Windy City Motors in Chicago, IL

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Windy City Motors specializes in top quality inventory with a wide variety of options and styles. Our experienced and friendly staff is here to help you find what not only fits your lifestyle, but also your budget. Stop by today to speak with our staff today. We look forward to serving you!  At Windy City Motors we sell tons of makes and models

Windy City Motors

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(773) 717-7000
Address:2662 N Cicero Ave, Chicago, IL, 60639
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Windy City Motors

Maria B. | 2015-03-30

Poor customer service.  No honest  communication. They will do whatever it takes to have you sign on the bottom line and then you are on your own. they are just in it to make a sale. I was misquoated on body work and once the car was finished it was poor workmanship . They did not complete the job as a professional would . I now have to take my car to a local shop so i can get professsional service , at a fair price . My phone calls were Not returned in a timley manner as i was told that they would be.I requested the owner call me and he never did. My car was in their shop since 3/14/2015 and was finished enough to be picked up on 3/28/2015.I was told it was going to be a 4 to 5 day job. And of course the day I picked up my car the paper plate expired. My car also came back with a nice new scratch on the rear passanger quater panel , from being parked up against the shops wall. Too much hassel that i went through just to save $$. Very vaulable lesson learned if it sounds too good to be true it will be if you are dealing with Windy City Motors in Chicago on Cicero ave.There was no coomunication within the staff no one ever really knew what was going on. I have alot of overspray on the back bumper of my car since part of  the trunk was painted.The staff who did the job did not protect other parts of the car that were not being worked on and it is very noticable.Yet it was not cleaned up .even after  I took  take it to go get it washed . Yes I had to do it myself since  The staff did not get to it . Although they knew the day before that I would be there first thing in the morning to pick it up .Did I mention I traveled from south bend Indiana to buy the car then returned to drop the car off since i was quoted a great priceby the owner  on body work. then return again once the car was supposed to be finished. If I could rated this place a Zero Satar I would . After all this I was told I would be well taken care of  If this is what you call great , then no thanks i will  NOT  hold my head high with pride when I speak of Windy City Motors . I dont want to send people there to be taken advantage of.

Mary jane W. | 2015-03-20

Great customer service! My husband and I had a great experience. Ask for Cornell. Very accommodating.

Sophia S. | 2015-02-07

Had my car for a month before the check engine light came on. Took it back there and left it for a day and a half, and they lied talking about they fixed the problem. A couple days later my car was shaking like it was having a damn seizure. Now I'm back up here to have them "fix" the problem AGAIN.

Nancy A. | 2015-01-08

Save yourself and Stay away from this place!!! If I can give this place 0 stars I would of. I bought a car here in May 2014 and at first everything seemed fine. The employees were friendly but all that changed very quickly after I drove off with a car. We test drove the car a few blocks. They assured me that if there was any mechanical issues in the future, to just bring in the car and their mechanic can fix it for free!
I had the car for 2 days and it kept dying on me. Once I brought it in, they said they had to charge me to fix the issue.
Excuse me? I had just bought the car. They didn't care.
A day later, the engine light turned on! I immediately took the car back and they refused to give me back my refund because I "signed" the contract. Read the fine print.
They sold me a lemon!. This place is horrible. Management is rude and are only here to get commission off people instead of selling them good cars.
I trade in my old vehicle so they can junk it for parts and use that money towards my down payment. I was in shock to see my old unsafe vehicle being sold in their lot! Take your money elsewhere. If you're desperate for a car, bring in your mechanic because I was completely ripped off. I lost more money trying to fix the car I drove off with than the car itself.

Carlos P. | 2014-12-19

This place is just weird. I've never experienced the paranoia and horrible customer service as I have at Windy City Motors. I stopped by first on 12/18 and liked a CRV that I wanted to test drive and take to my mechanic today. Yesterday I dealt with a guy named Jimmy who was very friendly but when I asked for him this morning was not in yet so I dealt with a guy named Carlos. When I came back to deny the car I waved and said hello to Jimmy and he looked at me like he never met me before and like he didn't like me. When I asked to test drive the CRV the owner or manager, Michael, asked me some ridiculous and paranoid questions starting with where was my trade-in parked and could we make a deal now. I said to him "you want me to make a deal before driving the car?" and he said yes! WHAT? I wanted to ask if I could go back to fifth grade and ask my teacher how to answer this question. Then he asked me if I carried full coverage on my car and I said "would you carry full coverage on a 1995 Camry?" and he asked me why I didn't answer his question! The salesman, Carlos, who rode with me to my mechanic, agreed that he's overly protective and believes people are out to get him due to the nature of the poor neighborhood where this dealership is located. Whatever. They also have a policy that if you give them a good review on the web they give you a 20.00 gas card. This is fishy. They should offer everyone who reviews them on the web a 20.00 gas card and take the good with the bad because here I am, never bought their car and will give them the review they deserve on Yelp. I believe they will delete a bad review off Google or their site, obviously. After all this, I found the car to have major problems: bad tires on the front without any tread and two totally different tires on the back. The car was leaking (but this was due to it being a 08 model and some maintenance issues have to be considered). What led me to a no-buy was mainly how the Michael, the manager or owner behaved like such a suspicious jerk before even letting me drive the damn thing but I found that the entire passenger side had been in an accident and there was bondo all over the place, further, they did a cheap and quick bondo job and painted over it outside and the paint didn't dry properly and my mechanic, who I trust completely, guaranteed me that within 6 months to 2 years at most all of that bondo would turn to rust. I'm done with this place. When I asked the manager about this he told me he was aware of this but there was nothing underneath the paint job for me to worry about. Further, the piece that goes underneath the back hatch door and over the bumper was not from that same model and year and color (which fooled me because it matched so well and I thought it was supposed to be two-toned) was from another different CRV altogether; when I mentioned this the manager he stated he had done this himself and there was nothing underneath to worry about. Right! This is why I left them with their CRV and every other car on their lot so they can worry about it. I test drove two cars yesterday from the far suburbs and I told them I had to take it to my mechanic on the north side of Chicago and they didn't blink an eye; this place acted as if I was buying a friggin' Lamborghini with a credit score of 100 and had to send their salesman with me. I didn't mind this too much except that I mentioned I had a partner and immediately he assumed it was a female so I let him go on and then he asked me if I was married legally and I stated no and he divulged that he thinks a man should be married with his wife under God's and the state's laws and then I couldn't wait to get this whole mess over with. Yuck!

