The Autobarn City Volkswagen in Chicago, IL

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The Autobarn City Volkswagen is Chicagoland's #1 Volkswagen dealer.  We are proud to offer the largest indoor VW, VW Certified and Pre-Driven vehicle showroom in Chicago. Because of our first class Volkswagen Service, our competitive pricing on all of our New and used Volkswagens and our generous trade in offers, our customer base has expanded to other communities throughout Chicagoland including Mount Prospect, Countryside, Elmhurst, Schaumburg, Downers Grove, Joliet, Oak Lawn, Gurnee, Naperville, Evanston, Aurora, Orland Park, Libertyville and everywhere in between. VW's award winning product lineup includes the 2013 Passat, Jetta, Jetta Sport Wagon, Golf, Golf R, GLI, EOS, CC, Tiguan, Touareg, Routan and Beetle.  Volkswagen is also proud to offer our award winning Clean Diesel TDI lineup which includes the Jetta TDI, Jetta Wagon TDI, Passat TDI, Beetle TDI and Touareg TDI.


Established in 1990.

We started in 1990, as Wholesalers. Disillusioned with the confrontational sales process in dealerships we had worked in during the 1980s, we started a business where we would purchase traded-in vehicles from new car dealerships and re-sell them to other new car dealers. Business was brisk, and soon we needed a place to get these cars ready! A big old barn-like building was located in Highland Park, and we named it...The Autobarn... and went to work. But, something strange happened... people started to come in and asked if they could buy the cars before they got wholesaled! We realized that the non-confrontational way that we were presenting our cars was what some people wanted, and the Autobarn Sales Process was born! Soon we were retailing more cars than we were wholesaling, and customers were having fun in our showroom - shooting baskets, racing slot cars, drinking strong coffee and buying old BMW's!!! Ask our Associates about our commitment to VW, we are committed enthusiasts

The Autobarn City Volkswagen

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(773) 794-7800
Address:5330 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL, 60641
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on The Autobarn City Volkswagen

Patrick M. | 2015-04-24

The Autobarn City Volkswagen has a really a great place to do business. What impressed me most is what they do for college grads, the provide a substantial $800.00 savings to buy or lease a car. I found JP Christensen to be really knowledgeable and helpful in every way, no pressure, just the facts. They've been designated as a Preferred Partner for the area colleges and there is a great reason for the designation. They are great dealership.

Brian P. | 2015-04-18

I bought a very nice vehicle from them and had a great sales woman. The sales manager negoiated a decent deal, so I was happy. WARNING, after the sale...they IGNORE phone calls and messages!!!!  I recently traded in the vehicle I bought from them and was given the run-around about getting my GAP insurance refund. After three weeks of leaving messages and finally talking to someone, I was told to drive all the way up to their dealership from my home on the southside with various documents. My guess they told me anything just to not be bothered. After getting there, I had to wait over 40 minutes to have a one minute conversation with a finance person who told me I didn't have to come to see them because the form I needed to fill out was on a website... and I was told the documents I brought weren't the ones I needed to submit! So I fill out the form and send in the necessary documents to SAFEGAP, Now I'm waiting on the dealership (who received the paperwork from the GAP insurance company) to refund the remaining balance. It's been nearly a month since Autobarn has had this refund paperwork! I've called and left messages to the finance people five times and they haven't even bothered to call back! These guys only want your money!!! After any sale with're on your own! They don't have time to talk to you or return calls! Even the call takers get snippy when you call back after leaving messages and ask to speak to a real person, guessed it, they connect you to a machine and no one gets back to you. Find another dealer to do business with that values and respects you as a human being.

Guillermo G. | 2015-04-08

Another reason for my low rating...

When I bought my car in 2013 I got the Autogaurd coverage to protect the paint, it was presented to me by the Financial lady (Lisa) as a 2 times a year service where you get the paint sealed and the car detailed making it look as brand new, which made the coverage look attractive.

I recently moved out of the State but before I moved I went to the dealership to service the car and talk to the current Financial person about all the coverages I got and what the implications were by moving out of the State, I was told all coverages would stay the same and I all I needed to do was to go to a VW dealership in my new city.

Yesterday, I went to a dealership in California to have the car looked at because of a VW part recall, while there I asked about the paint coverage I got, and what to do in order to get it, they were not sure about what I was talking about and recommended to call the dealership in Chicago about this coverage.

I called the Autobarn City Volswagen in Irving Park and pretty sure spoke to the same financial lady I spoke before I moved who now is telling me that I don't need to reseal the paint and the one application is enough but if I wanted to reseal the paint I could, as long as I went to one of their stores in Illinois. So I have to drive 2200 miles to get the service I am paying for the next 4 years?

I can't wait to see how the other coverages I bought work! Especially after I also bought a VW warranty extension (7 years or 90k miles) through this dealership and I have been receiving calls every day in January from VW indicating that my warranty has expired. According to VW this happens when you buy an extension and the premiums are included with your monthly car payments, because the dealership does not communicate of this to VW until something happens and you really need to use the coverage and then have to get everything figured it out... I can't wait!

Gina R. | 2015-04-01

I have been bringing my VW Eos here for two years and it is the best place for car service--bar none. Conrad and his team treat me with dignity and respect; as a woman, such an approach distinguishes this service station from all of the rest. He always makes sure each procedure is explained carefully, and he always goes the extra mile to ensure everything is done expertly.

Mark M. | 2015-03-31

Dan was professional and courteous throughout our purchase process
Glad we bought from there rather than autobarn in Evanston
Highly recommend

Chelsea H. | 2015-03-25

Came to look at a 2007 Honda CRV priced at 10,975 sales guy tells me it's in service waiting on an oil sensor but will let me see how long the wait is for the part. Sales guy brings over another guy who he introduced as the "used car sales manager" he then tells me the car was initially listed as is but since he is making it "more nicer" the price will be increasing to $12,900.00 we said thank you and left. Is this switch and bait typical? Very disappointed in the behavior of your employees. You should not list a car with incorrect pricing. Also googled and the oil sensor is $26. Wow!!!!

Tiffany C. | 2015-03-21

I had an amazing experience at this particular Volkswagen dealership! I just bought my car from another dealership when the following day I realized that the car needed an oil change. I called the original dealership to inquire as to why this simple maintenance wasn't done before the car was driven off of the lot and I was told that it was my responsibility now. I searched for a closer dealership and the Autobarn on Irving Park came right up! How refreshing it was to find out that the oil change was actually still under warranty by the manufacturer and that they would take care of everything! Why wasn't the oil change, especially since it was still under the warranty, done? Who knows? After coming off of that uncomfortable experience it was refreshing to see the friendly face of Kate Dziekan telling me that everything will be taken care of! Thank you so much!

Jen C. | 2015-02-21

Went 3 weeks ago for my overpriced $90 oil change in which I left with my tire pressure light on. Service guy tells me it takes 5-6 miles to turn off after resetting. NOT TRUE! Since that time I ran out of windshield fluid and antifreeze. Both of which are included in the oil change but I had to pay to refill myself. So what exactly was I waiting 2 hours for you to do seeing as you were not actually doing all the things you say are included in your oil change? Did you even actually change my oil??? I have given this place many chances because I use to live in the neighborhood but I will not be coming back because you do not do honest work.

Greg C. | 2015-01-24

Bought my first car on my own. It was a lightly used GTI. It was a great experience with friendly staff and comfortable environment for customers to lounge while waiting. I recommend James Berce!

Rebekka L. | 2015-01-19

I am finally giving my review after speaking with a reputable dealer (Jennings Volkswagen) that proved this Autobarn City very wrong! I've taken my VW Eos to the Autobarn City's service department many times over the last 2 years. Thus, I trusted them for a long period of time. Then it happened.
Months ago, I had several issues with my VW Eos and took it to the Autobarn as I had many times before. Long story short, they had my car for over a MONTH (and I was the one who had to contact them continuously, no calls from the service department were made to me). They tried to charge me thousands of dollars stating that the problems they found weren't covered under my warranty. They told me they had a rep from the warranty company come out to check the damage and that the rep was the one to make that decision. I declined their services and wanted a second opinion. When I came to pick up my car, it took them 30 minutes just to "find it" although I had told them days before that I was picking up my car that day. Before I left, they even tried to charge me for having their car past a certain amount of days. Really? Needless to say, I was pretty upset.
I then decided to take it to Jennings Volkswagen for a second opinion. Within minutes of me arriving, the customer service rep there called my warranty company.  They had no records of anyone from Autobarn City contacting them let alone a rep visiting the dealership! Within that week, Jennings had a warranty rep at the dealership to evaluate the problems and see if they were covered under warranty. And guess what? Everything was covered and I didn't have to pay for a thing!
After this incident, I would never go to the Autobarn City again.

Dave R. | 2015-01-08

Rick at the service counter was a nice kid. He was very polite and quick to take care of me.  If it was just a review for Rick it would be 5 stars but that's where the good services ends. I bring my car back to them only because I bought there best used car warranty. When I bought the car the sales manager convinced me everything is covered on the car EVERYTHING! Long story short I've only owned the car since may of 13. I bought it with 58000 on it, I've only put 10000 on it and the car is a complete, problem riddled junk! I drive it like a baby, take extremely good care of it and keep maintenance up on it. I wrote out a laundry list of serious issues with the car, total of 22 different serious problems! The first thing said to me is we don't cover this we don't cover that! Are you kidding! What about this big fancy expensive warranty??? Rick says let's see what I can find out Monday morning about the warranty and I'll give you a call by Monday afternoon. So now it's Tuesday afternoon, finally recieve a call telling me to pick my car up and bring it to a Volvo dealership. He goes on to say that they don't have the tools to work on my car? Really!!! Is this the first Volvo ever to enter there service department couldnt they of told me when i brought the car in and they seen my list of problems to bring it to a volvo then? Instead i had to go a couple of days with no vehicle. I was told that this is there procedure. What a joke!!t! So I come pick my car up, I wait in there very nice waiting room for nearly a half hr for a porter to bring me my car. I finally get my car and look at the dash and see the low tire pressure light is still on. Talk about icing on the cake, nobody took two seconds to fill my low tire lol!!! I shook my head and off I went promising myself to never ever bring my car there again

Sara D. | 2015-01-04

One of the crappiest car buying experiences. James was helpful to an extent. I cannot fathom what a shark the manager himself was. After driving off in an 03 Jetta to take to my mechanic to check out which broke down in the middle of the street.. Aside from the display of the showroom I can't think of any good words for this place.

