Acton Ford in Acton, MA

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At Acton Ford, located at 76 Powder Mill Road in Acton, MA, We Specialize in People and the Vehicles They Drive. That's why we offer personalized and professional Ford sales, service and financing experiences that keep Massachusetts Ford drivers coming back for more and recommending us to all their friends. Visit us today!


Established in 1993.

Acton Ford

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(978) 897-7000
Address:76 Powder Mill Rd, Acton, MA, 01720
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday: 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Reviews on Acton Ford

Kimberly S. | 2014-11-24

Just picked up our new Explorer!  I usually dread the whole car buying experience but I have to say that Acton Ford made the whole experience stress free and easy.  Charlie was our sales person and he was awesome...this is our 2nd time using him! Always readily available to speak to us and answer any questions we had.  Financing was excellent as well...we worked with Tim and we were in and out in like 30 minutes. Overall a very pleasant experience!

Angela N. | 2014-11-10

Where do I start!  

We brought my sons car into the dealer for a leaking transmission cooler and lines and a transmission that was slipping.  They quote us $1100 for the fix.   My son had to drive to North Carolina to return to college in the next few days so we really didn't have any choice and wanted to get the repair done at the Ford dealership because it would be under the warranty.    

So my son takes off for NC,  he gets there 1.5 days later and the transmission stops working,  he brings it into the dealer there,  and they state that the transmission is blown.   So they recommend replacing the entire transmission and HAVE to replace the new lines and cooler because otherwise the new transmission would not be warranted.  

Well I call Acton and so did the NC Ford dealer,  and Acton states that they fixed the leak,  so the repair they did was charged fairly.    How can that be,  when they just put a bandage on the problem, with the real repair having to replace all they did days before.  So essentially the new transmission plus another $1100 all over again for a grand total of $7000.      We spent 2 months working with regional customer service,  where they cut the price of the new transmission by %50,  but no reimbursement on the Acton Ford unnecessary and expensive bandage of $1100.    

I went in and spoke with the Service Manager at Acton Ford whose answer was,  he would do nothing for me,  since he fixed the leak,   and there was no way to see the damage to the transmission unless you took it apart.   I asked him if he would give me some free checkups even to keep my business in the future.   He said absolutely not,  he would do nothing for me.    He was cordial at first but then extremely rude at the end.    

Never,  ever go to this dealer.     ZERO customer service from Ford.  

In the 30 something years I have had all different types of cars,  this is the absolute worst customer service I have ever run across.    

STAY AWAY at all costs.

Jon P. | 2012-05-10

The service department is great.

Christian M. | 2011-12-26

I have to agree - while nice, these guys totally bummed me out and I have gone here for years sucker that I am.  Seems like everyone is commissioned on your car repair so no matter what you end up at least 3x what you thought.  Our Ford has just hit 100k miles and for me that is just breaking it in.  Comment from Service - "you should really think about trading this in, it needs $5k of work at least."  Took it to another garage - "Huh.  Not sure.  Looks fine to us."

Denyce N. | 2011-11-11

Hi, I had to post because after reading everything here I was very leary to take my car to Acton Ford.  I had my service engine light come on in my 2010 fusion.  I had no problems here. When I 1st called they were very nice, when I dropped it off they were nice. They called as promised to let me know what was up and I picked it up the next morning. I was  not charged for or told I need anything I do not need etc.  I had them do an oil change and what I was charged was competitive with other places.
I will take it back here anytime I need service.

Julia W. | 2011-03-22

These people need to be reported to the Better Business Bureau!  If you want to be ripped off, take your Ford there to be serviced.  

Last week we dropped our Ford F150 off because the "check engine light" was on.  Later in the day we get the phone call:  major work needs to be the tune of $1,800.00.
Stupidly, we say do the work.  The work supposedly gets done, we hand over the American Express and we bring the truck home (about a 3 mile drive.)  The very next time the truck gets driven, 3 days later, it overheats.  Back to Acton Ford.  My husband says he is not paying for the repair because (uh duh) you obviously did something wrong.  Douchebag Service Manager denies all responsibility and claims my husband "has no proof."  Douchebag Service Manager again denies all responsibility.

Side note:  the quote for the next fix was almost $400.00 until my husband told them he was taking the truck somewhere else for an estimate.  That's when the bill miraculously dropped to $219.00

Note:  this is not the first time this has happened.  This very thing happened last year.  We took the truck in for some inocuous little thing only to get hit with a BIG bill.  Two days later, other things break.  I smell a rat. Do they get a Ford up on the lift and fix the initial problem, then "tweak" things so that other things break a few days later?  Mmmmm.  I'd love to know if anyone else has had this experience because it has happened to us both times we've had a vehicle in there to be serviced.

