Value Auto Mart Inc in Chicago, IL

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Used Car Sales and Financing.


Established in 1969.

We have been in business for over 50 years. We are familiy owned and operated and have had the same business model and location since 1969.

Value Auto Mart Inc

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(773) 637-7575
Address:2734 N Cicero Ave, Chicago, IL, 60639
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 5:30 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Value Auto Mart Inc

Miriam C. | 2013-09-26

this place sucks.

J R. | 2013-02-25

So I found this place on the Internet, I was looking for a dealership that would work with my credit score as I'm trying to rebuild after more that 4 surgeries, I was backed up in paying the bills. I called and set an appointment with Veronica, a salesperson.  She had me bring the necessary paperwork she needed to get me approved. On the day of the appointment things went pretty smoothly I was in & out in about 2 hours again because of my credit I expected my APR/payments to be high but I really didn't have any other choice. ONE day after I had the car my check engine light went on. Frustrated, I called the dealership who then pushed me off to the repairs dept who then tried to have me make an appt for the following month to get the car looked at by them even more frustrated I demanded to speak to the manager I mean, it had only been ONE DAY!! After arguing with the guy he set me up with an appt the next day. So I decided to go to Pep-boys to have a full inspection of my car before I went in so that I know exactly what to expect because now I'm stuck with this car! Luckily there wasn't anything MAJOR going on with it but it needed a few things done. I requested a list and the next day took it in and Value auto and made appointments all through march to get it fixed because they only give you 30 days "everything" warranty meaning if anything goes wrong within those first 30 days, they will fix it for free! So my clever self wanted to make sure that I used everyday I could from those 30 days to check off my list lol! Hopefully by April, My car will be perfect! :)

My advice!
-if you have to buy a car from Value Auto get an all over inspection and take that list to them so you know exactly whats wrong with the car or take your mechanic with you to the appt!
-READ THE CONTRACT!! So important with these people, they're very sneaky!

Good Luck! :)

Marie C. | 2013-02-21

Worst Company that I ever dealt with they are financing us and taking money out of our accounts and keep telling me that we are always behind.  WILL NEVER BUY A CAR FROM THERE...

Nati F. | 2012-11-29

I purchased my 2001 mercury sable last year and since now I been complaining about the since we bought it. She promised me that the car was going to get fixed because of the warranty and she made me feel confident about buying the car. Once I signed the papers its more like a middle finger in my face and didnt want to deal with me. They told me that the waiting list was between 3-4 months which is not neccessary for almost 2 years I had no heater in my car, no airbag/horn, didnt want to fix the shocks and believe me there was more problem with that car since I bought it and also the so called manager Gilbert said oh well we cant do nothing about it ur warranty expired but what about when since day one they promised me they were going to fix everything. They took adjvantage of me cuz of my credit and also a big warning with this dealership im paying right now since we talking to a lawyer that we are paying 14000 for a 2001 mercury sable that which I was in shocked cuz in the papers it says 8000. Not only that the transmission was no good that I had no money for a new transmission the car didnt lasted 2 years until I filed a compliant to the BBB but like I said dont they took care part of it and just patched up the transmission not knowing if this car gonna last another year which I doubt it. Now once again this car left me in the middle of the street while taking my son to school and my 7 year son is used to this car that he tells people once again this car dont work and had to miss school cuz of this car not turning on and once again we called them after a month when they supposedly fixed this car and now they say we cant do nothing about it take it to the mechanic but then I get a call later on saying they want thier payment which im never late.Please I advise stay away from this dealership been having car problems and left stranded many many times and have witness. This place is a scam and process of taking them to court since they dont wanna deal with us. Tired of being nice. And like I said till now still problems with my car and dont turn on. Scam

Nafeesah A. | 2012-01-21

My boyfriend and I had gone to Value Auto Mart earlier this evening to find out about getting rid of his 2002 Saturn which to me was a lemon because these people are something else selling cars on their lots that are notorious for problems such as the Chrysler PT cruiser which is known for major transmission issues. Saturns are known to have a lot of engine problems and in my boyfriend's case his car has a rebuilt engine and also had a recall sticker which wasnt disclosed to him when he bought it and one red flag that signaled to me that this place was selling bad cars is that they don't let you test drive a car which is NOT how a legitimate car dealership runs things. We had visited Webb Chevy and we test drove a 2012 Chevy Sonic. I was impressed more with a dealership than this BS excuse of a dealership. I warn anyone who is looking to trade in or buy a new or used car DO NOT....I repeat DO NOT buy a car off Western Avenue that looks like a hole in the wall establishment because chances likely you will end up with a lemon and don't even know it. If a dealer won't let you test drive what you're going to buy they're not legitimate and a legitimate dealership will let you test drive a car or cars if you're going to turn a shopping trip into a long term investment.  If you got duped by this place consult with an attorney that deals with lemon laws and file a suit because you should be paying for a car that you have NO reason to put any money into excessive maintenance other than normal wear, If your car has excessive issues that fall outside the normal lines of wear and tear you have a lemon on your hands.

Amanda C. | 2011-04-06


I was 19 when I purchased my first car here, they knew exactly what they were doing. They sold Me a 1998 white NIssan Maxima with 165,000 for $10K. WAY OVERPRICED. Not to mention they said the interest rate was 12%, later I found out they entered 16%. I did not have bad credit either. I asked if there was anything wrong with it... please....

2 months later, I got stranded. Had to pay to tow the car there, alternator went bad. They replaced it for free since it was within 90 days. Every few months after that either the alternator or the starter or both went out. Had to have the wheel bearings replaced too, 4 months later.Brakes went out every six months too. I spent more money, time & aggravation on the damn car in 3 years then I purchased. They are rude and didn't care. They sold me a bogus car and knew from the beginning. HAD ELECTRICAL ISSUES!

I was told by a mechanic get rid of it as soon as you can.... yeah... I had to pay $330 a month over 3.5 years, get rid of it?

Every car on the lot is old & has a minimum of 100,000 miles on it. Even if you have dirt credit you could go somewhere else and get better.