Penske Honda in Indianapolis, IN

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You can expect this Honda dealership to continue providing the exceptional, award-winning level of service our community expects and deserves.

Penske Honda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 695-0892
Address:4140 E 96th St, Indianapolis, IN, 46240
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Penske Honda

JL Q. | 2015-03-10

I've been due for a new car for some time now after my loyal Audi finally rolled over and died.  There wasn't even enough left to use as a trade-in so I sold it outright.  I decided the 2015 Honda Accord Sport would be the car for me.

Through another friend who purchased there, I was referred to Dave Kraft.  He made me feel welcome without being pushy.  He was able to quickly accommodate the car I preferred quickly and listened to my needs for the agreed sales price.  A true gentleman, he worked collectively to come to a sales price that worked for me and for the dealership.

I am a very happy customer and I would recommend both the dealership and Mr. Kraft if you are looking to purchase a Honda.

Jordan K. | 2015-02-21

My wife and I stopped by Penske on a whim around 2/16/15. We were shopping for a '12/'13 CRV with low miles (20-30k). We found the car we were looking for very quickly, and in the color/trim we preferred (gray,exl). Test drove went smoothly. We were awaiting an insurance check for a totalled vehicle from a week prior so decided to come back 2 days later for the vehicle when the check arrived. The overall buying process was fairly smooth. I have to say however that our salesman had some pretty poor negotiating skills. Demeaning and patronizing the customer usually isn't a good approach even if you couldn't go as low as I'd liked. I still feel I paid a fair price, got a great warranty and enjoyed working with Frank in finance and Zach McVicker, sales manager. Unfortunately the fun stopped there. Within 3 hours of leaving the lot we realized the drivers side climate control was not heating. Took it home, tried to turn it back on and found the battery had died. Not a great way to start off with a vehicle. I called first thing the next morning and was directed to our salesman Mark Robinson, whom proceeded to not address my issues and addressed me again with a rude, unprofessional attitude. Took the vehicle in and dropped it off with Zach who promised they would take care of replacing the battery, fixing the climate control, and getting me a rental car free of charge (obviously). Mind you we purchased a CRV, I was rented the smallest car they had, some Ford Fiesta. I felt this would've been an easy way for the them to serve us better by putting us in something comparable or at least least a full size car, frustrating to say the least. We called the next morning after being told the vehicle would be ready the evening before. We were told to head on over. We drove all the way to the dealership (30mins) to be called 5 minutes before I said I'd be there and be told that our vehicle would not be completed for another 2 hours. We had 4 inches of snow come down that morning and I'm in a rented Ford Fiesta that can barely get around, again very frustrating. We finally picked up our CRV,seems to be working properly now. Overall the car seems great (price, warranty, etc) however the customer service and salesman we worked with just seemed completely sub par. I work in a customer service capacity and the way my experience went and the stress associated with it I wouldn't wish on anyone I worked for. I don't know how much you have to spend here to get treated well but apparently we didn't spend enough. We will be buying our next vehicle and servicing our new Honda elsewhere, you might considered looking elsewhere as well.

April K. | 2015-02-07

Alright Honda- you've won me over again.  

Wow- I'm impressed with your quick action to correct even such a minor complaint of not receiving a free gift.  Honda clearly takes customer service seriously and has earned one more well deserved star from me.


Missi R. | 2014-10-11

Updated on 10-8-14.  I was contacted by Penske and was pleased with the concern they had about this issue.  First I received an explanation about what most likely caused the delay: construction had been going on at the time of my oil change and there was heavy machinery all around the service area.  A sincere apology was given, and it was stated that having ongoing construction was no excuse for poor service.

I was surprised and pleased by their attention to this matter.  A five star rating for their fine customer service.  I will definitely be returning to Penske for service and oil changes in the future.