Want someone to do a good job with your Ford?  Take it to Concord Chrysler in West Concord.  Really nice guys, do a good job, don't rip you off.  They service both of our Jeeps, and guess what?  They also service Fords!  Just found that out today when we called to ask them to double check all the work that Acton Ford (supposedly) did.

C C. | 2011-02-18

This place sucks.
I brought my truck in thinking it would have been covered under some type or warranty for broken heat. NOPE.
I was quoted a whooping 2800 for a new radiator, spark plugs and wires, an oil filter, gas filter, and 4 new tires. ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND, FORD? I brought it to my local mechanic and he fixed EVERYTHING that Ford was going to do for 1100. I saved myself 1700. Where does Ford get away with charging such high prices, dingbats. Clearly they dont have any care or concern for the customer. I will NEVER return, nor will anyone I know. I told my story to everyone, and they all asked for the number of the mechanic i see. I gadly gave it out.

Matt S. | 2010-11-04

Sales dept pulled the switch-a-roo on the price once I was in the dealership. "oh, he must have quotes you for the wrong truck."

Service dept is horrible. I got charged full price for a bunch of BS that didn't solve the original problem.

Ford's sales department in general is horrible, I hate the way they're incentivized.

Quick update - I find it comical that they're attempting to spam Yelp with fake reviews.  It proves they simply don't know how to do customer service and they're discrediting themselves further with this fraudulent behavior.  Check out the "Filter reviews" link at the bottom of this page.  Nothing says "sketchy business practices" like trying to game your online reviews.  I hope Yelp penalizes them further.

Peter M. | 2010-03-09

My 1997 Taurus has been there several times. Brake job was done right, oil changes no problem....when It came to my emissions leak THAT was another story.

I brought the car in to have it serviced for a check engine light. They tell me it's emissions...smoke test the car then, fine. $160 and THREE HOURS later they tell me my filler neck is leaking, my EVAP sensor needs to be replaced and they've scheduled me for an apt. Oh by the way that repair will be $700. What!?

I think not Batman! I put that sucker up on jack stands and pulled the filler neck out myself. With the help of my father we pressure tested it like Ford SHOULD have and it was fine, no pinholes NOTHING. The sensor was 100% fine. I was pissed. I canceled the appointment and brought it to R&D in Billerica, Rick and Todd looked at it...well guess what?

There was a pinhole in my exhaust headers, they patched it, and there is a tube leading from the EVAP canister to the exhaust that builds was 3 sizes too small...funny because no mechanic has ever touched that canister nor have I, only Ford touched that part of the, $150 later my car was fixed and I was happy.

That service department will rip you off. DO NOT bring your Ford there!

George R. | 2010-02-03

My experience with this place was awful and I  wouldn't take a roller skate to them for repair. I went in with an oil leak and they said it was the filter. Wrong, it was several leaks none from the filter and I had to point out where they were. Next they called and said the low oil sensor needed to be replaced but said they could save it by using a sealant and save over a $100. I told them okay. Next I pick up the car and the low oil light is lit. They tell me that's my fault as the sensor is bad. I took the car to another garage and they showed me the sensor which was all bent up and obviously destroyed. The repair manager has a bad attitude problem and I would never go back there. Ever.

Kerri O. | 2008-08-04

I'm totally in love with the Sales Department.
I absolutely Loathe the Service Department.

Where, oh where, does that leave me?  2 stars.

Buying my truck there was everything you'd want in a sales experience.  No pressure, straight talk, and a good price.  Great.

Service Department; a big flying douchebomb.

I had lightning strike right next to my truck, and after that, it was dead.  I brought the truck in, waited 3 days for them to even look at it, got the truck back, and it was a hefty sum for basically changing a few fuses, and running a diagnostic.  A month later, my truck doesn't pass
inspection because the on board computer shows a not-ready signal.  I need my truck for work, so I brought it to a local guy, to look at it.  He takes one look at it, and says "your on board computer is fried".  Really.
Turns out I got charged for a cursory check, FULL PRICE.  And, if it was so obvious a problem, why didn't they see it?

I bring it to this dealership, and they send me yet another place for a diagnostic report.  Same result.  So they replace it (it was under warranty), and give it back to me.  It still shows not ready.  They then try to charge me for replacing the computer.  This shite goes on and on, 'til I contact a cousin-in-law, who is a Ford Technician, and he (over the phone, mind you) says, they didn't flush out the old codes for the computer.

Holy shit-show Batman.  What gets me is that I get a call from their customer Rep months later: I tell my story, and the Head of Service denies everything.  I kept all the paperwork, you Dingleberry.

This whole experience aged me ten years.