Sam Swope BMW in Louisville, KY

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Sam Swope BMW in Louisville, KY.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Sam Swope BMW, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Sam Swope BMW in other cities in the Kentucky.

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(502) 499-5080
Address:4 Swope Autocenter Dr, Louisville, KY, 40299

Reviews on Sam Swope BMW

Dustin L. | 2014-10-12

One of the best car buying experiences my wife and I have ever had.  They went above and beyond in every way I can imagine.  They were not pushy during the sales process and really worked with us for custom ordering our new X5.  Upon delivery, they even put a big bow on the car for my wife which put a huge smile on her face.  Afterwards, we ran into a couple issues and they stepped up like no other dealership ever has before.  All around a great dealership to buy from and I could not recommend them more.

Michele J. | 2014-09-03

i bought a used 2011 335i convertible at another local dealer--not swope but i took it there because i still had factory warranty remaining.  i noticed a noise in the engine and also had a recall that needed to be done.  i took it in and met a service advisor named Brian.  They got the recall done that day but needed more time to diagnose the engine noise.  Since it was a Friday I chose to pick up my car and return it when i could get a loaner vehicle.  During the second visit they kept my car overnight and Brian called me 2-3 times during my car's stay in their shop to let me know how things were progressing.  After reading some of the reviews i was a little hesitant as i have had BMW before but never needed the service department for much other than oil changes.  it had also been about 4 years since my last BMW.  Overall I'd have to say i had a really positive experience!  The noise is fixed and Brian did a great job keeping me in the loop!  :-)

Ann B. | 2014-06-23

Took my "new" ((2006) BMW in for it's first oil change.  I was informed that it could take up to 1 1/2 hours since they check everything out.  It took over 3 hours.  They kept promising it will be ready soon.  I watched one customer after another come and go.  It came to the point that I was demanding a loaner for my car from the General Manager.  Of course they wanted to do $600 of work on it - insisting that it could be done immediately or I could "fry my engine".  My own mechanic laughed and said to bring it by in a couple of days.

I felt like my car was being held hostage since I didn't agree to have the work done there.

Avoid them at all costs.  I'm lucky I got my car at all.

Stephen K. | 2011-10-05

As the other reviewers have stated, these people are LIARS of the biggest order, and incompetent.

They advertised a 2011 BMW 750i for $68,000 with a little over 3,000 miles.  I called from PA to inquire and was told the car was in pristine condition and therefore they would not negotiate on the price.  After thinking about it, I wrote to the salesman, Jeffrey Bricker, and told him I was interested but I wanted to avoid any surprises when the car arrived in Philadelphia, and would he please confirm in writing that the car was flawless both inside and out.

The word "flawless" is a little hard to misinterpret, don't you think?  It means perfect.  Without flaw.  Inside and out.  Jeff wrote back that indeed the car had no issues and told me they would also have the car detailed before sending it to me.

When you buy a $68,000 car without looking at it in person, you have to trust the dealer.  The alternative is to take an entire day to fly down, inspect the car, and fly back.  I figured I could trust these guys to give me an honest report on a car that I was going to see in a few days.  I mean, what kind of scumbag would tell you direct lies that you would obviously be seeing as soon as the car rolled off the truck?  Oh, that would be Jeffrey Bricker and the other scumbag, the General Manager at Sam Swope BMW.

First of all, the car had almost 6,000 miles on it, not the 3k+ miles advertised.  There is an actual cut in the leather on the center console.  How does that even happen?  More ruined leather on the back seat center armrest where someone stuffed hard plastic and then closed the armrest on it.  That must have been in there for a while, because it came out when I opened the armrest for the first time (guess the detailer missed that).  Even the transport people had noted scratches all over the front and back of the car because they didn't want to be held responsible -- and Bricker had signed that form!  Meaning he agreed there were scratches.  And these weren't just scratches.   In the front, it looked like someone drove under the back end of a semi, because the metal was so creased.  There were numerous other problem areas -- nine in all -- that my "flawless" 750 came with.

After I calmed down, I wrote to Bricker and sent photos of each of the problems, asking that they pay for these issues to be corrected by the local BMW dealer.  Bricker wrote back, saying any used car was going to have problems and this should be expected.  "Expected."  Well, when you tell me a car is flawless, no, I don't EXPECT it to have ripped leather, and scratches and indentations all over it.  They offered me $150 to have everything fixed.  Have any of you ever tried to have ANYTHING done on a BMW for $150?  You couldn't get a good detail job for that...which brings me back to the detail job they promised me.  Were the pair of dirty socks I found on the floor in the back somehow overlooked by the detailer?  Were the long strands of women's hair throughout the car part not visible during the detail job?  How about that hard plastic that ruined the leather on the back armrest?  And I guess the black fingerprints on the roof cloth were....yes, something I should have EXPECTED since I was buying a used car.

