called Jim to tell him to transfer it from Chatanooga TN for $450 because I was going to buy it. They guaranteed 2 weeks but I was back there in a week with my pre-approved loan from my bank and I was in and out within 2 1/2 hours. Trade-in sold and new keys in my hand.

I asked them to take off the Carmax license plate covers and sticker on the back. I wish I had asked them to detail the inside too but not sure if they do that. I took it home and detailed it that afternoon though- probably better than they would have done. I'm quite pleased so far. Time is valuable and my sanity is priceless.

Frank J. | 2012-07-15

Went to local mechanic and said I needed new brake pads front and back.  I then went to Carmax and said I needed an oil change and to look at the pads while they were working on it.  Carmax said I needed all new rotors (rusted and pitted) and pads (which I knew) for a total of $800.  I went over to a friend's house and we changed out the pads (1 hour) and the rotors didn't need to be changed at all.

Also my car key with the keyless entry and immobilization chip was very cracked (cheap Toyota plastic junk).  Dealer quoted $180 for a replacement.  I went on ebay ordered a replacement housing for $6 and moved the keyless entry and immobilization chip over and it is good as new.   What a ripoff.

Jen L. | 2012-07-01

So I never actually visited the lot.  Mostly because my little junker couldn't make it there from Annapolis.

But I had a positive experience with a rep there to guide me through the experience of shopping at Carmax.  I had several cars saved in my carmax account and he took them off of the "available"  list and held them for me until I was able to see them.

I knew exactly what I wanted.  They had one vehicle that fit my criteria and they were willing to show it to me.  But the draw back was that I could not negotiate the price.  They're prices are OK, but they are not the best. Their no haggle policy definitely streamlines the process and gets the car in your hands faster.  But if you are truly shopping for a deal, this may not be the best place.

Carrie I. | 2012-06-28

I have purchased all my prior vehicles from Carmax locations in Virginia, but after my experience with the Laurel, MD dealership, I will never purchase a vehicle from this franchise again.

On Wednesday afternoon, I found the exact car I had been searching for on the Carmax website.  Unfortunately, it was located in Laurel and marked as "non-transferable."  Laurel is 45-60 minutes from my home, and further from my job.

I immediately called the dealership to express my interest in the car, but explained up front that I could not come out to see/test drive it until Saturday.  The sales associate said he could try to hold the vehicle for me.  I authorized him to run my credit report and obtain pre-approval for financing.

When the sales associate called me back, he tried to sell me the car over the phone, sight unseen.  I explained that I was not interested in purchasing until I could view and test the car, which would be early Saturday morning.  He agreed to this, and said he would place a "hold" sticker in the car.  The last thing he told me was to call him Saturday morning just to make sure everything was still good.

Wednesday night, I missed a call from the dealership while out to dinner.  I returned the call on Thursday and asked if everything was still on track for Saturday.  The associate took down my number, then called back 15 minutes later to say that the car was being sold to someone else as we spoke.  He went on to tell me that I was supposed to come to the dealership the night before (Wednesday night), even though I stated, from beginning to end, that I was not available until Saturday.  I explained that was never the arrangement I agreed to, and he responded that "Carmax doesn't hold vehicles for that long."

If Carmax will not hold vehicles for customers, they should not make promises to hold.  If an associate promises to hold a car, that car should not be sold to another buyer.  And if the car IS sold to another buyer despite the promise to hold, the dealership should have the decency to call the person right away and be up-front about their lies.

After this experience, I will happily give my hard-earned money to the dealership for a brand new car, ordered to my exact specifications, rather than "settle" for a trade-in at a dealership that lies to its customers.

Fat T. | 2012-05-29

Fact: Carmax DOES NOT have the lowest price but it sure is convenient.

I have bought 3 cars from Carmax new because I didn't want to haggle and I am out the door literally within the hour from picking out the car I want on the lot.

I have bought 3 Toyotas not from Carmax in the past 2 years and I have been able to get the promotional APR rate (0-1.9%) plus anywhere from 500-1000 below the advertised price from Carmax. However, it takes multiple emails and extra 30 minutes of haggling.

