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We are a trusted "Buy Here Pay Here" car dealership for over 22 years selling and financing quality used cars to credit challenged customers. The Auto Warehouse always strives for customers to buy the car they really love. At times customers change their mind and that's OK at The Auto Warehouse because we are unique to have a 48 hour money back guarantee! This benefit is rare in used car dealerships.

Another giant benefit customers have with The Auto Warehouse is the easy credit for anyone. Regardless of bad credit, no credit, short time on the job, even a bankruptcy on a credit history, customers can count on The Auto Warehouse for an approval.

Please rest assured that when customers entrust The Auto Warehouse with their business we will always appreciate it and we will always remember to treat you well beyond your expectations. The Auto Warehouse knows you have many choices and sincerely thanks you in advance for your future business.


Established in 1990.

The Auto Warehouse started in 1990 as a used car wholesale company. In 1995 The Auto Warehouse grew into retailing to the public. Since the beginning The Auto Warehouse has always focused on the basic aspect of customer service. This is why 22 years later The Auto Warehouse is selling cars to 2nd generation customer that once drove away in a child car seat when their folks bought a car here years ago. Today the vast majority of people who come in to one of our two locations are folks who have either heard of how honest and easygoing we are from their family and friends or from the great reviews they see all over the internet.

*Reviews are always a great idea for patrons to tell the world about their positive or otherwise experiences in dealing with a business. Please help let everyone know how you feel about us.

The Auto Warehouse

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(773) 887-9696
Address:3632 N Cicero Ave, Chicago, IL, 60641
  • Monday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(773) 622-6400
Address:2622 N Cicero Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60639

Reviews on The Auto Warehouse

John B. | 2015-03-09

I'm old school. I like to see the actual car and not some pic on my phone, needless to say I was pretty sick of scouring website not really getting a feel for what to expect. After being burned by a dealership near my house, my friend and I just drove down Cicero stopping by a few lots and inquiring whenever I saw something that caught my eye. Initially I was hoping/expecting a decent civic. Ended up here & found an '09 accord with low miles that looked and ran like it's never even been driven off the honda dealership. They ran my credit, after some light negotiating I not only got a WAY better car then the civic I was aiming for but managed to come in under my budget and with less mileage. Whole thing took about an hour from spotting my car. 3 years and about 34k miles later she's still purring like a kitten. Happy camper!

Yolanda I. | 2014-11-03

The Auto warehouse.. a shady business that targets vulnerable , less fortunate , under educated people with their false advertisement and lies.  they say no credit check...LIE..only 500 down LIE...

These people are a FRAUD!!! If i could give them -5 i would. Being a first time car buyer.. I found this place while researching on Google..reading all the good reviews i figured id found the perfect dealership.  WRONG!  (what you see online IS NOT WHAT YOU GET AT THE DEALERSHIP.)

I bought the car from Javier.  Who unlike other dealerships ( i know now)  insisted on doing the financing approval FIRST before even deciding if i even liked a car on their lot !! Their signs say no credit check. THEY RAN MY CREDIT and only AFTER asked me to sign the waver. AFTER!.     then telling me I ''Barely Got approved '' making it seem like he was doing me a huge favor .. making me feel forced to buy a car from them.  

I bought a 2005 pt cruiser for alot more that its worth (robbed blind).  He assured me that if there were any problems with the car ,their mechanics would fix it.  That if there were any problems with payments to call and they'd be flexible ect.  He was very persistent in taking down my Gmail address and asked me to write a good review before i even finalized the sale..and on multiple occasions over the phone asked if i had left a good review.  Now !!! i am writing my review.. and now i understand that their reviews are FAKE and MANIPULATED.      
The car had a Lowjack device that would shut the car off if payment wasn't made.  At one point  the device would randomly make beeping noises, i took it to the dealer and they said the device is perfectly fine.  After a while the car  would shut off  in the middle of driving!! (scary and dangerous) . (all payments made).  After contacting them again they wanted to charge me to take a look at the car and kept suggesting it was the alternator ect..  After 2 weeks of with this problem i took it to my mechanic and was told that the tracking device was shorting out the battery.  I went back to the dealer and demanded it be taken out , after they gave us a hard time insisting we pay them to look at the car... they finally took it out and the car miraculously stopped shutting off.
Iv'e never missed a payment..Ive been late 2 days at most...(weekend/ sunday's) . they've gotten all of their money every month...I'm on a bi weekly payment ... theyve called me at random times (some incompetent "josie" character) claiming a late payment when my payment wasn't due. When i call back to ask for my next payment date a man gives me the correct date!!!!! IN FACT, I WAS A MONTH AHEAD ON MY PAYMENTS for quite a while...  so i had the option to skip a month to regulate it...And yet they were charging me late fees..

it seems like they like to add in late fees when ''they'' feel like it... if you don't address it. it will go un-noticed

This place is a joke..their phone calls have become harassment..i got a new phone and number (in between payments..for other reasons)  . Two days before my payment was due,  they had already contacted my family members. (how embarrassing) they didn't even give me a chance to update my number. The payment office employees are rude and don't even look at you while taking your $$.. instead.. conversing with each other and staring at the comp screen.  

