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Toyota On Western

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(773) 776-4016
Address:6941 S Western Ave, Chicago, IL, 60636

Reviews on Toyota On Western

Thomas S. | 2015-02-17


BEFORE trying TOYOTA on WESTERN, we visited several other dealerships over a few weeks. At these other locations we met an assortment rude, disrespectful, and deceptive salespeople. Rudeness alone is no problem; I deal with it on a daily basis in the service industry.

THEN I visited TOYOTA on WESTERN and met Quinton Powell. He was polite. He was laidback. He was friendly. He chatted with us about anything and everything but in a considerate, natural way; and not in the contrived style I'd come to expect. When I suggested a price far below market (around 50% of retail), Quinton was empathetic in explaining that it wouldn't be possible. At another dealership, I was asked, "Don't you use the internet? How come you don't know anything about cars?" In addition, Quinton's sales manager, Chris Alvarez, was extremely patient with me and I really appreciated it. I'm not sure how other buyers are, but I don't buy many cars. So I want to take my time and think over all the details before I jump into a decision that will affect the next several years of my life. Chris never pressured me. He never used the, "You'll never find another deal like this," tactic that I experienced at other locations. They were considerate and supportive.

I feel like I got a great price in the end. But when you deal with good people, the focus shifts away from price to simply wanting to do business with thoughtful, high-caliber individuals. I was grateful to get the best of both worlds at TOYOTA on WESTERN.

Deij P. | 2015-01-05

Was excited to shop here but have left several times disappointed. Initially when looking at the used cars, I was genuinely excited. New-ish car for me, so many to choose from. Liked one but the mileage was too high for the price, then was shown an Impala and I loved it. Buying the car took seriously, 4 hours. Why?! Basically an all day affair as the guy assisting me was helping others at the same time making the process THAT much longer. Was promised the car would be detailed, so that was the wait, whatever.

When I finally got my car to drive off, there were noticeable scratches on the hood and other parts of the body of the vehicle. First, the guy who sold me the car said, "It's not big deal, just take it to Maaco for $89, it's just a few scratches." Yeah, after paying THAT much for a car it needs to be in great condition. Talked to the manager who swore we could bring it back and get it polished (Anytime, Monday thru Friday, just let us know when). Then I only got one set of keys (1 key + 1 FOB), and was told just to come back for that too.

So I go back for the key and polishing after my husband called and they said okay. I stop by, guys aren't there who do the body work, so I have to come back. Oh, yeah and they said I might as well just get my keys done then too. Made an appt for the following Monday at 11am. Great.

I get to the shop, am told it'll take about 45 minutes for them to buff the scratches out. No big, got my work clothes on so I can do some shopping before work. over 3 hours later my car is finally ready. My keys are copied. Yet I'm handed my keys with just an extra key and no extra FOB. What?! And my car was still scratched up, they just polished it to make it less noticeable. So beware, maybe not the best place. I'm surely disappointed after all this drama and I was ready to send people their way but not anymore.

Aminah H. | 2014-12-20

Need a car see Bob Chapman. He's great. No nonsense and he gets you in and out with a good deal.

Mike P. | 2014-10-26

Excellent transaction. My wife and I were in the market for a new car. We decided on a Rav 4 limited. We walked in knowing exactly what we wanted. And while they didn't have the vehicle, our sales rep, Channon Brown,  assured us that they could get the vehicle. He delivered. I had quotes from upwards of 12 different dealerships and they beat the best quote without blinking an eye. Also, I received book value on my trade "sight unseen". The other nearby toyota dealership told me that I would not be able to beat their trade offer which was well below book value.

They wanted our business and made sure they would beat ANY price and they did.

Carlos R. | 2014-09-13

Ive never had a more easy transaction go smoothly as the two ive had at this toyota dealership. Greg took care of me both times and let me say that im very impressed with their serious approach to getting what the customers want. I got value in my trade and they did not refuse my car or price. They make it possible for you to ride out of here with the car you want. They dont have alot of quantity here but they have lots of quality. They do not disappoint. Will be back and i highly recommend this dealership.