Jose G. | 2015-01-01

The general manager Dan at this dealer is the most rude and disrespectful person I have ever met. He dresses unprofessional and thinks he is Einstein. Don't do business here unless you like getting mistreated.

Leslie G. | 2014-12-12

I have been coming here for the past two years and have loved the staff here. Car repairs are never fun and always expensive, especially with a Volkswagen. But Conrad Swiatkowski and Bobby Koziol have always been fair, fast, efficient and communicative with me whenever I have come in. I used to go to the autobarn in Evanston and was treated poorly and felt taken advantage of with my lack of car knowledge. But both these guys went over the particulars, called, texted and kept me up to date with my car.

Keep up the great work!

Ellie B. | 2014-11-16

What do I need to do to be taken off your mailing list? I've called, I've written, I've begged and pleaded with you guys. I've even moved and thought I had finally found  sweet, sweet escape and alas, you found me. Your stalking skills are on par with my ex boyfriend. And while impressive, I still find myself filled with frustration when one of your filers is stuffed in my teeny tiny mail box with my W magazine and Ulta coupon. I brought my car in once, one time. I haven't even owned a VW for over two years. And no matter how many times I try to call and explain that, each time I'm reassured I'll be taken off your mailing list only to be bombarded once again with an unnecessary ad for complimentary shipping on VW driving gear (which, by the way, Amazon also offers without mailing me crap and destroying the planet). And, if I do ever decide to own another VW in the future, it will not be from your dealership. If you were the last dealership in the world, I would rather ride the El and take the bus in the wet humidity of summer and arctic climate of the other 9 months of the year just to avoid you. It's not me, it's you. Get your life together, Autobarn. Take me off your mailing list.

Steph D. | 2014-11-13

NO STARS! But I have to give one.  Do NOT GO HERE, they called me in to have the last and final preventive work done on my car, told me to hurry in time is running out.  I missed a 1/2 day of work and then they say, 'OH YOUR WARRANTY IS UP,  IT'S 230.00"  I missed work and everything, I will never go back.  It was such a hassle for me to get there, traffic, lose of pay. etc, I do not live close and for them to lie to me is unacceptable.  They have lost a customer forever and hopefully more will read this and go elsewhere.  Very disappointing.  
It was a women who probably makes calls all day to get people in there just to get your money, she probably makes a cut, just my opinion......  They wouldn't tell me her name,
Hate companies that work this way!

Christopher R. | 2014-11-11

Brought my 350z in to have snow tires mounted. They did an excellent job.  When I came back for pick up the car was ready waiting for me after having been fully cleaned inside and out. My summer tires were neatly packed into my car in brand new bags for storage. I was charged 120 out the door with taxes included. Will go back to vw for service of my car

Lisa F. | 2014-10-25

Excellent service from Alex & Kyle plus a great value on an awesome car. Fast friendly service and great follow up service!
This place deserves 6 stars for their honesty & integrity.

Carlos M. | 2014-09-24

I was the dealership on Tuesday September 23rd. I accompanied a friend who was interested in a Jetta. When we walked into the showroom we were immediately greeted by Marco Vasquez (salesman). Right off the bat he was nothing short of a gentleman and even offered us something to drink when we sat down to discuss exactly what my friend was looking for. He answered all of our questions and concerns and even stuck around after the time he was supposed to leave work to help us. Long story short he went above and beyond to help my friend get the deal she wanted and she drove off in a brand new car. Besides Marco everyone else was very nice and very professional. Customers are treated right at this dealership. Thanks guys!

Xu Z. | 2014-09-17

Long story short: terribly bad experience with the service department--oil spilled and covered the entire engine compartment immediately after an oil change. The dealership did not check if there are any damages to the engine and there are still lots of oil residuals. And nobody apologized for their apparent fault.

I have been to this dealership three times--one to purchase the vehicle and two for oil changes because of good reviews on Google. The sales person was very helpful, although we did not make a deal due to inventory issues. But it was overall a pleasant experience.

However, service visits turned out to be catastrophic. After doing the first oil change at this dealership, I checked the oil level gauge on the cold engine, and it stayed close to MIN, a little far from FULL. It caused some doubts in me but didn't give any troubles, except for me keeping an extra bottle around just in case. They also carelessly screwed a new hole on the front bumper--just to frame my plate, tilted. So I have to take it off and tell them not to frame it again on the second oil change visit. It later turned out I have something much bigger to worry about: after getting the oil service as well as the fuel pump recall done at the dealership, my vehicle started to hesitate on my way back home. Seconds later the giant red oil pressure warning light came on. I immediately pulled the vehicle to the side and found oil spilled entire engine compartment. Oil gauge indicated engine has leaked to its empty. Waited another 3 hours to get the car towed back to dealership. Took the bus home and took the bus back on the second day. They claimed it was a bad oil filter seal that caused the issue. I am OK as long as the vehicle is checked and cleaned. But there are still lots of oil residuals in the engine compartment, struts, and undercarriage. I insisted to have the vehicle cleaned more thoroughly and check if there are any damages to the engine. They said they did their best and the mechanic who did the clean has "gone home". During the visit, nobody apologized for their apparent fault, either it be labor or parts, and guess what the best part is? They framed my plate again.

I hate my first Yelp review being negative, but I feel obliged to speak out  : (

Louis G. | 2014-09-12

Not worth the time or the effort. This place is a joke, I can't believe VW allows them licensing, totally unprofessional staff, and I will never speak well of them to anyone ever! Ashley in the internet team stop emailing me, Dan never called because he's a jackass that doesn't know what he's doing. They don't stand behind their product and they don't care, all they care about is their commissions. I'm sure that the "owner" will give his response to this negative rating, but please go shove it. I'd go a thousand miles to never have to go to this place. YOU'RE A JOKE, you come off as the typical sleazy car dealership.

Scubi X. | 2014-09-07

I've been here numerous times for my sweet little 2007 Rabbit, and everyone is always very nice and professional. I dealt with Rick Ferraro this past Saturday, and he was excellent, no problems there. My only complaint would be that sometimes there seems to be a slight communication breakdown (this has happened before). I left my car at the shop for over three hours. When I returned, Rick very kindly told me that my car was finished, and all it needed was a quick wash, and they'd call me when it was ready. An hour later I inquired about my car, not sure why the quick wash was taking so long. It turns out it had been ready for quite some time, and it was parked on the street. This is not a huge crisis, I just wonder why no one told me that it was ready???

Austin S. | 2014-09-06

At first when we entered the Autobarn we just wanted to look at and sit in a VW Tiguan. Instinctually we walked over to the Floor Model (2013 fully loaded) and sat in it and we're sold that that was the car we wanted but the 32,000$ price tag for the 2013 was way out of our range. Upon exiting the vehicle Sal approached us and asked had anyone spoken to us to which we replied "no" and "we were just looking" but Sal insisted and we sat down and had a small chat about what we were looking for. I told him a Tiguan for sure, we liked the lay-out, but we couldn't afford the 2013. He searched on their database of cars (they have a lot of cars) and found the right car for us. And we were able to get the right price and seal the deal. Go in ask for Sal.

Charlie B. | 2014-09-03

Short story: Spent $75 dollars and 3 hours to go see a used car that apparently had already been sold! Too bad they couldn't find the time to tell us.

Long story: Found a used car through the USAA car service, made an appointment with a lady named Kelly on the phone. When we got there, Kelly "wasn't available" for our 10:00 AM appointment, and the other guy we saw spent ten minutes looking for the keys to the car, then looked in the computer for 30 seconds and "discovered" that the car had been sold four days ago. On Saturday. I made the appointment to see the car on Monday. And no, I don't want your mini-cooper or your other cars, although I'm sure that works sometimes, Autobarn.

Ray M. | 2014-09-02

The guy Rick  at srevice desk tells you all what you need to know about your car , clearly .
They checked my door window checked my breaks , problems with ignition , changed oil , and told me about other issues for very reasonable cost. Not to mention free car wash and vacuum.
Excellent service , thanks for making my life easier.
To Rick i say i wish that autobarn let customers tip these  hard work guys.

Sam G. | 2014-08-28

I blew my tire on the highway on a trip to Michigan. When I got back home with my spare and called Rick Ferraro about what happened. He couldn't be more helpful. My concern was that I had to go back to Michigan and didn't want to drive on my spare , he assured me that he could take care of the problem the same day before 5:30.
I arrived at the dealership at 3 o'clock and by 5 I was on my way home with my tires perfect as promised. I would highly recommend going to Autobarn Volkswagon. They always do what they say.

Ben S. | 2014-08-16

Writing this update review in City VWs defense. Apparently they were training someone that day,and there was some bad miscommunication. Doesn't justify the wait time however the service manager was quick to respond and do what it takes to make things right...which means a lot.

City vw does quality work and usually pretty quickly and friendly. Thanks to the service team for making things right. See ya soon.

Chad J. | 2014-08-09

Last night I traded in my 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee for a 2014 Audi TTS.  This car is amazing!  It's practically brand new with only 6800 miles on it!  Andre was very friendly and had us in our new car in just under 2 hours.  We also dealt with Adam in finance who did a great job of explaining everything and was also very friendly.