If you don't know much about cars, just go to Carmax and you won't get hosed. You won't get the best deal but it'll be decent.

Jim S. | 2011-11-24

I hate the no haggle pricing thing. But if you do your research and know what you are looking for and about how much it should cost, it is not terrible. I will say I was firmly against them because of the fixed price thing, until...

August 2006.
I was looking to trade (or not trade my 96 F250) and get an F150 Super Crew 4X4. I was looking at Bob Bell in Glen Burnie and had been there several times looking at a 2005 F-150 King Ranch with 25k miles. They wanted $33k, I tried to get them down to $30k because with my trade I could afford that. They were very firm on the price and it did my heart good to see that truck there for 3 more months.

Well on my to my parents I drove past car-max on Rt.1 and saw a black F-150 Super Crew 4x4. I made a U-Turn and went to have look see. I almost fell over. it was a 2005 F-150 Lariat with every item I could have wanted on it. It had 15,802 miles on it and the sticker in the window was $21,998. I went and fetched a sales person and called my wife to come check it out.

By the time the wife arrives I am well into the paperwork and I am so happy. I get a new truck, I get to keep the old truck. The paperwork was slow and like pulling teeth. But probably 4 hours at worst.

Still have my truck and it is all paid off. It has had no problems and I still love it.

April 2011
My wife's minivan is starting to cost far too much to keep on the road. My daughter and I are on the way home from a class we were taking and she said "do you want to go look around car max with me?". She was thinking I may buy her a car (oh to be 16 and a dreamer again), But I was not pressed for time so why not.

We went in and we saw a 2011 Camaro (HOT); she had to sit in to see how good she looked in it. My heart was broken when I sat in it and found that at 6'2" I am 6" too tall for this car. We did find that I do fit in to a smart car (would not ever own one, not driving an underpowered beach-ball on public roads).

The we saw a whole herd of mid-sized suv's. My wife really like the escape and they had a 2010 with $13k miles on it. I checked it out and liked it. So we called the wife and and asked if she would come over and look at something. She was thinking I found a new truck or Mercedes and to see if she would like it.

She go there and we showed her trucks and Mercedes and a Shelby Mustang. Then I was all innocent and happened to sneak up on the little escape and said "what about this?", and she says "It would get good gas mileage on your drive to work". So I say "No, for you?" She walks around it and sits in it. She says "Lets take it for a test drive".

We found a sales person who took us for a test drive. My wife insisted that I drive??? Half way thru i pulled over and made her drive. She was in love.

So, we get back and I am hoping they will give me $1200 for the van. That is $100 less then the Kelly Blue Book value for trade in. We wait and wait and then get called in to one of those offices. The sales person then tries to let us down gently because they could only offer us $4000. My wife does not have a good poker face, so the sales lady knew that immediately that it was more then enough.

So we start paper work and it goes by pretty quickly. We got there around 6pm and were done at 10:30pm.

So I am pretty happy with Carmax.

Vishal S. | 2011-10-06

This review is for a car sales. I am a repeat customer of CarMax (not this location).

I like their fixed price sales policy. It works for me even though I may be paying a couple of thousand dollars over what I can get at a used car dealer. But I at least do not have to do the bidding dance with salespeople at used car dealers!

CarMax also offers extended warranties for up to 150,000 miles that is plenty for me and also guarantees all repairs that I will make on the car!

Customer service during the sales process is good too!

Dan R. | 2011-05-20

After looking around for a few days for a specific car I ended up at car max. I really didn't have any problems with the price as they offered a good bit more trade in wise to cut the costs on the car I was only problem was that it took me a solid 7 hours to get the car and go trough all the paperwork, I felt a bit like the customer service was here I sit for a solid hour waiting for a rental car, as I had to bring it back to have some minor body work done....they do have free donuts though :(

Christopher S. | 2010-02-02

I tried to take advantage of a Winter Special circular that came in the mail because I needed my brake pads replaced and rotors resurfaced so I took the good ol' Rav4 (the car that Kanye West likes to rap about) in for servicing.