Edmond S. | 2014-08-22

Purchased 2011 Toyota Sienna SE with 32k miles on it Toyota Certified.  3 days later after the first car wash the rear bumper paint was peeling off very easily.  I took it to a Toyota Certified Body Shop and they said the rear bumper has been replaced and the rear tailgate as well, rear bumper needs to be repainted and the tailgate needs to be caulked from the inside to keep it from getting rusted out.  He then looked at the entire body and said the front bumper has been repainted and it doesn't match the shine of the rest of the body and has a gouge/cut on the bottom of the front bumper that needs to be replaced and painted to match Toyota Certification standards set for by Toyota.  I also discovered some mechanical issues like significant steering wheel and seat vibrations above 65 mph.  The steering wheel is not centered when going straight, squeaks and squeals coming from the front of the interior and the rear.  Excessive swirl marks all over the body of the vehicle, lots of buffable scratches and scratches that need to fixed, dings that needs to be fixed on the passenger sliding door.  The car has 160 points that need to be up to par in order to be Toyota Certified, it failed at 11 points and I pointed it to the salesman and he said I should have purchased a new vehicle then, this was upsetting because I didn't certify the car, the dealership did and now that it doesn't meet the standards they don't want to stand by it and get the things done.  I am sorry but if this wasn't a Certified vehicle I would have never purchased it and because it is certified I expect these issues to be taken care of, it is not my fault it has issues.  I talked to other dealerships in the area and they said this car shouldn't have been certified in the first place with all these issues.  The only options are to fix these issues and all of them, not doing it is not an option.  The Dealership Certified the vehicle and the certification entails that it meets these 160 point inspection standards and it doesn't.  I didn't certify it and didn't make up the 160 point inspections, they did and now they must fix it, it is not my fault!

Sam H. | 2014-05-10

Beware this company specializes in scamming people, I have had two different isolated issues with this dealership, the first was when they posted a car online , the second was when I purchased a part from the parts department.

a few months ago I was looking for a car, they posted a nice car online for a great price, I gave them a call and they told me to come by and take a look at the car, I specifically asked if the car was available and if it had any problems, the sales rep told me know that this car was the perfect car and that it was available and that he was standing in front of it looking at it as we speak, I made an appointment and wasted an hour of my time commuting to the dealership, on my way there I called again to make sure that the car was available because I am a very busy person and I didn't want to waste my time, once again the salesman assured me that the car was available. Once I got there I asked for the sales rep which I have talked to over the phone, when I asked him about the car that I was interested in , he tried to divert me and started to show me on a bunch of other cars which I was not interested in , I kept explaining to the sales rep that I was not interested and that I am only here to see the car which I saw online, after an hour of him show me other cars he finally says OK and said he was going to go get the keys and show me where the car is, he left me alone for about 15 minutes then another sales rep came up to me and asked me if I have been helped, I told the sales rep that I am already dealing with another person and that they were getting the keys for a car that I was interested in , he then starts saying let me show you another car I think it will be a better car for you, by then I was really frustrated and demanded to talk back to the original sales rep I was dealing with, the sales rep comes back and says that he cannot find the car that I wanted, I told him what do you mean you can't find the car you told me over the phone that you were looking right at it,  he tells me sorry I don't know what to tell you.  I finally demanded to talk to the manager, a slick looking guy comes out from a room and I explained to him what had happened,  he then apologizes and said he will go and check on the car, he comes out 10 min later and says that there is no such car that they have for sale , I showed him his website and the stock number and he tells me that that car does not exist in their inventory.  Wtff but the guy verified that they had it while I was on the phone with them, by then I was just ready to leave, the manager insists that he could help me find a better car, the only reason they post that car online for a great price was to draw customers in, beware half of the cars they have online are fake inventory.

The second issue I had with them, last week I ordered a proportioning valve for the brake system, they asked me if the vehicle had ABS or not, I told them that the vehicle did have  ABS , I picked up the valve for $200, when I got back to the car and matched it with the original part it turned out that it was the wrong part, I called them right away and it turned out that they sent me the wrong part for a car without ABS brake system, so I asked for the right part that I needed, they told me that they did not have it in stock and that it will take 5 business days to get, I told them that's fine and waited for 5 days, by the 6th day I did not receive the part and gave them a call, they told me that the part was on a national back order and that you will not have it for another 5 days unless I pay an additional $38 for overnight shipping, at this point I just needed to get my vehicle running again and decided to pay the extra overnight charge , but guess what I did not receive it the next day I received it four days later and was still charged the overnight fee, when I went to go pick up the right ABS proportioning valve, I wanted to return the wrong part they sent me , he said that there would not be a problem, however I would have to pay an additional $40 for a restock fee, are you freaking kidding me you guys sent me the wrong part how is that my fault, I nicely asked the parts representative to not charge me a restocking fee due to them sending me the wrong part, now let me remind you that I had to wait 9 days while I was promised 5 days and I paid the next day delivery fee which of course I did not get the next day, and on top of that they wanted to charge me 40 dollars  to take the part back which they made a mistake and gave me the wrong part. How the hell is that fair. They said sorry that that was their policy in that there is nothing they could do , who won the real deal with these money hungry rip offs / scam artist, if I could give them a negative 5-star I would, do not ever deal with this dealership , they are slick and only care about maximizing their profit, beware stay away.