Doug B. | 2014-05-12

I've been doing business with Windy City Motors since it was Norwood Park Motors in .. well, Norwood Park.  We bought a car for our son.  It had a problem that we discovered within a few weeks and the owner, Michael, not only took care of it but apologized saying they should have spotted the problem.
We've been having three of our cars serviced at Windy City and always come away feeling we were treated well and charged fairly.  In fact, there are times I question the bill as it seemed a bit low and I'm a fair-is-fair guy.
I could go on, we had an experience where another repair shop told me we needed several thousand dollars worth of work... Windy City checked it out and didn't agree.  Here we are 2 years down the road... still don't seem to need that work.
I'd buy another car from them without reservation and likely will be doing that soon.

Star L. | 2013-11-10

Dream turned nightmare!

March 2013, I went to this dealership and all was well - so it seemed.  The personnel was friendly, the owner was a nice guy, the mechanics were a little unprofessional, but everything seemed ok.  I was simply excited about being approved and driving away with a newer car.  

1. Test drive-  The truck that I selected was on empty.  The dealership allowed me to drive the truck one block to the gas station where they added $10 to the tank.  $10 to a 2004 Dodge Durango.  I was not allowed a full test drive....  What was that going to do?!

2. I noticed that the radio doesn't always power on.  You have to completely shut the truck off, open the door - so the radio powers off  and restart the truck again. (What?!?!?)

3.  Engine light-  I've only had the truck for 2 weeks, and now the engine light is on.  The mechanic at the dealership, say it's because I have a leak in the exhaust.  Well, that means you sold it to me with a leak.... The 131 point inspection never happened. The mechanic told me, they never do the full inspection- just the basics. (REALLY!!! Now you tell me.)  BTW- I informed that my windshield wiper hose was detached...but they did not have the proper piece to fix it. ($$)

4.  Two months- The brakes and rotors need to be replaced.  ($$$)

5. Wheels over inflated-  During the 1st week of driving the vehicle, I noticed that the back of the truck kept bouncing.  Every time I drove over a bump, the truck would not absorb the impact.  I took the car back to the dealership and the mechanic told me that whoever filled the tires had over filled them to make them "look good".  Thus he let some air out and the truck seemed to ride better.  Two days later on Memorial Day, the front tire is completed deflated.  This is when I learn that NONE of the tires where the same size and the dealership had not provided a spare tire - which they ensured me that they would.  ($$$)

6. TODAY- I received a $1,033.64 estimate to have the water pump replaced.  

Between the car payment, the insurance, and the  weekly/monthly repairs. -- I'd say i've been beat.


I returned to the dealer to resolved the issues with the truck that  I purchased...  Only to have the manager (Zebada) lie to me, yell and disrespect me, and make my visit very uncomfortable all in the presence of the owner-- who never reprimanded her or put a stop to her dramatic and unprofessional behavior.  

"Get that truck down off the lift, don't help them with anything!! They made us loose a sale!!!!"  (stomping across through the mechanic area) Zabata approached us feverishly in an uproar.  (Professionalism??? Not at all).

After being so caught off guard by this performance, I proceeded to talk to her calmly even in the midst of my dismay and her lack of manners.  Zedaba informed me that she was yelling because she had received information from another customer that I was "bad-mouthing" the dealership!!  Well, I never spoke ill of the the dealership... until now.  

I arrived at the dealership at 11AM and did not leave until 3:30 PM.  I had been wrongfully accused, lied to, made very uncomfortable, and disrespected.  I pay a monthly car note for a truck that hasn't operated properly since the purchase.  Of course I expect a resolution.   The owner, Michael, proceeded to give me a spare tire (as the truck was sold without one), and install a new sensor to make the engine light go off.  That never happened - the engine light is still on!  Brakes still bad, water pump still broken! The list goes on & on.

The manager (Zabada) obviously has a good amount of control in this establishment...the lack of professionalism has led to my decision to NEVER return.   Lesson: Only a happy customer will return.

The dealership is not accredited by the BBB.  

The cars are not  "Certified".

They offer no carfax.

I was even told by the sales man that my trade-in was sold for over $2500.  
PSA: That 1997 Ford Tarus was not even valued at $1000.  Scam artist!  The car should have been stripped for parts...It was truly a hazard to drive.

I will never recommend that anyone go here to purchase a vehicle.  The worst experience EVER!

This is yet another dealership in the city of Chicago that thrives on a specific targeted markets who's uniformed, desperate, and will buckle to pay over $350+ a month for a 10 year old vehicle that's not certified.

Shame on you Windy City Motors!