Hyundai in Metairie, LA

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Hyundai of Metairie in Louisiana serves as the greater New Orleans Hyundai dealer, proudly serving Metairie, Kenner, the Westbank, Slidell, Covington, and Mandeville with new Hyundai cars, used Hyundai cars, Hyundai SUVs, Hyundai certified service and auto parts, and leasing and financing.

What sets Hyundai of Metairie apart from othercar dealershipsis that it offers comprehensive automotive service to fit any need, from purchasing aneworusedHyundai car, to servicingyour current vehicle, or just simple routine maintenance. Our Hyundai service department is comprised of thoroughly trained Hyundai certified technicians to successfully repair and treat your automobile. Hyundai of Metairie is committed to offering the best friendly service and guidance to all of its valued customers in the Gulf South region.


Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(504) 208-5777
Address:3400 N Causeway Blvd, Metairie, LA, 70002
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Hyundai

Maw T. | 2015-01-01

We came in for service appointment and the staff was friendly and the work was done well and came with a complimentary shuttle service.  The work work took longer than expected so just account for this and they will also do a complimentary car wash.  Overall it was a great place and seem to care for customer service.

Gregory S. | 2014-05-13

Great place to purchase a car. My salesperson, Richard, was very friendly, professional, and explained everything well. In addition, the finance manager, Mike, was very nice and courteous. He gave me the best interest rate. I am very happy with my purchase. I highly recommend Hyundai of Metairie.

Annette P. | 2014-01-26

I would never recommend this dealership. Salesman Chris Mitchell was awesome, however the sales manager was difficult to deal with. They certainly did nothing to keep my business.

I did however buy a Hyundai at Jason Pilger Dealership in Mississippi. They gave me a fair price for my trade in, most of the transactions was dealt with over the phone and when we arrived on Saturday morning everything was ready for us to sign. We used      an app called Truecar which gaurantees a price. I bought my car for almost 4,000less than Hyundai of Metairie was offering with better service.

Rave H. | 2014-01-03

Minus one star for HUGELY unnecessary wait time and another for service (four stars is good, so that's my baseline).

I had a 9:45 appointment to get a tire replaced and an alignment. That's all. This took until 2:45. When I walked out to my car a random mechanic on smoke-break said, "I thought they were building you a new car, it was in there for so long." Sweet.

The service. The reviews here are pretty polarized: great ones for the sales department and poor ones for the service department. This makes me think that my experience wasn't unique. When I booked over the phone, homegirl had me spell my name four times for her. You would think my last name was of the polish-hyphenated-hawaiian variety but it wasn't like she couldn't understand me. Each instance was a few minutes apart, so it was more like she didn't know how to navigate the database and didn't want to exert the effort to remember a four-letter word. When I got there I found the woman to be somewhat smug and condescending. I asked her what the price would be for a new fob (remote key button thing), which she didn't know. When she came out to the (full) waiting room she practically yelled the price breakdown at me. It came out to $200, which is more than what my stepdad paid for his BMW 7-series fob, so I opted for the key vice the fob (also to punish myself for losing my spare) and she literally said, "yea, I figured." with this great little scrunchy-smile nod. But who knows, maybe she's the office witch or just hates other girls. She also has all these in-your-face pictures of her and her hubby making out and playing with a tiger cub (I'm dead serious) on her desk. The pictures don't even face her, they're angled towards the customer, which is just unprofessional.

Lauren N. | 2013-06-29

Short story: I was essentially asked to leave bc I politely asked for the invoice. I'm not exaggerating. The "manager" said "OK then" stood up, shook my hand and said "goodbye" and quickly walked away. The salesman was embarrassed and shocked.

Longer story: The one star is for my overall experience. My initial experience w/ the salesman Clifford was fine. Clifford was a nice guy, friendly and helpful. We test drove a nicely loaded Santa Fe. I have been to several dealerships in the last few days and this car was by far my favorite. I loved all of the interior technology. I was a serious buyer.

This is where my good experience ended.
Clifford took us inside, and gave me an initial offer on the Santa Fe Limited. The offer was extremely high. Most initial offers are high so I still had some hope left. Frankly, it is just ridiculous to request $2k + down on a lease & offer me a payment of over $500... on a Hyundai? Come on... the appeal of these cars is that they are affordable. Not to mention that the advertised lease specials were not applied to my car. When the "manager" came out he tried to "double count" the theoretical money down and tell me that was actually the lease special incentive of $1.5k off. I didn't comment on this bc I figured the 2nd offer would be more serious.

I should mention that when I buy a car I have a few reasonable rules on which I will not budge.

1. I will not, under any circumstances, buy a car the same day. Early on Clifford asked me if it was possible that I would buy a car today, I politely told him no. Its not personal, I NEVER make expensive decisions without sleeping on them. This is perfectly reasonable... apparently not to the manager.