Erin M. | 2013-12-16

Had a great experience purchasing a used car here from Gali Chavez. I saw a used 2007 Hyundai online and went the next day to check it out after work. Gali showed us the car and we took it for a test drive- they were able to budge a little on the price for us and we paid what I felt was a very fair price for a used car in good condition and with low mileage. I can't stress enough how great Gali was as a salesman- at no point did I feel pushed into a purchase. It was an added benefit to do registration and plates in the dealership. The whole experience was very low pressure and low stress. Thank you for making our first used car purchase experience a comfortable one. When we need a new or used car in the future we will definitely be back!

Maurice B. | 2013-03-13

As much as I and everyone who owns a vehicle hate going to the dealership for repairs, I really enjoy the warmth and perfessionalism I've received from Brittany Rogers during my countless number of times I've gone. She's not overbearing and will only recommend the necessary repairs. My money will be spent at this repair shop.

Rebecca S. | 2012-10-10

After 3 months of looking for the best price with no hassel I bought a car from TONY BEDOLLA last night. I called him asked him the best price and he beat all 6 dealers I was talking to about the same Rav4 V6 Limited! Not only did he beat them (without even asking or telling him I was dealing with others) he emailed the buyers order so I could see exactly what I was going to pay and gave me top dollar for my trade. That made me head over there and he kept his word. No haggle needed. So he beat every other dealer, gave me what I wanted for my trade and was very nice on top of it all. Then Holly Hart did my financing and even got the info for my refund on my other warrenty. Service all around was 110%
This dealer may not be in the best location and it was a drive but worth the visit!
I have bought 6 new cars thus far and if and when I need another car I will be coming back to this dealer!
Best tip for anyone is ask for TONY BEDOLLA (he has been there 20 years and will NOT screw you over) and tell him Rebecca Stewart sent you...
I went to where I bought my last two Toyotas figuring they could help me because I am a returning customer, I was wrong! These guys are amazing!
A very happy and pleased customer!

Thank You,

Rebecca Stewart

Frank J. | 2012-08-15

I have to really say that this dealership's service department really impresses me. Alot of Toyota dealers have grown so impersonal since the popularity of the brand has taken off. Not here! They really make you feel like you are valued. The service is top notch and the quality of workmanship is pretty good as well. I use them for all my service needs.

Tony K. | 2012-05-21

Oddly enough I got a kill price on a used toyota. Nice people too. I just treated them with kindness and they did the same. :)  I told them I understand they have to make SOME money. I searched for 3 months and found a nice car. I know there are ass-clowns out there regarding dealerships but  I dont feel these guys are like that. They even took apart a valve cover to show me there was no gunk :)

Dimo R. | 2012-02-20

I got Toyota Prius form these guys last year - these guys are the worst in terms of service. I was supposed to get OEM remote starter, they installed cheap one instead...  They promised  so many things until i get  the car and as soon as i was out of the door, the whole thing just went down, nothing but problems and bad communication. Don't  buy cars from there, drive few miles and go to another dealership.

Aja M. | 2011-08-17

Super nice people! I am always treated promptly and with respect! Love them to pieces!

Vanessa H. | 2011-01-25

I have two perspectives for this review, one from the buyer side, one from the service side.

Buying a car from here: I did not purchase my car here, they didn't have th color or model for Rav4 I was looking for. So I went somewhere else, this other place didn't have it either, but they offered to get it from an out of state Toyota Dealer at no extra charge. I'm not quite sure why Western Toyota didn't offer to do this for me, but hey, their loss right? I would have liked to just get it from Toyota on Western and avoid the trip out to Orland to pick up my new car, but whatever, no biggy...

