Royal Honda in Metairie, LA

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Royal Honda offers various types of new and pre-owned automobiles. It provides a variety of vehicles that includes cars, trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles. The dealership provides a range of new Honda models that includes the Accord, Civic, S2000, CR-V, Element, Pilot, Fit, Ridgeline and Odyssey. It also provides vehicle maintenance services that include wheel alignment, battery replacement, tire balancing and brake inspection. Additionally, the dealership provides vehicle financing services, as well as spare parts and accessories. Royal Honda also provides special online discounts on vehicle purchases, financing and servicing. The dealership was acquired in 1998 by Royal Automotive and is located in Metairie, La.

Royal Honda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(504) 888-2277
Address:5600 Veterans Memorial Blvd, Metairie, LA, 70003

Reviews on Royal Honda

Roland D. | 2015-03-30

My wife brought her vehicle in to have a part replaced that was covered under her warranty. Service manager calls my wife and says a complete brake job is needed,,, $550. !!
We didn't ask to have the brakes checked.
I suggested to my wife to tell them we'll bring it back for that. The service manager said ok but don't wait too long cause there's not much pads left.
Mind you , the vehicle only has 37,000 miles!
I had 2 mechanic shops check the brakes and they both found the brakes had over 50% pads left !!!
The vehicle was not purchased there , but we were going to get our second car there in December, but not now!!
They've now lost any future service business or recommendations from us!!

Nice job Royal Honda.

Malissa B. | 2015-03-12

I JUST bought a used car from these people and it has been problems after problems. Problems that should have been found BEFORE they sold me this car. It was over priced to begin with and now I've had to replaced the battery and all four brakes and I haven't even owned it for a month. They should honor their customers and check their cars. I am really in outrage. Who sells a car that they know who has problems? Oh that's right, terrible people. And then make me pay wayyy to much money just to make my car safe. So thanks for wasting all of my money and not being an honorable company. Just really. Put the work in to make it a good vehicle to keep people safe. Instead your selling sketchy cars and you have no honor in your jobs. (Nothing against the technicians, just the terrible people in the used car lot)

Jim M. | 2015-02-19

Royal exceeded our expectations. Their sales staff was knowledgeable and were more concerned with what we wanted than trying to pressure us into something. Salesman Alton Clivens was a delight to work with. He was personable, professional and gave us a very strong feeling of comfort with our new purchase.

Mark B. | 2015-02-09

Royal Honda treated us like family every time we came through the door. There was no pressure and our salesperson, Alton, was very knowledgeable about their products and made our experience a pleasant one.

The first time we went in we didn't end up getting a car, but we came back 6 months later because of the great customer service and the great product. We found the perfect car (Honda FIT) and absolutely love it.

Financing was very easy and straightforward and Anthony did a great job letting us know all of of our options and working with us to find the right fit.

We definitely recommend Royal Honda to anyone in the car shopping mode, and we will definitely go back to Royal Honda for future purchases!!

Beat R. | 2014-11-03


Sha S. | 2014-09-17

I bought a Fit years ago an have always gotten in serviced at Royal Honda. they have always shown a willingness to help(even if it is just tire pressure) and I find them efficient and knowledgeable.

Heather A. | 2014-08-25

Service department does not have great customer service. They screwed up my appointment and made no effort to try an accommodate me. No one apologized. All I got was attitude from the same guy who always has plenty of 'tude to hand out. But I didn't really expect any thing more. Wish there was another Honda dealership on the east bank of NOLA. Hondas are great cars, but this experience deters me from wanting to buy another one!

Mallory E. | 2014-08-21

At first we were really excited to buy a car from Honda because it was right around the corner from our house. The salesman we had was very nice and helped us get down to the price we wanted. He gave us flowers after we signed thousands of dollars away.
My complaints:
1. We had to run to our house to get my diploma for the student discount, we told him we would be 20-30 minutes to get the item and he said that was ok. I guess we took too long (25 mins) and he called my cell phone 4 times to try to get in touch with me (oops it was on silent).
2. When test driving the car, we test drove a 4-wheel drive even though they wanted to sell us a 2-wheel drive. Before we said 'YES I WANT THIS CAR' the salesman said 'OH - by the way you cannot pick up this car until Monday because we don't have it in stock.
3. The salesman said that he would call to drop off the license plate...well we got a lovely surprise of our LICENSE PLATE IN OUR MAILBOX.