-They charged me for 4 hours of labor when the receptionist told me that it was about an hour for labor.
-No loaner car service.
-I pulled out of the parking lot and drove less than a 1/4 mile to experience four check/warning lights come on...TCS, Low Tire Pressure, Check Engine, and Low Oil Pressure.
-I hear a slight grinding noise when I brake.

-I wrote the Cons first because there are no Pros to list about CarMax Laurel Toyota Service Center.
-My four-year-old niece could do a better job by putting my car on 4 cinder blocks, take my rotors to Napa Auto Parts to get it milled, and recalibrate the brake calipers blindfolded.

M G. | 2009-03-18

Carmax's "No-Haggle-Price Guarantee" is code for "We-Ripe-You-Off!"  If you were going to buy a car through a dealership or privately you'd get a much better deal.  They don't really knock off that much in terms of price.  If you want to try to sell a car to them they will make up some sort of reason why the car is basically worthless.  Even if you have taken great care of your car!  It could be in mind condition and they'll tell you it's piece of junk.  Well if it's junk why do they want to buy it?

The salesman I've found not to know anything about cars.  Most are people just working their to make a living.  That's fine for some jobs, but when buying a car you do want someone who knows what they are talking about.      

I'm actually surprised Carmax is still in business!  It's a horrible car buying experience.

M T. | 2008-12-23

After my Volvo died, I was in need of a new car.  Taking my budget into account, though, I needed a new used car.  I tried the dealership route first and spent a full Saturday test driving cars and doing a bit of haggling.  I personally did not like the dealership process at all and felt like I was wasting my time, unable to make a good deal.  

Frustrated, I decided to try CARMAX.  I went to their website and they had several Toyota Corollas (my first car choice) with low enough mileage that they were still under warranty which I definitely wanted.  I headed over there, told the employee that greeted me what I was looking for, and they showed me a listing of the Corollas available.  Nothing seemed to match from their website which was annoying but there were still Corollas that fit what I needed.  I picked one to look at and the sales lady and I headed out to the lot.  She could not find the car in the lot!  Eventually we got in another car and drove around the lot looking for the Corolla I had  picked out.  We didn't find that one but while we were driving around we stopped at another one and I decided to test drive it.  I really liked it and was ready to buy.  I had my own financing so that helped things move a lot more quickly.  

For the most part CARMAX easily handled my DC registration, but they were clearly used to doing MD registrations.  Overall, I was pleased with my experience (especially compared with the dealerships) but I came in knowing exactly what I wanted and had my own financing.  The sales person helping me wasn't as professional or knowledgeable as the salesmen at the dealerships so I guess it's all a trade-off.

I bought my Corolla with about 19,000 miles and had a clean 25,000 check-up.  At 26,000, though, the check engine light came on.  Boooooo!  I took it to the service center and they had to replace a $500 part but, since my Corolla was still under warranty, it only cost me 45 minutes of my time.  Luckily everything is running smoothly now and I love my new (used) car!

Laura W. | 2008-05-28

Step One: Discover that your old car is starting to need more in repairs than it is worth. It's upgrade time. Not HDTV style.... but new wheels style!

Step Two: Go to Carmax in order to test drive some cars you're interested in. The saleswoman will be very eager to build rapport with you. So eager, in fact, that she will share anything with you. Anything beyond your wildest imagination. She will even tell you, that on cold days, when she's out on the back lot, that instead of trekking back inside to go to the bathroom, she pees in the bushes. And how on a cold day, the steam rises up from the ground.

Step Three: Don't buy a car from this lady (despite how much you really want to give her the commission just for telling that story!). Carmax is NOT the way buying a car should be. Why? Because CarMax sells cars for thousands more than they're worth (I found a used car that was around $3000 more here than any other dealer for the same car, certified used cars included). They may offer you a lot less for your trade-in than a regular dealership, esp. if your car is older or had any damage in its history. In my opinion, this place is for people who are too lazy or timid to do research over the internet and to do some negotiating at the dealership. I just don't think overpaying by thousands for a "hassle free deal" is worth the extra that you'll end up dragging out the payments in loans for months or years.

What is this place useful for besides the comedic relief? Carmax is a low-pressure place to test-drive a car model before going to a regular dealership to find the same model at a better price.