Servicing your car here: I go to this dealer for a regular oil change every 5K. The wait isn't too bad, maybe about an hour...I've never really timed it, so I wouldn't know for sure. And I've gone at various times of the day and week. The workers are always super nice to me and never try to sell me anything in addition to what I need and their valid recommendations. They let me know what my car is in need of, for example, I needed new breaks, they gave me the run down of how much it would be to get them done there. I kindly rejected they do the service and opted to buy the parts from Toyota and have someone elso do it. They didn't mind at all.

Bonus: they have a kiddy area in the waiting lounge, coffee, tv, wifi, vending machines, and donuts on Saturday mornings :)

Downfall: no complimentary car wash with service :(

Deborah M. | 2011-01-14

Don't buy anything from here. I happen to be one of the unlucky customers that purchases a 2010 Corolla and it was included in the Toyota recall. To assist the customer with the recall, Toyota offered me a two month extension on my contract.  Sound ok?  Well, I missed one payment and they repossessed my car.  They stated I missed three payments.  DO NOT TRUST THEM!  I insisted upon speaking with a supervisor and they refused to transfer me. Toyota Financial is a joke. I have also reported them to the better business bureau. I also told them the amount they are demanding does not add up to three months of payments. Common sense. Yes, Toyota is a damn joke!  I will never buy another vehicle from them.  NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Keeya S. | 2011-01-11

I bought my first car here (2010 corolla)and i must admit it was an excellent experience i felt comfortable and they made me feel right at home. I would recommend this place no doubt  my note is low everything. I freaking love this place and the people in it!

Frank G. | 2009-04-03

Unless you're vehicle is under warranty and the labor and service are laready taken care of it makes no sense to take your vehicle to a new car store to have it serviced.  Most of the time if you can find a reputable shop you'll get the same service for less.  A reason I say this is because when I first bought my truck it was 3 years old.  After a month the check engine light came on.  I freaked out and fearing the worst, took it here for diagnostic test.  Also I thought it would be good time to check the ball joints and tie rod ends as she would shake somewhat during highway driving.  I dropped the truck off early in the afternoon.  Told the what needed to be addressed and left.  They promptly called me back three hours later telling me the truck had been corrected and was ready fro pick up.  The problem with the light?  If you leave the gas cap on toyota loose for very long this will actuate the check engine light.  I was not aware of this phenomea.  So in essence they charged me a $45 diagnostic fee for something they probably had seen many times before and  did as soon as the truck was brought into the shop.  That was the first thing the fvcked me on!  Then they said my ball joints, and tie rod ends were fine and that it was probably the fact that I needed my tires rotated.  They charged me $25 for this.  After I took the truck back the same problem happened when I took her out on the highway.  After an inspection by a  neighbor ( whom is a ceritfied mechanic) he told me the ball joints could use replacement but, my tie rod ends were shot.  Funny! the fancy dealership said evrything was fine with the linkage but, the problem was due to a tire change problem?  After this I vowed never to take it back there for anyhting.
 I am used to doing a good portion of my repairs\ maintenance on my vehicles so i thought I would do the work myself.  Had to come by again and order the parts through them.  Bad move.  The parts came quick and the guy whom helped me out on the order was helpful, but when it cam it was the wrong part so my truck had to stand on jacks for two days!  They got me the right part and tool some off the price becasue of the mishap, for this reason they don't get negative stars.  Once  I was doing a repair witha part I was unfamilar with and didn't know it's proper name. I came to the service desk to request it. Thinking I could point out the part and have then tell me what  the correct vernacular it was for it.  Some greasy, prick behind the counter told me he couldn't do that or have a mechanic come out to the lot to show him and have him tell me what it was I needed. I would have to leave it  there and then they could charge me for an hour or two to tell me the god@mned part's name!
 FVCK , off toyota on western!  You won't give me the "high hat" no more.  In the future I willl go to a different toyota dealer for parts, even if means going  to the suburbs or whatever.

Ernie F. | 2008-05-22

I've not had anything big done here - just oil change, regular inspection, tire rotation, that sort of thing.  I have a 2005 with only 10K miles so it is not in need of much right now.
The guys at the service desk are really nice to me when I go in and don't make me feel like a total idiot just because I am an idiot when it comes to car repairs.  They've never upsold me on anything service-wise but I've not had anything major repaired.
The service is done pretty quickly considering I usually drop in at 9am on a Saturday when they are hopping.  I usually hop on a bus to the Sears to kill time but you can sit in their waiting area too.
I don't know anything about repair prices, but I find their regular service prices to be reasonable.

Lee-Han H. | 2005-11-21

this place is not cool...the only thing good is the service price.