Sam Swope Honda World in Louisville, KY

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Sam Swope Honda World in Louisville, KY.

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Sam Swope Honda World

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(502) 499-5040
Address:1 Swope Autocenter Dr, Louisville, KY, 40202

Reviews on Sam Swope Honda World

Megan A. | 2015-04-14

I will preface that I absoultely loathe car shopping. It's one of those things you have to do, but really would rather go see the dentist. That being said, I had moved here from New York and desperately needed a car to start a new job. Some of my family had owned Hondas and had purchased them from Sam Swope; all of them had very good things to say about both the purchasing process and ongoing service needs. My experience from start to finish was seamless. I enjoyed the two fellas that worked with me and the process took about 5 hours (much less than I had anticipated). I haven't had to go back for service yet (thank goodness!), but I hope that experience is just as good.

Jay J. | 2015-04-07

Nope, not coming back for service here.

Jabba T. | 2015-02-24

The front receptionists at Sam Swope Honda World are INCOMPETENT and SLOW.  Not only did we have to repeatedly tell them the same information over and over again, but once they actually understood what we were telling them, it took them FOREVOR (it literally took then 30 minutes just to get ahold of someone that could give us out registration for our brand new car). If you go to Sam Swope Honda, try to bypass the front receptionists and try to find someone who is capable of completing simple tasks.

Sam M. | 2015-02-11

we had an amazing time --

found a van online, worked out the deal with them prior to going out to louisville to get it, they were helpful & prompt & fair on the phone.

when we got there, they were fair, gave us a tour of the whole complex, introduced us to people, & got us on our way. the vehicle was full of gas, well maintenance, came with a warranty. really, really positive experience. buying a car usually is a wasn't here.

Justin F. | 2014-12-25

This dealer does a great job with service. The staff are friendly. They washed my car and I was very satisfied overall. My only complaint and it really hurt my overall review is the 100 dollar charge to diagnose my vehicle when I was already there to have other work done in the amount of more than 100 dollars.

Belle C. | 2014-11-14

Needed to use the Express Service and despite the number of cars in there, I was able to pull right in at 3:30 in the afternoon. Selina was nice and very friendly. She was knowledgeable and explained everything clearly. She had me in and out at the time she promised. They even gave my car a complimentary wash. It was my first time there and was even able to use the emailed coupon immediately for the service.

Franklin D. | 2014-11-08

Pretty impressive.

I'm on my third Honda now. The Honda dealer near me is... let's just say not the greatest. I pulled up here not sure what to expect and someone was on top of me with a clipboard getting my information before I knew what was happening. I was able to get my car serviced right away. They said it would be something like 45 minutes, but it turned out to be an hour. For what I got done, that is perfectly fine with me.

The whole place was pro from start to finish, you can tell they are used to being busy all the time.

Stacey H. | 2014-09-10

This is the 5th Honda I have purchased from Sam Swope Honda.  As usual my experience was great.  Mike Kirtley always understands our needs and meets them.
I would highly recommend Sam Swope.  Give Mike a call.  He will take good care of you.

Jessica A. | 2014-08-29

I purchased a Jeep Wrangler February 2014 since purchasing I have had it in the shop at least six times minimum! Due to transmission issues... It has yet to be fixed. Keep in mind the service department has kept my vehicle for as long as 3 1/2 weeks. In the past two months I have drove my jeep a total of two weeks, I currently picked up my vehicle today and I will take it elsewhere. Anyone wanting good quality service I would not recommend Sam Swope to anyone. I have picked up my vehicle filthy after having it detailed before bringing in. My gas has been lower than when I have brought it in, yet I have to fill their rental cars with a full tank of gas or I receive a bill... It's very hard to get a hold of anyone in the service department without having to leave a message and play phone tag. So if you were needing service on your vehicle I recommend taking it elsewhere! We purchased an extended warranty and we will be billing Sam Swope once the vehicle is finally finished.

Bradley A. | 2014-08-26

Amanda was Great!!! Super nice and helpful, and even offered to help me figure a few things out with the technology of my car.  I would have accepted although i was supposed to be at work. I have a 2014 Black Civic Si and they get dirty pretty easy so Amanda informed me that a carwash is free with the purchase of an oil change, so i said yes to having it done because it really needed it, it wasnt done.  Also i left the service history booklet in the passanger seat so that whoever did the oil change could fill it out, that was taken care of either. If both of those were done it would definetly be a 5 star review. I would have gone back in but i had to get back to work.