Qifan W. | 2014-08-04

I bought a used 2012 Mercedes C300 4MATIC from Miki on 8/2/2014. When I came across the listings on web, two Mercedes they have in stock caught my eyes. The day after, one of them is gone! So the next day, after an amazing trip to Hot Doug's, I rushed to the Autobarn City VW to see my next car. It was in perfect condition, exceeding my expectation, and has all the features that I necessarily want. Miki helped me get the car ready for test drive, had somebody inspected my trade-in, and we were happy about the car (we cancelled the appointment with a Lexus dealer afterwards). In terms of price and finance, even though they advertised as giving the highest trade-in value, the price they offered me was not even close to my expectation, and what their competitors are offering me. I told Miki about that, and a fair price I think the car is worth. Just after five minutes, his managers said he agreed to accept my offer, since I bought my last car at Autobarn too (Mazda in Evanston). Then the financing manager asked me about the interest rates I could receive from my banks, and he tried to match those incredibly low rates. Just when I was signing a lot of paperworks, he received a call and got confirmation that they were able to get me the same low rates. So I am very happy about it too, which saved me trips to banks. I also bought the Autobarn Advantages, and United Car Care he's trying to sell me, for a good $3600 extra to get extended warranty for 9 years. Since it's a Mercedes, I probably won't want to spend money on any mechanical problems that could break my bank, so it's really a peace of mind thing. The financing manger didn't push me in any way to buy those extras, which is very important to me on making decisions (and doing math in mind). So I walked out with a low car price, a low financing rate, and a shiny well-loaded, well-covered Mercedes. We love it. This place and Miki are recommended.

Ken K. | 2014-07-25

The Autobarn City Volkswagon is not where I bought my VW but I love going there for service.  The Service Consultant that I always ask for, Conrad Swiatkowski, is top notch.  When he recommends work I feel confident that I truly need it.  He takes the time to listen and get the work done right the first time.  He also ensures that I get a shuttle to and from the Blue Line.  I'm always on time for work and never have to ask anyone for a ride. My car is washed and ready to go when I return in the evening.

I love my VW and will buy my next one from this dealership.  The experiences I have had with the service department, especially Conrad, have convinced me that this is the place to purchase and service VW's.

Christopher H. | 2014-07-18

Bobby Koziol and his team continue to do a fantastic job servicing my car. I've been bringing my rabbit in for several years now, for everything from general mileage service check ups to a leaking tire. They're always on time, and they follow through will a phone call, which I really appreciate. This past Spring I brought my car in around 6:30pm because the tire was leaking. I didn't have an appointment, but they were able to squeeze me in and fix it while I waited. I will continue to bring my VW there and I highly reccommend the service department. Thanks for all the help!

Krishna M. | 2014-07-08

I swapped the stock steering wheel on my 2008 Passat with a multi function steering wheel. however the steering wheel was coded wrong and the steering wheel functions didn't work. I took it to autobarn city volkswagen. Conrad is absolutely amazing and extremely knowledgeable. He commnicated with me via email before I stopped by, diagnosed correctly, corrected the coding and fixed the issue. Now I have steering wheel controls. Thanks Conrad! In the past they have also fixed problems with my brakes, heating issue, etc. I highly recommend them and Conrad.

jus e. | 2014-07-07

I really like the service department here.  That's the main reason I would lease another VW.  They are friendly, quick and courteous. And always do a good job with my car maintenance.  Kate Lech was my service person last time and she was great.

Heather M. | 2014-07-03

I've been here twice: once to shop for cars and once for scheduled service. Both times, I have had some dipshit salesman ask when my husband can come in to test drive the car that *I* just asked about. Stop asking me when my husband can come in and test drive a car. Is there a reason you think I can't buy a car myself? I don't even have a wedding ring on.

Note: post shortened to edit and contain violent outbursts.

Fahd A. | 2014-07-03

Went here looking to browse for a used car to be my new daily. Right when I entered the door I felt welcome and was well taken care of. My consultant Ray was very professional and seemed like he knew his stuff but also very funny and charming. He gives off the cool uncle vibe and he helped me find the car that both suited my needs and price range. I was looking at a similar car before at another dealer but these guys got me a newer model fully detailed and cleaned up for $1000 bucks off what I would've spent at the other dealer for an older model. Definitely appreciated the service and vibe around here. Look for ray if you can he'll make sure your taken care of

Susan B. | 2014-06-30

Service is very helpful and friendly, however, finance is terrible to work with, I had to call and leave numerous voicemails and still didn't receive a response. So I walked in while have service done and I must say, unprofessional and uncooperative.
As someone who purchased a vehicle and an extended warranty along with a service agreement I would appreciate a little professionalism with no remarks before and after I am entering the office.
Needless to say I will never purchase another vehicle from the dealership which is too bad since my salesperson(Marco) is wonderful and service is accommodating.

I work for a dealership in the Northshore, dealing with the most difficult clients that you can imagine and I have to say that the  attitude I received is not acceptable and unnecessary.

Looks like I'm canceling my extended warranty and taking my Volkswagen business to the dealership in Highland Park, the drive is certainly worth it!

Rawlins R. | 2014-06-07

The Autobarn is where I got my car.  

the Autobarn seems to be a higher quality experience compared to other dealers on Irving Park road.  I saw some other vehicles at other dealers and the car quality and service just wasn't there.  I found my car here and I knew that I wanted it.  I played some hardball like you usually do at a dealer and eventually caved in and got what I got.  The Autobarn is very clean and professional.  I come back here for my "free" car washes every now and then.  It can take a while and there are some days that they are too busy to get me in for a wash.  They have the regular dealer freebies, coffee and snacks.  I did have to get some repairs here but that was just after I purchased the vehicle.  Other than that I wouldn't recommend coming here unless you get a VW and have a warranty of some sort.  The regular service fees can be quite expensive.

Chris Z. | 2014-05-19

They provide excellent services. I got my Tiguan's rear door handle fixed with no charge at all! Totally recommend.

Alan W. | 2014-05-10

The first impression and the last impression on a business is always critical. Came in for a simple oil change, and was asked for a follow up carwash. Service is professional and polite. The waiting room has nice a nice coffee machine. I swear I heard a big dog barking in the show room. Paged for my car, and where to get it, all is still going good. My car is washed and dried, and a big white guy standing next to my letting me know I was all set. I open my car door, and see my rubber matts, & inquire. Keep in mind my interior is not the cleanest, and my rubber matts are so nasty. This huge guy smiles, says it was a little slow with washes, so he took it upon himself to wash my matts. I was speechless,  and he refused my tip, said good luck, & have a nice day.  Doesn't get any better than that, thank you Autobarn!!

Thomas K. | 2014-05-02

I needed a new car. I wanted a  VW and the Autobarn has a very good reputation. I have pretty challenged credit. I traded in a old Ford Taurus for a gently used Jetta. They gave me a great deal on the car. You get a better deal on a stick shift because most people can't drive them. That probably helped. But I was amazed on the good interest rate they got me! The salesman, Miki was helpful and the finance person, Ed was great. No BS. I was in and out quickly. And its a nice comfortable showroom with great Starbuck's coffee. That was a plus for me. I will go back again.

Luis G. | 2014-04-28

So i started car shopping online before i decided to go to a dealer and waste a sales person time. I found a car that i liked and it was located at the auto barn on Irving which is walking distance from my house and all i can say is there service is bad. I went two times on a saturday and i understand they are busy but man they ignore you. I asked a sales person if i can check out a car and he said sure give me a few mins and 30 mins later my kids had to use the washroom so we walked to the washroom and saw the same sales guy and he said give me a few more mins. 30 mins later nothing so i left. I came back about 2 hrs later with my wife to show her the car and again all the sales guys were either in there phone or getting lunch we were approached and we were asked if we were being helped we said no and again they said give me a few mins and again 30 mins later we were being ignored! So we left and went to Auto Barn on chicago in evanston and bought a car that same day! Maybe they should have sales training more often over there!

Gerard C. | 2014-04-26

I was in the market for  a used car and decided on a Volkswagen.  Looked on the Internet and found four cars that I wanted to test drive, so I called the day before I  was coming in to make sure they were in stock. When I arrived all four cars were ready for me to test drive. Drove all four and cars asked my salesman, Miki Kadric, to come up with the numbers on two of the vehicles, while I walked across the street and had lunch. Miki said that would work and even offered to buy my lunch. When I came back, the numbers were ready and I made my decision.  The  whole experience was quite  easy and pleasant, which is not how things usually go when buying a car.

Pietro B. | 2014-03-15

Go here only if you have a lot of money and want your car completely perfect.

We have a volkswagen beetle that was making some noises and had some trouble here and there. I took it at the dealer and asked for a quote, and told me that all of the repairs needed were a total of $2734. That was WAY too much for me, and so I told them to do only  a couple of things  -- necessary for safety. I then took the car to Norm's Automotive Clinic and there they told that half of the things that the dealer suggested were not a concern, and the other half could be done at a much lower price. For example, the dealer suggested me to change both the front and the rear left calipers, for a total of $906; at Norm's they told me that they didn't see any problem, and just greased them well. I got everything that I wanted fixed for $330.54

Bottom line: if you want to fix every single potential thing that is slightly wrong with you car, go to the Autobarn. They are professionals, they contacted me multiple times to let me know all of the things that were wrong, and even sent me an e-mail with a detailed quote. Also, once I decided not to do everything that they suggested, they were fine with that.
However, if you want to stay on a budget and worry only about safety-issues, then don't come here.

Gerald S. | 2014-03-08

Eddie is the guy you want to talk to, he is enthusiastic he has a great attitude. He took good care of me test driving whatever i wanted and fun to talk to also. Thanks to him i purchased the VW GTI and got a great deal and love the car. All of the guys there were great, highly recommend checking them out.

Amy F. | 2014-03-06

I had a great experience at the Autobarn City Volkswagen. After noticing some issues with my interior overhead lights, I was able to book an appointment immediately for the following morning. My service associate Conrad was very thorough and he actually identified a separate issue that needed to be repaired as well. I had to bring it in again the following day after the lights continued to malfunction (which he warned me may happen). Conrad was again very helpful and allowed me to take a loaner vehicle to work in the suburbs, which helped immensely!

Overall, the service was fast, convenient, and thorough. I could not recommend this place more. I will definitely be bringing my VW Tiguan back here with any future issues!

R C. | 2014-03-03

I recently traded in my 2011 Jetta SE for a  2012Jetta Wagon TDI at this VW dealership. If you are going to purchase your vehicle from City Volkswagen make sure you pay attention to billing information. I ran into a situation where I was owed money (traded in my previous vehicle), and I wouldn't have gotten my $300 back if I didn't call them once a day for 2 weeks. Also, their maintenance department could use some work. I had a scheduled time for my car's "maintenance check" and they made me wait 30 minutes, told me it would take about an hour, and I waited there for 3 hours.