Bill P. | 2014-08-08

We bought our car in CA.  When we're moved to NOLA we didn't know of any good local mechanics.  My darling wife insisted we use the dealership.  I was against the idea. I assumed it would cost more.  
I'll say this publicly, my wife was right.  We have been served extremely well by Royal Honda.  There's really no reason for us to go elsewhere. Prices are competitive.  Service is exceptional. They post the prices of the dealership and their competition in the service bay so you can see where you get more bang for your buck.  We have a lot invested in our minivan. It has to last a long time and it has to run smoothly and safely for three sale of our family.  We won't go anywhere else to get the van repaired.

Jamie O. | 2014-06-19

Seriously? Oil changes by appointment only? They need to take down the "Express Service" signs.

Nelly B. | 2014-05-30

I had an unbelievably great experience at Royal Honda last night!  From the second I walked in the door until I road off the lot in my new CRV I was happy.  They didn't haggle, worked with me completely and didn't waste time showing me what I wanted to see.  Alton was great, they all were.  I highly recommend this dealer. I should mention I was a loyal Nissan driver and after a terrible experience at the one down the street, this place was a breath of fresh air!  Very professional.

Lyle L. | 2014-05-29

100% satisfied.   We were in an out with a new car in less than 2 hours.  Alton Clivens was our salesman.  100% impressed.

Emily P. | 2014-05-26

Royal Honda has been the WORST service experience I have ever experienced in my life, and that's saying something considering I work in the service industry, and I am not easily bothered by underwhelming service.

Basically, the only reason I even brought my car to get serviced here was because I had an extended warranty and could get all the work done for free. So, the first time I brought it in I was having an issue with the engine making strange noises. They check it out and say that the brakes need to be fixed. Fine. I get the car back that day, and am seemingly finished and content with the work done on my car.

A couple of months later my A/C goes out and the engine starts making even stranger sounds. I am almost certain that the "work" Royal Honda did on my car caused these issues. They were supposed to fix my engine not make it worse, and I have NEVER had a problem with the A/C before. So, I bring my car back in. This time they keep my car for 3 days, which is fine, except for the fact that they never returned any of my calls so I had no idea what was happening with the car or when it would be ready. If it takes some time to fix, that's understandable, but I need to freaking know that!!! I have a job and need to find rides in order to get there. My supervisor, by the way, was Brian, who is nothing short of a lackadaisical moron. This idiot will NEVER answer his phone or return missed calls so just don't even bother. Finally after the 3 days, I get my car back and literally have to speed to work because I was running late.

Two weeks later, right when the weather starts getting hot again. the damn A/C goes out AGAIN! Once again, I have to bring it back to Royal Honda because they clearly did not fix the underlying problem. It takes them 2 days to even figure out what the problem is (shouldn't they know the ins and outs of every Honda vehicle?), and it turns out they have to order another part, but at this point my extended warranty is up, and because they don't want to have to pay for their OWN mistake, they delay buying the part another day because they want to ask the insurance company if they'll cover it first. WONDERFUL! I get to wait even longer for this car just because they refuse to accept responsibility for their incompetence. So, this time it takes an entire week to fix, still with very few returned phone calls or updates. In order to make up for their wrongs, Royal Honda offers me a free rental car during this time, but only after I've been car-less for 3 days (could've used that rental car the whole time BTW!). Then when it's finally ready and I go to pick it up, the receptionist tells me that Brian is in a "lunch meeting", and I can't leave with the car until he's done because he hasn't even made the paperwork yet. Oh my god, I am boiling at this point, seriously trying to hold it in. I wait 45 minutes for Brian to get done with his "lunch meeting", and he then proceeds to tell me that I can't get my car until I return to rental car. WHAAAAAAT!!!!!! Okay, I am normally so kind to service workers, but I started cussing him out. Maybe instead of ignoring all of my phone calls, you could have answered at least one and mentioned that I had to do that before I drove all the way out to bumfuck kenner!!!! Can you be any more dense?? So, I end up bringing the damn rental car back to Enterprise, and then had to get a ride back to goddamn worthless Royal Honda in order to get the car that I've had to jump through too many hoops back into my possession.