Ahmad S. | 2014-09-23

Penske overcharges $3,600 for 2014 Pilot lease

The reason for the one star rating for Penske is:
1. Overpriced lease offer
2. Do not do price match
3. Promise price match but do not deliver

About 3 weeks ago I was shopping to lease 2014 Honda Pilot EXL 4WD. I live in Columbus Indian, and my first stop to shop was the local dealer here in Columbus. I was also looking to trade in my 2004 Honda Accord. The Columbus dealer gave me an offer to lease the Honda Pilot for $325 (36 months, and 12k miles lease term), and valued my trade in, the Honda Accord, at $3,500. Unfortunately, the Columbus dealer did not have the Honda Pilot color that my wife likes. After searching the Internet, we found the right Pilot color at Penske. I called Penske and asked if they do price match, and Penske salesman informed that they do price match. So I drove up north to Indianapolis with my trade in. When I arrived there, Penske gave me a very expensive lease offer. Their offer is $422 to lease the Pilot, and $2200 for my trade in Honda Accord. Over the 36 months lease term, the offer is an incredible $3,600 more expensive than the local dealer.

I reminded Penske salesman of their promise over the phone to price match the local dealer, but sadly Penske refused to honor their promise. Wasted 2 hours of driving for nothing.

I called Terry Lee Honda in Avon. Terry Lee Honda promised me to find the right Pilot color, and to match the Columbus dealer offer.  Unlike Penske, Terry Lee Honda delivered on their promise. I traded my Honda Accord to Terry Lee for $3,500, and gave an offer 2014 Honda Pilot EXL 4WD for $325.

It is still vey puzzling for me as to why Penske charges $3,600 more than their competitors.

Tiffany T. | 2014-07-02

Everyone was so nice and I am in love with the new car, but the dealership experience is so exhausting. I went in knowing what I wanted. They only had one. I was pre-approved for a loan with my bank... and we were still there for 3+ hours. I just don't understand why it had to take sooo long.

Sondra S. | 2013-11-26

Yesterday I had my brakes changed on my civic along with a informative customer education session.

Let's start at the beginning: night drop =cinch. To the left of the service door there is a metal compartment in which you can get a key envelope. On the envelope you fill in your personal information, what you want to done/ need to communicate to the service department and drop the envelope through the slot in the door. Easy peasy.

I did not have an appointment, however by 9am I had a voicemail telling me what they found and how much it would cost. By 11:30 front brakes were replaced and tires were rotated.

There are two other Honda dealers closer to me but I still choose to go to Penske because of their customer service, professionalism and facility. The man who checked me out was patient and throughly explained the difference between disc and drum brakes and why Honda puts both on civics. I always appreciate someone who will teach me about cars and even more so when they can explain the why behind mechanics to help me better understand.

I definitely plan on coming to Penske for future service needs.

Matt K. | 2013-10-10

I walked into Penske Honda last night to take a look at an 07 Saab.  Greg, the manager, checked the inventory on the computer and told me it was at Penske Chevrolet waiting to be serviced because it had just come in on trade the prior day.  I drove down the street to see the car, and I fell in love with it.  Everything I wanted and more.  The salesman at Penske Chevrolet told me that he would have the car serviced first thing the next morning.  I scheduled an appointment for this afternoon and took a half day of work. I was under the impression that the car HAD to be serviced before it could be sold.  The salesman at Chevy never told me that I had to fill out paperwork on the spot to guarantee the car.

Ready to write the check, I kept following up with the salesman from Chevy throughout the morning today.  He told me the car had been through service and just had to go through cleanup and that he would "be in touch" asap.

I saw my phone ring an hour after his text, and he said the car had been sold right out from under me from a Honda salesman without him knowing.  I was irate!  How did that happen???

Awful communication between the two dealerships.  I have been so upset this afternoon - completely ruined my day/week.

I spoke with Greg for about a half hour and explained to him that the training of salesman has to be better.  I got shafted because they didn't communicate with me.  Awful awful awful.  In an industry where service is crucial, this kind of thing shouldn't happen.  It cost me vacation time, gas, and a hell of a lot of stress.

Greg told me he would give me the best deal possible of any car I want there, but I am so bitter about the situation I don't think I can ever go back.