Scott P C. | 2013-07-10

Excellent express service experience! Traveling through Louisville on vacation we thought our automatic transmission fluid was low. Found Swope Honda online and called to see if we could swing by to get it checked and filled if necessary (we didn't have the right tools). We were amazed when we saw the well-oiled machine that is their service center. With a garage full of cars their express service team had someone check the ATF and explain the right way to check the fluid level. We were back on the road in 10 minutes.

Loren P. | 2013-06-25

Simply put: one of the best sales experiences I have ever had.   Ron Towles is what I wished every salesperson could be.  He listens to you:  not just "hears the words coming out of your mouth and nods," but actually LISTENS.  He took notes when I was telling him what I was interested in and gave me several options that were spot on.  I ended up purchasing a car that was perfect for me that wasn't even on my radar initially.  Ron has a remarkable intuition that is hard to find in this day and age.  He was respectful, friendly, and extremely helpful. I will without a doubt be coming back to see him when I purchase my next vehicle.  

Finance Director, David Lail, was also great to work with.  He was respectful, down to earth, and knowledgable.  To be honest, I had a not-so-great experience with a car purchase at Sam Swope I made a little over a year ago.  David more than made up for this experience and put Sam Swope back in the high regard that I initially held them in.

Megan F. | 2013-05-24

I did not buy a car from here on my most recent visit, nor my first visit about two years ago. I guess they decided what was in my wallet (or the lack thereof) wasn't worth holding true to their "Nobody Walks Away" slogan.

Writing a review anyway though 'cause these guys seem pretty genuine, straight to the point and haven't treated me like an idiot car shopper who only cares about the color of a vehicle. As a woman who has approached many other dealerships (not in this state) in the past on my own, I can't say that's always been the case. Additionally, they haven't been pushy or aggressive with sales. Huuuuge plus there. Now, if only they would get a truly irresistible deal on their lot.

So here's the story:

I've decided that my low-mileage kinda crappy coupe from the mid-90s is not gonna die on it's own but I'd prefer to drive something else a little less I'm ready to sell it and get into something a tiny bit better.

I'm not interested in a shiny new car but I would like to move into the early 2000s models. If you find yourself in a similar boat, you should:
1. Wait several months until I find that perfect affordable trade-in to buy first (thanks in advance!)
2. Browse their cars online and go in prepared with the cars you'd like to look at
3. Go to this location of Sam Swope (there are many but this one has the most trade-ins apparently) and check out a plethora of local trade-ins and auction vehicles that are older models (early 2000s and late 90s) and relatively affordable
4. Negotiate a price. These guys will negotiate and try to help you out as much as they can but of course that's not always enough. Be smart and look up estimated values beforehand (I prefer Edmunds as opposed to KBB since KBB is owned by Auto-Trader)

Note some of their vehicles carry warranty but some are "whole-tail" (as-is).

Now, these cars are not nearly as cheap as those on Craigslist or sketchier dealers listed on but on the plus side you could easily get in and get out at this place without driving all around town and running a higher risk of getting a lemon. Gotta love free Carfax reports available online!

I'll be checking back on their website where they upload photos, info and those free to view Carfax reports on a regular basis for new arrivals. And hey, maybe one day soon they'll add up just the lame, safe, reliable and affordable sedan I've got my little heart set on.

In the meantime, you can find me browsing through the troughs of Craigslist.

Ev S. | 2013-01-05

great experience.  Never at any time did we feel uncomfortable about dealing.  when we didn't understand something, it was answered and made our decision easier.  our salesman is fair and always been honest with us.  This is our 2nd car with him, but our 20+ with Sam Swope World.   all of them are the reason why we always come back.

Tony G. | 2011-03-12

Always fair& honest treatment from the entire organizations in the 20+ years I've gone there with my Hondas . This is the first place I go for a new car &. Honda service work.   I do wish they were still open 24/7 like they were in the late 90's.   Sam & Patty SWOPE are fair & honest people who treat you better than family.

Jay M. | 2009-12-06

After I got T-boned last May and had my old truck totaled, I came here to find a new car.

My girlfriend has bought all 3 of her cars from here, and her sister's bought 2-3 cars from here as well. Ben Matlin, one of the Honda salesmen will not do you wrong. If the car's a piece of shit, he'll tell you. He let me drive as many cars as I wanted before I settled on one. I hadn't really planned on buying one when I came in, but that's just how it worked out that day. I was able to haggle the price down a good 3000 so so, and wound up getting an '06 Accord, fully loaded at a good 3-4k under blue book. Ben also let me pay for my downpayment the next day, since I'd not brought my checkbook with me, since I didn't know I was buying a car with me. He came by my place on his way to work the next day and picked up my check. Thanks for saving me a trip, Ben!

