Western Avenue Nissan in Chicago, IL

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Western Avenue Nissan in Chicago, IL.

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Western Avenue Nissan

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(877) 637-0107
Address:7410 S Western Ave, Chicago, IL, 60636
  • Monday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Western Avenue Nissan

Claudette H. | 2015-04-25

This review is for the service department not the sales center. This Nissan service center has improved to the point it's unbelievable. I now have my Nissan serviced here all the time. If you have an appointment your wait time is not long at all and that's on a Saturday. However if you go in on a Saturday without an appointment you will be there for at least two and a half hours waiting. I do not suggest doing that. I did it once and was not a happy customer. They tend to have repairs being done in the waiting area during business hours and that can be annoying if you can't overlook it. The waiting area does need TLC. They also offer free water and coffee for the wait so no complaints there. If you have a maintenance package you will have to remind them because they tend to forget to look it up.

M E. | 2015-04-23

My parents always taught me "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." And I'm approaching this review with that frame of mind... otherwise, I'd do lower than 3 stars.

We drove to Western Ave Nissan from Rogers Park, which is approximately 20 miles one way. I even called and spoke to Sarah prior to driving down to confirm a used vehicle was on the lot and available and stated I would be driving down to view it: a 2013 Toyota Prius V with 45k miles for $15,500 on Internet special.

We arrived at 7:45pm. Albeit late, we were prepared to test drive immediately. However, they could not find this vehicle we requested to view until 8:50pm.

Granted, they have a large lot but over an hour to locate a vehicle? Come to find out, the stickers were on the wrong vehicle and the car that we were supposed to view needed to be jump started as well. Than, to make awful news even better... the advertised price for the vehicle with the amenities we wanted they would not honor because it was labeled incorrectly.

We got into a vehicle they stated was the one we wanted, on a pitch black lot. It did not have any of the options we were driving down for (navigation, back up camera). They than showed us a similar grey Prius with those options but for over $4k more than what we went down for. This is where they said the stickers were placed on the wrong vehicles.

They call it a sticker mishap. I call it bait and switch.

We left without a vehicle just after 9pm.

Rhonda W. | 2015-02-28

You have to give a star! SMH...
I normally look on Yelp! 1st before venturing to a new place. Why didn't I on this occasion? I will never know the answer but will always know the consequences of not looking before I leap. This is my 3rd Nissan & if I didn't have such faith in Nissan from past experiences it would be the last. This dealership is in this neighborhood to prey on the middle - low class. I suppose a new vehicle is less of a disappointment but 4 my 1st used car buying experience this is just sad! Buyer Beware!!

Christian L. | 2014-06-30

Do not buy from this place, they are very pushy about buying a car, and also after I told the sales person my budget, he comes back with a "Good News" I got you both cars with a good monthly  payment. so I asking about the final payment for both vehicles and it was almost twice that what we I have told him, so he sold me a versa and a sentra but the car that I really want it was the juke, well, he told that for the juke was like 5000 more, well after I got home and looked at their website, just to find out that it was only 1000 dollars more, that really pissed me off. I call them back the next day and they told me to bring back the vehicle and they would give me the juke but I told them that I would be back in 4 days on my day off, and they said that it was fine, well it wasn't, they didn't want to take the sentra back and they told me  that if I want the juke, that they would take it back like a trade in, and its value would be like 5000 dollars less that what I paid for, and only drove it like 20 miles, I was so pissed off, and now I am deciding if i should make the payments or just let it go, but without first driving it from New York to Cali and than to Florida and than back to New York.. and finally back to Chicago. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS PLACE!!!!!

Luis B. | 2014-04-29

Sam G took excellent care of me when I was on the market for a new car.  The dealer was super busy when I was shopping for my new car but he took his time with me and was pretty patient.   I had a ton of questions, this was my first new car.  He was recommended to me by a good friend that had a good experience.  If you are looking, talk to Sam G, he will take good care of you!  Thanks Sam G. !

Ana J. | 2013-11-02

If I can give them zero stars, I would!!! The service was horrible. The sales person and sales manager were very pushy. We gave them our budget and they kept insisting we had to make sacrifices in order to make very high car payments. We felt very uncomfortable and they came across as the stereotypical sleezy used car salespeople. Enter at your own risk. We went to another dealership and had a great experience and drove away with a car that was within our budget!!!

professorsmarty z. | 2013-10-28

Had a great car buying experience here after the terrible experience at McGrath City Honda.

Jerome, our sales person, greeted us immediately. He took us out on test drives and was very patient with us when we returned to negotiate. When he couldn't make a deal, he went to his supervisor, who came back and sat down and said "what can we do to earn your business?"

They gave us a great warranty deal on my pre-owned Versa, and put all the paperwork into the system perfectly. I did have an issue with a leak through my windshield about a month after the purchase, but since the warranty paperwork was done well, I had no problem getting it fixed at the Evanston Autobarn.