So here i am today.  I have one month left with these people.  I call to see if i can pay a partial payment this week as ill be paying off the rest of the balance by next payment..  simple question. right?

I  get transferred to the ''account manager''. she asks for my name /info. puts me on hold 2 times...and then answers the phone saying.. ''So you're gonna pay the whole amount now?'' .  I ask the question again and without hesitation she rudely says '' No''. .and proceeds to tell me that i have bad account history.

.when i challenge her statement she takes an argumentative tone .  

So after 36 months they've gotten their $ EVERY MONTH in full and i just got treated like a delinquent.  Smh.  After going back and forth...I paid the full amount and reassured...
" so i just have next month and i'm done with you people''

she began to be a smart ass and i hung up the phone...  i'm just glad i'm almost done with THE AUTO WAREHOUSE and will never do business with them again and will advise others not to as well.

Louis T. | 2014-06-05

Zero stars if it was possible.  

Cars on thier website are bogus.  Jennifer or Jocy, or whoever answers the phone will lie to you and say that the car is there when its not.  The will ask you repeatedly, "cash or finance," because they want to make a quick buck.  The sales person, Franco has no idea of his own inventory.  Don't even bother with the sweathog jerkoff from the other location, he couldn't even pull his bulbous head up to look me in the eye.  Liars, liars, liars.  

So I went here because I saw an 04 Honda Civic and an 06 Scion Tc.  I spoke with a woman named Jennifer and she told me the car was there.  They even sent me a "pre-approval" text message so that "My time wouldny be wasted."

A few minutes later I was contacted by someone named Jossy (pronounced Joh see) and she confirmed the car was there.  She even contacted me a few minutes later to tell me what trim level the car was, an 04 Honda Civic Ex Coupe.  So I get there and of course, the car isn't there.  Jennifer and Jossy are either too afraid to show thier faces or don't care and the Salesperson, Franco seems to have no clye abput his inventory.  He tells me there is another 04 Civic sedan in thier other lot, but im not interestedbut I wanted to see the Scion.  He guarantees me that both the 04 Civic sedan im not interested in and the 06 Scion Tc are there.  I go over and the civix is there, missing the interior door trim and smelling of weed mind you, and no Scion Tc.  I walk into the office on this lot and a fat sweaty man who didn't bother to get up, or look away from the porn on his computer began to ask me questions, I advised him of what cars I was interested in and without looking me, he said he didnt have TC, only a black xB.  Not interested, walked out.  While on the road, called Franco twice no answer.  Called the salea office and was told he was with another customer.  I pull up and he is smoking what looks and smells like a swisher sweet cigar while speaking to a someone outside. I ask him about the car and he semantics me and says he asked about a "Blacl Scion" as if to state tjat it was my fault for not being specific, when i specifically said 06 Scion TC.  I thre his business card back at him and drove away.

Psh all these bogus positive reviews, go there and see for yourself

What a shithole

luis G. | 2014-02-25

Absolutely a fraudulent dealer! I seen a Craigslist add posted in the private seller section, which was a fantastic deal. I then come to find out its being sold at a dealer, no biggie right? WRONG! After I spoke with Frank (Francisco) to confirm several times that he has the car in stock, He seemed uncertain but assured me he had it and I could come  anytime. Against my better judgment I went to check out the car anyways. I showed up at the dealer to frank being over the top friendly, sitting me down and trying to question my personal info from me. I then let him know i just want to see the car and im a cash buyer, Frank made a phone call over to his "other lot" to confirm the car is still there, and to my surprise (Sarcasm) the jeep was on a test drive. So i find the location of his south lot, and head there without him knowing. I enter and inquire about the 2005 jeep Cherokee listed online, Im sorry sir, we haven't had a Cherokee for quite some time, but let me see what other cars we have in stock".  Wait? Are you serious? I just left Francisco, He stated the jeep was here! "Oh yes that jeep!" "well its on a test drive, And the buyer is already pre approved".
I left the dealer obviously frustrated after being lied to, and lured into the lot as a buyer.

A week later, the same exact jeep is listed online with the same sellers info. I call the manager at the south lot who then informed me he just posted the same picture since he has a shipment coming in and would call me with more info when it arrived.
Guess what, It must have never arrived and I never received the call but the listing was still up.