All in all, this place is awful. I am fairly certain that they caused all of the problems with my car, then failed to fix them properly, while maintaining the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Congratulations, Royal Honda, for being the biggest and smelliest piece of shit establishment that I have ever had the misfortune to do business with. Suck it.

Jeanie N. | 2014-03-13

Not a happy buyer.
My boyfriend and I have been shopping for a honda accord in the gulf coast area since I gotten into a car accident. Needless to say Royal honda had the price within our budget. We have been e-mailing back and forth with Jared (internet sales). Since we have determined the price that we wanted we driven down to new orleans from mobile, al.
Our first impression was not so great. When we talk number jarred increased the price. I was LIVID because we drove 2 hours on a set price that we have agreed upon. He ended up lying to us. So I end up throwing a fit and leaving with my boyfriend. The general sales manager called us back up and told us that he was sorry about the miscommunication and guaranteed the price that we have wanted for the 2014 honda accord sports.
We decided since we have driven this far that its worth a shot. We signed the paper work and settled. There after, we talked to the finance manger about warranty. We decided to purchase extended warranty with some on the stop pressure. Anthony has promised us that he would mail us our extended warranty card and paper work over night.
Everything was done.
I drove home and realized that there was tick marks on my bottom bumper and addressed it to Jarred. He told us that its not possible because the car has went into detailing. Needless to say that I would have to drive down there for them to take a look at it before anything is done. Perhaps they could of helped out and asked one of the honda dealership in mobile to take a look and if something needs to be done then i would be more than willing to drive down to New Orleans. But no nothing was done.
And BTW there is still manufacture red tape on my car. So its proof that the people that detailed my car did not look at my car so throughly.

ON top of that note my warranty paper has not yet arrived. Its been 1 month.  and countless phone calls. Anthony is either busy or not working. I ask the lady that answers the phone to see if she can leave a message for me and she told me that "I can but I don't know if he will call you". THEN WHAT IS THE POINT OF ME LEAVING A MESSAGE?! its been this long and I can not get Royal honda to cooperate with me. She won't even transfer me to the general manager.
At this point I am pissed I paid good money and purchase extended warranty on my car and royal honda does not care.

Teneha B. | 2014-03-11

Not a happy camper. I took my niece to get her vehicle re-keyed because she lost her only set of keys to the vehicle.

So the vehicle is delivered. A tech is alerted about the vehicle. So we waited 45 minutes, not re-keying going on... Another 30 mins & we g to find out what's happening. Apparently, now that it's 4:30, they don't have techs to make the key & we will need to return 1st thing in the am. Absolutely NOT!!!!

After I recalled the situation to the service advisor & well #longstoryshort re-keyed & 30mins later we're done.

I hate to let this be my 1st experience here...
But #itiswhatitis #justthefacts

All things considered, an earlier time, better day, things maybe been different, but #ohwell.

Jennie A. | 2014-01-14

I had a great experience buying my new car at Royal Honda.  But then again, I'm no fool.  I did my research, had my offer price and a backup offer from another dealer, as well as another loan offer from my bank (in case their interest rates were crazy high).  

My salesman was Lawrence Hoffman - it turned out he knew my husband - so I don't know if that hurts or helps, but ultimately it didn't matter one way or another: I had my price and I knew what I wanted.

I had some problems working my phone with bluetooth - I realize this issue after sitting in the car for about 5 seconds after I purchased it.  Lawrence sat in the car with me and tried to help me figure it out.  It was getting late though, so I went home with not everything working with phone/bluetooth.  Lawrence said he would ask around and see if he could get some more info and to see if anyone else had this problem.  The next day Lawrence called with suggestions on how to get everything working.  (Turns out it was my crappy phone, nothing was wrong with the car).  I forgot to call Lawrence and let him know everything was working, and he actually called again - about a month later - to see if I got everything working.  Talk about making a girl want to go back and buy another car!