All in all if you want to purchase a VW there are several dealers in the Chicagoland area that have better reviews, and much better service centers.

Marc W. | 2014-02-22

The only good thing I can say is that they did the job. To cut a key for an 11 year old Jetta $300. Arrive to pick it up the day after they call to say it's ready and it takes them 25 minutes to bring the car around. They were looking for it. That's after I'm made to wait 6 minutes in the service area only to be taken to the cashier who was ripe with attitude. No thanks.

Ryan H. | 2014-02-10

I leased a 2014 Passat TDI-SEL from Miki K. He took great care of me and went the extra mile to make sure I got a great deal and was happy with the car. I'm very happy with my car and the free car washes a great perk.

Thanks again!

Jackson S. | 2014-01-30

Juan in the parts dept. drops knowledge every time I go in there. Another good resource is Collin in service. He knows where to go if your looking to mod you ride (better fuel mileage in my case) and has some good suggestions. Tanya, in sales, is always super friendly when I have questions about new VDUB's coming out but am too poor to purchase. If you have has bad experiences before with this place it is because you have not worked with these folks that I have just mentioned. So thanks to all you guys, and when I can afford something better than a 99 Passat, ill be back....tdi tiguan someday?

Ran H. | 2013-12-14

Me and my girlfriend just purchased a 2013 Tiguan at Autobarn City Volkswagen, and we are really excited. We had a wonderful purchasing experience at Autobarn City Volkswagen. People are really nice, friendly, and thoughtful. We were perfectly assisted by Mkik Kadric. He is a really thoughtful and friendly. He always thinks from our perspective, carefully considers our need, and specifically answer every question we had with a extremely good attitude. He made us thinking he is like a friend helping us to get the right vehicle instead of trying to sell the car to us. He shows us all the tricks he know about the car. We could see that he is trying his best to finding us the right car. We had a wonderful time in the dealer with him. Not like other dealers, this place gives us a relaxed environment. The lady, in the finance department, whose name is Amanda, is nice to us too. She specifically explained us all the details of the warranty. Overall, we had a extremely wonderful time at the dealer, and we get our right car. If you would like to purchase a vehicle, please consider Autobarn. And I strongly recommend Miki. He is awesome.

Rajaa G. | 2013-12-11

Love this place... Have been going to it for 6 years and I finally write a review on Yelp about my favorite dealer in Chicago . Brought my CC  and of course the most courteous, best, quickest service you will ever have ..everyone is great but CONRAD is absolutely amazing. I recommend this dealer any day!!

Khash B. | 2013-12-09

I just want to say going to the autobarn city Volkswagen and dealing with Feliciano Adam has been an awesome experience & I have never dealt with a finance manger that is so honest... Thx and great job

Peter B. | 2013-12-05

Excellent service department. Ryan Hutter is great to deal with. He is honest, proactive and intelligent. The facility is comfortable and conveniently located.

Prashant K. | 2013-11-26

Very unimpressive business. The sales guys are typical sales guys..will try to oversell..pushy sales tactics..and if you say you will come back later after making up your mind..thats it all hell breaks get the full "why did you drive it if you didnt want to buy it" treatment. I ended up buying my car from them because it was a decent deal (and quite frankly I was tired jumping from one car dealership the next)..however there is no post sales followup what so ever. The promises they made when I bought the car from them (like detailing, etc) havent even been addressed. The sales guys were poorly informed and pretty much gave me contradicting inputs. The finance manager at this dealership is a good guy tries to work with you creatively. Also, It seems like the service guys are an ok bunch..but I havent had a chance to try them out yet so I dont know. But the sales guys ruin the whole bloody purchasing experience..I walked away having buyers remorse after buying a $65K car!! Never..ever..again from these lot..

Teri G. | 2013-10-05

One of the better VW dealer in Chicagoland. I've taken my 2004 GTI here several times for service and it's been a better experience than the Autobarn Evanston or Pugi. I guess they recently were purchased by Autobarn, this used to be City VW. I hope their dealership doesn't sink to the level of the Autobarn in Evanston.

The last time I visited I purchased the $75 for $100 Yelp deal for my 80K tune up. Mike B. and the service team have been pretty good to me regarding turn around time and seem to be straight forward regarding possible repairs. I try to repair my car on my own (or my bf) and it really irritates me when dealerships try to push/sell their customers for repairs. All I have to say is "no, I can take care of it" and the service people at City VW are cool and just go to the next thing.

During the same visit, I was told that my passenger side rear brakes were worn and that my e-brake was stuck. I thought it was weird since the e-brake seemed to be working fine and I didn't notice anything funny with the brakes. I took a look at it afterwards with my bf, the break pads were still at 50% and the e-brake wasn't stuck...hmm doesn't seem right. Granted the brakes were old, the original ones from the factory, so they were due for a change. However, they technically still had life in them.

They will give you complimentary rides if your vehicle is being serviced for a period of time.

Cullen H. | 2013-07-05

Buying a used car had been a nightmare, up until the point I walked into the Autobarn in Chicago. Mick C understood my concerns and addressed my needs in a courteous and professional manner.

I had been very hesitant to deal with any other Autobarn's after a poor experience at another location. Just goes to show what a difference the personnel at any given dealership can make. Not only did Mick stay beyond his normal time, he also followed up (twice) to address problems I was having. I also received great service from Marco and would highly recommend that anyone looking for a good car buying experience to stop in here.

E Z. | 2013-07-01

Awesome that's the first word that comes to mind when I think of the great service I receive there. Wether it's Joey who can figure out all the obscure parts I try to order or Conrad who diagnoses the problems with my cars with ease. They are always fair and courteous to me. I also sent a friend to buy a used car from Jack and mike Korpp and he got a great deal!! What else would u expect from a great bunch if guys!!
Thank you Autobarn crew!!!

Casey K. | 2013-04-24

Prior to going to the car dealership I had heard horror stories of the dread of buying a new car from so many people, but the people at this dealership made it very enjoyable. Everyone was so personal and helpful. I went into the Autobarn because I had made up my mind that I wanted to lease a new 2013 Jetta. I had a price range I really needed to stay around, so I was very nervous especially since my credit  had a few blemishes on it. I had a great salesman named Ray who worked with me over the phone to arrange a time to meet and test drive the exact car I wanted. So when I arrived at the appointment he already had the car ready to go. In the combined effort of the salesman, sales manager (Dora) and the general manager (Mike) they were able to get me the exact deal that I wanted, and overlooked some of my past mistakes  in the process (credit report). It was so nice dealing with real people who really wanted to get me the best possible deal. Even the guy in finance was really reasonable and didn't try to sell me any crazy warranties. They were all just really good and honest people. It was nice to make such a wonderful human connection in such a dreaded experience.

Tom C. | 2013-04-07

This was the first new car I've bought in over ten years but the staff at Autobarn was helpful and did not make me feel like they were pushing a product on me.  I worked with Tom the salesman and he was knowledgeable and helpful and spent a few hours with us.  The one knock on the dealership is that it took us almost 5 hours from the time we decided to purchase the car to the time we drove it off the lot.  We will see how the service is but as of right now I'm happy with my purchase.

Richard B. | 2013-03-29

Car dealers aren't real popular, but I have to give this one's service department a positive review because it's one of the better ones in the Chicagoland area.

I bought a 2011 GTI a couple years ago after owning several Mercedes and BMW products. I went through quite the service culture shock with my previous VW dealer. No courtesy cars, no little favors like changing burned out light bulbs -- though to be fair they let me change my own bulb once in their relatively warm waiting area -- and good luck ever getting a call back if they're busy (the majority of the time it seems). They're also a bit indifferent towards you overall, unless we're talking about those e-mail surveys new car manufacturers always send you nowadays. Then you're special, for a few minutes anyway.

They also would never negotiate service prices like MB and BMW dealers will. If something's $X, then it's $X. Take it or go jump in the lake, dude. Maybe they have a clientele which tries to beat them down all the time, whereas the MB and BMW dealers were so surprised by my frugality that they didn't know how to respond but to give me 10% off the service and 5% off my next oil change? I don't know, but it was fun while it lasted!

One day last fall, after my prior dealer tried to gouge me to replace a blistered tire and refused to price match (their price was about 1.5 times higher than the Tire Rack), I tried this dealership. They proposed a much lower price than my former dealer and even took a little off. Not as cheap as the Rack but close enough to where I could justify the extra cost with the convenience factor. They were also very friendly and went out of their way to get my car in right away, understanding the precarious nature of my situation. The service was prompt, friendly, and they acted like they wanted me to come back. They also offer courtesy cars if you get there early enough.

Recently, I went for an oil change and my summer tire switch over. They again got me in ASAP and did the job quickly. They were even kind enough to inspect my car for any damage for free after the money grubbing vultures from the City of Chicago Department of Revenue towed it for being parked in a snow route -- on daylight savings time morning no less. Bastards. Yelp review of that one coming soon and it won't be pretty I can assure you. Anyway, I was very pleased again with the dealer's promptness, demeanor and prices this second time also.  

They also gave me six months free roadside assistance with my oil change. My former dealer never offered such a thing and would have most certainly left me for dead -- unless I had yet to fill out the e-mail survey, in which case they'd probably come out with a laptop.

In short, Autobarn City Volkswagen is out of my way but I will go to them when I can in the future given their much better service experience relative to other VW dealers in the area. If you own a newer VW and will be using a dealership for your services, I would recommend them.

Jill S. | 2013-03-11

I absolutely love this dealership.  I am a "refugee" from Fletcher-Jones in Chicago and was quite unhappy with their service (or lack thereof).  I decided to check out Autobarn to purchase a new Jetta.  From the very start, I felt like a valued customer.  They were straightforward, honest, and accommodating and I got a fantastic price.  I've brought my Jetta back there for service work under my warranty.  The place is spotless, the service manager is polite and helpful, and they even have a car service to drive me back home while they work on my car.  This is how a car dealership should run and I give them my highest recommendation.  They're awesome!

