Tom Wood Porsche Audi in Indianapolis, IN

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Tom Wood Porsche Audi provides Indianapolis and Central Indiana with new and used Porsche and Audi cars and SUVs. We also deliver an award-winning service experience, whether it's a simple oil change or a complete engine overhaul. Whatever your sales or service need, we're just what you're looking for!


Established in 1967.

Tom Wood Automotive has been a fixture in Indianapolis since 1967. Still a family owned business, we've grown to fifteen franchises and a full-scale leasing operation out of several roof-top locations in four cities - Indianapolis and Anderson in Indiana; Lexington, Kentucky and Richfield, Minnesota.  

Although Mr. Wood lost a long, hard fought battle with cancer in February of 2010, his inspiring legacy in the Indianapolis community will long be remembered. Mr. Wood's philosophy is "Success is not measured by the number of franchises or locations an organization has; it is measured by the people associated with it." All of the employees of Tom Wood Automotive strive every day to live up to Mr. Wood's philosophy by making every guest a loyal and satisfied guest for life.

Tom Wood Porsche Audi

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(317) 848-5550
Address:3473 E 96th St, Indianapolis, IN, 46240
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Tom Wood Porsche Audi

Arshan B. | 2015-01-03

My brother and I bought 2 Porsche cayennes, one turbo and one S from tom wood Porsche last week.  They were very professional, under promised and over delivered. The complete opposite of what you expect from a traditional car dealer.  Our salesman Lee went above our expectations especially from just visiting tom wood range rover where the salesman was a complete ahole. Neal the finance guy was not only personable but went to bat for us when it came down to making the numbers work. This experience is what car buying should be. I would give this dealership especially Lee and Neal my fully endorsement.  Thank you.

Jessie G. | 2014-11-23

We took our 2013 Audi Q5 in for an oil change.  Their employee drove the vehicle without oil. They destroyed the engine. They said they would make things right. Their actions spoke louder than their words. They did not make thing right. They took advantage of us. This cost us thousands of dollars due to their mistake. They are now selling the vehicle and not reporting the damage that was done. It appears to be a normal vehicle with no issues. Not a business we would recommend. Their practices should be criminal.

Bear C. | 2014-10-12

Brought my 2009 audi to have the window replaced after it was bashed out by a burglar. They installed new window improperly and the weather panel is folded on itself and blocks the window from rolling up or down properly. Don't trust audi dealerships after dealing with them.

Jeff K. | 2014-05-02

I have owned Audi's since 1990.  I moved to Indianapolis in 1997, and have never been quite happy with Tom Wood Audi.  They did make some major strides, in the last five years, but I had another recent issue.

The group keeps getting better, and they have really upgraded the facility.  Service seems greatly improved.

Rick W. | 2014-01-02

What is sad is that Tom Wood Audi is the only dealer with this make in town. I have never been treated so poorly and talked down to by a salesman.  I am intelligent, educated and have done my research on vehicles on the internet. Luckily Chicago is close, and they have Audi dealers that have obviously spent the extra money to ensure their representatives understand customer service.

Audis are awesome vehicles, if you want one I would go to Fletcher Jones in Chicago.  You will be treated like you are a valued customer and not a bother.

Bryan H. | 2013-12-08

Terrible experience with salesman named Barry and some of the other staff here at this dealership( specifically Barry).  My wife and I went in to purchase a an Audi Q5 and he treated us like we couldn't afford the vehicle and he was extremely rude.  So much that my wife texted me while we were talking to him and said she didn't like him and felt uncomfortable.  It was honestly a terrible experience and I'll never go back to this dealership for anything again.  Except maybe to show Barry my new Q5 that we are purchasing from fletcher jones Audi in Chicago because he was so rude and pompous.  He seriously treated my wife and I like kids and kept asking us if we could afford the car( not directly saying that but strongly suggesting we couldn't in his tone and the way we were treated) and was ridiculous about going for a test drive in the SQ5 (ultimately we did not take the test drive because of the way we were treated).  My wife is an HR business development partner for st. Vincent's hospital and I am the Vice President of Sales for a tech company named legalzoom (maybe he's heard of it since we spend 70 million on marketing every year).  We both probably make more money than this guy and it was ridiculous how rude and condescending he was to both of us.  We will both share this experience with everyone we know and work with at st. Vincent and legalzoom.  Ridiculous... My wife was visibly upset and hurt at the way he treated us and the way the staff came off.  Please don't purchase a car from here, they are rude and don't deserve it.  Please buy it from any other Audi or Porsche dealer.

Brad S. | 2012-07-17

14 trips to repair the A/C on my A3. Each time they forced  me to agree to additional services even if the repaired parts were still under warranty. I have spent I excess of $4,500 to get my car repaired and Tom Wood has never taken the blame for shoddy service or the parts they purchase and install. I have owned several Audi cars. Buy an Acura. Audi of America is no help in mediating these issues either.

Jessica S. | 2012-03-08

I test drove cars here last Spring while making my next car purchase decision.  The sales person was helpful without being pushy.  Ultimately, I bought my used car from a dealer in Ohio, since the particular car and options I wanted could not be obtained locally.  Today was the first time I needed routine service for the car, so I brought it in.  The service center rep Andrew was easy to work with, the waiting area was clean and comfortable, with free wi-fi so I could stay connected to the office.  The car was done earlier than expected, and they included a wash and vacuum.  So far, so good, and I plan to return when the next maintenance is due.