Everything was so easy at Royal Honda - I've heard horror stories about buying a new car, but my experience wasn't bad at all.  Don't get mad or frustrated (as difficult as this may be - emotions + buying a car = not good), stay calm and firm, and you're good!

I'm going back today to get my plate, so I'll most likely update this review with how the service is when I'm not actually buying a new car, but when you need something from them.

The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because I didn't like the Sales Manager - one of his tactics he used to try to get me to come up in price was ugly and just plain mean.  I normally wouldn't knock an entire star off for just this, especially when I only dealt with him for about 5 minutes and it's part of the business, but he is a manager and should set an example - mean and ugly isn't necessary when buying a car.  Everyone else was fantastic - I'm just glad I don't have to deal with him for service/parts!

Adam M. | 2013-11-07

After reading all of the reviews on Yelp, I nearly decided to take my Honda Fit somewhere else. However I am so glad that I gave these guys a chance!

The staff is courteous, professional, and eager to please. Everyone in the service department had a warm and kind demeanor and I was not once sold a service that I didn't need. Granted the staff was unable to replicate the problem I came in for, but they explored everything. Without my check engine light being on, it was difficult to isolate the issue.

Royal Honda definitely has my business in the future for maintenance! By the way, Corey is especially helpful. Ask for him should you have a problem.

Lauren L. | 2013-10-21

Worst customer service I've ever had. Completely incompetent. I've never had this many issues with one dealership. It's impossible to get anyone on the phone, the parts department is a joke, & they are very overpriced. Royal Honda, get your act together.

Roxanne C. | 2013-09-25

The last time I came here for car maintenance, I felt like I waited around forever before anyone came up to me to see what I needed. I even went to the front desk and was told to wait and someone would be right out with me. Didn't happen. Finally a mechanic saw me waiting for quite a long time and got the person who I needed to see.

They do offer a complimentary van trip if you don't feel like waiting for your car or want to go back home. I have to say, the driver was really nice and very personable to talk to.

Overall, I think they can do a lot better in their customer service department, especially at the front desk.

Rachel P. | 2013-09-11

If you are looking for a Honda and are in the NOLA area definitely go to Royal Honda. I Have a family member in the business and so I never had to actually go to a dealership prior to this experience so of course I was skeptical of dealing with a salesperson. The salesman, Scott Usher alleviated my fears and did not push anything on me. I went initially to trade in my FIT for a CRV but was concerned because of the price difference and did not go through with the deal. Scott was very patient and when I returned 6 weeks later was there to help me again. I was very happy with my service in sales department and financing at my follow up visit and was very excited to leave with my new CRV. I will happily return for any honda needs and highly recommend royal honda.

Karen S. | 2013-07-25

Earlier this month I went to Royal to look for a Honda to replace my 2002 Accord.  I bought a new 2013 CRV from salesperson Tracey Jester.  She was patient, knowledgeable, and accommodating.  I recommend her!  

Royal matched a lower price offered by a Slidell Honda dealership.

Fifteen days after getting the car--which I love--I had a flat when on the interstate.  The negative part:  the service/parts  department did not have the replacement tire which belongs on the CRV.  The positive  part:  they lent me one until they put on the correct tire 5 days later. (I had purchased the 7 year warranty.)

Randy H. | 2013-07-24

Royal Honda has lost touch with customers! If you want to drop off your car for service NO WAY AT ROYAL HONDA!, by appointment only! Your best bet for service is drive to the HONDA Dealer on the west bank as it is actually 2 miles closer from the city and they are customer friendly. Further why would you by a car from a dealer who will only help by appointment? I say buy else where!