Lysette R. | 2013-02-04

My husband and I just purchased a used car from Autobarn and we had a great experience. We had gone to 3 other dealers and were disappointed with the whole experience. Meeting Tanja Jeftenic at Autobarn was a breath of fresh air. She was honest, and really worked with us on our price point. Their manager who was also working the finance department the night we came in really worked to get us the best rate and he didn't have any back end extra charges that other dealerships tried to sneak in. I will definitely buy a car from them again.
L. Reyes.

Tom C. | 2013-01-26


I went in to look at a car on their website. After a test drive and some negotiation, the Salesman informed me that the price online was in fact wrong and that the car was no longer available. The car is now back on their website at a higher price??

Not only is this totally unprofessional, I think it might even be illegal??

Total time wasters and don't even know what they are selling!

I would strongly recommend that you spend your hard earned elsewhere!

James Michael S. | 2013-01-25

The was my first Volkswagen.  I was apprehensive walking into the office/showroom as I've heard about the circling sharks!  I can honestly say I didn't feel at all pressured.  As this was the first time I was buying a brand new car on my own I had lots of questions.  The guys at the dealership were very professional and too my surprise HONEST.  They went over everything with me and I left feeling confident about my purchase and that I received a great/fair price.  My trade-in was on its last leg and my sales rep actually drove with me back my place to pick it up for me as I wasn't sure it would make back to the dealership.  Tommy was a great salesrep and made the whole experience hassle free and positive.  I highly recommend this dealership and am looking forward to utilizing it for the future maintenance and upkeep of my vehicle.

Jennifer Z. | 2012-12-26

We bought a used car on Saturday and are extremely happy with our car and the entire purchasing process. They allowed us to take the car overnight so that our own mechanic could check out the car. Our sales person Tanja was wonderful along with her manager Ron.  The finance officer was very helpful and helped to make the process enjoyable.  Everyone from the carports to the sales team was very professional and helpful. I would recommend this dealership.  
My only suggestion it would have been nice if they had filled the gas tank before we drove off with our new car. They will was it for as long as I own it though, that is pretty cool.

Andrei S. | 2012-12-21

The service department is absolutely amazing. I had an airbag harness issue on my GTi and the original repair work was done in the out-of-state dealership so I would've had to go there to avoid spending extra. However John at service was extremely helpful and resourceful. He made a call and arranged the repair to be done at Autobarn without any cost to me! All other worked performed on my car here was also first class, even the courtesy car wash and vacuum is done with care.

Shannon S. | 2012-12-11

I purchased a car here about 5 weeks ago.  The dealership told me being an out-of-state sale, the transfer of the title isn't easy.  Right... like I'm the only person in history to ever buy a car out of state.  Five weeks later, I STILL do not have the title (which I need to obtain my plates). I've called multiple times over the last couple of weeks and every time they tell me the title is on the way, "it'll be there in 7-10 business days".  Okay, you said that 15 days ago.  Now I'm stuck with a car that I cannot legally drive.

Too much hassle and not the best customer service.  I do not recommend Auto Barn - Chicago.

Frank G. | 2012-12-09

Went on a Saturday evening, saw a car I liked, wanted to work out price and come back on Monday to see car in the daylight.  They agreed that would be best for all and had my contact info.  I called Monday morning to see the car, but the sales guy said it was already sold!  He said the GM would call to discuss what could be done and that never happened.  Shady dealer for sure.

Irvin V. | 2012-12-08

The staff is great,everyone including the finance team.loving my gti,thanks vw team you guys where so helpful.

Kurt G. | 2012-11-14

They had the inventory and I ended up buying 1 car and leasing 1 car (my intention)
They tried to swindle me in the process. Everything they came up with at first was at least $ 100 per month more than it should have been. In the business office the list price on my contract was $ 3000 more than we discussed. I would not do business with them in the future.

Ashley A. | 2012-10-30

ABSOLUTE CROOKS!!!!! This is my first ever review because that's how angry I am! They told me my car needed $3,000 of repairs, $1,500 of which were on NEW parts that my previous mechanic had just replaced within the last 10 months! They also missed the fact that my battery was horribly corroded and didn't even check my air filters, which were filthy.

I don't know how these people sleep at night. They give me a brand new 2012 loaner car and then tell me my car with 112k miles needs $3,000 of repairs. Cute.

Thank God I had enough sense to take it up to Golz Motors in Northbrook. Only $500 even needed to be done right away and they charged me much less.

Chris D. | 2012-02-05

Every few months they send me (and I'm sure everyone that has bought a new vehicle from them) a letter stating the following:

"We are looking to purchase ANY and ALL price range vehicles, however we need seven Volkswagen Jettas because of an unusual number of customer requests for this specific vehicle" ... "This is not a gimmick.  Drive by our pre-owned lot and see for yourself, WE NEED VEHICLES!!"

I even got a "Special" vehicle code ...

Not really looking to sell but I had gotten so many of these letters over the years, I figured, why not drop by and see what the deal is.

I saw Sassan Hashemi (used car sales manager) and he was very polite and interested in the car.  He looked it over and took it for a test drive and made me an offer for a sale and gave details on what I could expect if I traded it in (he really focused on the trade in aspect, trying to make it sound VERY attractive).  I thanked him and told him I would get back to him regarding his offer after I thought about it.

The next day I emailed him and informed him I was interested in his offer to purchase the car and that I could stop by on Monday to work out the finer details and get the sale done .... Over 24 hours, no response.  I called late that Monday and got him on the phone, he said he was really busy and said he hadn't got a chance to check his email, but he would call me right back.  I gave him my number again ... no call back.

I sent him another email on Tuesday, basically asking him if he was still interested, and if he was not, just to let me know ... no response.  I called and Jr took my name and number again, said Sassan was in a meeting but he'd make sure he got my message ... call was never returned.

They provide amazing service when trying to sell you a car ... but once they have your money ... forget about it.  Everything after the initial sale has been a bit of a nightmare.  To the extent that I now take my car for its regular maintenance to another dealership.

You're in the sales and service industry ... COMMUNICATION is key.  If you didn't want my car, that's fine, no harm no foul, I wasn't really looking to sell in the first place ... BUT, have the common courtesy to simply respond, one way or another ... had you just done that ... I wouldn't be writing this review.

Nobody in this industry should ever be too busy .... if you cant take care of your client ... someone else will.  I will never use this dealership again and will obviously never recommend them to anyone.

Their mailings are a GIMMICK ... Just trying to get you in the door and hopefully convince you to trade in your vehicle and squeeze some additional cash out of you ...

Gino W. | 2011-12-18

Phone call in to find out if a certain Jetta was available. It was. Went in and checked out the car to see if it was worthy of purchasing. It was. It may have been because I was buying the car on the spot rather than going through financing that everything went smoothly. Regardless, the service was top and that made the purchase that more pleasant. When I get ready to upgrade to another car, I shall return to  Autobarn.

Patrick M. | 2011-12-15

Ordering and taking delivery of my vehicle went really smoothly, but that was two months ago now and things took a turn for the worse.

Fast forward to today and the "deposit" they made me pay to order the vehicle has not been refunded and most of the sales people and managers I dealt with have quit and/or stopped returning my calls. Every time I reach someone they give me the answer of "it'll be there later this week" or "we're waiting for the end of the month for the books" that was two weeks ago now and still no refund.

I should be able to charge them interest on what they owe me, they've had my money for close to 4 months now.

magic g. | 2011-11-29

4 stars for a dealer you say? well ... it's because we got a great deal on 12 jetta tdi :)

BUT, it was NOT easy (5 hours of negotiations, financing & signatures). YOU as a buyer, need to do research (truecar cardirect) & find out how much dealer is paying for the car with options you want

and if you're persistent and pay attention to the PRICE of the car (not monthly payments), you too can get your VW under invoice :) - via graciously inflated trade-in (over KBB), in our case

kudos to let us loan a Diesel for 1/2 day before we bought it (smart move Jay :). we really were set on cheaper SE gas engine, but now we'll be saving $75 in gas cost every month, thanks to 40mpg of TDI ... which btw has a great pickup, thanks to the 290 lb of torque (much better then gas 140hp elantra .... which, for some reason, is very close in price to SE).
in the end we pretty much got diesel $500 over what SE would cost (good luck on getting that deal if it's not the end of the year :)

also special thanks to Natalia. she really went our of her way to entertain & accommodate our 4 year old ... Polish soup, snacks, milk ... serdecznie dziekujemy!

autobarn's new cars also come with car wash for life, interior assurance. VW currently offers free maintenance, except for breaks. even loaners

good luck

Jesse L. | 2011-11-28

Just bought my first VW, a 2012 Jetta TDI. I was in love the moment I test drove the car. What helped us decided to make the purchase was definitely the great service.
Kyle is definitely the man to see if you are looking for a VW. He is professional, very well put together and knowledgeable of what he is selling.

We were just going to Test Drive not Buy : )

After being in the Customer Service industries for over 20 years. I know what great service is. Kyle, Derek & the AutoBarn has it. Thank you Kyle for your professional service and your followup skills. We Love the car!

Kyle, we took a road trip to Traverse City and got there on the same tank you guys filled up for us from when we first bought the car. Our baby gave us close to 600 miles per fill up. Brian thought he was Vin Diesel in the Fast & Furious : )

Sonya K. | 2011-11-07

These guys are great!  Have been getting my 2007 New Beetle serviced here for the past few years and every time I leave with great service and a great running car. Today I called to see if they can take me in for an oil change and they got me in right away. I get all my regular check ups and feel confident with the work. Have never had one issue with my car. Actually, they saved me $$$ in work that wasn't needed! Once I took my car into the VW dealership where I purchased it (Chicago suburbs) to get a bulb fixed and they found all these other things wrong with it to the tune of $700!! So I called City Volkswagen and they said based on my previous reports those fixes are not necessary... and glad I did because had no issues with my car! Thank you Autobarn City Volkswagen!

Jelena Z. | 2011-10-15

Proud owner of a new 2012 Volkswagen Jetta right here!