Look, do yourself a favor and don't even get involved with these liars and incompetents.  I spoke to my attorney and she told me the laws about these kinds of things are vague.  We could have pursued it, but the possibility was in the end we would not have been satisfied with the outcome.  I have too much going on in my life to devote more time to these losers.  I just hope enough people read this review and cost them a lot more than $150 through lost business.

Bob D. | 2011-03-07

Not only are they liars, but they're incompetent.

Advertised on their website, and many others, is (at this writing) a white 335i coupe, manual, loaded.

Their description said it had 1 owner, and that it was purchased new and maintained at that dealership. The free Carfax report offered on the very same page reported THREE prior owners. Also, that it was purchased and maintained in Illinois. Never mind that the car had been rear ended and has been reported as being RED several times.

I called them to yell at them (I was bored) and found that their phone system is not set up properly. "Press 2 for sales." [2] "That is an invalid entry." "Press 0 for operator". [0] "That is an invalid entry."

When I finally did get ahold of someone at the advertised phone number, the salesman (who sounded like a complete idiot that had no idea what was going on) eventually told me the car had been sent to their "smart center" which is their smarmy nickname for their used car lot.

I call the "smart center" and said I was calling about the white 335i coupe. The salesman said he had to check if it was still there, since he just had someone in it 15 minutes ago. He called me back 10 minutes later, and said the 535xi (WRONG CAR) was still there. I said "No, 335i. Coupe. White." and he said "Oh, that must be at the BMW store". Putting aside the ignorance of calling a car dealer a "store", I flippantly replied "No, they said it was with you." He said he'd call me back.

He never called me back.

Their online chat response:
"Unfortunately that vehicle is no longer available. To answer your question.... We sold the vehicle brand new and it was traded in by the same owner. We received it new from the dealership in Illinois as a car locate for the original owner. The vehichle's new owner would be the 3rd owner."

I'm so glad my boyfriend showed me the CarFax, else I would have wasted 14 hours driving from Milwaukee and back to look at this car. Do avoid this dealership.

Johnny T. | 2008-04-11

You know the feeling you get when doing a job well done?  Or, perhaps, the warm fuzzies that overtake you by knowing that you've put in a honest day's work?  

Yeah, the crooks at Saw Swope BMW don't either.

My car ("The B") is 21 years old.  She is an old-school BMW (325i).  She has seen me through road trips, auto accidents, caravanning, job changes, new schools, booty calls and the resultant coyote mornings.  Despite my inability to wash her in a timely and regular manner, I have deep love for The B.  I want the best for her.  

During my last car trip back home for the holidays, my driver's side front door lock froze up.  It's happened before.  The tumbler is old and worn out.  Usually, I can get by with greasing it and the problem's solved.  This time, however, the lock wouldn't budge.  I drove home getting in and out of my car like a Duke boy (ahh, those Kentucky stereotypes seem to always creep back into my life) and resolved to get the lock fixed before driving back.  In addition, I thought my passenger side front tire looked low.  My usual mechanics were closed for the holidays so, against my better judgement, I ventured over to the dealer (NOT where my dad bought The B) to get it fixed.  After an hour and a half 'review' that cost me $141.11, the criminals at SS (draw your own conclusions) told me that I had a "big" problem.  

"Big?  How big?"

$1286.94.  I kid you not.  To open my car door would cost me $1200.  I kept the itemized receipt.  You see, not only would my door never open by mortal means, but everything about The B was failing - except for the tire.  The tire was fine.  Now understanding the meaning of 'gobsmacked', I paid $141.11 to SS for unlocking my car (but I couldn't relock it because  it would freeze up again), filling my tire with air ("no puncture") and shocking the curl out of my hair.  Freaked out, I contemplated putting in the big bucks.  I drove back to Chicago and planned on contacting the local BMW dealer so I could get the work done.  Thing is, I noticed my tire was low again.  This time, it was nearly flat.  I took it to a tire shop and discovered a 2 inch piece of hanger-wire (or something like that) which had PUNCTURED my tire.  God watches over babies and idiots.  I was cruising for a blow out.  Incensed that the 'professionals' at SS let me get back on the interstate with a dangerous tire, I thought I should reconsider the $1200.  I asked the tire guy if he knew of a good car place.  He told me about a European import shop that "does everything and is staffed by no-nonsense (but honest) Europeans."  That was all I needed to hear.  I took The B to the shop and had my new best friend, Bob, check her out.  He found the problem, ordered the parts, did the work and had her back to me in two days.  Total cost (even with high-ass Chicago, IL tax): $222.46.  I thought back to a story told to me by the mechanic who worked on my car when I lived in Nashville.  He told me that he had his car *towed* from Louisville to Nashville rather than have the SS BMW boys work on it.  What does that tell you?

Either the dummies at SS BMW are *that* incompetent or *that* shady.  In either case, you should give them neither your business nor your hard-earned money.  I understand a little dealer mark up.  It's expected.  This?  Is borderline criminal.  For shame, SS!  Complete shame!  On YOU, sir(s)!