And that's where the fun stops. If you're lucky enough to pay cash for your car, or your bank is picking up the financing, you can probably stop reading. Otherwise, let's keep moving. Please don't feed the chihuahua, no matter how much she begs.

Fast forward about an hour later. We're sitting in the finance manager's office. He's this big, sleazy dude named Mario (that's Mary-o to you). He's going over all the options, and warranties. All that good stuff. Here's where the lies begin. First, he winds up pushing some sort of Xzilon paint protection thing on me (I said he was an asshole, I never said he wasn't slick). He told me it covers the paint against oxidation, and they also treat the interior as well, and it comes with a full 3 year warranty on interior staining, and any sort of paint blemish or denting on the outside. I'd just have to come back in the next few weeks to have it applied. Sounded good to me, so I took the bait. I asked him if I could decide later, and he told me the special pricing is only good for today. If I bought later, I'd have to pay the shop's prevailing labor rate. I also signed up for HondaCare, since the radio/nav/climate control is a big computer that would cost a lot of $$ to fix. I don't feel somuch ripped off by that. They also throw in $100 bucks on top to charge you for them drawing up the title application, and registration ($100 bucks, really?). I'll have to spell that out up front next time that I'm perfectly capable of doing that myself, thanks.

So, we get the car home, and immediately, I start Googling this Xzilon stuff. Scam scam scam. If you even polish the car, you've voided the warranty. They even frown upon handwashing or waxing. I call back the finance guy on Monday, and wait a day for him to return the call. I tell him I want out of that part of the deal, and want that part refunded. He immediately starts telling me it's non-refundable, and wants to know why I want to cancel. After I told him why, he starts arguing with me, and told me he'll have to check, but even if it's refundable, it'll just apply to the principal of the loan, and they can't cut a check. I immediately smell bullshit, and call Xzilon's corporate office in California. They tell me that no, it's completely refundable, since they hadn't received paperwork from the dealer. I call Mary-o back, and call his bluff. That's the last time I heard from him. I don't know how many messages I left for him. I got ahold of his boss, and they finally agreed to refund my money and cut a check; I just need to fax them something signed by me, stating I wanted a refund.

Then nothing for a week. I'd tried calling to set something up mutliple times. and finally left a voicemail on a Wednesday "I'm going to be at Sam Swope on Friday morning at 10 to get this sorted out. See you then". Magically, I get a call back an hour later, telling me the check will be waiting. I don't know if it's coincidence or not, but at least his boss honored his word after much hemming and hawing.

I really can't say with any certainty whether I'd come back or not. I'd buy a car from Ben again, any day. But would I put up with being fucked, and flat out lied to by the finance guy? Probably not. If I was buying a Certified Pre-Owned Honda, I'd come back, since that's the only way you can buy a warranty.

Anything else: as long as Mario works there, and is handling the paperwork, I might try Craigslist first.

Sorry Ben, it's not your fault. It's Mario's. Ben: 5 stars, Mario: 1.

I haven't taken my car in for service there, since there's a dealer here in Frankfort that is open Saturdays for warranty work. But if I lived closer, I'd probably bring it in. I've heard good things about their service.

Courtney S. | 2009-10-03

Car dealerships, as a rule, are the last place you want to be in life.  Where else can you go, shop to buy a car or just browse --makes no difference, spend all day, then come home feeling like you just got smacked around by Mike Tyson? Sam Swope is no different.  Their slogan is "Nobody Walks Away," and it's true.  Go armed with a sack lunch and plenty of water, especially if you are in the business of making a deal, because you will not walk away.  You will be there as long as it takes.  

Having said that, let me also say that once the deal is made, you become part of the Sam Swope family, and that means a lot.  In the entire time I lived in Louisville, and the entire time I owned my Honda, I was treated fairly and with respect, my car was always in excellent hands and received the best service possible.  I knew that when I took my car in for service the work would get done, and done right.

I always thought that no matter what I would buy all my cars from Sam Swope, but then I moved.  Oh well. If you are in the market for a new/previously owned Honda, and you live in the Louisville area,  Sam Swope Honda World is worth the look. And remember the slogan, "Nobody Walks Away!"