After recently riding a roller coaster rife with expensive repairs, I was ready to put ol' girl Saab down. She was coming up on eleven years and her age was really starting to show. So I began the arduous process of researching cars and decided it was time I go German.

Yes, German. Through some recent experiences with their airline (Lufthansa) and the approving word from German car enthusiasts, the deduction that the Germans are healthily obsessed with quality, good design and efficiency seems to be an accurate one.

Which brings me to Autobarn City VW. I made a certain 2011 black Jetta the object of my affection after a thorough internet search (fantastic pricing!) and sent an email inquiry. Kyle Ford reached out to me within hours, we talked for a quick minute and I told him I'd be by the next day. A visit to the dealership resulted in the Jetta coming home with me for an overnight stay (yes, we fell in love) and the next morning (today!) I brought her back to talk financing.

The deal was made with little pain (I told them exactly where I needed to be with my trade and financing) and they quickly got me there without woe. The best part? They offered to upgrade me to a new 2012 Jetta (same trim) for the same exact price. SWEET.

I'm in love with my new baby (natch!) but also perks like a free 3-year scheduled maintenance package and complimentary lifetime car washes. Kyle was an absolute pleasure to work with as he's laid back, calm and a true expert on the cars he sells. I happened to meet a 2009 Jetta owner while waiting for my car to get cleaned up and all he could do was talk up Kyle (and how often do you hear a customer praise a car salesperson?).

Bottom line: If you're looking for a Volkswagen, go here!

nate m. | 2011-09-19

We were contacted about turning in our leased Jetta so that Autobarn could build up their certified pre-owned inventory. After talking with the sales team we ended up deciding to trade in our lease to purchase a used Suzuki from them.

Off the lot we were very happy with the transaction, but after a couple days we found a few things that we could not have noticed on our test drive. I brought it to the attention of the general manager and he was quick to calm my worries about our new car. He told me to bring the car in and assured me that it would all be taken care of for us.

I brought it back and started working with John in the service department. He was great! He spent a great deal of time coordinating the parts and service of the few different things that we had noticed. Getting various Suzuki parts to a VW dealership ended taking a little longer than either of us would have thought, but he was great at keeping me in the loop the entire time and really making sure that I understood where things were coming from, what they were for, and the estimated times to get things in and taken care of.

The car is all fixed up now and we could not be happier with the car and with the service that we were provided. They really stood behind their sale and made sure that we were happy with our purchase. I especially appreciate the lengths that John went to to make sure that we were completely satisfied with our experience. We definitely are- I would recommend the Autobarn City VW to anyone that is interested.

Lydia B. | 2011-08-01

Was here in Chicago for the summer with an Internship and my check engine light came on. I get routine services back home in CT and had it checked out only a month earlier before leaving for the summer. Took it to City VW, was given a huge list of problems that needed to be fixed, equaling over $3,000 in repairs. Not only that, they also charged me upwards of $200 for an oil change and "diagnostic services".

I decided to get a second opinion when dealing with that much money and having a bad taste in my mouth about the high charge for diagnostics. Took it to Norms Automotive Clinic on North Lincoln Ave and he came back with $75 estimate in needed repairs. Now I'm not really sure how to explain the differences in estimates because I'm not particularly car savvy but I went with Norm and the car has been running fine I can't say I'd recommend City Volkswagen. The one thing I will say is they had very nice, friendly service, but not worth $2,925 dollars!

Ray E. | 2011-06-14

Mehhhh... not impressed. Of course, there aren't very many VW dealerships in the city, so this may be the best of the options... but I wouldn't say it deserves anywhere above 2 stars.

I dropped off my 2002 Jetta which started aching a bit (you know that slow, low grinding noise) and then the check engine light came on. I bought the car used (like 40,000 miles on it) out of state a little less than a year before.

I called and made an appointment for 8am Monday morning and they said a diagnosis would take no more than an hour. When I got there they said 3 hours... which meant I couldn't wait, I needed to go to work. I wasn't super happy, so I asked what the point of the hour appointment was if it was going to take 3 hours. He said it was kind of like the doctors office... I dont know about you, but I wouldn't wait 3 hours for a scheduled doctors appointment unless I was in REAL pain.

After I had already taken the day off work he diagnosed the issues rather quickly and said I needed 1,500$ worth of work (for a vaccuum and catalyst system). Sounded kinda steep but I wanted to make sure I took care of my baby so I gave them go ahead. The service was quick, I picked my car up the next morning and was out the door... WITH IT STILL MAKING NOISE. Ugh.

I'm still going back and forth with Mike (who, in this whole process, rarely answered his phone and yada yada) but I'd stear clear of any place that says they've done work and gives you back a car thats making odd sounds. I'll update if/when Mike gives me some sort of reasonable information.

M. R. C. | 2011-05-31

I've used this VW dealership while under warranty.  Barring any major problems I will move all my auto needs to Joe's on Elston.  After using Joe's for an emergency I saw how a customer should be treated!  A few extra dollars at Joe's, but they are closer and add a personal touch!

The Service department at City VW is very unfriendly!!  
They ALWAYS $eemed to find $omething wrong with my car.
And they will not get any more of my business.

Darina S. | 2011-05-17

This dealership sold me a car with a hidden safety hazard, and did not say anything. The car was missing a bolt connecting a control arm to the subframe. The dealers must have known about the issue from their routine inspection when they got the car (it was a trade-in). The problem came to light for me after I had the car checked up. The repair cost me almost $1,000, and furthermore, if I hadn't had the car checked up, I could have had a serious - or deadly - accident. DO NOT BUY your car from City Volkswagen - the salesmen were overally very shady smooth takers trying to con me into paying more for the car. They also had multiple prices listed on various for-sale websites, and quoted the highest prices in person. It was an unpleasant, stressful experience even without the safety hazard "bonus". I would never set foot at this dealership again.

Ron D. | 2011-04-25

Do not go to this dealer,they will not stand behind their work or parts,thats the reason they have 3 stars.

Benjamin L. | 2011-04-16

In the past, I'd only dealt with City VW for minor things like bulb and tire replacements. Got a coupon for a free computer scan and decided to take my car in to have a couple warning lights checked out. Got the scan done, was given some info, they cleared the airbag fault light and they also took care of an outstanding recall. Everything was fine on this visit and made an appointment to get some other stuff fixed that turned up on the scan for a couple days later.

I dropped off my car and was told it'd be done later that day.  Got a call late in the day that they'd need another day... not a big deal because I take the bus to/from work. Also, learned that the body shop who had done some work last fall forgot to fill the A/C, and my service consultant did coordinate to get them to pay for that.

The experience went downhill on the pick-up.  First, I had called for a shuttle pick-up when 20 min. out from the nearby train station, and yet he arrived 30 minutes after I arrived -- and only after 3 calls.  If you're going to offer a shuttle, make sure you send somebody who knows where the train stations are and knows the difference from the Metra and El.

The next issue arose at the cashier, where the bill was much larger than I'd been quoted and the cashier couldn't explain.  Got kind of a brushoff like I was trying to pull something over on her and told to wait for a consultant.  I waited 20 min. before consultant (not the one I'd been dealing with, who was off at this time) could go through it and finally we determined that 1) the invoice didn't subtract the money the body shop had paid, noted on a slip stapled to the paperwork, 2) there was a $60 part I'd never been quoted (state law req. notification if more than 10% of estimate or $15) and 3) they'd charged for synthetic oil when I'd asked for regular. Once those were FINALLY subtracted out, the number was right about where I'd expected.  

After another 20 min. wait for them to bring my car around, I get in and the airbag fault light is back on!  When did it reappear and why didn't anybody do anything, or at least say something!  It was on when the guy brought my car around, so clearly he should've seen it. By this time, the service consultants and techs were gone for the night so all I could do was leave a message for my consultant.

After speaking with him about the issues the night before, he comped me an oil change and scheduled an appt. for this morning to get the airbag light cleared again.  Got up early for the second straight Saturday, and took it in but they had no record of the appt.   They did look at the car and clear the light, but again there was confusion with the cashier about what they'd done, etc.  because nobody wrote up anything for this visit so she thought I was just in for a car wash.

Any one of these slip ups wouldn't have been a big deal, but it seemed like every step of the way there was some issue, which suggests an organizational problem, and makes me question the quality of the repairs performed.  When waiting for my car on my first visit, I was eying their used car showroom and had contemplated checking out an Audi A4 they had, but after all these issues I'm not giving them any more of my business.

Joan O. | 2011-03-07

Let me start by saying City Volkswagen is the place to go if you want a great car and also to be treated with respect. The team their from Sales to Management and Financing are AWESOME! I gave them four stars for their spirit of excellence.
Let me also send kudos to my sale rep by the name of Kamila Labuda, she is the one to connect with; awesome personality, and very warm and welcoming, full of knowledge concerning the product. Kamila is a true professional, she is hospitable, engaging  not pushes and will work alone with financing to get the vehicle you want. I can go on singing praise about Kamila and City Volkswagen.
In closing just check them out for yourself. City has the complete package from the time you step into the door, 2 thumbs up! Love this place.

Lauren F. | 2011-02-22

The guys at City Volkswagen have never steered me wrong.  Not only did I buy my car here, but I still bring it back here to get serviced every time.  They are friendly, make it easy to make a reservation, offer explanations that I can understand if something is wrong, take care of any recall issues that my car my have, and don't try to push anything on me that I don't want.  They have a nice waiting area with a TV, free wi-fi, free coffee/espresso/water, and a play area for children.  You also get a free car wash if you bring your VW here-love it!

Kari M. | 2011-02-21

This is going to be wordy, so if you don't want to read the whole thing, I'll sum it up:

CITY VOLKSWAGEN SERVICE TEAM IS AMAZING!  They know what they're doing and treat you and your loved ones like family!

I've never dealt with the sales team, but the service can't be beat!  I have a 2005 VW Bug which has the normal Bug issues.  I had a coil pack replaced somewhere else before knowing of the GREAT service here.  A month later, I was having the same issues I was before.  I took it in to City Volkswagen and dealt with Conrad and John who were WONDERFUL.  They checked EVERYTHING and found that I had been given a faulty coil pack because that was the issue.  After hearing about all the issues I've had with my bug, they told me that I could get an extended warranty, but didn't pressure me to get it.  I used to take my car to Fletcher Jones and they NEVER told me I about an extended warranty!   City even gave me my old coil pack back so I could try to get a refund from the first guys I went to!  SO NICE!  That was around Christmas and my car has been running well ever since.