Ryan C. | 2013-05-02

As someone who has dealt with BMW and Mercedes in the past and knows what service is supposed to be like this has to be one of the worst. Unfortunately this is a dealership that will be great at making a sale but has not yet recognized that their service is what keeps customers coming back. I had a bad fan switch on a 3 year old Honda Fit that was just out of warranty by about a week. Even if the car was to not be covered under warranty the fact that it took them 6hrs to even look at the car when I dropped it off at 8am like they requested is unacceptable. Then, their shuttle service stops at 2pm so I didn't have a choice but to come back to the dealer and wait till they had looked at it. Fortunately it was only about a hour more (acceptable?, that totals 7hrs). When I went up to the service adviser to ask for a update he was busy texting on his blackberry and failed to make eye contact or even check the computer while telling me that there was no new information. When he came to give me the information on the car and informed me that the repair would be $180 I had had enough (its a $15 resister on which supplies factory Honda parts) and said that I'll just take the car. He then said it'll just be $113 for the inspection. I am sorry but to me this is completely unacceptable. Ultimately they have just lost a future customer as well as another new car purchase because my sister was looking at a van that they had in stock and planning to purchase it in about 2 weeks. Love the car but the service alone has turned me off of the brand.

Recommendation: The extra cost of the luxury brands are offset by the time you'll inevitable waste at dealers like this, not to mention their warranties last longer without the purchase of a extended warranty. If you can not afford a more expensive luxury car then buy a used Honda and accept that you'll just take it to a regular mechanic if anything does go wrong. Its dealers like these that make it a hassle to ever come in and have anything done then, mark up the costs of even the smallest item to the point of legal robbery.

Kate M. | 2013-03-26

I recently moved here from CA.  Somehow Honda found me, and I was mailed several coupons to my New Orleans address.  One coupon was for a free brake inspection, another for free tire rotation, another for a discount on an oil change, etc., etc.

OH!  I should say I have a 2002 Honda Accord.  I have taken really good care of it, and it looks and runs great!  It needs a new cover for the front right headlight though.  So I went into Royal Honda yesterday and saw Kaitlin sitting there in the service dept.  I asked her about my coupons: "how did Honda find me?". She had no idea.  I asked her about my headlight cover.  She said "you'll have to check with the parts department.". The parts department is 50 feet away from her desk.

The woman didn't give a rip about me or my 11year old Honda.  So I found another place to get a headlight and an oil change.  

See ya' round the bend, Royal Honda.  Won't be buying my next car from you!

I Love g. | 2013-02-02

Horrible customer service - from the receptionist with an attitude to the assistant manager who thinks he is allowed to yell at you and tear up the internet quote one of his salesman gave you. They will screw you and take you to the cleaners, all with the most obnoxious attitude. I agree with the previous reviewer - if it was the last dealership on the planet, I would not shop there.

Ashley P. | 2012-10-18

I made my first purchase of a Honda at Superior Honda on the westbank a little over a year ago. I had great service there and was happy. I became a Honda fan immediately. About 2.5 weeks ago my 2001 Honda Accord  had another issue pop up. This was the car and nothing to do with Honda yet. I figured rather than putting more money into a car that needed repairs that really weren't worth it I'd suck it up and go finance a vehicle. It wasn't exactly the best timing since I intended to wait a bit and have a chance to look around at cars and such, but I needed a vehicle immediately and I trusted Honda, no matter the location.

So we did some online searching to try and find some vehicles that may match our price range to decide which dealership to check out. I was insistent on Honda since I had been happy with the service before. Rather than going to Superior Honda, we went to Royal Honda since on their online inventory they had quite a few vehicles that we thought would work for what we wanted: Good MPG plus low monthly payments.

We arrived at Royal Honda, had a sales man named Galen come help us. He was a bit slow at the paper work to get our information to figure out how much we could finance and what we could afford each month and such, but I brushed it off at how they are at dealerships. When telling him what we were looking for I consistently said it needs to be good MPG like what the Honda Accord was getting or better AND the amount of what I could pay each month. After about an hour after the paper work he showed us two vehicles. A 2012 Nissan, which didn't feel like that great of a drive and smelt mildew like it may have been flooded then cleaned out. The next vehicle was a 2007 Saturn Vue.