The service department was also nice and put on my plates in the rain right away when I came to pick up my car the week after purchase.

Only slight comment for improvement is the finance department didn't return my calls when I had questions about my warranty. Hopefully the manager there will talk to him about that and continue their overall good service.

Char Y. | 2013-09-03

friendly and helpful salesman that is willing to compromise and negotiate.

Nicole P. | 2012-11-13

They were awesome.  I've been having some really crappy experiences with Nissan dealerships.  This dealership and service center cured all that.  They provide the service that a Nissan owner would want.  Extremely helpful, friendly, and amazing.  They know what customer service is.  They took amazing care of me.  I'm so happy I found them.

Laurel W. | 2012-09-01

I am getting ready to relocate out west and need to find a car quickly. I found a vehicle that I thought was for a good deal at Western Avenue Nissan. My mom and I drove there from the suburbs, and when we got there we waited a few minutes for a salesperson. I couldn't even tell the salespeople from the regular customers because they were all wearing these tacky baseball jerseys. A salesperson finally comes up to us, asks us what we're looking for, and then proceeds to look for the keys. It took him close to 15 minutes to find a friggin' set of keys! Once he had them, he starts walking toward us like he's going to continue helping us, and then another customer comes up to him and starts talking to him and he completely blows us off! He didn't say "excuse me", or "I'm with another customer right now", or anything that would've been remotely courteous to us. After ignoring us for a few minutes (we really should've left at this point), he takes us out to see the car I was looking for. My mom and I proceeded to ask questions about the vehicle history and whether or not any repairs had been made, and he couldn't answer any of our questions. During the half hour we were there, this man composed himself like we were wasting his time. Needless to say, we left without making a purchase. I wouldn't recommend buying a car here from anybody. Also, the parking lot sucks. We nearly got hit by another customer as we were trying to leave!

Sonja S. | 2012-08-28

I haven't dealt with the dealership, but the service department has gone from bad to worst in the 6 years I've dealt with them.  I've always been leery of the high turnover in service representatives, but didn't worry too much about it as long as the service was good.  At this point, the only person I trust there is the mechanic, Scott.  I've felt gauged by any other mechanic and lately, the service reps seem more concerned with upcharging you than treating your car with the car that it deserves.

I've taken my car back and forth for a transmission light that's been on since November of 2011 and it's still not resolved.  The last time I took the car, I was told they had no idea why it was doing that and to watch the car.  Then, Allen, a sales rep, went to talk to the sales manager who said the same thing.  A few minutes later the sales manager said that he though the car was under warranty, but since it wasn't, he was able to tell me exactly what the problem was and how to resolve it.  That's some crazy, shady mess, if you ask me.

Also, watch your car when it leaves and be aware of any changes.  The past 3 or 4 times I've been there when I receive my car, the radio station has been changed.  All they're doing is moving your car a few yards -- I don't understand why someone has to take the time and trouble to change my station (to one that's not pre-programmed) for a few yards.  Just turn the radio off!!

I understand they take the car for a test drive, but again, if you're listening to what's going on with the car, listen to the car -- not my radio.  The radio thing bothers me along with the fact that guys will move your car while talking on their cell phones.  I don't like to drive while talking on my cell phone, so I certainly don't want to see someone else sit on the phone while driving my car.

I'm sure this all seems petty, but I try to take great care of my car and I want anyone whom I entrust it to do the same.

The Noise FM S. | 2012-02-24

When we last checked in, it was January 12, and our van had just slipped into some sort of inter-dimensional purgatory. As far as we can tell, it's still there, because over a month later, we still don't have our van. Oh, we've seen glimpses of it certainly. We even drove that beast home one night. That was before we drove it right back the next morning because of an electrical short that caused a constant beeping noise and another sound coming from beneath the hood that might have been a small helicopter failing to achieve lift-off.  Also, we had to have the van jumped that morning - apparently she's kind of temperamental in the cold or whenever someone tries to turn the key in the ignition.

We speak to the folks over at Western Avenue Nissan several times a week, and they've kept us informed on how our little monster is doing. She's still recovering - from what, we're not quite sure. It's a waiting game at this point, but rumor has it we may be able to pick her up (again) from Western Avenue Nissan as early as next week!

Stay tuned, and until then our 2-star rating remains in effect!

Cortney R. | 2011-07-02

Just drove home with a brand new 2011 Nissan Sentra after a visit to Western Avenue Nissan. While I know they are all salespersons and therefore success is based on of being friendly, I felt like my salesman Booker went above and beyond. He was not pushy at all and was warm, respectful, and patient. Booker got me a great deal and made it possible for me to drive away in a new car without feeling ripped off or hustled. If I was rating Booker himself, I would give it 5 stars, however, due to the long wait time for completing the whole process I had to mark them down. I should mention that several people apologized for the wait.

I went on a Saturday and from what I was told, that is the busiest day so if you're planning on checking this place out you might want to venture in on a weekday.