Needless to say I learned a lesson with these people, and I will never do business with them again! The CITY of CHICAGO has already been informed of this fraudulent behavior, and there is a complaint against them now.

Beware before you deal with these people! The city calls this The Bait and Switch!

Luca B. | 2013-08-26

Feeling confortable and stress free when you go to buy a car it's something very hard to come by, but was not what I experienced at the the AutoWarehouse, i was pleased with the service and how easy was to get the car that I want at a reasonable price.

Arika S. | 2013-03-08

Sooooooo disappointed! I spent most of the week of communicating with a young lady over the phone about a VW Beetle listed on their site. When I pushed for additional photos before coming down to see it in person, I was emailed pics of newer VW in a completely different color. When I inquired about the red one I was looking at on the web, I was told that it was "Out on a 24 hour test drive." . . . Who does that? I drove an hour in traffic after work just to check out the lot anyway only to learn that they didn't have nearly the amount of cars listed on their site. The 3600 location had maybe 30 cars (at best). I drove by the 2600 lot on my back south and saw maybe 10 cars.

Nice people, I suppose. But such a waste of time!

just i. | 2012-02-28

In may I bought a car from them. And first what I liked about them was that you test drive the car and the car is in fine condition. I mean when you go to get a used car from dealers, in most places when you test drive it -it is banging and ringing what makes it evident that it needs a lot of money to be fixed. Here- what ever I tried-was driving nice and smooth. So I got a Passat, we singed everything. I didn't have a credit history-so there was no problems for me-I just needed to bring a cosigner. I drove away and of course first what I did-brought it to body shop to check it completely. Unfortunately turned out that a car had a hidden defect with oil and in couple of years it would die completely for sure. I was really disappointed, but guess what-I brought the car back next day and they let me find another car!!!!with no problems.  Fortunately they have a lot of nice cars usually and as far as I noticed-they go away really fast, cause the day I came back I was about to take the car I saw day before-it was already gone.
Any way I found a nice car for not a bad price. was driving it with no problems for almost a year. And my story is not over yet.
A month ago I got in the car accident and my insurance company really left me in a big trouble. I mean they started to lie to me like my car had body damages before accident which is not true, and they depreciate it till miserable amount of money. I was smacked. I didn't drive a car for a year even-imagine how much money did i still owe for the vehicle!!  OMG!! Then I got a phone call from auto warehouse and they asked me to come over they office. when I did-they explained me how can I get at least twice more from insurance and guess what- the rest of the money that I supposed to pay them after insurance payment- they took 50% off!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE?!! THEY TOOK 50% OFF THE MONEY I STILL HAD TO PAY THEM-AND TRUST ME-IT WAS NOT 500-1000$
Everything I can add- to each of my friends I will suggest to get a car from them! They are great! There are people who are working, making their job, helping you out, making their money at the same time- and are here to help you out if you got in trouble!
absolutely 5 STARS!

Tim P. | 2010-11-26

I walked into this business because of two things: (1) They had the Honda CRV I wanted at a really decent price and (2) They say your job is your credit - no credit checks. (I have spotty credit so this sounded perfect.) For starters, they advertise vehicles online they either never had or already sold, and once you're there they bait and switch you for a similar vehicle at twice the price of the online advertised vehicle. Also, unlike other car lots, they make you go through financing *before* you even make a final decision  or test drive a vehicle.

And what of this financing, you ask? They ran our credit, went line by line on  our credit report asking about 5-10 year old delinquencies (some of which clearly said paid in full right on the credit report) and THEN made us sign a release giving them permission to run the report they'd already generated. They sit and berate you for 1-2 hours and say much later that "they're going to barely be able to finance you, but they'll need a lot down." Mind you, they say all you need is $500 down for any vehicle on signs and stickers all over their lot - but they said they'd need a minimum of $1500 ($1000 cash and $500 for my trade in) just to get started.

On top of this, we went in for a specific Honda CRV that they said they no longer had, and then proceeded to make us test drive a newer model for $5000 more than the model we came to view. On the way over to view that newer model, we saw *the model we came originally to see* sitting on the lot. They swore up and down it wasn't the same one, that it had engine problems (despite it sitting on the sales lot ready to sell), etc.

At the end of the nearly four hour ordeal, we walked. We stopped by their sister lot to see the other CRV one last time and surprise, it was on the lot ready for sale (and then posted online again within thirty minutes of us leaving the lot). These people are just scammers looking for marks - beware!

Sue W. | 2007-06-16

Watch out.  I went to look at a used car they were selling and the salesman said that it was in great condition, only 122,000 miles on it.  But according to Carfax, the car had 135,000 at the last emission test -- over 2 years ago.  A friend said she had the same issue with this particular dealer.  Sure sounds to me like they're rolling back the odometers.


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