The Saturn Vue did not have the MPG listed on the window so I asked MULTIPLE times what the MPG is. This was an important factor in my decision of the vehicle. I was told it got about the same as my Honda Accord over and over. It was a bigger vehicle than I really wanted, but was willing to overlook that considering I was told it had great gas mileage and I started seeing some positive points: higher up so no flooding, great for hurricane evacuations, more room for bigger family, etc. It was pretty comfy as well. I had never heard of an SUV getting such great gas mileage, but I haven't looked into cars in so long (BIG MISTAKE THERE on my part!!) I was just thrilled to find something. So I went ahead and agreed to the car. Remember, it's supposed to get the same gas mileage as the Honda or close to it. Not to mention they were going to fill the tank completely up before we left.

So finally around 6pm-ish we were leaving the dealership with our "new" (used) vehicle -- we had gotten there around 11:30am. We saw the gas tank wasn't completely full. According to Galen he said that "where the little red line is the full tank and where the circle at the end was would be an over flow" ---wait HUH??? I hadn't head of this either. Is this something new?? I thought it was a bit odd, but we drove off taking what he said about the car. A few days later I was at the half a tank mark which is when I fill up. I filled until it clicked. When I started the car guess where the needle was? ALLLL the way by the circle, also known as the full mark! You know the little "red line" he claimed was the full line? That was the red arrow's reflection in the chrome trim on the gauges! Oh geez, so we realized at that point wow we had an idiot of a salesman who had no idea about the car or what he was talking about.  The car still needed to be brought to service though because of the brakes and some other little issues so we mentioned this to them and apparently you just have to drive around to work the problem out.... ummm I know nothing about cars but just driving it around is wasting more gas, not fixing the problem! I'm not that dumb when it comes to cars.

--Not to mention during the time of it being in service, the loaner car we got had no windshield wiper fluid and wasn't running properly either! How do you loan someone a vehicle that isn't properly working? The windshield got dirty and couldn't see too good. Umm isn't this a safety..........

My review is so long, read the whole thing here with ALL the details:…

Mark B. | 2012-05-18

Forced sodomy, anyone? If this sounds like you're kind of fun...come to Royal Honda. I have had my fill with their incompetence. Over priced, underwhelming service is not my cup of tea. This pertains mostly to the service department. As a result of this, I will never again purchase another car from them. They could be the last car dealership on the planet and still I'd rather ride like Flintstones: feet pacing at a rapid, cartoonish rate.

My first beef with the service department:
I regularly bring my car to them for oil changes and tire rotations. Well, one time I went a wheel lock lug was missing as a result of the previous tire rotation...done by yours truly ROYAL HONDA! Now just imagine me, riding down the interstate at a feverish 80 mph and had all five lugs been as loose as that one wheel lock I might not be here today to let you know of the disservice they have done to this one customer. While I was there, humorously, the service agent says he will have to talk to his manager about replacing all four wheel locks (a new set) for free. Excu!! (In my most N'awlins ethnic dialect). We wouldn't be crossing this bridge had your service department done their job.

Beef stew, A second serving:
Months, possibly years later it's time for the 60,000 mile tune up. $1400 and approximately 23:59:99 hours later I hear a grinding/knocking/abnormal sound at low speeds emanating from the steering wheel (maybe breaks). I thought maybe it was the new breaks being broken in. A month later after I have had enough I bring it in, explain the problem, leave it over night, even ride in the car with the service agent...Of course no sound. Nor did they find any problem after hoisting it in the air on the rack and inspecting my undercarriage. Two months after said 60,000 mile check up I bring it again after riding around for a while and the taunting sound reemerged. I leave it. Taaa Daa!! They find the problem. Note: this sound was noticed immediately after the $1400; 60,000 mile check up. COINCIDENTALLY there is a minuscule leak in the power steering rack. Of course it's at my expense and no way had anything to do with the check up. After haranguing them with multiple phone calls (because they don't return phone calls) I finally get some results. BTW my service agent is Doug who I do not recommend. I call today at approximately 1:30 pm and I happen to get a hold of him. Ohhhhh and coincidentally he was just about to call me: "perfect timing, Mr. Bergeron," was his response.

