Tom Wood Toyota in Indianapolis, IN

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Tom Wood Toyota Scion provides Indianapolis and Central Indiana with new and used Toyota and Scion cars, trucks, vans, crossovers and SUVs. We also deliver an award-winning service experience, whether it's a simple oil change or a complete engine overhaul. Whatever your sales or service need, we're just what you're looking for!


Established in 1967.

Tom Wood Automotive has been a fixture in Indianapolis since 1967. Still a family owned business, we've grown to fifteen franchises and a full-scale leasing operation out of several roof-top locations in four cities - Indianapolis and Anderson in Indiana; Lexington, Kentucky and Richfield, Minnesota.

Although Mr. Wood lost a long, hard fought battle with cancer in February of 2010, his inspiring legacy in the Indianapolis community will long be remembered. Mr. Wood's philosophy is "Success is not measured by the number of franchises or locations an organization has; it is measured by the people associated with it." All of the employees of Tom Wood Automotive strive every day to live up to Mr. Wood's philosophy by making every guest a loyal and satisfied guest for life.

Tom Wood Toyota

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(317) 297-2444
Address:4202 Lafayette Rd, Indianapolis, IN, 46254
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Tom Wood Toyota

Laurie B. | 2015-02-09

Has an emergency visit to their service department first thing this morning.  I had shot them an email overnight and they called me before their scheduled time of opening.   Because of the nature of my Tacoma's problem I wanted to take to a dealership and they had good Yelp reviews.

I'm glad I went to them.  Turned out to be a simple repair covered under my extended warranty and was out of there in a few hours. They were honest, friendly, I felt well taken care of, and not taken advantage of because I'd driven in 11 hrs over night to resolve this for my husband.  Yes, it is a dealership service department so don't let your financial guard down but they were great to work with and I deeply appreciated that took such good care of us and moved the process along so we could get on home another 11 hrs away.  I'd happily recommend them because of this.

Big D. | 2014-11-04

Had my eye on a car and talked to a real POS salesman named "Andre".  Specific car, test drive, then worked out every detail, every nuance of the transaction with him beforehand.  Called to review the deal in detail, and was told we're all good to go.  Top tier credit.  Proof of all rebates ready in hand.  Agreed on a day and time to come in and purchase, and at arrival watched him quite plainly LIE about the price we had already agreed upon using nonsensical BS.  Stood up to leave and the little fellow got in my face like a little wanna-be "ghetto playya".  Spoke to Dan the sales manager on the way out, not at all to argue, but just to explain why we're simply and undoubtedly leaving without a sale.  Dang Shame too, as a fellow aircraft pilot, I new Tom Wood.  He was a good man, a real patriot.  He would literally turn over in his grave at this unscrupulous and time-wasting behavior unbecoming any professional situation.   But, to their credit, I have never had this problem up on 96th Street, especially at Audi.  There, they are straight shooters.  I'd urge everyone to AVOID this Tom Wood LaFayette Road location #1 Due to little lying Andre, and #2 that the management allows this sort of dishonest behavior to exist.  So I can't condemn any other sales people or other Tom Wood locations, but this one is there to provide a time-wasting, dishonest, outright lying experience.  Won't be back, as in EVER.

Kevin Y. | 2014-04-29

I had a horrible experience at Tom Wood Toyota, and ended up bailing out and going to Butler instead for a much better experience. The sales person did not know his product we'll...just a little internet research made me more of an expert than him on the models we were looking at. He was just making it up as he went along. Then they didn't have the model I was looking for, and wanted me to put a deposit down and commit to buying a car I hadn't seen that they would get by dealer trade. I felt wary, but did it anyway. Then they couldn't get that car, and offered me another one instead, again sight unseen, and without any ability to negotiate price. They offered to show me one on the lot that was "almost the same".  And this after two days with no contact and no explanation from their side...I was calling them and asking what was going on. They didn't seem to think any of this was strange.

They lost my trust pretty quickly, and they really wasted my time.  Got a last minute call and email from the sales manager, but I was already at Butler by then.  What a difference in experience. Butler was professional, and seemed to really care about the customer experience, not just the sale.

