Oxmoor Ford Lincoln in Louisville, KY

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Oxmoor Ford Lincoln is a new and used car dealer in Lousiville KY. We provide financing on new and used cars as well as parts and service.

We have a quick lane center for oil changes and tire needs as well as a full service center with many Ford Master Certified technicians. Our Parts department has a great inventory in stock or can order your Ford and Lincoln part as well.

We sell new Ford and Lincoln as well as used Honda, used Toyota, used Mazda, used Hyundai, used BMW, and many more used cars truck vans and SUVs. We also sell certified used Ford and Lincoln.


Established in 1965.

Oxmoor Ford Lincoln came under new management in 2010 and since then has been working hard to be the number one Ford Dealer in the state and Cincinnati region. We are one of the largest used car dealers in Kentucky and constantly working to improve our customer service.

Oxmoor Ford Lincoln

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(502) 426-2500
Address:100 Oxmoor Lane, Louisville, KY, 40222
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Oxmoor Ford Lincoln

Stacy L. | 2015-04-25

I stopped in today to have my car checked out after a minor fender bender.  The staff in the service department there were nothing short of INCREDIBLE.   They totally took care of me!  They checked out my car, gave me some good advice, gave me an oil change (with a discount, no less!) and also offered to share the pizza they were having for lunch,   I really felt like they cared.  They also all seemed to like their jobs and their co-workers.  A special shout out to Brandy and Denzel for being so awesome.

Brandie W. | 2015-04-14

Tina Miller was absolutely fabulous! On April 1st I took my vehicle in because it was not driving like it was supposed to.  A technician looked at my car and explained to me it was a bent rim, likely related to my hitting a pot hole the week before.  I was informed the wheel had to be ordered and would be in that Friday; I would receive a call and could stop in and have it fixed.  I was quoted just under $200.  At 7pm on Friday, I had not heard from the dealership, so I called and spoke with a gentleman, Keith I believe. He told me the wheel was in and to schedule for the next day. The following day I took my vehicle in for repair; a few hours later I received a call from Tina stating it was the wrong wheel and the part would not be in till the following week.  Needless to say I was frustrated and had a vacation planned the following week.  Tina worked with her manager to get the wheel from another local dealership.  Without missing a beat, she worked to resolve the issue and was very helpful!!  Since I moved to Louisville last year, I use Oxmoor for all my car maintenance.  Because of the quick resolution and great customer service, I will continue for the life of my car!! Thanks again!

Jeremiah W. | 2015-04-06

I purchased a new 2014 Ford Focus Titanium hatchback at a great price. It was my first time buying a car and the experience was extremely easy and effortless. Billie G was my salesman and he explained everything very well. He went through the features of the car with me, and if something wasn't working he seemed to go the extra mile to take care of it. All of the staff were super friendly and helpful. I really felt taken care of and appreciated the fact that Billie G let me know that he would still be there when I need even after the car purchase - that I only need to call.

Ben M. | 2015-03-13

If I could give them a Zero I would.  Brought my 2013 ford explorer here with less than 30,000 miles on it because I had heard a noise coming from the rear brakes.  Guy comes back after a while and tells me my rotors and brakes are shot.  I couldn't believe it since the car only had 30,000 miles on it and I had never heard any squeaking till 3 days before I brought it there.  We agree the brakes had to have been defective and he said for me to report it to customer service and I would be refunded.  Well I called customer service and they said I would need to get him to put defective brakes on the report.  I have called this dealership many many many times and never got a call back.  I would not go to this dealership.

Retro S. | 2014-10-27

Oxmoor Ford Lincoln is run pretty much by criminals. They scam every customer that passes through the door, stay in the lot unless you plan to buy. They will get your keys and extort you for more money while holding you against your will. Call the police if they do not let you leave. They try to take your keys and hide them from you so you can not leave. They will trick , force, coerce, lie, beg to get you into the showroom and will not let you leave if you first ask. Call the police if this happens to you.
The whole advertising campaign is false advertising. The currant ad in the paper has a Ford F-150 4X4 crew cab with 4 doors. When the print says you are getting a 4X2 with the Super cab door and a half. That is a ten thousand dollar or so difference in trucks. Also there is not over 20 of them as it says either.
The FlipU promotion had where you get an extra $1000 rebate, and 120% over Blue book to help get you out from under your debt. All lies they never gave out that dealer optional rebate as far as I know and they use Black Book to value a trade in and never gave 120% of that either. Blackbook actually gives the consumer $1000 or more less to the consumer then Blue Book. Look it up yourself if you do not believe.
The service department creates prices for repairs based on the person they want to get money out of then the actual repair. Two people, smae repair, two different prices. No price board to show the correct price for anything either. I went in for repairs and left needing mor erepairs with my check engine light on and my air conditioner not working, both were fine when I went in.
The whole company is a scammer to the consumer. I refused to lie to the customer and was fired from the place. People have free will and do not need to be held hostage to buy a car.