The manager proceeded to attempt this long, manipulative, slimy speech about how it's unreasonable for me to expect them to spend any time with me when I wouldn't sign a lease the same day. He tried to compare buying a TV to buying a car. He was very aggressive. I think he was personally insulted because we were there to talk business and not there to be schmoozed.

He specifically accused me of not acting in good faith. Excuse me? I was perfectly honest with you, don't you have ANY idea what "good faith" actually means? Essentially, he told me that if I didn't buy a car today, then I am not worth his time. Funny, I didn't see more then one other customer looking around.

Not long after this the "manager" dove into another annoying sales tactic, trying to tell me, "you should take a birds eye view and consider the car irrespective of price". Seriously! I'm still not exaggerating!

2nd, I ALWAYS calculate out the numbers for myself. I let the dealer make the initial calculations, and then I request all the variables I need to calculate the lease/finance payment. For a lease, I need MSRP, invoice, negotiated price/cap price, money factor, and residual value/LEV%. These numbers can EASILY be found on the internet, but I consider their disclosure a sign of good faith, heh. Full disclosure of these numbers is standard practice, for ex. any car bought under the Costco program requires that the invoice be disclosed. Most dealerships will provide these #'s, they aren't advertised, but when asked they will provide them.

Hyundai of Metairie refused to provide some of these numbers. In fact, the manager condescendingly asked me why I needed these numbers. He attempted to inform me that I was asking question that I didn't "need" the answers too.

1st, the Santa Fe limited has a very high money factor (MF), more then 20x that of the comparable Mazda Cx5. I'm not exaggerating either. Unless the "manager" was lying. I accept that the money factor is a number set by corporate Hyundai. To my knowledge it is not negotiable, but it is extremely greedy of Hyundai to have such a high money factor because the Santa Fe has a high residual value, 61% of the MSRP. This means that Hyundai is able to sell the car high at lease end, the car depreciates less, but they charge more to the consumer.  (BTW the money factor can be thought of as the lease's interest rate)

At this point I was tired. I don't play games. I even calmly told the manager I don't play games, I just want to buy a car with some transparency.I told the "manager" that I only buy a car when I have all the financial variables & am able to 1st go home and google the avg price. This is when he kicked us out & abruptly stopped our business.

I haven't even described half the rude comments. Look, I know that I am firm and assertive but I am also honest, polite, and respectful. I don't expect to pay the invoice price, OF COURSE the dealer is going to make a profit, but I expect full disclosure. This literally has not been a problem at a single other dealer.

The manager was a rude and arrogant liar. Period.

I have no idea if this was the finance manager or the sales manager. I don't see him listed on the website. I didn't get his name but I am willing to provide a physical description.

B W. | 2013-05-31

I purchased my Tuscan from here in 2012, my salesman was Brandon Jones. The process was simple, unlike waiting for hours at other dealers. You can tell he really cares about people and his job. Every few months he will email me to see how things are going with my vehicle. I think that's awesome, as in past I bought a car and never heard from dealer again.

Today my window got stuck as I have been having trouble with it all week, but it stuck halfway and it was about to rain, it was 6pm when I got off of work so I was worried that I would not be able to get it fixed till Monday. I called Brandon and he was very helpful, told me to come in, and the mechanic waited for me because he was about to get off of work, fixed my window issue in less than 30mins. I don't know mechanics name, but Kudos to you and Brandon Jones!!

Rich R. | 2011-01-14

These guys are phenomenal. Sales Consultant Derick Diebold took me on a very thorough test drive of a new Hyundai Santa Fe and a Hyundai Sonata covering normal city streets, those horrible bumpy residential roads we know so well in the New Orleans area, and highway driving. He was friendly, informative and in no way pushy. I learned everything I needed to know about the cars from the test drive and some new general things like how turbo engines work and what torque steer is along the way.

When we got inside to talk numbers Used Car Manager Victor D'Amico was awesome. He gave me no nonsense good prices on some available recent model used Hyundai's with no pressure and no worry that the price I was given today would be gone tomorrow. A perfect experience.

In the end I chose not to buy a car from Hyundai of Metairie, but it was no fault of the dealership. Had I not needed towing capacity I would have bought that Sonata in a heartbeat. It's an amazing car. So it was down to the Santa Fe. So what did it take for me to not buy from these guys? My perfect 2006 Subaru Outback with exactly the colors and options I wanted at a great price that I'm travelling all the way to New Hampshire to get. That's what it takes, perfection so good I'm going to New England to get it to make me not buy a car from Hyundai of Merairie. When you're looking to buy a new or used car, try them first. SIX STARS.