Cecilia H. | 2012-08-29

I've heard that the local car dealership is run by crooks (Bob Rohrman here in beautiful Lafayette, IN), so when it came to have a seatbelt replaced on my boyfriend's 1995 Corolla, we took it to Tom Wood in Indy (yes, 1995, yes we are poor).  There was some confusion about the pricing for the service, so what we thought would be $150-200 ended up costing $350.  Also, the service department accidentally gave the car an oil change that it didn't need and that we didn't request.  When reviewing the bill, we saw the oil change on there, and protested.  The service clerk stated that we must have requested it, and we're both standing there in full knowledge that we didn't, and she said, "Well, the service mechanics said you needed one anyway, according to your windshield sticker".  My boyfriend was not happy with this response, since he had just recently gotten an oil change, and was pretty sure he didn't need one.  We asked her if she still had the sticker, and she tried to find it and couldn't.  Then she laid this on us, "If you don't pay for it, it will come out of my paycheck."  This stunned us.  What kind of business would make its employees pay for an honest mistake like this?  So we paid for it, convinced that maybe it was due anyway.  We get to the car, rummage through the glovebox, where the detailed receipt was for the last oil change.  It wasn't even 600 miles between that last one and today, which would have been stated in the windshield sticker (Dear Reader: Save Your Receipts!!).  We went back in and had her reimburse us.  Later, I called to speak to a manager, and after calling 4 different times (they keep the managers awful busy, apparently; maybe time to hire more staff?) I finally talked to a guy that was repentant and offered us a free oil change next time we come in.  What I really wanted to know from him is whether a business like that would actually take the amount of an honest mistake from an employee's paycheck.  He said, "No way, we don't do that".
1.  I'm glad they fixed their mistake
2.  Service managers should be able to take a phone call once in a while.
3.  Service mechanics that are asked to do an oil change should maybe check the windshield sticker BEFORE doing an oil change?  It doesn't hurt to have checks and balances in the system.  I know Tom Wood is a busy place, but one second to check something like that would have avoided this whole stinky issue.
4.  Service clerks shouldn't lie, and they certainly shouldn't try to guilt-trip customers into paying for their honest mistakes.

Mike F. | 2011-12-04

I bought my 2010 Tundra at Tom Wood in November of 2009.  I was very impressed by the deal I got, and could not ask for a better vehicle.  I dealt with the trucks manager for the purchase, and was impressed with him as well. I am usually wary of salesmen, but I feel that I was treated exceptionally well by him.

I am not a fan of their service department.  While the technicians do their job well, something is really lacking in their management.  The service is slow and overpriced.  I also have found several of the service representatives to be rude and not being up-front about the costs.  Oh well, it's a dealership, what do you expect?

Bottom line: Buy your next Toyota from these guys, but don't take it to them for service.

Erin J. | 2011-07-28

I've purchased 3 cars from Tom Wood Toyota Audi up near keystone at the crossing and have had such great experiences each time. So, when the brakes on my Toyota started grinding - there was no warning squeaking beforehand - I decided to go to the dealer.

Now, when I dropped the car off, they asked the typical questions. I swear the one, "what does it sound like?" is just so the techs can laugh at how stupid you sound. I explained the breaks were grinding and I had a bent rim as well as a tail-light out.

I called ahead, took my car over. 2 new rotors, 1 new tire, 1 break fluid flush, and a break job and I pick my car up later the same day $900.00 lighter. In fairness the car has 90K miles on it...... and I have never had to do anything but change the oil.

Less than 1 week later I am driving back to Indy from a visit with my family down south in Louisiana and Alabama and wouldn't you know it! THE BREAKS ARE GRINDING AGAIN! Get back in town and call the next day. They tell me to bring it over and they will take a look. Turns out they didn't even check the REAR breaks my first visit.......... One was missing a disk and the other the pad was gone! This is the car I had just driven with my 3 year old with me for 2,000 miles! Needless to say I was not happy.

THEN, without even having to ask, the manager goes on to say, we will be replacing both rear disks and the break pads at no charge as well as give you a lifetime warranty. THAT is customer service. They also fixed the tail-light I had requested to be fixed on the FIRST visit.

For me, I feel like, yeah, they SHOULD have found everything on the first visit and obviously the managers need to double check the work the techs are doing. But I also understand how it goes when you are busy and believe you can trust someone you manage. I think though that they went above and beyond to make things right, and I will definitely be going back. Plus they washed and vacuumed out my car!

Nichole H. | 2008-02-12

We bought a used Mazda from Tom Wood on Saturday.  Alan in Used Car Sales and the financing staff worked really hard to get us a good deal and a great payment.  The only downside was that the service department was closed and there were some little things wrong (keyless entry keys needed to be recoded, etc) so we had to drive the vehicle back on Monday.  Alan is a great, no-pressure salesman.  He answered all of our questions, even admitting when he didn't know - but he went and found the answers.  We are extremely pleased with our car.