Dwight M. | 2014-05-29

I was a Bill Collins Ford customer, until I went to Oxmoor Ford Lincoln.  I was having problems with Brake Noise for 4 months. I had my Lincoln MKS serviced at Bill Collins Ford, four times with NO solution.  I contacted Ford Customer Service in Detroit and arranged my car to be serviced at Oxmoor, within four hours I had a written explanation from Ford engineers as to what may be the caused.  I never received this from Bill Collins just, two Tire rotations and replacement of Brake pads and linings, which was Great...but never was told if the noise was acceptable, but Oxmoor did.....(written)

Kari A. | 2014-02-17

I will never go back to Oxmoor Ford.  Ever.  First, they tried selling me a head light bulb for $195.00.  I left and got the same bulb for $90.00 at AutoZone.

Second, I brought my vehicle in a week ago Saturday.  They diagnosed about a two thousand dollar fix but didn't have the part needed to do the repairs.  They were going to call me when they found a part on Monday.  They never did call me so, I went to another Ford dealer ( Town and County on Preston Hwy) on Wednesday.  They came up with a totally different and much cheaper ($350) repair.  My vehicle has run just fine now.

The star was for Thorntons for providing the donuts.  

Oxmoor Ford will never get my business nor will I recommend friends to go there.

Patrick S. | 2014-02-12

This is for the sales department:

We had a very positive experience with a salesman at this dealership. He took the time to listen to our needs, pulled up a vehicle with exactly what we were looking for to test drive, and even humored our wanting to test drive two different classes of vehicle just to make sure we were getting what we were looking for.

He was very patient and knowledgeable with us and very interested in ensuring we were getting what we were looking for and not just trying to push a sale on us. If we do choose to ultimately purchase the Ford Fusion after trying a few other vehicles in the same class, we will most assuredly return to the same salesperson and dealership to purchase it, as it was overall a very pleasant experience.

Kevin S. | 2014-01-18

After yet ANOTHER visit for just basic scheduled maintenance. Got an oil change fluid top-off, and alignment. 27.5 hour turnaround for this basic service. Seriously?!  This is absolutely pathetic. I cannot get a straight answer from any staff and they never keep basic parts in stock. The service reps started getting an attitude like I owed them something...when you're servicing vehicles make the customer happy and avoid downtime, it's costing me money when I don't have my transportation available. I think I was way too polite with a 2-star review initially. Never again.

Rachel M. | 2013-07-15

Super easy to get my car serviced.  They aren't pushy and trying to get me to buy stuff I don't need or upgrade to gold oil or anything silly.  I don't know much about cars- and they don't take advantage of that!  Nice change from driving my benzito and getting killed at the service desk!

Shana K. | 2013-06-04

It is ironic that the repair shop at Oxmoor Ford is called the "Service" Center because my experience there was severely lacking in service.  
Since buying my 2011 Ford Fiesta off the showroom floor in January of 2011 I've gotten all of my routine maintenance done at Oxmoor Ford but had never needed to have the car repaired until last week.  Last Saturday I experienced difficultly starting my vehicle.  After several attempts I was able to get my car started and, after calling ahead to confirm availability, took the car to the dealership.  Upon arriving I was told that they could not work on my car that day and that I should just take it home, wait for it to no-start again, then call roadside assistance and have it towed to the dealership.  I expressed strong dissatisfaction with the idea of waiting to be stranded before servicing my car, which is still under warranty.  Ultimately the service representative agreed to keep the vehicle but told me they would not even look at it until Tuesday as they were closed Monday for Memorial Day.  Despite having a warranty upgrade that guarantees me a rental if my car is kept overnight I was not given a rental and was instead left with no vehicle over  the weekend.  On Tuesday I heard nothing from the dealership until I called them.  They advised me to call back in three hours.  I called back three hours later and was told that they had no idea what was wrong with my car but that I should just come pick it up and bring it back if it no-started again.  At that time I spoke to the assistant manager and advised her that they needed to take the time to find the source of the intermittent no-start rather than send my vehicle home without working on it.  I also called Ford corporate and initiated a complaint.  I further requested a rental and pointed out that I had not received one yet despite being left with no car for several days.  I then received a call back from the  dealership telling me that the transmission specialist had discovered that my flywheel needed to be replaced and that I would be provided with a rental.  The dealership  took so long set up the rental that I had to call Enterprise and set up the rental myself so as to not have to wait another day without a car.  It took Oxmoor Ford eight days to repair my car during which time I received no updates on the status of my vehicle.  When I finally went in to pick up my car I was told that they had also replaced the clutch and that was the reason for the delay.  
Within hours of bringing the car home I noticed that it was making a squeaky rattle that had never previously been present.  I called the dealership and left a message for the service adviser.  She called me the next morning and told me to bring it in so they could evaluate the noise.  When I brought it in one of the technicians had me drive it around a few streets.  I advised him that I needed to drive it through a neighborhood that had several stop signs so that he could hear it accelerate and decelerate.  However, he had no interest in directing me to the most appropriate place to do this and insisted that he had already heard the noise.  When we got back to the shop he said that the problem was the actuator and that I needed to drive it for 7500 miles and then the sound would go away.  I asked to see a copy of the manual for the actuator so that I could clearly see that this was the case.  I waited an hour for them to show me the manual. During this time I called Ford corporate and they were not able to confirm that the actuator needed to be driven for 7500 miles.  The service adviser at the dealership then provided me with one typed paragraph stating that a new clutch will create a double clicking noise which is normal.  The paragraph did not mention 7500 miles.  I explained to them again that the noise was a squeaky rattle, not a double click.  At that time the service manager met with me and became irate that I had spoke to Ford corporate.  He called Ford corporate by speaker phone with me in the office and began screaming at the representative for making him look bad.  He demanded that she tell me that the noise that my vehicle was making was the double clicking of the clutch.  The corporate representative attempted to calm the manager but he kept screaming at her and making demands.  At that time I interrupted and advised that I would just take my car to another dealership.  I then took a printout of my service record and my vehicle to the next closest dealer.  I will never return to Oxmoor Ford.