This weekend my mom was in town from Cincinnati.  She was getting ready to leave after I was already at work.  After driving about  a mile, her check engine light went on, so she called me.  I told her to take it to City Volkswagen, because I got such great service there.  I offered to call them while she drove it there.  I spoke with Allen (sp?) who informed me that they were PACKED due to it being President's Day.  After I told him about my mom's situation and how she just wanted to make sure it was safe to drive back to Ohio, he said she should bring it in and they would try to squeeze her in.  "We aren't going to let her drive if it isn't safe."  I called my mom about an hour later, and she was already on her way out of the dealership.  She said they were SO wonderful!  They told her it was her coil pack and told her how much the part should cost so she didn't get ripped off in Ohio!  They said it would be safe to drive on and even washed it before giving it back to her !  Not only was it wonderful that they were able to check it for her, they DIDN'T CHARGE HER!  

I was already thrilled with their service, but can't thank them enough for taking such great care of my mom!  Family means more to me than anything, and City treats YOU like family!  I will NEVER go anywhere else for service and will tell everyone I know they need to service their vehicle there, too!


Justin G. | 2011-02-04

Unfortunately I did not buy my new VW here, but I take my car here for all the service. I have had my regular check ups here, and will be taking my car here for some out of scheduled work. All of the service personal are not only extremely nice, but know VWs inside and out. They are also an APR dealer, which is a supplier of after-market performance parts. Prices are reasonable compared to my other dealer experiences, and you know exactly what was done to your car when you leave. If you don't understand something on your car, just ask and you will get the full explanation.

If you need work done on your car, I will always go to City VW and for my next VW, I will check out their sales department.

Brian U. | 2010-10-23

Continue to have great service here after 30k miles. Conrad, George and Pawel are all super knowledgable about diesel cars. Have gone way out of their way to make me feel welcome and provide rides to the train, etc.

Eileen M. | 2010-10-13

9/25 took my VW Cabrio for $499 timing belt replacement.  
9/26 Conrad & George call & say now IT'LL COST $2500 for new engine.   WHAT?? Timing belt fell off while idle ~ how is it fried?!  Plus-they cannot locate new engine for '95 vehicle.
So I rent a car & spend all my time off work shopping for another.  
10/1 Week later Make calls "SORRY, MISDIAGNOSED, your cars running, come and get it."    Great!  Was informed they would help me with rental fee incurred, but had to pay repair in full since George was out & he had to take care of it.   Paid leaving George rental bill for reimbursement.  
10/5    Called & left message for George (still out).
10/13 No reimbursement to date & left 3rd message for George (still out & nobody else there can help me).   Called VW of America & filed claim for Regional Case Manager.. Will keep you posted..
10/22 Reimbursed for auto rental expense due to misdiagnoses.   I will continue to be a customer, and highly recommending City VW over all other VW dealer service centers in the Chicagoloand area.  Thanks guys!

Lauren C. | 2010-09-12

I had just driven across the country in my '06 Passat and was in desperate need of service on my car.  I read the terrible reviews for the VW dealership in Evanston (even though it's much closer to me) and decided to go to City VW instead.  I was pleasantly greeted by Conrad upon arrival who clearly outlined all the things that they would be doing on my car for its 40K mile inspection.  After waiting only about 2 hours (when he said it might be more like 2.5-3) my car was ready to go and freshly washed.  Waiting room was very clean and the whole dealership was in great shape.  Everyone I interacted with was very nice as well.  Deducting one star just for the price, but that's to be expected from dealerships but I wouldn't take my baby anywhere else.

Neal S. | 2010-09-10

This rating reflects the service department. I have no experience with the sales portion.

The service department charged me for replacing my car stereo in a 2004 jetta. When I got the car, noticed that the stereo had the same presets, same broken cd player, and same serial number. They never replaced it.

They also broke one of the radiator fan brackets that holds the fan to the radiator, they tried glueing it together after they broke it. The glue didn't hold and it ended up breaking the radiator.

It's been a nightmare dealing with the service rep and service manager.

Wouldn't wish the experience upon my worst enemy.

John Blue H. | 2010-08-10

UPDATE: 4/2011

Don't be fooled by my lengthy "I just got a new car, yayyyyyy" review experience previously posted.  Although I will say that Kamilia was great, Tye, the head of sales was a complete a-hole in NOT returning or addressing any of my car problems.  I won't bore you all with details, but I've only had my car for 81/2 months and have had nothing but problems since I rolled it off the lot.  I've called and emailed Tye many times to discuss my complaints (leaking floor, that's right-in the factory they managed to forget to seal a few inches of the floor, causing a mildew smell that I can't seem to get rid of, as well as already having to replace TWO tires,) and have received absolutely no response.  This dealership is a complete joke and I intend on taking it up with his boss rather quickly and I will surely post the update.

George in service is pretty good, but after this sour experience with the sale staff, I'd rather take it to the Fletcher Jones downtown dealership.


Original review.
I wasn't really in the market for buying a new car until my 2004 VW Cabrio started acting up.  I met with Kamila, who was very friendly and quite knowledgeable on a vast array of different Volkswagens.  I thought I wanted a Passat, until I did more extensive research and realized that I was drawn to the "Tiguan," VW's compact SUV.

I didn't want to make the same mistake I did when buying my first car, so I was extremely careful in researching, test-driving and speaking with different dealerships comparing the point of differencea between vehicles.  I was contemplating between the Nissan Rogue, the Toyota Rav4 and the VW Tiguan, all of which are quite reputable, but stylishly different.  I knew I was still a VW kind of guy, so I knew that's what I wanted.

Kamila emailed me and called me a couple times within the process, but I had my heart set on a Candy White Tiguan in my hometown, Minneapolis.  It was the ONLY 2010 White Tiguan in the midwest with All-Wheel-Drive, Panoramic sunroof and full navigation system. I had my parents look at the car, was emailing the dealership back and fourth, all the while why Kamila was here in Chicago asking what she could do for me.  She notified me that she had a "White-Gold Metallic" Tiguan with all the bells and whistles, but I was so dead-set on the White Tiguan in MN that I wasn't even paying her any mind.

As the days passed and the 0% APR with the 3 years free maintenance promotion was coming to an end, I had to make my decision quickly.  I was so close to half-hazardly buying the white one in Minneapolis, but they were so stingy on cutting me any deals that I was a tad reluctant on making such a big decision so hastily.  After all, I did my research, on Edmunds, Truecar and several other sites, and found that people were paying close to two-grand less than what MN was trying to sell it to me for.  That's when I got the call....

Kamila's manager Tye called me and asked what it would take to get me in their dealership in order for me to drive home in a Tiguan.  I spit out a number that I felt was fair judging from my research, and he asked me to stop on in to take another look.  Unlike the VW dealership in MN, they seemed very interested in getting my business, and very accommodating to what I wanted, all without being pushy, gross or overly aggressive.

Long story short, the "White Gold Metallic' car was gorgeous, it had all the bells and whistles, additional add-ins and was given to me at a price that I could NOT refuse.  Kamila was very friendly, made me feel very comfortable and was extremely patient and accommodating throughout the entire process.  I was very impressed by her and her manager Tye's professionalism throughout the sale, as well as the paperwork process in the loan department.  Kamila took her time with me (after all, it was around 10:30 pm on a Monday night, and I knew she was there the ENTIRE day) and explained all of the cars' functions after all the paperwork had gone through.  She had even followed up with me via email and by phone to make sure that I was happy with everything!

I love my Tiguan and am extremely happy with Kamila and the entire Volkswagen Sales Department for making my car-buying experience such a positive one!  i will definitely send all of my family, friends and clients to this dealership without question. 100% satisfied and totally happy!  Thanks Kamila and Tye!

COMMAND Z. | 2010-08-03

Their service department gets 5 stars. The sales people however, get one. Very high pressure, very low offer on my trade and some bogus charges like "$200 Chicago Advertising Fee" or some shit like that. I told them to take it off because I'm not paying to advertise to myself. They said that and "$189" interest reserve" fee is on there and cant be taken off either.

I said no deal and walked out. I'll continue to service my car there, but will buy the car somewhere else.

Sean W. | 2010-07-21

I have been satisfied with their service department.  Their prices and performance have exceeded my expectations.  Granted, my expectations are extremely low regarding automobile service.

Ericka L. | 2010-06-25

Took my Jetta in for a check - the airbag light was on and my horn did not work.  Unfortunately the repair is expensive (replacement of airbag) but I was extremely impressed with the care and concern I was shown by the service person.  George explained the situation fully, and also that since my car was just out of warranty, he would see if VW would work with me to get the repair done.
In addition, he told me there was an outstanding recall on my car, and had the ignition coils replaced at no cost.  I had taken my car to the dealership where I purchased it (in another state) only 2 months ago for a complete "going-over" and they never mentioned the recall.  Never asked about it or offered to handle the repair.  Horrible.
I am so impressed with City Volkswagen that if I buy another car before I relocate, it will be from them, whether VW helps me with the airbag replacement or not.

Alex W. | 2010-02-06

This is a very average dealership.  If you get lucky, you may be able to get a courtesy car out of them.  I have mixed experiences about this place and had my car serviced by them several times.

Winter 2009 Oil Leak problem:  great service, had a courtesy car, and they detected the leak and did exactly what needed to be done.

Fall 2010: had a comprehensive check up for about 700-800 dollars.

A month after: had an oil leak problem again, ran a diagnostic for 120$, found nothing.

A few weeks after: was driving and my engine light came on, I went to a Firestone near my house, and was diagnosed with Air Pump problem, spent 1200$ to have it fixed and replaced.  I thought this problem should have came up before during the comprehensive tune up or the oil leak diagnostic a few weeks back.