Would not recommend.

Eduardo A. | 2013-07-18

I made the 'mistake' of not checking out Yelp before hitting up Penske, but apparently I made the right mistake. I walked in mostly based on the fact that I see that damn "Penske Honda" sticker on so many new cars. Figured that that was a good sign. I went in, talked to Gary (the salesman). Test drove exactly the car and tier I wanted. Told him the colors I'd prefer it in - and they had it. We got into the numbers - they hit the number I was looking for on my trade-in, they threw in some bonus dolla' dolla' bills towards my down payment, and even got me the lowest interest rate possible for my terms. I walked in there after a trip from Carmax, which had AMAZING customer service, and incredibly well-priced offerings, but ended up picking up a vehicle here because going with a new vehicle made more sense.

My opinion on the negative comments about how shystie the salesmen are is, "Dude, they're SALESMEN". That's what they do - sell, man.  

If you're looking to buy a car, go into it with the number that fits YOUR budget, and YOUR plan. If it doesn't work, then walk away. Dealerships aren't starving; this isn't 2008. Additionally, there's 10's of other dealerships along that same freakin' street, so you don't have to walk far to view other offerings. In fact, allow me to take this moment to recommend Carmax - did I mention their customer service is amazing?

Nevertheless, all the feedback/reviews about the service here definitely has got me on high-alert.

Rhonda E. | 2013-07-12

My daughter brought her car in because it would intermittently not start. The car was just out of warranty. We were told that she needed a new battery, cable and starter. When I asked if diagnostic testing was done, I was told no. They saw corrosion on the battery port.  The tech hit the starter and the dashboard lit up. This was how he knew the battery, cable and starter needed replacing.

None of my questions could be answered. The cost was well over 1,000.

The car was towed to another mechanic. He took everything apart and found that the issue was a partially corroded cable running from the battery to the starter. Both the battery and starter were fine. The cost was 15$ to replace the cable and labor.

Alexandra K. | 2013-04-06

Dropped off my car after hours. Filled out an envelope and enclosed my key... next day.. 8 a.m. , 9 a.m., 10 a.m. - nobody calls. So since they are very close to my house I just dropped by.

After waiting in line because out of 6 people at computers only 3 were helping and others pretended like they were busy typing other stuff on computers I was bounced from person to person to inquire about my car.

Finally was directed to a guy who told me they haven't looked at my car yet and since I did not have an appointment they'd take a look at at noon and they'd call me noon... allright. Noon it is.

12 p.m. - no call. 1 p.m. no call. Now 2:40 p.m. nobody calls and they are open on Saturdays till 4 p.m. They are closed on Sundays. So far it looks like I'll be without my car on Monday (because it won't start) and they aren't in a rush to fix it either. The person at desk told me just to take a look what's wrong with it will cost me $45.00 and for rest they'd call...

I just called and after being bounced from person to person on the phone was directed at voice mail. This is unbelievable. Customer service at it's worse and don't even know if they'll even fix my car. I may have to go there on Monday and drive it for repair else where. Worse customer service in long time!

P.S. when I dropped by about 6-8 of their mechanics were standing in showroom area and just talking to each other. Nobody was working on any cars and I believe they charge $120/hour for mechanical service lol

Tom B. | 2013-04-01

Let me balance out some of the other reviews. I did not buy my Honda here, so I can't comment on the sales side. However, I've been bringing my Honda here exclusively for service since 2005. In all that time, I've never had a bad experience on the service side.

With the exception of multiple visits early on to get a wheel balance issue fixed with the then-new Michelin PAX run-flat tire-wheel combos (Honda dealers around the country were having problems balancing these things, and Michelin has since discontinued the product), they have always performed the service needed and repaired what needed repaired. I never had to take the car back to get it done right, and I never felt I was pushed into service that didn't need to be done.