Scenerygeek B. | 2013-04-16

I do not mind doing business with anyone; however, they must be honest, have integrity, and being nice doesn't hurt either. At Oxmoor Ford, there was a specific Toyota Yaris that was on sale on the Internet for $9,000 something; and instead of the manager starting at that price, he tried to trick us by starting at $10,100. I confronted the salesperson about the manager's sales techniques and said that they were dishonest. I then proceeded to leave; because I do not do business with dishonest companies. The salesman then asked me if I wanted to speak to his manager, to which I agreed. The sales manager did not want to talk to me at first, until the salesman ushered me over to where the sales manager was sitting. I then proceeded to explain to the manager that trying to start at a higher price than what was advertised on the Internet was dishonest. He then told me, that he was a manager of a different department; and had no idea about the car he was trying to sell. That was his first problem, he didn't know anything about the car that he was trying to sell. Having been in a supervisor position, I must know my position in a work place, I also must know about the other supervisor's position, in case I have to fill in for them.

Also, it is their company policy to advertise lower prices on the Internet; which he should have known. His 2nd problem was, while I tried to explain to him why it was dishonest and tried to cheat me out of my money, he looked up at me and said in a disgusted voice, "I don't have time for this right now." Maybe he was just distracted by the U of L basketball game or he's not ready for management, I'm not sure which. But he as a manager, gets paid to make time for issues like this.

Last of all, he was very complacent and rude. And told me, as my wife and I were walking out, that we could have the car for whatever we wanted and "I don't care". He needs to go to remedial training Until he does care; or find a job flipping burgers or picking peaches, so he has no customer interaction.

An employee and a manager called me back asking for me to reconsider doing business with their company; yet never once, did I hear from the manager who treated me like scum, an apology. Neither the 2 people that called me back, offered me an apology; which would have been simple, easy, and the right thing to do. But more importantly, the sales manager who made the grave mistake of treating me rudely, did not own up to his actions like a big boy.

Please just beware of dealing with Oxmoor Ford!!!

C. T. | 2012-02-29

Great purchasing experience!  The professional and knowledgeable sales staff are the best!  Absolutely no pressure or aggravating sales tactics!  We appreciated being treated respectfully and considerately.  When we went to Oxmoor, our intention was not to buy a Ford vehicle, but to try a Ford to prove to ourselves that the Toyota vehicle we wanted was what we really wanted.  The Lincoln/ Ford vehicles and the excellent sales staff at Oxmoor Ford changed our minds! Not only that, we were from out-of-state and were really just browsing.  The great deal Oxmoor gave us and the professionalism they exhibited sold us!  Thanks, John!

Sheila T. | 2011-10-06

They care absolutely nothing about providing good customer service once they have your cash in their pocket.  After a used car purchase the registration arrived, but no license plate.  The title clerk couldn't be bothered to pull the actual file to see if the paperwork was filled out correctly, or check to see if the plate was there.  Emails were opened by others requesting that they follow-up on the issue, but ignored...never an answer.  I am a member of a "Ford family" my father was a retiree, so I do show brand loyalty. It was my idea that we go to Oxmoor Ford to get my fiance's car, and we did find something he liked, BUT the lack of customer service will keep me from ever returning, and has left me keeping my mouth shut when my brother recommends Bill Collins Ford since his purchase...and since then, two sisters have also purchased from Bill Collins based on his recommendation.  I will pass Bill Collins' name along whenever someone asks if I recommend a dealer, and will be going there for my next purchase, and will be sure to warn others of the issues with Oxmoor Ford.

Matt W. | 2010-12-29

I had to get some electrical work done on the car due to faulty battery. Took a week and $2,600 (!) and the customer service was terrible, but it was the holidays, so no big deal. I pick the car up and the radio's not working AND my radar detector and GPS are missing.  Another week and $500 later, the radio is fixed but radar & GPS are still missing and Star Ford won't take responsibility! It also took a day for anyone to call back about the radio.

I've always heard horrible things about Star (former Oxmoor Ford), but this takes the cake.  Go to Town & Country out in LaGrange or Beyerly on Dixie. Don't be lazy like me and go to the closest dealership!  Horrible Experience, pure indifference from the service staff.  They type of company that gives dealers a bad name!