Needless to say after these repairs are said and done with I will not be returning. I'm speaking with my wallet and my wallet no longer desires to speak to them.

Disclaimer: Honda makes a great car. It's reliable and a financially sound investment. However, I will be returning to toyota/lexus for my next purchase.

William L. | 2012-02-08

My case involved a non-running Civic that Kehoe Tire had misdiagnosed as having a faulty immobilizer, despite all normal indicator signals from the device.  Royal then made another probable misdiagnosis before finally isolating and fixing the real problem.  

Immobilizer repair requires specialized equipment found only at authorized Honda dealerships. After Kehoe could not fix it, the car was towed to Royal.  They discarded the immobilizer diagnosis on the spot.  Later than morning, they called back citing a  "bad tank of gas".  I authorized a drain and clean.   That evening, they called again after having "also found" that the timing belt had jumped its cog and put cam and ignition timing off by several degrees.  That, finally, made sense to me; this problem was closest what the original symptom indicated--the engine suddenly barely able to run.  Kehoe had even initially suspected a bad distributor.  That was also close, but the Civic has no distributor as electronic ignition handles that function. Had Kehoe stuck with their original hunch and gone back one more step in the chain--or in this case, belt--there would have been no trip to Royal.

Royal gets credit and one additional star for replacing the timing belt, idler, and water pump correctly--no leaks, noises, only one careless oversight**, and also for good work on a Honda Fit lost motion spring recall service.  Many Fit owners around the country have reported  that dealers are cracking or damaging the windshield cowling when making this repair.  Royal got the cowling back in place without damage.  Some Fit owners have reported noisier valves following this repair.  My  FIt's valve train is noisy at idle, but it was from the day I bought it, and its older sibling CIvic has gone over 200k with noisy valves without suffering any apparent problems.  

The "bad tank of gas" cost me $700 for drain and clean, and the timing belt replacement was over $1000 on top of that.  I do not believe those two unrelated problems came up simultaneously.  The car did get repaired correctly, but only after a costly red herring on my nickel.  

JapTech of Naples, FL did the previous timing belt work 80,000 miles earlier (the service interval is 105,000 on the Civic).  Royal stated that previous service did not replace the idler, and that's what froze up and caused the belt to jump.  Royal replaces the idler as a proactive move over and above the manufacturer's recommendation.  Since the belt and idler that jumped  was the one that replaced the original, I will admit begrudgingly that Royal is probably right on this.  If the idler had been replaced at 105, 000, I probably would have gotten the full 105,000 out of that second belt.  

Royal is busy, but for me work done right and at reasonable cost is much more important  than meeting promised times.  I do appreciate their courtesy car drop-off.  Customers are on their own to get back out there for pick-up.

Do be careful authorizing the routine recommended check-up.  When I brought my car in for an oil change special  2003 , I said "OK" when offered the manufacturer's recommended checkup consisting mostly fluid level checks and cursory visual inspections.  That cost me over $500.  As with most dealer service departments, Royal gets a shameful one-star rating for pricing.  

The three star rating is an average.  Royal's recall work on two cars would get four or five stars, but the timing belt-gas tank experience was two stars at best.  Routine maintenance checkups are frightfully expensive.

**the careless oversight: driving out of the dealership, I noticed the alternator light flickering.  I stopped, found the harness plug not seated on the alternator, and solved the problem    If you didn't understand that explanation and this happened to you, you would have needed a return visit to Royal for a quick fix.

Carly S. | 2011-10-13

I chose to bring my car here for some warrantied diagnostics and the associated repair and was pretty unimpressed.