Sarah T. | 2013-02-09

DO NOT TRUST THIS DEALERSHIP!!  I made an apointment earlier this week to look at a specific car the next night.  I was assured that I would be notified if the car sold before my appointment.  The next day when I was getting ready to make the hour drive to Penske Honda, I decided to call them to make sure the car was there since I had not received a phone call.  The guy that answered told me that the salesman I was supposed to meet with was off and the car was not there.  He tried to get me to drive down anyway to look at their other used cars.  I made it clear that the car I had planned on looking at was the only car I was interested in.  After a while he admited that his manager took the car home and wasn't bringing it back.  Then, he says to me "you can still buy the car", as if I would buy a car without even looking at it first!!  The next day, I recieved an unapologetic phone call from the original saleman letting me know that his manager "might be buying the car", but I could come down and look at their other cars.  What kind of manager takes a car home to buy when a customer has made an appointment to look at it?  SKETCHY!!!

Drew K. | 2012-07-11

My wife and I went there to look at buying at 2006 Honda CRV in 2009.  We test drove the truck and really liked it and got into the negotiation stage of the purchase.  Unfortunately we were the only ones negotiating.  We saw the price on the Internet which was something like 20,500.  We initially said we would like to go 19,500.  They just wanted to talk about "what payment we wanted"  I kept telling them I don't care what the payment is I wanted to talk about final cost.  Once we got through their nonsense payment talk they came back and said they could not go below the Internet price because it was already discounted.  I said I would go 20,000.  The sales guy went to check with the manager and came back and said they couldn't come off the 20,500.  I made one last stab at it and said if they take 250 off I will buy the car today.  They came back and said no and I said bye!  I wish they would have said from the top that 20,500 was their lowest price and it would have saved us a lot of time!   Ridiculous that they can't negotiate at all!  We drove to Honda West on 38th street and drove home in our new CV that evening.  Honda west came down 1850 from their "Internet price"  They salesman at Honda West noted that they were willing to negotiate since they don't have the overhead that Penske does on 96th street.  I plan to never go to Penske ever again and I would recommend you do the same!

Andy T. | 2011-01-23

Bunch of liars. Overcharged and did not fix what was promised

Sarah S. | 2009-08-18

I've had a lot of experiences with car salesmen, but this takes the cake.

My father (a 63 year old business owner, just for some back up - the guy has experience in car purchasing/haggling and sales) was going to help me buy a new car. I had a car accident recently that had totaled my car, so I intended on paying for a car with cash (including my insurance check).

We had looked around at a number of vehicles, and decided to check out what kind of deal we could get on a Honda Fit. We had driven around the front and back lots and saw that there were about 20 (including 10 black Fits) on the lot.

We headed into the show room and asked for a salesperson. An older man, John, came up and politely introduced himself. But, that was as far as the politeness went.

My father mentioned that we were interested in seeing what we could work out on a Fit. John proceeded to tell us that there was no "overhead" on the Fit and that negotiations were out of the picture. My father said "Come on, do we still have to go through this negotiation stuff? Even with the economy the way it is?" John said "How about I give you $500 off," we said no, and stated that we'd like to talk further about it.

John said "no deal," and shook his head. He told us that we'd have no chance in getting a deal on a Fit, and practically shooed us out the door.

He had no clue that we'd pay cash, he had no clue that we were ready to walk out with a car that very moment.

We left completely insulted. He was rude, inconsiderate and seemed like he had more things on his mind (like his newspaper) then to try to sell us a car.

My father even mentioned to him "You have 10 black Fit's out back, about 25 on the lot!" and John proceeded to say "no deal."

We didn't even get a chance to haggle!


Yes, there is a stereotype of rude salespeople when it comes to cars, and we expect to go through the whole song and dance thing, but, that doesn't mean we expected to be treated this poorly.

I advise that you take your Honda business elsewhere. I am even a previous Penske customer (two Chevys) and had never felt this degraded by a sales person there.

So, this delays me buying a car another day. I'm really disappointed and we both left so pissed off at the staff that I shot off an email when I got home to Penske.

Rudeness = FAIL.