Bottom line:  This is a very average dealership that does the normal things well: oil change, car washes, change break pads...etc.  But when I really have a problem, they failed to deliver.

Julie G. | 2010-01-31

I bought my first VW about six years ago from another dealer, and when it started having all kinds of VW-specific problems, I took it to City Volkswagen (then called Lynch VW) for repairs.  Because it's a dealership, the prices are obviously more expensive than a regular repair shop, but they aren't as bad as you might expect.  The mechanics there really know what they're doing.  Sometimes when I have a "I'm not paying dealer prices" snit and take my car elsewhere, I usually end up wishing I hadn't because the work just isn't of the same quality that you get from a VW certified mechanic.  Okay, fast forward a couple years to when I bought my second and current VW, which I did get from City, and I have to say that experience was really good.  They had a terrific selection, and the car I ended up buying was one I had seen online.  The description, picture, etc. online was a very fair and accurate representation of the actual car when I looked at it in person.  They also hooked me up with a very fair low-interest loan.  Since the car was pre-owned, I got their extended warranty, and I have to say they have really lived up to it.  The best part is that when I take my car in for repairs and maintenance now, they proactively look for anything they can fix or update that would be covered in my warranty, which I greatly appreciate.  In the end, my main gripe is that the service managers (the guys who check you in when you get there and write up your work order) can be real d-bags, especially to women.  They are constantly asking me car-related stuff about which I have no idea and then they look at me like I'm incredibly stupid when I don't know what they mean.  (I suppose if I don't like this, I could just learn more about cars, but really, they could ease up a little.)  Also, if there's work they recommend that I just can't afford, they get pretty pushy and they literally don't let up until I flat-out say, "Look dude, I can't afford that right now so please stop pressuring me."  I just think that's kind of unnecessary.  Last words: your car will be well-serviced if you take it to City, so if you're willing to put up with the rest of their crap, I say give it a go.

Saucy J. | 2009-09-17

Note, this review is only for the sales process.

It was an actual pleasure buying a car here. I initially went to deal with those clowns up in Evanston and had a very poor experience. So I went into City VW prepared for much of the same.

The sales experience was like night and day. They found a car for my wife that was equipped the way WE wanted it, not the way they wanted to sell it to me. Our sales associate Patryk Palka and his sales manager Chuck Palmisano both worked the deal. It was refreshing to see the sales mgr approach and introduce himself.

Although the car we wanted was not in their inventory, Chuck was able to locate it downstate and sent Patryk down to get it. We agreed upon the terms of the deal and two days later we were in our new car. There was no attempt to add on bullshit extras or warranty extensions, etc.

My wife and I would highly recommend that if your in the need for a new car and want a VW, save the gas and the headache. Go see Chuck and Patryk at City VW.

Kristen S. | 2009-05-31

My husband is very satisfied doing business with City Volkswagon on Irving. He owns a VW GTI and it is over 5 years old now, so he is bringing it in for maintenance more often.

Prices are fair and the work is solid. The mechanics (my husband works with the owner here) are fair and honest as well. The service shop is pretty much always stocked with parts. Whenever my husband needs something, he is very easily able to get it here. In fact, just yesterday he needed something so he drove up to City and got it & installed it.

Pleased with the service here.

Cat R. | 2009-05-02

I will start this review stating that City VW is better than it's competitor...the place w/ barn in it's name...

My 1st time using them came on the heels of spending too much time & energy attempting to get the check engine light to stay off on my 2001 Cabrio w/ a local shop that must have had faulty diagnostics -and hated VWs.  I ended up paying the ridiculous high prices City VW quoted, but you know what?, the light FINALLY stayed off for more than 50 miles.  So kudos to them and lesson learned...

Now, go forward a year and another 10,000 miles, the check engine light comes on again, the convertible top no longer raises, and I have a flashing 'fluids' light to boot. This on a car w/ less than 60,000 total!

I drive quite a way to get to them, and unfortunately, they are too busy to take my car that day - my bad, I should have called and scheduled an appt.  So I make one while I am there for the next day...

I show up on schedule, and the evaluation takes about an hour. The service guy gives me the low down... the repairs w/ cost another several thousand dollars! Oh Please... who's got THAT kinda money these days?! I need to decide what if anything can be corrected now and then decide what to fix down-the-road...Keep in mind that the car runs just fine. I just have dash lights flashing at me, and I'd like to enjoy my convertible with the top down.

So The fluids issue appeared to be the least 'costly', repair, but at +$400  I decided against replacing the plastic container that they contend is cracked, so I asked if they could just top it off till I can afford the part.

Here's what really irked me... They charged me $65 to add antifreeze to my car!

That,  and then to learn that they didn't even make the time to evaluate what was wrong w/ the top - I'd have to bring it in AGAIN!... the check engine repair was just as costly as it was the year before... Huh?! Didn't it get fixed already?! Well, let's add insult to injury, and maybe another week goes by and the Check engine light goes off ALL BY ITSELF... no repair.

Makes me not trust ANY VW dealers any longer...

Guess my next car is gonna be a Toyota...

Alice R. | 2009-04-25

My first experience with City Volkswagen of Chicago was when I moved to Chicago last month.  I had just spent the last two hours at the DMV spending $1,000 just to register my car and was having a pretty miserable day as a result.  I expected to go to the dealership and have to pay about $100 to have a front license plate holder installed on my car, but I was greeted with nothing but good news and excellent service.  The plate holder was less than $20, and they installed it for free.  In addition, during my drive from Detroit to Chicago, my tires had become under-inflated and a warning light had come on.  My next stop was to go to the gas station to solve that problem, but the service guy even did that without being asked.  

I've been back once since when one of my windshield wipers decided to get lazy, and they fixed that promptly and at no charge.   I've had Volkswagens for over ten years, and I've had my fair share of crappy, shady, VW dealerships.  I was about to abandon ship come my next car purchase, but City Volkswagen of Chicago has restored my faith in VW, and I will definitely be coming back.

Maram K. | 2009-02-03

I did all the research one can doing in buying a new car, and I got a new GTI for a great price from City VW (the reason they get 1 star- salesman was okay, but underestimated the car knowledge a woman could have).

About 5 months later, there was a problem with the car that caused it to not start (I knew it was a sensor error bc of the computer signals and the ignition turn). After a horrible 2-day Roadside "Assistance" battle w/ VW, it finally was sent to City, where I bought it. Turned out it was a pressure sensor, but it took them another two days to figure it and fix it, all of which I was never informed about. On top of it all, they wanted to charge me when the car was in warranty (they held the car hostage until I did) and the idiot cashier kept making excuses on why I couldn't speak with the manager. She said the manager would call me and took my info down. I called back 3 days later after no word back and the manager said she never received a message to call anyone and was pretty rude about it (like I was the one lying!). I was smart enough to get the stupid cashier to sign a promise note stating that City will call me back in the next 2 days or they will issue a full refund. Of course City would not honor it, but the Better Business Bureau was more than happy to handle that for me. I got a full refund on that "service" which was covered by warranty anyway.

Ryan A. | 2009-01-31

Have had several excellent experiences with City VW, specifically a service manager named Conrad. Aside from oil changes and regularly scheduled service on my '02 Certified Pre Owned Passat, City VW found three factory recalls that two previous VW dealerships missed.

For me, City VW really is "Woohoo! As good as it gets!" I found an auto shop that doesn't jerk me around, makes it easy to work with, offers drop off/pick up service and free loaners...I am compelled to share!

Al D. | 2009-01-23

City VW does it right again!

The driver's side window froze in the frame on Tuesday on my Jetta and detacted itself from the regulator when I tried to roll it down, thus it became unstable in the frame. I didn't have access to a repair kit, nor time to take apart the door. I was going to take it to Autobarn, but they were (as they always are) pretty rude-annoyed-evasive when I called. Their tech said they couldn't get to the car till Wednesday evening at least.

I had a window stuck partially open in winter, so that was not an option (Autobarn dosen't store their cars indoors as well.) City VW said they could take care of it first thing in the morning. I dropped the car off around 8:30 pm, they put it inside their repair garage. At 9 am the next day I got a call saying the car was ready. They even buffed out scratches on the glass from when it fell in the door.

Honestly, you can't beat service like that anywhere, let alone a dealer.

Kelli M. | 2008-10-20

DO NOT take your VW to this dealer's service center (City Volkswagen).  Sure, they were friendly, which is why they are getting the one star, but they charged me an arm and leg for some service I needed done.  Now, I know the dealer's usually charge more, but after the fact I did some comparison shopping and found that they charged me more than double for the work I had done.  ($1200, most places I talked to afterward said they could do it for $500!!).  I travel for my job and was in a bind. I was only in town for a few days and had to get the work done.  Had I had more time to do the shopping ahead of time, I would have NEVER taken my car there and I highly suggest that you shop around before you do or just avoid them all together!!

Andrew G. | 2008-05-04

I took my Passatt here for service for more than a year and on two occasions their negligence missed engine issues that wound up frying my car's computer. When another mechanic proved that it was their fault in the second case, they absolutely refused to admit fault. Instead they tried to get me to trade in my broken down VW and buy a new one from them. In the end, they agreed to sell me the part at cost, which only saved me about $500 in a nearly $3000 repair job.
One star for Conrad, who is a nice guy and really cares about his job.

Nikkie H. | 2008-02-06

I'm sure someone has said this, but the name is City Volkswagen.

I recently took my 03 Golf when the driver side window fell into the door. They were totally friendly - driving me to the blue line and even giving me two CTA passes. The price was fair and the work was done quickly.

The only minor issue I had was when I picked it up. I was told to go wait in the garage area and someone would bring my car around. I walked in there and no one would pay attention to me. Two people walked in after me and they got their cars. Finally the cashier came out and yelled at the porter who finally brought my car.

The best part was that they washed my car and it looked like they immediately put it outside while it was still wet. It was one of the days where we got a ton of snow, and the porter literally gave me my car with inches of snow and ice on it. I actually had to tell him to clean it off for me, because it was unsafe to drive it like that.

When the ice finally melted a few days later it was really clean, but I thought it was a pretty dumb move on their part.

Based on convenience alone, I'll definitely take my car back there for service in the future.