Maybe it was a large number of recalls they were dealing with, I really don't know, but I brought my car in and had to leave it overnight because they didn't even look at it on my scheduled day.  Alright, that's a pain, but I can get over it right??  Well then when they finally get to it the next day, it turns out they need to order whatever part is broken so I pick up my car and take it home and they say they will call me when the part comes in.  
Of course, I figured they wouldn't actually call, which they didn't, so a week later I called and oh, yep the part is in.  (Keep in mind I'm not supposed to be driving the car so it's just sitting at my house this whole time.)  We schedule to bring the car in later in the week with the technician we've been assigned this entire time.  
The day before we're supposed to bring the car in comes along so I call the technician to remind him that I'm coming in tomorrow and of course get no call back.  Dropped off the car on Early Bird checkout and even reminded them on the maintenance note that I've been waiting two weeks for my car to be fixed on a small repair.  Called during the day to check on the status and can't find anything out until..real shocker here..they didn't get to it.  
So, yet again, my car has to stay overnight at the dealership.  The technician says he'll call a car into the rental place for me, but when I called the rental place he said I had to let him know if I was going to need a car because they would have to find me one and they don't have any right now...great.  Luckily, I could get a ride and just let the rental idea go.  Then the next day we call and call and can't get through to our technician so eventually I just called and said I need to know what's going on with my car because it's been there two days.  They waited for our techinician to get off the phone and grabbed him right there...for me to find out that yep, at 4 pm on the second day, they still hadn't finished my car.  
The technician explained that they had to wait for blah blah blah which as far as I can tell was a bunch of bs, but I really didn't care anyway because I had been waiting for my car to be fixed for TWO WEEKS.  Also, I would like to mention here that my car has less than 15,000 miles on it and is essentially brand new (I bought it used, but it's not even a year old).  The technician says well there's no way it will be done today because it's already 4pm.......blah.  
I resign to this fact after explaining to this guy how ridiculous it is to wait for pretty minor repair for two weeks especially when I can't drive the damn car in the meantime!  At this point you might be thinking, oh well maybe it's a more difficult repair than they think, right??  Well seeing that an hour and a half later I got a call back that my car is ready after all and there is also a 10 minute youtube video that shows you how to perform this repair, I'm fairly certain I was just getting shunted to the back of the line.

Moral of this really long story, the people were friendly and everything totally got done...if you call them on it and hound them and make sure they know you aren't happy.  Like I said, this may have all been because there were recalls on other people's cars, but I neither know nor care because it was a pointless waste of my time.  If Royal Honda gets a better handle on their timing and contacting clients they might earn a better ranking from me because the service seems to be good and accommodating, but at this point I won't be going back.

Meg O. | 2011-07-07

Leased a Honda Pilot at Royal Honda today. Very nice salesmen and they really weren't sleazy. I feel like they listened to me and helped me find the best car for my needs and budget. Overall a great experience.

Russell W. | 2011-04-19

I can't speak regarding the sales division, but if you are thinking about taking your car here for service I would advise against it.  I took my car to get some work done under warranty and they kept trying to get more and more money from me before they would even say if I was covered.  The superior honda on the west bank appears to be rated well, I suggest you take your car there if you need official honda service.

Rich R. | 2011-01-14

I had an extremely good and honorable experience with the internet sales department of Royal Honda. Internet Sales Manger Jason Grana, was friendly and informative as I sorted out exactly what fuel efficient small SUV. He helped me through the process over the course of a month and when finally, the same day I planned to go visit him and test drive a CRV I was offered an amazing price on a 2006 Subaru Outback Limited in New Hampshire. I let him know and he replied with a fantastic price on the CRV. Had the the other car been anything other than literally exactly what I was hoping to buy down to the smallest detail I'd be at Royal Honda right now.  What can you do? Jason Grana was a complete gentleman about not making the sale. He couldn't have done anything better other than magically produced a car extremely hard to find in Louisiana, a car I am in fact going over 1500 miles to get.

Not every dealer you visit can be the one to sell you a car, but they should all treat you with friendliness and respect just like at Royal Honda. I recommend them highly, particularly internet sales.

Pamela A. | 2010-12-02

When you come here, make sure you have ALL day. Even for simple requests you can sit here easily for an hour. The salesmen all stare at you, borderline obscene. Whether you are purchasing or just perusing. Would not recommend to anyone. BUT......anyone you talk to will tell you that this is a typical car purchase experience. Luckily, I pulled out before I signed on the dotted line! Forward to my review on Lexus of New Orleans!